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04-09-2013, 12:41 PM
Good morning, ladies! We're headed for 80 degrees this day.

Casper was so glad to see me. Glory said he did okay with her but kept looking for me. She even took him for walks.

I surely learned a ton about my body and nutrition last week. The rd was amazed at my food diary. I just took my 3-month journal so it wasn't anything special. We were told to keep track for the month of March. She really went over everyone's with a fine tooth comb and had individual meetings to show us where we could improve. We had some group lectures on what to eat and what to avoid. We all know that excess sodium causes swelling, but processed foods and simple carbs do too - 4 grams of water for every gram of carb. Meals for the first 2 days were pretty spartan - chicken, brown rice, kale, broccoli, spinach, peppers, apples, peaches, banana. Those are the foods that don't cause inflammation in 98% of us. Then we started adding back other foods and seeing how we did. Some did okay with wheat - me, I gained 2 pounds that day. We had a battery of tests for food allergies, daily weigh ins, blood work, urine analysis, bp. In addition to wheat, I reacted badly to white potatoes, artifical sweeteners, soy, and had a mild reaction to sweet potatoes and corn. I lost 2-1/2 pounds while there - all water weight. My pants kept sliding down to my hips because I lost the bloat in my waist area.

The diet I came home with is easy and she tailored it so I won't gain any weight. I have a minimum of 5 servings of vegetables and 3-4 of fruit, 4 teaspoons of olive oil, beef no more than once a week, salmon or other fatty fish at least 3 times a week, chicken, turkey, buffalo or venison, 3 servings of whole grains (but no wheat or corn products), poultry, 3 milk servings a day, and 1/2 ounce of dark chocolate a day. No sugar or artifical sweeteners but I can use Agava. I can have 1-2 servings of a processed food a day (bread or cereal, pasta, noodles, dessert (2-3 times a week). No more than 1500 mcg sodium per day.

We were given pre-paid Visa cards with $75 on them to do our first week's shopping and they will be update with $75 every week on Sunday for our groceries only. The cards are somehow tied to them and they can see what we purchased with them. Our food diary is on line and we are also to log our exercise but they gave no minimum for that.

Going up to Baltimore, it was raining. Coming home, a tractor-trailor went over the barrier on 664 and was hanging over the water. It added 4 hours to my trip home. Fortunately, my Kindle was all charged up so I read.

Faye, we aren't allowed to have instant or quick oatmeal. Because of the processing involved, they are no longer considered to be a whole grain. I use steel cut oats and cook it in the crockpot or old-fashioned oats and cook it with milk in the microwave. I think it's time to get a second opinion from a different group of doctors. Those female problems have gone on way too long and the repeat d and cs can't be good for you, either. I've had 4 surgeries for intestinal blockage, kidney surgery, gallbladder (when it was still an open surgery), hernia and appendix. My belly has a big cross on it. Thomas with a girl friend - WOW! Congratulations on your 30 pounds down. Keep on with your program. Tailor it to what works for you.

Jean, poor Sonny! He has been though a lot. I'm sure he'll be so glad to get home he'll be tagging around after you.

Maggie, the good thing about water weight is it does come off so our effort is rewarded next week, if not this one. WW has a new cookbook with recipes for cooking for one. I was excited to get it.

Have a wonderful day!

04-09-2013, 05:59 PM

We are cold here in the ♥-Land in the 30ºs as I type. It is cold in here and I am wondering if the furnace is acting up again or if it doesn’t know it is to turn on when the air conditioner is turned off. it is freezing rain with some snow and hail mixed with it and not pleasant but we sure do need the moisture. We took some folks out to eat for lunch and had a lively time. My shrimp was over cooked but that doesn’t happen often and I didn’t complain ~ at least it was done.

The dentist office called and said they had a cancellation for this afternoon and one of us could have that appointment. It was with the dentist’s son that has come to work with him and I don’t care for him for I don’t like the way he fixed a tooth of mine so I told Will to take the appointment. I will wait until my appointment with the dad comes around later this month. Will has never had the son work on him so we shall see if he likes him or not when he gets home.

What am I going to cook for dinner ~ something light since we had a bigger meal than usual for the noon fest. I will go shopping in my freezer when I get off here and make a decision in time for whatever it is to thaw. I hope I have some chicken noodle soup in there waiting to get into my bowl. That would be wonderful on a day such as this. The animals aren’t staying outside long when they have a need to go out there. Cecil is taking a long snooze on the bed as I type and Mopp and Beanie are asleep in the front room.

I have got to get back to doing walking laps around this house. I was doing so well and then my knee started to give me fits and I quit and probably should have kept on regardless. I am going to have to work back up to where I was when I stopped my walking program. No time like this afternoon to get a few laps in. Then tomorrow I will do 3 sessions of how many minutes I can take to slowly get back up to where I was and then go beyond. I must do this.

My brother told me that a man from Arizona is coming to look at my Mom’s place and just maybe he will purchase it. My brother said that they still haven’t got everything out but the place is clean for she did have a good housekeeper. He is having a gardener come and do some outside work ~ to check if there is any cleaning up to do around some of the bushes and trees. She had a good housekeeper and gardener so he is using the same folks to get it in shape for the potential buyer. One of the really nice things about her place is that swimming pool ~ just a few steps and you are there and it is a very quiet neighborhood. My mother was an avid swimmer and it kept her in good shape.

SUSAN Thank you for starting us a new thread. Sounds like you had a good session with that test group. That sodium just lurkes in the strangest places not just in the salt shaker. I will have to look for that new cookbook for if it has some yummy recipes in it I can surely double the recipe for the two of us. I saw the cutest set of cast iron cook ware for a single serving and thought of you. I love my cast iron items because they are so well seasned I don't have to use anything but a light sprit of canned oil when I am cooking something in them. Isn't it wonderful to lose the water weight when you eat the foods that are great to not cause inflamation. I rarely ever salt anything at home but use spices instead so we don't miss the salt. I know we get a dose of sodium in canned veggies. I rinse what I can when I open a can and don't cook the veggies in the liquid that comes in the can but use water. Some of the frozen veggies also get a bath in sodium before they are frozen so I rinse them also. Keep us posted on your adventure I myself find it very interesting.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day :wave:

04-10-2013, 01:03 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am on my way to bed and wanted to check in here first. It has been "storming" all evening; heavy rain, lots of wind, a bit of hail, thunder, and lightning. There is a lull right now so I'm hoping I can get to sleep before the next round starts. It is supposed to freeze during the night and turn to snow tomorrow. It's my lunch bunch tomorrow but I'm sure we won't meet if the weather happens as predicted. We play bells Sunday so really need to practice tomorrow, or sometime before Sunday.

I went to the dentist this morning, helped with a mailing this afternoon, and then went to visit Sonny. He looked so silly; he was squished in what I would call a plastic dishpan. He acted glad to see me and let me scratch in all the right places. Sonny got excited when I jiggled the bag of treats. He remembered! The vet and girls were all busy so I didn't get a report today, but I'm hoping he will get to come home soon. :dance:

"Gma" -- I hope Jack didn't have to work too late today. As far as I know no one has put an estimated guess on when Sonny gets to come home. As long as the wound is open I'd just as soon he stay there because of him going up and down the stairs here to put extra strain on it. I, too, had to :D at Thomas being a "player!" I wonder what exactly that means in this day and age.

Susan -- Your week sounds like it was very interesting and informative! The Visa cards would sure be a nice perk for everyone. Were the others from all over or mostly from the eastern part of the U. S.? I had never heard of steel cut oatmeal until Bob brought his recipe home. I'd have to say that Sonny almost looked like he was smiling today. I can tell he is feeling lots better. :cp:

Maggie -- My furnace has been running off and on all day. It's just a damp cold feeling tonight. I will take the snow over the hail, sleet, and ice. :yes: I sure hope we don't get the ice but it sounded pretty definite. They warned of power outages if the wind keeps up. It's hard to get back into the exercise routine once one quits. Good luck!

I'm heading for bed! See you tomorrow and wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

04-10-2013, 09:20 AM
Good morning girls! Gonna be another warm day in the 80's but we are supposed to get some super thunderstorms this afternoon. I hope Jack gets home before they start.

Tomorrow night is Thomas's band concert, then Friday Jack goes downtown to get his week of jury duty. I guess they assign you a week you have to be responsible for. Frankly, I doubt he minds. Boring or not sitting and waiting is better than work for him I would imagine. Saturday Jack has an eye doctor's appt and I am going out to lunch with my daughter, which will be fun just the two of us. Been a long time since we have done that. Sunday is commissary day.

Susan: Wow, interesting week. It's amazing to me that people process different foods differently. I hope this proves very beneficial to you and helps with some of the health issues. I imagine Casper was ready to go home with mom. We are taking Fortune with us in June to Indiana and he will love that. He travels so well, doesn't get car sick or anything, just sits in his little carseat and sleeps. Since he rarely barks he isn't an issue at pet friendly hotels either. No one knows he's there.

Jean: Gosh sounds like dentist month for everyone. I am glad Sonny is a bit more chipper and I agree, you want him completely healed before having him back home. I can't believe it, you are supposed to get snow and it is balmy and 80 here today. In fact, it stayed in the 70's overnight. I imagine we will be cleaning filters and such for our ac units and getting them ready to go. We are using fans right now trying to keep the utility bill low. Jack actually came home on time. I guess they fixed the mess they had. Thomas has had this same girlfriend for a couple years I think. I think he likes the attention, but really isn't all into the girlfriend/boyfriend thing. I think he hangs with his boy friends for the most part.

Maggie: I am going to do that polynesian style chicken in the crockpot tonight. Jack just wants his chicken breast fried so that's what he'll get. Actually, I just brown it and cook it in a chicken broth type gravy for him and he likes that a lot. I am anxious to try the crockpot stuff. I will try and freeze all the extras and see how it comes out. I would imagine it would be ok. I hope all things go well with the sale of your mom's home.

Well, need to get the day started. Have a good one and stay warm ladies, Susan stay cool! :lol: Faye

04-10-2013, 01:35 PM

Graceous sakes it is already Wednesday. It is currently 26ºs as I type and not expected to get any higher than 31ºs this day. I am so thankful for a nice warm inside to be in. :cp: This isn’t a piece of April that I want to keep in a memory bouquet for sure. I will keep the piece with the birds all twiterpated and the trees dressed in fresh greenery & blooming. Our apple trees get the prettiest blossoms. Hopefully the little apple tree will produce some fruit this year. The old one does a good job of producing still yet. Wish orange trees would grow here for they smell so lovely in the spring. I have memories of driving by the many orchards in CA with the top down on my yellow Mustang convertible and drinking in the wonderful odors of the blossoms. That is the April I want to have a piece of in my memory bouquet. I know we do so need the rain but I would really prefer it to fall in warmer weather. I don’t think I have a thing to go “out” for this day so will stay in this house and get on with my walking program.

I need to figure out a day’s menu and get something out of the freezer. Hopefully I have a meal being preserved in there that I can just take out and heat up. I just may have some spaghetti sauce and meatballs in the freezer and just need to see if there are any spaghetti noodles in the cupboard. My cooking ambition is on a low point this day. However, when I get more coffee in me, things just may change and my ambition will come back. :lol: Bless his heart Will put a shot of espresso in my morning coffee and it sure tastes great. He has mastered using the little espresso pot I have on the counter next to his coffee maker. When I bought that espresso machine I was looking for the smallest I could find that would make a good batch and this one still does. :yes: I love my morning cup of coffee ~ don’t you just already know it. :lol:

I put on a pair of pants yesterday that didn’t fit any longer ~ they wanted to slide off. I hope I can find a pair just like them to order for they are one of my favorites. My caftan also drags the floor now and I need a smaller version. Since my middle has shrunk then the caftan doesn’t have to cover that stomach area and bingo it becomes too long. I am not hard on my clothes and hate to give them up when I shrink out of them for I buy things I really like to begin with. However, there comes a time when I must give in and buy a smaller size. I don’t wear my clothes “tight” in the first place so when I shrink they start to look baggy quickly. I can’t find a couple of my favorite blouses anymore so will have to settle for a different style. :cry: I am not happy with some of the styles out there at present and hope spring will bring some better ones in my size. My blouses have to be at least ¾ length sleeves because of my large upper arm area. I don’t like to show off my fat. I don’t have the body style that has a big rear end so I don’t have a shelf back there to shrink. :nono: I really do not like to clothes shop. How weird is that.

DONNA FAYE That will be a nice luncheon with just you and your daugher and I am sure you two will yack it up. Hopefully Jack will get an interesting case to have to sit on if he does have to be on one. I always wanted to serve but "they" didn't want me :o because of my job. What was neat was when I would get called I would show up to be dismissed and then I would trun over that pay they gave me to the accountant at work and get paid my regular wage which was much more than that little jury check they gave me for having been there. Sometimes I would get time and a half because I would have to show up at the court in the morning and my shift was2 to 10 at work so the court thing was 'overtime'. How sweet it was. Money to spend at the gold market. ;)

JEAN Did you end up getting to meet with your lunch bunch? Hopefully the weather permitted your gathering for that event. I think that cat likes you better now that he has gone to the vet for awhile. You treat him so much better than "they" do. Not that they treat him bad ~ but they "must" do things to make him back to exact. Our lights blinked once just enough to have to reset the clocks on the stove and microwave but the electricity stayed on through the storm after that last evening.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day :wave:

04-10-2013, 05:49 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's cold, windy, and rainy again today, but no snow . . . yet. I did go to lunch bunch; there was only four of us so enjoyed the smaller group as well as lunch. Then I went to visit Sonny. He is really feeling a lot better! He has one more laser treatment on Friday and then gets to come home! I could have brought him home today, and then taken him back again but I didn't want to go through the trauma of getting him back in the carrier -- too much for both of us at this point.

"Gma" -- I wish you could share some of your 80 degrees with us! :yes: It feels like 23 here, damp and cold. Lunch with Kelly is something to look forward to. If Jack wants to serve on a jury I hope he gets a juicy case to observe. I found the whole process interesting but don't know if I would like a long term case. Let us know how your chicken turned out as it sounds yummy.

Maggie -- I don't like to clothes shop either! :no: When we were in Sioux City a couple weeks ago I went to Kohls, Penneys, and Younkers. None of them had anything I would even try on let alone buy. I was very disappointed! First of all, orange is not my color and I'm not into see through material, low cut necklines, nor short skirts. I have a mental picture of you losing your pants! :congrat: on them not fitting your body any longer. We are still supposed to get more rain, ice, and snow tonight and tomorrow.

I've got to sort some laundry and get ready to leave for bell practice -- last one until next fall. Hope you all are having a good day and enjoy your evening. :wave:

04-11-2013, 08:43 AM
Good morning gals. It thunderstormed and rained hard from around 9 PM until early this morning. It is still raining and will continue throughout the day. Fortune got scared and I didn't know it. He goes and lays on the stairs when he is scared. If I had known it, I would have put on his little thundershirt. He came downstairs around 3 and I had him just climb up into my lap and go back to sleep. If he feels all cuddled up, he will go back to sleep.

I know you gals in the north are having some cold stuff. They canceled/postponed last night's CUBS game in Chicago as they were having freezing rain and below zero wind chill.

Jack headed out to work about half an hour ago. We have the concert tonight and it is at 6 and we have to get there super early for seats so we are just going to grab a sandwich at McCalisters for dinner then head to the church. The church is about half mile from the restaurant.

I am a bit nauseous this morning and have been the last couple mornings. I think it is from having my stomach be completely empty. It goes away fairly quickly once I am up and around and eat breakfast so it isn't anything to worry about.

Jean: I am so glad Sonny is going to get to come home by the weekend. He is going to love being back at the house I bet. Sounds like you had a nice lunch with your friends. It is weird how they do the jury here. They wrangle up a huge group of people then assign them a one week time period where they have to go in and sit everyday and maybe be called, maybe not. Jack said he would buy a Soduku puzzle and read on his Iphone while he waited. As long as they don't try and screw up our trip to Indiana in June, I am ok with whenever he has to be down there. I doubt the lawyers would pick Jack. He has very, very definite opinions on most things and around here, he wouldn't be a welcome jurist. :lol: I have a place online I get most of my clothes. I never buy here in town. Sounds like if you want anything from Penney's you better hurry. The article I read yesterday says unless the new CEO can change things and in a hurry, they will be out of business permanently by Labor Day. Too bad, as I like Penneys.

Maggie: So nice to have clothing that you are slimming out of. It is hard to have to sell or give away good quality clothing, but it comes with the desire to be thinner and healthier. I saw yesterday our trees finally have leaf buds. All the trees are flowered out here but not the leaf ones (thus the allergies) The south has such lovely flowering trees, tulip trees, magnolias, red buds, dogwood, cottonwoods, etc.

Well gals need to get my day started. Starting Monday I am going to try and take Fortune out for a walk everyday, but stay close to the condo. The low groin cramping can make walking really miserable and the hormones are causing on and off diahrrea in the mornings so don't want to get too far away. Have a great day all. Faye

04-11-2013, 01:23 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It is snowing and at 32 degrees it's anybodys guess what the rest of the day will bring. Right now it is melting as soon as it hits. I've been to the gift shop to pay some bills. I finally got smart and took the checkbook, stamps, and envelopes with me and wrote the checks there. Doing that saved me another trip! I don't always know when there will be bills to pay, but I saw all the new boxes when I picked up the money on Monday. The lady vet was there having coffee with friends and I stopped to tell her Sonny is coming home tomorrow. She works a couple days a week but I've never figured out the schedule. Anyhow, she said he is ready as he has developed an attitude! :lol:

I have crafty club this afternoon and keep waiting for a call on that. The hostess lives out in the country and sometimes has us meet at a restaurant if her roads are too bad. I will go visit Sonny afterwards. The soccer games for tonight have been postponed so I can cross that off my list.

"Gma" -- Sioux Falls has gotten the brunt of this storm I think. The kids have been out of school for 3 days now. Jason said that only the main roads have been cleared and people have been warned to stay home. The ice on power lines has caused major outages not to mention all the tree and building damage. I feel so sorry for Fortune when it storms. It's good he will settle down with you. Penneys could save a bunch if they quit sending out the pathetic catalog/brochures. You can't order anything; I don't even look at them. I knew I would never serve on a jury as long as I worked for the school district. There were several trials for kids I had worked with. :rolleyes: Enjoy the concert tonight!

I have laundry loads to get going so better keep moving. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Thursday! :wave:

04-11-2013, 03:29 PM

I am very pleased because I got in 3 sessions of walking in yesterday and will work up to where I was time-wise when I quit. I’ll add some more minutes to each of the sessions today. I didn’t dare to start out when I quit my program last August 31st. I had to laugh because I couldn’t find my pulse at first but I finally did for it had moved from the place I used to take it since I have lost more weight. I put a dot with a felt tip marker when I located it. It will probably wash off in my shower but I will find the spot again and re-mark it if I think it will be necessary. BTW I had to take another link out of my bracelet so it wouldn’t slip down off my hand. It weighs 4.42 ounces which is a tad bit over a quarter of a pound. I usually take it off when I weigh at WW. :lol: But you can now see why it would slide right off my hand if I didn’t shorten it a link. It still isn’t tight on my wrist and has a goodly amount of play but won’t slide off. I can still slide it off though without undoing the clasp. I wear it as a constant reminder to be OP. I have so far shortened it half an inch and it won’t just slide off as it is. At the academy when I was there to be trained ~ in the restraint methods class those instructors were delighted when they would put handcuffs on me and I could slip right out of them. I am able to fold my hand to be as small as my wrist so then I could slip the handcuffs right off. They were delighted because they could use me as an example for the others in the class to learn to use alternative methods of restraint on folks like me. :cp:

It is just 39ºs as I type and not said to get over the high 40ºs today. A might chilly for me to be venturing outside this day I would think. Will is at the museum and has requested that we have spaghetti tonight for we didn’t the other nigh so that will be easy to oblige. Also I need to bake a fresh loaf of bread. I think the loaf will be loaded with wheat berries and bulky things with lots of fiber to lower the points+ per slice. I will go out to the kitchen and decide what kind it will be when I get off here.

DONNA FAYE Are you absolutely certain that your cramping and bowel problems are caused by your female problems? Have you explored the fact that you may actually have a food alergy causing the bowel disruption? What ever it is you do need to find out what is causing your upset and get it taken care of. How long has this been going on anyway? Long enough I would venture along with Susan. OH I love the Red Buds and the Magnolias ~ such beauty you have there. Lots of eye candy. Hopefully Jack won't get too awfully bored.

JEAN What fun ~ Sonny with an attitude. That will be interesting to say the least. Hopefully he will be very happy to be back home with you. I imagine that vet bill cost you a bundle. Good thinking to be prepared and take what you need with you and saving a trip. I am still chuckleling ~ a cat with a 'tuode.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day :wave:

04-12-2013, 11:21 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another gloomy windy day in my neighborhood with freezing drizzle predicted. My Sioux Falls grandchildren finally got to go back to school today after three days of "ice" vacation. I am impatiently waiting for a call from the vet clinic to pick up Sonny. Yesterday the vet showed me his wound area; it's about the size of a 50 cent piece and bright red, like it could break open any time. Looks really ugly! I asked about any restrictions, like stair steps, and he said Sonny would be "good to go!" I can tell he has a different attitude and it will be interesting to see what he's like once I get him home again. I will really feel bad if he hasn't felt good the whole time he's been inside and I was too dumb to know. :rolleyes: Otherwise it is dusting and vacuuming today.

Maggie -- :congrat: on getting back into your walking routine! Also on making your bracelet smaller, what a treat! It will be interesting to have Mr. Sonny home again as I know Ernie will have his hisser in high gear this time. :lol:

I'm off to bond with the dust rag and vacuum. Have a GREAT day; remember that the choice is yours! :wave:

04-12-2013, 02:16 PM
Good afternoon all. It is chilly here today but lovely sun is out. It is supposed to get into 60's. I am sure ready for warm spring and it is nice to see the leaves starting to come out on our big ole tree.

Thomas did a great job on his concert last night. He plays trumpet in the Eagles Ensemble band, the 7th/8th grade band, and the concert band, which you can only get into with an audition. He also plays keyboards for the jazz band so he was all over the place last night as the only time he wasn't playing was when the 6th grade band played. (this pic is of him warming up to play with the ensemble. He is surrounded by girls so I imagine he likes that! :lol: ) I had this trashy mother sitting next to me. She had on skin tight jeans and some trashy top, sat and played with a smart phone all the time and even had the gaul to take off her shoes and put her feet up on the pew(the concerts are held at a big church.) yuck!!!

Well, I imagine Jack is downtown by now waiting to see what comes of the jury business. Tom's mil was telling us last night she sat on a murder trial here in Memphis once. Ugh, I wouldn't want to do that here I don't think.

Maggie: Congrats on the changes that show you are losing weight. I have had a second opinion and actually a third one too in a way. They all agree since I can't have the Novasure and have the lining burned, this is the best way to go. I am not having symptoms enough to warrant removal they don't feel as I have said, they are concerned with more major surgery for me. As to the diahhrea, it stops when I stop taking the hormones and doesn't come back again until I start them up again. It is one of the side effects listed. I just take immodium if it becomes too much of a problem.

Jean: I am anxious to hear how it goes with Sonny being home. Hey, can't blame yourself as you took him in as soon as you noticed his not walking right. It wasn't like he was bleeding or had sores or anything. I do understand though. Even after the several years, I still wonder if I could have done anything to help out Butterscotch. I had no idea his kidneys were failing and he quit eating just a couple days before we took him in.

Well, Fortune wants some attention and I should get to making a menu and grocery list. Have a wonderful weekend. Faye

04-12-2013, 03:00 PM
Sonny is home! The tech put him in the carrier for me and sat him by my feet while I paid his bill. I was pleasantly surprised; $552 and all the laser treatments were half priced. The charges were for boarding, IVs, meds, laser, and the ER visit on the weekend. He growled, which I've never heard him do before. He growled a couple times on the way home too. I took him to the basement thinking he had all the necessities close by. He growled at Ernie on his way out, went up one step, and then back down to go behind the furnace. I came upstairs leaving both cats together downstairs. Ernie came upstairs shortly after I did, and about a half hour later Sonny peeked around the corner. He has been "talking" most of the time and is now intently watching birds and squirrels on the deck. I think he is glad to be home!

"Gma" -- Thanks for sharing the picture. It is a good one and Thomas has grown up into a handsome young man. I will be curious to hear about Jack's experience this morning. Our "duty" is 3 months long, and we are required to call the night before, usually Sunday night, to see if we need to report the next day. They are pretty good about excusing jurors for vacations if it involves plane tickets, reservations, etc. We've had several murders, kidnappings, theft -- you name it. I had to serve on an OWI which was short and sweet. We took 30 seconds to find the guy guilty only to learn afterwards it was his 7th OWI arrest. :twirly:

04-12-2013, 06:13 PM

I just flat didn’t want to do my walking yesterday afternoon but made myself do it and added another minute and picked up the pace which got my heart rate up which is a good thing. My target heart rate is between 75 and 90 and it was 84 yesterday right after the walk. I give myself a gold star for doing it anyway when I was really being so resistive. I finished the other two sessions without having to talk myself into it. :lol: Today I am not so resistive and will just do it thinking of how my body will thank me. After I get back to where I was when I quit I will add some hand weights to the routine and do some arm exercises as I walk. My reward for bashing on regardless was a nice cold bottle of Perrier water. I’ll have to remember my trying to talk myself out of walking and how I struggled through it. I have done my first session this morning and at the start of it my knee was hurting and I was limping along but as I walked some more it started to ease up and by the time I finished my session it was a whole lot better. I will do two more walking sessions before the day is over with. Did I mention that I am not a fan of exercise? I sure wish I had a private pool for I do love to swim and don’t consider that exercise but it is. There are pools in town but I am not into having a public display of my fat. :nono:

My lap top is acting up and getting hot and the fan runs constantly and very slow running. I have cleaned it out and so it isn’t because I have tons of cookies in it and Will said it is time for me to get a new one. I really don’t want a new one but I also don’t like the way this one is acting. We shall see what transpires first ~ if I go totally bonkers trying to use this one or I do bite the bullet and get a new one.

We went out for lunch and I had a wonderful salad with shrimp in it but mostly greens, tomatoes, cucumber and so good. My dressing was on the side and I didn’t use it. I am so used to having my salads sans dressing that I don’t even miss it now. Sometimes when the dressing is extra good I will dip my fork in it a few times but never ever have it dumped on my greens. Right now I am sipping on a small Lemon Lime Arctic Rush which is 3 points+ and worth every sip on this warm day. Mostly I love eating the shaved ice. :lol: For dinner I am baking some pork chops over scalloped potatoes and tossing a green salad with cut up tomatoes, celery and onions in it.

I am so glad we didn’t put any plants outside yet for those in the town that did had their garden plants all frozen this last storm. That is sad for it is certainly money lost plus the discouragement that came along with it. Since the weather forecast is favorable for this coming week we can put some tomato plants out that have had a good start under the grow lights in the kitchen above the window. The grow lights are three on a track so they can be moved as needed.

DONNA FAYE What a nice picture of your grandson. He is growing up to be quite the "looker" and with all his talent he will go far I would imagine. Well at least you do know what it is that is causing your discomfort.

JEAN Now don't you just wonder what it is that Sonny is talking about. I am sure he is loving being back home. He went behind the furnace to make sure his excape place was still there. :p I am certain he is glad to be home once again.

I need to do a few things before I start dinner so I will say ~ so long for awhile . . . Hope everyone had a wonderful evening :wave:

04-13-2013, 11:15 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is trying to shine and man, does the dust ever show! :o I dusted a couple days ago so am heading down to change the furnace filter next. Not much on my agenda today except to do some sorting for the church rummage sale. We've decided to donate our bedroom furniture which is "junk" we bought on a close out sale several years ago. My dresser has 9 small drawers that will hold anything small but nothing big like sweat shirts and sweaters. Maybe I've already shared that tidbit. :dunno: Sonny remembered the bedtime treat routine so guess he is really home. He is talking to his birds and squirrels as I type.

Maggie -- I don't like to exercise either. I do like to walk outside though. Bob will walk with me but he can take bigger faster steps so ends up ahead of me. :lol: Bob's secretary was having some sort of problem with her home computer. She has lots of different programs that she uses to make greeting cards and she does the books for her church. The computer guy told her that in a couple years none of the current programs that people have will work because of the new technology being developed. I wish they would leave stuff alone for people like me who are LD users! Same wish with new cell phones!

I'm dressed and need to get busy. Hope you all have a super Saturday and enjoy whatever you are doing! :wave:

04-13-2013, 01:19 PM

Got my 3 sessions of walking in yesterday. Each day I will bump my time each “go round” a minute until I reach 20 minutes 3 times a day and will eventually do the whole hour in one walking session. But that will be awhile but that is the plan. Slow and steady I go so I don’t injure myself again. When my walking time is longer I will attempt to walk the neighborhood in a cool part of the day ~ we shall see when that time arrives. I actually believe I will enjoy walking much better if I do it outside. I have a 4 foot bamboo walking stick that has been hardened for it is one of the ones just like the police in India carry for crowd control. It is so hard that a machete can’t whack it into. I will carry it along on my walks outside for balance if I need it. Have any of you seen the WW charm you can earn by tracking activity ~ a person walking? One would look nice on my bracelet. :lol: I could put it next to my sneaker and bar bell charms on my bracelet.

I am home alone with the animals this day for Will has gone about an hour away to meat with a state official about a dig that unearthed some old bullet casings. They want Will to identify some of the things they have found. I chose not to go and tend to some things that need doing here.

It is @ 10:30 am and the temp is 52ºs and not expected to be over the mid 60ºs. Nice spring weather. They say we may get some rain come next Wednesday. That is a few days off and things may change in that category. ♫Oh let the rain come down. ♪

JEAN What fun to get new bedroom furniture to replace the pieces you are donating ~ or did you already get some and I was in my "unawares?" I love the nice big drawers in our dresser. It is long with 3 sets of 3 nice sized drawers. My favorite winter time jacket is absolutely to large for me now and so I will get it cleaned then donate it. I would like to find another just like it in a smaller size for it is real comfortable and cozy. Sonny is back to exact now and can keep those birds and squirrels told off. I think Cecil will keep the birds off our garden plants. If your computer guy is correct, which he probably is, I would not like losing some of my favorite little programs when i get a new computer. I lost a couple when I got this one and don't want to lose any more. :o

Hope everyone had a wonderful day :wave:

04-14-2013, 05:46 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another cold windy day in my neighborhood. We had wet streets this morning and the rain gauge said .41" -- I'm sure the farmers are wishing for a few dry days so they can get their planting done. I played bells this morning; it was a challenge as we played two pieces with two different time counts, and with different sharps/flats in each. To add to the misery we played chimes in both and malleted parts of one. I told the director my gray brain matter is too old to be doing switcheroos so early in the morning! Everyone said we sounded great but we knew better! Bob and I came home for a couple hours and then went back for a spaghetti dinner put on by the men's group; it was to raise scholarship money for the seniors. I've been lazy this afternoon, just finished reading the paper.

Maggie -- My favorite jeans, from Penneys and their brand, are no longer available. I expressed my displeasure to the sales clerk and also sent a letter. Of course I've heard nothing back. I did see where the company is in trouble because of the last CEO. Sonny has spent the whole afternoon napping up on the couch which is a spot he usually doesn't choose. He isn't sleeping on his favorite chair at night so I hope he isn't on the cold basement floor. There is an area rug but I don't see that he's chosen any one spot there either.

It's going to be a busy week as I have something every day starting with a luncheon tomorrow and a tour of a country mansion that has been restored. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

04-15-2013, 10:19 AM
Good morning ladies. It is overcast, but not particular cool. It is supposed to be in the 80's today so the ac might get turned on. I need to get all my housework done this morning before it gets too hot.

Busy weekend and I never did get in here. Jack's been assigned July 8-12th for his jury week. It fit in ok as we were concerned with him getting stuck either before or after the weekend we were going to Indiana in June. So now he just waits for his time to come. Hopefully if he is seated it is a quick trial of something easy not complicated.

Jack's back is acting up again so he has been limping around sort of all weekend. I finally convinced him to put the heating pad on for 15minutes to half an our several times a day when he had the time. I imagine he will be sore when he gets home tonight.

This morning was weigh in and I am down another 4 lbs for the week. :cb: I am only a few oz from the next step down in lbs. I bought some cookie type things for breakfast called bella vita. Don't have any idea whether they taste good or not. I do buy the Special K Fruit Crisp things for a sweet tooth. There are several different kinds you can buy with two two a package and 2 pt per package. The remind me a lot of Pop Tarts though these small and the "crust" isn't thick like pop tarts. I sometimes eat them with fruit or yogurt or whatever for breakfast or sometimes if the sweet tooth is roaring, they are good for that too. I am not a huge sweet eater but sometimes I just want dessert. The thing with me I have found is to not have breakfast until around 8:30 or so, eat light then. If I fix eggs and such or something heavier, I tend to be hungry all day, but when I eat like say a banana and those crisps or an oatmeal with some fruit in it, I am fine pretty much. The hormone pills impede me or try to a lot. They can make you feel like you haven't eaten in forever.

Jack is now all set to get his new glasses. We are going to shop around at places that take our insurance because Walmart has a crappy selection. We did order him a pair of prescription sunglasses and bought myself a pair too as I had a coupon for buy one get one free. I have been having a lot of trouble seeing with my contacts so am just wearing my single vision glasses for the time being. Have no idea why wearing contacts have become so blurry and I actually changed a new pair for another pair out of a different box and it didn't help. She said to come in and she would check it out as a walk in so I will probably keep the car one day and just go in and see if she can tell what is going on.

Kelly and I had a great time going to lunch. We talked about funny stuff and some real serious stuff, but it was a great lunch and this is a nice place to eat. She said she is trying to get her dad and I out of the rut of eating at chain places. It is just we don't know any restaurants here and when I google Memphis restaurants I get the fancy places and not the nice little diner or cafe type ones.

Maggie: Glad the walking is coming along for you. Any exercise is good exercise. We are having crab cakes (Jack) and cold shrimp (me) tonight. Jack likes tots so he is having those and I will have one of my frozen veggies I imagine. I am not a particularly big eater of potatoes. They're ok, but other then McDonald's ff's which I stay away from for the most part, I am not a big potato eater.

Jean: What fun to have new bedroom furniture. It is way down the line for us. Anything on the upper level is. Seems like problems keep adding up here as usual and right now our remodel fund is puny. It will eventually get fatter, but we pretty much want to do all the downstairs work at the same time except maybe painting and new furnture for the living room. I want to paint the walls gray with yellow, green, or orange accents in furniture. Jack is so pattern phobic that it has been hard getting him to agree on stuff. He wants solids period and that just isn't going to go. We are buying a new smaller 2 seat recliner and then two chairs. The recliner is solid and want patterned chairs but he doesn't like any of the fabrics I like. I just wish he would let me have at it as I know he would be happy with the results.

Well girls, I haven't had breakfast and have clothing to fold and chores, etc, etc so need to get going. Have a great start to the week. Faye

04-15-2013, 01:38 PM

I will give you no :no: more talk about my walking each day to bore you with but I just want you to be aware that I am keeping up with it and doing well. When things change and I can walk a long streak then I will brag about it. :lol: If I am able to stick to my plan by the 25th I will have worked up to 3 sessions of 20 minutes each. I will stick to that routine for awhile then make 2 sessions of 30 minutes each then work up to a one hour session. That is my plan anyway. If it is too much for me to handle then I can drop back to two or three sessions a day. I’ll just have to wait and see when the time comes. :yes:

It is another day here in the ♥-Land with temperatures in the 40ºs and mid 60ºs as I type and “they” say it won't get any higher this day. We went be to Applebee’s after evening services last night where I picked a nice steak off the menu with WW in mind. After having just one taco for lunch dinner was very good especially. With all the wind we get off and on it brings with it itchy eyes and I was able to get some eye drops that work to cut out the itching. It has a good name of “Eye Itch Relief.” :lol:

I get to go to the dentist this afternoon at one of the clock to get a spot filled in one of my back choppers. :cp: Other than that I don’t have any plans of going anywhere except to WW this evening. My scale shows me down and we shall see what transpires this evening at weigh in. We will probably go to I-hop after the meeting.

My computer is still acting up and I tried to order that digital scale that folds away to nearly nothing that can be kept in a drawer and I was having a fit. Will ordered it for me on one of his computers. :cp: It is the one that they featured in the WW magazine awhile back that when unfolded it weighs up to 11 pounds. I want it to keep in a drawer in our future motor-home. That way I can still weigh and measure food items when we are on vacation easily without having to take along my large kitchen model. It is hard to explain what it looks like but if you want a peek you can go to and see it there. On the sight just type in digital scale. They only had 2 green ones and one white one left when I went there. Guess lots of folks ordered them after they were featured in the WW magazine. I went ahead and ordered one when I saw that they were running out when I went to check on them.

JEAN I love the oxford cloth button down coller with one pocket long sleeved blouses with cufs and they aren't available in womens catalogues and such that I have searced in. Ah ~ but I found they on a site that sells clothing for Chefs. They have them in several colors and aren't real spendy either. Made exactly like the ones that are too big for me now. I am a happy camper for sure and will order one of each color they offer which are gray, white & yellow. The ones I shrunk out of are pink, yellow, mint green and white. I like wearing them with pants. I wouldn't worry too much where Sonny choses to sleep. Cats don't usualy pick a certain place all the time. When he isn't next to my feet on the bed Cecil loves to streatch out on the bedroom carpet in front of the bathroom door though. To get to the bathroom one has to step over him.

DONNA FAYE :congrat: on your great loss. Just think how much you will lose before your next cruise. You will be stilin'. They say walking is as good or better than jogging for one. I just do what I can and will introduce hand weights to my routine later. I want that little walking person WW gives after we chart our activity progress in meetings for 6 weeks. The walking person will look good on my bracelet next to my sneeker and barbell. ;) They may have given you the wrong perscription of contacts if yours are blurey. Mickey D's does have the best fries don't they. But Freddies do also. I too stay away from them. Definite red light food there.

PS ~ I'm back after being to WW and ~ drum roll please ~ I am down a goodly amount for me which is 2.2. :cp: That makes me just 'point 2' away from having lost 90 pounds. I am a happy camper.
Everyone have a wonderful day :wave:

04-16-2013, 09:07 AM
Good morning all. It is going to be another warm and lovely day here in Elvisville. I am jazzed about the nice weather, that's for sure. I guess they had to call the baseball game in Denver because the snow was up over their ankles! :lol: I guess you could lose the baseball in the snow!

First off before anything else, I want to say Jack and my prayers go out to all the people in Boston and those injured and killed, their family and friends. Frighteningly enough, Tom's cousin runs that marathon and lives in the Boston area, but didn't run it yesterday. What a terrible tradgedy.

I got most of the downstairs cleaned yesterday. Today is dust and sweep and mop floors. Fortune did one of his bounce all over the place and not sleep last night so I am pooped. I have to babysit him so Jack can have a good night's rest. Of course, Fortune is sound asleep on the recliner now. :lol:

Maggie: Big congrats on the loss. Sometimes it is a real struggle, sometimes not so much. Hope you can figure out what is whacked about your computer. Our pc is acting up only in the fact you can't hit the back button and it back up. It does it then doesn't. Probably run a scan to see if anything is causing the problem.

You all have a great Tuesday. I am going to get started on chores and such. Faye

04-16-2013, 11:19 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is peeking out through the clouds and it doesn't look too windy yet. I need to run a few errands this morning and then vacuum fur bunnies. Spring has to be here judging from the way the cats are shedding.

Maggie -- :congrat: on losing another 2.2#s! You are doing so well on your road to thin. The fold up scale sounds like a nice gadget that won't take up much space. Lands End had shirts like you described, but not sure about the pocket part. Glad you found what you were looking for.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on another 4#s gone forever! You are doing great! We need to paint the three bedrooms and install new carpet before picking out any furniture. We never did replace the bed in Beth's room when she took hers so will move ours in there. Before anything happens I need to sort through the "stuff" stored in the two spare rooms. I can't believe how things multiply behind closed doors! :o We had four runners in the marathon and all are safe from the Sioux City tv reports. There were several from around the area and as far as we know all are safe. What a horrible thing to happen!

I need to keep moving and accomplish a lot today since I was gone most of yesterday and last night. Have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy! :wave:

04-16-2013, 01:45 PM

It is a chilly day here in the ♥-Land in the 30’s and low 40’s to top the day. Chilly spring weather. “They” say that we should not bother to plant a garden this year for it will get :sunny: :flame: fried ~ so we will go ahead and do the pot thing we were thinking about so we can bring them under the awning when needed. The folks who planted their gardens early got their plants all frost killed. At least we can have some fresh tomatoes and a few other veggies by pot planting. We have been saving jugs of water by filling them when we turn on a faucet when we want hot water and it comes out cold first. Doesn’t take long to fill a milk jug that way for it takes a while for the water to get up from downstairs where the water heater is. My dentist said yesterday that he does the same thing with his water and will be pot gardening also. I really like my dentist for he is so much fun to talk with.

I got a notice today that my little digital scale, that will weigh up to and including 11 pounds, has been shipped. I really think that is an important item to have for travel for my program doesn’t get left at home when we are vacationing. My little purse model weighs up to 1.1 pound. It was also featured in a past WW magazine. I am so glad they find those neat little gadgets for folks like me. :lol: They make my journey to thin more enjoyable. The WW leader here told me last evening that she has gotten the 100 pound loss charm for me when I reach that loss amount. That should be doable before the long hot summer is over with. It is hard for me to imagine that I will have lost 100 pounds ~ what a mile stone I will have reached. I must keep my FOCUS.

The WW leader also asked me to show my charm bracelet to a new employee for she thought she would really like it. When I showed it to her and explained what each charm stood for ~ she loved it and wished she had made herself one to reflect her journey to thin also. It isn’t too late for she can still get the charms that pertain to her journey and I will take her the website address where I got most of mine. She really liked my “believe” charm and I told her I had that one before WW adopted that word. The charm has cut out letters BELIEVE with a frame around them. I wear my bracelet daily for it really does help me keep my FOCUS. I used to sleep with it on but don’t anymore for I was getting impressions of it on my face. :lol:

A book just arrived in the mail that should be a good read which is called The Senior’s Guide to Metabolism along with a pamphlet with “101 Things You Should Never Do.” I will have some reading material to go through this day. These are from The Editors of FC&A Medical Publishing® in Peachtree City, GA.

I am going to make a pasta salad with the leftover spaghetti noodles. I have combined a few recipe ideas for such a salad and it makes a good meal. It has chopped up veggies that we like in it, some hard salami sliced in match stick pieces, & chopped up WW string cheese with a light oil & vinegar dressing. Each time I make it is a different experience for I never use a recipe. :lol: It is one of those “shop in the fridge” things that are so good, What is on hand gets to be in the salad. I can figure the points by knowing what I put in the bowl and the amount of servings it will make.

JEAN That same sun shows our dust bunnies frolicking about also. :D And the beat goes on and dusting never gets completely done for it just comes back again. I will have to check out what Lands End does have in shirts for women and compare prices before I order. I am glad your runners are all safe ~ my heart goes out to the families that lost loved ones in that mess. Sounds like you may have some things hiding in those rooms you can put out for a good yard sale when the weather permits. I think we will have a yard sale and get rid of some of the things we "thought" we just had to have once we moved back into a house. We can get lots of tables from next door to put things on so we don't have to have them on the ground. Folks can shop better when things are on tables I do believe.

DONNA FAYE I think my computer is just "old" for I have had it for a few years and they aren't ment to last a long time. I think it will limp along fine until I get a new one. My virus protection does a good job so I don't belive I have any bugs in it. Isn't that just the way of it to have Fortune all bouncy and keeping you awake then sleeps in the day. Maybe you can grab a good nap while he is down and out. Ole Ragg Mopp has been asking to go "out back" in the wee hours of the morning now. As he ages I guess his bladder isn't holding like it used to. He wakes Will up for his early trips and I just keep snoozing away. I don't hear about it until Will tells me the next morning what transpired. :p I sleep good most nights.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day :wave:

04-16-2013, 03:01 PM
Good afternoon, ladies - a cooler 68 degrees today but back to the high 70s by the end of the week - with rain, of course. We've alread had 13 inches of rain this year.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Sandy and I will be teaching at the quilting retreat again. The ladies asked for a Christmas quilt so that is what they are getting. We've made thumbles for each one of them. A thumble is a pin cushion you wear on your thumb. I look forward to seeing these ladies again. They are mostly country ladies and such a refreshing change.

I spent the weekend cleaning the downstairs - rearranged all the furniture and I have some for the next thirft store pickup, cleaned all the windows inside and out - not hard since mine open in, moved my sewing room back upstairs - just didn't feel right sewing downstairs, steam cleaned the kitchen, foyer and bathroom floor. I'm pooped but I earned 9 extra APs for all my hard work.

Faye, maybe you need to make Fortune stay awake all day (good luck with that) so he'll sleep at night. I find good relief for my back with Bayer Back and Body tablets. They work better than anything else for me. I also use those hot patches when I'm away from home. All our mom and pop type restaurants are disappearing around here. It's sad. Thomas is sure a good looking red head! Congratulations on the weight loss!

Jean, I'm so glad Sonny is home. I'll bet you have a really hard time getting him in the carrier to go to the vet again after that experience. You sure have a reasonably priced Vet.

Maggie, you are doing so well that 100 lb. charm will be yours in a month or 2. I signed up for the Live Life Active Challenge, too. We can't win any prizes if we work for WW but it's still an incentive to do more. I also get Balance Rewards points for Walking with Walgreens. My FitBit syncs with Walgreens so I don't even have to remember to add the steps. I love the walking person charm from WW and am trying for the sneakers when I do the 8 k June 1 and then another when WW 5k takes place. Not too shabby for an old lady. I made the Italian Beef and Lentil stew that was in the WW Weekly a few weeks ago. It is so good and filling and the portion is 1-2/3 cups.

Have a wonderful evening.

04-17-2013, 11:25 AM
Good morning ladies. It is going to be a hot one here today again. I turned the ac on first thing as the house was hot and damp feeling when I got up. Lot's to try and accomplish today but we shall see what gets done with it being so warm.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GLORIA!!! :hat::congrat::hb:

I decided not to spend the astronomical amount that Direct tv wants for MLB extra innings this year (aroud $50 a month for like 6 months) so I paid for the sports package which should have covered the ability to watch Cubs games. We went along fine for about 5 days then they started saying it wasn't subscribed. Jack got on the phone with them for about an hour and like I told him before you get no where. Anyway, I canceled it because if we can't watch the games, there is no reason to pay the fee. I paid for us to listen to it on our PC. We can get all the games, on WGN radio for $20 total for the season.

Jean: We won't be starting any of the remodel until probably 15-16. We want to do the whole thing at once. Probably in 15 we will get rid of all the furniture we want to get rid of, stuff on the walls, etc, etc and sort of start from scratch. We may have them come in early and put the flooring in what the condo association calls the living room, which we put dining room furniture in and never use. Anyway, we are making it a big pantry storage area. We have no storage and tiny closets. We have had leaks through the roof they aren't great about fixing right away let alone put on a new roof so we don't want a lot of stuff stored up in the attic and the garages leak something fierce so same issue. We have things stored both places in big rubbermaid containers like our Christmas decorations, stuff like that, but we can't just put stuff away. So this room is going to be shelving for small appliances, china, etc, a pantry for dry goods, cubes for my knitting, storage for Jack's tools, etc. Nothing will be permanent so that when we pass, the kids can take it out and it will be a living room again to sell it. We have lost huge value on the place, around $30,000 so it makes no sense to try and sell and move somewhere else at this point. We are going to just try and make our senior life as comfortable as we can.

Susan: The night thing isn't a sleeping issue it is a heart issue. He has a congestive heart and dogs tend to wander at night with this problem we were told. Some nights he is like that some he stays settled. Also being as old as he is, he can't hold his bladder all night so he has to go out a couple times overnight. We can only love him until he passes away and put up with it. Jack "takes over" the babysitting on Friday and Saturday nights, but during the week he needs his rest. You have been a busy lady. Those little thumbles sound cute.

Maggie: Glad you items have shipped. I am on a back order for some undies that I just love. I bought 5 pair and two have been back ordered for a couple weeks. They are all cotton and the waist and legs are covered in cotton over the elastic so they don't bind. The darn things are $13 a pair, but they are really comfortable for me. My tree budded out really late this year but my azaleas are huge this year with a lot of flowers. Fortune likes the azaleas and goes out to pee and goes over and sticks his head in them to smell them. :lol: I have seen him do this a ton of times and it is funny to watch him smell the flowers.

Guess I better hop to it and get the day going. I put chicken in the crockpot with stock for dinner tonight. It always comes out so good without frying it. Jack get mashed tatos and I will fix a box of frozen veg I think. Have a good day. Faye

04-17-2013, 01:08 PM

It is raining off and on this day. Last night we got a gulley washer it came down so hard but they say it will all stop around noon time. I have the blaws this morning and don’t have a clue why. Maybe when I wake up more things will improve. I had a very good night’s sleep but have no interest to do anything today. There isn’t anything I really have to do this day so I’ll just ride with the tide and go with the flow. Now that reminds me of my surfing days. :lol: The cat came in all wet so it must be still raining some. His big ole feet left puddles the shape of them across my floor which I find interesting for I would have thought they would have been blotted by the time he walked down the carpeted hallway to here by my desk. He and Beanie don’t mind being out in the rain but ole Ragg Mopp stays indoors where it is nice and cozy. :lol:

That pasta salad I made last evening was so good we are going to have it again today for I made enough for a few servings. I think I will thaw some lean burger meat and mix it up with some dry onion soup & other chopped veggies and make small meatloaves and bake them. They bake up nicely using a small muffin tin. Leftovers make tasty Panini sandwiches. I have some strawberries all sliced with a tad bit of Splenda® & balsamic vinegar sprinkled on them in the fridge that will be good with dinner. Eating fruit with dinner aids the digestion. On that pasta salad I used a vinegar – oil dressing that is1p+ per 2 Tbsp and very tasty. The dressing is one of the lightened versions out on the market now. I have one of those WW dressing containers that dispense 2T which is trick. I think I’ll get another one of those containers because I have more than one type of dressing opened it the fridge at a time. They come with recipes printed on the sides.

My stomach is growling ~ must be time to eat something but noon isn’t here yet. I am still sipping on my morning joe. I just noticed that I have been given another sticker on my container which is “Keep calm, enjoy life.” I now have 13 different ones around and on the top of this containers lid. I think 3 more could be fitted on it. :lol: Most are just pictures but a few have sayings on them. My favorite one with a saying which is “Walk softly, speak tenderly, pray fervently.” That is also the first one they stuck on my cups lid. These are the little stick on things they put over the opening in the go cups to hold in the heat.

DONNA FAYE I can just see your beautiful blooming trees in my minds eye. I wish Magnolia trees would grow here but we don't have enough moisture or humidity for them to do well. A few places have some Red Buds though. You will love having a pantry/storage area after you do get the remodelling done. What fun to get it all planned and mapped out.

SUSAN Nice to see a post from you. I just know that you will have a great time teaching that group of quilters. I was thinking of trying that recipe and now will surely do so since you said it was good. :cp:

Hope everyone had a wonderful day :wave:

04-18-2013, 10:35 AM
Good morning girls! It is overcast but very warm and we are expecting thunderstorms this afternoon. Hopefully Jack will get home before it starts in. The people here drive so nuts makes me nervous when he is out on the road in bad weather.

Yippeee our prescription sunglasses have been shipped. I gave up trying to go back to wearing my contacts. I am just wearing my back up regular glasses which are single vision. I just am put out that I bought 2 pairs of those led light reading glasses and now won't need them. Ahh well, what can you do? I don't have my yearly appt until August so just have to hang on until then to see what she can do. I may just need a bit stronger prescription and she did say I could wear one toric lense in one eye and a bifocal lense in the other eye.

We are having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight. I always use ground sirloin so there is very little fat and don't add a bunch of stuff to my meatballs. We use a lower fat bottled sauce too. We just haven't had pasta in awhile so thought it would be nice.

Not much other news from down here. We just keep clicking the days off until the cruise. You all have a nice Thursday and take care! Faye

04-18-2013, 12:15 PM

It is going to stay in the 30ºs here in the ♥-Land with the ever present wind. Not a day to be working outside for sure. I took a sip of my morning coffee and it tasted absolutely awful I couldn’t drink it. Will said he had not used “filtered” water and that was the cause of the taste. Water right out of the tap is horrible to drink. We have a filter on the faucet and also have some bottles of water we use for drinks. He was half asleep when he made coffee this morning early for the dogs had gotten him up before he was ready to leave the comfort of the bed.

I read a news article today that was a hoot. Some company in France has manufactured a fork that vibrates when you eat too fast. You can also hook it up to a computer to get a read out of “whatever.” They have the right idea that folks should eat slower anyway. They think their fork is the answer. You get them by making a $90 donation to some organization. No :lol: I don’t want one so I won’t be getting one. I eat very slow as it is and my chop sticks do a good job of helping me do just that. :cp: I can e-mail you that article if you would like to read about it.

Here is another funny: From the editors of a book for sky divers ~ IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are one of hundreds of parachuting enthusiasts who bought our Easy Sky Diving book, please make the following correction: on page 8, line 7, the words "state zip code" should have read "pull rip cord."

Oh the wind doth blow and rattle the trees and windows. It made the rain drops whip against the living room picture window and made the dogs go over there to investigate. And here is a cute one ~ just a few minutes ago when Will was out in the kitchen making a fresh pot of coffee the cat was in here eating and Beanie was lying beside the cat’s table. Will made something go “bang” out in the kitchen and the cat’s head whipped around and he froze in that position listening and Beanie hopped to his feet then they both ran down the hall to “investigate.”

I am going to make a crock pot roast with veggies for dinner this day. Will’s day to work at the museum and then he has a board meeting afterwards so a piece of meat out of the freezer will cook nicely by the time he comes home and has dinner. I will put it on to cook when I get off here. For my lunch today I will finish off that yummy pasta salad.

DONNA FAYE I mostly wear my perscription sun glasses and couldn't tell you right now just were my clear perscription glasses are. I see fine in the house and use readers for close work. Your eyes will get a nice rest from those contacts while you wait to see what gives with them.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day :wave:

04-18-2013, 06:41 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We've had rain, sleet, snow, and the usual wind today so far. Right now it is seriously snowing and the ground is covered but it is melting on the street and driveway. I'm glad the church ladies canceled/postponed the salad luncheon for today, and I didn't have to go out. For once I hadn't made the salad or we would have been eating it for a long time! I've been sorting through catalogs and decluttering the visible area if anyone would stop by, which isn't likely on a day like today. The bedrooms are another story. :rolleyes: The rummage sale stuff can go to the church on Monday so I will work on that over the weekend.

Maggie -- I think planting your garden in pots sounds like a good idea! Our one neighbor plants several pots of tomatoes then shares with us. What all did you put in your pasta salad? That is what I was going to make for today, and bought the same stuff for another salad I have to make for Saturday. Now I have enough pasta to make a BIG salad. :lol: I can make coffee the same each day, using the same water, etc., and some days it has no taste to it.

Susan -- I know you will enjoy teaching at the quilting retreat. Christmas will be here before we know it, and the ladies will be all set! Enjoy your squeaky clean downstairs. My windows are such a mess but there's no point in washing them quite yet. :no: Sonny has started licking his paws and other parts of his anatomy, so I'm hoping he will keep it up. :crossed: He is quite a bit calmer than before he got sick so I don't know if that is due to the neutering or the fact he is feeling better. Bob can walk by him and he doesn't run, just moves over a little if Bob gets too close.

"Gma" -- Direct TV would have to pay me to watch sports of any kind. ;) It's good that you have your remodeling project planned out so well. There are a few things I would have done differently after the fact, but didn't think about them in advance, and neither the contractor nor the electrician made suggestions. :( Where did you order your undies? I'm thinking about trying cotton; although I've never worn cotton I've had such dry skin this winter and itch! I wish you could share some of your "very warm" weather with me. Glad your sunglasses are on the way!

The mailman just drove by so guess I will go see if anything interesting is there. If I want something to be picked up from my mailbox, and processed out the same day, the mailman has to be here by 3. That doesn't always happen so Bob has been going to work by way of the post office. Business people are having a fit because they get their po mail after 10:30 and outgoing mail has to be back by 3:30. Guess I should be thankful we get mail delivered at all. :twirly:

Hope you all are enjoying a nice day! :wave:

04-19-2013, 02:33 PM

Currently it is 39ºs and not expected to get higher than the mid 50ºs this mostly sunny day. I got my little food weigh thingie yesterday and it is trick. As advertized it weighs like it is supposed to and folds up nicely. It weighs only 5 ounces itself. I will put it with the items that will go in the motor home.

Have any of you tried the BelVita Breakfast Biscuits? I have a dollar off coupon for some and am thinking of using it to try them. I think from the picture they come in 5 different flavors ~ they are whole grain. Now is to find them in the market but they say they are in the cookie-cracker isle in Wal*Mart stores. I’ll have my shopper take a look and he can pick the flavor. I am hoping they are points+ friendly. The coupon came in my latest copy of Eating Well magazine.

I just opened a new tube of Fluocinonide cream and 4 inches instantly landed in my hand. What a waste for I only use about a 16th of an inch for an itchy rash I get sometimes on my “bad” leg in one little area and it is a prescription medicine. The tube doesn’t look like it has lost any of its contents either so it must have been put in there under intense pressure. That, my friends has never happened with any of the former tubes of the “stuff” I have had. The tubes are of the metal kind and not the plastic kind where you can’t tell how much is left inside. I have never used a tube up before it expires. Before they gave me a tube as big as a toothpaste tube and it never looked like any was gone by the time it expired. This time they gave me a real small tube more the size of the sample sized toothpaste tubes. I doubt I will have used it all up before the expiration date on the crimp at the bottom. I am really happy to have this much smaller tube.

For the dinner meal this day we will be having a re-run of that wonderful roast meal I made last evening. That, my friends, makes me happy for I don’t have to come up with a menu for dinner. Not that I don’t like to do that but sometimes it is nice not to have to.

Schwans® no longer carries those little individual tubs of berry cobbler that are only 4 Points+ each with that yummy crumb crust sprinkled on top of a medley of berries. Four servings came in the box so we do have a couple servings left in the freezer but wanted another box today. They sometimes rotate things out of their offerings and usually it is something I don’t buy anyway but this time it was something that we like. They will probably be adding some new items for summer will be coming along soon.

I have not fully gotten into gear this day but am slowly waking up to a nice spring day. We are planning to go shoot some caps this afternoon at the range. I’ll work my exercising in and around that adventure. We are planning a trip to Texas soon. I think it is next Tuesday we will be heading out. So I won’t miss going to WW we will go Tuesday and probably come back Thursday or Friday. Just a quick get-away and to see our friends in that state will be a good and fun outing.

Will is back from the store and brought a box of those breakfast things mentioned above which are the Apple Cinnamon ones. They come 4 to a serving sealed in an envelope and there are 5 servings in the box. Each serving of 4 biscuits is 6 Points + so I will be eating 2 of them for 3 Points + with some fruit and yogurt and have a good meal. Right now I am having my two with my coffee and they are yummy. I can see we will be trying the other flavors they have. I can imagine these will be great with slices of apple.

JEAN Into this pasta salad went chopped celery, carrots, tomatoes, green onions, fresh parsley, cut up WW cheese sticks, hard salame, and a low point vinegar & oil dressing. It was really quite yummy. We have to use bottled or filtered water for drinking or cooking or that clorine taste comes through. I don't know if they use too much but it sure does smell like it. Guess too much is better than too little. Our mailman doesn't deliver at the same time each day and I don't think we have the same one every time that does this route. Guess it depends on which end of the route they start on.

DONNA FAYE & SUSAN Hope all is well with the two of you. :wave:

Hope everyone had a wonderful day :wave:

04-19-2013, 05:15 PM
I swear I came in here this morning and posted. Yikes! :lol: It went from 85 to 51 degrees in about half an hour last evening. It is in the upper 40's now and it is back to the furnace for a couple days. I left it off until just a bit ago and got so cold I moved the temp up to 71. I sit around in socks, sweater and blanket when it is cold.

Jack had to work fairly late last night so our dinner was late, but he really liked the meatballs I made. He said he would have liked oregano, but I told him I usually put in italian seasoned bread crumbs and didn't know I was out. I didn't want to chance putting in too much for it to ruin the taste so they were a bit plainer, but not dry at all and I used ground sirloin. We had a tasty spaghetti and meatball night. Tonight we are going to have a take out roast beef sandwich from arbys. I love their arbys sauce. I would like to try their rueben, but I hate corned beef and they only have a turkey/corned beef combo rueben not a turkey rueben alone. With a few ff chips I think we will have a nice no washing dirty dishes meal! :lol:

Jean: I bought these from It is geared toward larger women who exercise and such and their stuff is expensive, but I bought my swimsuit and my swimskirt I wear over it there. The undies I bought are their comfort edge classic brief. I have been wearing cotton for awhile because it wicks moisture away better and having spotting and stuff with the female, I can bleach white cotton undies. They come in black and white, but the smallest size may be too big for you. I have a lot of junk in the trunk! :lol: I know the country has been having some wicked weather. Chicago got half a foot of rain in one day in some areas. They even closed some of their expressways because of massive flooding. I guess Indiana got sunk too, especially around Kokomo and Indianapolis. We got rain hard for half an hour or so but not as long as their were predicting. Now we have to climb back into warmer weather. Glad Sonny is getting around and maybe settling in this time.

Maggie: I bought the chocolate Belvita biscuits just last Sunday. I like them. I eat them with a piece of fruit for breakfast or for a snack. I thought about trying the chocolate ones with a dab of peanut butter for a snack too. I found them in the cookie section of the commissary so I would look their to buy them. Let me know what flavor you get and if you like it and I might try another flavor. I figured them to be 5pts a pack of 6 cookies.

Well, Jack should be home anytime now so I should go. Hope weather gets better for all of us and starts having the lovely spring days instead of cold ones. Have a great weekend. It is shampoo living room this weekend since Jack was bothering him last weekend and Fortune has puked in a couple places. He spits up bile and it is the devil to get it up. Faye

04-20-2013, 05:01 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I just typed my two cents worth and it disappeared into cyber space. Not much newsy from my corner of the world today. We started the day with sunshine but it has disappeared now. Most of the snow has melted and the grass is turning green. We have flowers coming up; cold weather, rain, and possible snow :dizzy: is predicted for next week so I hope they survive. I've got laundry going and really need to vacuum the furry floor, can't believe how much the cats are shedding. Sonny has started giving himself a bath, :cheer: lets Bob pet him in a weak moment, :cheer: and has been sharing the recliner with Ernie. Ernie isn't too happy about that part. :no: Sonny is definitely a different cat after being sick, or neutering, don't know which.

Maggie -- I will have to look for the BelVita Biscuits as I've never heard of them. I've had the very same thing happen with tubes of toothpaste and hand cream. This morning I opened a new bottle of juice and evidently squeezed it too hard because the bottle gave way and juice slopped all over. I had a drawer open just a bit and of course it spattered in there too. A trip to Texas will be a fun thing to plan and look forward to. My pasta salad had pretty much the same stuff except I didn't put any meat nor cheese in it. I will have to try that next time. :T

"Gma" -- My furnace is still running off and on, and I've got my space heter going right now. I've been seriously thinking about having the furnace cleaned this spring since we are almost 3 years over the estimated predicted life span when we bought it in '95. I just hope it doesn't quit when it's below 0 or above 90! I will check out the website and see what I can find. I used to order from a Hanes catalog but quit getting those several years ago when I quit wearing pantyhose to school. :lol:

I need to keep moving or I'll sit here the rest of the afternoon and surf. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

04-20-2013, 05:38 PM

We were out and about this day and had a burger out. I only ate half of mine though, and 3 little fries. Not very hungry I would say. That young waiter at I-Hop has surely adopted us as grand-parents. He called Will and said his hours at work have been changed to the night shift on weekends and we don’t go there at that time. He asked what day of the week we could come in during the regular dinner time for he wants to eat with us. He said he would be glad to pay every other time we do that. Since he insists that he wants to pay some every other time but I think it would be fair if he paid only every third time since there is one of him and two of us.

JEAN That tube of stuff that squirted out did it all by itself. I was holding it flat in my hand holding only the crimp at the bottom and poking the opening with the point on the other side of the lid that is used for that purpose and it just jumped out so quick like it had a life of it’s own. :lol: I could understand it better if I were squeezing the tube as I was poking the lid. Those BelVita breakfast biscuits are made by Nabisco® if that is any help to know. Sounds like Sonny is the cat before he got that infection that you hadn’t seen for he was sick when he came to you. It took quite a while for that infection to build up in his little body.

DONNA FAYE I will surely be getting more of those neat biscuits and let you know how I like them. Hope you and Jack are doing well this day and having fun.

Have a wonderful weekend Magnolias :wave:

04-21-2013, 09:24 AM
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