Weight Loss Surgery - To sleeve? or to RnY??? Which one would you take?

04-06-2013, 04:21 AM
So I am getting organized to have surgery in Sept/Oct...however.. I am still un-decided about what procedure to do.

A little bit about me:

I dont want to give up fruit the rest of my life, especially strawberries.
I have IR/ Undiagnosed PCOS thingy ..Its hard to lose weight even with medication help
I have a chemical brain imbalance-ever since I got pregnant with my daughter my life never went back to normal.
I frequently use Tylenol(Parcetamol) Ibprophen(ADVIL) and Gravol(mostly to help me sleep) and for muscle pain and knee problem.
Ive been fat most of my life..ever since i was a kid. Ive been on every diet out there..including disordered eating
Im 27 with an almost 3 year old daughter. I want to be active and outdoorsy and enjoy life with a healthy body weight. I just want to be healthy. I dont want to die from obesity complications...

Oh and I have never had high BP, High cholesterol or high Trygliceride levels..I have never really suffered from any Obesity related issues except for the IR/PCOS stuff in the last couple of years.

So...which would you choose based on the following ? and why? What are the differences? Side effects? Which is easier to maintain your weight and live a more normal life?

04-06-2013, 04:33 AM
Personally, RNY was not an option for me. I know a few people who have had the surgery, and they are unhealthier now that they have lost the weight, due to the malabsorption component of the RNY. I just feel that the VSG is less drastic while being as effective, if not more, than the RNY. THis is just my PERSONAL opinion...so please do not take offence if you have had or are having RNY. I also realize that for some people, RNY is the better option, for different reasons.

Based on what you told us, I don't see why the VSG wouldn't work well for you. My health history is very similar to yours, and I am only 1 month post surgery and all of my health issues are close to resolved.

However, I really think that your surgeon should be the one to tell you which surgery would work better for you. It also depends on your BMI and other factors, and they are best able to make the most educated decision regarding what is best for your health.

04-06-2013, 11:55 AM
Porthardygurl - don't decide today. Have a LONG chat with your surgeon. Let him help you figure out how you want to live for the rest of your life. Please keep in mind that the sleeve is RESTRICTION ONLY and the RNY is RESTRICTION + MALABSORPTION. As both you and Forever said, there are reasons that people choose one over the other, and it's not only a matter of how healthy you are right now, but also how you want to live the rest of your life.

having said that, if the sleeve doesn't work well for you, you can have another surgery later to add the malabsorption component. And where did you get the idea that you can't ever eat strawberries again? you CAN - i know several people have posted that they have trouble with the seeds - because they're just a few weeks post-op. But over the long haul, after they heal, there shouldn't be a problem with strawberries.

after awhile - measured in 6 months to a year, depending on the type of surgery and how your body reacts - you should be able to eat pretty much anything you want. There will be some exceptions [i usually have issues with potatoes and fresh cooked spinach unless it's very very finely chopped], but you'll figure it out.