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04-10-2013, 07:27 AM
It's Warblings not wobblings. I did enough of that yesterday when we were out to lunch. I had a quesadilla which was absolutely delicious but half would have been enough. Somehow I think my "full" indicator is faulty. ;) No movement on the scale today though.

Off to the gym with Donna shortly and then some seed shopping at the feed store. We are heading into cold and snow again :( but we will recover. Early lunch and then the doggage and I are off to the clinic to do pet therapy. If the snow and very cold temps stay away for a while, I may get some outside work done later this afternoon. On the other hand, I have that book to read and a quilt ready for binding. I need "people"! :shrug:

Hope your day is full of warbles rather than wobbles! :cofdate:

04-10-2013, 07:39 AM
Hi Ruth, I'm so sorry you are getting snow! We had about 80 degrees yesterday which was a real jump from where it has been. It won't be that today but I think we might be safely into the 60s now.

I'm trying desperately to motivate myself to exercise. In our new complex there is a gym which I joined back when we moved (in November) and I have yet to go - well, I've been to LOOK at it, but never to work out. I need to just load up some things on my ipad and do it! I used to be such an exercise bug (sigh).

Hope everyone has a great day today.

04-10-2013, 07:41 AM

It's supposed to get up to 86* here this afternoon, Ruth. If you leave now, you'll be here by the time I get off work. ;) Although it's nice to have warmth again, most everyone is complaining that it's too hot, too soon. I think it's supposed to be more seasonal after today, though.

I'll be spending my morning with Susie, and then I'll get Cindy's garden planted before I pick up the girls this afternoon. Yesterday I planted several flats of violas in the beds lining the drive, and it felt so good to have my hands in the soil again. Pony Club after school today, so I should be home early. :)

Welcome back, Mmckellen! It's nice to hear from you again!

04-10-2013, 07:54 AM
Yes chicks, I was actually complaining at work yesterday that it was too warm in there! I do love the 50's and even 60's, so I'm hoping mother nature takes a back step and gives us at least a few of those.

Good thing I have you guys to chat with this morning, since I have lost my voice! LOL....not a big loss to the world :D, although tomorrow with clients will be difficult. I suppose the boss will still make me go to the staff meeting today though? ;)

I'm with you guys on the exercise. Since I keep waking up early, I want to start walking/jogging in the am. I am sore from monday's run, which is pathetic! This weather does something for your soul though, makes me want to go out and be busy :D.

Have a great day!

04-10-2013, 08:36 AM
Good morning :coffee2: I am officially back from the land of the stomach bug. That was no fun, first time in about 24 years. I could go longer without having it again. I'm sure I've got a ton of work to catch-up on and need to start making plans for the day.

Ruth - I hope spring decides to visit Delta for more than a day!

Mathilda - Quite a few of us got out of our good habits this winter and are working to get back. I've got both the lbs and the mushiness to prove it :( We can do it!

Cottage - can't remember if I told you I got the all clear after a couple more pictures? Happy spring

Twynn - The nice weather definitely helps. I just can't get excited about indoor exercise.

Okay, lots to do so I better get started.

04-10-2013, 08:46 AM
Good morning CyndiM glad your bug passed quickly. Another nice day here, but will be seasonal starting tomorrow. Cannot wait for Griday to get here. A rainy day is in store which means Coconut gets a much needed bath. Thankfully he is little and fits in the kitchen sink. After his bath I will shave him. His coat gets so nasty it is easier to keep it short. Mick will pace in fear of being next. These days he just gets the furminator!

Eating is OP, but pre TOM hormones is making me so sleepy :(

Hope everyone does something they enjoy today. More bus driver training today and tomorrow

04-10-2013, 09:24 AM
Good morning. Cold and wet here today. Lots of storms last night so I am blurry-eyed this morning and might need a serious nap today. My only plan so far is to hop on the treadmill later this morning. And to make portobello mushroom pizza for dinner. Oh, and do laundry. Thrills.

04-10-2013, 10:18 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I had an up/down night but got adequate I'm just "behind" and ultra slow internet isn't going to get me where I need to go this morning. I was going to get the 940-941 taxes done before I take mom to a medical appt. in Denver.

Here we go again with the weather....Linda, I can't believe 86 degrees...saw the pics of cherry blossoms in DC on the news last night AND I could swear it's still January here after taking the pup out....5 degrees and snow everywhere. Thankfully I see blue sky to the East which is where I'm headed today.

Matilda(Mmckellen), so glad you're back! I've missed you and have thought of you often especially as you were hit by the storm last tell about your new home!

OK, exercise, clean house, smoothie, paperwork, that order.

Have a great day everyone!

04-10-2013, 11:30 AM
Good morning,

Quick flyby for me, everything going steady eddy :) We are trying to do some sprucing up around the yard and adding a few landscaping items, trying to talk DH into doing a garden behind the garage (him doing the work that is hehe) They opened up a Menards here and we went last evening after dinner and they have some many nice ideas...

MmcKellen glad to see you back on the threads :)

:wave: to everyone else, I have lots of work to get done.

Have a great day everyone

04-10-2013, 06:22 PM
Just an early evening pop in for me.

It rained heavy earlier today, which always messes with my head (I get migraines), so I spent most of the day in bed. I've had a single bowl of chili, and am considering going back to bed.

I HAVE AN INTERVIEW TOMORROWWWWW! It's with an oil company that owns a chain of gas stations here in Ohio. I don't know if they're elsewhere, but I haven't seen any. In addition to my interview, I have my first tutoring client tomorrow evening, so I'll have a busy day! Hopefully this will be a PRODUCTIVE interview instead of one of those "While your qualifications are impressive, we have chosen not to pursue you further at this time..." I won't ever HAVE experience if I can't get a job :lol:

Hope you guys are doing well! Debbie, I'll trade weather with you! It's in the 70s most days now. Which sucks! Bring back winter!!