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05-02-2013, 02:06 AM
Hello all! I'm new here and also new to using Weight Watchers.

I haven't yet gotten the hang of figuring out how much food I'm eating unless there is a measuring device nearby or it flat-out says it somewhere. I am also not telling many people I am trying to lose weight because they start asking annoying questions ("Should you really be eating that?") lol, so it's hard to keep the conversation going while I'm secretly trying to google points or calculate something in my head :(

Tonight I went to dinner and had a cocktail. I knew it was 3 points for 4 oz., but I had no idea how many ounces the glass was. I had to wait until I came home to measure what I estimated to be the same amount, and WOW did I go over!

I'm going out again on Friday with a friend who doesn't know I'm using WW. When we order dinner, how can I figure out the portion sizes of what I'm eating or drinking without whipping out a calculator or measuring scale? I don't want to come home and add it up after I've eaten it, because that method messed me up today. Arg... :eek: