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04-15-2013, 11:22 PM
I am a sugar addict. There's no denying it now. Every day, I wake up determined to eat real, healthy food, (healthy for me is protein, fat, and veggies) and make it an hour, two hours, five hours, ten hours. And then I fail.

I've looked into joining OA or FAA, but I'm moving to South Carolina where there are no meetings. I've tried four different online meetings, one phone meeting, tried calling people (the contacts on the OA/FAA websites) and leaving messages, and no one calls back.

What are your tips? How do I get through the first few days? I feel like I've tried to come clean and stay clean so many times, and constantly fail. What is the trigger? How can I change this? Is there anyone who has gone through the process of addiction recovery that could mentor me?

04-16-2013, 11:45 AM
I'm struggling with this, too. :(

04-16-2013, 12:02 PM
Maybe this will help you maybe it won't, but I seriously gave all my junk food away. I also stopped smoking that same day as well. I'm now almost in my second month of losing weight and not smoking and the thing I did was every time I got a craving for food or a cigarette I chewed a piece of gum. If that didn't help I drank some water with Mio in it so I still got the sweet taste without the guilt of a candy bar. Skinny Cow makes amazing desserts. Have you tried those? The one thing you don't want to do is deprive yourself because then you will lose control and binge on the thing you've cut out. I also heard on the news a few months ago that eating your sweets first thing in the morning can help curb sweet tooth cravings later in the day.

Here's a link from CBS from last February


Hope this helped a little bit. If you want support I'm here and I too am looking for motivation :) feel free to email me anytime!

04-16-2013, 11:57 PM
Well if you really are that sugar sensitive most folks would tell you to stay far far away. It sucks the first few days or more because it is a withdrawal. Your body was used to/dependent on it. Please know that the longer you are away from it the less you will crave it. A huge container of mini red velvet cupcakes has been sitting 5 feet from my desk since last week and it just is not a part of my life anymore. I only relate that to encourage you- not to say I have some super willpower- when the cravings are gone and your body is nourished with real food you can start to say (practice it out loud) "I don't eat sweets". And the miracle is that you really don't eat sweets anymore :)

04-17-2013, 02:58 AM
I have the same problems.Feel free to buddy up with me.I have FACEBOOK AND ANYONE on fBthat wants to friend me to let me know your profile page

07-16-2013, 09:52 PM
Is anyone here still active? I'm looking for OA support. I've been active online for a while, but not luck finding a sponsor. I have 2 year old daughter and no one to watch her, so face to face is not really an option. If anyone is lookin for mutual support, id be very interested. Thank you.