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04-21-2013, 09:32 AM
Good morning girls. It got chilly last night but seems to have started warming up this morning. It is a beautiful sunny day out.

Not much going on here. Just the rug and that's it. It doesn't take very long with the new machine. It has a removable shampooer so you can do cars and chairs and stairs and stuff and I like that. I think before we go on vacation we will do the car seats and carpets so it is all spiffy.

The friends we met on the cruise last year aren't going to be able to go this year, which is a bummer. She said she hopes they can join us next time. They are such a nice couple and he is recouperating from shoulder surgery and then he will retire. I think she said she will retire by fall. They are in their 70's and still work but are in great health. When she told me she was 72 I was shocked.

Jean: I am so glad Sonny is getting acclimated even if Ernie isn't thrilled with the idea. :lol: Sooner or later they will probably be friends. Hope you don't have too much more nasty weather. Jack says he may have to go back to working those crazy 12 hour shifts again because they are predicting the Mississippi overflowing down here because of the heavy rains up north. Heaven help us I hope not. He is too old to have to keep up with that.

Maggie: Oh, I am sorry they discontinued your desserts. It is always a bummer when you find something you like and it ok pts wise. That happens with the commissary because they contract everything. I will go along buying something for weeks or even months then it disappears. That was really nice about the young man at the Ihop. Sometimes there's just not the kind of adult friendship or whatever in someone's life.

Well girls, Jack had to run and get bread and soda this morning as we ran out yesterday so he should be home and we can have breakfast in just a bit. Then it is onto chores for the day. You all have a wonderful Lord's Day. Faye

04-21-2013, 02:05 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! We got up to a few scattered rain drops and the usual wind. Bob is singing at church today so won't be home for another half hour or so. He goes around and straightens hymnals after church, one thing he is anal about and that's messy books. We have two and the paperback skinny one goes behind the thick bigger one! I have dinner in the oven and need to work on my rummage sale stuff later.

Maggie -- Sounds like you have acquired an adopted grandson. :D I'd say you are both lucky winners!

"Gma" -- That is too bad your new friends can't go on the cruise this time. I think it's fun to travel with another couple; maybe you will meet another nice couple to enjoy. I hope Jack doesn't have to work the long shifts. They are predicting big time flooding for Fargo, ND, again this year. I would need to check and see where that river goes from there -- seems like Bob said it goes north which puzzles my gray matter. He goes through (by) on his way to Canada fishing. Sonny's blue eyes are open wider since he has been home; he has a "look" that says "I didn't do it!" which makes me laugh. He's not cross eyed and I'm glad about that. :lol:

My stove timer is beeping so better check on my dinner. Hope you all enjoy a nice (relaxing for some) day! :wave:

04-22-2013, 08:25 AM
Good morning girls. We are supposed to have a nice spring day today. We are definitely watching the Mississippi as we already have a flood watch. The river crests at 34 and it is supposed to get to 32.5. The thing is, the heavy snows up north haven't melted, they are predicting more spring heavy rains and that water runs right down the Mississippi and overflows in Memphis. We have to just do a wait and see. We live far enough away we won't have issues, but getting Jack back and forth to work might cause problems again.

Quiet day yesterday. We spot cleaned, but decided to wait for a bit to do the rugs. I am having a bit of a rough time of it right now and I just asked him to wait since I help him move furniture and such. It will get done.

I waited him out and I won the dog food fight with Fortune. We refused to give him any treats or anything else until he eats each day then he can have treats for doing his business outside. He hasn't eaten in two days and turned his nose up at the two different kinds of food I put out yesterday. Well, he was hungry this morning because he was following me all around and when he saw I went and got dog food, he stood behind me in the kitchen until I had it made. I put it down and he sniffed then did a lick then sniffed again and looked up at me. I told him, "that's it buddy, eat it or don't." I guess he thought better about it and scarfed it down. My biggest concern is not the fact he does this, but he takes powdered kidney medicine and you can only put it in food. When he goes for days and won't eat it he doesn't get the medicine. Worse than a picky kid! :lol:

Jean: Jack wouldn't care if our books were backwards, upside down or whatever. I think it is nice he wants things neat and orderly. Glad Sonny is coming right along. I made a pot roast in the crockpot yesterday and it was really good. The meat was very tender and juicy. I took 2 cans of ff beef broth and mixed in 2 packages of onion gravy mix and one brown gravy and then cooked it for about 6 hours on high. I put in baby carrots and those canned new potatoes. Easy peasy, it was delicious and one container clean up.

You all have a good start to your week. I pretty much have the same routine everyday. Faye

04-22-2013, 12:50 PM

It is raining and that is so nice for we do need the moisture it leaves us with. When we went to that place about an hour’s drive away where Will preaches one Sunday a month yesterday we could see the hill crops were alive with green. The buffalo here in the outskirts of the city are not just munching on their hay anymore for the grass in their vast pen has come up and they are grazing about that area. Yes, spring is in the air. They say the rain will change over to snow during the night. It won’t last on the ground long though for it will melt and slowly soak in which will be good. A rancher friend of ours said that he never has had calves being born in April in snow before and this year was a first. The little critters all made it though and he has a nice crop of calves. Some other dear friends of ours own vast amounts of land around this area and have said we are welcome to take a metal detector and explore where ever we want. There are mounds where there used to be communities on their land and we may find some neat artifact items around them. We just may go and sift some dirt this summer.

I weighed this morning and my scale shows me the “same” as last week ~ the weight on the bar didn’t budge. I do so want to lose at least that ‘point 2’ that is keeping me from showing 90#s down. I can never count on my system to co-operate though. :no: I will just have to wait and see what the WW scale says to me this evening for the “official” number and go on from there.

JEAN The Red River runs north because White Rock, SD (near the river's source) is 200+ feet 'higher' in elevation, than the northern plains area of Drayton, ND, causing the water to naturally flow down-hill, to the north eventually depositing it's waters into Lake Winnipeg. Hope that helps you better understand what Bob was saying about the river running north.

DONNA FAYE That is just too funny about your little dog. What a precious little guy. Aren't crock pots a wonderful way to cook. Do you use those bag inserts that make clean up so much easier? I love those for they sure make clean up easy. We have just enough roast left from the one I cooked that way to make sandwiches out of for lunch this day. That is too bad your new friends won't be able to cruise with you this go-round. Surely you can meet some nice folks this next time to pal around with.

SUSAN How goes it with you this day? Busy are you?

Have a lovely day Magnolias. Type at y'all later.:cool:

04-22-2013, 03:46 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another CRAPPY weather day in Iowa! We now have a basement that is showing "damp" around the edges of the laundry room; that makes me crabby too! If it doesn't quit raining we will have streams running to the drain, the cats tippy toe through, and make tracks upstairs. We balanced at church and I have my gift shop money ready to deposit; that was pretty skimpy this week. I need to keep working on my rummage sale stuff after I finish here.

"Gma" -- I'd like to see a nice spring day . . . and the sooner the better! This weather we've been having is just the pits. The farmers are grumpy and so is everyone else. :hyper: I had to chuckle about Fortune and his food. How can you hold out when that cute little fact stares at you and looks so sad? I can almost smell your roast cooking. Maybe that will be on my list later this week.

Maggie -- We are supposed to get snow too. Yesterday's paper said that a lot of calves have been lost because of the cold wet weather. The cows have them away from the barn yard and the farmer doesn't find them until it's too late. :( Good luck at WW tonight! I hope the iron monster surprises you with a loss! :yes:

Hope you all are having a marvelous Monday whatever you are doing today! Enjoy! :wave:

04-22-2013, 09:09 PM
It is BIG TIME snowing! :crazy:

04-23-2013, 10:36 AM
Good morning gals. Overcast but warm today. We are supposed to get some thunderstorms this evening. Memphis could start to be in trouble in a couple more weeks. Our flood stage for the river is 34ft and they expect close to that and that doesn't even count what weather currently up north will cause more havoc. Jack said this morning there is flooding in Arkansas so that's not good. He cracks me up because he's of the opinion if he ends up on those 12 hour shifts again watching the pumps that he doesn't mind and last time he made $4000 so that would pay for next years vacation! :lol: He did say though that he feels for the people in the low lands around the plant. They are poorer folks and can't afford to end up losing their home again as most of them don't have insurance and frankly I would imagine most people here don't have flood insurance anyway. We have 7 weeks until we go to Indiana and that could be impeded either by him having to work or just not being able to get there from flooding. We have to drive across the Mississippi at Cairo, IL and the last time they had really bad flooding across the interstate. Ahh well, we will just have to see I guess.

Woohoo I am down another 2 lbs and am down a couple lbs below the next 10 lbs. I forgot to post yesterday.

Jean: I hope the weather settles down for you and you actually get into spring. Sometimes it is tough when that face looks at me like "What's going on? Why no treats?" I have to hold firm! He kind of stuck his nose up this morning at the chicken stuff but he will probably eat it this afternoon. It can waste a lot of that medicine though and the stuff is expensive. That's terrible about the cattle.

Maggie: Sometimes the most frustrating part is those couple lbs that really mean something when they go and really bug you when they don't. Be patient, they'll come off. I surely do understand though. It is a real fight for me sometimes with these meds. I will be so hungry I want to eat the furniture! :lol: I buy as small a roast as the commissary has, usually around 2 lbs then if I do have enough left over shred it for hot roast beef sandwiches and just keep some of the gravy from the pot roast.

I guess I should get some breakfast in me and get the day started. Have a good Tuesday! Faye

04-23-2013, 12:04 PM

I got up much earlier than usual this day to find that we have snow covering our yard. A big white carpet covers our grass and everything in our covered patio for the wind is blowing it all around. The animals make quick trips out back for sure. Cecil came in bringing his big wet feet tracking up my floor wanting his “good boy” treat.

I am so jazzed. I now need to concentrate on losing the next 10 pounds. 100 pounds down is so close I can see it. Got to keep my FOCUS for sure and drop this10. I know I will still have quite a bit to lose after that but reaching this mile stone has been out of sight for too long and I am now up for the challenge. So for right now I only have 10 pounds to lose. Yep only 10 pounds to lose.

I wear a gold Figaro bracelet on my right wrist and never take it off but since I have lost weight it slips right off over my hand so I moved the clasp over a few links like I did for my charm bracelet. Guess I am slowly shrinking all over for the rings on my little fingers are too big and need to be re-sized one day. It is funny but it seems like all at once I have noticed that I have shrunk some. I also lost one of my daily Plus Points with last night’s weigh in loss but kept all the 49 Weekly Points.

I am debating on what to cook for dinner this day. We are having left over roast in Panini’s for lunch so I will probably bake some chicken this evening. I have a couple of whole ones in the freezer and if I go out to the kitchen and start one to thaw in a pan of cold water then I can rotisserie it this evening. Hopefully it will be thawed by then. :crossed: Yep, that sounds like a plan. I can then use the leftover chicken meat in a dish of some sort ~ maybe a salad.

DONNA FAYE :bravo: for 2 more pounds off your body, keep it up girlfriend. :cp: I now have a box of the Belvita Blueberry breakfast biscuits which are quite good and they are 2 biscuits for 3 points+ ~ same as the Apple Cinnamon ones. I look forward to trying all of the flavors they make for they really do last to stave off those “hunger” pangs. Sad thing ~ a lady at WW told me last evening that some workers had left her back gate open and her little dog got out and is gone. She put up flyers all over and I sure hope someone didn’t just keep the little dog. I got her phone number in case we see the little Shih tzu & Pomeranian mix pooch. She said he would come if we called his name for he is a very friendly little guy. I am thinking someone has him since he does have a collar on and a chip implanted. I will certainly keep my eye out for him.

JEAN The iron monster smiled on me last evening.:D Guess you got some of our blizzard your way. This is really something and at least we did cover our little plants that are in the patio getting "tough." I sure hope the farmers around this area didn't lose their crops of hay and such. It is currently 20 degrees here and they say we are in for a hard frost.

Have yourself a nice day and stay happy. :wave:

04-23-2013, 02:32 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! A cool day at 52 degrees right now.

Everyone had a great time at the retreat and before we left on Sunday 25 had paid their down payment for October's retreat - only 30 can be accommodated - so they still like my teaching. I'm doing the shaded 9-patch in October. I'll post a picture when I have it finished which will be soon because it has to hang in the shop as a sample of what we are doing. The restaurant was very accommodating for my meals. I'm sure it helped that they were so simple. It's a southern style restaurant and I wasn't sure what I was going to eat besides salad so that was good. I also walked over 2 miles each day just going around the room to help people or see how they were coming along.

My home computer is making noises like it needs a new fan so I'll take it in tomorrow.

Congratulations Faye and Maggie on your weight loss. You are doing so good.

I have to get back to work so I won't be doing personals until I get my computer fixed.

Have a great day!

04-23-2013, 04:09 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun was shining for about a half hour but has disappeared again. :hyper: I don't know why we can't have a whole day of sunshine! :dunno: We got up to ice and a couple inches of new snow, a lot of which has melted again thanks to the wind. The wind makes it feel like 20 degrees outside so wore my winter jacket this morning. The volunteer luncheon was nice but there were several empty chairs; I suppose because of the ice earlier this morning. I took a book back to the library that I just picked up a couple days ago, just couldn't get into it and it was on the brand new book shelf so should have been a good one. Now I need to work on the rummage sale boxes.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing another 2#s! Your dedicated efforts are paying off! I hope the flooding doesn't happen any where, but it doesn't sound very promising that will happen. I will think positive thoughts that it doesn't interfere with your vacation plans.

Maggie -- :congrat: to you on your loss last night! In the scheme of things 10#s is very doable for you. I hope your WW friend finds her dog!

Susan -- I wish we could see all of your quilting creations. :yes: I knew you would be "good" in the food choices; it's nice the restaurant worked with you. Here's hoping your computer is an easy fix and you have it back home soon.

I need to get busy and work on my rummage sale stuff. Enjoy the rest of your terrific Tuesday! :wave:

04-24-2013, 08:35 AM
Good morning ladies. It is cool and rainy here this morning. Even with his thunder shirt on Fortune didn't like the booming last night so went and got on the stairs and slept. :lol: Hey, I am good with whatever works for the little guy. We are supposed to have mid to upper 70's for highs the next week and I will gladly take that.

I got a call around noon yesterday from Jack. He was on the way to minor medical as he was working on something and his screwdriver slipped and he has a slash clear across the fat pad below his thumb on his right hand. The had him sit with his hand in benadine and water for about 15 minutes and then closed it up with that crazy glue kind of stuff and bandaged it all up. I am now his nurse until he goes back to them on Friday. He showers then I redress it with a sterile pad and wrap it in gauze. I have tons of that kind of stuff from all my surgeries so I didn't have to buy anything. He is doing fine though he says this morning it throbs a bit. They gave him a loritab prescription but he can't take that stuff and work. He says it doesn't hurt that much anyway.

I am going to color my hair and hopefully work on my house again today. It is just weekly cleaning time. I have to pound my sirloin steak and cut into pieces and put into the crockpot with ff beef stock. It comes out so nice and tender then I will make gravy with the leftover stock. Haven't decided on hot roast beef sandwiches or just the steak with gravy and potatoes.

I leave her and it is pay the bills day. I always love that as I do my bill paying online and always have a ton of paper from the bills. Some of them I don't get bills and some don't have the option like our utility bill. They are totally behind the times but at least I can pay the bill online.

Jean: Boy, you can't seem to get away from the bad weather. We talked to our son last night and he said they were expecting snow today. Jackson just lost his first tooth a few nights ago. I ask Jay how did it go and he said he played the ole mom and pop routine on him telling he was just going to look at it then pulled it. Jackson told him it didn't hurt at all, but I told Jay to beware as next time he wasn't likely to fall for the mom and pop routine because he and his sister didn't. :lol: I ask him if the tooth fairy was good to him as his dad reminded him of inflation. He said he got a dollar and his dad told him he was a cheapskate! :lol: I may be ask to sit for him on the Friday they go to the ballpark as he gets out of school for the summer the day before. I sure do hope your weather improves soon. I know you have to be wanting spring to come.

Susan: Good to hear from you. Glad the restreat went so well and sorry about your computer fan. Do you have a laptop or a pc, must be a laptop huh? Jack bought this thing several years ago his laptop sits on and has a fan in it so it blows air underneath to keep it from overheating as well as the internal fan. He never has a problem. Right now he is gearing up to buy himself a couple Hawaiian shirts for the cruise. He has three and wants a couple more so he can wear them to dinner each night. I found a site that has bazillions of the things so I told him he can go through them. They are made in Hawaii so I told him we need to get them early. He picks really wild ones and the ship has an ugly tropical shirt contest so he might enter this year. :lol:

Maggie: I sure hope they find the little dog. I am terrified about Fortune getting out again. He has a tag that has his name on one side and our address and phone numbers on the other, but they steal dogs here and sell them to research places. Disgusting.

Well gals, sounds like my washer is done. You all have a great day. Faye

04-24-2013, 11:24 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and the wind is blowing; it's only supposed to get up into the high 40s today. I was supposed to work in the gift shop this morning but the gal who runs the coffee shop is home sick so both are closed for the day. The coffee group that comes in after swimming will be disappointed as well as the employees who "coffee, cookie, and treat" themselves. Today is Beth's 35th birthday and we are going over to take them out for supper tonight. Thirty-five years ago we had a rainy snowy day!

"Gma" -- Sonny likes to lay on a step right below me as I go downstairs. I'm always afraid I will either step on him, if he moves, as I step over to the next step, or else miss the step and fall. I hope Jack's cut will heal without any problems; where he works would be scary for the possibility of infection. It sounds like you have your day planned; steak sounds good! :T

I need to vacuum the fur this morning and finish a couple of rummage sale boxes so Bob can take them to the church after lunch. Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

04-25-2013, 11:38 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining again this morning, it's a chilly 36 degrees, with a slight breeze, so hope the sunshine lasts all day. Bob had to go to a CE class today so I won't see him until late afternoon. We are attending a lecture on Parkinson's Disease, with a meal included, tonight. I could vacuum again today but think I'll wait until tomorrow. I should make a grocery list and get that over with before tomorrow. Also have laundry waiting as well as the never ending ironing.

I need to get dressed and get busy. Hope you all have a terrific Thursday and enjoy! :wave:

04-25-2013, 12:07 PM

It is currently in the 60º area and said to get into the low 80ºs before this day is over with. Will is going to be gone all day with the museum director to some other towns round about checking on museum stuff. So I am home alone with the animals who are happy to be outside with the nice weather.

I usually get quite a few e-mails in my box when I turn it on but yesterday just one. I wondered what gives with that. None of my daily reads came through and it was a mystery. I thought perhaps it was my computer doing something to keep them from coming in. But when Will called the provider he found out that they messed up the lines when digging a trench to lay fiber optics and they were working to get service restored. It was weird to say the least.

I am trying to make this laptop last till we get back from Texas at least. It has been such a good one I am sorry to see it “act up.” I hope I can get another just like it with the usual upgrades though. The fan goes constantly and I do have one of those to put under the computer but that isn’t helping the computer problem though ~ just keeping things cool. Even though I am not getting my mail I can still “go places.’’ :cp:

My little Joseph scale works great for it weighs correctly and I am so glad that WW magazine advertized it to bring to my attention for it will be great in the motor home. We are very weight conscious on what we do put in a motor home and don’t want to overload it for it is not good for the axels. I will put a much lighter ME in one also when we do buy one. :lol: I have my eye on a nice collapsible dish pan and small drainer to purchase for it also and a set of light weight pots and pans. The set I use in the house are HEAVY but I will take a couple of my favorite cast iron items for cooking outside on a campfire. We have yet to buy the motor home but we are looking. ;yes: We much prefer traveling on vacations and such in a motor home to staying in motels and hotels. I still have most of the light weight items we used in our last motor home so there won’t be a lot of purchases to outfit one when we do get it. I am hoping the one we end up getting does come with a washer dryer combo but if it doesn’t we do know where to get one and have it installed. They are making trick stuff for RV’s nowdays.

I have things to do this day but don’t have any ambition to do them but will do them anyway. With that said I need to get a move on and get busy. Last evening I made a bunch of neat stars and laminated them and put magnet sheet on the backs. They are hard to describe so I think I will e-mail you one. I made them for every 5 pounds down that I will be until I reach goal. I have one on my upright scale that I can see from here.

DONNA FAYE I hope today Jack's hand isn't giving him fits and is healing nicely. That is horrible that mean folks steal peoples pets to sell for research. I haven't gotten any more word about that little dog that went missing. I'll know more after next Monday I imagine when I see that lady again.

JEAN Isn't it nice that the weather is more friendly now. I sure hope we have the last of the snow but rain is nice. Looks like we are both home alone this day. Is there a lot of Parkinson's Disease in your area, ergo the lecture?

SUSAN Howdy.

Have a great day Magnolias :wave: See y'all later.

04-25-2013, 12:15 PM
Maggie -- Hope your emails come through today. It is frustrating when something doesn't work quite right, but glad it's "them" and not "you." ;) Bob's MT brother was diagnosed with Parkinson's about a year ago. It appears he's not doing much of anything to pursue second opinions beyond the "local" diagnosis. Jason's mil is a nurse and in visiting with her learned about several new treatments available. I doubt we will have any influence beyond some knowledge we may not have now, but Bob wanted to go so am going along to listen and learn.

04-25-2013, 12:26 PM
Good morning, ladies! 54 degrees and sunshine.

Nothing much happening this week although I do have English Paper Piecing Bee at Bella tomorrow. That will be fun. Monday I have my first check in here for the research study I'm doing. That will be interesting.

Faye, I hope Jack's hand isn't giving him fits and it heals well. Poor little Fortune and the storm. I feel so sorry for dogs that are afraid like that. Casper can't hear anything so that isn't a problem. He tried to get me up at 1:30 am this morning, then again at 4. I was not happy and put him out in the hall where he cried until I let him back in. I have a PC and it they also have fans.

Jean, my friend is being tested for Parkinson's tomorrow. Her mother, brother, 2 sisters, an uncle and a nephew all have it and the doctor told her it isn't hereditary. Seems like they need to do more research on that!

Maggie, I'm the opposite of you...I love staying in a hotel and being waited on. I wouldn't be happy in a motor home of any kind. It's good you know how to stock one.

Have a wonderful day!

04-25-2013, 02:16 PM
Good morning ladies. I barely squeezed in the morning hello. Today is not one of my better days, but hey I am better than a lot of people and so am always thankful.

My glasses are finally on their way though they come from China. Kelly uses this company and they bought over 10 pairs of glasses for $10 apiece. She has all different colors and such. Mine are just a dark bluish purple metal frame. They should be here by the end of next week. Our sunglasses will be here tomorrow, which will be nice as I have totally given up on trying to wear the contacts. I just don't know what is going on with them, but the blurriness is just to much for me to deal with when I can wear regular glasses.

I had three rounds with the place I bought those undies yesterday. They still owed me 2 pair but the ordering area said they had gotten them back in on the 15th, which yesterday was 9 days ago but my account still showed backorder and all they were doing was advancing the day each day. I held my temper but let it be known I wasn't happy and ended up canceling the last two pair then promptly emailed the owner of the company. Got a call about half an hour ago that they would be shipping them out tomorrow free of charge and no shipping cost! She was very apologetic and was johnny on the spot responding to my email.

Jack's hand is doing fine. He goes back to the dr's tomorrow so they will either remove the glue stuff if it is closed up completely or will bandage it back up for a few days depending what they find.

We have about 7 weeks until we go to Indiana. I am looking forward to seeing Jackson. I haven't seen him since December. I am waiting for him mom to email me a list for his birthday so I can get going buying his gifts then wrapping them. Thomas gets $$ now that he is BMOC! :lol:

Jean: I think you part of the country is just going to forget about spring and summer and just slide right on in to next fall. It was chilly here overnight and cool this morning but nice and sunny. We knew a man from our church who had parkinson's and eventually it killed him. I don't know a lot about the disease or what it does that can eventually kill a person, but it is a nasty disease to deal with. As much as MS is for sure. I noticed a picture of Michael J Fox the other day and his hands are all curled closed. I heard he is coming back to tv though for a new sitcom. Brave man.

Susan: I always tell Jack roughing it means staying at a Holiday Inn instead of the Hilton for me. I grew up camping here and there, but just did like it much. We took Jay camping for a long weekend way back when he was about two. We were living in San Diego and went with out church group. He was climbing around on the mountain and fell off and tore himself all up and that was the last time I have been camping. Nowadays unless it would be an RV I would have a ton of trouble in a tent or even a small camper up and down with this stupid knee. Hope you get good results on your first research check in.

Maggie: What are your plans for going to Texas? I can't remember are you going soon? Jack and I are sure ready to go on vacation. Jack can tell you how many weeks and days until we leave. He has an ap on his Iphone that shows you where the ship is and all kinds of stuff. He has been looking at tropical shirts online to get a couple to join what he has. Unfortunately, he wants rayon and they cost about $20-30 more per shirt than the cotton ones do and he doesn't like the cotton ones so he is just going to wait until he gets to the islands and buy a couple because they are much cheaper.

I guess I better go girls. You all have a great day or what's left of it anyhow. Faye PS: I had to show you this crazy dress I am ordering to take on the cruise to wear casual night to dinner. I think I am going to find some pink sandals for it.

04-26-2013, 12:33 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is out, the wind is blowing, the trees are showing buds, and it's supposed to get up to 68 today. :cp: It's already 59 so hope we make it. I've been working on my church birthday list and sorting through catalogs. I think the goofus mailman lets them pile up and then delivers them all at once. Yesterday the mail was here 3 hours earlier than usual but I didn't see who delivered it -- probably the regular guy. Since the sun has moved around and I can't see stuff on the floor, think I will wait and vacuum tomorrow.

Susan -- It will be interesting to find out how research check comes out. Be sure to let us know. The doctor who spoke on Parkinson"s last night got a little technical about brain activity, but all in all was informative. There also was a physical therapist who talked about adapting daily living as the disease progresses. What I found most interesting is that it can take awhile to diagnose and treatment doesn't always start at that point. The doctor did say it isn't hereditary. :dunno: I'll camp in hotels with you! ;) I know you will have fun at the Paper Piercing Bee today!

"Gma" -- I hope you get your undies! :crossed: What a hassle! There definitely were some people, with Parkinson's, at the lecture last night. There is also a monthly support group which is nice for them. Our cat hating neighbors were there; she sat down right beside me and made small talk. :dizzy: Another neighbor, who lives a block away and is younger than we are, was also there. She's a retired nurse so would be curious as to why she came. I would guess the three of us were the youngest ones there. For some reason, the dress looks like "you!" I love it!

I need to get laundry downstairs so better keep moving. Have a fantastic Friday! :wave:

04-26-2013, 01:57 PM
Good morning gals. I am again just barely sliding in under noon. It is a beautiful day today and I am anxious to be out this afternoon.

Jack has to have a recheck on his had this afternoon so he is coming home, changing clothes and I am going to go with him. After he is done we are going eyeglass shopping as Walmart had a crummy selection. I looked up bigger eye glass places that take our insurance and we are going to go and look this afternoon. We will get a bite to eat at Genghis Grill tonight. I love the place, Jack is just so so about it. You can get so many different veggies and since they have all kinds of meat too, you can eat healthy if you want to. I usually put chicken and shrimp in my bowl.

Jean: The dress is wild, huh? Even though it isn't, it reminds me of I Love Lucy. I found a pair of slide sandals that I think will work perfectly. I like the slide style of sandals since I am flatfooted. They are girly, but the dress is long so it doesn't matter. Besides, they cost me less than $15! I swear our lazy postman hangs onto mail sometimes when she wants to get finished early like on Fridays. Of course there is no way to prove that. Are you amazed that you have 2 people living in a house and always seem to have laundry? I am one of those people who don't like reusing a bath towel so you have those that pile up pretty quick. Seems like I am always doing laundry! :lol:

Well, Jack will be home in just a bit so I should finish getting ready. Have a wonderful weekend. We have commissary duty this weekend whoopee! Faye

04-26-2013, 02:30 PM

The chicken that I was going to rotisserie ended up being baked in the oven. The reason being is it was wrapped in non see through plastic wrap and I didn’t know that the skin was missing off the breast until I opened it. That being the case it would have dried out too much so I put aluminum foil over it and baked it in my oven and it came out nice and moist as if it had its skin. I don’t want to buy anymore chickens that I can’t see. With the leftover chicken I am going to make a pot of chicken noodle soup this day. That’s about the only soup Will really likes but he will eat other kinds though. I guess I would call it his favorite kind of homemade soup.

The weather man said we are in for some rain this day and I am sure hoping he is telling it as it is. :cp: Will is down getting the oil changed in the Jeep and it is a good thing for it is due and plus we will be going to Texas with clean oil. :lol: We take along the filter of our choice when we get the oil changed for they don’t stock the kind we like the best. They say the oil is good for 5000 miles but we get it changed every 3000.

When Will was out yesterday going with the museum director to different museums around the area he brought home to me a stuffed buffalo. It is so cute and is 12 inches tall and 14 inches long. He looks so real ~ like the ones we visit each day here. The director wants me to save the tag off of it for he plans to order some to sell here in the local museum gift shop. I’ll set it on a shelf above my desk where it will be looking down at me. :yes: The company that made this little guy sure did a wonderful job making it look real. I keep my stuffed animals up on shelves out of the dogs reach for they think that every one that comes into this house is for them.

I have had a nail file by Diamon Deb (made in the USofA) for at least 40 years and it is still as good as it was when it was new. It is one of the 6 inch ones and I have a little “sample” size one that is a mere 2 inches long which I keep in my purse and have had it longer than I have had the longer one. I am thinking of buying one that is 4 inches long to keep in the glove box in the Jeep for there are times when I have wished I had one to use, for I don’t carry my purse all the time. The 4 inch one is only $3.50 and if I don’t lose it ~ it will last me as long as I live. :cp: Don’t get me wrong I don’t sit and file my nails a lot but I am active with my hands and need a touch up on a spot now and then so it won’t be a problem.

DONNA FAYE Wow, that is some dress. You will surely be noticed in that garment ~ what a fun outfit to wear with those cute sandals. You will be stilin' :cp: Hope you find all that you need while shopping today. Does the commissary have those yummy biscuits we were talking about? I just still have two of the different kinds they make.

JEAN Seems like the mail delivery system is like that all over for we can never count on ours to be here at a certain time. Sometimes in the morning then other times in the late afternoon. How are your cats getting along now? Has Sonny taken over yet? :lol:

SUSAN :lol: Yep ~ different stroks for different folks. There are enough folks driving RV's on the highway so you don't have to join the ranks. Some of our dear friends are like you and love the motel - hotel staying and being waited on. What do you make with your English Paper piercing? That is something I have never tried.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

PS ~ while out and about we looked in every place in town that sells beauty supplies and found just one place that sells Diamon Deb nail files and they only had an 8 inch long one so Ill put the old 6 inch one out in the Jeep. I got a good surprise when I checked out the new one ~ I didn't realize that my old one had lost a lot of its diamond dust but it still works great. :yes:

04-27-2013, 12:21 PM
Good morning ladies. It is rainy and chilly here today. It came down in buckets early this morning, banging on the stove vent and the chimney. Sounded like a thousand horses for about half an hour. Luckily, we were sitting in the recliner and Fortune was wedged in Jack's seat with him and slept right through it this time.

Jack's hand is healing but he still has an open place so had to go again next week and have it checked out again. He has gone down from being totally wrapped to large bandaid to regular bandaid now. He leaves it off as the doctor told him for the air to get too it when he goes to bed.

We ate at Chili's last night instead as Jack changed his mind. I had their shrimp and peeled off the coating and ate it and the cole slaw, which was really bland. It wasn't low pts but it was ok and not too horrible even having the shrimp fried. After I ordered I realized you can now get shrimp in the fajitas and could have gotten a grilled shrimp and chicken combo, but that's ok.

Today is lazy day I think and tomorrow is commissary day. It opens later on Sunday, which we like so we try to go on Sundays. I have my list done, but not typed up yet. I usually wait until evening in case we have forgotten anything.

Boy they really take you for a ride at the optical places. We ordered Jack's glasses and our part after insurance was $165. We saved about $115. With that being said, I went online to two different places, put in the same information for the same style glasses and one was under $40 and the other was under $75 and that was having to pay for the frames, which we didn't pay for at the optical place because we got frames less than $130. I go in August and I am not messing with the optical company. I already found the glasses I want and will just get them there and buy a second paid of sunglasses with the new prescription.

Maggie: It irritates me when I have a product or food or something and can't get them. I have a snack chip I like that Walmart and Kroger carried and they went poof. I checked with the company and they no longer put them in our area at all in any store in the Memphis area. She said it is consumer driven and they found not enough people bought them. Sorry you couldn't find your size in town. Did you say you can buy them online???

Well girls, gotta go. Have a nice Saturday. Faye

04-27-2013, 02:05 PM

It is in the 50º area this day and expected to top out at 70º with a little bit of fog this morning which will be burned off by noon time and leave behind clouds. Some of our tomato plants where hardy enough to live out the freeze and some weren’t. We had them out on the patio to “harden” and covered but some just didn’t make it. It is going to be difficult growing a garden this year even in pots. We may just end up buying plants instead of trying to grow veggies from seeds.

Chicken soup for the soul. I always make enough to have leftovers on purpose so we will have some today for sure. Homemade is surely the best for I don’t use any preservatives. Some of that good cornbread I made is still left so we can have a piece with a steaming bowl of soup. I didn’t make the soup as planned yesterday so today will surely be the day it gets made. We ended up eating beef sticks, crackers and cuties for last evenings meal.

♫Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys♫♪ I don’t know ~ Will is a Cowboy and it has worked out real good. Our horse still lives in TN. We got a “2 CD set of Country #1 Hits” which is playing currently on my boom box. These old folks sure could sing the stories. My music taste is eclectic.

Beanies most favorite toy is a babies toy ~ little “rubber duckie” they make to float in bath water. He carries that thing around everywhere and drops it at our feet and waits for it to be picked it up and thrown so he can go fetch it back. We bought the thing at a yard sale last summer and he took it over when he saw it. I had thought it real cute and was going to put it by my sink in the bathroom but it never got there. No doggie toy has ever gotten his attention like that little rubber duckie has. Ragg Mopp is not a bit interested in it so leaves it totally alone.

DONNA FAYE I did find a file to buy here locally and yes they can also be bought on line at a beauty supply site. I got one even though it was longer than I wanted locally. I bought it here for I prefer to buy locally if possible to help the stores here. Since I took that marketing class in college I understand why stores don’t stock certain items locally. If a product isn’t a good seller then they don’t want to stock it. I just prefer to buy locally if possible. If I can’t find it locally I can usually get it on line if it is still being manufactured. Some things I want are no longer being sold. When we lived out in CA we never had to order anything for there were lots of specialty stores in which to shop. If we wanted a plastic container of a certain size we went to the plastic container store. The kitchen shops were my favorite. :lol: We don’t have a kitchen shop here. :no: But I have Chefs Catalog® from which to order from. :cp: And the Artisan Table® is another great source of mine for they have different “stuff.” We have what is called "Piggy Back" insurance for eye glasses. What the regular insurance doesn't pay for glasses the piggy back pays so we are not out any do re me. I hope you get what you want and they work well for you.

Have a great Saturday Magnolias ~ :wave:

04-27-2013, 05:37 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining again today, slight breeze, and not quite as warm as yesterday. Bob has been working in the flower patch; mainly cleaning out three little bird houses, and repairing two roofs. We've had wrens in one for several years. The other one had a big bee/hornet nest in it. We bought some flower pots this morning to replace some cracked ones that sit on the deck. They are in sunshine most of the day so don't last very long. Now to buy flowers assuming it's going to stay above freezing. I've got laundry going, sorted through a pile of junk mail, and feel lazy now. I had three envelopes where they ask for donations and then either put stamps on the return envelope or a postage paid envelope. I wrote a note saying if they can afford postage they don't need my small contribution and to take our name off their list.

"Gma" -- I like the sandals you found to go with the dress -- cute! :D We don't have glasses insurance; the last time I bought new glasses, locally, it was close to $400. The frames I chose were Calvin Klein (dumb!) and I wear trifocals so they cost more. I guess the upside is that we know all three optometrists well enough that we could call any one of them at home after hours, if needed. Otherwise, our choice would be to travel 50 - 70 miles (or WM, Eye Express, both of which do not have full time local optometrists). Bob figures that what we would pay for the insurance we can save because we don't change prescriptions often. We don't have dental insurance either, for the same reason. I've only eaten at Chili's once but loved their chips and salsa! :T

Maggie -- Ernie and Sonny are getting along pretty well. :yes: Every once in awhile Sonny gallops (literally) after Ernie because Ernie will switch his tail and that catches Sonny's attention. They roll around on the floor but no hissing, spitting, nor claws because I haven't seen any blood. We assume they are playing. When Ernie gets tired of Sonny he will hop up on his favorite spot on the island, or else up on his shelf in the basement. So far Sonny hasn't tried to jump up on either one. Sorry about the tomato plants that didn't survive. :( Bob thought our flowers, that were up, were ok even though it got below freezing a couple nights. The birds had to ice skate because Bob took the heater out of the bird bath a week or so ago when it was warmer.

I have some ripe bananas so am going to make a loaf of banana bread later. I need to fold towels and get another load of laundry in the washer. I swear the dirty clothes multiply when I'm not looking! Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

04-28-2013, 02:41 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's a cool 72 degrees with chance of rain for the next few days, and snow predicted on Thursday! I so hope the weatherman is WRONG! Bob is putzing out in the yard again this afternoon. I've read the papers and need to do something constructive.

Hope you all are doing something you enjoy this afternoon! Have a good one! :wave:

04-28-2013, 05:25 PM
Good afternoon girls. Crazy day today. I had a bad day and night yesterday and ended up taking a tylenol with codeine so slept ok on and off when I didn't get up to go to the bathroom. My dr wants me to empty my bladder every two hours so I have been sort of training it, but now it does it at night too so I screwed up! :lol: I sound like a broken record but just haven't been feeling well the last couple days. Just one of those things.

We went commissary shopping and it was nice and quiet there today. They have a brand new commanding officer and he has changed the rules making people show their ID's when they come in the door instead of when they check out. That's the way they used to do it at all bases for either the commissary or exchange/PX. I think they just got sloppy, but whomever the CO is now he went back to the old way. The lady told me a lot of people don't like it and I think that is ridiculous, but she said one lady got pretty hot with her a couple days ago because she had no ID and the lady wouldn't let her in. Come to find out the lady was divorced and lost privileges but her daughter still has an ID so this lady would come with her dd shopping who would use her ID when checking out and her mom would get the benefit she no longer deserved. So basically, it was the people breaking the rules anyway that were hot under the collar about it.

We came home and put things away and went out and had "linner." That's what Jack and I call it when we go eat later and then have some crackers or something and don't have dinner. It is lunch and dinner combined. We went to our favorite Italian place, Coletta's. I get their spaghetti and meatballs and put half in a carton and take it home. It is the one place I have found that I actually like warmed up pasta and sauce. We came home and just crashed. I am bone tired today and having more cramping and such so the day is done for me. I washed and dried and folded a couple batched of clothes and that's it. I will kick in early tomorrow and clean the whole downstairs.

My glasses should be here tomorrow. I am anxious to see how they look. They are all metal frames in a bluish purple color. I like rectangular frames so that is what I got. I should also get a pair of french knit perwinkle capris I ordered and probably on Tuesday get the sandals. I still have those two pair of free undies and then my dress, which will probably not ship until the end of the week as they make them. I have to find some fun jewelry to wear with the crazy dress.

Maggie: Fortune has a fleece elephant that he adores and has been replaced many times over the 14 years. I get them at Petsmart online only anymore and don't know what I will do if they quit selling them. I usually buy 4-5 at a time just to keep ahead as he chews on them until he breaks through the fleece into the stuffing and out they have to go. They have a yarn tail which I always have to cut off so we have elephants with no tail, only a tiny pink nub. :lol: I sure wish I could have just one pot of tomatoes, but this squirrel comes back year after year and will tear them to pieces. Right now, our trash collectors are on strike in solidarity with the contracted trash hauler here in town so our trash wasn't picked up. We can't put anymore in our garbage can and I told Jack not to just set the bag on the deck because that squirrel tears them apart so I guess we will have to put them in the garage until they start picking them up again. I know they won't give us money back though. I didn't last year, but I think I will probably get a pedicure for vacation when I get my nails done. I don't usually have them because having to lift my leg and hold it in place for them to do my heels kills my bad knee. I have tried everything to support it, but nothing works so I just don't get pedicures.

Jean: It has been dark clouds today but nothing but one spit of rain on the way to the commissary. It is in the upper 60's today. I give money to one charity, St Jude's and that's it. I know where and how and such their money is spent with Kelly working there and I know what it is for and have seen it's results. Most places I won't give to because I don't know what they do with the money. I am like you, we get tons of catalogues. I buy one thing and I am on their list. A lot of them I don't mind like the knitting supplies and shoes and clothes, but I get this one for swimming pool supplies and frankly the one we have that we don't even own hasn't been opened in 5 years.....:lol: I get Land's End a lot and like looking at their new stuff. I like their company for one thing if nothing else. They have a lifetime warranty. I had a pair of sandals break and emailed and asked them if there was a way I could replace just the one and they sent me a new pair free of charge. I guess that is their policy.

Well girls, I am out of here. Have a nice evening! Faye

04-29-2013, 12:37 PM

It is a beautiful day going to get into the 80º’s today with a slight breeze blowing and the sun shining brightly. What a wonderful day to be alive. I got a real nice surprise at church yesterday morning for one member came in and stopped by where I was sitting and gave me a little bag with a wonderful bottle of body lotion inside. It is called “Cashmere Glow” and has Jojoba and Shea butter along with Vitamin E in it. I rubbed some on my arms and it sure has a nice feel and the smell is wonderful and not overpowering but subtle. Bless her heart ~ I love surprises and I do like giving them also.

Not much happening on this beautiful day in the ♥-Land. We have decided to post pone our trip to Texas due to bad weather that is being predicted for Texas for those days we planned to be there. We will go another time when the weather is better suited for what we would be doing there.

I am up a couple pounds on my scale and for one thing I know I am packing water. Must have been some hidden sodium in the meals we had out this past weekend plus my not making some good choices throughout the week. I had better tighten up my program if I want to continue to lose don’t you think. I am continuing my walking program which is a good thing. :cp:

I have got to clean off the long utility table that sits in the middle of the floor here in my office/crafts room today. Will has some long sleeve shirts he wants to have made into short sleeved shirts and I can set up my little sewing machine on that table quite nicely. On the table sits my glass grinder on one end and the cats food and butt hut cleaning items on the other end with the middle area empty for a space to place glass pieces to be ground I am working on. I don’t have anything cut out at present so it would be a good time to re-locate the items on the table so I can have a nice clean surface to sew on.

DONNA FAYE Hope you had a better nights sleep and are ready to tackle what ever you want to clean this day with gusto. Isn't it a great feeling to have the commissary nice and quiet for once so you can do your shopping easier. I think it is good that the new commanding officer is doing the "right thing" catching the cheaters. Service folks have earned the right to be able to shop there by their service to this USofA. Thank you service men and women we owe you much more than commisary priviledges. To keep the birds and squirrels out of our strawberry patch we hang strips of foil in the branches of the apple tree above the bed. In the garden we have a "scare crow" that works to keep the other critters out. What we need to do is keep out is that scorching burning sun that cooks the veggies on the plant. If we do use the large garden plot we will hang shade cloth over the top. It is still too early to plant for snow is in the forecast in May. We do have some tomato plants in pots on the patio. Foil strips can be hung from the plants branches to keep the squirrels out also.

Not much else going on to yak about so I will talk to y’all later.

04-29-2013, 01:15 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's a nice 59 degrees heading up to the 70s this afternoon. We, too, are in for more rain and possible *shudder* snow. The church deposit was pretty skimpy this morning so was finished in record time there. Went to check my cell phone and the *%$#@_ thing was dead again! I've had it maybe two months, hardly use it, and it's always either dead or a low battery. I've been back to the store twice with it; this morning was #3 and I said I either wanted a new phone or a new battery. They had to call tech support, then Bob to ok it because it's in his name, and finally she said, "they will send a new battery in 2 - 4 working days." This is a "dumb" phone very similar to the one I had and is a piece of junk imo. I told her I would be back if the new battery didn't fix the problem. Then I picked up the gift shop money and have that deposit ready to go after lunch.

"Gma" -- When you order glasses, how do you get the right prescription, and if they need to be adjusted to fit, where do you go for that? I hope your glasses arrive in great shape! :yes: Glad you commissary shopping is done for another couple weeks. I had to chuckle at your "linner" -- cute. Hope you are feeling better today.

Maggie -- What a nice surprise to receive a gift "just because." :D I wish the weather would settle down and be "normal" for every one. We didn't have tornado warnings nor watches last summer and I would like that again this summer. I need to shorten my spring jacket sleeves and am seriously considering taking it to the cleaners to have them do it. Bob suggested flower shopping this afternoon but it is supposed to get colder again so don't know if we will or not.

I need to put my gift shop books away and think about something for lunch. Have a marvelous Monday and enjoy! :wave:

04-29-2013, 01:42 PM
Good morning ladies. I am taking a break for a few minutes from the cleaning and sorting and tossing, etc, etc. I only have the dusting, the computer and tv screen to clean (we buy special towelettes for this job and they must have vinegar in them because you can smell it when you wipe the screen.) and sweep and mop the kitchen floor, which really needs it after hauling in groceries yesterday. I was up at 1 AM not feeling well and didn't go back to bed until 4:30 then up again around 5:15 when Jack got ready for work. I was going to nap in the recliner, but started doing something else so just stayed up.

I put 4 bone in no skin pieces of chicken in the crockpot with my chicken gravy mix so dinner will be easy with some mashed potatoes. I buy Bob Evans Refrigerated mashed potatoes and have for a few years now. It just the right amount with a little left over for us and I don't have to peel the darn things. It is one of the things I really do rotten. I think I will make some cauliflower to go along with it.

Well, my glasses are being sent back by the post office so I contacted the company I bought them from. Something about the forwarding expiring. I don't know, but I am not happy about it. I bought the current pair and two pair of prescription sunglasses with no problems so I am wondering what the deal is.

Maggie: So you can grow potted tomatoes and the squirrel will stay out of them if I hang aluminum foil strips on the plants? I would really love to grow my own tomatoes as I am rarely satisfied with what I get here in town even in the summer. I am sorry you had to cancel your Texas trip. Iknow you were looking forward to it. I forgot to weigh this morning so will just wait until next week. Sewing is something I never really got the hang of. Now I can hand sew a whiz, but the machine usually ends up with thread all messed up in it. Kelly just got a new one a few months ago for Christmas and it is a humdinger, but she has yet to have the time to sit down and make anything. She has a few irons in the pot all at once on a couple big marketing campaigns for St Jude's. She has even been going in and working a full day on Saturday for the last couple weeks.

Jean: I can usually go into Walmart and ask them to adjust my glasses. I have been a customer for 6-7 years so they know me and don't question it. I just took my prescription she gave me for glasses when I got my contacts and used it. It is pretty simple. They have a system, top line is right eye, bottom line is left eye and you just put the numbers in left to right and if it has bifocals, it gives you a place for each eye to add the power. Don't laugh as I am blind as a bat, but my prescription is -475 right eye (which will go in the first box) and that is the only number because I don't have astigmatism in that eye and left eye is -450 -125 97 which is the prescription to correct the astigmatism and add +250 bifocal power. Easy peasy. The systems are all the same so you don't have to worry about screwing it up as long as you remember a prescription from the doctor is always top line right eye, bottom line left eye and at the optical place it is the same thing. You then just follow the instructions about whether you want anti scratch coating and other stuff like tinting, etc. I have had my 3gs Iphone for almost 3 years and the only trouble I had was some problem right after I got it and it was under warranty and they just gave me a new phone and haven't had a bit of problem. I keep it charged up at home and we have chargers in the car too so it stays charged up.

Well, I am stalling here! :lol: I better get going on the nasty kitchen floor. You all have a great start to your week. Faye

04-30-2013, 12:36 PM
Good mornings gals. It is beautiful and sunny and hot today! Finally in the upper 80's. I am hoping they pick up the trash today since they settled the strike of the private trash company. Our trash company struck in solidarity so we haven't had our trash picked up in a week. I keep hoping the squirrel doesn't figure out about the "buffet" in the walkway.

I have been picking out tops and pants and dresses for vacation. For my size, it isn't much but I am down two sizes. I found some cute tshirts and a nicer top very tropical. I also needed a pair of dress pants in black and come denim capri pants and a pair of purple knit capris to go with a tshirt I bought. I have the dresses picked out, but am going to wait to order anything for a couple more months just in case I need to go down one more size. The place I order most of my clothes actually makes them to your size, which is nice. They also make them roomier than regular fit, which is alright with me. I can't stand tight clothes.

I have everything done but the dusting and will attack then when I get finished here I guess. Tomorrow is tackle the upstairs.

Do they only hire nitwits at the post office? I told you yesterday they said they sent them back to sender because of a forwarding that expired. So, I went in to another company and ordered another pair and at 3:30 in walks Jack saying, "Your glasses are here!" I only paid $16 for the extra pair so it isn't a big deal and they are purple so that will be fun, but what if it had been something expensive and I reordered because I needed them. For my part, I should have waited until the mail had come.

Tonight is crab cakes and cold shrimp night. I try to switch things up every night.

Nothing else going on here today. Just loving the beautiful day. Faye

04-30-2013, 03:06 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's the "usual" weather right now: sunshine, wind, and cooler today. The temperatures are supposed to drop as the day goes along and be in the low 40s tonight. We are leaving shortly for soccer games later this afternoon. I need to pick up a birthday gift for my "mom;" her birthday and Mother's Day are just a couple days apart. There was a shooting in Sioux City yesterday and the gunman hasn't been caught yet. :hyper: They locked down the schools and canceled the soccer games for last night. He shot a police officer who had stopped the car for a traffic violation; the officer is in stable condition which is good. I hope we don't get there only to have the games canceled again today.

"Gma" -- Glad your glasses arrived but sorry about the mix-up. That sounds like a typical po snafu these days. Have fun shopping for smaller vacation clothes! :cp: Wish you could tackle my fur bunnies and dust around here! It's so windy I haven't opened any windows until late in the day when it is calmer. A new housing development is under construction just a block away from us so know the blowing dirt will be awful this summer. They worked on part of the street/road last fall, but guess they are going to finish grading and pave it this spring. It's a gravel road the city fathers closed several years ago and will open up our end of the street again. That could prove to be a thorough fare this summer.

Hope you all are having a terrific Tuesday! I need to change warmer clothes and get ready to boogie out of here when Bob gets home. :wave:

04-30-2013, 05:33 PM

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Have a wonderful day Magnolias ~ :wave: