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05-04-2013, 03:19 PM
I always have a million questions so I apologize.

I have a calorie limit of approx 1600 cals a day. Sunday-Thursday, are great. generally a little bit under. Friday and Saturday... Agh. Friday is generally alright. Might go over by 100 (last night was 215 over, yikes!) Saturday is probably the worst day. I sleep in til noon, eat healthy and then my social life starts and I'll have a few too many vodkas, which also leads to a couple chips (which really means 1 or 2 servings.. sigh).

anyways, according to LoseIt!, for the "week" I'm always under. Always. even if I had a crazy day or a couple crazy days. So that leads me to my question.

If I eat 100 calories under each day for 5 days. Totaling (obviously!) 500 calories under budget. And Friday and Saturday combined are 500 OVER budget, am I alright? I know our body doesn't really know when a "week" starts (as in what day it is). But is my weekly total more important? or daily total?

Somewhat on the same topic, how do they know that the body can figure out a span of 7 days.. to restart the week again as far as losing weight? Does that make sense?

05-04-2013, 03:28 PM
I use lose it to give me a weekly average. My calorie intake is always 1450-1500 average a day. Weekly is 10500 or under. Typically Sundays are a high day. Mond-Wed are my lowest days.