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04-30-2013, 08:43 PM
Hi all, I was in the two-teens to onderland thread, and I saw the amazing before and after picture Sinderelly posted of her face. (As I said in the thread, she look's fantastic). It reminded me of an app I have on my phone called the Everyday app. There are probably various versions of it for a variety of devices, and I think it's a good tool to help you see your progress especially when the scale isn't co-operating.

You take a picture of your face everyday at the same time and after you've done a few of them you can turn it into a video where you can see your face getting smaller. A friend of mine did one for growing in his beard and it was hilarious, but I think it would be awesome for weightloss.

When I look in the mirror my face doesn't look much slimmer to me, but when I look at the pictures I can see that it is. If a few of us do these maybe eventually we can all post them after a few months.

Here is the link: http://everyday-app.com