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05-29-2013, 07:25 AM
Good morning!

lexxiss - :carrot: for 100% on plan!

Rosebud - I ate OP today except for one pc of that blasted banana bread again. It fit with my calories and that was the sabotaging thought.."I have the calories..why not?" Next time I will respond with "not an option...not planned and not hungry and does not jive with my plan to lose weight and keep it off" Ohhh..I did this yesterday too. I am making a new card with not an option/not planned/not hungry together! Thanks.

maryann - Must remember Beck."Weight loss takes time and energy. I can't pack my day and night and expect to stay OP." Easy does it. Wow - this really jumped out at me. Very helpful!

onebyone - hope you are feeling better this morning!

Beth - Congratulations!!! And lots of credit for getting back on plan!

Well, yesterday's Day 17 experiment went surprisingly well. I had made split pea soup and biscuits. I planned to eat one biscuit but served myself two. And when I was done, I threw the extra biscuit away! But...I think it was because I just was not hungry anymore. If I had been, I doubt it would have been that easy. Like skipping lunch, I think that I could stand to repeat this experiment a few times!

Today is planned but I know that I may end up being out for lunch or dinner. If I am out for lunch, I plan to use the opportunity to skip a meal. If I am out to dinner, I plan to keep the calories to what I have planned for dinner.

My 20yo is heading to Austria and Switzerland tonight with a friend. Wish I were going!!

05-29-2013, 07:31 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies It's raining as I type. I imagine our recently planted lettuce loving it. I am so ready for home grown tomatoes that don't show up here until mid-July.

Exercise at the gym, CREDIT moi, where nothing unusual happened. I did kick myself because stuff was harder because I'd skipped some sessions while I sat a home feeling miserable with my cold. I'm now healthy but the cough lingers - just enough to make others feel miserable listening to me. Today is the day the new chairs will be delivered; DW will be so happy. In heaven one will not have to buy furniture.

onebyone You're spot on there; 'persist' is your middle name. Kudos for seeing that you're going forward. Sorry if I transmitted my virus to you through the computer.

Debbie (Lexxiss) Such a neat idea, biking as "aromatherapy!" Kudos for yet another day On-Plan while surrounded by food at work.

maryann - May you survive the last week of school. Super Kudos for using, "Oh, Well" and moving forward.

nationalparker Yes, you can do this; Yes, you can stay in control. Neat thought that the added fruits and veggies can crowd out the excess carbs. I'm also a fan of moving forward instead of 'giving up' stuff. LOL at the Little Debbies for and 89 year old. We had exactly that situation with my late FIL - anything we could cajole him to eat was a win and junk food worked best.

Beth (bethFromDayton) Congrats for becoming a MIL - may you find the way to be a supporting one even when the young couple wanders about. Ouch for the scale hit with Kudos for standing upon it.

Rosebud170 Now this certainly covers all the options, "not an option...not planned and not hungry and does not jive with my plan to lose weight and keep it off" - that's the sort of clarity that's useful for me.

sparks17 It's still a big deal to leave half your dinner even when not hungry - Kudos. It takes a mental effort on my part to remember that hunger can be considered when eating.

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

Guidelines for a Doable Diet

. . . Choose a diet that's flexible. You'll need to follow your diet in many different situations, such as dining out, vacations, business dinners, travel, and special occasions. Your meal plan must allow for these common life events - otherwise, you may find yourself backsliding.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 66.

05-29-2013, 09:44 AM
Good morning, all! I had a mostly OP day yesterday (which I guess means I'm veering closer to being OP more often) and after we finished dinner, we both just relaxed out on the patio and read and enjoyed the setting sun. For a few hours, it seemed. I thought, we need one completely restorative evening each week. No major chores, nothing hanging over our head for one evening. Bliss. But then we sniped at each other over who knows what and the evening ended awkwardly. I hate it when I let things devolve to that, as rare as it seems to be.

Have some wonderful roma tomatoes - great flavor this time - and will make bruschetta as part of dinner. Last night used them with a yummy caprese salad (well, without the hunks of mozz, just a few shreds) ... and also have two remaining corn on the cobs. [For anyone who hasn't tried it, when in a hurry and not grilling them, pop a full ear into the micro for 3 minutes, husk and all. Then let sit for 3 mins...and the husk/silk peels right off. My mom's tip and by golly it works every time. I haven't boiled corn on the cob in years.]

Goals for today - eat wisely, when hungry. At lunch make tomorrow's meal plan, using plenty of our fruits and veggies. And most importantly, eat only what I need, not what I want. I've strayed mostly on that aspect.

We travel to Florida in early June and I'd like to at least get down to where I WAS a month ago before that trip, which is a combo of family and work stuff. Scale this morning shows I'm still 2.5 pounds up from my weight a month ago.

05-29-2013, 11:26 AM
Hello all!

Monday was a rough day, and while I stayed within my calories it wasn't OP and I just sort of grazed through the day. I have been terrified that the first time I did that would be a disaster. But by the evening I told my self "Just because you've eaten badly doesn't mean you need to keep it up" and so I finished the day within my calories.

Then yesterday, Tuesday, was OP food wise which was nice. It was good to know I can get back OP after a mistake day. That knowledge adn skill will be essential on this journey.

Today I woke up feeling dreadful. I wasn't able to get out of bed this morning to go for my run. I believe it's a combination of dehydration and working too hard. I drank water, took my vitamins, ate breakfast and I'm hoping I start to feel better soon.

Yesterday I met with a client who I hadn't seen in a few months. For some reason I've noticed people in the south are sometimes less...tactful than people up north. This woman who is morbidly obese to the point of being immobile told me that I had "gained a lot of weight since she saw me last". It was frustrating because I've actually lost weight since I saw her (something like 10lbs!) and I didn't know how to respond but it made me feel really crummy. Almost like all my work doesn't matter. Guess I just have to flip it to inspiration to try and prove her wrong.

05-29-2013, 08:36 PM
So...I did skip lunch today. I was busy for a bit and then, even when I was not busy, my mind was occupied with my daughter going away, and I was not particularly hungry. The minute she and my husband left for the airport - BAM! I was sooooo hungry! But I made myself only eat one serving of dinner, telling myself that if I was still hungry at 8, I could have the yogurt that I planned for but never ate. It is 7:30 and I am still hungry, so I am glad that I have the yogurt to look forward to! Credit for - doing the hunger exercsie again and for not overeating at dinner and for planning a snack!

05-29-2013, 09:30 PM

I'm hanging onto my plan as I respond to this sore throat and try not to catastrophize myself into the weekend where I imagine not getting to the market, not planting the garden, not sticking to my foodplan, gaining 10lbs and getting pneumonia.

Oh :devil: if I give you an inch, you take a mile.

Instead I am drinking tea with honey and lemon and drinking orange juice and water and making sure I eat what I commit to and if not, reporting it to my diet coach. I need to remember THIS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY and even if my sale goes up, it will go back down. I know I am not doing all the steps I need to to really lose the weght right now. My energies are elsewhere but soon I can 100% refocus and that's ok. I need to be gentle and forgiving with myself.

Bye for now.

05-29-2013, 10:27 PM
Hi all,

I logged everything I ate (credit) even if I ate more than I'd planned. After I post, I'm going to enter all of tomorrow's food into MFP so I'll have tomorrow planned out and have something concrete to follow.

I'd hoped to be walking daily this week, but my foot hurt too much today to even do one building lap. I guess I'd just hoped to be 100% right away--but it's not working that way.

Take care, all.

05-30-2013, 01:38 AM
Hi coaches,
Kudos to me...I added that BBB (blasted banana bread) to my plan and had some for breakfast..yum!! I was not tempted by anything today and there were all kinds of confections in the staff lounge today!! Water aerobics...check...

I just learned of a pseudo niece's band concert tomorrow night and I had planned to hit water aerobics and friends trump on this one but am looking at the Y schedule for a substitution either tomorrow or Friday (usually wine/no workout day)... Will work something out.

This is a fun time of year but also busy, like Christmas season type busy...I do think exercise is helping me keep my wits about me...

Off to bed for me...must be able to help 26 pre-pubescents through days that are past the all important state testing and now are counting down to summer break. Oy....

05-30-2013, 05:48 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies DW says that I sounded less miserable when I coughed during the evening than I did in the morning. I'm working at taking joy in that progress. CREDIT moi for sounding less miserable.

Walk (CREDIT moi) included stopping by a city department for planning, zoning, variances, and building permits. Encountering bureaucracy was just the right event for a person feeling miserable; I left feeling miserable but with the silent smirk that I was feeling miserable anyway. Life is short; my new plan in life is to deal with the city only when I'm already feeling miserable.

onebyone Thank you for reminding me that I catastrophize when I have a cough - just hadn't gotten to the pneumonia part yet, LOL. Yep, "gentle and forgiving" and mush on.

Debbie (Lexxiss) Yay for planning before an extremely busy day.

nationalparker Neat tip to microwave corn in its husk. I always microwave my corn - but not in the husk. Gotta try that. Love the simplicity, "eat only what I need, not what I want."

Beth (bethFromDayton) Kudos for eagerly pushing the recovery of your foot - Ouch for getting ahead of it.

Jo (veganasaurusrex) Ouch for that inappropriate comment from the client. Lack of tact knows no geographical limits. I'm adding this to my ARC, "Just because you've eaten badly doesn't mean you need to keep it up."

Rosebud170 Kudos for seeing exercise as a strategy for helping when over busy. Thank you for handling those 26 pre-pubescents since I'm one of those who couldn't do it.

sparks17 Me too, wish I was "heading to Austria and Switzerland."

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

Guidelines for a Doable Diet

. . . Choose a diet that allows you to budget for indulgences. A diet that puts your favorite foods completely off limits will likely lead you to crave those foods sooner or later. Even with a set eating plan, I've found that most people do better if they formulate a rule about what they can and what they usually can't eat, meaning they can periodically plan - in advance - to have small portions of "can't eat" foods.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 66.

05-30-2013, 09:48 AM
Yesterday evening went awry from my plans, but ended up being okay, food-wise. DH emailed with "let's go to the Humane Society and drop off our donations, then hit Panera and Old Navy" ... Okay. So I zipped to Kohls (gotta use up my kohls cash before it expired!), spent way too long there because nearly everything was regular price - what parallel world did I jump into where nothing was on sale - everything is always 40-50% off - so determined not to waste my moolah, I searched around until I found a deal. Zipped to Target and got bleach, humongo package of paper towels and nylabones to also drop off, and raced home to get DH. We loaded up the car and got to the humane society one minute before they closed. Added all that stress when we could have gone on Friday. Then to Panera and got the salad I love, and popped in for a flag T at Old Navy ... I get my dad one every single year for the past 12-15 years! :) Then DH realizes on our way out of the parking lot that he doesn't have his keys. (This happens fairly often. It happened on Monday - took us 25 minutes to find them before we could go out.) Anyway, back to Panera, nope. To Old Navy - HIM: I didn't leave them there. ME: JUST CHECK. They closed a minute ago - bang on the door :) He comes out a few minutes later, waving the keys. :) when we were dating, he lost his keys in Kohls and we were at the car to leave when he realized we didn't have them, and had to search all around. So he claims I knew from the get-go that he lost keys. A lot. :) I just have to roll with it; it's certainly not intentional. I'm wordy; sorry. Got Casablanca from the library to watch for cheap date night tomorrow night. I've never seen it but love Ingrid Bergman. (I'm the one who always wanted her and Bing to get together in The Bells of St. Mary's. My mom used to say, "don't hold your breath.")

Scale is still barely below 170. My last goal was a bust, so I'm resetting my goal to get to my ticker weight by next Friday, when we leave. I didn't do a good job of only eating when hungry yesterday afternoon. I remembered I had some multiseed rice crackers with soy sauce in my desk drawer (38=110 cal) and decided I needed about 20 of them. NEEDED mind you.

Surprised that I couldn't find Beck Diet Solution for the kindle.

We still need about 300+ wedge pavers and the store is offering an 11% rebate on purchases through Sunday (in the form of merchandise credit, not a true discount) but that'll be about $45, so I'm going to fork out the money, muscle (they're 11 pounds each and that sounds like nothing...until it's the 100th)... and time to get those here soon.

Bill - Glad you're slowly on the way to recovery. LOVE the slightly less miserable sounding reference. Ha ha! If you have success dealing with the city on permitting, etc., I'll haul you in to fight my "no portion of a deck in an easement" decision.

Beth - Awesome job on logging everything from the weekend into MFP. I HATE logging in when I go over my calories... (Well, when I WAS logging. I need to get back to that, clearly!!) Hope your foot feels better quickly - sounds like lots of activity on it thru the weekend.

Rosebud - Do you ever freeze your banana bread? I have to when I make it or it's way too much temptation day after day for me. And for DH. He plows through it multiple slices a day. And my fave treat then is a warm slice with a layer of Trader Joe's natural peanut butter. Heaven. The PB melts a little more - mmm. But if you still have some BBB left, don't try it - it's terrible. :)

OneByOne - LOVE your catastrophizing (if that's even a word)... I'm not the only one, apparently, who worries about gaining 10 pounds in two days. :) YAY, compadre.

05-30-2013, 10:39 AM
nationalparker - I am the key mis-placer in this house. But. Sometimes I remind my husband that I always find them again! When we were first married he bought us a set of interlocking key chains. I still use mine....where is his? Maybe he is the one who has actually LOST his keys?!

Bill - CREDIT moi for sounding less miserable. :lol: Glad that you are on the mend.

Rosebud - when does your school year end?

Beth - is your recovery really going slower than it should, or just slower than you'd like? Either way, I feel for you!

onebyone - pretty sure that you are NOT going to gain 10 lbs over the weekend :) Feel better soon!

More thoughts on hunger...last night I was still hungry after my post-dinner yogurt but I told myself to get over it. At 10:30 I was lying in bed - HUNGRY. Stayed firm, which was not too hard, as I do not think I have ever gotten up from bed at night to eat, so it is not like I have a habit there, thankfully! This morning I was normal hungry. Weird. I guess it because I hardly ever let myself be hungry!

I have my food mostly planned, but I have two lunch possibilities (home or out), one more calories than the other. Depending on how that plays out, I may have an extra snack or be able to have a bigger portion of dinner. I can decide after lunch.

Today I am working on Day 18 - Changing my definition of full. This is hard for me. Sometimes I like to be reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy full :o Plus, I got the other Beck book - the Green one - from the library, so I can see if I like that setup better. Then I will buy the one I like best!

05-30-2013, 08:19 PM
Good Evening, Coaches.

Thrilled this morning when I saw I had FINALLY broken the 160 barrier. It has been over a year since i crossed beyond that line. I am determined to keep low till June 1st so I can officially change my ticker. Good Feeling to be reminded of the success of perseverance. The scale was not an accident. it was a reflection of my choices.

Still busy today but I wanted to share the triumph.

05-30-2013, 10:35 PM
It's Thursday Beckers! :)

What does OP mean? On Plan?

maryann--CONGRATS!!! I hope to be in your position by mid-August.

BBE--OMG. LOL at only dealing with the city when you're miserable.

Rosebud--YES! Christmas-Season-Type-Busy is exactly how I would describe May. I was yawning before a meeting yesterday and someone asked why I was tired, I was's the end of the school year and I have 3 kids.

nationalparker--Did you know Panera has a hidden menu? It's full of mostly bread free options. Lots of yumminess in that menu.

onebyone--Bowing down to you. You get MAJOR credit for even thinking about sticking to the plan when you're sick. That is one of my weight loss obstacles so I'm being completely genuine when I tell you that even thinking about staying on plan is a big deal!

Sorry if I've missed anyone. I'm fading now--tired--I've been going since 6:15 am so please forgive me if I haven't responded to you.

Now for my update...

Let's see, I think it's been 2 days since I've been on the message board? Eating has been going well. I installed the My Fitness Pal app (*credit*) and am really loving the food/exercise diary part of it. Got even more excited when my kids' tutor told me she's trying to lose weight and she started using an app similar to MFP. Now we're swapping food tips!

Didn't work out yesterday, worked out today! I'm giving myself a big credit because this week was incredibly busy (my two big kids' last day of school was today).

I've been exploring new breakfasts. Sometimes I want scrambled eggs, but that's maybe once or twice a week. This morning I had baked potato soup and a small apple, I've also been having crackers, laughing cow cheese and chicken salad for breakfast. I've been able to eat those breakfasts while staying within my calorie range AND feeling satisfied :)

Oh! I also wrote some of my sabotaging thoughts and helpful responses down and have been reading them once a day.

Another thing that I was proud of...I had a meeting yesterday and guess what the "snack" was? M&Ms. Do you know how GONE those M&Ms would have been before I started Beck? I didn't have a single one. *credit*

Weighed myself this morning, I'm down 2lbs :carrot: So happy with the effort I made as well as the results!

Discovered two, cool low calorie treats for PMS days. Dole makes 100 calorie packages of frozen chocolate covered banana slices. And I'm also digging the frozen Greek yogurt "popsicles". BUT, those are not everyday treats--or even every week treats. Those are used sparingly.

Anyway, this is long, but it's good to see what you all are up to!

05-30-2013, 10:41 PM
And thank you ALL for the birthday wishes! :hug: I think this is the first birthday in my 34 years that I did not have cake or ice cream. You guys are a gift and have helped me already!

05-30-2013, 11:53 PM
Hi all,

We had an unplanned dinner excursion (and shopping trip) but I ate within parameters and even decided against going to Uno's (where I can't eat within parameters). It wasn't even that hard of a decision. When I ordered dinner, I had a moment where I wanted a much higher calorie option and told myself "If you hadn't read it on the menu, you wouldn't even have thought about it", which was true, and what I ordered was tasty and plenty of food--and within plan.

It makes planning tomorrow easier--we're just going to have what we didn't eat tonight!

I'm not going to try walking building laps until Monday, giving my foot a bit more time to improve. I don't know that I'm supposed to be healing any faster--the podiatrist did say I could "try" and to stop if my foot got sore or swollen. So that probably means that my recovery is perfectly within normal range--but not as fast as I want it to be!

DD got the lion's share of the purchases tonight (MicroCenter stuff for her new "going off to college" computer). We went to the book store, too, and I bought "The Intellectual Devotional" which is a daily reading for the mind. I may need to buy a magnifier to read it easily (small print) but I think it'll be really interesting. (Just what I need--something else to spend time on)

I need to plan tomorrow out (in MFP) and call it a night!

Take care, all!

05-31-2013, 06:25 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies Had fruit salad for a late dessert at a friend's house last night. I ignored the mini-biscotti served with it, CREDIT moi. It felt good to ignore such a small calorie item just to service my resistance muscle.

Spent the day glued to my desk waiting for an important call . . . that never happened. It's time to figure out how to forward my land line to my cell phone so that I don't have to stay fixed at my desk. Having a valid excuse for no exercise doesn't feel any better than a wimpy one.

maryann - Congrats on breaking through your new barrier. Love the thought, "The scale was not an accident. it was a reflection of my choices."

nationalparker Casablanca is just the best movie ever. Enjoy. I love the notion that prior knowledge of your DH's propensity to lose keys means that you bought in. Whatever it takes to make marriage work, LOL. Kudos for buying more pavers for exercise with a product at the end.

Beth (bethFromDayton) Kudos for being aware that there are places where you can eat "within parameters" and that Uno's isn't one of them. I know about recovery that isn't as fast as one wants. Keep the faith.

sparks17 "Changing the Definition of Full" is a big step. It's hard for me to remind myself that my old definition of Thanksgiving Dinner was to leave the table stuffed. And then to start on the pies. Ouch.

happyhoustonmommy - Neat to have non-traditional food for breakfast. Kudos for collecting your Sabotaging Thoughts and Helpful Responses. Yep, OP stands for On Plan. It sometimes also stands for Original Poster as a way to reference the first post in a thread.

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

Guidelines for a Doable Diet
. . . Choose a diet that allows you to budget for indulgences. ... For example, some dieters save 100 to 200 calories each day so that they can eat whatever they want in the evening after dinner. Other dieters or maintainers prefer to reserve one meal a week to eat certain foods not generally allowed on their diet plan.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 66.

05-31-2013, 08:42 AM
Hey - I had a great experience last night! A friend had free tickets to see Tony Bennett give a live interview. It was fascinating! He talked about his experiences in WW2 and why he is a pacifist, his views on the arts (striving for truth and beauty instead of violence and insanity), his childhood, Fred Astaire, all kinds of things. Sadly, he only sang one song, but it was my favorite - Fly Me to the Moon -so I was thrilled.

Of course, it meant going out to dinner first. I was thinking about being full and eating reasonably and leaving food on my I ordered a chicken sandwich on a roll with a side of grilled asparagus. I left the top half of the roll and ate it open faced. Then we went to Starbucks for dessert. I looked at the calories listed and thought "Can I be satisfied with less?". I could have thought about not having any at all, of course. But I had planned for a treat when I decided to go out; I just wanted to think about what I really wanted. So I asked my friend if we could go somewhere else. She suggested this cupcake bakery and I laughed, as those portions would have been even bigger than Starbucks! NO, I actually wanted a candy bar. I got Peanut M&Ms. And I did not feel overly full but I did eat them while walking, without thinking.

In retrospect, I should not have decided to eat dessert. Going to a show of some sort just screams dessert to me. But intentionally going for a smaller treat was a good experience. And, even though I had to guesstimate the calories/carbs at dinner, I am pretty sure that I did not exceed my high range.

Funny. MFP recommends 1,630 calories daily for me, but I have felt like it is too low, so I eat between 1,600 and 2,000 almost every day. But the Green Beck book recommends 2,000 calories! So I guess I am on track!

05-31-2013, 10:15 AM
Well, the night was a bust. I got home and DH was fixing the garage door - big project. No idea HOW it happened but I backed into it in February (well, I DO know how it happened - I was distracted, looking for my valentine's decor bin while backing out of the garage and didn't notice that I was backing faster than the door was opening - I was WONDERING why he was standing in front of me, arms flailing about and yelling) and since then, it's sounded like a car backfiring each time it goes up or down. He figured out what the issue was when a hinge broke. So he fixed that while I prepped dinner. Then the garbage disposal (which i HATE - need to do a better composting job), got jammed up to the point of him having to take apart the pipes under the sink and of course, no pot/pan is big enough to catch all the crapola that comes out. Poor guy. This and dinner took the evening.

The other night at Panera, I picked up (i KNOW) a parmiago pizza bagel - limited time only! Yep, that suckered me in, along with the word pizza. Thought I was going to be able to cut it in four slices and use with bruschetta salad for croutons and a main part of dinner, but ended up eating it as my dinner with tomatoes, carrots and corn on the cob. What the heck? 330 calories for THAT? (bagel alone). And to boot, it was so strong flavored of oregano, that it was like a specialty bread, more than a bagel. Typically I get probably three bagels a year and THOROUGHLY enjoy them.

Bill - Don't you love friends who have desserts that fit into healthy eating plans and you're not stuck working your resistance muscle against something decadent like key lime pie or apple croustade? Good reminder that I need to bake biscotti for my father this week before we head for a visit and early Father's Day gathering.

Sparks - WOW on the Tony Bennett night. I would have loved to join in with you! And that song is a love of mine, too! Credits for choosing something with about half of the calories of a starbucks dessert!

Beth - Great job (!!) on sticking with what you'd decided on at the restaurant despite the notice of something that sounded yummier. Every single one of your choices is really supporting your goals! Kudos!

HHMommy - I, too, alternate between breakfasts that are not typical breakfast foods. Baked beans (warmed up) is one I like in the winter. It's filling, protein, warm and fibrous. You can make your own chocolate covered banana slices, too, if ever interested on the fly! We do in the summer for a lot cheaper - drizzing (or covering, depending on your taste) fresh bananas with light choc syrup and freezing them. Yay on the two pounds down and for skipping the meeting m&ms. WILLPOWER abounding!

HOPING I take the time to check in on the weekend. It's harder when DH is home and around.

Maryann - GREAT JOB about getting under that 160!! Move that ticker!! :)

05-31-2013, 03:09 PM
Hello Coaches! Sorry I've been AWOL the past several days. I have been fighting a cold, busy as can be, and going to bed late without checking in. :o I have also been so busy that I just now realized I haven't made time for walking my minimum 15 minutes the past few days. I will resume that habit at the lake this weekend. Today, my wonderful daughter turns 14 years old!!! She is taking a friend to the lake for the weekend for her birthday, so I will be busy, but I will try to check in when I can, if only briefly. I need to catch up on everyone..... or maybe I will just start fresh tomorrow with the beginning of June. Can't believe summer is already here. My kids both get out of school next Thursday. They are so excited!!! :) I hope everyone is doing well. I was supposed to work out for the first time with my trainer this past Thursday, but he didn't think I should due to my cold and not being 100%. Said he didn't want to "break me down." YIKES!!! What is in store for me next week?!? I am nervous, but excited to get started with this new personal trainer! Will let you know how it goes! Take good care everyone!!! Sending you all :dust: and wishes for a great weekend! :wave:

05-31-2013, 11:37 PM
Hi all,

I am so glad it's Friday. Today had a few deviations from my written plan, but was OP. I haven't written a plan for tomorrow, but I do know what we're eating--it'll be a nice easy OP kind of day!

DD the younger graduates from high school tomorrow morning. It'll be weird to have to 're-identify myself' since I won't be a mom of high schoolers anymore--she's the youngest.

I'm starting the 30 day dumbbell challenge again tomorrow--it'll be a June Thing for me.

Take care, all.

06-01-2013, 12:12 AM
I am hungry.

I was under on my calories today, as it was so hot and humid that I had less of an appetite than usual.

But it is after 11pm.

So I am not eating.

Another chance to practice being hungry and telling myself that Hunger is not an emergency.

See you all in June!

06-01-2013, 06:15 AM
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