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05-31-2003, 01:20 PM
Hi all.... been away (job related) past few days.... have been faithfully on Atkins for 18 days now... even while I was away!!! *shock*... lost 5 pounds the first week and haven't budged since, but can I ever feel it in my pants... I think it may be the caffeine? But I only have 2 cups a day, and quite frankly, I'm not prepared to give it up. So, I'll just do what I'm doing... at least the cravings are gone (for sweets) and I'm not continually thinking about food anymore.... what a relief! I need to get the exercise worked back in.. Curves on Monday..

I hurt my elbow (tore tendons) just before Christmas, and was in physio with it for 3 months.. it's still not completely healed, and I keep rehurting it. Last time was 2 weeks ago, moving my office at work from one floor to another... 6 of the 12 machines at Curves use the arms, and I won't go when the elbow is hurting.. I have no desire to spend many more months dealing with this. It's feeling better with the break, so I'll go back on Monday.. gets very frustrating.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

05-31-2003, 05:54 PM
Hey Judomom!

You are doing great on Atkins! Keep up the good work!

I cleaned house this morning and have been washing clothes all day. I am fixing to take my youngest son and his friends bowling tonight for his birthday. It was last Sunday actually, but with all the graduation stuff, we just put this off til this weekend.

What's everybody else up to?


05-31-2003, 06:40 PM
Congrats Judo Mom! and way to go on the cleaning Cathy! My last night shift tonight! I miss my family!

Hang in there everyone!