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04-29-2013, 11:37 PM
I have been slowly losing weight for a year or so. I started working out more seriously as of April 1st, but more sporadically since March first. My cycle normally comes once every two months. It is seven days long heavy first day, medium second day, light the rest of the days. I am also twenty five and i have always been irregular but its regular to me.

I now work out seven days a week because I am highly over weight for my height of 5.1. I only workout for 50mins for 6 day and have one day of just light exercise. I eat four times a day, of healthy food with one me day

However I got ultra-light spotting on the first of the month. Some days I didn’t even need a tampon or a pad: It would just show up on my toilet tissue or when i ran while i sweated. Then it was almost completely gone and it came back on the 20th.

I had a heavy flow for the first two days, medium for the next five days and now light for two days. And it seems to still be going on to a second week. I had mild cramps on the first day and no cramps after that. I don’t feel sick, unlike the first couple weeks, it actually feels period like in that area.

I am currently taking a daily vitamin and I take iron supplements when sleeping is not helping my being tired.

Should I be concerned? Are my weight loss exercising and food changes causing all the problems? Or am I stressing out my body too much?

Any help would be great,

04-30-2013, 01:18 AM
I am on a very low calorie diet and I know crazy periods are common. I got the world's longest period (definitely over 9 days, I would say 12-14 days) when I first started, then I skipped the next one using my birth control, and now I have a super light period.

I would say if you go longer than 2 weeks, its worth a call to your doctor.Or if you are experiencing painful cramping or other weird symptoms.

05-03-2013, 12:00 AM
Thanks! I also talked to a friend. She said this happened to hurt before and she ended up having it for a month. Her doctor said to relax and it finally went away. She advised me to try that and but told me if it didn't go away to see the doctor next week. But it's almost done now.