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05-02-2013, 07:33 AM
Hi! :wave:

I have Fibromyalgia, and have had it for about a year. I am on Savella 50mg which has helped me quite a bit but I still have some fatigue and body aches. The rheumatologists who I have seen have emphasized that exercise, especially aqua exercise is good for the joints and I love it but sometimes I am too tired to do it. They have also said that Fibro can go into remission with weight loss! So I am motivated to lose the weight, it's just I have some emotional issues regarding weight loss and also it is hard to exercise when I am so fatigued.

Does anyone have any tips? I hope that this can be a support thread for each other too! Maybe we can just come on it and post how we are doing with Fibro and be supportive of one another. I find that is important with this struggle.

Have a great day! :goodvibes

Amy :df:

05-02-2013, 01:18 PM
In my case, any drastic change in routine, weather, diet, activity level, sleep pattern.... tends to trigger a flare-up of symptoms. If you find this true for you as well, all lifestyle changes have to be made in "baby steps."

Dietwise, I've found that a moderately low-carb diet helps considerably. Sugar and starch are my kryptonite, so I have to be careful even with fruit and whole grains. Southbeach, the Zone, Atkins, Paleo, and other low to moderate carb diets seem to be helpful (in my own experience, and from what I've read). Though if you're change-sensitive you may need to make gradual changes, like giving up "white" or processed carbs, or even just cut back, rather than trying to overhaul your lifestyle in one fell swoop.

With exercise too, you may need to pace yourself carefully to avoid triggering flares. There are fibromites who run marathons, so you may be able to work yourself up to intense exercise, but you probably won't be able to start there. Some people find that exercise, even during a severe flare can be helpful in reducing pain. Others find the opposite, so you have to experiment, just start small.

If you can find a warm-water exercise program, I'd highly recommed it. The Arthritis Foundation or your local health departmenr, Department on Aging, or United Way should be able to help you find the nearest program. The closer the water temperature is to 90 degrees, the more comfortable it is when you have pain and mobility issues like fibro and arthritis.

05-03-2013, 07:18 AM
Thank you Kaplods! I greatly appreciate your sensitive and caring reply. ;)

I am glad to know these things, now I can use your information as tools for my recovery.

I see my rheumatologist next week and I am going to emphasize that I have this chonic, nagging pain in my back. There is usually some element of pain there, it comes and goes but it has been MRI'ed and the orthopaedist was going to send me to a pain specialist. I have a TENS unit and haven't used it. I am going to bring it to my rheumatologist and see if he can show me how to use it.

How are you doing? I am glad that you have some good news about your test! :carrot:

Be well and thanks again for your insight. :^:

05-16-2013, 03:58 PM
Hello Friends,
I am new to this site and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 3 years ago. I too am affected by the change in weather, dampness. I do Bowen Therapy which does help and I have done this now for 2 1/2 years. I have noticed also that my occasional hoarseness is now coming back and having it more frequently. Has anyone experienced this? I have read it could be related to Hypothyroid condition but I have not been to get it checked. I am doing some exercising but it is very hard to do when you are in pain. What helps me is to do it first thing in the morning and then I get ready for work. I am starting out so I can only do 5 minutes on an elliptical. Some mornings I do situps, toe touches instead. I try to walk atleast 20 minutes about 3 days a week; after work.

So, I am gaining weight, trying to find some way to cut the carbs and still satisfy hunger and build back muscle. I have grown weaker and at age 49, with osteoporosis too. It's definitely a mental game/challenge!

Any advice, tips on exercising, coping with fibromyalgia, I would appreciate it. Also, if anyone has the sympton of being hoarse often, let me know if you had it checked out or not.

Thanks and I look forward to learning from you and being a help where I can!