Support Groups - Share your small non-scale victory/ies (NSV) of the day!

04-28-2013, 07:15 PM
Hello lasses (and lads)!
Reaching goals and mini goals is great and all that, but let's focus on something else than numbers for a bit. I find that most days when I stay on plan, and even some when I don't, I'll have small non-scale victories. Writing them down helps me see all the little challenges I overcome daily. I figured it would be nice to collect a bunch of them here, for both motivation and tips. So feel free to share yours as often as you like. :D

Mine for today would be:
When having my lunch I started feeling full way before I had finished my portion. Instead of soldiering on and eating all of it anyway like I normally do I stopped eating, so ended up leaving some of the less healthy parts (I always save them for last).

When my family bough McDonald's I ended up not having the meal they bought me (without asking whether I wanted it or not), and gave it to my brother's friend instead.

During my run in the, for Swedish spring, ridiculously hot weather I ended up taking my t-shirt off and running in just my sports bra. I ran past a few people, but still felt fine with my stomach flab bouncing all over the place.:dancer:

Mission Fat to Fab
04-28-2013, 07:30 PM
I walked past the mirror with an old jumper on and realised that the sleeves reached my wrists (meant to be a 3/4 sleeve jumper) and also my shoulders looked tiny in it. It felt good.

I also tried on my heels for my cousin's upcoming wedding and walked around in them all day. Not only could I walk in them, but I ended up doing the housework in them and it didn't hurt one little bit. I'm most proud about that.

04-28-2013, 07:44 PM
Tried on a CLEARLY vanity sized jean skirt at TJ Maxx in a size 12 and it buttoned and zipped!!?? I couldn't wear it in public yet but I did dance around the dressing room!!! I haven't worn a size 12 in easily 13 years... I hate and love vanity sizing at the same time.

I'm donating the size 18s that I tried to shrink to fit :) so I tried on a 14 at the store, too big (well, it fit perfect and I've bought too many clothes lately that got too big quicker than I thought so I'm downsizing again). I was tempted to buy the size 12 but maybe I should hold out for 20-25 more pounds and maybe buy the vanity sized 10!

04-28-2013, 07:55 PM
Great idea! Love your idea to write them down. I tend to be WAY too focused on the "bad" things I do, while not paying attention to the positive things!

My positives today...
Walked six miles to my school (currently debating walking back home or getting on the bus)
Ate a really yummy and healthy breakfast + lunch
Finished my epidemiology homework
Thought about cleaning my house (hey, baby steps!)

GOOD JOB on your small victories ladies! Keep at it! :)

04-29-2013, 12:59 AM
I started my 3rd week of couch to 5k.. and learned that I love running.. I feel amazing when I run! Yesterday I was stressed out and crying over relationship issues..normally I would go and curl up in a ball but instead I went out and ran! I felt soo much better..

A silly victory but something I was excited about.. I have a freckle on my stomach I haven't seen in years! The other day.I noticed that since I've been losing weight....The freckle has now moved up to wear I can see it again. YAY for losing belly fat! haha

04-29-2013, 01:05 AM
Mine was getting on roller skates after not being on them for 18 years (and being twice the weight I was then). Not only did I not kill myself, I enjoyed it, got to work out for 3 hrs without thinking about it, and found something else to do with my kids. However, it was their first time skating and they are quite sore from falling so much.

05-02-2013, 12:38 PM
SO..this morning I got up and headed out the door to work at 6AM...ON MY BIKE! And after the chain coming off my bike and getting darn near lost...I made it here two hours later! The trip should only take 1 hour, but yeh...I did have to walk up a couple of hills...but, the point is..

I RODE MY BIKE TO WORK!!! ~14 miles! :) :) :) Yay!
(I am totally having my b/f pick me up this afternoon though, lol)

05-20-2013, 01:46 PM
I was hanging my pants on plastic hangers the other day. I used to have to reach for a particular style of hanger (the kind without the perpendicular side supports) because my pants were too wide to fit on the kind with the supports without bunching up. When I couldn't spot one of the supportless kinds, I tried the other style and was surprised they fit just fine!

It's funny to think of all these little accommodations learned along the way, as our bodies diverged more and more from the norm.

05-20-2013, 02:28 PM
Hyacinth Bucket (Boo-kay), seeing her made my day! LOL!

My NSV was seeing my post-race photo standing next to my very fit friend. I don't look as big as I thought I would and I wasn't upset that she added it to her facebook page.

05-25-2013, 09:20 AM
Most women don't even think about this, but for me it is something big. I have lost about 45 lbs since the end of last year and have lots more to lose, but this morning.......I was able to paint my toenails!:carrot:

06-19-2013, 07:33 PM
ImImportant: LOL @ "and I wasn't upset that she added it to her facebook page" ... I got a facebook account when I weighed my top weight, and my oldest photo shows me at about 323 pounds. I have to say that facebook photos of me are so much easier to have posted now that I have lost some weight.

gma22: I love it! That was one of the first things I noticed.

The other day, I was at a fundraiser and was handed a t-shirt to wear. I held the t-shirt up and said under my breath to my friend, I don't think this is gonna fit. The t-shirt fit just fine ... and it fit over the bulky lace blouse I was already wearing!

07-26-2013, 01:46 AM
I've been riding my bike for a while. I'm also doing c25k (the extended version...). Lately I've noticed that my bike riding is faster with better form. I think the work I've been doing in the gym has helped the riding. I'm still one of the slow folks on the road...but I'm not the slowest these days. It's good to feel the change!

07-30-2013, 12:56 AM
Yay for the biking! It's fun thinking of yourself as a graceful cyclist, after not having been one in the past.

I noticed my hands no longer fall asleep when I lie on my arm too long. It used to also happen when I pushed the lawnmower, and that doesn't happen anymore.

Back and shoulder problems used to plague me nightly, and I haven't had issues with it for months.

I had enough energy today to walk almost 2 miles in the morning, then spend my entire evening outside mowing, hauling brush, weeding, etc.

08-01-2013, 08:31 PM
I love this thread!

My non-scale victory was exercising tonight even though I felt really tired and low on energy! I did 53 minutes cardio and 40 mins strength. After my shower all I could do was plop down on the bed lol. Exhausted! But it feels great!

08-02-2013, 01:01 AM
Today's NSV:

Had a vendor we do business with almost on a daily basis sit down and say "if you lose anymore weight, you're gonna blow away". Did brag that I actually saw 180 on the scale tjis morning and then had him shocked that I weighed that much. It felt amazing!

08-02-2013, 11:33 PM
I like this thread! After the confession one, I need to think about something cheery, heh. Sooo... well, today when I was in the bathroom brushing out my hair (I have about three foot of it), I glanced at myself in the mirror and really LOOKED. And is it crazy to think that I can actually see the effort I've exerted already, that I KNOW my stomach looks smaller? It felt GREAT.

08-26-2013, 02:32 AM
I can button shirts that were too tight before! Yeah! :cheer: