Weight Loss Support - Still 4 kgs to go! + Praise of PTs

05-01-2013, 10:54 AM
Here's a quick update on my situation.

36 yo, 1,74m tall and started with 81 kgs (technically obese, I believe) in January 2013.

Today, May 1st, I've already reached the 75 kgs mark thanks to my wonderful PT and carefully planned exercise sessions. No strict diet, although I have taken some extra precautions (e.g. no fast food, no juices, absolutely no sodas, less bread and carbs).

I believe my initial body fat was 31% and last time we checked was 19% (not entirely sure about these figures). It's far from spectacular but it's definitely an improvement.

I'm not satisfied, though. I believe I still need to lose 4 kgs (8 lbs) to reach my optimum weight and these last kgs are going to be much harder than the first six. Any special tips?

Extremely pathetic fact: Yesterday, I was feeling very depressed because of work and I had a hot dog and a chocolate bar and now I feel guilty about it. How silly is that?

Speaking of PTs, I really think it's worth the extra money. My PT is wonderful, she keeps me motivated and there's no way I could have planned these exercises on my own. To me, the real waste of money would be to spend less money and have zero results.

Thanks for your support guys, God bless you!