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04-22-2013, 12:23 PM
Hey all, I fell off track just before my wedding in Oct. i had gotten to 202 a few days before... then family showed up and we started eating out, then wedding food and leftovers and birthdays and then the holidays and then we moved... it was a mess of not great choices all around.

Since February I've been struggling to get back on track, I'll be on plan for a few days, then completely off for a few days etc.

I saw 251 a few days ago and I know I need to stop, after eating clean for a few days I weighed in at 245.8 this morning. I'm hoping if I become active on these boards again it'll be easier to stay on track.

So yeah, I'm back... I hope lol

04-22-2013, 12:31 PM
Welcome back. You know you're not alone in having a regain and realizing that you need to stop it is a great beginning. And you know you'll get lots of support here on 3FC.

04-22-2013, 03:10 PM
Welcome back! And yeah, like betsy said, most of us have been there and totally understand how it goes. The important part is that you're back, you're ready to get going again, and you know you can succeed because you've done it before. Hang in there, you can do this!

04-22-2013, 03:32 PM
That's common but it can be relost and you can pickup
where you left off. Have you thought of creating a food log
or joining a calorie counting site? I think they help keep our
heads in the right eating approach. I wish you all the best
of success and you did great by returning to the community.:D

04-23-2013, 12:29 PM
Thanks all for your replies! I know that it's.... common... maybe not the best word for it but fitting, but I still hate that I not only let myself, but let myself regain SOO much, last time it happened I went from 207 to 225 and stopped myself then. I had JUST barely gotten back to where I was when I slipped off track again. All I can think is that if I hadn't slipped either time I might be at goal now. Which sucks! But is also kind of good because the anger makes me want to work harder.

Avalonmoon- Thanks for the advice! It is the same thought I have alot of the time reading newbie posts :) I use mfp but I did stop tracking when I fell off track, I'm trying to get back into the habit of logging everything.

04-23-2013, 01:55 PM
Welcome back and good luck on your journey!

Congrats on getting married!

04-23-2013, 02:23 PM
Welcome back!!!

Been there, done that with the regain. Congratulations on the nuptials!

Looking forward to seeing more of you around here!

04-23-2013, 02:35 PM
pnkrckpixikat - You can lose that weight and trust me, I understand kicking yourself for regaining but so long as you forgive yourself for it you can completely lose it again. We're in the same "on track - off track" boat so I know it's extremely difficult but no worries...you can do it!

04-23-2013, 02:59 PM
I have regained, too. All you can do is take it day by day and make the best choices you can. I know I always learn something from my regains... make a list of what you know now that you didn't before.

04-23-2013, 04:14 PM
It is a huge pain in the butt, but you can do it! I'm in a similar situation-- coming back and trying to motivate myself after a regain.

For me, I am trying to stay positive and use what I learned about myself during my time off to keep me on track for the next time.

04-23-2013, 07:22 PM
You have done well to keep it down as low as you did! Just don't give up.

I need to get back on the wagon, too. I haven't really been dieting since December, but I haven't gained any back. so I am pleased.

04-23-2013, 07:35 PM
Welcome back!

I also regained and am working on relosing again. We can do it!

04-24-2013, 01:06 AM
Awww thank you all for the comments, it makes me realize I am not as alone as sometimes I feel.

And thank you all for the congratulations! :)