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04-05-2013, 06:58 PM
I'm start Jilian Michael's body revolution in one month from today (May 5), and I wanted to know if anyone would like to join me? The reason I'm posting this so early is because the video is quite pricey (At least to a college student like me) and if anyone wants to do it, that gives them time to get the videos, weights, bands, (I believe the bands/weights are optional).

The 90 day program will go until August third. I'm flying home to see my family/friends and to pick up my dog around August 5th. Last time I flew, for the first time ever I had to ask for an extender (OMG so horrible).

ALSO there's a diet you're supposed to start 7 days before the program if you want to, I feel like I have already made enough changes to my diet that I am comfortable with, so I won't be partaking in that, but for those who want to do the diet you'll technically start the "program" April 28

Anyone with me?