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04-22-2013, 08:22 PM
I started my weightloss journey in early february, and there were a lot of people that didnt believe i could or would do it... Here we are though, and i'm down 22 lbs. I had a routine, i had a great grasp on my food choices with WW... I was so proud of myself and then i got thrown a loop...

I found out Friday I am Insulin Resistant... While on one hand, it makes everything make more sense, I am still terrified on that other hand...

I don't know how or when to eat, I dont know what to eat, I dont know what the Metformin is doing to my body and i dont know how my body reacts to exercise anymore...

I feel so sick from side effects... and i am terrified about every bite or sip i take... Am i doing the right thing, or am i paving the way to diabetes...

I have to rethink my goal weight, and my entire lifestyle... I never wanted to be "skinny" just healthier, now I am going to have to lose more than i wanted to get rid of the insulin resistance...

I dont have the lifestyle where i'll be eating steak and arugula... I have to give up everything i like, (and know how to cook)....

I hate that 3 days ago I felt so confident and empowered, and now i am this anxious and unsure...

I am signing up for this awesome Medically Supported Weightloss program at The Melrose Institute, and i have a psychologist, a physician there already (and will be adding a nutritionist, physical thereapist and fitness specialist, and a occupational therapist) and taking classes... But right now... I am sooooo scared and unsure...

anyone been here? any advice?

04-23-2013, 08:40 AM
I know the feeling. I have IR and while I was trying my hardest to lose weight I actually gained 15lbs. Was killing myself at the gym and eating like zero carbs... and I had that weight gain. It was so disheartening! Just hang in there... you'll find what works for you.

Best advice I can give is if you eat starchy carbs like grains & potatoes, make sure you link and balance them with protein. Drink lots of water with lemon. For some reason that always gets my weight loss going more than plain water!

04-23-2013, 08:56 AM
I would say just keep doing what you've been doing that's been working until you meet with your nutritionist. The only thing you might want to change before you get medical guidance is to cut out things that cause blood sugar spikes like starchy carbs and sugary stuff.

22 pounds is a great achievement and now that you have a diagnosis and a plan for medical assistance you are well on your way to a healthier you! Good luck. :)

04-23-2013, 12:14 PM
I would say just don't give up. It is daunting I know personally.
I've been losing so very long. I was @ 190.8 just over 2 weeks ago
and bam it shot up. I've been as many as +5 w/o doing much
to cause it. I had 1 cheat meal in those days 'after' it went up, with
insulin resistance sensitivity which is the issue. I'm trying still. Just
make a solid deal with yourself, no matter how tough it gets, you're
going to gain back the 'you' you want to be. ;)

Incidentally, my scale gives me 192.8 today, still up, although not as bad as it has been.

04-23-2013, 01:09 PM
PCOS/IR dx for more than 10 years and I "test so normal you'd never know you were IR!"

Take heart -- you can do this and learn this.

If what you are doing is helping you to lose weight, weight loss will greatly impact your IR.

Were you given a blood glucose meter and told to monitor that more?


04-23-2013, 03:53 PM
For you and I both it's certainly a mental issue as well. We have to keep our heads on straight and be confident that one day this will work itself out! I have the biggest problem ever with being patient as well! It was a shock to me when I found out last month I was IR, but also a relief that there's actually an answer why I've been having so much trouble dropping weight. Keep it up with a good exercise and nutrition plan... what else can we do for now, right?

For me, the Metformin didn't cause too many issues. I took it with breakfast in the morning and again at my evening meal with food. It did suppress my appetite quite a bit and did make me "lose the taste" for certain foods at times... I was rather indecisive about what I actually wanted to eat cause I was feeling a little "blahhh" in the tummy. It should go away within a week or two though :)

04-23-2013, 08:56 PM
Thank you all for the kind words... It made today a little easier... and made me feel a little less alone in all this.

Today was filled with trial and tribulation. I learned that they changed my Flexible Spending Account set up so i cant use the debit card to pay for the program, I have to find the $700 and pay it upfront and submit for reimbursement... My budget doesn't make this an option... I am hoping my wonderful uncle will help me out... But it was definetly a discouraging wall to hit... Especially because its what stands between me and the dietician...

Its so disheartening that this program has to be paid for out of pocket and that there is no insurance coverage for it... except my psychologist and my medical dr...

I am usually an optomistic positive person, but this struggle just has me sooo down, especially when coupled witht he MET side effects... I really cant wait for them to wear off lol...

A: I was not given a glucose meter, but I have been thinking about it on my own... (i work for a pharmacy insurance company) What are the benefits of testing with IR?

Quadzilla: When i left the dr friday, i was actually smiling, because it was just that, a relief to know why i have struggled all these years, and to have a game plan in place! but then the rest of the emotions started to settle in later that evening... and i've been tackling them since... Its nice to have another voice going through the adjustment period too...

Thanks everyone again... you make this doable

04-23-2013, 09:19 PM
A: I was not given a glucose meter, but I have been thinking about it on my own... (i work for a pharmacy insurance company) What are the benefits of testing with IR?

Same as any other -- you know what food trigger you into the up and down roller coaster and you learn what foods keep you steady.

2:1 carb grams to protein grams ratio works for me. Or 1.5 : 1 or even 1:1. But too much on the carb and watch it spike!

Also not too much food in one sitting -- 500 calories per meal. Otherwise watch it spike even if the ratio is good. The AMOUNT was not.

You will learn "your" things... take the time. You will get there. I used to test after every meal. Now I just keep it around "in case I feel weird" -- I don't need to test to know what it in my range or not. I just KNOW it now.


04-23-2013, 10:03 PM
That's awesome Advice A!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been feeling weird after eating and exercising this week since i started the MET... I may pick up a meter this weekend!

04-23-2013, 11:01 PM
Remember to ramp up with the met. I don't know what your dose is... but if several of the 500 mg pills... it's one pill the first week, then two, then three and onward to wherever your level is.

Have it with a meal so you don't blood sugar drop.


04-24-2013, 10:16 AM
Nikon - I definitely hear and empathize with your feelings of anxiety and fear. I think all of us who have dealt with diagnoses have been there. I would echo what others have said. I am really glad that you will be getting some good support through the Melrose Institute - it sounds like you will gain some solid nutritional advice as well as some other practical and emotional help. And you know we're always here on these boards - though we're not professionals, we can share our personal experiences and walk the road together.

Another thing you may want to consider in addition to a glucose meter, for testing after meals and at times if you feel funny, is to check you a1c level. You can actually by an at-home test kit at walmart for about $8. You mail it in and they email you back your a1c level, which tells you what your average blood sugar level has been over a three month period. It doesn't give you info about where you stand after a meal or a workout, but rather gives you the big picture. Just another resource.

I would echo astrophe - you will learn your things. The foods which make you feel full all morning when you eat them for breakfast, the and breakfast foods that will leave you ravenous by 10 am. How much and what carbs work to fuel a workout. Just pay attention to yourself and you will find what works. You can do this! We're here with you!

04-24-2013, 09:44 PM
Today has been a great day!

I figured out my financing for the program (thank god for 401k loans!) and I got my Glucose Meter sent to the pharmacy... as soon as I'm off work I'll go pick it up... Now i just have to learn and track everything... But i feel empowered again! Knowing i can figure out how my body reacts to different things is awesome.

I had a great talk with my uncle last night (former type 2 diabetic) and he gave me great insight and advice...

04-25-2013, 02:14 AM
Glad to hear it was a good day! Rock on! :)


04-25-2013, 03:38 PM
Hey A? Do you have any advice on what I should watch for with this meter?

I've been testing before eating and after eating, and watching to see what causes more of an increase in blood sugar because that increase glucose will cause a higher insulin level???... so far all my glucose levels are in range, is that normal?

I know that last night i had 2 eggs, 4 pieces of turkey bacon and 2 pieces of light wheat bread, my meal had a total of 14 grams of carb and i didnt even COUNT the protien cause it was so high! My blood sugar only rose 2 points...