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04-22-2013, 02:40 PM
I have been doing medifast for almost 2 weeks now (Wed is my anniversary) and I am feeling super discouraged. I have become obsessed and am weighing myself daily, and although it was going well something has gone awry. I started at 331 and by the end of week one I was down to 314 (17lbs). Since I am so fat, I look exactly the same, but I knew and that was all that really mattered. Inspired, and eager to help my body along, I began going for brisk walks, wii dancing it up, trying to add in calorie burning activity where I could and I have wavered between 312 and 314, some days it says I lose a pound but the next day it is back. Come on people Im eating powder, I really only expect the scale to be on the decline. In addition, although I know the thoughts on exercise vary, I am not cheating on the diet at all and I do not ever eat snacks, I dont understand how exercise wouldn't only aid and expedite the loss. I am super happy with 17 lbs in a week and would love to duplicate that for the second week since I understand the first 2 weeks are when the changes happen, but I dont know what I can do to turn this around. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and if anyone would like to follow my medifast struggle you can follow my blog at

04-22-2013, 11:12 PM
Well I'm on week 4 and my total loss has only been 13 pounds. I lost about 6 week 1, 4 week 2, and 3 week 3.

Are you sure you're in mild to moderate Ketosis? I know Medifast doesn't want you in severe Ketosis because it wrecks havoc on your metabolism.

My MF counselor told me to not even consider working out for the first weeks on plan, just let my body get used to the dietary changes. I've seen a couple of people post on here about their losses stalling when they incorporate exercise. I wonder if you aren't getting enough protein to recover after your workout... Remember, this is a really low calorie diet. My counselor mentioned last week that once I start working out next week we may need to add a few more ounces of protein into my L&G meal.

Eta - I too am obsessed with weighing myself daily, but only count my Saturday as official.