Chicks up for a Challenge - Body Fit Challenge - California Family Fitness

04-17-2013, 01:19 AM
I'm relatively new here at 3FC; looking for advice.

I started Medifast 2 weeks ago, it's going well (I'm down 12+ pounds). My next goal is to start incorporating exercise in the next week or two.

My gym is starting up an 8-week "Body Fit Challenge" weight loss program/competition on May 4. The program includes unlimited group "personal" training.

A part of me thinks this would be a great opportunity to get a jump start on getting fit, plus I'm super competitive, so I think this would keep me motivated. On the other hand I'm worried this may be too much too soon and given my current weight and some arthritis problems I may be throwing my money away (approx $200). But then the other part of me thinks do it just for the "personal" training.

So my question - have any of you participated in a similar program? What were your experiences? Looking for an outsiders perspective - I can't seem to make a decision...