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05-28-2003, 07:48 AM
I missed you folks so much last week! The Colorado trip was great. My old roommate and I hiked 5.5 miles last Friday, and on Monday, we finished the Bolder Boulder in 1 hour and 48 minutes...a whopping 10 minutes quicker than last year! And on top of that we also did pretty well staying OP--she's on WW too.

So her leader was telling us about "rat chow"...and how in a study when the rats were fed their "rat chow", they ate only as much as they needed, even when more was available. They were nice lean rats. But when they were fed junk food, they ate and ate and ate, until they were 10 times the size they were supposed to be. The lesson to be learned? Our version of "rat chow" is fruits and veggies, lean meats, and the othe good for us stuff.

05-28-2003, 01:10 PM
Congratulations on doing the Bolder Boulder 10 minutes faster! Actually, congrats on doing it at all! I used to live in Colorado (Ft. Collins) so I'm familiar with the race, and I admire anyone who has the guts to go for it.

I love Boulder. Glad you were able to stay OP (eating the "rat chow!") and have a fun time with your friend.

05-28-2003, 01:13 PM
that's an interesting thought about the rat chow. what IS it about junk food????

05-28-2003, 03:04 PM

05-28-2003, 03:35 PM
Purina Rat Chow. I am a rat. :lol:

Glad you had such a good time. :)

05-28-2003, 10:06 PM
Congrats on your wonderful week!

05-29-2003, 10:40 AM
Wow, you're really doing great!! Keep up the amazing work! Congratulations!

05-30-2003, 03:31 AM
Welcome back. That's great for finishing the walk quicker then ever.

05-30-2003, 10:19 AM
Wow! 5.5 miles? I think I would die :) Congrats on improving your time. Junk food is evil! I've been doing this plan for over a year now, but I still can't be around chips . . . If there's a bag in front of me, I'll just keep munching until there's none left :D I started getting snack bags. Gives me a little treat, but with built-in portion control.

05-30-2003, 05:12 PM
First of all...CONGRATS on the 5 mile hike! That is wonderful!!!!

but you know...that is SOOOOO true! I hvae bag of cherries sitting here that I had for lunch, but I have like 15 left. They look yummy and I wouldn't mind putting one in my mouth, but my body just does not NEED another one, so I have not given them a second thought until just now when I read your post! If they were a bag of chocolates...you can be SURE they woulda been gone 15 minutes ago:lol: