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04-06-2013, 04:02 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I went to bed early since I have a busy working weekend on my agenda. I'm up in the middle so thought I'd get us started and put another load of linens in the wash. Today after work I'm going to meet with my ex neighbor/electrician friend up at the project to assess what our options are for upgrading the electricity before/during the renovation. It will be nice to have another piece of the puzzle made a bit clearer. Spring is definitely in the air here although more snow is still predicted. I wish I had gotten some sweet peas in already :shrug:

Foodwise, I've been doing great lately. Winter/holidays are a difficult time for me. It seems that with the changing season I've regained some food sanity. Yay!

What's on your agenda this weekend? Stop by and say hi :cofdate:

04-06-2013, 07:47 AM
Good morning chicks!

I'm in a hotel with my friend in WV, we had a great day yesterday! Today she has a bridal shower to attend, then we're off to check a couple of pups out :D. I just got notification today that Bella was adopted (no big surprise!) so the search is on! They had a couple of cuties on line tonight. My DD will be upset that Bella is gone, but hopefully we'll find something to her satisfaction :D.

Actually ate pretty well yesterday (um, didn't eat lunch til 4:30...), and we'll see how today goes?!

04-06-2013, 07:57 AM
Good morning, TwynnB sounds like you are having fun. The perfect pup will come along mean just for your family :)

Debbie my oh my are you motivated. Your posts do inspire me. At 3:00 am I was drooling on my pillow. Actually that started about 9:30. Pre TOM hormones make me exhausted!

Ok I must say I have a new found respect for NYC bus drivers. Hopefully with more training I will develope some confidence, but boy is it difficult to drive a 40' bus on city streets!!!! Monday I will bring my lunch on the bus as we did not take any real food breaks. I was ravenous by the time class ended. Which leads me to my "confession." I ate 10 yes 10 GS Tagalong cookies when I got home. The evil voice in my head made me do it. So I woke up today knowing the scale would reflect this very poor choice, but alas I was down from yesterday. Maybe one screw up for the week was acceptable to my body. Regardless, OP today. Getting ready to hit the road for my long ride. I do need to be back by 1 as DS is stopping by.

Have a great day :)

04-06-2013, 08:24 AM
Good morning! Busy morning here but I'll check back in later! Have a good one! :running:

04-06-2013, 08:27 AM
Good morning :coffee2: I am off to work a shift at my CSA. She needed help and is trading hours for shares, my kind of arrangement :) After that the usual weekend cleaning, cooking, and a late afternoon walk.

Debbie - Hope you got some more sleep before starting your official day.

Twynn - happy puppy shopping. I'm planning another girls camping weekend this year. It was so much fun last year that more people want in this year and we are going up on Thursday so we have more time.

Jennifer - Happy biking. I hate that voice in my head. I'm sure it weighs 500 lbs

I have successfully put three totally on plan days together and today will be the 4th! Even date night didn't get me off track for once. I've been giving myself permission for too many "special" events, time to stop that!

Time to get this day moving. Hope the sun is shining where you are. It's finally spring in Vermont!

ETA - good morning Cottage :wave: off to garden shops today?

04-06-2013, 08:46 AM
Good morning. Not much planned here this weekend other than working the closing shift this evening. Supposed to be nice weather, warm, before we get hit with storms and another cold front.

04-06-2013, 01:27 PM
Good morning, I have been up for quite a while and almost have all my cleaning done for the day only thing left is the bathroom. Not sure what I have on the agenda for this afternoon, DH is going with a buddy to a football game so that gives me free time. May go shopping or may just stay home and read, may be too nice to stay inside though :)

04-06-2013, 02:32 PM
Afternoon ladies! I have a confession to make- I received word yesterday that I didn't get that job I told y'all about, and I was super disappointed about it, which apparently triggered my "Life sucks. Eat cheese and carbs!" gene. One massive carb and cheese binge later (seriously. I got a 5-cheese stromboli and an order of cheesy breadsticks), I'm only up a pound on the scale.

Back OP today, still kinda disappointed, but whatever. Eventually someone will hire me! I need to go make more chili- I just ate my last portion of it. New recipe time!

Have a good day everyone!

04-07-2013, 07:53 AM
Penmage, sorry about the job ... and the stromboli! ... but glad you are in recovery.

Today feels like Monday to me after a weekend that started Friday noon when my brother arrived to take me to Aunt Rose's funeral. I really can't talk about the food that was ingested along with appropriate drinks but it was quite impressive - or depressive if one thinks about it. Everything went well for the funeral, eulogy was fine and there were over 200 people there. Aunt Rose made a big impression on many people over her 100 years. Just the family went out for lunch at a very nice restaurant afterwards and it really was a joyous occasion.

Today will be a day of odds and ends around here as next week is looking busy. I do need to do a minor grocery shop since I don't have any almond milk for my a.m. smoothies! I also need to make a lemon dessert for tonight's "Delta Family Dinner" with the girls and kids. I definitely will not be eating any of it (!!!

I know it's Sunday but it feels like Monday so I'm going to hit the treadmill and pretend I'm at the gym.

Have a lovely last day of the weekend.

04-07-2013, 08:12 AM
Good morning, Ruth, and all to come!

It's looking to be a perfect Spring day here today, and I'm going to make full use of it with outside chores. I did get some early crops planted in the garden on Friday, and yesterday I spent a pleasant couple of hours dividing and moving around some perrenials. My DS brought home a huge blueberry bush left over from a landscaping job he's working on, so I found a new home for that, too. Then I decided that if I want it to produce, it needs a companion or two, so today I'm off to the nursery to pick up another couple of them. One thing leads to another. ;)

I'm glad the funeral went well, Ruth, and you gave Aunt Rose a good send-off.

04-07-2013, 08:23 AM
Good glorious morning to all. Yesterday was a productive day, rode, yard work, groceries, laundry and cleaning. Please don't try to be jealous of my jet set lifestyle :) The best part was I bought Joe a bike for his BD next month. He has been saying he would like to upgrade since he struggles to keep up with me. Poop guy rides an old heavy mountain bike. I have been scanning eBay and Craigslist like crazy (brand new is a little out of my price range) Well I found a bike on Craigslist last month. it was still listed this month with a 200 price cut! We met at McD by his house (never go to a strangers home) I got him to come down another $150!!!! So proud of myself the bike is in perfect condition. I ordered new grip tape (going to do it myself thanks to you tube) Put my spare saddle on it, will transfer my computer from my hybrid to it (not today) and gave it a thorough cleaning, sparkles like new!!!!

Joe called last night to see if I was coming up today. Then he told me he wasn't going to be home because him and his DS have plans. They are coming here to take away the rest of the tree still left from Sandy and tear down my shed. Oh I see a trip to Joe's favorite restaurant tonight.

Well smoothie time then off to the trail. I froze yesterday, hopefully today will be less windy. It was only 34 when I ride yesterday :(

Penmage the perfect job will come along just for you :) Hey and we have all let our emotions get the best of us.

Ruth so glad the funeral went well. Enjoy your time with the family

Linda, between you and Ruth I really want to live on or near a farm. Hope you found a perfect companion or two for your blueberry bush :)


04-07-2013, 08:24 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Just finishing up with chores before I head to work. Kind of in a funk this morning but have been sticking to plan and plan to continue.

Take care everyone! (sorry not very chatty)

04-07-2013, 08:43 AM
Good morning :coffee2: Don't know why I was up at 6:15 when I went to bed at midnight, it's a bad habit. Not much happening around here, probably just chores and cooking for the week. I'm definitely getting outside for a walk too. Looks like a nice spring day shaping up out there.

04-07-2013, 11:20 AM
Good morning,

Got all my chores done yesterday and even did some did some spring cleaning as well. Today we are off to Six Flags for a day of fun, hopefully taking 2 girls along with DD2 will not turn out to be a bad idea instead of just 1 extra.

Penmage sorry to hear that you did not get the position, that just means that door was closed so that a better door will open for you. Glad to hear you picked yourself back up and are back on track today.

Ruth glad to hear the funeral went well.

Jennifer that sounds like a great deal on the bike for Joe, I am sure he will love it.

:wave: to everyone else.

Off to get ready have a great Sunday everyone!!!

04-07-2013, 12:26 PM
Morning ladies!

Sorry I haven't been checking in. I have no clue why I forget - it's not like I am off plan! My allergies and TOM have been killer this week but I've been moving and exercising! Today might also be a bike ride day for's supposed to get nice and warm so hopefully in a few hours, we can get out and get some natural Vitamin D!

Happy weekend all!

04-07-2013, 04:33 PM
Afternoon ladies!

Second day back on plan after my stromboli mishap! Feeling better today. I put together a new batch of chili last night, with more black beans this time, so I hope it turned out okay. I haven't had any yet, but I'm planning on that for dinner.

Other than that, I've just been sitting around playing on the computer. I also registered with an online tutoring website to be a tutor in my local area, so I'm waiting for my application to be approved so I can start looking for clients! I need SOMETHING vaguely productive to do while looking for a job.

In other news, my car insurance premium went WAY down! Which is nice. And I'm not even 25 and my car isn't that old. So I don't know WHY it went down, but I'll take it!

Jenne- Feel better soon! My allergies are driving me nuts too. Allegra is my friend.

Have a fabulous rest-of-your-Sunday, ladies!