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12-15-2013, 10:19 AM
Hi girlies!!

I surprised my mom friday night and went and slept over her house, that was fun! I was good enough to bring my prepared dinner so that I didn't eat off plan, and even an apple and a cheese stick which was also my other planned snacks and I even brought my prepared breakfast, but I didn't bring lunch because I wasn't planning on staying very long the next day because of the expected snow. So.. my brother came by for breakfast Saturday morning and I ate my breakfast while they ate their delicious bagel breakfast sandwiches with cheese.. (I miss cheese on my stuff. WAH!) and then we started playing an old game called bubble bobble. We made it to the boss and ended up getting so determined to beat it that my brother wanted to come back after he had to pick up his wife so we could continue to beat it. Usually my brother drops his wife off at work and then comes and hangs with my mom and goes and picks his wife back up (she has a short shift on saturday) and then they do their own thing, but yesterday he came back and we hung out some more. He did call us and wanted to know if we wanted to order something for lunch, and I was proud of myself and ordered a chicken kabob salad. MM, it was good. The only thing I prob. shouldn't have eaten was the pita bread it comes with... if I order a salad and it comes with a pita I don't think I could EVER turn it down, so when I order one on my own next time I WILL ask for them to not give me one at all. :| But it's okay because this morning I still weighed in at 175.4 which is 4lbs since this past monday! I am so proud of that number and tomorrow will be an exact week since I started my healthy eating, so I'm feeling good about it. Today is my cheat day and so I had my delicious pancakes with sugar free maple syrup. MM mm delicious! And I am thinking I may want some clam chowder soup from my favorite little farmer shop near my work for lunch.. we'll see what my boyfriend thinks/wants.

I did write down a meal plan for this week - now I have to figure out when I can make them, I have to do some grocery shopping so I'll be doing that today at some point (once we're shoveled out) and today/tonight I'll be working on my meals... and tomorrow night I'm sure I'll be finishing it up. I am excited about it, though. I have to still do my measurements.

Vicky - I have basically been doing the same - I eat the same lunch daily and the same dinner daily, and I am completely okay with that. It makes it easy for me when I am preparing my food on the weekend. and as long as it tastes yummy I am pretty happy with it. :D It's so great you have a coach that'll work so one on one with you to help you out. I am hoping that I don't hit a pleateau and if I do I am sure I'll need some professional help and if the funds are there I will def. seek it. :] You really inspire me for the whole bootcamp workout thing, I may look a little closer into doing some classes around here. Great job getting out there! I hope you're starting to feel less like a bus hit you.

I have a pretty awesome treadmill that I am happy for because it saves me from having to go to the gym to do any kind of workout. My friend from work is giving me her decent elliptical so I am pretty excited about that, the only problem is I have to go pick it up and I was going to do that today but it snowed like 12inches, so... that's out of the picture. Hopefully tuesday night or next weekend we can get it.

Dancer - Great job with resisting the cookies, that must've been really hard! :| Chocolate chip cookies will be the death of me. I am literally avoiding them at all costs, haha. At work they brought a huge basket of goodies in and cookies were a part of them. I was proud of myself because I didn't eat one, I DID take one home for my boyfriend, though. And I told him he better eat it right away, haha. Great job on the three mile walk, too. :D

12-17-2013, 05:14 PM
Danielle: Your sleepover sounds like fun! I always wonder what it would be like to get a bunch of my girlfriends over for a fun night like that. Unfortunately, most of us have kids so that puts a damper on the planning phase. We try and do an appetizer/wine night every once in awhile - where I eat WAY too much. Congrats on the weight loss! That is awesome!!

So, the weather has put a damper on things. We had a fast storm last night that dumped 2 inches of snow on the ground...really didn't want to go to bootcamp (think I was trying to find ANY excuse not to go). Hubby actually pushed me and I went. So, I went back out in the snow, bad roads and worked out. There were only 3 other people there with me and the workout was BRUTAL. It was called the "chipper" work out where you complete a series of exercises and then go to the next one. Well, there were a total of 400 reps of a bunch of different exercises: 80 squats, 100 lunges (50 per leg), a bunch of different type of push ups, it was brutal. I was out of breath A LOT, but I finished! Glad I did, but man will I be in pain later today and tomorrow. Burned 1200 calories so I cant' complain.

Went out for a business lunch today and they had lobster bisque, which I love, but I opted for the healthy salad to start, then broiled salmon with fresh green beans for entree. THe girl next to me had an awesome dessert and offered to share, but I declined. Baby steps.

We have a huge company wide celebration on Friday, but I have to eat healthy! I'm only there an hour, since I have to leave early for my daughter's holiday party at school. Good thing, because we have a HUGE spread of food, including a ton of pasteries. I'm having my cheat meal on Sunday when my family comes over for our Christmas celebration and then I'm finding healthy options to bring to the hubby's family on Christmas Day. They are Italian, and making lasagna, so I have to find something else good to eat since I don't have a cheat left! Keeping my fingers crossed!

How is everyone else doing workout/foodwise?

12-19-2013, 11:04 PM
I have to admit, I chickened out tonight on my workout. I read the workout and looked at what the exercises were and they seemed REALLY hard and I just don't think my back and core are strong enough yet to do it. I feel bad for missing, but I didn't want to injure myself either.

Eating has been really good - there were bagels 2 feet from my desk all day, and I didn't have any. Also, someone brought in some homemade Christmas cookies, so I dodged those as well. Went to Panera for a salad- gave my bread to one of the girls I work with. Tomorrow will be hard, it's our Christmas party at work and they really go all out. Plan? I am going to eat healthy foods before the party and hopefully be full enough to only have a little something. Saving the cheat meal for Sunday when my family comes over for Christmas.

How is everyone else doing? I'm driven not to gain over the next week...who's in with me???

(And...I lost another 3 pounds! I measured myself, and since 12/2, I have lost 6.5 inches!!) So excited! :)

12-31-2013, 12:29 AM
I have to say, the holidays were good for me...I really restrained on what I ate, at every single party. It was much easier. For example, had a huge work function (think 500+ people there) and they had someone from Godiva hand dipping strawberries, so I had one. But, I stuck to 2 small plates of food and I could name everything I ate. Normally, I would have gorged myself on plate upon plate, but I was really good. Salads, fresh seafood - no red meat with bread or deep fried anything, pasta, etc. They had fresh sushi, so I did have a few of those.

I kept up with my workouts (been off work since the 23rd) and I'm happy to say, I got up early every day (well, days they were open) and got in at 6:30 to do my workouts. I impressed myself. Last Friday, I went to a 5 p.m. class and got up early for my 7:00 a.m. on Saturday. I'm feeling really good and I really like my trainer. He's down to earth, very motivating...exactly what I need. He's moving to a new space after the 1st of the year, so I have to go a week without him, but he armed us with some workouts and I am determined to get it in.

So, no gains over the holidays, so I'm happy! Since starting the gym and back into my routine, I've lost about 9 inches! I haven't done weigh in...time of the month and I know I am a bit bloated. Will weigh in on 1/2 - exactly one month since starting boot camp.

How was everyone else's holiday? Anyone still around??

01-03-2014, 11:22 PM
Hey ladies. I finally got on the scale and am sad to say I am back up to 195. Its ok though. I am going to get it back off. Went to the grocery store on Wed and loaded up on healthy food. Got on the treadmill tonight for 2 miles. Need to get new shoes with more support. I was on the treadmill for 35 minutes and ran 17 of those minutes. Only bad thing is the treadmill was a hand me down and doesnt work in manual mode so I can only go 3 or 4 mph.

Vicky-sounds like you are in the zone. Good job.

Dance-have you been on the scale yet?

savemykisses-I really want an elliptical or a street strider. I just need a bigger house to have a gym.

01-05-2014, 12:44 AM
Burgundy: You can get this off! You've done it before and sounds like you have already started getting on the right track again. I sold my elliptical over the summer, never used it and it wasn't that great for me - it was really hard on my knees.

My gym is moving to a new location so they are closed for a week...well, it was supposed to be a week, but there was something wrong with the flooring, so I am without a gym for 2 weeks now. Dustin (new trainer) told me not to work out during that time, I'm having issues with my feet (Plantar fasciitis). So, I've been resting, but really watching what I eat. Going to lift weights here and there just to get some workout in, but my foot is killing me. May have to get different shoes. I have been in the zone lately and it feels good to be focusing on myself for a change.

January will be a rough one for me though. 2 weeks without the gym, super busy time at work and I am know studying for a certification that will take 2 years to complete and is super tough all at the same time. Juggling that and my workouts and home life is going to be hard. I'm thinking (if I can switch my body clock) that I will then go to the 5 a.m. workout (less ways to find excuses not to go at night) and I can get it out of the way. Then I will have evenings with the family and can study when they go to bed. It's going to be a rough time, but I have to find a way.

So, my 1/2 weigh in - total of 16 lbs and 11 inches gone in the month of December. Dustin was impressed and said that from the moment he saw me, he knew I'd be super motivated. Just hoping this lasts.

01-13-2014, 03:56 AM
Hey guys, I am a newbie here.
Can anyone please tell me weight reducing tips apart from dieting as i am very ashamed of my weight.

01-15-2014, 01:51 PM
Victoria: Honestly, diet is 80% of weight loss. I've worked with trainers, etc. and they can only help you so much, if you want to lose, you have to eat better. Do you have a plan in place for diet?

Working out is another, start with walking, building up your endurance. I know Burgundy has done the Couch to 5K program. Lift weights, you can do that by getting light handheld weights and doing different workouts with them.

My journey (lost 85 lbs in the past, then got pregnant with twins), started by eating better. As I saw that weight coming off, I was more motivated to get moving. Did the gym membership, worked with a trainer, now I workout at a boot camp, which is wonderful because you get encouragement from everyone around you as well as the trainers.

Hope that helps! Feel free to ask any questions, more than happy to help!

02-10-2014, 03:58 PM
Hi Guys&Gals,

Im new to this thread. When I joined this forum I was 294 and now Im 295 from 300, I got up to 300 cause after awhile of dieting and working out I started getting lazy and I just stopped everything all together after awhile but on Jan. 16th of this year I started working out and dieting again and I've lost 5 pounds so far. I was always skinny as a kid, I didnt start gaining weight until after high school, While I was in high school I maintained a 120 pound weight all 4 years, Since I didnt have do after high school to keep me in shape I just started eating fast food alot and I wasnt in sports prior to high school so I didnt have that to fall back on either so I just didnt know what to do when I graduated high school in 2003 so I just didnt do anything and thats how the weight started piling on. I started gaining weight from May of 2003 until Jan. 16th this year, So it took me 11 years to get to 300 pounds and I know its gonna probably be just as long to get to my goal weight of 150, I know it didnt come on fast and I know its not gonna come off fast. Anyway I look forward to getting to know all of you.

02-11-2014, 11:16 PM
I've been a slacker and haven't checked in here in a long time. Things are going good been working out five days a week at the gym and doing some wii workouts or DVDs. Eating is sometimes good sometimes not so good. Gotta learn to control that. I'm volunteering at the soup kitchen again this Year. I love it. I hope everyone is doing well. I need the accountability from my girls again.

I'll try to check in tomorrow and do personals.