40-Somethings - Talk to me about self-confidence--off-topic

04-24-2013, 10:53 AM
Some of you may remember that I have a big audition coming up in a few weeks. In my opinion, auditioning is the most difficult part of the whole process...way harder than the actual performances. For me, preparation is the key. I've been rehearsing and practicing for weeks. Deep in my heart, I know I would be fantastic in this role and have a really good shot at landing it. But as I get closer to the actual audition, I'm beginning to doubt myself, or more to the point, I'm afraid someone else will get the role. I recently saw someone who is VERY good is also auditioning. It would be like a pro-golfer finding out Tiger Woods has joined the tournament.

How does one boost themselves up to overcome what is seemingly unbeatable? How do you build your own self-confidence?

I realize my dilemma is small compared to the struggles of many others and in no way do I mean to diminish those. I admire so many of you here, who go day after day, not just surviving, but triumphant over adversity. But in my little world, this is the issue that has bubbled to the top...for now.

I appreciate any advice...

04-24-2013, 02:27 PM
Here's my take. You can't control how this other person does, and you can't control the fact that she entered the competition. So... it doesn't matter. Block it out completely. When it comes into your mind, push it aside.

Focus on what you *can* do -- which is give this audition everything you've got. Draw on your inner strength to practice and prepare (however that may be; I know nothing about the audition process) and go into this knowing that there was *nothing more* that you could do to increase your chances.

Good luck!!!

04-25-2013, 04:28 PM
This, This. What newleaf said and she said it so well.
Do the best YOU can and leave the rest in the hands of those who make the decision. Leave that audition knowing you have done all you can and feel good about it.

Wishing you the best of luck!

04-25-2013, 04:36 PM
I was a professional ballerina during my youth. -- In any performing area, weather it is musicals, ballet, theatre; it is cut throat! And I am so sorry to be so blunt :( BUT, BUT; the best thing is to do to believe in yourself! Don't give the others upper hand. You came! You are the best! And frankly, none of the other people are competition :) -- Yes, it is an arrogant way of thinking, but to be in the limelight; that is the only way of (proper) thinking!

Now go and break a leg!!!!

04-25-2013, 05:54 PM
Thank you for your words of encouragement and support!
I'm doing all I can to be prepared and confident. I'll walk out knowing I did the best I possibly could, which all I can ever ask of myself.

04-27-2013, 12:49 AM
If that other woman gets the part, I will not go to the performance.

If you get the part, I will attend EVERY performance.....that's how good you are, and how much I want to see you strut your stuff!!

Your mom would pick you for the part...your kids would pick you....those casters are gonna see what your mom and kids see....it's all about who's best for the role and you've GOT this. (Honestly, I did not like Angela Landsbury's take on Ms. Lovett....I think a more "well known" person would not be good for the role.)

....for some reason, this reminds me of an interview, years ago, with Natalie Cole. She had been pondering whether she should go into the music business...like her dad (Nat King). "When do you know you're ready or if you can do it?", she asked an older, more experienced relative. "When you JUST HAVE to sing that song!" was the wise answer. This is not any part.....it's the one you just HAVE to play.

04-27-2013, 03:58 PM
You are the best! And frankly, none of the other people are competition :) -- Yes, it is an arrogant way of thinking, but to be in the limelight; that is the only way of (proper) thinking!

Yup, have to agree.

I recently went on an interview. Interviews are not my strong point, only because I don't know how to give those nonsense answers you're supposed to give and I'm not good at thinking on my feet.

So on my way to the interview I was nervous but then realized, wait a second, maybe my strength is that I'm NOT one of those people who give those "proper" answers, maybe my strength is that I manage to remain authentic AND professional (in my mind, a strength that not many have). So I went in with that attitude.

They asked me questions I had no idea of the answers, and like I said I'm so bad at thinking on my feet and giving those "proper" answers like you are supposed to.

But I swear, the confidence and almost arrogance I had in the entire interview got me the job. AND, the feedback I kept getting from everyone who interviewed me was that they were super impressed and that I did SO WELL. They kept saying that.

There was even a point in the interview I backed myself into a corner with my answer, it was quite obvious to all of the interviewers I had done that, so I made a little charming joke about it and they all laughed.

I realized, it wasn't about anything I "said" in the interview so much as my pure confidence that came from an authentic place.

Just my thoughts, hopefully they will help you out :-)