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04-30-2013, 05:37 PM

I have the most fun when sitting in the jeep waiting for Will when he is in some store or another. When someone walks by the Jeep I ask if them if I could ask them a favor and always get an eager answer of “Yes, what can I do for you?” My reply is always “Have a good day, unless you get a better offer.” I have yet to find anyone that wasn’t eager to do something for me. When I was in the Jeep and Will was in the coffee shop I pulled that on a young couple that went in and when they saw Will inside they asked if he was the owner of that Jeep Rock Crawler out in the parking lot. When he said he was that young couple told him what a nice wife he has and what I had said. After they talked a bit with Will they said they wanted to hang around with us because we are such fun folks. What a lovely complement. The folks in this town are all so nice and friendly everywhere we go when we are out and about. I love living in the ♥-Land of America for it truly is the most friendly place we have ever lived.

It is currently in the 70ºs as I type and said to top out this day in the high 80ºs which is lovely. Makes a body want to get out and do some yard work. All the animals like it for they are frolicking in the backyard today. Will is out fixing the tongue on the trailer we recently purchased so it can be towed by the Jeep. We will need it to pick up some of the supplies we will need from our favorite nursery.

I made a paper clip rope with one clip for each pound I have lost and it is quite long now. It has red, blue, green & black clips and for when I reach 100 lost and at goal I have some striped ones to mark those numbers. Imagine all those clips and each one represents a pound lost ~ 4 sticks of butter. It will be way long when I reach goal. :lol; It is a fun visual that I have hanging beside my upright Health O Meter scale. I love visuals. Everyone at WW meeting last evening got a kick out of my “Bearly Bear It All” and “Bad Habit Rabbit”. I didn’t take my “Thin Within” doll that has a red ribbon across her chest like a bandoleer ~ with little gold stars on it ~ one for every 10 pounds lost. I will share her at a later time. We were to share what we use as anchors while on this road to thin. My most main anchor is my charm bracelet. The bear holding the rabbit is in this room on a shelf right above my desk, the doll on a shelf in the kitchen above the kitchen table and my bracelet goes with me on my wrist. So I have an anchor in this room and one in the kitchen and one on my person. Believe me that paper clip rope is impressive and I suggest everyone make one and watch it grow as you lose pounds. Each of the paperclips I used are an inch long so my rope is now 88 inches long. I did show a gain at WW last evening as expected.

DONNA FAYE I hope your glasses work out well with you. I don’t think the mail system is ever going to get any better as long as it is under the government’s domain for they don’t manage things well at all. If a private company was allowed to take it over it would run so much better. It is a good thing to wait until closer to your cruise to buy new clothes for you may be some sizes smaller and may find some stiles better suited for you then. I need to buy some smaller sized clothes but am being resistive for I do plan to continue to lose more.

JEAN That is sad about that officer being shot. They are being targeted more and more as this economy gets worse and worse. I sure hope they catch that person and lock him up for a long time. Hopefully your game isn’t cancelled and you have a great time rooting for your team.

Have a wonderful day Magnolias ~ :wave:

05-01-2013, 08:37 AM
Good morning flowers. It is going to be nice and warm but they are calling for more thunderstorms. We are getting dangerously high for the Mississippi, flood level. Flood stage is 34.2 and we are over 30. They keep extending the warning on the weather channel ap so I think eventually we will be flooding. It is already flooded in low lying areas, one of which is I40 when you cross over the bridge. It usually ends up under water so I sure hope it all settles down before we go to Indiana as it is the only way out of town to the north without doing a lot of reconnaissance.

Going to tackle upstairs bathrooms today. I also need to take my receipts and file them. I had a big ole stack on my printer needing to be filed. Other than that, nothing except fixing dinner tonight. I am making homemade sloppy joes and probably fat free chips.

Maggie: My glasses are doing fine. I may need a bump in my prescription in distance when I go in August, but they are fine. I didn't pay to have bifocals on them since I have a yearly appt in August. It is puzzling why my contacts are no longer working with the same prescription in them, but I am giving up on them and just going to glasses. I like that paper clip idea a lot. What a great way to keep track of loss.

During your prayer time, give a couple minutes for my sister, Alberta if you would. She is 68 and fell the other day because her feet all of a sudden were excruciatingly painful and then she couldn't keep standing on them and fell forward. I am concerned about possible diabetic problems as she is diabetic, but she also has horrible thyroid problems. She went to the dr yesterday but I haven't heard what she found out.

Have a good middle of the week. I am prayer for garbage haulers today and it is pretty bad around here now. Faye

05-01-2013, 02:36 PM

OH ~ it is cold today :brr: with the strong north wind blowing with freezing temperatures and some :rain: blowing about. Cecil just came in all wet. Not a day to be outside doing any yard work for sure. Will went back to the place he had gotten the oil changed the other day and gave the manager a scare. After Will had gotten home and parked the Jeep then later when we got in to go somewhere there was a big spot of oil where we were parked. Will got his wrench and went under the Jeep and found they had not tightened the nut and oil was dripping out. The manager today said that if we had gotten down the road toward Texas, as was the plan, and lost that nut then he shudderd to think what would have happened. He knew who the one was that had failed to tighten that nut and was going to deal with him. We are just glad it was tightened before anything had happened other than some oil having been lost, which was gladly replaced. I guess that since he no longer changes it himself, he will have to just check that nut each time to make sure it has been tightened.

Will liked my paper clip rope so much he wanted one for himself so I made him one and he looked at it and said, “It isn’t very long.” :lol: (It isn’t long compared to mine.) My reply was for him to lose more weight and he could add more clips. I gave him a little bag filled with the number of clips representing the pounds he wants to lose so he can add them himself as he loses. It is such a good visual of a trip down the road to thin.

I am clueless on what I am going to be cooking this day but will go shopping in the freezer when I finish this post and get something out to thaw. I do know I need a fresh head of lettuce for I used the last of one yesterday. I like those bags of a variety of greens in them for salads but do use head lettuce of sandwiches. I don’t believe we will be growing any leafy greens in our gardening efforts this year. So far we just have a variety of tomatoes and peppers in pots on the patio which are looking fine. Our new little apple tree we planted a couple years ago has lots of blossoms on it as does the old tree. The little tree grows eating apples and the big tree grows good cooking and drying apples. I have never seen the old tree so covered with blossoms. Guess spraying it for bugs helped. :cp: We have a strawberry bed all around the trunk of that old tree that produces great berries. We hang strips of foil in and around the branches of the tree which keeps the birds out of the apples and berries below.

DONNA FAYE I sure hope the mighty Mississippy doesn't flood and do a bunch of damage this year. I will definitely pray for your sister Alberta. Hopefully the doc can give her some relief for her feet. Yes the paper clips are a great visual and fun to add them when a pound or more has been lost and watch the rope grow longer. There is a 4 inch space of wall to the side of the closet in here and I have a nail high up on the wall and have the chain located there right in my sight of vision and easy to add clips to as I shrink. :D I gave up on my contacts years back and am so glad I did. Will gave up on his shortly afterwards.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

05-01-2013, 03:05 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a gloomy rainy, windy, cold day in my corner of the world this afternoon! Sioux City has snow right now so I assume we will in about an hour. I had my nails filled this morning and should go pick up a few groceries. I also need to chase dust/fur bunnies with the vacuum!

Maggie -- I like to sit in the car and people watch, especially at WM. :yes: I've never talked to anyone unless I know them though. It feels like 23 degrees outside . . . too cold for May! I have a paper clip chain that I started several leaders ago. I should update it! The police officer shooter still hasn't been caught, but the police officer is home. The guy fired 8 shots, 1 hitting the officer, and the other 7 the police car. He was very lucky as he was hit just above his eye. He laid down in the front seat and called for help then drove after the guy as he ran down an alley.

"Gma" -- I wish you could share your warm weather! :twirly: Do you suppose your contacts were the wrong "fit" and that's why they don't work for you, or can you tell it's the wrong prescription? I hope your sister gets some help from her doctor. How scary for her! I will send positive vibes that your garbage has been picked up by now!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy whatever you are doing and wherever you are today! :wave:

05-02-2013, 11:01 AM
Good morning to you all. I feel for Maggie and Jean, because I read an article you might be getting snow again and some areas in the north heavy snow. It is dark and cloudy today and we are expecting rain, but I have the fans on and our air conditioner downstairs so it is warm here.

Part of my cruise clothes and such are coming today. I am axnious to see and try on the dress. Their dresses are made from slinky type material so they glide over your figure and are so comfortable. I wear a long leg shaper with all my stuff and keeps me from jiggling. :lol:

I am going to babysit on the Friday we are in Indiana with Jackson. We are going to have breakfast with my sister, whom he adores, then we are going to find things to do, check on my dog at the hotel and have a birthday lunch with my best friend. I haven't seen her in about 4-5 years. We haven't done any traveling since the cruise so I am ready for a road trip.

Maggie: I had a nice giggle at Will being a bit upset he had such a short chain. I think it was a great idea to set him up with the number of clips he needs to get to goal. Jack has about 15 lbs that he wants to take off still, but he takes a bit of up and down in stride. We have had that happen to us with the oil and the manager gave us our money back and gave the tech a piece of his mind.

Jean: We are almost certainly going to have a flooding issue. The river is now at 31 and 34 is the flood stage. Jack says they are gearing up to work the long hour shifts again but haven't really discussed it much. We are supposed to be right at flood stage by Tuesday. We live no where close to the river or areas that could flood us, but like the last time, it can get very hard to get Jack to work sometimes. Oooh, I am a big people watcher. We would sit in the cafes on the ship and watch people. We even saw a wedding party come buy all in gowns and tuxes and such. The bride looked pooped. When Kelly was in high school and Jack had a job where he traveled a lot, (back in the day where you could go back to where the planes pulled up, etc) she and I would sit and take turns picking someone walking by or in the waiting area and we each made up outrageous stories about who there were and what they did, etc. We would crack up because they would be spies, or serial killers, or all kinds of nutty things and it was a great way to pass the time. My poor sister is in two cast boots. Her one foot has wounds from diabetes that haven't healed and have been heavily wrapped and the other foot has a blood blister on the bottom with a massive infection so they can't lance it. She is on huge amount of antibiotics and in these two boots and she isn't supposed to be up on her feet. She has one of those seat type walkers, but that doesn't help keeping the blood blister foot up off the floor.

Well gals, I have chores to get done. Hope you have a good day today. Take care! Faye

05-02-2013, 01:11 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It is COLD, WINDY, and the ground is covered with 3+" of new SNOW. :crazy: GRRRR! I've been to the grocery store because I never went out yesterday after the snow started falling. We are still planning on going to Sioux Falls for Ian's spring (?) concert tonight. Bob has some boards for Jason to use on his lawn shed so not sure what time we are leaving. Otherwise I have nothing planned for today except maybe a load of wash.

"Gma" -- Oh, what I wouldn't give to be running the fans right now! It "feels" like 22 degrees outside :brr: I hope your cruise clothes are just perfect! It sounds like you will have a fun day planned with Jackson! Does your sister live "up there" too? We used to do a lot of plane watching when we were first married -- cheap entertainment! Now you can't get anywhere near the flight lines. :( I am so sorry about your sister's foot problems. Bob's brother had an open wound on his foot and he ended up being treated in a hyperbaric chamber. He was very lucky and didn't lose his foot, but it took months for it to heal. I hope your sister can heal; it would be tough to have both feet involved. Does she still work? I know Amanda's mom is very careful about changing shoes when we travel and/or walk alot.

I need to dream up some lunch and better get a move on. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Thursday! :wave:

05-02-2013, 01:40 PM

It is a tad bit chilly here this day and I don’t think it got down to freezing in our area last evening. I am still glad we had put plastic tenting over our plants though for we certainly don’t want to lose these healthy looking tomato and pepper plants and our strawberry bed. We are still under a hard freeze warning so the plants will remained covered. It is currently 42ºs and a might chilly at that.

I am going to bake a box of potatoes and pork chops together for this evenings meal plus have some nice side vegetables. Will has gone to his job at the museum so it is very quiet here for the animals are napping and I don’t have my boom box playing ~ just yet. Give me a minute and I will remedy that . . .Twenty Years of Dirt by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. I prefer the older music and have quite a few ‘best’ of a group CD’s.

Here are a few recipes I just received from my WW leader that sound good and easy to make. Good idea how to use “ripe” bananas. :cp:

1 box yellow cake mix, dry
2 eggs
3 ripe mashed bananas

Mix all together and bake as cupcakes, as directed on the cake mix box.
Add total p+ of everything and divide by the number of cakes you make.

1 apple, cut into 1/2" slices
2 tsp. Splenda®
½ tsp. cinnamon
¼ tsp. cornstarch

Blend together the spices. Put cut apples into Ziploc bag, cover with spices.
Mix a little and put into microwave on High for 2 minutes.

1 dry yellow cake mix
1 can lemon pie filling.

Mix together and bake as directed on the cake mix box.
Figure you points by the ingredients you use and number of bars.

DONNA FAYE Sounds like you have a fun "get away" planned. Be safe, have fun and enjoy the folks. I sure hope that flooding doesn't do much damage if any at all. I would much rather talk to the folks then make up stories about them but that game sounds like it was fun. :D People need a "pick me up" and being told to have a good day sure helps them out.

JEAN We didn't get any snow or freezing but the wind sure is blowing and the freeze may hit tonight they say. I can tell when it is raining outside for Cecil comes in soaked. I never had a cat that didn't mind the rain like he does. I take that back we had a cat as a kid that loved getting in the wading pool or the flower beds when they were being flooded.

Have a great day this Thursday ~ :wave:

05-03-2013, 10:43 AM
Good morning girls. It is pretty cool this morning and temp dropping all day. It is raining cats and dogs here and we surely don't need it to. We are at nearly 32 ft and flood stage is 34. They have flood warnings in low lying areas out already for the rain today. More than likely Jack is going to be earning that fat overtime whether he wants it or not.

I got my sandals yesterday and my capris. My capris are down a size and they fit, yahoo! My dress is supposed to come today priority mail so I am anxious to see it with me sandals. The sandals are comfo so no worries there either. I need to check one more thing that hasn't been shipped yet.

Jean: I hope no more snow for you. I mean for crying out loud it is May!!! It is going to be a weird summer I am afraid. Yes, my sister lives in the South Bend area, but on the other side of town from my son. Her kids all live there too. My brother and his kids live around Chicago and my other sister lives in Arizona and her kids live in California, Arizona and in Houston. So with that being said, all getting together is not possible, besides my kids and myself won't have anything to do with my brother for a myriad of reasons so I wouldn't show up if he did anyway. My sister retired at Christmas time, but had a sit down job anyway. She is on a walker though and has trouble even when not having these issues she is having right now. She is a stubborn woman who won't listen to people, reminds me of my mother.

Maggie: I am a big oldies fan too. I have a bunch of stuff from Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, my favorite, Rick Nelson, Neil Diamond, variety CD's that have all kinds of artists. I am very fond of "British Invasion" music and Elvis and the Beatles especially. We have Sirrius in our car and on our tv so I can listen to all kinds of stuff all the time if I want to. I will knit to music. Thanks for the recipes. I really like the sound of the lemon bars and banana muffins.

You all take care this weekend. We are doing rugs this weekend, how fun. Faye

05-03-2013, 11:54 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another cloudy windy day in my neighborhood. A cold 32 degrees with rain on the way for the next 3 days at least. I have a perm later this morning and then a coffee date later this afternoon. Bob and Beth went up to open up the cabin today. In years past he has paid a cleaning service to clean in the spring; Beth offered to do it to save the fee; in turn Bob pays her as a surprise. We are hoping it will be warm enough to have everyone there Memorial Day weekend. Ian's concert was 3rd and 4th graders playing their "flutes," and singing -- about 45 minutes long. I'd forgotten about sitting on bleachers; 45 minutes was just long enough! :twirly:

Maggie -- Thanks for sharing the recipes! They all sound yummy. :yes: A Sonny update . . . I picked him up and put him on my lap this morning; he PURRED loud enough to hear him! :cp: When Ernie sits on my lap, Sonny is usually either winding around my legs or reaching up to pat my arm to remind me he needs a scratch/rub too. Maybe he will turn out to be a lap cat after all. I don't think he is as heavy as Ernie now.

"Gma" -- Glad your capris and sandals fit fine. :yes: I bought 3 pair of jeans at Kohls when we were in Sioux City. I tried on one pair which fit, but not the other two. I did try them on this morning before removing the tags. The others were way too long. Hidden in the fine print on the inside tag, one says "short" while the other two are "medium." :hyper: Now why couldn't they print that on the cardboard tags? We never see the families from AZ either, and they rarely come back to the cabin. Bob figures we might have two more years before we have to list it for sale. The 3 brothers are going to Canada this summer, fishing, but will meet in South Dakota so I won't see them. I do hope your sister will follow doctor's orders, and realize how serious her feet issues are.

I need to go down and check the basement for rivers and streams this morning. With all the snow melt and rain I'm sure there will be more than yesterday. I sweep it to the drain to hurry up the drying process which won't happen until it quits raining for several days in a row, and warms up. Hope you all enjoy a nice day! :wave:

05-03-2013, 06:39 PM
Good evening, ladies! Another cool day in the 60s.

I got an email from the farm that my friend and I go to to pick strawberries and they are now ready. Oh I can hardly wait to go pick some.

I went to First Thursday Bee last nigh and had a lot of fun. Nothing happening this weekend but yardwork. My roses have buds!

Faye, I'll put your sister in our prayer book. She better listen if she wants to keep her feet! I'm surprised you bought your cruise clothes now. By the time for the cruise, they'll be too big at the rate you are going. That's always a good feeling anyway.

Jean, now that Sonny is getting to feel good again, he's turning into his true loving self. It seems like you just closed up the lake cabin! Time is sure flying by.

Maggie, the recipes look good but I won't be making them because of the wheat. I'm feeling so much better and have so much more energy on this research diet, I'll never go back. I've lost 6 pounds now without even trying.
I always say hello to strangers. It's just a nice thing to do.

Have a great evening.

05-03-2013, 07:12 PM

My California is burning again right along the coast. I sure hope it spares the US Naval Air base that it is threatening. I have a nephew out there that is fighting that fire as I type. I hope he stays safe.

I made some Red Lobster biscuits for dinner last evening and they were so good ~ dangerous though. Tender and melt in your mouth kind that I used some of my weekly +Points allowance on. I didn’t use up all my weeklies but could have easily have done so. I did make the lightened version of them though. :cp: All in all I did stay inside the lines and will watch closely what I bite the rest of this week.

Will has gone to the store to buy the ingredients for those recipes I posted earlier. The Lemon Bar one makes my mouth water. He is buying the ingredients so I can make them this afternoon. I’ll figure the points out before I bake them for sure and find out how well they freeze for I am not going to “pig out” on them like I did those biscuits. One bad move does not ruin the whole week though ~ but one is enough. Thank goodness for those weekly points :yes; I still have a few left.

Will got his new coffee grinder today from Chef’s and made my coffee just like they do down town with a double shot of espresso. :yes: He said he will have to take it apart and really clean the burr grinder mechanism with a brush because the espresso grind is so fine it clings to the grinder. That is for when he wants to grind regular type beans. If he used it just for espresso beans it wouldn’t matter ~ but it may get clogged up. It is a very good grinder. We shall see. I imagine he will have the store grind his espresso so he won’t be having to take his apart and cleaning it often. Anyway my coffee is soooo good this morning and he made it with fresh ground coffee and 2 shots of freshly ground espresso. My morning go juice.

DONNA FAYE How nice to get your things that look as good as the picture and you can wear them. You will undoubtably shrink some more before your cruise but they will be a bit looser on you then. Yep ~ those oldies are the best to listen to while working about and doing my exercises. I love to exercise to James Brown's ~ "I FEEL GOOD" which is my favorite of his. :p Hopefully your dear sister will heed her doctors words so she can have the best quality of life with her condition.

JEAN Already closing down the cabin. I am not sure what will be done with the cabin my family owns up 6000 feet in the Sierras out in CA. I doubt if we will ever go back there so it is fine with me if the other owners want to sell it or give it to the grandkids. I am sure my "opinion" will be asked for it there are to be any changes for there is good communication within my family on such matters. Isn't it great that Sonny has become a friendly cat since his bout with that nasty infection that took hold in his little body. He must be so thankful that he came to you in his distress and now he has his own little way of thanking you.

SUSAN Fresh picked strawberries are so good. Pick me a basket of two of those please. :lol: Ours are not nearly ready to pick yet but we are hoping we get a good crop when they are. Do you have to use gluten free products? I know that Bakers Catalogue carries gluten free mixes for intolerant folks and also offer gluten-free recipes.

Have a great weekend Magnolias ~ :wave:

05-04-2013, 11:45 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! Same crappy cold, rainy, windy weather again today. :( I decided it is a chili kind of day so am going to the grocery store to pick up the chili items I thought I wouldn't need until next fall. Other than that I have no plans for the day except to maybe sort through some drawers looking for a photo. I have a 50th reunion this summer and they want photos of people who can't attend. I've never gone and have no desire to go, so will look for a photo.

Susan -- Fresh strawberries . . . yum, yum, yum! I would love to get outside and work in the yard. We are going to have a huge tree cut down that is next to the house. The branches are overhanging the edge of the roof, but don't give any shade because of another huge tree behind it. We have four of these trees and they produce a ton of leaves in the summer. Sonny will pat my leg to remind me he is waiting for his tummy scratch. He purrs so loud he rattles; makes me wonder why all of a sudden he has decided to let us know he is happy. :lol:

Maggie -- I feel sorry for the CA people who live close to the fires. I hope they can be put out soon. I love the RL biscuits but have never made them. Bread is my downfall! We are opening the cabin, not closing it. ;) Bob said it was cold enough they could see their breath when they first got there yesterday. Such crazy weather we are having.

I'm off to the store! Enjoy a super Saturday! :wave:

05-04-2013, 05:08 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Sunshine today but only in the 60s. I hope it warms up soon.

I did some housework today and now I'm vegging the rest of the day. I didn't sleep good last night so have been tired all day.

Jean, Soony was probably feeling sick when you got him and now he's back to exact and letting you know he is really a friendly cat and glad to have human companionship.

Maggie, I don't use mixes of any kind. I don't do wheat but there is plenty to replace it. I'm mainly fruits, vegetables, dairy lean protein and a few whole grains like farro, quinoa, and barley. I'm feeling so much better since they told me not to eat wheat. I know you love your coffee. All that caffine would make my GERD so bad. I can only manage 1 cup of regular coffee and 1 cup of decaf. Tea doesn't bother me...go figure.

Have a wonderful evening.

05-04-2013, 06:12 PM

Partly cloudy with the ever present wind blowing this day in the ♥-Land. I let Will have my allowance (on loan) this month so he could add it to his and pick up his historical action pistol. It is so neat ~ just like the ones pioneers used in the olden days. He has the “blank stuff” to shoot in it when they do their re-enactment. A noise just has to come out of the gun without the ball (AKA;bullet). He is downstairs as I type making a leather holster for it. He has made other guys holsters like the ones of that period of time for their pistols. It wouldn’t go over very well to carry a modern day pistol when they do their shows now would it. :lol: There is an event coming up soon and he had the gun shop owner order this particular “black powder” gun for him and I had told him at the time I would help him buy it. He will give me his allowance next pay day ~ there are some items I want to order out of my Chefs catalog which can wait until I get the do re me. :cp: Next week will be a fun time at the museum for the local public schools bring students to the museum for a tour and Will has a great time with those kids showing them cowboy stuff. There are several old saddles that are in dire need of cleaning and repair which he has been asked to take care of. He has ordered a real nice state of the art “draw down saddle stand” to do the work on. The stand allows the worker to tilt the saddle and lock it in to position to work on it on any area of the saddle. The museum is good about getting him the things he needs to do his work. There is a small building on the museum grounds that they are going to give him to open up as a “shop” so he can do the cleaning outside and folks can come and watch and ask questions this summer. It is a good little historical building with a source of water that he will need. He can use that small building to then lock up his tools and the saddles when he isn’t there. He is having a sign to put up out front on the lawn facing the road ~ Doc’s Saddle Shop. That is the name of the shop he had when we lived in TN. I imagine he will be down at the museum through the summer months on more days than his one day of volunteer work he is currently doing. He said it will depend on the days that the museum is the busiest and he may go down for an hour on that day but may just keep his Thursday volunteer day. We shall see. I have met all the folks that work down there and they are all such nice folks and good workers. The director has come to be a good friend of ours and he and Will keep the folks laughing and having a good time of it with their banter. The ladies tell me that they all look forward to the day that Will comes in to work. What great feedback about my main squeeze.

The dogs and cat have visited me here in my office this afternoon and are now napping. They will all be round up and ready to play when they all wake up. Cecil pats my leg and wants his ears scratched and then is so happy purring. The dogs are just exuberant showing pleasure in what attention I choose to give them.

For dinner this day I will be fixing chicken tenders, wild rice pilaf, corn on the cob and a tossed green salad. After I finish this post I am going to bake those Lemon Bars which figure out to be 1P+ each if I make 32 bars using two 8 inch square pans. I'll let you know how well they freeze.

JEAN Sonny is certainly showing his appreciation that you took him into your family and had him taken care of at the vet. What a purr puss he has become. :D Don't know where I got the idea of your closing the cabin instead of opening it but thanks for straightened me out. :cp: What a neat idea of sending a photo instead of having to go in person if you don't want to go.

SUSAN I am so glad that quitting wheat has made you feel so much better and have found alternative ways of staying healthy by leaving it out of your diet. I am so glad that we can drink coffee and it doesn't disturb our getting to sleep. Nice strong coffee helps keep me alert in the day time. :p

Have a lovely evening Magnolias. :wave:

05-05-2013, 05:24 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's not raining for a nice change, but cloudy and windy; it's a bit warmer today and supposed to be even warmer as the week progresses. :crossed: Went to early church, skipped a baked potato fund raiser lunch for JFON (Justice for Our Neighbors), and came home. I've read the paper, done a couple loads of laundry, and tried to take a nap. Sonny has decided my lap is a good place for his nap so had a tussle with Ernie who was there first. I finally gave up and got up!

Susan -- I fell asleep in front of the tv so needless to say, I wasn't ready for bed, when I finally shut the light off. Tossed 'n turned then got back up and played on the iPad for another hour. I'm hoping to stay awake this evening! :yes: Did you know about the wheat allergy before you went for the weeks study? I know from reading different articles that different foods can affect a body; the trick is to find the food to eliminate or work with. I'm glad you are feeling better :cheer: and losing the weight is an extra bonus.

Maggie -- How nice of you and Will to exchange allowances! Makes me think of kids wheeling and dealing! :lol: I'm sure Will enjoys the kids coming to the museum. I hope they learn a lot! I wish I had paid more attention in my history and government classes when I was in school. At the time I thought they were the most boring and would never apply to me. :o

I need to make some phone calls for a P. E. O. breakfast tomorrow so had better get than done. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening. Monday will be here before we know it! :wave:

05-06-2013, 09:50 AM
Good morning, ladies! 59 degrees and rain today and for the next 3 days. It's supposed to warm up into the 80s by the weekend...we'll see. I just want some sunshine!

Going to the Y today and then I have a doctor's appointment for my allergies. They have been bad this year so I wonder if I need a booster shot.

Jean, I didn't know about the wheat sensitivity until I went to the research study but I did suspect it because of the way my body reacted to small quantities of it. It's definitely wheat and not gluten. My friend who has celiac disease breaks out with just the wheat in salad dressing; she doesn't eat anything she hasn't prepared herself. Now that the cabin is open for summer, I hope your weather cooperates.

Maggie, that was nice of you to share your allowance with Will like that. Won't it be good to have a big allowance for yourself next month! With the Civil and Revolutionary war battles fields all around us, we have a lot of reenactors waging battles on the weekend. I love history so I'm living in a good spot. The archeologists at Jamestown have unconvered evidence of cannabalism during the starving times. That was the news this week. When you are building anything here, you have to have an archeologist okay and heaven help you if you start and they find something...everything has to shut down while the come in and dig. A few years ago they tore down a building in Hampton and were readying the site to rebuild when they uncovered gorgeous Dutch tiles that had been covered over with a parking lot. That showed the previous builder, who they could no longer find, had gone right ahead with his plans and probably hurried to cover them before anyone could see what he was doing.

Have a wonderful day!

05-06-2013, 11:07 AM
Good morning girls. We had a bad Sunday and now Monday. We are waiting for the vet to call us to come to his office. He is trying to work Fortune in. Yesterday he snagged his paw on our metal threshold when he went to go outdoors. He did something bad to his hip either dislocated it or pulled some muscles because he could only walk backwards or sideways and would stumble and fall occasionally. I sat up with him all night, carrying him outdoors to go to the bathroom or to get a drink of water or whatever. He would sleep if he could get comfortable and he mostly slept on my chest swaddled in a fleece blanket. I would get a few minutes sleep then I would hear his tags jangle and I would check to see what was going on with him. We have a led light wand we use over the sink, but it comes right out of its holder so I brought it into the living room so I had some light without total light. I am really worried as he is an old dog.

We did get the rugs done, but that and the dog issue was our weekend.

I will post replies and such later. Right now I need a nap until they call and I hope it isn't this afternoon before they call as I ask Jack to stay home from work today.

Take care and talk again soon. Faye

05-06-2013, 02:28 PM

It is going to be a lovely day here in the ♥-Land in the 70ºs and a nice breeze instead of that wind. We are certainly going to have a short growing season here since the last freeze was just last week. Well I certainly hope that was the last freeze anyway. I got on my :goodscale: this morning and it did show me down some so we shall see how I fare this evening at WW on their scale.

When I went to open my computer this morning I noticed big dusty cat paw tracks on it. Cecil must have been prowling around my things while we were sleeping dong the “cat thing.” I didn’t see anything on my desk re-arranged or knocked off onto the floor. :cp: He loves to knock things down to Beanie off Will’s desk but the dogs were sleeping when Cecil was prowling about. I had to finally decide to clear off my desk so I could tear off last month’s page from my desk calendar which is a huge desk pad of a thing. There are interesting blocks of information along the bottom that list a date and a historical happening for that date. on May 14, 1607 the first permanent English settlement in America was established at Jamestown, Virginia, by a group of royally chartered Virginia Company settlers from Plymouth, England.

Will is to be “on call” this week for the First Call folks so he has gone to pick up the “bag”. How it works here are folks needing help go to the police station and then the police run a check on them and if they are not ‘wanted’ or are a system abuser they call Will to get them fixed up with a room and food vouchers. There are a couple of motels here that are hooked up with the service and he uses the one nearest the bus station when a person needs a bus ticket to get on down the road. The ones that have their own vehicle meet Will at a gas station where he pays for some gas. It is a good service for folks who are down and out just looking for a help to get where they are going. A lot of the folks are “going home” to live with family now that they have lost their job. It is kind of sad isn’t it ~ just trying to get home. Then there are some just let out of jail and need to leave this area. Will doesn’t transport any of these folks ~ the local cops do the transporting and Will meets them at the motel and gives the proprietor the proper payment and the “person” the food vouchers. Through this service we have gotten to know most of the local cops around here for they do smile and wave at the folks in a yellow Rock Crawler Jeep. Life is good.

My coffee tastes great this morning and I do believe Will has figured out how to use his new coffee grinder. Whole beans freshly ground are so much better than the already ground coffee.

SUSAN It is certainly good to know what a body is alergic to so they can use alternative products and thus maintain as healthy body as one is able. The states head Archeologist and the second in command have been here and conversed with Will about his being the fire arms advisor on the dig. They are going to do a dig 10 miles south of town where there are some old mounds that were once a trading ranch that belonged to a famous buffalo hunter and Indian scout named Billy Dixon. In this area the posts that sold to white folks were called "trading ranches" and those that sold to the Indians were called "trading posts."

DONNA FAYE I hope the vet can fix your little doggie back to exact and you can get some proper rest. I hope you can get him into the vets soon. :hug:

JEAN Those kids are so much fun when they visit the museum. They have tons of questions and love it when the "cowboy" gives them some attention and gently explains things to them. Isn't that the way of it when we were younsters to think ~ what do I need to know that for. Little did we know.

Have a great Monday ~ :wave:

05-06-2013, 05:03 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining and it is actually warm outside! :cheer: I started my day with a breakfast meeting and didn't get home until almost noon. After lunch I went to the church and did my posting, stopped and picked up the gift shop money on my way home, and now need to count that so I can deposit it in the morning. Bob has practice at 5 so whatever supper turns out to be, will be late tonight.

Susan -- Our sunshine is headed your way! We have rain predicted for the next four days; so much for soccer games this week. :( I hope the doctor can give you something that will help your allergies. I read, or heard, that this is supposed to be the worst year because of the crazy weather. I thought gluten was wheat; I need to do some research!

"Gma" -- I'm so sorry about Fortune. I hope it is just a pulled muscle and he will be fine. :hug:

Maggie -- Good luck at WW tonight! :yes: Sonny has been rearranging the toy box today, and there are toys scattered all over. I think he gets bored when there aren't any birds nor squirrels on the deck. Our church doesn't give money to anyone who asks but will give food vouchers, go to the gas station with the person, or make arrangements for a room. We haven't been getting as much money in the Friendship Fund so usually run out mid-month.

I need to change my clothes and get to counting. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

05-07-2013, 10:04 AM
Good morning all. I am still trying to wake up as I actually got some decent sleep last night. Fortune never moved from my side all night and I had to get up twice to go to the bathroom so I got long stretches of sleep, which was nice.

As to Fortune, they kept him all day and had to work him in but the diagnosis was a pulled ligament in his right him, but Doc says he has pretty bad arthritis in that hip, enough to make him walk unenven and showed Jack the difference in the size of his two hips. They put him on a once a day inflammatory and a glucosamine chew, which he won't eat btw. I chopped it up in his food so we shall see. I am trying to figure out ways to get him to eat it. I put it in cheese last night, but he ate around the cheese, ate the inflammatory pill, but walked away with the chew all gooey on the floor. I told Jack I am going to take my food processor, measure out so many chews, grind them to a pulp, measure the ground amount and divide it evenly then put it in stuff he likes for him to eat it. He hasn't gotten up and moved around any this morning, but he went outside a couple times last night and got up in Jack's lap in the recliner and jumped down. He is favoring that leg so it may take a couple days for the strain to let go.

Jack went to work this morning so back to some kind of normal I hope. I need to start cleaning the whole downstairs. I imagine the plant is going to start talking about flooding soon as the river is up to almost 33 and it crests at 34.

Susan: I noticed my allergies were worse this year and started pretty early in the year too. I read an article yesterday saying the cicadas are going to be really bad this year and supposedly going from Georgia right up the coast. Hope you guys don't get hit with them. They are nasty to clean up those huge ugly things. We always have them every year. Living in the area you do, it is likely they will find some historical something when they tear things down. You would think builders would be prepared so slow ups anywhere around there. I remember taking the scouts years and years ago to Yorktown and going into one building and on the outside are big ole cannonballs stuck right into the brick. It is a fascinating area to live in I would think. Jack wanted to be a history professor so it amazes me some of the things he knows.

Jean: Looks like you had a busy day yesterday. I am sure you enjoy Sonny being ornery better than what he was like before. Poor little kitty. Yesterday at the vets this lady brought in two puppies. We were standing around the corner and didn't see either of them. She picked one up and it was huge. Looked like a Newfoundland. She said they were 10 weeks old and they were twice the size of Fortune. They found the puppies mother out in a field starving to death. They didn't know she was pregnant. The dogs are a gorgeous brown and reddish color. Anyway, they finally gave all but two of the puppies away, kept the mom and were going to keep one pup and give the last one to their son. They were there for shots and she had one of these monsters in her arms and had the other on a leash. He didn't want to get shots and she was dragging his bottom into the treatment room. It was hilarious.

Maggie: We have some wonderful history in this country. Unfortunately, it takes money to keep them up or dig them up or keep them running. I just read where the Smithsonian has shut whole areas off now because of lack of funds. We have an indiana site here in Memphis called Chucalisa. My kids and I visited it on a school field trip but it closed for decades until the University decided to take it over. It is on the trail of tears walk.

Well, this isn't getting anything done. You gals have a great day. Faye

05-07-2013, 12:55 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and it's warm again today! :cp: We are going to Sioux City later for soccer games. I hope the rain holds off until tonight if it's going to happen. It's in the forecast for the next several days. I've been to the grocery store and ran into 3 retired teachers that I worked with, so we had a gab fest for a few minutes; we should have parked our carts and had coffee.

One of our grocery stores started a gas savings program. You have to buy certain items, or go on certain days, then get cents off for up to 20 gallons. This month it's 20 cents off a gallon when you spend $20 on any items, on Tuesdays. I bought some store brand Tylenol and milk; each had a penny off, plus several other things adding up to way over $20. You have to use the cents off within 30 days or you lose it. Bob uses the gas card for his pickup because it holds over 20 gallons (20 gallons is the limit you get the discount on) whereas mine does not. They change the items each week and lots of times there are things that I don't buy, but one week my purchases added up to 37 cents off a gallon.

"Gma" -- I'm glad you got some rest last night. :yes: Can you poke pills down Fortune's throat? The vet showed us how to do it on one of our previous cats but I was never very good at it. I always had to have Bob or one of the kids hold the cat while I did the deed. Sonny ate his pills mixed in with canned food and then the last stuff was liquid that I could just squirt in his mouth. Good luck getting Fortune to take his meds. I sure hope he gets along ok. I always think to myself, when I see big dogs, that I'll bet they eat alot! :lol: I think big dogs have more bone/joint issues too. I hope you get all your cleaning done today. If not, it will be there tomorrow! ;)

I have a load of towels that should be dry and another load ready for the dryer. I hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

05-07-2013, 05:31 PM

It is raining today and I am so happy. It is the gently falling kind that the ground can drink up and the underground aquifers can be filled once more. I think this state has more water underground than on the top because of the amount of windmills and pumps that bring it up to water the crops. These aquifers need rain each year to keep them filled and I understand they got quite low this year.

Yipekio I showed a loss of 1.8 last evening bringing my total loss to 90.2. Onward and downward I go on this path to thin. I lost a tad bit more this weigh day than I had gained last week. I don’t want to continue to yo yo though, so I had better get a grip. I lost a point in my daily food total which means I have to eat less. That’s how it works ~ you work hard to get to a certain place in your weight loss and are elated then you are rewarded by the program taking away a food point. That’s how the program works. :lol: I get to add a couple of paperclips to my chain today. :cp: 8 sticks of butter ~ looking at it that way ~ that’s a lot of FAT for sure. I have often wondered though ~ where does fat really go when a person losses it. Have we really lost it or totally abandoned it somewhere along the road to thin. Are the hedges along this path strewn with folks discarded fat. These are points to ponder.

Will is currently at the local radio station doing an interview about the upcoming dig and such. He is being interviewed by the guy that used to live in our basement. :lol: Cecil is still asleep on the bed with the door closed and the dogs are in the front room. We had a bit of excitement last evening for Cecil brought in a live bird. He came prancing into the front room and I at first thought he had caught a mouse but then he made an adjustment and the bird got away and flew to who knows where. Will thinks it flew downstairs for that is the direction it was headed. We need to locate it soon. Cecil searched all over upstairs and didn’t find it. We have seen Cecil stalking birds in the backyard and this time he got one. Cats are natural hunters. I don’t know if he had planned on eating it or just playing with it. He loves to play with crickets. Every cat we have ever had loved to play with crickets. I wonder if the toy store has wind up crickets. We should look for toys that go “hop” for that cat.

In the crock pot, as I type are the makings for burritos, ~ a lean roast which I cut slits in and filled with slices of garlic then poured a bottle of salsa over it and a cut up onion into slices and slices of a green bell pepper. I will make burritos with the whole of it and freeze what we don’t eat for future meals. They are great warmed up with some chili poured on top and a green salad and some fruit as a yummy easy to make meal.

DONNA FAYE It is such a good idea you have about pulverizing those pills and mixing the proper amount in with the doggie food so he gets his meds. you are such a good "mommie" to him. How nice you got a good nights sleep. It is sad that some of our rich history has to take the back burner in things because of lack of funds.

JEAN You really have filled up your days nicely since you retired from the school system. Isn't retirement fun. I love it for I can do what I want and don't do much I don't want to do. :p Hopefully the rain has stopped long enough for you to get to a game.

Have some fun tonight Magnolias :wave:

05-08-2013, 10:04 AM
Good morning to everyone. Rough night last night as Fortune fell trying to jump up on the recliner and then he refused to try anymore. He didn't hurt himself, just is scared. I noticed as I sat down here he jumped up fine.

I figured before I messed with crushing and such, I would just try giving it to him again. They are small little bone looking things and are chews so aren't hard. I gave him one, he sniffed it and walked away so later on I sat it in Jack's half of the recliner where he was laying. He sniffed a couple times than chewed it right up. I give his inflammatory pill in a piece of one of those Sargento's cheese sticks. The cheese is hard enough you can push the half pill right down into it without it crumbling. He gulps that right up and I gave him both this morning instead of a treat and he ate both of them so guess we are going to be ok except it is an extra $100 a month plus the $35 for his kidney medicine. :eek:

Jean: Well Jack talked to the plant manager about the river and I guess he thinks they won't have to work. He says as long at the river doesn't get to 44 ft, 10 feet over the banks they have nothing to worry about, at least at the plant. There will be a mess everywhere in the low lands. Hope your soccer game was rain free. When you can save you have to use it. I have given Fortune pill meds, but sometimes it is tough. I have to get them far enough down his throat that he doesn't kick em back up.

Maggie: Congrats on the losses. You are doing a fine job. I was the same this week and hopefully be down next week, but we shall see. We are having steak tonight, but in a couple days I am going to make my homemade bbq sauce and put a roast and the sauce in the crockpot and make bbq beef. We haven't had that in ages.

Well I need to get going. I still have a bit of cleaning to get out of the way today. Faye

05-08-2013, 10:29 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! We are back to clouds, wind, and rain this morning. I have lunch bunch today! :D For some reason I checked my calendar last night when we got home from the soccer game; I thought it was next week for some reason. Kolby got sick at school yesterday so Beth had to go get him; we picked up Maddy from the sitter and took her to the game while Beth waited for Will to get home so she could come. The head coach was gone so she and another mom were in charge. We had a few sprinkles towards the end of the game so lucked out. I didn't see any shorts nor tank top attire yesterday. :lol:

Maggie -- :congrat: on losing another 1.8#s! You are doing great! I am the yo-yo champ and have played with the same 5#s way too long. I need to get serious and focus. We want to get back to walking outside if the weather ever shapes up. It was nice of you to share your rain . . . not! Did you find Cecil's bird? I know I got more done around the house when I was working, but retirement is much more fun. :D

"Gma" -- Poor Fortune! Perhaps you will have to help him get up on the recliner. Do you have a little stool he could use? ;) I've done that a time or two with sick cats over the years. :yes: I hope he continues to take his meds like a good boy. I sure hope Jack doesn't have to put in extra hours because of the flooding. Our lake is up again, although not where it should be. The DNR is here netting (?) fish -- the carp get sent back east to people who eat it (no one around here will) and the walleyes are milked for the eggs. It is interesting to watch them.

I need to get busy and clear off the kitchen counters. I am baking cookies tomorrow to take to the vet's office, so need to sort through my recipes. I took treats to Sonny so think they deserve some treats too! Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

05-08-2013, 11:06 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! We are back to clouds, wind, and rain this morning. I have lunch bunch today! :D For some reason I checked my calendar last night when we got home from the soccer game; I thought it was next week for some reason. Kolby got sick at school yesterday so Beth had to go get him; we picked up Maddy from the sitter and took her to the game while Beth waited for Will to get home so she could come. The head coach was gone so she and another mom were in charge. We had a few sprinkles towards the end of the game so lucked out. I didn't see any shorts nor tank top attire yesterday. :lol:

Maggie -- :congrat: on losing another 1.8#s! You are doing great! I am the yo-yo champ and have played with the same 5#s way too long. I need to get serious and focus. We want to get back to walking outside if the weather ever shapes up. It was nice of you to share your rain . . . not! Did you find Cecil's bird? I know I got more done around the house when I was working, but retirement is much more fun. :D Looking at your recipes, would you bake the lemon bars in a 9x13" pan?

"Gma" -- Poor Fortune! Perhaps you will have to help him get up on the recliner. Do you have a little stool he could use? ;) I've done that a time or two with sick cats over the years. :yes: I hope he continues to take his meds like a good boy. I sure hope Jack doesn't have to put in extra hours because of the flooding. Our lake is up again, although not where it should be. The DNR is here netting (?) fish -- the carp get sent back east to people who eat it (no one around here will) and the walleyes are milked for the eggs. It is interesting to watch them.

I need to get busy and clear off the kitchen counters. I am baking cookies tomorrow to take to the vet's office, so need to sort through my recipes. I took treats to Sonny so think they deserve some treats too! Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

05-08-2013, 08:21 PM

It is an over cast day in the 70ºs this day and I am doing well. I have some burritos to make after awhile and get into the freezer but not much else to do this day. I am caught up on all I want to do so I can concentrate on losing weight. There are lots of things I could do but just don’t want to get into them today. Will is down at the museum entertaining a bunch of school kids that are going through there today.

A few months back one of the waitresses/college girls at Applebee’s asked me to build her mother a barn out of glass. I did and gave her a big discount on it since she is a student. Anyway she gave it back to me in a box the other day and said that her mother said the little rooster on the top had fallen off. I couldn’t imagine how it could have fallen off but said I would fix it. When I got it home and pulled it out I could see that the roof was broken and sure enough the little rooster was not on the top nor was it in the box nor were the broken pieces of glass from the roof in the box. Somehow that barn took a header and hit a hard surface and the roof broke and the little rooster got broken off. I asked the gal if she had opened the box and looked at the barn and she hadn’t. I told her that it would take a bit longer to do the repairs needed and I wouldn’t be getting it back to her that day. She and I both thought that I was just going to have to solder the rooster back on and not have to make a complete new roof and make a new rooster. I asked her why her mother wouldn’t tell her the building was broken and her reply was, “My mother is weird.” I have it setting on my work table and dread fixing it for it is going to be a chore getting that roof off for it is soldered on quite nice and tight. The gal said she would pay for the repairs and I told her, “No you won’t ~ but this will be the last time I want to see this barn.” I just hate to do re-work and am not looking forward to doing it. My little waitress friend is graduating and getting married soon and will be leaving the state so I do have a deadline in which to get the re-work done. But I don’t want to start it today. Maybe tomorrow. Well ~ I am back now and went ahead and fixed that building and it only took me 2 and a half hours. I am glad it is done! :cp: I ended talking myself into doing it to get it out of the way so I can do some things that I want to get done before the week is through.

I don’t have a clue why I don’t feel so good this afternoon. Maybe it is the high humidity that is getting to me for it is sure is high today. I don’t have any upsets but just feel lousy. I just realized I didn’t take my morning meds and that can have a lot to do with how I am feeling. DUH

JEAN No we didn't find Cecil's bird but did find a bunch of feathers. So we guessed he had a snack off of the food chain. It is good that the rain held off for the game and you got to enjoy it. Yes you can bake the lemon bars in a 9X13 pan. I just used my two 8 x 8 pans because that way they came out to be one point each when I cut them. You will just have to figure the points by how many you cut and by the cake box and can of lemon you use.

DONNA FAYE How nice you found a way to dispense your doggies meds. Yep those perscription meds for pets do cost the do re me don't they. It is good that the flood stays away from that sewer plant. I can imagine the odoriferous eminations coming from there. :p

Have a wonderful evening Magnolias :wave:

05-09-2013, 09:00 AM
Good morning girls! It is going to be a warm one today into the low 80's, which is just fine with me and no rain!!! It looks like overall it is warming up into summer now. Paid the bills this morning so that is all done for another couple weeks.

Jay sent me a gift idea for Jackson. He really likes Legos and they have a 6 drawer thing each drawer a different color so all your Legos are separated by color and easier to get to. The top of it is made to do Lego building. So, I am going to get him that and some more Lego kits. His mom says they are having a Ninja Turtle party so I am waiting to hear back whether to buy him Ninja Legos or Ironman Legos.:lol:

Today I hope to get upstairs and clean bathrooms and such. They really need a good scrubbing. Fortune kept me up barking at me wanting to get up in the recliner then down, etc. He will jump down, but is refusing to jump up. I had to let him out a couple times in the middle of the night and the little booger wouldn't come back in across that threshold. I finally got mad and turned the light out on him and shut the door and told him he could stay out there. I left him out there a couple minutes then opened the door. He skooched a bit closer and when he got close enough, I used the storm door to push his bottom all the way in. :lol: This has really done a number on him mentally I guess.

The kids are taking us to breakfast Saturday morning for Mother's Day. It is too nuts here to go to lunch or anything on Sunday. She asked me what I wanted but heck I don't know. I have everything I want, am way behind on knitting so don't really need yarn. I thought about a mani/pedi but a little too late so whatever she gives me will be fine and dandy.

Maggie: I feel for the girl that her mother did that to her. How embarrassing thinking the rooster just fell off, when the mother actually broke it. It is nice that you aren't charging her anything to fix it. Too bad you can't give ole mom a piece of your mind about laying the burden on her daughter. The plant smells linger on everything. Jack will come home and it is all in his clothing and hair. It gets into the car too so I keep one of those Febreze clip on things in the car all the time, plus I have hanging things to put in the car. Funny story about the smell. The city made a deal with Electrolux to give them land about a 1/2 mile from the plant free if they would build the plant in Memphis. Well, all the execs and hoity toity come out and inspected it and said the water table is too low they can't build there so the mayor gives them another piece of land right down the road but closer to the plant. Now you have to be brain dead not to smell the smell of the plant. It travels a distance. These morons went ahead and built the plant and built a beautiful open air area for their employees on the side the plant is on. They are now wanting the city to do something about the smell. I don't know what they expect them to do, get a huge can of air freshner and spray over the plant from a helicopter every day? Our mayor, who is a fathead is actually considering what the plant should do. I'd say too bad so sad you were here why didn't you say something then.

Jean: We seem to have gotten double the pleasure of you! :) Glad you got to watch the game ok. Hope Kolby is ok. How many are in your lunch bunch group? Fortune is real kooky about jumping up on small things. We bought him an expensive set of stairs for the bed and he wouldn't use them so we gave them to Marty. He's a screwy dog. I am at a quandry as I don't want to give in to his fear by constantly picking him up, but if it hurts to jump up, I don't want that either. I tried putting a treat on Jack's side and he pawed the heck out of the chair trying to get at it without jumping up to get it so I don't know.

You all have a nice day. I am going to go hunt up something for breakfast. Faye

05-09-2013, 04:20 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The wind is blowing again, the sprinkles are sporadic, no sun to be seen, and we have Orioles today! Bob put two feeders out at noon and we've had a steady stream flying in and out -- not sure how many. I baked cookies this morning and took a plate full out to the vet's office. They weren't busy so got to visit with the two main gals which was nice. We have a dinner at the hospital tonight so need to figure out which outfit I will wear. I sure don't know what I wore last spring cuz nothing seems to jump out of the closet. I need to do some digging as I know I have more clothes.

Maggie -- It was nice of you to repair the glass barn and not charge the girl extra. Too bad you can't send her mother a bill! I hope you feel perkier today! :hug:

"Gma" -- Kolby really likes Legos and plays with his a lot. I got him a book of different things to make; it didn't come with any Legos. I will be surprised if Jackson keeps his Legos sorted but the sorting drawers sound like a good idea. :yes: We have a house close to the sewer lagoons that has been for sale forever. It always smells like rotten eggs imo. A farmer has tried to buy the land so he could extend his farm but the people, who no longer live there, won't sell because they think they can get a higher price from someone willing to live there. Ick! A Mother's Day breakfast on Saturday sounds like a good plan!

My "mom" turns 87 today and we are going to her daughters for lunch on Saturday to celebrate with her.

I need to clean up my baking dishes and iron a shirt for Bob to wear tonight. We have a very pregnant stray cat that he wants to live trap tonight, and take her to the farm. She's tiny, not much bigger than a kitten herself. Hope you are enjoying a terrific Tuesday!

05-09-2013, 04:22 PM

It is a beautiful day here in the ♥-Land in the 70ºs and I am listening to some wonderful music on my boom box. Life is good. Will is at the museum and the dogs and cat are napping so all is quiet here except for my music. Yesterday during the hail storm Beanie was having a great time running around catching it in his mouth. If the stones were big we would have made him come inside but they were little bigger than pea sized so they wouldn’t hurt if he got hit in the head. Ole Ragg Mopp doesn’t like storms so he stayed nestled on his cushion in the house. Cecil was outside watching Beanie and they were both wet when they came in. That cat certainly doesn’t mind being out when it rains.

Today I am going to be working out in the kitchen most of the afternoon re-arranging things to be more “user friendly” and put rarely used things in a cabinet in the dining room. I just ate a bowl of soup for we are having burritos for dinner and I wanted to eat a light lunch so to enjoy a good burrito. I did something last night I can’t remember ever doing before. I slept the whole night through in the same position all through the night never waking up until time for me to get up this morning. I am usually up at least twice during the night.

DONNA FAYE They probably built that company thinking that all the time they could make the sewer plant to move. I sometimes think those types of folks are brain dead. Sometimes when we drive a certain road around here and the breeze is coming off the sewer plant I try to not breathe till we get further down the road. I imagine those that live there get used to it though. I understand now why my little friend never wants to move back home if that is a peek into her mothers character. She speaks highly of her father and never talks about her mother.

JEAN looks like we posted at the same time but you got in first so I am back to yack at you. How nice the Orioles are visiting you and finding food and water. I think our cat will keep our yard brid free. :lol: Oh yes I do feel better today. Back to exact for I rememberd to take my meds as directed. Have fun at that dinner tonight. Even if you do wear the same thing I doubt if anyone will remember your outfit. If anyone does notice it would be so tackie for them to even mention it so you won't know. :lol:

Hope all are having a lovely day. :wave:

05-10-2013, 10:27 AM
Good morning ladies. It rained all night last night, has stopped and is supposed to start up around noon and rain until tomorrow. I am sick of gray skies and rain besides the flooding problems it will cause.

Today is do nothing day. I have the whole house cleaned and so I can take a day off and just do whatever I want. I really need to go back to working on that sweater and scarf for vacation or I won't finish them for sure. I just haven't been in the mood to knit. When it hits me I go gang busters and when I put it down it can stay there for a long time, but I really at least want the sweater done if I can.

Oh yes, I keep forgetting. I weighed in and am down another 8 lbs total since last weigh in. I am real near the 40 lb point.

I got my fancy sandals yesterday. They are really neat. Jack says I look like a belly dancer with them as they have beads and chains and such, but they will look great with the fancier dress for dinner. I cannot wear heels of any kind anymore with my knee so I try and get dressed up sandals if I can that are flat. So far I have done ok. So here is dress number two and three. I haven't ordered the dresses yet, but these are what I have chosen with their sandals. I also have my eye on a purple pair of sandals for a pair of new capris and shirt I bought.

I have done my menu for 3 weeks and my grocery list for the same. Since we are going to be in Indiana on a payday, I am buying 3 weeks on Sunday and then next payday 3 weeks that way I don't have to come home with no groceries and try and figure out when we can go to the commissary. I will save the menu and just repeat it with some changes most likely.

Maggie: Unusual cat that is ok getting wet. Most of them hate it. I had a laugh thinking about Beanie catching hail stones. Fortune won't even venture out in the rain unless he is desperate. :lol: I am most definitely ready for summer and all it brings.

Jean: We never get orioles here. At least I have never seen one. We do get cardinals, robins, and bluejays though. We had a woodpecker here about 4 years ago who liked our fence. Alicia emailed me and said Jackson was all into ninja turtles this year. His party is going to be on Saturday, which is nice because then we will get to go. I have always thought Legos were neat toys. We have been to Mall of America and to Legoland there, which is phenomenol. They also had a huge Lego exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry when we visited several years ago. I have to tell you, that museum is the most outstanding overall museum I have ever been to. Lots of hands on stuff, audio stories, they have a WW2 submarine, a coal mine, it is just wonderful. We used to go on field trips there when we were in school. Probably my highlight elementary through junior high of field trips.

Well I need to eat breakfast. Have a grand weekend. Faye

05-10-2013, 03:19 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining and it's a nice day in my corner of the world. I ran errands this morning and this afternoon I need to fix a salad to take for lunch tomorrow. There is a funeral in Bob's hometown, for a man that his parents lived next to while Bob was growing up. We won't be able to go because of lunch with my "mom and sister." They are in opposite directions and a morning funeral. :(

Maggie -- Thank you for sharing your nice weather with us! :D Did you get your kitchen all rearranged yesterday? I need to clean my cupboards and drawers, but need a time when I don't have to leave in the middle of my "work." I counted 6 orioles this morning, and there may be more. It's hard to tell because they don't stay very long. Bob moved a feeder that other birds were flying in to eat on, so it is more quiet for the orioles.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing 8#s! WOW! I think you have gotten our gloomy weather. So many days in a row does get depressing. I love your dresses and sandals! Can you get any of the different lengths and with or without sleeves? Neat! I had to chuckle at Jack's comment about your belly dancing sandals.

I have to address a couple of cards before the mailman comes so better get them done. Hope you all enjoy your day and have a sunny weekend! :wav:

05-10-2013, 05:36 PM

Time to start a new thread so I'll see y'all on #48.:wave: