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04-29-2013, 09:32 AM
Hi! :carrot:

Iīm opening this thread so that others will hopefully post their own mini-mini weight loss achievements so that we can be happy together and be positive about the whole process of weight loss, even if some weeks we only lose half a lb. or stay the same, or end up gaining!

So, this is my tiny mini goal, but something that I feel happy about and I want to continue on this path so...

Here it goes: This week I lost 2.5 kg (about 5lbs!) YAY!

My goal is to have lost another 2.5kg by next week Monday. I started by quitting red meats and poultry, and am gradually moving into a greener semi-vegetarian diet with lots of fresh whole foods. I started making green smoothies as meal substitutes, but donīt know too many recipes yet..

Iīm also drinking weight loss tisanes, walking at least an hour everyday, and taking melaleuca vitamin supplement that my mom sends to me (ie, I have boxes and boxes and boxes that I havenīt been taking for months).

I really need support and positive feedback to keep on going, so please write with any tips/programs/teas/recipes, etc. I promise to keep in touch and to cheer you on too! :bravo:

Sending you energy, beauty and joy! :)

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05-02-2013, 11:45 AM
green smoothies are great. One of my faves, made in a vitamix blender - soymilk, fresh ginger, fresh spinach, frozen raspberries and/or blueberries with Greek yogurt, flax seed, chia seed and cacao nibs. This is my breakfast many mornings - tons of protein, a good amount of healthy fat, and fiber.

Keep up the great work!