Weight Loss Surgery - Wondering about the VSG (or weight loss surgery help in general)

04-01-2013, 11:39 AM
I just realized that the thread title comes off as possibly informative instead of question. Sorry!

I've been lurking through these threads and y'all are just an abundance of knowledge...I just wondered if you could help. I have UHC Choice Plus through my employer. I've just recently registered for a seminar that is Saturday. What is required is 5 year weight history through doctor, 2 year weight loss attempts (doesn't have to be supervised) and an approval note from physcian.

I literally haven't been to a doctor in over 5 years so there is no way to even get that. The last doctor I was with before that had given me an approval letter, but that was so long ago and I didnt even follow through with it.

The attempts I have so many of. I've read about just sending in pictures to show my weight. I was going to include a personal letter with my trials and tribulations...I was even thinking about sending like a sample of my daily meals for the last year that I was calorie counting to prove that I know what to eat and how to eat it but that it's still hard for me to lose weight on my own.

I guess I'm asking if it's worth the hassle to go through all of this when I don't have some of what they're asking...and has anyone ever been approved without having every single thing that was requested.

I'm just at the start of it, but I just wanted some opinions. I've been thinking about weight loss surgery for years and just have bounced back and fourth because I've never had insurance that covered it. I'm 26 years old and my BMI is over 50.

Plus the hospital requires 300 dollars for the psych evaluation and everything that is asked from the insurance. So before I shell out so much money I just wanted some opinions.

Thank you. :)

04-02-2013, 06:29 AM
Hi. I can't help u with questions about insurance because mine doesn't cover it. However I think u should still go to the seminar on Saturday! ! It can help u think about whether or nor the sleeve is right for u!!! If so then maybe u can talk to ur surgeon or dr about what the insurance is requiring. They may have ways to help u. Good luck.

04-02-2013, 08:36 AM
agree with 2chi. the surgeon's office know the ins and outs of various requirements.

One of the things about surgery is that we finally have a TEAM behind us to help us through all this. Think about it - how often have we slogged through diet and exercise pretty much alone, and beating ourselves up when we slip or don't do as well as we'd like? With the surgery, there are people who can actually help us make the most of the tool.

we're not alone.

04-02-2013, 02:56 PM
Thanks guys...I've decided not to stress too much about this. I'm going to get all and any information I can provide and that's going to have to be enough.

When my job had a different insurance company we had to do a wellness assessment. That was in January of 2012 so I contacted them to see if they could send over my file and they did. It shows that at least around that time I was pre-diabetic, high blood pressure, and other things. So hopefully that will help. I also contacted my doctor that I had eons ago to see if they possibly had my information on file they told me they would look for it and give me a call.

I'm looking into primary care doctors around my house...so I'll be sure to discuss this with them so I can hopefully get them on board. I'll go ahead and start a supervised diet with them just so I'll have something on record.

I plan to write a very strongly worded letter to the insurance company for my cause as well as list my diet attempts for the last 10 or so years, with my weight losses and gains.

Hopefully this will all be enough. The seminar is mandatory but I'm 99.9 percent positive that this is the avenue I would like to venture. Of course the seminar is first and then apparently I have to fill out a packet for the surgeon to review. Did anyone have to do this?

04-03-2013, 04:11 AM
Yes. You need to fill out a packet of papers which is mostly asking about medical history.
Its good not to stress about it. Things will fall into place.
Congrats on your weight loss so far!