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04-25-2013, 01:04 PM
I will be 65 in couple more months.
I love to cook..& eat.
I was married for 18 years. The only good
thing about that, was my two children. My son is 33; my daughter is 30.
God will always bless you in the middle of your dessert.
I have always been over weight, but I have been obese for over 38 years.
I have learned how to hide and make excuses well enough to convince
I have tried to lose weight with some success. I have managed to gain it
I have thought about doing this surgery for 7 years and finially decided to go ahead with surgery a year ago in ernest. This has been the best decision I have made. I no longer take bp med, I can bend over and tie my shoes, I call walk again, my movement has greatly improved. Someone said that the day of their surgery was their new birthday. I think that I will claim that also.
My pre op weight was 269,(@ one time I hit 302)
I am three month out from surgery and I am 225 as of today.
This journey has been a battle expecially with myself. I know that others have heard from friends and family that this is the easy way out. Not so it is only
a part of the rest of what has to happen.
One of the biggest things to help is the support people I have and continue to
Stress is my enemy, all those old habits are still there and really try to make me listen; it is hard... for me to stop those old words spoken over me in my past.
But something I just heard was that this process is like stairs there will still be
Ups and downs and there is still work that has to be done by me.I am a work in
Process continually. Dear Lord help me change the things in my life to make it better for your purpose.
Thank you for listening to this have to go.
More to come

04-29-2013, 09:59 PM
What a great story!!! I understand the sometimes up and sometimes down being 5 years out, it gets better in some ways and harder in others but it's always how one looks at it! (thus my water glass analogy below) I like to think of it as being on cloud 9 most of the time and the rest, on cloud....seven. :lol:

Keep on going, you're doing great!