Depression and Weight Issues - Wonderful Wednesday!

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05-28-2003, 01:50 PM
Well good morning chickadees!

Well actually it is almost lunchtime here. My internet service seems to be working today, but I wasn't able to start a post in here earlier this morning. Who knows why?

Well our trip to Branson is back on. I cannot believe that we are actually gonna leave but that is what my mom says we are gonna do. My aunt is also wanting to go on a trip so her and my mother have made a deal to take complete care of their mother while the other one is gone, so that they both can have a break and go on a vacation.

So now I'm scurrying around trying to figure out how to pack for 8 days. lol I don't even know how to pack for one day. lol But I'm sure I'll figure it out. Had to borrow some luggage from my sister today. She is a world traveler so she had everything that I can use.

Sure wish I could lose some weight before we leave but what a joke! wah

You know what girls, I usually don't get in a full length mirror much, I just use my makeup mirror in the morning and get dressed and don't really check myself out too much, but with graduation this past weekend I have seen a lot of videos and pics and I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT have to do lose some weight. This is the biggest I have ever been. I could barely recognize myself.

I don't mean to be negative - I really try to be a positive person but this is really bothering me - sorry just needed to let it out and figure you guys will understand where I am coming from.

So what is everybody up to today?

I'm fixing to try to find me a shirt or 2 during my lunchhour to take with me next week. We will leave on June 5.

Cathy :wave:

05-28-2003, 09:21 PM are not alone!

I was out and about all day since early this morning......went to a friends for coffee and a play date and then on to an outdoor field trip with dd5 and Kindergarten.....tonight it is soccer and then I work an eight hour night.

Cathy I am with you! I have got to lose some weight. I had to go out and buy new summer clothes as all my clothes from last summer are too small
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Anyhow no use crying...just got keep moving!

Well I will be in tomorrow after I wake up or maybe before I go to sleep

Be well!


05-29-2003, 12:12 AM
Hi Cathy & Liz.....I know how you feel.....I went looking for some clothes is depressing....I bought a top....but it is 1 size bigger.

It made me so upset....that I had a talk with myself.....then I counted my points for today.

It is a miserable day today.....we had a storm with lightening this is still cloudy out.

I went to coffee with friends today....then went to WalMart & the Superstore.


05-29-2003, 02:19 PM
Aww group hug ! :grouphug: Yup we all know how you feel and its okay to vent every now and then, heck I do it all the time :lol:

Just keep on truckin girls, there's nothing else we can do....don't give up (bottom line).

I don't look in a full length mirror either...ick but I do see myself on the glass windows and doors at work and I cringe... my shoulders sink to the ground when I see myself...oy.

We can do this if we really want to. I've had major slip ups on CAD but DANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not giving up :no:

Hugs !!