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04-29-2013, 01:10 PM
I want to get myself in a new diet routine. I need a change in my life. I've been feeling sluggish and not doing much to improve my weight. I don't even try anymore. I need something to get me back in the routine of weight loss but need your advice on a diet that would better suit me.

1. Ok, first thing, I don't want something that I need to count calories. I'm looking for a diet that I have a list of foods to eat and I can eat what I want from that list.
2. I tried Atkins once, I REALLY loved that diet (easy to follow). The only problem was on day 6 of induction, I prety much passed out. Come to find out, my sugar was extremely low in the morning. I went to my doctors and had blood tests done and she told me it wasn't a diet good for me.
3. Diets that you lose a lot in the beginning really help me stay on it. It's motivating so I tend to stick to it.
4. Nothing too extreme. If it's TOO restrictive, I don't tend to stick to them.

Thanks for reading and for any advice you guys can give me.

Edit: I did a diet quiz and it gave me Atkins as my ideal diet. I wish I could but I'm scared of passing out again... if I could figure out a fix for this, I might just give it another try. What do you guys think?

04-29-2013, 02:21 PM
I am personally counting calories myself. I don't let any food be a "no-no" or restricted. I follow a 1600 cals a day plan and can eat WHATEVER I want, just in proper amounts.

I've heard plenty of times to eat like a diabetic. Which I'm sure you could find a "menu" online of typical diabetic foods. I haven't personally tried a fully "low carb" diet, and I've chosen not to from research and talking to those around me. But that's because it wouldn't work for ME.

Luckily the internet is a vast encyclopedia on basically everything. If you type in low-carb diet plans, or meal plans I'm sure something will come up. Maybe try searchign what NOT to eat when watching carbs strictly.

As Is aid I calorie count and love it, but to "kick start" my weight loss, I did the intermittent fasting. It worked to set of those first 6 or 7 pounds. Mostly water weight, but either way I don't want those 6 or 7 lbs water or not, back!

I would really look into the diabetic diet. There's A LOT you can still have, in moderation. Realistically, it's probably a "diet" that shouldnt be a diet. It should just be how everyone eats. Very healthy, very good for you, but not exhausting and aggravating.

Portion control is the biggest thing you'll need whether you're counting carbs or calories or not. Learning to drink a glass of water when you feel like you could snack, and waiting to see how you feel, seems to really work for me.

Not sure if this post will help at all, but good luck!

07-20-2013, 03:30 PM
I am just starting "The 100" by Jorge Cruise after seeing him on Dr. Oz and it does allow for some carbs but focuses on sugar restriction. He has a recipe for a "muffin" you make in a coffee mug that counts as "zero" sugar grams or a "freebie" on his plan that I have been making each morning. Since I used to eat an orange scone with my coffee, this makes me feel like I am still having a bakery treat. It is made with ground flax and is super easy to mix up in the mug and microwave.

You can have other carbs too as long as the totals don't go over 100 for the day.....1 carb has to be multiplied by 4 for the count of sugars. There are pages of lists of "freebies" that you don't have to count so I try to make most of my food come from those so I can use my "100" for whatever I want instead. I am never hungry and have lost 4 pounds in 5 days to date (and I am 49 years old and do not exercise).

Barnes and Noble had the book for 30% off (40% for the club members) because it is a new release. You can also go to Dr. Oz website of Jorge Cruise website to check out more. I do well on Atkins but hate the lack of variety and it is too hot to eat the heaviness of meat all the time.