South Beach Diet - Wild Wednesday Beach Chat - 1 May 2013

05-01-2013, 04:51 AM
Good morning, ladies!!! I chose the title b/c tonight we are having a shift party and, well, the last time we had one I fell down a flight of stairs and dislocated my knee, LOL This time I will not be consuming any alcohol (I'm on Day 2 of Phase 1...again, LOL) so all my limbs should still be intact for No-hangover Thursday!!! :)

Today I'll be starting my squat challenge. I am SO not looking forward to it, but I'm going to try my best to stick it out all month. I am bound and determined to not let my cousin beat me!!! We have a friendly wager going on who can lose the most weight between now and July. So far she's winning by almost 2 pounds. :(

I've also got a regular checkup/cleaning w/ my dentist this morning as well. And, on top of that, I'll probably try to pack and clean some more to get ready for my move. I saw in yesterday's thread that Cyndi is moving as well, which I'm sure I've just missed due to not being here consistently. Good luck, Cyndi...hope the move goes smoothly!!!

What's on everybody's agenda for today???

05-01-2013, 05:45 AM
Good morning Natasha and smart chicks sleeping past 4am lol

Last day if work until May 19th!!! I have to "vent" TV shows make cops look so cool and coordinated when running in full gear. Let me tell you this cannot be further from the truth. I had to run and I mean run yesterday the equivalent of a city block. It feels like you (well maybe I am the only one) are running in quick sand. Between the added weight and width of the gear I look like the Staypuff Marshmellow man from Ghost Busters lol....but I am happy I was not winded when I got there. Granted I had a persistent cough from a little black bean lodged in my throat lol

Today Sandra Lee is having the world's largest bake sale at Grand Central. This might pose a challenge to stay OP. Just kidding, well if I was off it might be.

Cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow. Lots to do before next Thursday. Hope everyone has a great day! Natasha hope you had fun at the party.

05-01-2013, 07:22 AM
Well, I don't have any plans for a wild Wednesday but the Tuesday was a little wild.

My yard guys showed up, so did Paul my contractor, the propane guy and Paul the Curator followed by Gardener-on-the-Go! The place was swarming with people working and I spent a lot of time answering questions. Wendy, Gardiner OTG, will be back this morning with ten or twelve bales of mulch for the front beds. We continue to battle the Creeping Belleflower, ( pretty but really invasive.

Today will start with some peace and quiet at the gym and I'll try to keep any wildness at Bay!

05-01-2013, 07:50 AM
:coffee: Good morning! I haven't had enough coffee yet to start feeling "wild", but it's going to be a beautiful day for this first day of May. :sunny:

Natasha, good luck on your challenge and I hope the shift party wasn't too wild.

Jennifer, I bet the crowds from that bake sale will keep you on your toes today. How nice to look forward to having the next couple of weeks off!

Ruth, it sounds like your place was the "happening place" yesterday! I'm so glad we spread our mulch before the plants started coming up. It made it so much easier.

I'm surprised that my back isn't aching this morning, although I did take Advil before bed last night. I spent all afternoon with Cindy, weeding out the large bank of junipers at the farm, and what a job that was! We have just a teeny bit left to do today, and I'll get at it after I spend the morning at Susie's. I should be able to get home a little earlier today since the girls have Pony Club after school. :)

05-01-2013, 08:00 AM
"Wild". LOL. When was the last time I was wild?!? Shhh....don't tell the children if you find out ;).

Natasha, I hope your Party isn't quite as wild as last year, and that your dental visit is boring as well!

Jekel, you painted a pretty (funny) picture of trying to run in gear.

Ruth, wow, what a busy place yesterday! You "don't have plans for the day" will be interesting what you report tomorrow ;).

Linda, it is a beautiful day out there, isn't it?! Glad you're not too sore today.

Definately not wild today, unless you count the wild life we saw on our walk this AM. It's weird that it's now light out when I leave. I'm off to work shortly...if I get off early I might go on a hike.

Oh, but yesterday did get a bit funny. I checked on the dog out of crate at 1 pm, and she was doing great. DH wrote me at 3:30 and said we won't be doing that again...apparently she got into my DD's art project supplies...and destroyed a container of glitter. I gotta tell ya, she had the most sparkliest poop ever this am!! (why would she eat glitter....)

05-01-2013, 08:08 AM
Quick morning fly-by, I'm getting last minute prep done before I head north and the moving commences :eek: Deep breaths.
I am just moving 1/2 mile down the road and we will be working between the two places for awhile. My lease here isn't up until 5/31, I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time for sorting, cleaning, and digging up plants.

This really is hump day around here!

05-01-2013, 08:33 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Natasha, thanks for getting us started! Your challenge sounds interesting and it's a great help that you won't be slurping liquid calories at the party tonight. Have fun!

Linda, your day sounds beautiful! Perfect for weeding in the junipers. I hope your aches subside.

Ruth, I wish your crew would show up at my house. lol Enjoy getting all your stuff done...especially all the help!

Twynn, my mom is always saying...Bing won't eat that...I respond..Bing eats everything. glitter...interesting!

Jennifer, yay for extended time off. I wish I could see the largest bake sale.

Cyndi, your move sounds like it's planned perfectly. Keep breathing!

It's snowing hard right now. We're supposed to get some accumulation then a quick melt off. Kirk's DD was supposed to come up...we were going to get wedding stuff ordered. We'll see how the weather pans out. Anyway, I have 3 days off (technically 2) since sis shows up from Hawaii Friday morning. I'm going to work at the house since the baby crawls now. Everything is pretty much picked up but my main priority is to wash the hardwood floors...a pretty big project.

I'll check back later...I can't put into words how wonderful it is to spend a day at home.

Have a great day everyone!

05-01-2013, 09:01 AM
Good morning.

Natasha - Happy squatting.

Jennifer - I don't even run without gear! Enjoy your time off.

Ruth - Have a good workout.

Linda - Weeding doesn't sound like much fun but I think gardening counts as exercise :)

Twynn - Last night I noticed it was still light at 8:00pm. Love that.

Cyndi - Hope all goes smoothly.

Debbie - I wondered if you'd get snow. What a crazy year. Enjoy your day.

I head into work later this morning and will be off mid-afternoon. Today is the last warm day here before the bottom drops out again and we have cold rain, maybe flurries. It is MAY; where the heck is spring?!?!

We talked with DS2 last night and he finally figured out that he isn't going to come home at the beginning of the summer; he has a bit longer to get here at the end of summer session and before the fall semester starts. It will be quite strange. No kids on Mother's Day. No kids all summer. Well, I guess they aren't KIDS at all anymore.

Have a great day, everyone.

05-01-2013, 11:46 AM
Good morning,

Having problems with my internet at work, of course it is just my device lol.

Hope everyone enjoys this lovely first day of May!

05-01-2013, 04:23 PM
Happy Wednesday everyone! Nothing much planned today, just some housework and making zucchini chips to go with dinner (my faaavorite mmm mm mm). We're celebrating today because our puppy is understanding that if she needs to potty before we offer a walk she needs to tell us, we're so proud! She's also gone quite a while without any accidents, my good girl <3

05-01-2013, 08:39 PM
Good evening, ladies. :) Shift party was canceled as too many people weren't going to be able to make it. Plus it's nasty outside, so not really conducive to outside partying. I have no doubt I could've avoided the temptation to drink...after all, I turned down cheesecake brownies last night, LOL

jekel - I giggled at the mental picture created by your description. Those TV shows never show an officer w/ a full duty belt, either. I have yet to see an actual police officer have nothing but a gun and handcuffs on their duty belt, LOL I don't even wear gear on my duty belt and I wouldn't want to run in my uniform...even less so in my tactical uniform!!! Then again, I hate running anyway, LOL

cottage - Glad your back isn't acting up on you today! :)

Twynn - Meh, I have to be back in the chair in the morning to have 4 teeth done. 1 has new decay, 1 they've been watching for 7 years now and think needs to be handled, and 2 were previously done and are due for an "upgrade" as the materials are starting to wear down. Unfortunately I clench my jaws in my sleep and cause micro-fractures which then leads to cavities. :( The good news, though, is that b/c I was able to fill in for a canceled appointment tomorrow, they're discounting my portion of the bill at 50%. Woot woot!

LMFAO @ the sparkly poop...I can only imagine.

Cyndi - Sounds like you are super busy!!!

Lexxiss - OMG, snow!? Geez, it's 80 degrees here, LOL

AlleyJude - Zucchini chips??? Do you have a recipe to share??? I love zucchini and am always looking for new ways to enjoy it.

05-01-2013, 08:56 PM
Thanks Cottage, for the reminder on taking ibuprofen *tonight*. I worked in the garden for a couple of hours...digging up all the weeds, then turning it over by hand (DH said he shouldn't even have to 'til it!). Then turned around and planted a few things. Needless to say, I'm wiped and a bit sore! Those lateral abdominals ain't used to that!

05-01-2013, 09:45 PM
Debbie, I'm glad we seem to be done with snow. The Adirondacks are still in melt but no new stuff in the last week. The black flies are coming out so I think we're officially having spring.

Twynn, I LOVE the long days we have between late April and August. It almost makes up for the extreme dark in December.

I was happily down a bit on the scale this morning. Of course, I am sure I ruined it tonight when DH wanted Chinese. I try hard to focus on the veggies, no rice and nothing fried but I'm sure there will be 2 pounds of water weight tomorrow! I'll have to drink plenty of water to flush out the salt.

It looks to be sunny the next few days and I am hoping to finally get out and do a little yard clean up.