Weight Loss Support - Anyone trying to lose weight AND dealing with perimenopause out there?

06-01-2003, 09:57 AM
Hi, everyone! I've received some great support on other threads since I joined last month, so I thought I'd start one of my own on a topic that I haven't seen here. I'm 47 years old, a married working mom of two girls, 12 and 8. I've been dealing with perimenopause for about 3 years now. Before I go on, let me say that I have firmly decided that hormone replacement therapy is not for me. I figure that this is a natural process, and I want to go through it using natural means--lifestyle changes to support my body, mind, and spirit. I have a great nurse practitioner in my OB-GYN's office who has been very supportive of me in my goal.

Over time I have discovered that the hormone changes normal to this part of my life tend to affect me in many ways--my energy level, my moods, and my ability to tolerate frustration. I also get migraine headaches. And then of course there are the surprise periods--or skipped periods--and a general feeling that I don't know my body anymore. And guess what? I also firmly believe the whole thing affects my eating patterns, and not for the good. I would like to lose 30 pounds. I walk regularly, and am not trying to do anything drastic to lose the weight, except live a healthy lifestyle. I am realizing more and more how perimenopause fits into the whole package, and that I have to consider it in my personal program.

Is there anyone out there dealing with similar issues? I'd love to hear from you and learn how you are dealing with them. I'll be glad to share more of my story. :) :^: :)

06-01-2003, 10:31 AM
Same boat. I'm turning 46 soon and it seems I can't lose any weight any more but the lbs. seem to creep up. Last year I was about 5 lbs. less than I'm now. Yes, I get the migraines, too...very excrutiating. I've dabbled in desperate diet plans. I can't seem to stick to weight watchers (I need something more stringent but it works for many people). A long time ago I lost on the ww plan that had the food exchanges. What I'm going to try now is the Richard Simmons plan (I have the foodmover) because it seems healthy and the closest thing to the ww plan I lost the weight on many years ago. I usually exercise an hour a day anyway and I need to be conscious with my water drinking. Goals for today: stick to program and drink that water. I'm going to try to report here. Let's do this together...it's a tough road ahead.

06-01-2003, 12:05 PM
Hi! Was in the same boat. I am 36 and when I was 34 I started into that lovely realtionship with my body. I was still able to loose weight thru hard work and lots of determination. I was laughted at by one doctor and my dh as well. When I was 35 I was in constant pain and as a result was dx'd endo. And went thru a hyst this year. Now that is over but I have the issues with the lack of engery and the headaches. I have opted for HRT I was going to do NPC but with a heart condition that wasn't considered. The HRT has helped me so much I am finally able to loose weight SHOCK! I am down a total of 25lbs since my hyst in Feb. Slow and steady but I am getting there. Try the NPC it is all natural and helps some with the symptons you are having.


06-01-2003, 04:20 PM
Musicgal and gigglez--I was surprised to get replies to my post so quickly. It guess it really is an issue out there. I don't think it gets talked about enough.

Musicgal--I'd be glad to keep this thread going. I get so confused :?: at times about what my body is doing. Like I said before, it's always a new and different surprise that's happening. The hardest for me are the mood swings and headaches. I have a tendency to get very angry and short tempered :mad:, rather than down. I've scared some people, I think, because I'm not normally a crabby person. And I never know it's coming. You're right about the headaches-- they feel like a knife going through one of my eyes and then down my neck into a shoulder--sometimes lasting for more than one day to varying degrees. I have learned that exercise, extra rest (when I can get it), and keeping my stress level as low as possible (did I say I was a married, working mom of two girls, 12 and 8??) helps keep me on an even keel. Also, eating protein together with carbs helps me with moods/energy. Carbs alone are no good for me these days. That's one of the reasons I am trying to lose weight without a drastic diet, just sensible eating. I don't want to deal with the physical and emotional stress of a very structured plan. My irregularity of cycle also affects "quantity" in my intimate relationship with hubby because I'm scared of pregnancy. We're Catholics and use natural family planning form of birth control, which is easier when a woman has a regular cycle. I'm always trying to figure out where I am in my cycle. Very frustrating!!

Gigglez--NPC--natural progesterone cream, right? I have some of that. A coworker gave me some she no longer used. I am a bit uncertain when to use it, though, since my cycles are so confused. What I read is the last half of the cycle is the correct time. Sometimes I have trouble figuring out when that is.

Thanks for posting, ladies. I look forward to hearing from you again. You've given me "newinspiration"!

06-01-2003, 04:35 PM
all right ladies...... count me in
i'm 41, working mom of 3(12,9, and 4)- was on bcp's to regulate my cycle, but the i developed high blood pressure- no more bcp's- her recomendation... tubal ligation or iud. i dont want that. so can you tell me more about this NPC?? all natural? help w/other side effects, ie:hot flashes, moodiness, etc? where do you get it? expensive? thanks sooooo much for your help.

06-01-2003, 09:27 PM
My coworker got NPC at a health food store. I remember her telling me it was expensive--$25.00??? for a tube--I can't remember. She did say it helped her symptoms--hot flashes and headaches in particular--for a while, but then her symptoms got worse and she decided to go on HRT. I've read about NPC in a couple of menopause books, but I really don't know much more about it. I don't know if I'll use it myself. I like to work on my lifestyle if I can before I try anything else. Anyway, that's what I know. Hope it helps.

06-01-2003, 10:42 PM
Ok here is what I have learned about NPC. First of all I didn't have any certain time of the month to use it. I still have endo and before the hyst the Npc helped with the pain and the hot flashes. Doseing is simple about 1/4 tsp 2-3 times daily. Rub the cream on the breast, stomach. neck, thighs, bottom, or face. As for the side effects if I remember correctly if you get too much in your system you will alter your cycles. As for the cost I got my at GNC and it was 25.00 for a twin pack. If you compare that with the cost of HRT it is rather cheap, or at least it is with the type that I am taking. However, it can be mixed at some pharamacies, with the specified stregth from your doc. If you have heart problems it is best to check before using it as it can cause more problems. Also is you have had an injection of lupron do not use! I know that I have made it as clear as muddy water but this is something that everyone has to experiment with for themselves.


06-02-2003, 07:40 AM
Thanks, gigglez, for the info on NPC. Actually you told me a few things I wasn't aware of, so what you said wasn't as muddy as you thought.

Just to let you ladies know, I'm very glad I started this thread. It makes me feel not so alone with the whole process, natural as it is. Keep those posts coming, and I will do the same. ;) ;)

06-02-2003, 09:29 AM
Hi ladies! I am a newbie here and just wanted to add to what others are saying. I am 49 and have been suffering with it all for a good 4-5 years. I like some of the rest of you will under no circumstances take HRT. I am obese not just overweight and I think that they have not proven to me that it is safe!

I have been on a program since the beginning of the year and have lost 90 lbs so it doesn't seem to be blocking my losing weight. I do water aerobics/power walking 5-7 times a week and get in plenty of water.

I have run the gambit of problems including, hot flashes, night sweats, muscle aches, insomnia, irrational irritability and on and on. Though I continue to have periods, they have become significantly less.

Hope all you ladies succeed on your journey.


Summer goal: 40 lbs by October 1

06-03-2003, 12:22 PM
gma2one--Glad to have you aboard with us, and welcome to the site. I've been here only a short time myself, and have found everyone so helpful!! Keep posting. It's great to share on this topic with others who are experiencing it. I think it gives us all strength.;) ;)

06-03-2003, 01:57 PM
Hi everyone. Well I have lost 9 lbs this week. No, I am not doing anything nuts, I have just stuck to my program and exercised everyday and it is coming off me pretty quick again. I lost 90 lbs in 4 1/2 months, then got sick and gained, went on vacation and gained splurging and now am back on track and losing.

I have to tell you that my adorable dh (we have been married nearly 31 years) takes this stuff all in stride and with a good sense of humor. He keeps his mouth shut when I am walking around the house haranguing about this or that, puts on sweats even in the heat of summer when I am dying (anyone ever see Father of the Bride part 2? That's jack!!:lol: Trying to bundle up and keep warm while I sit naked trying to cool off), cuddles me when I feel bad, rubs me down with stinky stuff when my muscles hurt and is a generally good guy about the whole mess. I am also in a place where I ovulate over and over and the doctor says that is because when my hormones drop, my ovaries think it is time to ovulate so they try to and then I have the pain with that.
Aint's bein' a woman grand?


06-05-2003, 11:34 AM
Hi, ladies, I'm back! I've had some issues to work through at work for the last few days, and my focus was there. Things have been resolved and are moving ahead, so I'm feeling much better.

Gma2one: It sounds like you are going through a rough time with your symptoms. It also sounds like you have a great support in your husband. That's wonderful. My hubby tries to understand, but the whole thing confuses him greatly. However, we never stop communicating about it. I have been experiencing something rather the opposite of you. I have been having cycles where I don't ovulate at all. I know this because part of the natural birth control method my husband and I use involves temperature taking to check for ovulation. The basal body temperature goes up about 4/10 of a degree when ovulation has completed. Well, for two months, that has not happened, and that is new for me. And I have gotten my period anyway. I'm just finishing up on this one that has been much lighter than the normal heavy stuff I am used to, but it came 3 weeks after a heavy one. I deal with mood issues a lot too these days. At times I have little patience and can easily be set off temperwise. I never know it's coming till it's here, but I have learned that it usually happens either before or during my period. I'm trying not to alienate anyone with that one.

What keeps me going is the idea that what I'm going through is a normal phase of life--difficult as it can be at times--and I can grow and become a better person through it all. I also keep my goal to be HEALTHY, not necessarily having the perfect body or being the perfect weight. I feel stronger as a woman and an individual for some reason through all this--I don't really understand why, although I read about that concept in the book, "The Wisdom of Menopause" by Christiane Northrup. Well, I have to go now. My kids get out of school for the summer in 1 hour, and I have to wash some dishes and shower for work within the next 45 minutes before I go get them.

Take care of yourselves, ladies. Talk to you soon. Barb ;)

06-05-2003, 03:49 PM
Hi ladies!

Barb: At least I haven't had to deal with pregnancy issues for lots and lots of years. My daughter is 26 and dh had a vasectomy after she was born for MY health. We have one of each so that was ok. I do get the urge for another baby still, but I talk myself out of that one pretty quick. All I have to think is "teenager" and it goes right away! :lol: Anyway, I have my sweet grandson to take the place of another child. I don't get to see him as much as I would like, but I try and take advantage of the time I do have with him. I also have my two babies at home, my yorkie and my tabby.

I am now down 13 lbs for the week. whoopee! When I stay on program and exercise everyday, the weight comes off me quick. Believe me I am thankful as all get out! I am still dealing with clothing issues though. My mind keeps wanting to grab the biggest size and I don't need it anymore. I have lost a cup and 2 girth sizes in bras and between 2-4 clothing sizes depending on what it is (bottom lots bigger than top!) Everytime I try something on I keep getting the biggest size and then have to try something else. It is a terrific feeling though.

Well, I need to get out on my patio and sweep the deck and clean up a little.


06-07-2003, 05:59 PM
New Inspiration, I'm so happy you started this thread. Sorry, it took me a week to check back. To Gigglez, I am glad things are getting better in the weight loss department. All of you on this thread are giving me much needed information and hope. I'm also Catholic, too, New Inspiration and I have two children a few yrs. younger (boys, though) so I can relate about the stress and hormone thing. It just seems I have a hard time trying to lose weight and as the days go on, it gets harder. I exercise an hour a day which doesn't seem to help with the weight but it does help with the mood so I'm not going to give that up. Does anyone do mind/body exercises like yoga or pilates? I do it sometimes (I have tapes) but am thinking of going to classes on a regular basis (time is a challenge though). Just wondering if yoga, etc. helps anyone...I will report with any weight loss in a few days. Peace, everyone.

06-07-2003, 10:22 PM
Hey just checking in. Weighed in on Wed and I am down to 184 and that is a 4lbs loss!!!!!!!!!!! Yippe for me. Faye I am so glad that you have a dh who is supportive of you. I am sad to report that I no longer have one of those. DH all of a sudden decied that he no longer wanted any responsibilites or anything. Says that he still loves me but no longer wants to be married. He wants to come and go as he pleases. I know that the last year was hard for me while I was going thru drug induced menopause and then finally went thru it surgically. All I got to do is keep thinking that I am going to be better off in the long run. Went on long enough. Catch everyone later!

06-08-2003, 10:01 AM
Good morning, Sunday!! It was great to read your replies last night, but I was out of thoughts at the time. I took my two girls summer clothes shopping yesterday (what an experience, especially when I have them both on the same trip!) They compete for my attention and carry on verbal sparring matches with each other :mad: --that is, when they aren't being best friends. And then, of course, there's the actual choosing of clothing--I try to keep the following principles--not to overstretch my budget TOO MUCH, to buy them clothing that won't make them look like (in their words) FREAKS, :fr: to buy them clothing that won't make them look like (in my words) floozies :o (probably the hardest part of it all), and to keep my sanity in the whole process. :dizzy: Actually, I really do enjoy the experience of spending the day with them, even with the tremendous concentration of female hormones and sibling rivalry always present. I just feel blessed to have this opportunity to be with them. :gift:

Gigglez--I'm sorry about your breakup with dh :( --don't blame yourself and what you've gone through with the menopause too much. It sounds to me like HE made a choice.

Reading what you wrote made me think about my own marriage and what hubby and I have gone through together (we'll be married 14 years in August). We've been through sickness (I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, and I had a rough time with it in the first 6 years of our marriage--I'm on medication and in remission now), job loss and unemployment (hubby lost a job he had for 20 years when our youngest was 3 months old and didn't work for 2 years while he went back to school to retrain), financial troubles (as a result of the unemployment--still trying to dig out of that), sickness of a child (our oldest had undiagnosed allergies, adenoid, and sinus problems for most of her childhood--partly due to lack of our attention--there's that job loss coming into play again-- and poor medical care--doctors who either weren't there or didn't take the time to probe symptoms enough--wefinally resolved things a year ago!!), sickness of other family members (hubby's mother and brother), personal relationship issues (we both come from families with alcoholic fathers and have had to spend our whole marriage figuring out what a healthy relationship is--not easy to figure out when you've never seen or experienced it), and now my perimenopause has arrived with its own special marital twists and turns to add to the whole salad.

I guess what I'm trying to say that I think a lot of marriage is just plain commitment and hard-headed stubbornness to keep that commitment. Did your dh give up on the commitment part? Like I said, it sounds like HE made a choice. Hang in there and take care of yourself. :wave:

Hi, Musicgal, glad to hear from you. I too have found that this thread has helped me. Even if we're not talking about symptoms, just hearing the words of other women at a similar stage of life helps me. Also, my exercise of choice is walking. It helps me relieve stress, and I enjoy the outdoors while I am doing it. More next time on that subject. ;)

Congratulations on your weight loss progress, gma2one! It sounds like you're really motivated and on a good course. :D

Well, it's time for me to go. I've got to cut the grass before it starts raining and then get to church. See you later!! ;)

06-09-2003, 01:10 AM
I guess that he did give up on the commitment part of it. Says that he has prayed and nothing has came of it so it is time to move on. What I can't get him to understand is that GOD answers prayers in his time not in your time. I guess that I better go for now it is late and I have to get up early. Thanks everyone for listening

06-09-2003, 09:25 AM
Hang in there, Gigglez. Be strong. You'll get through whatever comes your way. We all do. We're women. It's what we do.:strong: Make sure to do something nice for yourself every day. ;)

06-10-2003, 05:49 PM
So glad to have found you all! I'm a 41y/o working mom of 3 (21y/o, 11y/o and 7y/o). I'm married, 14yrs this coming Oct.
I had a hysterectomy in 2001 but kept my ovaries. I had fibroids with lots of bleeding, one continuous period for a year!
I've always been able to tell when I'm ovulating and I'm doing it a lot lately! The PMS is not much better but definitely an improvement without the bleeding every month!

My BMI is 40 which is dangerously high! :o I've had lots of stuff going on in the last 4 yrs when we moved to Tennessee (my dh got a job in Nashville). I've been homesick, miss my old job, my friends, etc..... I've had a surgery on something every year we've been here. I thought I'd get by without anything last year, which I did but on January 3 of this year, I broke my ankle and my arm. To the operating room I went!!!!!! I lost my mom unexpectedly last Thanksgiving. Financial problems, work is crazy, kid troubles (he's 21, need I say more! :lol:) I have a history of depression and anxiety for the last 12 yrs, but I've been on meds for all that time! Helps but some days, it just doesn't seem worth it!

I need some perspective! I'm gaining weight by leaps and bounds! So miserable and just can't get a grip on life! This weight has got to come off! I've tried just about every diet program there is! I'm at a point now that I may try one thing one day, something else the next! Can't seem to focus on anyone thing!

Thanks for listening!!

06-11-2003, 10:56 PM
Hi, Janie--glad to see another person has joined our thread. You'll get lots of support here. You sound like you've got a lot going on in your life--some outside yourself and some inside.

I too have a history of depression--actually caused by obsessive-compulsive disorder--was hospitalized in 1985 and on medicine off and on for a number of years--the wrong one actually. Finally, about 7 years ago, I went on Prozac, and that, plus behavior modification, helped me immensely. I'd say I'm about 85% in remission, and anything else, I am able to handle.

I know the feeling of depression and frustration that you speak of. It can be hard to struggle through each day.

I've been up and down in my weight over the years--have always had a weight problem. In 1986 I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and take medicine for that. Right now, I weigh about 30 pounds more than I want to. That isn't really a lot of weight, I guess, but I don't feel as good as I want to because of it. Entering perimenopause hasn't helped the weight issue either, I'm sure, plus getting older means that everything slows down, and weight is even harder to take off than it was when I was older.

I've felt a lot of frustration with my weight gain. I weigh about 50 pounds more than I did on my wedding day, but 30 pounds less than my top pregnancy weight. I want to lose it, but I've decided that a drastic diet won't do for me this time. I'm just sick of them, and I can't live with them. I'm always feeling angry, deprived, and frustrated, not to mention hungry and gassy from lack of food. None of these things, I have decided, are good for my mental health, which I consider to be top priority. (If my head is messed up, I can't do anything.) Also, diets don't teach me a better relationship with food. Anyway, I've decided that HEALTH is my first goal now, and if weight loss comes, great. If not, maybe it's not where God wants me to be. I try to eat a balanced variety of foods. I have some treats, but in moderation. I walk several times a week--only 1 1/2 miles at a time--I'm no athlete, but it is good for my mind and body. I try to find other ways to deal with my emotions (this forum has been a good help in getting support that way), I try to get enough rest (not always possible, but I try), and the biggest--I try to take care of myself. I grow flowers because it makes me feel good. I read magazines because it's how I get away from stress. I take naps if I am tired, even if the house is messy. I've learned to say NO to things I don't want to do, and to make my family help out around the house. I have a job just like hubby does, and my daughters (12 and 8) have school. Why should I do all the work in the house? I buy my own special body wash that no one can use because of the moisturizing formula I need. And I always remind myself that I am important, and if I am not well, I can't be there for anyone else. It has made a great deal of difference to me. I also have a strong faith, which has helped me get through a lot.

Hang in there, Janie. Take care of yourself one day at a time. We're here. :wave:

06-11-2003, 10:58 PM
Hey!! I forgot to say hi to everyone else on this thread. How is everybody doing? Don't forget to drop a line!! Miss you!! :(

06-12-2003, 03:32 AM
Hey everybody! Don't get to check in here like I would like. I tried to catch up on the posts but got bogged down so kind of skimmed them until the last few.

You are very very right about marriage. It is a lot of hard work on both partners. I have been married 31 years to a wonderful man, but he isn't perfect and neither am I. We went through a lot of hellish financial years, when he retired from the military, he had to take what he could get then after 7 years they let him go. He then got laid off 5 times in 3 years, we had kids in high school and no money for college, no money for weddings, but they came out of it alright. You just have to give them a good foundation and work ethic. We had some rebellion with our oldest, who is now a grown man of 30 with a wonderful job and new home. We are now to the point in our lives where we can enjoy each other more and we do very much. We go on little trips together and spend most if not all of our time together and that is what we prefer. Sadly, I think there is a lack of commitment to marriage nowadays because it is terribly easy to just give it up. Divorce is easy to get, extra-marrital sex is not looked down on, pretty much anything goes anymore so no one wants to work at what they have because just like a piece of fruit, if you take a bite and don't like it, you can just throw it away! We all wanted this freedom in the 60's and 70's and now look at the mess we have. Freedom comes with a price and I think we are paying for it BIG time!

I am having a really really rough time of it this month. I don't know why, but have had to pop Advil like candy, which I do not like to do, but I have to have some relief. That is why I am sitting here at 1:30 am instead of fast asleep. I woke up in pain. Oh, well, this too shall pass.

Giggle: You hang tough honey. I hate to tell your spouse, but personally I think he prayed and probably didn't listen. I absolutely do not think God would tell him to "give it up." He is hiding behind everything he can not to face up to responsibility. You cannot deal with something like that. He will regret his error one of these days and it will then be definitely TOO LATE!

Well, I am going to try and go back to bed.


06-12-2003, 10:22 AM
Hey, Faye--loved your post!! Maybe you don't get to post as often as you like, but you've got some great things to say!

You echoed my feelings on marriage so completely. Seeing as you have about twice as many years as I do in, my reading what you had to say made me feel that hubby and I are on the right track. Thanks for your thoughts.

Gigglez, I also had Faye's thought about your husband not listening to God's answer of the prayer he prayed, but I didn't know if I should express myself. I'm glad Faye did. She's right. God would never answer a prayer, "Give up on your marriage." He created marriage. Those wedding vows--for better, for worse--are so easy to say, but the "worse" part is often very hard to live out. In my experience, God gives the strength to do all the really hard things in life, and His answers are always to do the right thing. It sounds like your hubby didn't get the answer HE WANTED--for things to be easier, for you to feel better, having the old times back, whatever it was he prayed for. It sounds like he DIDN'T pray for strength to do the right thing, which he would have received in an instant.

I hope, Gigglez, that we aren't coming on too strong or sound preachy, or that we think we have all the answers to all your problems because we don't. Speaking for myself personally, I just don't want you to think THAT YOUR MENOPAUSE--no matter how bad things are going for you--is the cause of your husband's leaving you! It's so sad when we blame ourselves for someone else's actions. HE made the choice to leave. He also could have made the choice to stay and support you in your difficult times if he really wanted to. It sounds like the problem is his more than yours. You hang in there, girl. Don't let the rough times get YOU down. You'll get through the pain and come through to the other side stronger and better. Send us some posts. Let us know how you are doing. We care. God bless you.

As for myself, I am working on what appears to be another nonovulatory cycle--nothing bizarre going on inside my body--just life's usual day-to-day weirdness. This morning I just finished unplugging our kitchen sink. Hubby fixed a pipe joint that was leaking, but the clog part of the problem escaped him. He got all worried and panicked about it. He's not really a crisis person. Thank goodness I am. Well, have to get ready for work and get my kids together. More later.

Gigglez--let us know what's happening with you, okay? Barb

06-16-2003, 08:40 AM
Hi, ladies! How is everyone doing? My weekend was busy with lots of stuff to do.

Yesterday I nursed a migraine headache for part of the day--couldn't figure out where it was coming from--didn't really think it was hormones because it was only day 16 since my last period. Wrong again!! I got my period this morning. I hate when I go through "periods" (no pun intended) when I always seem to be getting my period. It doesn't really scare me, though. I had a transvaginal ultrasound a year ago to check for fibroids--negative--so I know it's the perimenopause--I just find it annoying. I'll have to watch my moods for a few days. It's around this time that I am prone to explosions of temper. I'd like to see if I can head it off for once, rather than go off on someone.

Hey, Faye, Musicgal, Gigglez, and Janie! How are you all doing? I missed you over the weekend. Let me hear from you. Bye for now. :)

06-16-2003, 09:19 AM
Hey ladies, how is your Monday starting out?

When it comes to menopause, you never know what you are going to get; usually Forest Gump's box of chocolates!:lol: I pretty much run the gammit, but one thing I don't have is "duplicate" periods. It is either right on time, late, or non existant. I do have lots and lots of cramping through the months sometimes, mostly ovulation pain.

I was looking back on the posts and was tickled by New's "shopping" expedition. I have one each so don't know what tag team shopping with girls is like, but I can tell you one thing, it ain't no picnic having opposite sexes either. The oldest is the boy and he mercilessly teased the girl, still does and she HATES to be teased even a little. Luckily, they are fairly close even though they do not live in close proximity. One is easy going the other very difficult to love. One you never hear anyone say a bad word about, the other one has been referred to as a b#$%^, which is probably accurate most of the time! Mix it all up with the hubby and wowee what a carnival ride it has been for 31 years!

Hope you enjoy my new eye candy! My opinion is, if you can't feast with your mouth why not your eyes? :lol: I had one person ask if he was my husband. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Uh, no......though with my dh's naval career, I have met some lookers like him a lot! A pretty arrogant lot most of them. I may be reaching for that century mark, but I still can pick out a pretty boy! :lol:

It is supposed to rain again today but I hope holds off long enough to get my pool workout in. I look forward to it and when you look forward to some kind of exercise you have to stick with it!

Janie: If you want successful weight loss, you are going to have to try and deal with all the stress in your life. I know for a fact that you cannot stay on a program when you are stressful. For one thing, stress makes us want to eat and for another, it distracts us. Be sure and try hard to take some time for yourself even just a few minutes everyday. Close your eyes and do some deep breathing, pleasant thoughts etc. I have 26 and 30 year olds and can guarantee, THIS TOO SHALL PASS! :lol: Do you like or hate Nashville? I live in the same state farther west. I am a yankee (though have lived all over the place with dh's Naval career) so living down here takes some getting used to. For one thing, everything is SLOW! Slow waiters, slower grocery checkers, so everything except where we live, no slow drivers just nutso ones!

Hope you all have a great day!


06-16-2003, 11:38 PM
Thanks everyone for your encouragement! I have been telling him the same things but it has fallen on deaf ears. One of my girlfriends made this observation and I am now wondering if this could be true. She said that to her it seemed that he was getting to close and that scared him to death so he had to run cause that is all that he knew to do. It's like I was telling one of my chickie friends earlier, I have surrendered my problems to God and I am trusting that HE will take care of them. Not to say that I have times where I cry my eyes out but I know it is in HIS hands.

Faye liked the box of chocolate things. It is so true. I think for me even on HRT the emontional rollercoaster has been the hardest. I go back to my obgyn next month and he is going to check my hormone levels among other things.

Ok I have went on long enough. Check in tomorrow.


06-16-2003, 11:51 PM
Hi!! I had a hard-working day today, and am now relaxing a bit.

To respond to you, Faye, about taking girls shopping--I find it best to take my girls out one at a time. With 4 years between the two of them and personalities as different as night and day, I have to approach each of them completely differently. Also, when they're together on a shopping trip with me, the two of them constantly compete for my attention--"buy for me first, you spent more time with her, how come you're talking more to her than to me"--and they fight--"mom, she hit me, stop touching my stuff, sit on your own side of the car, why can't I sit in the front seat yet, mom, make her stop looking at me"!! Now if perimenopause hasn't given me a migraine, that will. I'm lucky if I can remember what I went out for in that environment. Going out with them individually means I can focus on each girl 100%, and the other one knows nothing of it. We can do what WE want to do together at our own pace. It also gives us opportunity to develop the relationship more and opens up time for conversation that might not happen otherwise. One other thing that's special about that experience for me is that I savor it in two ways: first, I get to enjoy special mother/daughter moments that are so beautiful to me from the mother point of view; and second, since my mother never took me shopping like I take my daughters, watching my daughters experience the event is the closest I'll ever get to experiencing it myself. So it's VERY special to me. And this Saturday, my oldest is having an evening party with 5 girls--with music, pizza, volleyball, fingernail polish, and lip gloss--and I get to be there. Younger sister is going to her friend's sleepover, and Dad is going to a movie. I never had a party with my girlfriends, and though I'm going to keep a respectable distance--close enough to supervise without being a snoop--I'm going to have a great time listening to the whole event.

I haven't done my walking for the last few days, and I miss it immensely. I live in Chicago, and the weather has been amazingly cool this spring/summer, which makes it wonderful for walking. No matter what happens, I absolutely have to get out tomorrow morning. It does so much for me, both mentally and physically.

Well, I'm going to get going now. More soon. Take care everyone!:)

Hey, gigglez!! I had to edit when I saw your post! I'm so glad to hear from you. It sounds like you're doing much better. I agree with putting it in God's hands. The way I see it--God is taking care of us all the time, and if we trust in HIM, it will all work out somehow, even if we don't know how or when. It took me a long time to get to that place in my life, but when I finally did, I discovered that nothing can really tear me up completely anymore--because God's taking care of me! What peace it brought me! :)

06-17-2003, 09:01 AM
Hey everybody, how is your Tuesday?

New: You are right on about your individual relationships with your girls. It is important to develop them singly as they are two different people. I LOVE Chicago! In fact, next Thursday we will be whipping right through on 57 and 80/94 (I think that is what it is) going to Indiana for a wedding. Actually, I grew up just a couple hours east of you in the South Bend area and that is where we are going. My husband used to work as a field rep in Chicago over by Midway and my brother lives in Park Forest. We are going to Chicago in Sept for my 50th birthday in fact to see the Cubs (our team!!!) play on my birthday (wasn't that sweet of them :lol: ) and we are going to the Science and Industry museum which is always my favorite ever since I was a kid. We have reservations at Harry Caray's for my birthday. I got to choose what I wanted to do and since the Cubs were playing at home on my birthday I opted for that. My kids live in different areas as do my siblings so I couldn't have everyone together anyway. My daughter lives here (I live in Tennessee now), and my son lives in Indiana so I will get to see him while we are there for my birthday as he paid for all 7 tickets to the game as a present for me (I have a sister flying in from Calf for my birthday with her husband and daughter). Well enough about me!

Sandy: Who better to lean on than God! He can change his heart! You keep close to him and he can provide comfort for you in this time also! We are here for you!

Well, have some more to post so I have to get with it so I can finish chores and get into the pool. I am coming up to 4 weeks of exercising EVERY day so I am pretty jazzed about that.


06-17-2003, 11:29 PM
How's everyone doing today? Had a good day, I hope. Mine was a hard-workin' one--aren't they all? But it was a good one. I did my walking this morning. I had missed it for several days, and it really doesn't feel the same when I don't do it. And I must say that the warm feeling in my legs from the walking was really good for the cramps I have been having with this goofy period I have. They just seemed to warm themselves away!

Faye, you're practically going to be traveling in my back yard both next week and in September! I live on the far southeast side of Chicago near the Indiana border--not close to your Cubs game or Harry Caray's restaurant--but only a short drive (under 10 miles) from the Museum of Science and Industry, and not far from where I-57 runs into 94 West. A few other ironies to tell you--I grew up in a Chicago suburb not too far from Midway Airport, and for a short time about 19 years ago, I lived in Park Forest myself. I taught high school English in Chicago Heights, the town directly north of Park Forest, for 11 years. Presently the job I hold (not teaching anymore) is in Hammond, Indiana--a 20 minute drive from where I now live--and my job is located right off 80/94 at the first Indiana exit when you leave Illinois. When you see the highway sign for Hammond, that's my area! Gosh, isn't it a small world?

It sounds like you've got a couple of great events planned for yourself, especially for your birthday! Chicago is really a great town! There's just about something here for everyone. Let me know how it all goes. You'll have a terrific time!

Sandy, hang in there, be strong. And know that God's there for you--"always and always, and forever and ever". That's a phrase I made up when my girls were babies to tell them how long I would love them.

How are you, Musicgal and Shanny? Haven't heard from you lately. Give us a post.

Well, got to go--getting sleepy. I'll talk more tomorrow.

Bye for now--Barb

06-22-2003, 10:10 PM
Hey, ladies! I haven't heard from anyone in a while. How is everyone doing? I'm just finishing a very busy weekend. My 12-year-old daughter's girl party yesterday was absolutely great. They and I had a wonderful time. My little one even stayed because her friend postponed her sleepover due to sickness. It will be next week. I also got the grass cut. I survived another period and the migraine that sometimes comes at the end of it. Hallelujah! I took a three-hour nap this afternoon, which was a wonderful way to take care of myself. Tomorrow is back to the usual grind, though I work only half a day tomorrow because there is an orthodontist appointment for my older daughter, and the doctor's office is an hour from my home. Then at night we have summer dance--got to keep those girls busy with healthy activities!

Faye, I hope you had a nice time on your trip up to the north parts. Let me know how the wedding was.

Sandy, how are you doing? Hang in there! We're with you!

Anyone else who's chimed in from time to time--stop by to say hi and let us know how you are doing!

More later, everyone! Take care now.


06-22-2003, 11:58 PM
Hey everyone. Just checking in and thought that I would say hi. Haven't been around too much there are so many things that I have to get done and not too much time to do it in. I hope to be able to catch up real soon.

06-25-2003, 09:45 AM
Hi, all! Gigglez, I could absolutely repeat your message about having so much to do. There seems to be no end to it. Sometimes I feel like I'm just keeping my head above water. At least I'm not drowning in it.

One thing I'm working on as I go through my days is mood swings. I seem to be affected greatly by them at this stage of my life. Usually they come either right before or after my period. When I get them, I either feel like I'm going to cry at the drop of a hat, or I'm very easy to go off on someone if something goes wrong, or if I feel overpressured. I detected all of those feelings yesterday, and for the most part I handled things well. I did get somewhat upset when I had to redo some work on the job because someone didn't communicate the extent of the work properly to me before it was assigned, but I didn't lose my temper.

Anyway, let me hear from everyone. It's good to have those e-mail messages in my inbox. Bye for now.