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04-01-2013, 06:13 AM
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04-01-2013, 06:14 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Just splendid walking (CREDIT moi) in the sunshine. Apparently, I need convincing each year that the earth continues to rotate around the sun to change the seasons. DW showed me the buds on the Red Oak that we planted two years and eighteen inches ago. Growth happens. Chatted with a neighbor over her vast lawn of volunteer crocuses - as I stood outside without a jacket.

The big deal was standing down an hour of the opening of an art exhibit with heaps and heaps of food. I had planned to eat exactly nothing in recognition of my recent journeys into bowls of whatever. There was plenty to choose nothing from. And I did exactly that! CREDIT moi, CREDIT moi, CREDIT moi. I did learn from the sculpturer how to make a hollow weathervane from sheet copper. I so want a folk art weathervane on my house. The rest of the day was easily on-plan after spurred by that success right down to the half-grapefruit for evening snack. It feels so good all over to be fully in the game.

onebyone – Yep, "moving on" is the way forward. Thanks for mentioning ham. I just bought a ten pound one for dinner with the kids and their SO's in two weeks. I find myself thinking about how much I love to serve heaps of ham instead of how much I love to eat a modest portion of really good ham. Old thinking is still in there in need of being ignored.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Hope you review French Women Don't Get Fat for us. My fantasy is that I can read it then have all the baguettes, chocolate, and cheese that I want, LOL. Kudos for mindfully pondering the best diet plan for yourself. LOL at cancelling all the books for South Beach in the sentence before "wishing for a beach."

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Love the eye witness view of the animal crackers disappearing under the coffee grounds. Kudos for your proactive step there. I hate any fat around my middle, but double, double hate remembering that it came from stuff as silly as animal crackers.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Yep, "it would get hard at times." We're here to march forth with your restart. Grab April, a "Deep breath," and go.

Rosebud170 – This thought strikes me, "It is amazing how satisfied I can feel when I choose wisely and slow down and enjoy/taste what I am eating" - Kudos for that awareness.

Liz (lizagna) – It's moving to see you walking beside your friend with a shaved head. Kudos for having the courage to make choices. Love the story of making an appointment to hang the art work - champagne and all.

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

...You'll use Cognitive Therapy
techniques to [I]prepare your mind and
.....environment for dieting.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 53.

04-01-2013, 07:15 AM
Wooohooo! Happy to be here. Good morning, Coaches.

More later.


04-01-2013, 08:38 AM
Hello there Buddies/Coaches,

I decided to start SBD early on Saturday. In the morning my brain went like "oh come on - who starts a new diet before Eastern (even though I was not invited to any Easter Party and didn´t get any candy - my family doesn´t live here)", "the first of April would be so much better" and "you could go and get lots of ice cream and enjoy the last weekend in freedom before eating chicken and salad on most days".

I felt like a junkie and was ready to drive to the store. Then a sentence I posted here came into my mind. It pretty much said that deciding NOT to eat can relieve tension as well. And it did!

I was OP the whole weekend and lost 2kg in 2 days. I cannot even tell you how happy I am. Back to the beach - 12 days to go until Phase 2 and my oatmeal.

Hope you guys have a great week!

04-01-2013, 09:31 AM
Hi Beckfolks.

This came through on my Facebook newsfeed today from the Beck Diet Solution.

Monday Motivation: We asked one dieter: What’s one advantage you’ve gotten from losing weight? She said, “Now, when I hear about an event coming up, my first thought isn’t, ‘I need to lose weight before that’ and ‘Oh no, what will I wear?’ Now, my first thought is, ‘that sounds great, I can’t wait!’” Now you: What is one of your advantages?

It's been a tough weekend for me. I'll be back later.

04-01-2013, 10:22 AM
I thought I ate okay yesterday, but woke up feeling ill this morning. Might have been the wine. I sometimes have a bad reaction to wine. Or it might be the maple trees blooming, dehydration, or any number of other things. Hoping it gets better soon. I won't be eating over it.

04-01-2013, 11:03 AM
Hi Coaches!

A quick post before headed to our last pool experience before we travel later.

BBE, super kudos for following your plan of "nothing" at your event....I relate and chuckled at "bowls of whatever". I was touched by your words to onebyone yesterday relating to moving forward. I looked at the book "Mastery" onAmazon and will look for it at the library. It's often where I feel I'm at...working towards the next phase. Thx for taking the time to post the link.

gardenerjoy, hope you are feeling better soon.

Beverlyjoy, thanks for the post from Dr.Beck. I think my greatest "advantage" accomplishment is to be off BP medication. I have a BP monitor at home and I used to take my BP daily (worried about a stroke). I've started taking it again lately and am in awe everytime I get a normal reading since I no longer take meds. PS. I have confidence in you to just get back on track. Holidays are difficult.

Xena(2013), kudos for just getting started with your SBD plan. Yep, when there isn't a big celebration-why not?

Liz(agna), love your new avatar as you support your friend. Kudos for continued beck practices as you see the scale move down.

onebyone, sending you supportive thoughts as you start your new plan.

:wave: everyone else! I am not organized enough yet this morning to access the Marchthread for more personals.

My day went very well yesterday until I snacked after dinner. Theoretically OK since I theoretically missed a meal (lunch) but not so good, since it was unplanned. Credit for portioning, though.
I didn't take one bite of crust while baking the mega pie and chose vegetarian at the potluck. I didn't have a bite of any other sweet other than my pie. credit.
We skipped lunch and did not cook a big meal at home later which is a first for this family.
With both events yesterday, I noticed very positive progress. It reminds me to keep practicing my Beck skills.

Off to finish packing

04-01-2013, 12:14 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

I did not want to check in today. On April 1st I change my ticker to reflect my weight and I was adrift this weekend. So today's scale was two pounds up. I kept telling myself "Water weight- weigh in tomorrow and post. Don't eat today. You can get it off quickly." But BDS is correct that weight is just information. I refuse to go into the spiral of extreme behavior that has caused me to regain hundreds of pounds over the years. So, here it is April 1st and I have added two pounds to my ticker.

This weekend I planned a double family party (my husband's and mine.) It was the normal craziness with the classic rabbit hole food of MAC and Cheese that my mom brings which I ended up getting sick on. Credit I didn't scream at my husband or DS. Credit the party was beautiful - out at our 365 acre walnut ranch in the old barn in 75 degree weather with kids running around the tree house and playing tag football. It went off without a hitch except that my emotions were a mess because of family dynamics. I swear every year I will not throw these parties but then I see the joy on DS's face. He loves his cousins. There is a small window of opportunity to build his happy childhood memories. Thank goodness I have DH to lean on.

BethfromDayton and Onebyone and Beverleyjoy : I was with you in the food struggle this weekend. The positive mantra I gave myself this morning was this: There are only 20 or so holidays in a year. Even if I fail miserably on every one of them, I have 345 days to eat well. I am not defined by how far off the plan I go. I am defined by how kindly I treat myself during a lapse and how quickly i decide to return to healthy eating.

Lizagna: Congrats on getting your ticker. I was very excited when I got mine.
Xena2013: It is terrific you had a OP weekend. I want to be just like you.

Food is written for the day. Exercise is clenching my fists in the dentist's chair.

04-01-2013, 01:25 PM
I'm starting up April pretty well (given that it's only noon). I had to do an alternative to plan breakfast because of time this morning--but it was one I'd have planned for later in the week. Walked one building lap this morning--will do at least two more this afternoon. Lunch was just as planned.

There are treats and non-treats out the wazoo at work today--everything I brought in, plus 2 or 3 other people brought stuff in, plus someone brought in a veggie tray for lunch as well as a cheeseball. "No choice--not on my plan", I said to myself. I was pleased that I was most tempted by the celery sticks at the petite carrots and not the various sweets. I knew I couldn't justify a sweet (those have nothing to do with me) but it was a bit harder to tell myself "not on plan" for something that could have been planned. Credit for doing so.

I'm feeling a bit overfull right now. I really didn't eat very much (a frozen meal plus a sumo) but I think I'm not paying enough attention to whether I'm full.

Strangely enough, it wasn't the holiday that de-railed me (we don't celebrate Easter), but rather having a party at home. I don't think we'll be having another party until June, though.

I can do this--thanks to all for being here.

04-01-2013, 02:07 PM
Hey, Beckster Coaches/Buddies!

Even though I got up early this a.m., tasks like catering to Emma & Watson and folding laundry, plus general putzing cut back on exercise time. Did 10-15 minutes of P90X and only wogged Emma 1.7 mi. After yesterday's 40-degree shorts-weather temps lured us into ardent spring fever, the not-so-nurturing Muthah Nature drummed up a 16-degree windchill this a.m. Drat! Back to deeply insulated running tights and three layers on top.

So far OP for eating and have been doing the hourly stair climb at work. A colleague of DH and dear friend to both of us is in town, so we'll be eating out tonight. I'm still debating what to order, but plan to have a plan by the time we get to the restaurant.

Xena - Congratulations, credit, WTG! To use your own words of wisdom to reel back in from the ST is the ultimate in Beck-ism. And how exciting and validating to lose the 2 Kg.

BeverlyJoy - Thanks for sharing the Beck quote. Those are always so inspiring and grounding. Sorry you had a tough weekend. New week/new month! Lots of opportunities to be happy with your planning and execution. You can do it.

GardenerJoy - Feel better soon.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Where does the "Lexxiss" come from or what does it represent, if I may ask? (I realized I've been spelling it with only one "x". My bad, particularly since I'm fond of "x"s. I have a Nissan Xterra, and his name is Rexx.) Great job with the portions and planning awareness--even though the planning execution wasn't exactly what you'd hoped for. And no bite of crust. Way to Beck it!

BBE - "It feels so good all over to be fully in the game." What a beautiful statement. I could feel that one down to my toes and may use it for an ARC of my own. Will there be any problem with copyright infringement? "Don't strain your eyes. Plagiar-IZE."

Maryann - Kudos for having the courage to check in. I forget how BBE put it in the past, but something in his iniimitable phrasing about the scale can "jitter". You'll be back down in no time. LOVED your positive holiday mantra, and :lol: about your exercise will be clenching your fists in the dentist's chair. (Mine will be jumping to conclusions.) Although where an uncomfortable dentist's appointment is concerned, I probably shouldn't be laughing. :(

BethfromDayton - Credit for planning & exercise. Great start to the week!

Happy trails!


04-01-2013, 09:05 PM
Liz(agna), I've changed my avatar to Lexxiss. She was originally Lexus (very neglected), but she knew her name so we changed the spelling. She was the pup I never thought I'd lose 9/2009 when I joined here that May. Thx for asking. Funny Rexx has the xx, too! lol

04-01-2013, 09:34 PM
Happy April Fool's Day. :) I didn't want to hop on the scale this morning in case my scale decided to prank me. I'll leave it alone for a few more days.

Logged all food in MyFitnessPal and am under my calorie goal today ... odd in that I thought I was over my range - negative thinking.

I read an interesting article in Self magazine this weekend (not sure what issue as I've passed it on) but the gist of the first-person story was "what I missed out on in life because I'm fat" ... including her proposal by her boyfriend as when he went down on one knee, she immediately worried about how she was positioned, and did her abdominal fat accordian, and then it was over and she MISSED IT. I had to laugh, but along with the other recounts - worrying a bride on what the meal would be on at the wedding, not wanting to go to the beach, it made me think. Are there things I have skipped out on? I hope not. There's always the "I'll look better in a bathing suit this summer" but dang it - I thought that when I was 130 - a distant memory now. Ah well. Onward and forward.

A hot bubble bath is my means to avoid more eating tonight from stress - as I join Maryann, Beth, BeverlyJoy, and OneByOne with a rough eating weekend. One day of on-plan builds me up - then I can say I'm having a good month so far!

The flurries they were predicting for today have not materialized yet - thankful for that. Anxious to start our hiking, camping and backyard project plans! I told DH that I think much, much better with the space heater on and the house heat bumped up a bit. He [wisely] doesn't buy that. It was worth a shot. I am weary of the cold temps and swear that if I were a pioneer woman on the back of a wagon heading west, I would have been sticking my head out hollering to turn LEFT, TURN LEFT...

p.s. - LOVE the new avatars, Lexxiss (Debbie) and Liz!

04-01-2013, 11:50 PM

So I woke up to the 1st day of my new foodplan. I forgot to weigh in, but did not forget to eat on plan. *credit* and I continued on plan all day *credit* collective wisdom here at Becksville is that being on plan feels good and makes you crave more of that. I can say, I am happy to give *credit* where *credit* is due. My success today on day 1 of south beach diet coupled with Beck makes me happy as I end the day, especially since I had a less than perfect start. I got all my stuff together determined to print that print today and then I woke up ton -1C. Oh oh. Drove to teh studio to find it was 6C inside,. My ink needs 8C to work properly and so I turned on both portable heaters to raise the temps inthere and then tunred on the coffee pot to brew a pot for me and then tunred a small work lamp opn so I coullld more easily seeif my ink was rolling out nicely with no naasty dried up ink bits in it and
his was on top of the ffluuorescents being on. Everything was fine. . I checked my blocks and the weights ahve done some good work. They were much flatter than before adn so I was hopeful and was jjust wwwaiiting f or my coffee when *poof* Lights out. I blew the fuse. No heat. No light ( I have no window to the outside) and even thecoffee was halfway done. I was grateful i hadn't rolled my ink out or started to print (yay for that) and so I took what coffee I could, replaced the boards and the weights over my linoblocks and locked the studiop up for another day. I called the landlord who told me I tripped the breaker and its waaaayyyyy in the back so I won't be outtaluck like this ever again. I came home and worked on other projects I have set for msyelf for the month and managed to get those done. I stayed on my foodplan 98% today as when i was at the studiop I used my non dairy cremer in my coffee vs the 1%milk I am 100% allowed. I didn't want an opne carton inj the car since I was heading back home, plus I couldn't really see to pour it in there and I was frazzled. I forgave myself immediately for this minor, very minor deviation from my plan. I did not want it to derail me for the rest of the day or to put off starting the SBD until tomorrow. instaed I had an OP lunch, snack and dinner and have leftovers for tomorrow. I had a choice to eat more and chose not to, opting to stay within one serving and using the leftovers for another day. *credit* Also, the new tenants moved in and there are 5 of them all living above us now. I cannot see how this house can support three apartments. In order for us to move I need to get the taxes done as they simply paralyze DH so I got DH to get the paperwork out for me and I have the software already. This week it will get done.

So, all in all, a good day. Now, have a good night everyone who's read this.

04-02-2013, 01:54 AM
Happy April Becksters,
I had a mostly OP day. I had to veer off my plan when, after I out a bit of feta on my salad that was loaded with veggies that I was excited about when I noticed the strong smell and the expiration date and had to abandon and try again. I only had lettuce and avocado but I heated up some frozen mixed veggies. All fine but not exactly how I planned it. Confessing it helps!

I made another set of ARCs to keep in my purse....basically the same as the home ones but a few in code in case someone finds them....

A friend who is having a hard time wanted to get pedicures together so we could catch up. I had planned on going sometime this week as a reward for 5 lbs gone so I brought dd and met up with my friend. Very relaxing and my heels are as soft as a baby's bottom!

How do people organize response cards? As in, with so many of them and so many possible sabotaging thoughts, how do you make contact with the right one at the right time? So far, I have been using index cards on a ring with dividers....ARC in first section, Responses next, and a list of proud weight loss moments last. I tried to label the responses with the issues but I will still end up rifling through when a situation arises..

Xena2013- I love that in the midst of pursuing a food fix, your thought of walking away from going off program could reduce anxiety made you do just that. I wrote that one down as a spoke to me. Huge kudos for that! What a great feeling to have power over the food/situation!

Til tomorrow...

04-02-2013, 07:46 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Felt fully in the game, again, CREDIT moi. I passed on FREE Turtles (chocolate covered pecans) - my favorite candy in all the world. They have been since I was a kid and they were rare treats. When I was losing, passing candy like that was natural. In maintenance, however, I've gotten lax since I've planned occasional dips into 'rare and unusual' treats to help stave off the feeling of being denied. However, when I lose the 'rare and unusual' qualifier, I'm capable of just digging in like the old days. Will continue looking for a middle ground but, for now, a period of hands off is what I need.

Lucky timing on the walk to gym (CREDIT moi). It started to rain just as I got there but had stopped by the time I left. I was wearing gym shorts without my normal winter warm-up track pants over them. That felt so good.

onebyone – Neat that you can extract, "So, all in all, a good day" from the same set of setbacks that could have allowed one to wallow in misery. Kudos for making that choice. Ouch for the blown circuit breaker and delayed printing. 6C can also feel a tad chilly on the fingers.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Ouch for feeling ill. Thanks for "I won't be eating over it."

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yay for yet another pot luck conquered. I'll be carrying an image of "mega pie" all day, LOL. (It's hard to type with those longfull eyes staring at me from Lexxiss in your avatar, LOL.)

maryann - I so admire your awareness that you're making "happy childhood memories" for your DS. Kudos for conquering your annual party despite the baggage that family brings.

nationalparker – Yep, ain't it so, "One day of on-plan builds me up." LOL at your pioneer woman attempting to steer the wagon train south.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Kudos for juggling the issues with would-have-been-OK-had-they-been-planned foods. And Kudos also for those planned laps about the building.

Liz (lizagna) – Kinda awed by "40-degree shorts-weather" - you youngsters have better heat generation than I do, LOL. Kudos for thoughtfully planning your restaurant order in advance.

Rosebud170 – Yay for pedicures with a friend as a reward. Ouch for a tossed salad - that one hurts.

Xena2013 – That's just the best story ever - to stand down the universal Sabotaging Thought to pig out the weekend before starting a diet on Monday. Monster Kudos for using your own Helpful Response, "NOT to eat can relieve tension as well."

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

... Many dieters overlook these important issues when they're trying to lose weight. They start dieting with no preparation. Don't make this mistake! I've found preparation is one of the most crucial components of dieting success.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 54.

04-02-2013, 10:08 AM
Hi folks/coaches/beckies: I've got my plan for today. Eating all that food just made me feel horrible and sick. I've decided to take a couple days off from watching my sodium. I am thinking it will be easier to plan interesting menus. (just a few) I think it will help me get back my 'positive momentum'.

This is what came through on my Facebook from the Beck Diet Solution:

Tuesday Reality Check: "Once you have positive momentum built up, it becomes so much easier to keep doing what you’re doing. You’ll be less likely to give in to unplanned eating because you’ll be able to say to yourself, “I’m doing so well, it’s not worth knocking myself off track.”

I understand about momentum. It feels so good when I am in that 'zone'. This is a forever challenge. I like Dr. Beck's analogy that goes something like this: If you trip on the stairs - it doesn't mean you should throw yourself down the rest of the steps.

Thanks to everyone for your kind support as I face a time of struggle. I appreciate it greatly.

Today I am going to lunch with a friend to my favorite Chinese restaurant. I know I can eat the Hong Kong Sea Bass. It's very healthy. I'll get the brown rice, too.

DH and I were the 'Easter Bunny' again this year and hid eggs around the neighborhood for the little kids. It's very joyful to 'hear all about it'. Adam was all about that the EB left him money for the third year in a row. (some change) He was more ecstatic about the money than the jelly beans or stickers. Fun.

Have a GREAT day.

04-02-2013, 10:44 AM
Feeling a bit better today. I have a written food plan for the first time in several days and I'm feeling prepared to follow it! This is progress.

04-02-2013, 11:15 AM
Hi Coaches

This morning I weighed myself as promised *credit* and saw a MASSIVE loss of 5.7lbs from three days ago. Now I am 255.1. Very thrilled to have made the decision to try the SBD Phase 1. Not holding my breath, counting my chickens, or assuming anything about any other mabe weightloss in the future. My goal is to be OP today and to have a plan in place for today. Which I do *credit* inspite of a few nibbles while standing at the fridge with the fridge door open trying to find something in there to entice the Looloo cat to eat--discovered cooked hamburger from yesterday and I grabbed and nibbled :?: then stopped *credit* and made my planned breakfast.

I've opted to stay home today as it is -3C right now, colder than yesterday so it was cold overnight and this means the studio will be colder still. I have plenty I can do here at home to further that project and others. It is alos time to re-focus on decluttering and getting my apartment in order once and for all.

I am very much about the "once and for all" projects. I am ready to move on from some lifelong quandries.

Beverlyjoy This sure is a "forever challenge". Perfect summation. I have one day of being OP on a new plan with a result I like already. It really does bring momentum aka HOPE back. I know the sodium tracking is difficult and food can be really bland. With a spirit of willingness and keeping your eyes open you'll find the right substitutes to keep you on plan. These thins really take time but the search and the trial and error is worth it. And the re-starts, however many, are always worth it. We have NO CHOICE but to keep finding our own best solutions. :hug: for you and I hope you have fantastic day today.

gardenerjoy I was also thinking of Beverlyjoy's words re: forever challnenge as I read your post today. I said to myself even when you reach goal weight, you will still be challenged to stay on plan but here you are meeting the challenge. Awesome! BTW are you doing Camp Nanowrimo? I am doing that AND naPOwrimo = a poem a day for 30 days, which I find waaayyyy easier than the prose writing. I discovered yesterday that I may actually have some kind of story to tell (I was really doing camp nanowrimo to keep my writing friend company but would apply the naPOwrimo to both challenges) and I think I am writing a horror story! At least my narrator is quite horrid.

BillBlueEyes Funny how you think of Turtles as "chocolate covered pecans". I read that and thought there are pecans in there? as when I think of turtles I think of gooey. Have never considered it as having nuts ever. Wonder if this has to do with tree nuts for you? *sticky credits* for passing on them! Excellent. Also *credit* for looking after your food behaviours re: not indulging yourself even though you are at that ever-so-coveted goal weight. Once again, as Beverlyjoy said "this is a forever challenge."

:wave: to everyone. Enjoy your day.

04-02-2013, 12:38 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

My April's Fool Joke yesterday was "Surprise! A Root Canal! " Then no surprise I didn't write at all yesterday. Credit for taking care of the business of health without overeating. Credit for getting DS to his Lego camp anyway. Credit for letting the rest of the stuff go.

I feel much better today and am grateful i live in a country where modern medicine is a phone call away. Food is in MFP. Weight is one pound under ticker. (yeah!) The plan is to write, write, write after I take DS to camp.

nationalparker: I do feel lucky to be in a state where winter is about three months long (if that!) I already have a few camping trips planned. I was a backpacker for years but gave it up with the arrival of DS. I would love to get back to it.
Lexxiss: I feel silly to have never asked you about your avatar before. Beautiful puppy.
onebyone: My goal is today be OP. too. One day feels so good, I want one day more.

04-02-2013, 12:44 PM
Hi Coaches!
Posting from work actually sitting down eating a healthy breakfast food is planned and on plan. I'm reading posts and hope to get back here later.

04-02-2013, 02:06 PM
Good morning, Becksters!

This morning I was listening to a meditation (the 21-day "challenge" with Oprah/Chopra is finished, so this was a different one), and something about the guy leading the meditation grated on me. I was determined to transcend the irritation, and at the end he concluded, "Each decision that you make is one between a grievance and a miracle." Oh... Wow. That has made me regard everything with a slightly different frame today. (I Googled it, and it's a quote from A Course in Miracles.)

OP for 8 consecutive days now. Woot! This morning my body was feeling sore and tired--I haven't been over-doing exercise, but have been approaching it with some intensity--so Emma the Rocket Dawg had to join me in downward dogs and other yoga asanas rather than a wog. Also used the foam roller to work out some kinks. Ahhhh... renewal.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Thank you so much for sharing about sweet Lexxiss, including her as your beautiful avatar. I love dogs even more than "x"s. My usual practice is to adopt senior dogs (Emma is an exception--we got her from a rescue last year at ~ 3yo), so I have grieved more than a few.... Here's to the memory of Lexxiss. And here's to you for posting from work and OP breakfast. You really do go the second mile (and often several more) to be here.

BillBE - I'M a youngster? I like it! If you're speaking from a relative chronological perspective, that must mean you're pushing the century mark. ;) ONION RINGS and BISCUITS and TURTLES? In the short duration of our acquaintance, you have passed up each of these; and I am convinced you are endowed with Super Powers. WTG! And yea for wearing shorts!

NationalParker - You mentioned being under calorie count on MFP when you thought you were over -> "negative thinking". We must both have a keenly honed sense of guilt. I am haunted with the feeling of over-indulging even when I'm undercount--because I feel satisfied. It's like I need to feel punished or miserable to feel like I'm doing the right thing. As Beck points out, just because we "feel" it, don't make it necessarily so. Let's keep on keepin' on. LOVED the article you described about "what I missed out on in life because I'm fat". Poignant, touching. True. Cracked up at your hollering pioneer woman. Thanks for a totally enlivening post!

Happy trails, all. :grouphug:


04-02-2013, 02:33 PM
It's a sunny, busy workday and I"m itching to actually get out of the office on time today; was the first one in and the last one out yesterday for our department, and still finished up at home (as others did, too). Today I'd like to finish up and not have to work on that tonight.

Itching to watch another episode of Cranford this evening as well. It's cold and I'd love a fire - still in the 20s at night for a few more days, I think. That series really lifts my spirit - with characters I love. (A neighbor in that is the head butler on Downton Abbey!) I tend to be an up-and-downer - watch five minutes and then dry dishes, watch 10 minutes and fold laundry, therefore there is NO continuity in a movie or I miss most of it. Someone told me years ago that I'd enjoy the movie Green Card - i said ehh - i didn't think it was all that - hard to follow. WHAT? Well, turns out, I'd seen it on a flight - didn't buy (back then) the earplugs so didn't HEAR it... and snoozed through part of it, so it wasn't a fair review.

Setting a goal to reword/rewrite my response cards and reasons to lose weight every two weeks. I don't pay attention to them now, so I am not allowing them to help me. Starting tonight!

04-02-2013, 11:10 PM
Today was an OP day--exercise as planned, food as planned. I didn't finish my lunch (recognizing I was full) but was starving at snack time, so finished my strawberries, celery, and carrots at snack. We had dinner out, and I had already decided what I was going to order and asked for the cook to measure out the cheese for the chicken. All in all, I'm pleased with today.

My toe procedure is tomorrow morning--I haven't planned anything specific for tomorrow since I really don't know how I will feel or if I'll even want to eat coming out of the anesthesia. I won't eat before, of course, and I expect I'll sleep most of the day. Once I get a sense of how I feel and how much pain I'm in/not in, I'll start planning meals. I purchased a bunch of frozen stuff for DH to heat for us for meals (he's not much of a cook and his fallback position of fast food won't work for me now!)

Take care, all!

04-02-2013, 11:46 PM
Ok Coaches

So I am getting ready to get Looloo ready for her vet appointment after a long day at home where I chased her everywhere, foodbowl at the ready, different kinds of food each time, sme warmed up, some not, all over the apartment to see if she'd eat. She is inscrutable and will eat *whereever* *whenever*. No clear pattern detected. Anyway, she really needs to eat or I wouldn't be chasing her down so much. Anyway I was no very successful today and she let me know it with these sour meows aimed right at me. Poor girl. And just as DH comes through the door the light fixture in the ceiling starts to leak water. What the hey?:mad: The upstairs neighbours! OMG! the picky landlord's going be in my house! and in my messy! grimey! kitchen! like maybe tonight!--so DH and I get it in gear and do "crisis cleaning" and then we have to get to the vet and then we come home and it's time for dinner. I was OP all day but while we were out we picked up OP treats and I was going to have one. I was also going to eat my chicken skinless and I didn't. and I was going to eat sitting down, but I ate quite a bit over the stove. And I had a second treat. Oh well. All within the bounds of my foodplan but not proper Beck behaviour. Oh well again.

The landlord, btw, will be by tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow it's another cold day here, so I am home again and this time I am cleaning up. I ended up goofing off all day and felt like I was punished for my sloth. I'm going to let that go....punishment/good/bad/self judgment/harshness it doesn't work to motivate anyone. So I am dropping that rock. It helped immensely to meet the neighbours. They are new to Canada from Syria. They are so happy to be here and not in a place with a raging civil war. It just made all my troubles diminish to tiny proper size and made me grateful to live here and to have the life I have.

Going now.Bye.

04-03-2013, 12:41 AM
Dear Coaches,

I am feeling like a big fat person right now. I keep catching glimpses of myself in a swimsuit in windows and mirrors, and I hate the image staring back at me. I know this is negative self-talk, but it's how I feel right now. Somehow having the excess weight hidden under clothing makes me feel better. I hate being one of the "fat people" on the beach and at the pool. I was never heavy in my younger years and I am just sick and tired of being this overweight. :( I haven't weighed myself while here in Florida and I've taken long walks on the beach the past 2 days, but I feel like I am at another crossroad in my life regarding weight: I will either take significant action to buckle down and lose a significant amount of weight soon OR my weight will continue to spiral out of control and I will just keep getting bigger. I soooooooo don't want to get bigger, so why is it so difficult for me to RESIST extra food?!?!? There is no question that I am addicted to food and an emotional eater. I have been admitting that to myself for awhile now and I've read a bunch on the topic of emotional eating and food addiction, but I just don't know what to do with this realization. I can't seem to get my eating under control. When Beck says that thin people don't constantly think about food and their next meal, I can hardly fathom that. That seems so foreign to me that I cannot even imagine NOT thinking about food most of my day. I have tried NOT worrying about food so much (thinking that maybe THAT alone was a problem), and it feels really dangerous to me. In order to lose ANY weight, it seems that I HAVE to be hyper-focused on food the entire day. And I am sick of thinking about food. I wish I didn't enjoy eating so much. And I am one of those people who eat even more (not less) when stressed. Figures! I am just feeling like such a glutton right now. I haven't eaten an unusual amount of food (for me) today or anything. I just have a constant urge to snack right now. I guess I will give myself CREDIT for coming here instead of continuing to snack. I am now realizing that part of the problem today was that we did not really have a lunch. We ate breakfast late and stayed outside through lunch. Then, by the time we were heading out for lunch, we decided to wait a little longer and just have an earlier dinner. I also must confess that I haven't cracked open any of my Beck materials since we've been here. Hello, what am I thinking?!? I definitely need to go do that as soon as I log off here. I thought that I could handle just THINKING about the Beck principles and applying them, but I obviously need a huge refresher course!!! I need to keep the Beck principles, and not food, forefront in my mind!!! But I don't feel like I can do this 100% of the time ~ or even close right now!!! So my all or nothing thinking error is coming into play again, too. Okay, now I am sort of figuring out my problem. I will still post this because I feel the way I've described above much of the time. Do any of you ever feel this way??? And how do you pull yourself out of a funk?!? What first step do you take when you feel so overwhelmed by the road ahead? I am open to any and all suggestions. I am feeling a bit desperate right now. :(

I am having fun on vacation, other than this (LOL!), but I miss my 3 dogs!!! BTW, Lexxiss, your precious pup was simply beautiful!!! I love dogs more than a lot of humans I know!!! Their unconditional love is such a gift to me!

Sorry this post is such a downer. I need to be honest about my feelings, though. Denial doesn't work for me anymore! I will be discussing all of this with my therapist, too, at my next meeting for sure.

Thanks for listening! Sending all of you a big dose of :sunny: from Florida!!!

04-03-2013, 12:44 AM
Liz: I so admire you for shaving your head in support of your friend with cancer. Your profile pic is priceless! ;)

04-03-2013, 06:44 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Got a bit chilly out walking (CREDIT moi). I under-dressed in the naive belief that since it was warm the day before, it would be warm again. I stopped by the used book section of a Goodwill store and bought nothing - a good move since I'm not in need of more books right now.

Eating was stellar, CREDIT moi. I skipped two snacks and had only half a mango for evening snack. All meals were on plan, including my standard and much loved lunch of peanut butter, banana, and pecans on a whole wheat sandwich thin. I prefer the end slices of loaf bread, but DW doesn't generate them fast enough and the stores don't sell a loaf of ends, LOL.

onebyone – Congrats on that Honking MASSIVE scale drop. Ouch for the hassles with your landlord appearing today; may he act like a grownup this time. [LOL that I forgot to mention that Turtles contain caramel.]

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Sounds good.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yay for finding time to sit and post from work.

Beverlyjoy – Yay for positive momentum. And Yay for Hong Kong Sea Bass giving you so much pleasure. Kudos for focusing on keeping to your path even if you have to divert from the lowest sodium choices for a spell.

maryann - Ouch for a pending root canal. BTDT. Twice. Have a lovely writing day.

nationalparker – Kudos for addressing your ARC's. (It reminded me to add another one myself - thanks.) LOL at a movie watched without sound on a flight. Happened to me with Chinatown. Much later I found out they had deleted a tiny scene that linked the whole thing together because it contained a flash of flesh. Was really annoyed to discover that. Then doubly annoyed to realize that I couldn't complain since I hadn't paid the $5 for headphone rental. Oh, Well.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Happy Toe Day today. Hope it all works out. Kudos for making a special request at the restaurant.

IBelieveInMe2 – Waving to the lady taking long walks on a Florida beach (with a little jealousy). Super Kudos "for coming here instead of continuing to snack." My take is that you're spot on in recognizing that you don't need to choose between full time Beck strategies and none. For this vacation, it might work to read your ARC's each morning and to plan a general form of your eating plan for the day as your only Beck tasks. I know it's hard to plan while on vacation when spontaneity is the order of the day, but a general plan can be three proportioned meals taken wherever, plus three snacks of modest size. Sending supportive thoughts for you to find your mojo and enjoy your time on the beach.

Liz (lizagna) – Yay for a dog that does yoga asanas - including downward dogs. Does she meditate?

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

... Before coming to me, none of the dieters I counseled had spent time getting ready. They just picked a diet and started it that day. Guess what? They succeeded for a while, eventually faced a challenge, strayed from their diet, got discouraged, and quit. At some point, they got back on the same diet - or a different one - only to go through the identical sequence of events. Once I taught these dieters the essential techniques they needed, dieting went much more smoothly. They still faced challenges, but their preparation made these challenges surmountable. No matter what happened, they were able to follow their diet, lose weight, and keep it off.
... And you can do the same.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 54.

04-03-2013, 10:10 AM
Good morning, all! Enjoyed a very good evening. Finally cleaned up the kitchen that gets overlooked when continuing to work at night - did some meal prep and made a cavatappi/sundried tomato/crumbled turkey italian sausage/light spicy cheese sauce homemade dish and it turned out great (will add onions next time) ... planned on it being about three servings but will easily get four out of it. Started with a bowl of green beans as I was hungry, and then portioned out 1/4 and ended up leaving some. It was rather filling, so the "full" feeling prompted some guilt.

Thanks, Liz, for validating that - knowing it's not just me is a good feeling. Also thank you for talking about the meditation as I have completely forgotten that I wanted to pursue that a bit more. LOVE the quote about decisions being grievances or miracles. Great prespective!

OneByOne - Whoohoo for a great scale reading. You go, girl! :) Good luck with Looloo - any progress on the eating front with her? I know you're trying everything - no tuna lover in her? Thank you for mentioning your new neighbors from Syria - good to remember the basics of freedom.

BeverlyJoy - Thank you for pulling the quote about positive momentum - that is really hitting me now. I had a weekend off plan and felt terrible the whole time... as if every choice was a terrible one, even though in reality it was not. But just being back firmly on plan the last two days, I feel SO much better mentally. Perfect timing for that reminder.

Maryann - Ugh on the root canal; thankful that's over for you. I had one years ago and thankfully, though, was in no pain post-procedure. But I just hate going to the dentist/oral surgeon folks! Love your perspective of thankfulness that medical help is a call away. Great views and positiveness on this thread!! BTW, a friend of mine used to camp with her baby boy, then they had a girl soon after, and tent camped with both. Then a third (!) and they kept camping with a bigger tent. When the fourth arrived, they got a pop up trailer and still went. Four kids under age 7. And I spend too much time planning DH and my food when we go :) ha! Does your son like camping?

Beth - GOOD LUCK with your surgery - looking forward to hearing how it went. You are SO CLOSE to your 10% - such an inspiration. You're doing great with eating out, too - I would never have thought to ask the cook to measure.

Bill - Ah HA - there IS someone who eats the end slices of loaf bread. Once I left home and my dad wasn't there to eat them, they became some of my bird and yard critter food. Interesting sandwich - I think I'll whip one of those up for DH one day (need pecans, which he LOVES). He is a peanut butter fanatic. We love the Trader Joe's natural one but never in the fridge. Expect another day of cool temps, I think, as we've got them here still and looks like they're moving your way.

IBelieveInMe2 - I hope you got a good night's sleep last night and started with a good breakfast today. You are doing FINE - look at this - you took two long walks the past two days - that's GREAT - mentally and physically. Few things beat beach walking for peacefulness. Maybe when you're walking today, think of the changes you've made in your lifestyle that maybe haven't shown up yet in major weight drop, but that you're doing. Awareness. Be proud of that. I had the constant urge to snack all weekend, but did the NO CHOICE come Monday. But don't stress yourself as you do need to eat and if you've missed a meal, snacking isn't a poor choice. You're not grabbing Big Macs and personal pan pizzas, right? How are you feeling today? More in control? You SO can do this, and WeBelieveInYou2!

04-03-2013, 11:43 AM
Done with two days in a row of dentist visits. I used to have a fully ingrained habit of getting some treat or other after every medical visit. This was a particular challenge after dental visits that included numbing of the mouth. As the dentist was saying, "don't eat for three hours," I would go into a panic about what treat I could have that wouldn't cause me to bite my tongue off.

Yesterday, I reflected on what a relief it was to just drive home like a normal person without that desperate need to eat something.

onebyone: I am doing Camp NaNoWriMo! I'm being a NaNoRebel and working on my memoir project, but I'm hoping to get 50,000 words even though a lot of them will be cut and pasted from journals and the like as I gather material.

IBelieveInMe2: you said "I've read a bunch on the topic of emotional eating and food addiction, but I just don't know what to do with this realization." I'm currently reading Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss and I'm becoming convinced that not eating processed food may be the only solution to the addiction, because they are deliberately designed to be addictive -- no wonder so many of us succumb! Of course, that's hard on vacation, so maybe minimizing processed food is a better goal. Challenge yourself to see how many whole foods you can track down.
You also said "What first step do you take when you feel so overwhelmed by the road ahead?" Day at a time, or if that's too much, meal at a time, or if that's too much, minute at a time. What can I do this minute that will make me feel more in control, more aware of this moment? Sometimes, just becoming aware of my breathing is enough to get started. If I'm breathing, then everything that brought me to this point has been enough.
Oh, and I really liked what BillBlueEyes said about coming up with some sort of plan, but taking into account that you're on vacation. My vacation plan is often "focus on the veggies."
And I liked what nationalparker said, too -- very reassuring.

04-03-2013, 01:43 PM
Good morning, Becksters!

Last night ended my OP streak, but I still feel oddly satisfied about it all. When we ate out last night, I had planned to have the grilled salmon salad. (Even brought my own zero-fat salad dressing.) As I perused the menu, I said, "I really feel like busting my diet." DH replied, "Do whatever you want. All I know is that if I see you eating standing up I'm supposed to chase you down & tackle you." But just by planning that salmon salad, it was what was stuck in my head and nothing else looked all that appealing. So I went with the plan, telling myself (and DH) if I still wanted something else, I could have it later.

Before bed I weighed out 2 oz. of dark chocolate and 4 oz of red wine. I sat down and savored every molecule. It wasn't on plan, and it put me 200 calories over my goal calories (mainly because of my lessened exercise yesterday). But I was still under 1800 cal, and I felt totally in control, having made a conscious, quantifiable decision and not just pigging out on chocolate (and/or wine) until it was gone.

This morning it was back to P90X and wogging. Emma & I did our regular 2.6-mile route. Tonight I have NOBO, so that will probably be another 1-1/2+ mi.

BethfromDayton - Hope the toe procedure went smoothly & painlessly.

IBelieveinMe2 - As I read your post, I shared your ache. I know I've been there with the "Why do I keep doing this over & over when it's not what I want? How will I ever get out of the spiral?" etc. It sucks. I'm so glad you posted your feelings here because: 1) you know you're safe, 2) you have support, and 3) it's like a fart--better to get it out than keep it in. :) Do not let those images that are haunting you deter you from focusing on the depth and beauty you have that we see in you with every post. The only answer to what to do is DON'T GIVE UP. Keep doing it. Keep doing Beck when it feels like it isn't working. (It is. Did you notice how you spotted your own "all or nothing" thinking?) Do one thing. Read one ARC. Keep at it. Every day you can read how each of us is doing it imperfectly. But we're doing it--and so are you. By virtue of continuing to do it, we exercise our "resistance muscles" (and also our "can-do" muscles) and become more skilled at it through the ups and downs. Remember to keep talking to yourself like you would to your sweet child or dearest friend if they were experiencing the same behaviors and feelings. Okay, didn't mean to become Dr. Phil here.... oh... and thanks for the kudos on the avatar! I'm LOVIN' the bald so much, it's beginning to feel like the most selfish thing I ever did.

BillBE - Emma is a master meditator. And in answer to a question awhile back, her only contribution to P90X is coming to the basement to nag that it's time for her wog. I drooled at the description of the peanutbutter-banana-pecan sandwich using the ends. I'm a crust fan from way back--along with PB, banana, & pecans. Kudos on all the OP-ness!

NationalParker - OMG... You & Bill are making me hungry! Would you either PM me or post the recipe for the dish you described? It sounds heavenly. Glad the meditation stuff resonated. I shared that with DH (over the salmon salad) and he said, "And some of the things you'll decide are definitely grievances." Twinkle. He's the sweetest guy in the world, but has a twisted sense of humor. And is kind of realistic. But I really do like at least the awareness of "I have a choice in how I view this." Congrats on the clean kitchen and... dear Lord, you are fractioning and leaving so much food--in a good way. WTG.

Have a fabulous Hump Day, everyone! :df:


04-03-2013, 01:46 PM
GardenerJoy - First off, KUDOS on leaving the dentist and going about your day without the stress of "must eat now" ...

Wanted to thank you for posting the name of that book - I will have to check that out, as well. I watched a program (movie/documentary, not sure what to call it) on Netflix that described this - and it entailed the tens of BILLIONS of dollars spent in our food industry to keep us buying more processed food. I think I typically buy little and make most meals from scratch, but do use healthy cereals vs. only oatmeal, etc. While watching that I kept pausing it and running to the kitchen to check ingredients on processed foods that I thought were innocuous or that we eat rarely, like Stove Top Stuffing - has high fructose corn syrup. I never thought it would and never looked at the ingredients. Stuff like that, surprised me. I need to look up the name of it to share.

04-03-2013, 06:09 PM

I'm doing it. The kitchen is slowly getting cleaner than it's been in months. My landlord has not dropped by yet--ironically, this time he really should. He's never gonna know if their fix upstairs has worked without asking us if we have a leak. The answer to this is yes, we still have a leak. By the time we're talking to him tonight the kitchen will be awesome. Already the worst of the cleaning is over. *credit for getting to work*

Foodwise I have been OP today and my food is planned. I've been too busy to think about food, and everytime my mind wants to wander there I bring it back to my very detailed plan *credit for making a plan for cleaning today* and this keeps me focused on getting my cleaning done.

Also, I weighed this morning *credit* and saw another drop:0.9lbs. Great. 6.3lbs of water lost. This is typical for me but I am so :carrot:happy:carrot: to be under 255. I am even believing this new food plan will bring me under 250 becfore phase 1 is done in 11 more days.

Just saw the landlord walk by my window. Maybe he'll be in... will update later.

04-03-2013, 07:12 PM
Hi beckfolks/friends/coaches - yesterday (Tuesday) went better. I did eat extra in the evening. It's my hardest part of the day. But it was progress.

I had my Hong Kong Sea Bass for lunch and dinner. I took half of the portion only and saved the rest for dinner. If I could have only gotten through the whole day on plan. Oh well. I made a good plan for today. I am journaling my thoughts and goals.

I have to start thinking/planning for Sunday. I am going to a brunch/baby shower for my niece. It should be great fun. Afterwards I am going back to cousin's house where we will have dinner. DH too. It's a whole day of 'unknowns'. My cousin says I don't need to bring anything to the dinner. I think I'll offer just to see what she is fixing. I could ask.

Nationalparker - I am glad that the positive momentum quote has been helpful. I think it's true and has been a reminder to me. I hope to gather momentum in the next few days. too. Your cavatappi sounds good!

billbe- Credit for a great OP day. Kudo's for not eating extra pecans. I know tree nuts are your favorite.

onebyone - it's so true... this journey is a forever thing. Sometimes it's a hard pill to swallow. My son's favorite expression is: "It is what it is." It's true though. Thanks for your encouragement with the sodium thing. I guess I just need to find the right things and try to keep it tasty and interesting.

Ibelieveinme2 - I surely understand and can identify with how you are feeling and all of your frustration and thoughts. I am glad you came here to share these feelings. That's a good thing... you didn't run away. Dr. Beck says... we are so much more than that number on the scale. It's true - we have to treat ourselves as kindly as a good friend. I too have the all or nothing approach to food. It's so frustrating. You are not home... away from you 'food comfort zone'. It's hard. Do the best you can. Please, just keep trying. Things will click in with practice . You take care now.

I hope you all are having a good healthy day. Thanks to all of you for being here to help and support me and others.

04-03-2013, 09:49 PM
So. Back again.

It is probably too much to expect anyone to believe I have gone Off Plan for seven months over the death of my dog. Gained 10 pounds. In my defense my husband, who is a funeral director, said he'd seen people grieve harder over pets than over their own family members. [Isn't a dog a family member?]

This post is my first try at reining myself back in. I went for a walk today. [I'd stopped doing that.] I ate a teeny bit less.

My goal for the night is to dig my Beck book out. Onward.

04-03-2013, 10:12 PM
Hello fellow Becksters,
I have been OP and have officially lost 12 lbs now... Yeeee haaaaw! We are getting ready for our Paris trip and having a hard time focusing on other things unless I am teaching.

It feels like I am still in the honeymoon phase and I know far too well that this feeling does not last and things will feel much more challenging and I must be ready for that. Responses to the sabotaging thoughts are at the ready and so are my ARCs.

We went to water aerobics last night and tonight I will do Wii Zumba. I am also increasing my steps as measured by the FitBit by parking further and other unplanned exercise opportunities.

04-03-2013, 11:07 PM
Spanky - I'm guessing there are a bunch of us here who understand the depths of grief over a dog. I'm one of'em. (I guess my response would be "What? Only 10 pounds? You did GREAT!") My heart goes out to you, and special blessings. Glad you're back.

Rosebud - YEA for you!:carrot: Congratulations! Savor the honeymoon. You know we celebrate that with you, and when/if it gets tough, we're all here for each other then too. Great, great news. Sounds like you're as addicted to Fitbit as I am. I'm now motivated to do stairs at work several times a day. I used to ALWAYS take the elevator even to the 2nd floor.... Keep up the great work! And can't wait to hear about your Paris trip.


04-03-2013, 11:13 PM
Hi all.

Toe surgery went fine. I've been lying down all day with my foot elevated-half the time iced, the other half not.

No exercise except ankle movements. I didn't write a food plan since I really didn't know if or what I'd be able to eat. Turns out that I felt fine and ate normally--but small portions for dinner. I had DH save it in case I wanted it later but I didn't. MFP will "yell" at me for being too low in calories.

If anyone is on Yahoo! Messenger, please feel free to IM me during the day-bethohio3

I haven't entered tomorrow's food into MFP, since DH will have food creation duties, but I know there's plenty of appropriate choices!

Take care, all

04-04-2013, 12:53 AM
IBelieveInMe2 Hi. I hope you had a better day today and that your feelings concerning bathing suits, being the fatlady on the beach, being food-obsessed are fading. I have felt exactly as you described inthe exact same way many many many times, often expressed here just like you did. Do not feel "funny" about coming back here and continuing to post or expressing your true emotional self. We have ALL experienced this stuff in one way or another--it's why Beck spoke to us.

When I was in Key West last february I had a local family, friends of my sister, take me out for the day to the beach. They are all fit, trim, attractive and active people and guess what? *I* was the only one who went to the beach IN A SWIMSUIT! NONE of them wore one, opting to go into the water in a tshirt, shorts and with underwear on to boot.
Huh? They were so self conscious they couldn't do it. I was going to take my tshirt off and go in with the bathing suit but I had doubt that if they couldn't do it, what made me think I could? I fixted on my fat upper arms, but then I did go in, saying I was keeping my tshirt on "as sunscreen" (big lie) but I did have my swimsuit on under my tshirt so I take *credit* for that. My thighs ran free! I still regret not shocking them with my daring and joy to be at a tropical beach in a bathing suit. That was how I honestly felt. I am glad I wore the suit though. I found the whole episode very weird.

I do know that the worst part of the beach/pool is the hanging around with the swimsuit on. But in the water, who can see you? Who cares? Actually no one cares really cause they all think they look like crap. True. We are not the most important thing/sight for others to see. And I try not to imagine what they are thinking. That's just a losing game for me and it's none of my business. I think some wretched things at times too and so? It means nothing. What DOES mean something is living your life in the now.

Don't allow your fear and your self-judgement stop you from living your life and enjoying the sun. When I get overwhelmed I sometimes think to myself and take great joy in saying "I'm not from here" and so I feel a freedom in that as what follows is "and they don't know me" or "they will never see me again". So who really cares if my body is not whateverIthinkitshouldbe?

Foodwise, set yourself some very scaled down simple rules to follow. Acknowledge you're in a different set of circumstances and don't be too hard on yourself. I have a fallback plan for anywhere I find myself perplexed, panicky (remember this is not an emergency) and lost.

3 meals a day-each meal must have a start and a finish. I don't care how big it is but it must start and finish, eaten sitting down, and as mindfully as possible.
no seconds
drink water
avoid/limit sugars and obvious snacky things - fruit not included
again if having snacks: a start and a finish to it and off a plate if possible.

Enjoy the ocean. I hear the weather is not so tropical in Ohio yet. ;)

04-04-2013, 06:15 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – At gym, CREDIT moi, I worked out on a bench next to a guy with serious leg disability. He lifted the dumbbells to the floor one by one and then, when back on both crutches, used his crutches to roll them to the bench. He had a to-die-for upper body. Inspired me to work a tad harder. Walking, CREDIT moi, included a trip to the library to fetch a book for DW that I had requested less than a week ago and they had to import from a nearby town. I'm so impressed with our multi-library system. I happily salute School Librarian Day!

Eating was on-plan, CREDIT moi, including the urge for something. Presumably, something would make any stay feelings go away. The brain seems so comfortable replaying old songs.

onebyone – Kudos indeed for a cleaning plan. It's a good reminder that any onerous task that's a problem can be addressed in a plan that lays out nibble by nibble.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Kudos for reaching the state of not needing a food reward after every medical visit - especially when the tongue feels like a giant blob in the mouth. I can't wait until it's my turn at our library to read Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss.

Beverlyjoy – Neat idea to plan ahead for your cousin's dinner - 'unknowns' are a challenge.

spanky - Kudos for the first step at "reining myself back in." Yep, all my dogs have been family members worthy of the full five stages of grief.

nationalparker – Drooling over the cavatappi-sausage dish. I do love food porn, LOL.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Congrats for a successful toe surgery - hope your mending continues well. LOL that MFP will "yell" at you. Reminds me of talking to the car I interviewed last week.

Liz (lizagna) – Yay for a plan that includes measured dark chocolate and red wine. My take is that avoiding denial helps to stay the path. Kudos for following your plan with the salmon.

Rosebud170 – LOL at the thought of bringing "Yeeee haaaaw!" to Paris - expand their minds. Congrats on those 12 pounds gone forever.

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

... What if you've already lost weight? You still need to prepare. Start with Day 1 and progress from there. Practicing the skills in this program is crucial to maintaining weight loss. It's insurance that all your hard work will pay off for a lifetime.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 54.

04-04-2013, 07:30 AM
Hello everyone

Having a hard time here lately, I feel overwhelmed and out of control. I was doing so well and then someone I knew passed away at the age of 50 and then I thought does it really matter what I eat. A week later another person I knew passed away she was in her early 40's. I just feel like I am spiraling out of control eating anything and I was practicing avoidance. I decided this morning to read all of your posts, I wasn't planning to post because I feel like a fraud. I figured if I didn't acknowledge it, it didn't matter.
As I read IBelieveInMe2's post, I could relate to it. and I realized that we are all going through things and I need to post here during these times not escape. As I read each of your posts I saw your concern and encouragement. I felt as if I didn't want to come here and bring anyone down with my problems. I know it is crazy as you all helped me so much with my brother's death and then his dog's passing. You offer so much great advice. I am just feeling like I take and am not giving back. I know sabotaging thoughts. (Funny as I was typing this I thought maybe this isn't a sabotaging thought, maybe it is true). Maybe getting back to basics is my best solution. Sorry if this sounds all over the place but that is how I am feeling.

Congrats to everyone on your successes.

Take Care

04-04-2013, 10:19 AM
hey everyone.
I sorta kinda disappeared for a week but I'm still around.
my food plan is going well and I've got my face in the Beck book daily.
I really want to fully become part of and connected with this group and to do that I need to post every day, let you know what's going on in my life and comment on what's going on in your lives.
I read all the posts every day and enjoy hearing about your journeys.
I will focus on making that time to post every day and use this forum for what it is . . . Diet Coaching.
more later.

04-04-2013, 11:09 AM
Off to a slow start with exercise this month. I'm dealing with allergies and some other minor medical issues that are taking up too much time and too much energy so that I don't feel like I have any left for exercise. Like Rosebud170, I've got a trip to France in my near future and I want to be in good shape to walk all day. Meeting my April exercise goal will get me there.

Exercise: +30 30/1400 April

BillBlueEyes: I didn't read Salt Sugar Fat fast enough and had to give it back to the library with only the Sugar section read. I'm 105th in line to get it again, but the library has more than 60 copies of the book so it won't take too long. I'm glad that so many people are reading it since I think it's such an important message.

Newlifestyle: you said "I am just feeling like I take and am not giving back." You give back. Posting on our worst days is a way of giving back, it helps us all think through how we will handle our worst days. Sorry for your losses. One of my initial Advantages cards was "I want to lose weight so I live longer than my parents." That's motivating at some moments, but, I'm not going to know if I achieved that for about twenty years. And, as you noted, there are so many other ways to die. At bad moments, now, I sometimes say that I'm going to be so mad if I lost all this weight and get hit by a truck tomorrow. I suggest looking at other Advantages right now. One of my original Advantages was "I want to keep my knees, hips, and back free of pain." And now, I have this Advantage for maintaining my weight: "I feel pain so seldom now." Or perhaps you could work with advantages about energy levels or things you want to be able to do.

04-04-2013, 11:49 AM
Good Morning, Coaches.

IBelieveinMe: I have thought all your thoughts before. That negative spiral thinking is so painful. You would never be so tough on a friend. You would point out her strengths. You would have compassion for her struggles. I know I would. But I constantly use myself as a battering ram against my deficits. Some of this stuff for me is home of origin stuff. I grew up in chaos and continue the chaos with my eating behavior. Some if it is human nature. In any case, all of us need a break. If I saw you walking on a beach all I would think is "Wow, what a beautiful thing, to be walking on a beautiful beach. i wish I was her." Thanks for posting.
Lizagna" I have been through the Course of Miracle twice. Each time took me a year. It was powerful stuff, transformative. Thanks for the quote " a miracle or a grievance".
Gardenerjoy: Good luck on your writing process. You have inspired me to look at how many words my thesis is. Wow, I just looked:40, 570 words.

As for me: Sitting all day in Starbucks because my internet is out. I have decide to do a Jenny Craig modified using only food here. It is boxed, calorie counted and healthy (relatively) I'll call it Starry Craig. Spinach wrap for breakfast, protein box for lunch and ham panini for dinner. Weight at ticker ( not really a good thing but it is just a number.)

04-04-2013, 02:07 PM
Good morning, Beckster Coaches!

This morning when Emma and I wogged, it was 30 degrees with a mid-20s windchill, but at least that's better than the meat locker of a couple weeks ago. It's so weird to be April & the lake is still frozen solid--this is about the time most years people start putting in their piers. BUT.... at this moment, it's sunny & 50. Woot! :dance:

Back to OP and within calories yesterday. Started on P90X cardio this a.m. before remembering how much I hate that DVD in the series. Ended up taking a completely different direction & doing a couple of the 10-Minute Solution Kettlebell routines. Those are GREAT! And of course, the wog with the Divine Ms. Em. Feeling really good!

BethfromDayton - Glad the toe is doing well and DH is taking good care of you. I was going to IM you, but the IM box just keeps spinning like it's trying to load but can't quite do get there. Know I'm IMing you in spirit!

BillBE - Super job on gym, walk, & resisting the feeling-chasing pretenders. When you mentioned the guy at the gym with the disability, it reminded me of the first time DH took me skiing. He loves it. I was not enthusiastic. The boots hurt. I'm clumsy. [Fill in all kinds of whining both internalized & vocalized.] Then I saw a guy who had no legs BLASTING down the slope. And another (with companion) wearing a "Blind Skiier" bib. At that point I told myself to just shut the :censored: up and DO IT. (And yes, I would have talked that way to my best friend under those circumstances. ;-)

Ann (Newlifestyle) - I am so sorry for your losses. Grieving is really hard, but totally necessary to eventually move on with clarity and full life. You have come to the right place to share your grief and your struggles. This may seem like a website forum with coaches and buddies, but I'm convinced it's really a sacred temple with compassionate priests and priestesses. When things are going well, we lay our good tidings on the altar to share freely. When heavy burdens are weighing us down, we can leave them there to be shared, receive encouragement, and go forward with our loads lightened. Thanks for sharing and letting us do our part in your process.

Maryann - I have only read excerpts from CIM. Thanks for sharing your experience with it. I can only imagine how powerful and transformative that must have been. LOVED your Starry Craig plan. WTG continuing to plug away at the thesis. I can't even imagine how you do it with children at home. I get easily distracted by the dog & the cat. What is your thesis statement?

Happy Thursday, all! :goodvibes:

04-04-2013, 03:03 PM

I've planned an on plan day, and so far I am on plan. *credit* I understand how this is not a coincidence or luck. *credit*
Weighed this morning *credit* to see another unexpected drop of 0.4lbs. I am now 253.8 and this is my official weigh-in day. Geez totally forgot about that. I think the south bech diet phase 1 "flu" has me in its grip today. Don't feel too hot and my energy level is low. I couldn't imagine printing my print so DH took the car and I have continued to follow my clean up plan, hoping to complete it before he comes home. I'm halfway there. He will be pleased as many of my "traps" as he calls them, have been removed. I am fixing up a nice workspace for my writing in the alcove of the hallway. Excited to do that during this month of camp nanowrimo as well as napowrimo (a poem a day).

newlifestyle I am so so sorry to hear of these deaths in your life. So many in such a short time. I do think that these shocks will serve to focus for you what is truly important for you and your own life. I know the "why bother :devil:" must be very prominent as well, but we have no choice but to go on. You are here, you are healthy, you can make choices and live the best life you know how to. Your friends, your brother, his/your pup would want you to be happy. We here want you to be happy too. It will happen, but being happy is not a prerequisite for doing Beck, or checking in, or sticking to a foodplan. Sometimes the happiness only comes AFTER we have taken steps to do what seems right--even if we don't feel it. Just keep going. We're here and we care about you.:hug:

Must get back to my stuff.... bye for now.

04-04-2013, 07:32 PM
Hi Coaches!!

I’m doing really good and it feels great!! I’m following my plan but still working on the Beck behaviors. I needed to nail down obtaining a diet coach part so I dove into the forums today and read all the posts since April 1, trying to get to know more about each and every one of you. What a great group of people!!

At some point, all the pieces of the Beck puzzle will come together for me. For now, I have to accept that I can only do what I can do, remember to do what I remember to do, and to NOT beat myself up (story of my life).

LULU CREDIT . . . stayed OP, drank lots of water, read lots of posts here, read Beck book in the bathtub this morning (sorry, TMI), I lost a couple of pounds. yay me!!!

Liz, I continue to enjoy reading your posts. You are a hoot!!! What courage you have to shave your head like you did and you look fabulous!!! I remember your husband was apprehensive about your baldness-to-be . . . is he ok with it now? You seem like you have a nice marriage. Your weighed out chocolate and wine was very impressive. I enjoy the advice you give to others, you have a way with words.

Bill, I enjoy the Beck articles you post all the time, I really enjoy reading those reminders, thanks for that. you seem to have this food and exercise thing down pretty well, you are a good example.

Ann, Sorry to hear of your losses all on top of each other. I can sure relate to that. It’s hard, but you’ll get through it.

Joy, I just requested Salt Sugar Fat from the library too and there is quite the waitlist. I never heard of it until someone mentioned it here. I’m on the waitlist!! Going to France soon, lucky you . . . I went there in 1983, back in the olden days!! Great point to revise ARCs from time to time as what is important to us changes. Thanks for that idea.

Debbie, With all that weight you lost you got yourself off of BP medication!! WOW, impressive!! Everybody has the power to do that but not everybody has the strength. You must be thrilled.

IBelieveInMe, I feel the same way sometimes (food addict, emotional eater, think about food all day, feel like a glutton) . . . sounds like me. I’m really hard on myself but I’m trying to stop that self-loathing if I’m not perfect with this. Not easy for me. We BelieveInYou too!!!

Rosebud, Going to Paris, lucky you!! Down 12 pounds, impressive!! I like your idea for ARCs on a ring, thanks for sharing that idea.

Maryann, “Weight is just information”, LOVE THAT!!! I like how you give yourself lots of credit . . . I’m trying to do that too. Good luck with Jenny Craig!!

Beth, No choice, not OP, even for celery and carrots sticks? WOW, you mean business!! Asking waiter to measure your food, you really know how to get things done for yourself!! Hope your piggy toe is feeling better.

onebyone, You continue to be losing weight, good for you!! I’m Beck behavior challenged too, working on it, that’s all we can do. I like when you mentioned “meals have a start, and a finish”. I have to break the grazing habit, for sure. I’m counting on Beck and all of you to inspire me. Thanks!

nationalparker, OMG, I snooze through movies too. Hardly able to watch one, it’s not my thing I guess. Revising ARC cards every two weeks is a great idea, I’m going to do that too, keep it fresh. I love taking bubble baths and it does help to be in there to not eat (although I’ve been known to bring in a sandwich and a cocktail, haha), but no more (even though it is technically sitting down)!!

Xena, You stayed OP through the whole Easter weekend? IMPRESSIVE!!! Wishing you well with the SBD.

Beverly, I enjoy the Facebook newsfeeds you post, those reminders are valuable, I can’t hear them enough. Hopefully you get what you need at that brunch on Sunday. I will be looking forward to hearing how you did there.

YAY ME!! MY FIRST PERSONALS. Phew!! I just wanted to reach out to each and every one of you this first time. I’m sorry if I messed up any of the facts with the wrong person!! I also hope I didn't forget anyone. I hope to keep connected and be inspired by all the energy on this forum.



04-04-2013, 08:06 PM
Hi Coaches!

Internet spotty...oh, well. I've been OP and practicing my Beck skills. We are starting a full blown renovation May 8 and I have lots to do before then. The writing is on the wall; work on days off. We're done for the day and I'm going to nap before dinner...otherwise I know I will be tempted to delve into "unplanned eating". Couple of things...still measuring coffee creamer (new habit) and an interesting experiment today. I had 4 different raw nuts to add to my salad. The goal was to add 30 grams (mixed). I poured some of each giving my best guess. When I weighed they were 32 grams. Not bad for eyeballing! LOL credit I keep trying

BBE, kudos for OP eating and ignoring urges to snack!

LuLu, kudos for accomplishing what you can and trusting the rest will come. I am too tired for personal messages today and thought yours looked mighty fine!

Ann(NewLifestyle), I hope you keep coming back. I miss you when you are not checking in. One day someone said to our yoga teacher, "practice makes perfect" and my teacher answered back "practice makes practice". I don't believe any of the rest of us are perfect here and I believe we accept you just as you are. Your hardships are not any better or worse than anyone elses'. They are yours. I have mine. I need to compare. We share a common bond as we try to achieve *different* levels of food sanity. It would be quite boring for BBE here if the rest of us did not pop in and out.

Rosebud, Kudos on 12 pounds gone!

spanky, welcome back!

:wave: everyone else!
OK, must nap or it will never happen.

04-04-2013, 10:03 PM
OK. One day. I did read the Beck book starting at step one. Again.
Revived the Advantage Response Card.
I walked our skywalk at lunch.
I ate ok--I haven't picked a 'plan' yet.

I have not done any of the above, even once, for some 7 months, so it's a breakthrough.

I have a chance Saturday to choose a puppy from a litter by the same breeder who got me Finn, the dog who died last summer. My husband is adamantly opposed to me getting another puppy. I have to decide by Saturday.

Still so sad.


04-04-2013, 10:22 PM
great day one for you!!
can't wait to hear about day two.
I need you to help inspire me . . . thanks!!

04-05-2013, 01:08 AM
Hello Becksters,
We are spending most of our time getting ready for our trip. If I am not doing something to that end, I am thinking about the trip. That is half of the fun for me, the anticipation. I have no idea if I will have Internet access or not so if I don't check in, know that I will when I return. It is a little scary to think that I am building great momentum right now with Beck skills and eating well and now will be in unable to plan my food ahead of time.

Credit to me today for resisting what I didn't even realize was a habit: getting gargantua bagels at the store..the cheese ones. I ate OP, drank water, went to water aerobics, read my ARCs and walked extra steps today.

I love reading everyone's posts...thanks for all the support and inspiration!

04-05-2013, 07:30 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Major triumph in the evening. I knew that there would be good food at a reception and I'm working on overusing my 'rare and unusual' designation. So, I planned in advance to have one small plate of mostly veggies. And I did, CREDIT moi. That meant skipping the baked Camembert that drives me wild. If I'd had a wedge, it would have been a large one. And I'd have gone back for seconds at least. I also read my new ARC's before going. Kinda blushing here to admit that I need to remind myself to use the most basic Beck strategies. I find it easy to forget. I got to touch a rock that was 4.585 Billion years old - yes, older than the Earth and Sun. It was part of the mass of asteroids and space junk that joined up to make our solar system. I'm awed.

Walked, CREDIT moi, for exercise. Students were out in shorts, but sane folks still wore coats. Fun feedback happened when I quickly ran to make a street crossing before the WALK ended. In the olden days, I wouldn't have spontaneously spurted forth because I wasn't able to run even such a short distance. It wasn't a marathon, but it felt like being an able bodied person.

onebyone – Congrats for your continued success "On the Beach" despite the "flu." Kudos for arranging your writing space for your commitments this month.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – It's so neat to have walking in France as a goal to motivate exercise. LOL at the thought that you're currently unbalanced without having read Fat and Salt. Thought of you when I encountered a proper English sentence that reminded me that the language is difficult: "How does plate tectonics work?"

Debbie (Lexxiss) – I am so impressed at your accuracy measuring nuts. Needless to say, don't ask me to do that for you; I don't stop much shy of 250 grams - a minor serving, LOL.

maryann - Yay for Starbucks providing backup for one's home Internet connection. LOL at "Starry Craig" - whatever works.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Alas, the cruelest Sabotaging Thought is that it isn't a Sabotaging Thought. All those neurons can coordinate to maintain the status quo. Kudos to you for bursting out and posting. You're not a downer. You're welcome here regardless of what you're experiencing. We all go through our own versions of ups and downs - and all can relate to the difficulties you're facing along your path. If you can possibly do it, post at least to say 'Hi.' It'll help you remember that you are willing to go forth.

spanky - Oh Yes, Kudos for "Revived the Advantage Response Card" and marching forth. And for that skywalk walk. Good luck figuring out the right thing for you with the new puppy.

Liz (lizagna) – Kettlebells look fun, but I've never tried them. Kudos for starting your exercises too early for your brain to remember that you hate that DVD, LOL.

Rosebud170 – Those "gargantuan bagels" so easily slip into our lives - Kudos for recognizing them as aliens. I can't get my mind off Paris this morning.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Kudos for plunging into the world of Diet Coach for each other - that's a monster post. Do remember that's it's more important to post than to post personals and that some folks have found that it works for them to post just a few each time. And Big Kudos for "NOT beat myself up."

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight
Today you'll make your first Response Card, an essential tool that will help you change your mindset and overcome the sabotaging thinking that interferes with losing weight. Response Cards are index cards (or the equivalent) that contain important written messages to help you every day so that you can stick to your diet, apply goo eating habits, deal with hunger and cravings, resist emotional eating, and get right back on board when you make mistakes.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 54.

04-05-2013, 09:25 AM
Hi Coaches!

I love when I can read posts and check in early. It's such motivation for my day as I touch base with all of you. I've been doing great OP and the scale is reflecting such. credit. I've been following P1 of South Beach supporting onebyone. It's so much easier with a personal buddy. credit.

BBE-Super Kudos for not touching the Camembert. Sometimes I can enjoy a bite, knowing I have a bite of a favorite w/o having to buy the whole thing and then other times it's better just to remember there can and will be a next time. I, too, love the joy of dashing across the street remembering I didn't used to do that.

maryann, kudos for coming up with a "plan" that works for "now." Best wishes as you continue your thesis.

Rosebud, I'm really thinking that even though you are still with the basics of Beck that it will be of great assistance to you as you travel. You've already had a lightbulb moment with those bagels. I'm reminded of the old days when I always got (just one) donut at the grocery. I thought I was practicing something in moderation, but in fact those days really added up in the end.

onebyone, cheering you on as you work through your "detox" OP. After years now I am just stunned by the amount of energy I have.

:wave: everyone else! I have a deadline to meet this morning with my project....AND I want to finish my short freeweight workout before DH returns from his shop.

04-05-2013, 10:45 AM
Hello, all and Happy Friday! I read all the posts yesterday and started my note, then was sidetracked with work and never finished up. So off to another start today, and will aim to do personals tomorrow. I, like others, feel guilty, if I don't reach out individually at times, but no good to add more guilt.

Splurged a bit last night with dinner but worked in the yard for quite a while later in the evening, picking up gumballs and so stayed out of the kitchen for the rest of the night.

Have been going too light with lunch, I think, as I'm ravenous by the end of the work day, so brought a bit more today and we'll see how that works out.

DH's daughter was dropped off last minute last night, and I hate to come out and say it, but it is a VERY stressful time for me. I cannot turn my mind off from the very hurtful, rude, self-centered things she has done and continues to do toward her father. But when she arrives, he wants to enjoy the time with her and "all's forgotten", which I think is BS. I think you're accountable for your actions and you're taught these things by your parents. So I basically clam up and turn inward the time she's here, work outside by myself (DH joined in), run a few errands by myself, etc. It is not fair to DH, I know. But I will take my lead from him - if he doesn't want to address things, it's his daughter and I honestly don't know how much longer she'll be coming around. For their relationship, I hope so, but if we're not taking her shopping, not letting her eat junk, she's not wanting to come because she gets that with mom. This is so different from my upbringing. For a near 16 yo to do this stuff with few or no repercussions, drives me crazy. When we got together, he said she acted about 6 years old ... he was right - she got away with it - the pouting, the whole scene. I stopped him from asking her what she's pouting about (that fed right into it), etc., and stopped her attempts at manipulation - she'd want McDonalds and we'd stop at a market and pick up fruit for a quick snack while on the road, and she'd say no - she wouldn't eat anything but McD... Fine. Go hungry until dinner. And we went on with a spare apple and banana in case she changed her mind, which she would after a few hours - stuff like that. And the more this goes on, the less I want to spend time around her. I would feel TERRIBLE if my DH felt this way about sons I had (I have no kids, just hypothetical) ... and I know he thinks I'm too critical. She's snuck food and left a full bowl of cereal with milk under her bed until I smelled the sour milk in the hallway week later, went to wash her bathrobe and pockets were crammed with 10-12 cheese stick wrappers, she won't go on walks but raids the kitchen when DH and I go, stuff like that I have such an issue with. In one ear and out the other.

THANK YOU for letting me vent. Sorry if anyone actually made it through that long disaster post. Two more days...

04-05-2013, 11:38 AM
good morning!!
I'm having another good day so far, feeling groovy!!
credit to me: I'm staying OP, did some deep breathing exercises this morning, wrote in my journal, posting on these forums to stay connected with coaches, my pants feel looser, standing strong on some boundaries I set up with BF, haven't had a smoke since Sunday . . . all is good.

Bill, thanks for posting to me.
thanks for pointing that out to me about the posting.
I just wanted to make an effort to familiarize myself a bit with everybody and reach out to everybody initially.

national parker, gee, I can understand your frustration.
credit to you for keeping your mouth shut . . . I'd have so much to say about that too and it would be quite a task to not flip out.
you are doing the right thing saying nothing.
does she have food issues?

Lexxis, great advice you gave to Ann!
what are you renovating? that's exciting!!

my challenge this weekend will be to not drink wine.
I am certain that I won't because it's not in my plan for now.
and I'm determined to stick to what I promised myself (for a change).
but I have plans to be out socializing with friends on Saturday night and I want to be just as fun as I usually am.
this should be interesting.

have a great weekend everybody and remember . . . nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.


04-05-2013, 12:00 PM
Still low energy, but eating lightly, so I'm going to allow myself some days of not pushing myself to much to see if things will even out a bit.

The weather's nice, so I'm getting exercise minutes doing yard work. Yesterday included well-formed squats while wielding a silage fork as I reduced the foot-print of a leaf mold pile so that we could start a new pile in the cleared space.

Exercise: +60 90/1400 April

04-05-2013, 01:56 PM
Happy Friday, Becksters!

Thank you everyone for your posts, sharing, inspiration, and support! There's a part of me that says, "I should just be strong enough to do this on my own." Then a snarky voice replies, "Yeah, and just how well did THAT work for ya?" ;) Anyway, whether I "should" or not, I need this and you--and I am SO appreciative.

On Day 2 of the new OP streak. Yea! This morning did another two of the 10-minute kettlebell routines. BillBE, you mentioned not having used the kettlebells--although the DVD is billed (sts) as k'bell and uses those moves, the instructor uses a dumbell throughout. Nice adaptation. I have used k'bells in classes, but don't have one at home--so I like that they've done it that way.

Felt kinda tired this a.m., much to Emma the Rocket Dawg's dismay, and we only walked (no jogging) 1.7 mi.

NationalParker - Oh, my sister-under-the-skin, how I ID with your tale. My step-DD was in theory an adult when DH & I married, and the behavior wasn't quite as outrageous. But close. And he coddled her, and didn't want to set boundaries. Because she's "emotionally fragile". :frypan: (Are you freakin' kidding me??? Or is that a synonym for "manipulative"?) Anyway, sorry you're going through that. It is grating, aggravating, frustrating, and all kings of other -atings. On this end, it has gotten somewhat better--similar to the tactics you've taken (which work!): detaching, not getting sucked in & perpetuating that behavior, and just time. That and living in another state.

GardenerJoy - Hope your energy gets back quickly. Although... HOW can you be low energy & do yard work? I laughed when you described the squats. I did a blog post some time back proposing Extreme Gardening as a new Olympic sport.

Lulu - It is SO good to have you back--missed you in your short absence. (A "Void in The Force" comes to mind. :) ) I love being a "hoot"--thank you. Lots of water and -2#!!! Fabulous, dahlink! Loved the Bathtub Beck. You asked how things were going w/DH & the hair. I quit resisting his resistance and everything seemed to shift--he seemed reconciled to the shear and very supportive. But then it seems to keep bubbling up for him. "So... how long does it take your hair to grow out?" Somewhat distressing--I keep getting caught up in resentment at the sense of being expected to be a life support system for long hair. I need to let my junky thoughts go & let him have whatever feelings he needs to have about it. And... thanks for asking. :thanks:

Debbie (Lexiss) - WTG on all that OP-ness! The idea of renovation sounds both wonderful and dreadful--wonderful results with a chaotic interim. Good luck with it, and I hope it goes smoothly. Excellent on the "eyeballing"--particularly meaningful to me since I work in the Dept of Ophthalmology.:rolleyes:

Spanky - Yay on breakthroughs! Great start! :cp:

Rosebud - Bon voyage! Enjoy every moment!

BillBE Kudos for MAJOR TRIUMPH! Aren't those just breathtakingly awesome when they occur? Reminds me of that sage Xena saying how decided to eat alleviates tension---but deciding NOT to eat does too. And way to run! Blue-shifting to light speed!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


04-05-2013, 02:13 PM
Hi everybody, new to the Beck book and started WW 2 weeks ago. I think they will work really great together! I'm looking forward to taking this journey with you!

04-05-2013, 02:25 PM
Good morning, Coaches.

Welcome, Mercer1122. this is a great site to find some peace.

My week continues to challenge me. I was at Starbucks for 12 hours yesterday typing my thesis. ( Lizagna: It is a collection of highly fictionalized autobiographical short stories for an MFA at Goddard College in Vermont.) Credit for successfully sticking to my Starry Craig plan. I did come home and eat unplanned white rice -Oh Well. Unfortunately, I got two calls there from a lab and my Dr. Both wanted me to come back for more mammograms becuase there was a concern. I did not take this too well considering my root canal two days ago and my thesis deadline looming.
Credit for emailing several girl friends and receiving instant support. Credit for taking a deep breath and comforting myself. Credit for continuing to write. What did Mother Teresa say? "There are no problems, only opportunities." I took the opportunity to reach out yesterday and I would not have done that twenty years ago.

Step class today. Weight 1 pound below ticker. Food in Myfit
Best to all.

04-05-2013, 03:41 PM
Hello to each of you and thank you for being such wonderful people. I was truly blessed to find this site.

Today is a better day, I went walking today, I tried to procrastinate but thought I need to get back into that fake it til you make it mentality. Taking one day at a time.

Bill - thanks for reminding it is okay to just stop by and say hi and to keep things simple. You quotes from the Beck books always speak to me...thank you.

Lexxiss- thank you for your kind words while I am struggling with food sanity.

Onebyone - congratulations with your success on South Beach, I am not sure why but I think it would be a very difficult plan to follow. Wow how wonderful the people upstairs got out of Syria, that would have been a very stressful life.

Gardenjoy- Thank you for the tips about advantage cards, I need to write simple ones out as I try to get back on track.

Beth, it is wonderful your toe surgery went well. May you heal quickly.

Liz - you look beautiful in your avatar. My son donated his hair to cancer. He is ten and he had 10 inches of hair.

Lulu - I was drinking wine last week and I can understand how people would have a hard time giving it up. Your personals were were great , it made me think I can do this too...

Maryann- thoughts and prayers to you as you go back regarding the concerns with the lab and mammogram. It is wonderful to reach out to others. I am a slow learner. I love Starbucks, the Starry Craig diet sounds appealing to me.

Spanky - welcome back I am so sorry about Finn.

National Parker- I am so sorry to hear about the struggles with DH's daughter, as she matures may she learn to be more aware of others. When we are young we are very selfish.

Rosebud- Paris sounds wonderful.

Mercer - Hello and Welcome.

Hello to anyone I missed and lurkers.
Thank you all for being here.

04-05-2013, 07:03 PM
Hi... computer is up and running again. I only had to replace the cord. YAY.

The last few days have been on plan. I am so grateful. I've been keeping track and measuring and am even mindful of my sodium the past couple of days. I've been really working on slowing down. The last couple of days I count silently to myself to ten after I have swallowed a bite. It's reminding to slow down. I've also learned that a bite does last a long time until it's all swallowed

It's a beautiful evening here... I think a campfire is in the making in the neighborhood. I am NOT getting the stuff for s'mores. If someone else does... fine. I don't want it all around.

Tomorrow evening I am performing with 7 others. Tales for the whole family. Should be fun. I need to rehearse!

The cutie pie neighbor kids are running in and out all excited about having a fire.

I will try to get back for personals tonight, maybe before bed. As always I thank all of you for your support and kindness.

It will be a busy weekend. My SIL is coming here Saturday -from out of town - to attend the baby shower for my niece on Sunday. Afterwards we go to my cousin's for dinner. I don't like a day with two 'food events'. - where I don't have any control on what's being served. I will plan to do well and make mindful healthy choices.

This came through my Facebook Newsfeed (catching up with that, too):
Friday Weekend Warm-up: If you think, “I’ll wait until Monday to start my diet,” remind yourself that waiting until Monday has NEVER gotten you where you want to be. Instead, break that bad habit and get started RIGHT NOW! By Monday morning you’ll be so glad to already have experienced a few days of healthy eating and feeling better.

04-05-2013, 10:27 PM
Hi all!

It's only been three days and I'm already sick of being bed-ridden. Keeping my foot above my heart is hard. Tomorrow, I think I'll start watching movies. I haven't wanted to tackle the stairs--and our only TV is in the basement.

DH is not the world's greatest food helper--but I've had two balanced meals and a snack today. Slept through breakfast and had an early lunch. He'll be home for the weekend and then Monday he goes back into the office--I'll still be under orders to stay off my feet.

No 'exercise'--that just won't be happening for a while. I'm keeping well within food calorie limits, though. Since I'm hardly moving, I really want to keep intake in check--and not give in to 'boredom' eating.

Beverlyjoy: I'm going to try your counting after each bite exercise--I think I still eat too fast and that might help. Yay for the campfire--and more yay for not making sure the s'mores are happening!

Newlifestyle (Ann): I'm glad to hear you went for a walk today. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

maryann: I'll be thinking of you and hope the rechecks of your lab work are all okay. That's a tough thing to find out on Friday and have to deal with over the weekend.

mercer1122: Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you and offering and getting support!

Lizagna: I love your posts--you are a hoot--cheerful and funny and encouraging!

gardenerjoy: I hope your energy recovers.

LuLu01801: Not drinking wine can be challenging. It sounds like you're collecting and recognizing lots of credits!

nationalparker: Stepchildren can be really hard. I empathize. Credit for recognizing that too light of a meal can be a problem--let us know how addding on to lunch goes.

Lexxiss: Credit for being OP--and for freeweights! What are you renovating?

BillBE: Skipping baked camembert? I am majorly impressed. You inspire me--it can be done.

Rosebudg170: Anticipation is great--I hope you have a fantastic time!

spanky: Credit for re-starting--and it sounds like you're off to a really good start.

Take care, all. Typing lying down is hard--and that's as much as I can do right now!

04-05-2013, 11:36 PM
Stumping along like an old dog.
Ate OK today. Read my response card. Can't decide about which diet yet.

Walked my other dogs--had to walk slowly and just a very short way for the two aged ones, but a longer "real" walk with the middle aged one.

Tomorrow I have to decide about the puppy. It will probably be a "no" to keep peace in the house with DH.

G'nite all--happy weekend.

04-05-2013, 11:57 PM

We had a bright sunny day for the most part. Still cold though. Had a shock with the Looloo cat this morning at the vet. Brought her in for her fluids and the vet told me she now weighs 3.8lbs - down from 4.5 last week. Wow. She's been eating too. I have no idea what to think and neither does the vet except to encourage me to encourage her to eat. As it is I follow here everywhere ad at the slightest sign of food interest I am on it. My other cat, Caesar, must be gaining weight for sure with so much bounty everywhere all the time. hard to tell with him, he's a big boy cat.

So, with this and other thoughts about Looloo on my mind today I didn;t get to the studio and I deviated from my plan today, though mostly with teeh order of my food not so much the quantity, though I did make an honest mistake by having 2% vs fat free yogurt. My bad. I underate my veggies too. As well as the water--didn't have nearly enough. Oh well. I move forward. do feel much improved over yesterday. *credit* for staying the course.

Ok off to bed now. I am hoping to get to the studio early in the morning.

04-06-2013, 07:11 AM
:welcome: mercer1122 :welcome:

And, in honor of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you discover the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find our Beck forum on the site 3 Fat Chicks?

04-06-2013, 07:13 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Got reminded at gym (CREDIT moi) that there are crazies out there. Out of the blue a guy starts yelling "Don't touch me" at one of the regulars who must have brushed past him. Then fetched a person from the front desk to LOUDLY launch a complaint in the middle of the weight room about his rights being violated. All eyes were rolling. Poor guy didn't know that the youngster at the front desk is a trainee from a local university with a work-study program whose only goal is to make it through her shift and get back to real life. I also worked out, but that wasn't so interesting.

Eating was on-plan, CREDIT moi. I was very pleased that I spent some time planning for dinner at the home of a friend. She's lean, vegetarian, and athletic so the choice of food wasn't going to be a problem - just volume. I passed on the bowl of nuts for appetizer (separate CREDIT moi for that), had only one serving of the eggplant parmesan despite delicious, two large servings of salad, and skipped the cookies at dessert. I reminded myself that I could get those cookies anytime - top shelf Whole Foods, but still factory made.

onebyone – Hope Looloo can feel your concern and eat a bit more. Kudos for staying the course through this.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – The real sign of spring is gardeners dealing with compost and leaf mold piles. Love the thought of "well-formed squats" while working.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Congrats for going back to Phase One of South Beach - neat whack upside the head to keep the path.

Beverlyjoy – Now that's a sane plan, "I am NOT getting the stuff for s'mores." Xena2013 can enjoy reading your quote that Beck also understands that you don't have to wait till Monday.

maryann - Twelve hours is one loooong day at Starbucks. A very experienced doctor told me how much he hates mammograms because their 97% false positive results cause much consternation in all the women who are required to take additional tests and await answers. Good luck accepting the wait using friends instead of food.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Yay for putting off procrastination - just what it deserves. Kudos for seeing that "one day at a time" works for you.

spanky - "Stumping along" is movement is the right direction - Kudos. What diets are you considering?

nationalparker – Yay for the joy of working too long in the yard to sweep all evidence of winter. Ouch for the real issues of dealing with a kid who's probably still dealing with her parents divorce. Kudos for working to remain calm and for not eating about it.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Ouch for continued bed-ridden. Hope you're been fed a supply of new books of interest since you've no TV. Kudos for keeping healthy eating on your agenda.

Liz (lizagna) – LOL at the Helpful Response in the form of a snarky voice saying, "Yeah, and just how well did THAT work for ya?"

Lulu (LuLu01801) – There's no better NSV than the pants feeling a bit looser - Congrats on your progress. Kudos for making a firm plan for the wine this evening. I've found that one can be outrageous and sociable with or without.

mercer1122 – Yep, the Beck Strategies will work well with Weight Watchers. Glad you've joined us.

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight
... You'll read these cards daily as you lose weight - and periodically for the rest of your life. They are an essential part of the Beck Diet Solution program. Chances are, you've never created, much less read, cards like these. No wonder hunger and craving have gotten the better of you in the past!

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 54.

04-06-2013, 09:10 AM
Hi Coaches! OP yesterday and said NOCHOICE to my 15 minute exercise….it's not that I don't want to do it but that if I don't prioritize something else always comes up. Credit. It's a busy work week starting today…4 in a row. I'm really noticing lately just how much food my coworkers consume on the weekends-plus there are usually donuts. I have my healthy option planned out reminding myself it's ok to put the donuts out of the way.

BTW-My renovation is to my Grandmother's tiny house...unoccupied and filled with family stuff since 1973. It is very rustic/rundown. DH and I painted two summers ago and FINALLY got my mom to ok our proceeding to turn it into a small rental (aided by a notice from the city regarding it's vagrant look). I'm just about finished with the haul out which has taken 8 years..We have husband/wife contractor friends who are going to help us....pretty funky now and I'm in the process of trying to visualize the new look.

BBE, Wow! An unusual day at the gym. Lol. I'm glad you did get a workout. Love your "separate credit" for avoiding nuts. Are you still "thinking" about a bike??

Mercer1122, welcome to the Beck forum!

Onebyone, credit for staying the course amidst many unknowns!

Spanky, so glad to have you back. How many other pups do you have? I am down to one and he has a heart issue so we're not adding on right now but I just saw the cutest puppies, too. I'd be more likely but DH is saying not now, too.

Beth(fromDayton), glad to hear your foot is making progress. Credit for being really mindful right now.

Beverlyjoy, credit for continued Beck skills and thank you for posting the newsfeed. They are very helpful reminders. Sending you good vibes as you deal with a weekend and food events.

Ann(Newlifestyle), I have always loved "fake it till you make it"! Glad you feel better. I find, personally, that all the "swirling in my head" is made much better when sharing with the folks here…

Maryann, wishing you a sane weekend as you have much on your mind. Thanks for reminding me of M.Teresa's words.

Liz(agna), I enjoyed your blog post and have bookmarked it to read more. Thx for the link. Yay for your 10 minute routine! I find that short/everyday moves me forward with exercise and housework.

Gardenerjoy, glad you are enjoying some yardwork even though you aren't with your usual energy.

LuLu, nice credits….all is good!

Nationalparker, credit for switching your lunch around. BTW-I relate...often starting a post then getting sidetracked. Credit for trying….juggling all the different (and often emotional) aspects of life AND having an online family is often difficult. I know, that I do much better with dieting when I stick close to this forum. BTW-read your post yesterday and could definitely relate…..I'm so grateful every day I can let my DH have his own relationship w/his two (often immature) DD's. I find what works for me is kindness w/o buying in to manipulation and detaching in the way that I "find some space for me". I don't get much of that so why waste an opportunity. (counting the days down with you)

04-06-2013, 10:01 AM
Hi all, thank you for the warm welcome! I am really looking forward to getting to know you!

Bill - I found out about the book on a WW message board - they have a daily thread there, too. I have been on 3 Fat Chicks in the past and when I did a Google search regarding Beck Support Groups, this thread was listed #3, I think?

Lexxiss - great job saying NO CHOICE to exercise! Now that it is finally starting to warm up I plan to get outside with my dog a lot! Congrats on the clean out - I'm going to have to tackle my mother in law's house soon and that is not going to be fun.

OnebyOne - so sorry to hear about your cat being ill. I have 3 cats and a dog and they are very precious to me!

Beth - I hope you get well soon!

Beverly - good luck with your food events today - I know how hard that is!

Maryann - you are going through so much! Good luck with your thesis, and I hope your mammo comes back ok. I had to go back last year for a second round. Must stop procrastinating and schedule this year's!

credits this morning:

I measured my cereal and milk
I sat down at the table to eat it
I tracked my weight (lost .4 which is a miracle!)
I tracked my breakfast
I planned some of my food
I connected with my Coaches! <3

04-06-2013, 11:47 AM
This week I decided that, even if this puppy was a direct clone from Finn, he will never be Finn. I declined on the puppy and decided to move on with the request to God that Finn be standing in the "White Light" when I die to greet me with his squeaky carrot toy.

Somehow this feels like a piece of 'letting go of Finn' now that I made the decision and clinched it with a call to the breeder.

My chosen diet will probably be Paleo. I'm making some preparations ahead of time to help things along. I have a goal to give up artificial sweetners and my soy shakes. I think they may be giving me problems. Ordered a "Paleo Safe" shake mix to replace the soy. For some reason, I find I can only drink a shake for breakfast--I simply cannot eat in the morning. But I can drink. Considering simply throwing back a shot of Irish whiskey in the morning if this doesn't work!

Off to walk old dogs. Spank

04-06-2013, 12:18 PM
good morning folks!!
today is another great day for me!
have any of you heard of the Master Cleanse?
well I am currently doing a cleanse, as I have been doing quarterly for a while now.
this is my 20th time cleansing (4 times a year).
sure you lose weight on this, but it just comes back on if you don't have a plan for it not to.
the main purpose of this cleanse is body detoxifying.
so for the next couple of weeks, my weight will be going down faster than typical for dieting.
then my diet of choice is WW, immediately following this cleanse.
today is day 6 and I feel great!!
very fresh and clean and revived, even though no solid food.
I quit smoking last Monday too so that's probably contributing to my well being too.
none of this is a struggle because I put my mind to it and that's it, I'm doing it.

Credit to me . . .
I walked the Charles River on my lunch hour yesterday.
I walked home from my bus stop instead of getting picked up.
I stayed OP.
I'm writing to my coaches here daily.
I've got my face in those Beck books daily.
I worked on the Creating Time worksheet (and see clearly that I have no problem at all with time).
I've made some changes to the food I buy as to not have tempting things around.
I cleaned out the fridge and pantry nicely.
I'm meeting a friend this afternoon for a long walk along the Merrimack River.
I wrote in my journal this morning and have every day this week, I find that enlightening (what came out from my hand to that paper bowled me over this morning . . . it wasn't in my head until it was on the paper and it was very powerful).

I'm ready to take charge of my life, one day at a time.

Fear less, hope more,
Eat less, chew more,
Whine less, breathe more,
Talk less, say more,
Hate less, love more,
And all good things will be yours.


04-06-2013, 03:16 PM
Hello Everyone.

I just received my copy of The Beck Diet Solution so I'm ready to try it out. I started reading it on Friday. I just typed up my Reasons Why I Want to Lose Weight and I'm ready to laminate it so it won't get tattered. It's not very long but I expect to add to it occasionally as I think of more reasons. My first and main one is that I want to lose my big belly. I had 2 abdominal surgeries and they really wreak havoc on the abdomen. I look 7 months pregnant, and at 67, I think that's pretty much out of the question. LOL I will check back in here after I read some more as I might have questions.

Have a good day.

04-06-2013, 05:34 PM
Welcome Carol Sue!!
It's a great book with sound advice and the support you'll get here is so valuable!!

I just have to share with all of you my great find.
OMG, I'm so excited!!
I have these index cards that I use for the ARCs and for other responses to sabotaging thoughts.
I keep a clip on them but they've been bugging me.
I thought I wanted something bound, like a little small spiral notebook.
I was thinking the pages would probably get tattered and was hoping I'd stumble across something good.
went to CVS pharmacy . . . I couldn't believe my eyes!!
I found 50 wire bound ruled index cards, 3"x5"!!!!!
talk about perfect, huh?
they have the spiral binding along the top of the index cards.
I wish I could go get a load of them and mail one to each of you.
I can't wait to transfer all my words of wisdom into this!!!
doesn't take much to get me excited these days!! hahaha

just got back from a two hour walk in the woods.
a little nippy but fabulous!!
I'm in the groove, people.
thanks to all of you and Beck!!!


04-06-2013, 05:49 PM
Super duper quick check in and hoping to check in later when more time. DH is taking his daughter home now. I've starting making a recipe for homemade pretzel bites with ham/cheese in the middle. Since I don't eat pork, I'm going to use the turkey ham - certainly they make that. if not, then they're just going to have some cheese in there. I'm going to consciously track all the ingredients and do up the recipe on MyFitnessPal and see what each bite comes to. Enjoy and will freeze the extras to use another time... I don't often use a yeast recipe - not sure WHY - time? But we'll enjoy some tids and bits with the MBKB Final Four Semifinals tonight. Survived the few days and notice that a third of a can of store-bought frosting is now gone. His daughter is obese - and I struggle with the food sneaking. I've addressed it in the past. Don't think it was DH as it's been around here for ages. Just tossed the near-empty container and a lesson to me to not save things like that in the fridge for a maybe need down the line.

Thanks to you - good reminders to be patient! When he and I first got together both girls were so vocal about how happy they were that Dad was happy again, etc., but it's been up/down. She leaves without saying goodbye now and I find myself just letting her and no "goodbye" from me - whether in the car or here at home. I feel that makes me just as childish. But I am weary of the games.

Read a quote a while back - "Don't push the river" ... things happen in their own time. Things move along their way. I have that on my desktop. Don't push the river.

04-06-2013, 06:02 PM
Hello Coaches,
A busy day, with walking, grocery shopping and preparing healthy snacks.
I don't have time to write personals to everyone as I am working. I just thought I better check in, so this becomes a habit.
It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying the weather. Yeah spring is finally here.
Eating was on plan yesterday and so far today. My dinner and snacks are planned so I should be good. Grocery shopping for fresh fruits and veggies was great.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Great Find Lulu.
Take Care

04-06-2013, 10:59 PM
Hello Coaches!

CREDIT to those of you who responded to my plea for help!!! All of your advice was great and you are helping me to get back on the wagon!!! I never completely fell off the wagon, but my rear end was dragging in the dirt for awhile!!! :( Thank God for new beginnings! Sorry I didn't get to write again while on vacation. We are home now and I am regrouping. Things feel much more manageable here. I know what is in my refrig and cupboards, and I can go to the local store to get healthy food and snacks when needed. I worked out today, which included 30 minutes on the TreadCimber and Treadmill (combined) and some free weight arm exercises. :) I did have a good time in Florida and worked on accepting myself where I am, but I just got depressed whenever I caught a glimpse of myself in the windows all around. :( I just hate that I have such a long way to go, which is why I said I feel I am at a crossroad again. I will push forward, though, one day at a time, and never quit on myself or all of you!!! It truly helps to know you are all here rooting me on!!! So thank you again!!! I really appreciate your concern and wise advice. :hug:

BillBlueEyes: Thank you for reminding me that a "general plan" is still a plan and that planning doesn't have to be "perfect" either.

nationalparker: Thank you for the pep talk and reminding me that I CAN do this and that YouBelieveInMe2!!! :) I am working on becoming aware of the changes I've made even though the scale isn't budging much, as you so wisely advised. Probably the biggest change is that my attitude toward exercise is much more positive now, which is HUGE for me! Sorry about the ongoing saga with your DH's daughter. That must be a huge stressor for you. Remember that you can only control your own reactions to the situation. It sounds like you are doing as well as can be expected. Hang in there!!!

gardenerjoy: Thank you for sharing about the book you are reading about eliminating processed food to break the cycle of addiction. Interesting! I tried mostly whole and organic foods for awhile when on the Beyond Diet program, but still didn't notice the results on the scale, where I really need them right now. Minimizing processed foods sounds doable for me. Thanks, also, for reminding me to take a day, meal, or minute at a time. That is usually my default mode when struggling, but I even forgot to try that this time. Using it now, though, as I begin to regroup.

Lizagna: Thank you for the message to NOT GIVE UP! I won't and I'm not!!! I was just really struggling that day. Fortunately, I feel my motivation coming back, but that feeling of "fatness" does still simmer under the surface. Darn it! Thank you, too, for the reminder to be gentle in talking to myself, as I would with a dear child or friend. When we were waiting at the airport to leave Florida, a bald lady passed us (who I did not see at first). My daughter asked, "Did that lady have cancer?" I asked, "Why, was she bald?" and turned to see a bald lady walking away. I answered, "Either that or she shaved her head in support of a friend" ..... and I silently wondered if that "bald lady" could be YOU! :)

Beverlyjoy: Yes, I am happy to be back home to my "food comfort zone." Thank you for understanding and relating to my feelings, frustrations, and thoughts. I will ALWAYS keep trying!!!

onebyone: Thank you for sharing that you've felt exactly how I described and for sharing your story of being the only one at the beach in a swimsuit ~ in a group of fit, trim, attractive people. That IS weird. I love how you said to not "allow my fear and self-judgement to stop me from living my life and enjoying the sun." I am really working on accepting myself right where I am and accepting myself along the way..... instead of waiting for a specific weight. So I really appreciate that thought. I had allowed that to happen temporarily, which makes me sad. :(

Newlifestyle: So sorry to hear that you have had young people die around you. That does take its toll and make you question things. I am happy that, despite feeling overwhelmed and out of control, you came here and posted. I can relate to feeling like a fraud when posting here if you aren't doing it "right," in your own estimation. I can also relate to wanting to not just take, but give back, too. Ann, you are an important part of this group. You give more than you know...... just by your honesty. It helps me to know that others struggle, too, but that they keep on trying. Please do not give up on yourself! You are worth the ride! :)

maryann: You said that you can relate to my feelings and that you think it is home of origin stuff for you. It is also related to home of origin issues for me, too. Deeply ingrained. But we can both overcome this crap!!! Let's do it together!!! :)

LuLu01801: I can relate, as you have probably guessed, to being hard on myself. Again, related to long-standing, deep issues for me. CREDITS to you for doing personals and for giving yourself credit where credit is due! So happy for you! :)

bethFromDayton: I appreciated your PM on MFP. Thank you for checking in on me and for rooting for me. It really helps! Sorry about your toe surgery and having to be off your feet. I can relate because I had surgery on a bunion last summer and might have to have another foot surgery this summer. It is a helpless feeling...... and frustrating. Hang in there!

spanky: I believe it and I can relate about going OFF plan for 7 months over the death of your dog. Yes, a dog IS a family member ~ at least for those of us who view them as such! We have 3 dogs as well. Lost our Golden a few months back and did get a new puppy (to keep the 3 dogs quota). I still miss our Golden and have her photo up at home and on my screensaver. They can't be replaced. CREDITS to you for posting, going for a walk, and eating a teeny bit less! You are on your way!!! I hope and pray and wholeheartedly believe that you WILL see your beloved Finn again ~ in the "White Light" with the squeaky carrot! :hug: Lovely image! :)

mercer1122: :welcome3: Best of luck to you with the Beck principles and Weight Watchers!!! :)

slmn11 (Carol Sue): :wel3fc:

Waving hello :wave: to anyone I've overlooked and to those lurking!!! I think of this group often and gain strength from it! So thank you all for being here and for posting!!! It makes a difference!!! ;)

04-07-2013, 12:10 AM

credit for : being on plan all day
having a plan for the day
checking in with my coaches
weighing in: +0.9lbs for 254.4 today (had cheese before bed--think this is why)
not eating when I couldn't sleep
drinking all my water today
not using Looloo peeing on our bed 2 days in a row as a reason to eat even though I felt utter despair (I'm really tired)
cooking from scratch today
FINISHED MY BIG PRINT THIS MORNING!!!! 1 year plus in the making.
knowing I can't do that second one before my monday deadline. No way.

Have to get to bed now. Please hold Looloo in your thoughts so that she DOESN'T pee in the bed during the night. *sigh* We've installed litter pan #5 (for two cats) at the foot of the bed, right as you come inthe room. Previously she has been know to pee on DH's socks and/or underwear when they were there. Figure we'll give her the litter pan and hope this helps. I do have to say that I will take peeing in the bed, when all linens can be washed over the bout we had with her when she was having nosebleeds combined with sneezing "like a crime scene" DH would say. That, my dear coaches, was worse. *credit* for perspective.

04-07-2013, 06:59 AM
:welcome: Carol Sue (slmn11) :welcome:

Even though you've been here for two years, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about The Beck Diet Solution by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you wander over to this forum on 3FC?

04-07-2013, 07:04 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Good stuff happened. When out walking (CREDIT moi) to see if any early migrant birds had arrived, cookies appeared; I passed, CREDIT moi. The warblers aren't here yet, but a Brown Creeper was actively climbing up a tree trunk pecking for unlucky critters. It was just too cold for birds seeking flying bugs.

We toured a new greenhouse - LEED certified no less - where more cookies and Italian Pastries appeared. Again, I passed. One resistance of the day made the next easier. Dinner was a wash. I expected a simple take out for four of us looking over some recent renovation and, after a few false starts, ended up at an Italian restaurant. Ouch. I haven't been to an Italian restaurant in a couple of years. Food wasn't memorable - just Italian caloric. I remained within my bounds for a restaurant meal, but higher than needed. I did leave ALL of the parmesan potatoes on my plate which was a good step for me since I get into gotta-get-my-money's-worth at a pricey place.

onebyone – Congrats for finishing that "BIG PRINT." BIG KUDOS for accepting Looloo's bed wetting without falling off your own plan.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Forty years of accumulated guilt for not being taken care of is enough for one house. Kudos for moving forward. Love the use of NO CHOICE for your exercise.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - It's gotta be a good day when you've gone "shopping for fresh fruits and veggies."

spanky - Making a decision is stepping forward - Kudos. Sending supportive thoughts as you're 'letting go of Finn.' The name of the Paleo diet has always appealed to me for some reason. Hope the new shakes meet your taste.

nationalparker – Great visual, "Don't push the river." Love being reminded of the book of poems by that name from the sixties (looked it up, 1970). Kudos for keeping to your path through the challenges of your step DD.

IBelieveInMe2 – Welcome back from your Florida beaches. Yep, it can look like a mountain when we look at how far we have to go. That's why an immediate goal of, say, five or ten pounds is so helpful in freeing the mind.

In the Groove (LuLu01801) – Love the notion, "none of this is a struggle because I put my mind to it and that's it, I'm doing it" - once the decision is made, moving forward is easier. I'm not a Cleanse person so don't have an opinion there. Hope you see some of the Bald Eagles up on the Merrimack River.

mercer1122 – Kudos for giving yourself credit - that was one of the hardest steps for me initially. Sounds like a good day.

Carol Sue (slmn11) – Kudos for charging forth with your Advantages Response Card already. The daily quotes in my post are currently coming from The Beck Diet Solution so you'll recognize them. Glad you've joined us.

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight
... The card you create today might be the most important one of all. On it, you'll list the reasons you've decided to diet. Right now, I'd like you to think of all of the advantages of losing weight and write them down while they're clear in your mind. I want you to read this Advantages Response Card (or cards, if your reasons don't all fit on one) every day.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 54.

04-07-2013, 08:05 AM
Hi coaches/friends... Friday and yesterday went well. Credit. The FB newsfeed from Friday was helpful... about not waiting until Monday. It has often been my MO. Those thoughts were helpful on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday night folks and kids ate pizza around the campfire. I had some raisin toast with pnb. Credit. I told them I can't eat pizza very often because I am watching my sodium. I've said this before... but, people seem more 'receptive' to hearing that then you are on a diet.... especially if there are others there who are overweight.

Yesterday went well too. My SIL came from out of town. She and my DH dove into potato chips when she arrived. I ate my planned dinner before going to the performance. That went well, too. Afterwards, DH and SIL wanted to stop at White Castle for sliders and fries. It's a throwback to their youth.. LOL. I held the bag on my lap home... but, didn't eat any. I ate my snack - along with a little extra cheese and some apple.

I got on the scale today and I am back down to my ticker weight. I've written down all my food daily, drank lots of water, did my exercises, have been mindful of my sodium, read my advantages daily. Credit.

Today will be the hardest. I have a baby shower/brunch today. Immediately after we are going to my cousin's for a visit and dinner. I did find out that my cousin is cooking steak on the grill for dinner. I can have some of that. My plan is to make the best choices I can today.

onebyone - you had so many credits yesterday - kudo's and YAY. I hope that Looloo has a good night and day. Glad you got your big print finished. I know that feel good.

Ibelieveinme2 - I am glad you had a good time on your trip! Good to be home and in your surrounding where you have more control over what you eat. Hop back on your plan and you'll be OK. When I get back from vacation I like to plan, plan and plan some more. I understand how it is to look in the mirror and not like what I see. But - you are so much more than that reflection... it's just a small part of who you are. Be kind to yourself. And now you are learning to make good changes and learning to 'live' with food in a better manner via Dr. Beck's techniques. Carry on.

nationalparker - I love the quote: "Don't push the river" ... things happen in their own time. That's a good approach in your situation with your stepkids. I am glad you made the healthy pretzel bites. I find that making delicious food is worth the time. Carry on.

newlifestyle: glad you checked in Credit. It's true...we don't always have time for personals. Eating on plan and making a food plan are key. Credit!

lulu - good to see you jumping right into the things Dr. Beck suggests for getting started. Credit! Your spiral index cards sound like a great idea. Thanks.

billbe - YIKES - sounds like the 'do not touch' person at the gym has issues beyond getting bumped. Credit for staying OP at your friend's dinner. Double credit for not eating any tree nuts. We were posting at the same time...Credit for:I remained within my bounds for a restaurant meal, but higher than needed
- sometimes it's harder than other times. Carry on.

slm11 - WELCOME!!! - so glad you posted. You will find folks here very friendly and helpful. Yes, it's important to read your advantages.. helps put all this in perspective.

spanky - lots of folks have shakes or smoothies for breakfast. It's true what they say... having breakfast is important. I bet your Finn is playing with my Riley & Bandit. Sending a hug at the loss of your furboy.

mercer - WELCOME!!! you have many credits - kudo's. Looks like you are on your way. So glad you posted.

Lexxiss/Debbie - credit for being OP. And to saying No Choice not doing your exericses. I can relate to not always wanting to do it. I need to remind myself that I always feel better afterwards. Good luck in your renovation.

bethfromdayton - I am glad your surgery went well. Credit for being mindful of your food while you are in bed. Do the best you can. Sending you healing thoughts.

I must go now. I have read what folks and said... I don't have time to respond to everyone. But, as always, thanks to you for your continued support and kindness.

I'll let you all know how my day goes.

04-07-2013, 08:34 AM
Hi Coaches!

OP and I have weighed and planned my day. As I suspected, there was a big box of pastries at work yesterday. I didn't touch them even after being offered...and offered. There was one left when I went home and my guess is that another box will appear this morning. I'll stick to my plan which is "not about me". credit.

Welcome Carol Sue (slmn11)!

Welcome back, IBelieveInMe2. I can relate to the feeling of things being more manageable at home. Glad you hear you are, too.

BBE, you said, "One resistance of the day made the next easier." So true, and such a great reminder. Credit for resistance of non essential cookies and pastries and kudos for being mindful at the Italian restaurant.

Beverlyjoy, such great use of your Beck skills this weekend. Sending supportive thoughts as you deal with today's events.

Hi's off to work I go!

04-07-2013, 12:29 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Welcome, Simn11. There is a new way of life here and a peace with food to be found.

Thanks to all for the well wishes. I have the second round of testing tomorrow.
I am happy to put last week behind me. Today is Sunday and I rise from the battle bloodied but not beaten. I have finished all the revisions. Today through Thursday are simply proofs and printing. Food is not great.

I still feel very punky so I am going to post something from my old OA days that I need to hear. This is my plan for the day:

Just for today, I WILL EXERCISE MY SOUL IN AT LEAST THREE WAYS: namely, I will do somebody a good turn and not brag about it; in fact, I will seek to keep myself from view. I will do what William James once suggested: do at least two things that I do not want to do just for exercise. And then, I will not show anyone that my feelings are hurt, if in the course of the day somebody hurts them.

Just for today, I WILL BE AGREEABLE. I will look as well as I can, dress as becomingly as possible, talk low, act courteously, not withholding a word of praise, will not criticize one bit, not find fault with anything, and not try to regulate or improve anyone.

Lexxiss: Congrats on the pastry. I have a bunch of easter candy going to school on Tuesday. until then, they are not about me.
Beverleyjoy: It sounds like you practice a great deal of restraint the first day of the visit. I know the second day will be difficult as well. Keep building the resistance muscle.
BBE: That food appearing stuff is tough.Credit for resistance.

Wave to all.

04-07-2013, 07:56 PM
hello everybody!!
no time on the weekends for personals but I so enjoy reading all your posts and will comment soon.
I had a great weekend!!
on track, exercising, losing weight, doing what I say I'm gonna do.
today I met a friend and we went for a long walk, so gosh darn windy, almost blew us over!!
then we went to Laughing Yoga, what a hoot!!
now I'm doing laundry, getting organized for another work week, and just bursting with energy!!!
I'm grateful for this moment in time that I have my act together.
it doesn't always go like this and I know I'm in the honeymoon stage and I am working hard to prepare myself for the near future when it's more of a struggle for me.
I want to win the battles.
thanks to all of you, you show me how important it is to just keep doing it.
nobody graduates here.
behavior modification . . . been hearing about that for years and years.
and how we need to change our lifestyle, blah blah blah, in order to lose weight and keep it off.
how many times did you read that?
for me, over the past 40 years of dieting, a million times.
I understood it but never felt I had the specific directions for it.
now I do, thanks to Beck.
I'm taking the time to go over everything, one by one, until I feel it enter my soul and then I can continue to practice it until it becomes a habit.
I'm not beating myself up if I don't do one chapter each day.
I'm still on chapter 6 or 7 and I've been around here well over a month now.
what I am finding extremely helpful is journalling every morning.
wow, is that ever powerful!!
it's when I'm feeling things sink in.

I'm feeling grateful that I give myself so much credit today for so many things.
Beck taught me to give myself credit!!

I enjoy this forum and find it extremely valuable.
I will write again tomorrow and hopefully connect with some of you personally.
welcome to the newcomers!!


04-07-2013, 09:14 PM
Here and eating well. Working the dogs so getting some walks in. Sad.

I weighed in 3 pounds lower since I started this week--the usual amazing drop after I stop eating stupid and lose all the retained fluid. Still, it's a move in the right direction.


04-07-2013, 11:06 PM
Hi coaches/friends - checking in. I made it through my major food day today well. I am so grateful.

At the baby shower I had a tiny portion of egg casserole with asparagus, 1/4 of a bagel, and some fruit. I avoided the pastries/potato & cheese casserole/punch .... and the cake afterwards. I was happy with what I ate. Credit. The baby shower was so nice. I love looking at things for new babies!! They handed out pretty baggies of M&M's at the end of the shower. I gave it away later in the day. Credit. That was the hardest thing to do today, really. Give away that chocolate. LOL

After the shower I met DH at our cousin's house for a visit and cookout. I was happily surprised that my cousin, Mary Kay, is also watching her calories and food. YAY!!!!!!! The dinner was so, so healthy. They had steak/baked potato (I used nothing on it)/garlic bread (she made it with no salt)/grilled asparagus and strawberry shortcake for dessert. However, I just ate the strawberries. I had some veggies. I did eat one jelly bean. LOL.

I've had a successful food weekend. Credit. NOW... the key is to not eat extra tomorrow as a throwback for a good weekend. That will be the test.

I feel proud that I got through it all with food sanity.

I am tired and heading off to sleep.

04-07-2013, 11:47 PM
Hi all,

I'm still hanging in here, with my foot up.

My appetite is down, so boredom or not, I'm not eating my way through it. I've left food behind (although for dinner last night, I pushed my plate FAR away from me so I wouldn't be tempted to continue after recognizing I was full.

Still no exercise--when I see the podiatrist on Wednesday I'm going to ask whether I can do a sitting exercise DVD.

On the plus side, I've learned a lot about WordPress this weekend, am getting better at typing lying down, and enjoyed watching The King's Speech with DH.

Take care!

04-08-2013, 07:18 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Ended up grabbing dinner at Panera Bread; have wanted to try it out for a while. So, so. The attention grabbing items on the menu were all pushing 1000 calories. I found a good enough sandwich for something like 500 calories . . . but it just tasted like a sandwich instead of like a butter soaked grilled Panini. Oh, Well. CREDIT moi for making choices much better than at lunch. I got caught between two events without opportunity for lunch so ate some pastries that were available. Too much sugar for my brain.

Exercise was minor walking, CREDIT moi. I've been reading my Advantages Response Card (in an Excel file) daily all month in a concerted effort to get my brain back on track from thinking that extra snacking is OK. I was struck by: "It's nearly impossible to eat healthy by accident." Apparently, I already know that well enough to write it down; still needs to be integrated into the neurons.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – It's that "offered...and offered" that so bugs me. One refusal isn't sufficient. Somebody gotta eat the stuff.

Beverlyjoy – Honking Kudos for driving home with the bag of White Castle goodies under your nose and not indulging. Will of iron, there. Grabbing the strawberries off of Strawberry Shortcake let's the brain think it's had the whole thing -neat trick.

maryann - Good luck remaining sane with your testing today. Thanks for the OA Just for today thoughts.

spanky - Congrats on the scale drop from, so bluntly put, "after I stop eating stupid."

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Terrific skill, "typing lying down" - don't know how to turn that into a profession, LOL. Kudos for staying your path despite having to service your toe.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Yep, that wind was vicious - even though it wasn't so cold. "Journaling every morning" sounds like a good way to get it to "enter my soul."

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight
... Now that you know what you're supposed to do, are you thinking, Why write the reasons down? I'll always remember why I want to lose weight.
... It might seem hard to believe that you could ever forget these reasons. But, believe me, it's easy to forget when there's tempting food around.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 55.

04-08-2013, 08:14 AM
Hi Coaches!

I'm needed at work an hour early this morning. Fortunately, we have a pretty organized morning routine. I've weighed, smoothied and have a plan for today. OP yesterday and grateful.

BBE, despite my rush this morning I pondered, "It's nearly impossible to eat healthy by accident." What a great line...and how true these days. Interesting, at my restaurant perhaps the better choice could be a simple BLT/mayo on the side w/a salad. Food is so complex these days...the mountain burger takes up an entire plate (and probably my whole day calorie allotment). PS-I haven't ever tried one. credit.

Beverlyjoy, kudos for such great Beck inspired choices yesterday. Hang tough with the day after-I have to be very careful there, too.

LuLu, yay for journaling! I enjoyed your post yesterday noticing just how far you have come from several weeks ago. credit.

Beth(from Dayton), glad to hear your foot is healing and nice that your appetite is low (better than the other way in my book). Yay for intention to figure out some exercise.

spanky, yay for a return to sane eating!

Maryann, thank you very much for taking the time to post your message yesterday. I'm printing it out...definitely worth saving (and reading). Kudos for being down to your final proofs of your thesis.

PS. the one pastry from Saturday is still there. TheKrispyCremes were hosed yesterday. Credit for not one bite...when in my face quite often.

Ok, off to work!

04-08-2013, 08:56 AM
Hi coaches and buddies!! I'm back after one terrible week at work, not only I'm doing 9,5/10 hours a day normally, but I had to come on saturday morning as well! I'm so tired, and the weather doesn't help! I'm definetely meteoropathic, and spring seems not being intentioned to arrive this year. It keeps on raining and we are still wearing winter dresses, that is quite strange for this period in Italy! I need the sun!!!!
So I wasn't able to read you and to "keep in touch" with you. Well, all these facts are not helping me with my staying OP. I realised that my motivation was lowering and going under the "alarm thresold". So last night I took in my hands again my wonderful pink book and went through some passages, the no-choice chapter is the one I want to focuse on these days. Then, like suggested by Dr.Beck, I wrote a general diet scheme giving me different options to have the same total of calories at the end of the day, in this way I'll save time because I already knows almost all the quantities and calories of my favourite foods, and don't have to calculate everything everyday. So I deserve credit for having engaged myself in this "job" last night which I hope will help me in the future.
I'm still fighting with cravings, as suggested by Nola I read something on line about managing cravings with EFT and I found it very useful, but I guess I should buy a book to go deeper in the subject.
Ok, time to go back to work again. I wish you all to have a great week!

04-08-2013, 09:00 AM
Good morning friends! No time for personals at the moment, but will be back. Yesterday I had a bad day, I don't really know why, but it's a new day, the weather's getting better, and I have chorus rehearsal tonight (I'm a Sweet Adeline!). I have gotten into the habit of relaxing with alcohol in the evenings and it's way too many points so it is all going in the dumpster today. Extra credit! :) I did track everything yesterday including drinks, so credit for that. Just means more of my weeklies are used.

Have a great day everybody!


04-08-2013, 09:15 AM
Hi Becksters.

This came through on my newsfeed today from The Beck Diet Solution:

Monday Motivation: You’re entitled to make mistakes, but you’re not entitled to use one mistake as an excuse to keep making more. No matter how many or how few mistakes you make this week, what matters most is what you do right after. Learning to recover IMMEDIATELY from mistakes is a skill that will help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

I'll be back later.

04-08-2013, 10:29 AM
Good morning, Peeps!!
it’s going to be a beautiful day here in Boston today!!
nothing like a beautiful spring day to keep the spirit lifted.
I’ll get out there on my lunch hour and walk the Charles River again, I love it over there.

Credits for Lulu:
stayed OP yesterday.
walked with a friend.
attended Laughing Yoga (which was more exhausting than the long walk, it’s a lot of work to laugh for an hour, my abs are so sore this morning!! haha)
wrote in my journal this morning, I’m finding that extremely helpful and enlightening.
this morning I took the stairs instead of the escalators along my commute to work today.

Beverlyjoy, Being an all or nothing person, I will focus on learning to recover immediately from mistakes, thanks for sharing the newsfeed. WOW!! excellent food choices at baby shower and at cookout, and you should feel proud you got through it. And not indulging in that junk food with your DH and SIL . . . VERY impressive. You mean business!!

Janet, What is a Sweet Adeline? Good for you for dumping the booze. I found a full pack of cigarettes in my cupboard this morning and got rid of them FAST!!! Today makes a full week that I quit, hopefully for good this time. Dumping booze and/or butts is very difficult.

Kitty, Your long work days sound so stressful, and the rain and winter clothes too . . . you sure do deserve credit for engaging in making a food plan, and keep that pink book close to you.

Debbie, You inspire me to stay OP, you plan it and you do it, you resist the food. WOW!!

Bill, “It’s nearly impossible to eat healthy by accident” love that, just made an ARC with that. If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been maintaining your Beck weight loss? I admire your diligence long after reaching goal, as that’s when many of get into trouble, like me!!

Beth, Seems like you are recovering nicely, what foot surgery did you need?

Spanks, 3 pound loss? GREAT! Gotta "stop eating stupid" for that to happen, huh? (that cracked me up!)

maryann, Sounds like a great plan for your day (I’m a former OAer myself).

“Broccoli might get stuck in your teeth, but French fries will get stuck on your butt.”
just sayin’………


04-08-2013, 01:29 PM
Hey Becksters!

I am out of breath--I've been reading all the posts I got behind on since Friday, and it's like running after a bus once it's left the stop. Yet so gratifying. Thank you all, as always, for your great wisdom--even when it's the wisdom won from the struggle.

I was mostly off-plan this weekend, but oddly managed to stay within my calorie count. DH & I ate out unexpectedly Saturday--found a charming restaurant we hadn't tried before. It was lovely. But I ate differently and more than I'd planned. I was so distressed with myself, I had trouble sleeping later. Finally got up at 3 a.m., logged my calories from the "debacle"--actually made it under the limit and was totally shocked. Then journaled about 1) why not just focus on what a wonderful time DH and I had rather than on what a crappy diet job I did and 2) credit that even when I'm making seemingly bad choices, they are SO much better than they would have been 2 months ago.

With no hair to worry about, I signed up for a masters swim class that starts May 1. (Hair & its upkeep was one of my excuses for not doing one for the past couple years.) I exchanged emails with the coach to make sure they have at least one lane remedial enough that I will fit in. Right now my swimming fitness is way low, so besides wogging Emma Sat & Sun, and getting kicked around by Tony Horton on P90X2 workouts, I swam both days too. Got in 900 yds Sat & 1100 yesterday. :swim: I felt so wonderful about it, even if my fat was pooching out around my swimsuit straps. The exercise cals burned helped compensate for my less-than-auspicious food choices--but that was not my intent, and I am NOT getting into that "if I exercise, I can eat more" mindset.

Oh... weigh-in yesterday (which I'm trying to forget): I was up 0.8#. However, my scale displays body comp also, and my fat % was down 2% and muscle up 1.4%. I also took measurements, and everything was down except my biceps, which had increased by 0.1 in. I'm callin' it a WIN!

Mercer1122 - :welcome2: Sounds like you are off to a spectacular start with many well-earned credits! WTG!

Maryann - Thoughts and prayers are with you for peace of mind and vibrant health as you go through the additional tests. Much credit for your dedication to Starry Craig, Beck, your family, your thesis (in no order at all)--and still posting here. Much appreciated. So glad you contacted your friends for support. CREDIT! Lots of it!

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Glad things are going better. Credit on the walking! Thank you for the kinds words about the avatar, and blessings to your sweet son for his generosity.

BillBE - You always have the great stories! Loved the one about crazy gym guy. Big kudos on resisting NUTS - again! And all of your resistance muscle flexing. You are such a wonderful role model. Also, if I haven't mentioned it lately (was thinking about it when Emma & I wogged this a.m.) thank you for the care and energy you put into leading this group. On bird notes: The sandhill cranes are back here and a bunch of them nest in fields near out house, and yesterday two flew directly overhead as DH, Emma, & I wogged. (Don't drop the bomb! PLEASE! Don't drop the bomb. Those muthahs are not only beautiful but HUGE.) They make a sound that to me is a cross between a woodpecker & pigeon. DH says they sound like pterodactyls, but cannot explain when & where he ever heard one of those. In N. Wisconsin, the grebes are having a tough time since they need open water to land & take off, and everything is still frozen. People have been rescuing them from parking lots (they'll land at night thinking the shiny black asphalt is water), and rescues are keeping them in bathtubs with minnows until their habitat is ready for them. The loons, predicted to arrive soon, could face the same. (Are you now sorry you mentioned migrating birds?)

Debbie (Lexxiss) - WTG on resisting all the donuts & pastries. Also on staying OP and NO CHOICE exercise! I thought of you when I was at the pool this weekend. You are an inspiration! I'll look forward to hearing more about the renovation. It sounds like a major project, but also like you've got really good folks to work with. We did the clean-out with my mother's house ("Hoarder Lite") last year, but only had minor updates to do. I hope your mom is doing well. Thanks for the kudos on the blog. Some people keep diaries. I blog. I haven't written much in No Safe Harbor for quite awhile. But when I was doing my "Oscar Quest" to see every Oscar-nominated movie in every category before the Academy Awards (missed two that haven't released to US theaters yet), I reviewed them all at And I just started one on "A Year of Living Baldly" at

BootedKitty - Sorry you're struggling with weather (we're having late spring here too--ugh!), work, and cravings. I've done EFT, and it can be extremely helpful. If you're visual, some of the tutorials on YouTube might serve you well. Even though some of the books are excellent, it was ultimately easier for me to see someone do it. (And as with most thing on YouTube, some are much better than others.)

Carol Sue (simn11) - :welcome3: How nice to have you here!

National Parker - Congratulations on making it to departure time for DSD. (And no one in handcuffs!) "Don't push the river" (or "you CAN'T push the river") has long been one of my favorite mantras.

IBelieveinMe2 - Welcome back home! So glad things are easing up for you and that you're getting back on track. :carrot: The story about the bald lady in the airport was so sweet--thank you for sharing. Perhaps it was a time-travel portal because I will be in FL next month. Got some of those Wahl clippers, & did a self-buzz renewal yesterday. It's weird to have a head with a texture like a chia pet, but kinda cool too. My friend Susan has now lost even the bristles and is now shiny bald. Bless her heart.

Okay... I'll stop now. What? Huh? Where did everyone go?


04-08-2013, 01:37 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Spring Blustering but the sun is out and we will be at 89 degrees by Wednesday. Wow! I woke DS up a little early and said, "We have to go to Starbucks to eat breakfast. The kitchen is bare." He said, "Why don't you just cook it?" "What?" "Cook the bear!" Very cute. So off we went with DH in the sun and sat and had the first family breakfast we have had for awhile. I felt very grateful because we enjoy each other's company and we are a tight knit little family. Funny that I remember all is super duper in my life now that my 151 page thesis is printed and "resting" on my desk until Thursday.

Credit for good OP yesterday. Boys were at a King's game so I took a rare opportunity of going shopping at the mall by myself. Fun to relax and wander through the clothes. (I know it is BBE's idea of a nightmare.)

Step class today, done. Weight below ticker. Food in Myfit.

BBE: I took my son to Panera. I agree with your critique. He had the mac and cheese. I had about five bites which was apporx 500 calories. Good grief.
Lexxiss: Credit for routines. Absolutely right "healthy eating is never accidental" in y world.
LuLu: I don't know if I have said this before. We are pretty much weight sisters. I am actually 5'6.5" (not that anyone is counting. It is great to watch you take this program by the horns.

Wave to all. I am off to the grocery store.

04-08-2013, 01:42 PM
Sorry, I said I was stopping. Too bad--I'm an inveterate liar.... :devil:

I had a few more personals I wanted to do:

BeverlyJoy - Thanks for posting the Beck updates. Those are so good. Glad your PC is working, and with only a cord replacement. Woot! I hope your Tales for the Family performance went well. And how was the bonfire?

BethFromDayton - You are doing such amazing things to be dealing with The Toe and not being able to exercise--and so valiantly working to stay OP. BIG CREDITS! :cp: Brava!

Lulu - OMG, you are doing so incredibly! Cleanse. Stop smoking. Beck. On plan. I loved it when you said it wasn't a struggle because you'd set your mind to it. It reminds me of a quote by Ralph Blum that has meant a lot to me: "We are not doers. We are deciders. Once we decide, the doing is easy."

Spanky - When you were talking about the a.m. smoothies and not being able to eat in the morning, but you can drink.... Well, my twisted mind went right down that "bring on the whiskey for breakfast" path--and then I read your next statement and cracked up. Great minds and all that. ;) I stand with you in solidarity as you grieve the loss of Finn and send lots of love & light to him at the Rainbow Bridge.

Onebyone - Sending warm thoughts to you and Looloo.


04-08-2013, 01:49 PM
Welcome, mercer1122 and slmn11!

I disappeared a few days but except for one regrettable incident continued eating lightly and sanely. Extra good because I'm not really following a plan at the moment -- I'm mostly allowing myself to be influenced by French Women Don't Get Fat. I finished that and intend to write a review this week sometime. I know that the influence of the book won't last longer than a few days so I need to either start a new book or choose an actual plan to follow.

04-08-2013, 02:46 PM
Hello Everyone,

I am new to this board/forum, and find it a little confusing, but I'd like to join the discussion! I bought the Beck diet book a few weeks ago. I am on Day 8 today- had a little setback due to illness. But I am looking forward to getting back to it 100%, and hoping to find some more support here.

Good day to everyone! :)

04-08-2013, 11:24 PM
Hi all!

I haven't been "planning" each day in advance but have been eating from a very small list of possibilities. I've also cut out my afternoon snack. Heck, I've been eating two meals a day instead of 3. I just don't have much appetite, which isn't surprising consider how little activity I can do.

I'm lucky that I'm not in pain--as long as I keep my foot elevated and stay off of it, I don't even need to take ibuprofen.

Those who watch tickers may note that my mini-goal has been updated! I'm really excited about that.

Lizagna: It feels good when 'off plan' doesn't mean "somewhere out in la la land" but rather "within parameters". Congrats for that! I use MFP and do eat back exercise calories, but I know not everyone does that.

maryann: I'm envious of your heat! Your DS sounds like he has a great sense of humor. I'm so thrilled for you that your thesis is printed and "resting"!

gardenerjoy: Make sure you tell us when your review is
up--I love your writing style and want to hear your impressions
of the book.

shannonde94: Welcome. How are you doing with eating slowly and sitting down? Those seem to be the two many of us struggle with at first.

LuLu: Can you tell us more about Laughing Yoga? Credit for stairs instead of escalators on the T. For some reason, I always feel mass transit stairs are harder than others.

Beverlyjoy: thanks for sharing the Monday Motivation. Yesterday I went to the website and looked at some past ones--they are motivating!

mercer1122: Credit for tracking everything. For me, that was how I started identifying items (such as cole slaw) that are too many calories for the level of enjoyment.

Bootedkitty: Credit for going back to the pink book! I think a general diet scheme makes a lot of sense for maintenance--or even for continuing to lose.

Lexxiss: Big credits for leaving those pastries alone--they can be so tempting. Saturday's pastry was probably stale today anyway.

BillBE: I'm not the only one struck by It's nearly impossible to eat healthy by accident.. Apparently several of us are adding a response card for that.

Take care, all.

04-09-2013, 12:00 AM
I was at the imaging center for almost two hours. The dr. wanted ultrasounds. the news was pretty good. The densities are most likely benign, natural. I will recheck in six months and if there is a change I will have a biopsy. DH and I feel pretty positive because even if it was cancerous it would be in an extremely early stage. I'll take it.

In bed at 7:30. Tough day. Crown tomorrow. i am happy to get back to work.

Lizagna: Love the swimming happy face and the idea of finding another good reason to exercise.
gardenerjoy: I am mid plans as well. Next week is my deadline to do the research.
shannonde94: Welcome. Posters use this site however it is most beneficial. Some use it as a place to log food and exercise, others interact with personal responses to messages. Some poeple have questions about what has worked for others. You'll find your way.
BethfromDayton: Keep the faith. I don't know of anything more discouraging than a will to exercise but not an ability. Health truly is the most important thing in the world.

04-09-2013, 12:32 AM

What a relief to be back here posting. Whirlwind of a week/weekend for me. So glad it is behind me though I am heading into more up ahead. Good news on the little kitty cat front: Looloo gained weight over the weekend. She is now 4.25lbs up from a scary low of 3.8 on Friday. She ate like a little beastie all weekend and we discovered that she eats best when we mess around in he bwol while she is eating with her special kitty food spoon. This actually makes her eat. Go figure. So, inspite of her deciding it was ok to pee in the bed over the weekend (NO LOOLOO NO), we are thrilled with ehr progress. I told DH we got the front part of her fixed, now we need to get the other end fixed:dizzy:
Also, handed in my CD complete with images and supporting material aka words to the lady at the postoffice on time for consideration to the art purchase award competition. yay. THAT took A LONG TIME> In the end I printed my print on the weekend and had to get image sof it fo the CD submission so I went to do that eyserday but it was too wet to trnsport so I had to find a place to take pictures in my studio environs and the best place was... the bathroom. All I can say is a big THANK YOU to the guy who invented digital image cropping.
Tomorrow it is into the potters studio to complete stuff for the upcoming sale. After that I have to get on to mking my stock for the farmers' market which starts the frst weekend of May. Wow. Busy time.

And how am I coping foodwise you may ask? Well still OP, day 8 of 14 in phase 1 of the south beach diet. the scale has had its wiggles over the weekend. I was up 0.4, then 1.5 the next day and today down 0.7. My low so far was 253.8. I believe I was 255.3 today or something like that. It' all water stuff. Though tonight I had more beef than what would be considered a moderate portion. This was due to a) tired and b) seeking comfort. I'm ok with it, the food itself was OP, even the quantity is not forbidden, it's not ideal Beck behaviour though--which si why beck is so invaluable. I can be 100% OP according to a diet plan, but Beck makes me focus on everything aroudn the food, the behaviours and has me actively questioning my choices. I need a foodplan and I need my Becks! and I think I need me beds.... g'nite.

04-09-2013, 06:03 AM
:welcome: shannonde94 :welcome:

And, in honor of your first month on the site, :wel3fc:

How did you learn about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find our Beck Forum here on 3 Fat Chicks?

04-09-2013, 06:03 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – At gym, CREDIT moi, I thought of a reason not to do the last set - all packaged up as if I would be taking care of my body by not doing too much, too fast. But it was neither; it was just my normal routine. After I did it I was amazed at how tirelessly my brain works to goof off.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi. That same brain suggested that extra snacks were what my body needed to do the next thing. Fortunately, I spent the whole day without being offered food by others - seems that I've been going to a bunch of events where food appears.

onebyone – LOL at the thought of you cropping the loo from your art photo. Congrats for getting that CD submitted on time. And Congrats to Looloo for turning the corner.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I'm itching to learn the secrets of French Women. Yep, Kudos for "lightly and sanely" - it just sounds so right.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Shuddering at the thought of that mountain burger. Ditching those Krispy Cremes makes me smile - those are just evil.

Beverlyjoy – Love being reminded of IMMEDIATELY.

maryann - Yay for a DS who wakes up fully alert - enough for spontaneous humor. Congrats on having that thesis ready to go. So glad to hear the positive news from your ultrasounds.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Such sane responses to lack of activity - Kudos for that instead of just eating from boredom. Love seeing Onderland as your mini-goal #5.

Kitty (Bootedkitty) – Oh Yes, "I need the sun!!!!" We're having the same nonsense around here. Sunshine does make us function better. Kudos for writing your general diet plan despite your awful hours.

Liz (lizagna) – New restaurants are such fun - Kudos for wrapping your head around your evening so that you can enjoy it.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – It was a beautiful Spring day yesterday - sufficient to begin to believe. Love the laughing yoga. [I've been maintaining for six years, 5.5 of those using Beck strategies.]

Janet (mercer1122) – Had to google [I]"Sweet Adeline" - that's neat. Ouch for a bad day with Kudos for planning a response by putting the stuff in the dumpster.

shannonde94 - Ouch for the bout of illness to set you back. day 8 - Create Time and Space is a neat challenge to confront that we have to make room in our life when we add something that matters. Do join the discussion; I imagine it does seem confusing since we're all doing our own thing. Allow yourself some time reading the current posts and we'll become separate people. We'll be glad to play the role of on-line Diet Coach/Buddy for you and ask that you do the same for us. Glad that you've joined us.

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

There'll be plenty of times when your resolve will falter and you'll have sabotaging thoughts such as: Is dieting really worth it?
Resisting this food is too hard.
I don't think I really want to do this.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 55.

04-09-2013, 06:29 AM
Hi Coaches!

Work today and the news from my coworker is pretty grave...we have not talked to her but believe her DH is going to pass on at home fairly soon. Still hoping for a miracle! So all other employees have been called on to fill week at a time. I have already committed to work on several of my planned days off.

So, I'm trying to keep up at home and be gentle with my feet...The good news is that I have a food plan and don't have to get myself sidetracked over a tragic event that I cannot change. I will stick with my food plan and my planned food one day at a time and will keep my Beck sword sharpened.

Loved BBE's comment to Shannonde this morning...." I imagine it does seem confusing since we're all doing our own thing." Yes, we are all doing our own thing...working different food plans, many different lifestyles but we do have many common goals which we work together here to achieve. Kudos to us all!

Shannonde, Welcome! There is lots of support here and I look forward to getting to know you better! It will get less confusing, too.

BBE, I've been pondering the "brain thing" lately, is amazing how wired we are into certain behaviors and how great it is that we can work at the rewiring, too. Funny, I watched the pup this morning...he is food obsessed. He woke up, ran into the laundry room and stared at his food cabinet while he was stretching out. I know his tummy wasn't registering the hunger...his brain was.

maryann, glad to hear your followup went well. :hug:

Beth(fromDayton), credit for reaching another mini goal! Kudos!

04-09-2013, 09:11 AM
Good morning coaches,

I have been walking every day. On my walk I think of treats, weird I know. I decided to stop at the grocery store and get a bottle of water and a banana as my treat. I am not sure if this is a good idea or not. I don't want to make it a habit. Eating has been good. As the weather is getting nicer I want to start running again. When I am running I feel more content and little things don't bother me. It helps to clear my head.

BBE- I remember a few years ago going to Panera Bread with my friend and I was just having a coffee. She bought 3 dozen bagels as she only goes there once a month. I tried a gingerbread bagel and it was so yummy. I think it was yummy because I had never tried that flavor before. Every time I went there after that I craved bagels.

Lexi, the story about your pup was so cute. I am sorry to hear about all you are going through with your coworker.

Maryann- Great news about the mammogram/ultrasound. I loved the image of you, DS, and DH having breakfast at Starbucks.

Welcome Shannonde.

Hello to everyone else, I am off to work.

Take Care

04-09-2013, 11:19 AM
LuLu - I have seen those bound index cards somewhere but I don't remember where. They are a very good idea for this purpose.

BillBE - I heard about the Beck Diet Solution on another forum. I didn't need another diet....I've tried them all. I needed something to help me stick to one of them. I looked up the book online and read some the the excerpts and reviews and decided to buy it. Then as I was flipping around 3FC I spotted this thread and decide to stop in. So here I am.

When I was thin I had to work at staying there but I did it. Somewhere along the way I lost my resolve and have gained a lot of weight. It was a lot easier keeping it off than it was trying to get it back off. I am not a good dieter. I eat healthy meals, but I eat too much and I eat impulsively in between. So I'm hoping the Beck Diet Solution will get me on the right track.

04-09-2013, 12:42 PM
Hi coaches/beckies: This link to the Beck Diet Solution Spring Newsletter came through my Facebook Newsfeed. Check it out if you like.

I hope you are all having a GREAT day.

04-09-2013, 01:16 PM
Good morning, Becksters!

As always, I am grateful to be here and for each of you.

I have been working out like gangbusters for the past week and--with torrential rains (correctly) forecasted for today--I decided last night I would take this as a rest day from exercise. Sleeping in til 6:45 with DH on one side and Emma the Rocket Dawg curled up on the other and rain on the roof.... ahhhhh, such luxury... Then doing morning tasks with purpose and deliberation (which I realized doesn't have to just occur on a "rest day"), it occurred to me that this is what "Sabbath" is all about. I was reared in a mean-spirited religion that DEMANDED Sabbath, with grim-faced piety and forced march to church 2X and a mother with similar attitudes to back it up. I left that church and religion long ago, but it was so lovely to re-discover the truly spiritual/inspiring side of the "day of rest" practice.

But I do go on. Eating OP. Yea! Today without the exercise, I'm being very careful about every calorie since I won't have quite the allowance I'm accustomed to.

GardenerJoy - Yea for sanity and French women! (I read that book some years ago, & was not crazy about the parsnip soup that seemed to be the axle it turned on. But the whole French approach to food she described was enlightening and very Beck-like.)

Shannonde94 - :welcome3: So nice to have you here. Love your avatar!

Beth (BethfromDayton) - Yea for planning and that you're not in pain. I actually DO eat most if not all of the extra calories exercise allows--but it's so easy for me to get into the mindset of "I worked out so hard--now I can eat anything & everything I want". Wrong... The tracking keeps me honest. Usually. ;) When do you visit the dr to find out if you can do sitting exercises?

Lulu - They have a Laugh Yoga group here too. I've only attended it a couple times, but it's a great practice! Great idea on the spiral-bound index cards. I'm a junkie for the neon-colored ic's, but notice Amazon even has those available with the spiral. Thanks for the tip.

Maryann - I am so happy for your positive news! Excellent! A stressful week has become reason to celebrate so many things. This morning I was thinking about you and your thesis--even though I don't know you well, I am nevertheless so proud of your accomplishment.

Onebyone - GREAT news on Looloo! One instance in which "stirring the pot" is not a bad thing. Congratulations on getting your CD done, for creative cropping, and for your amazing productivity!

BillBE - Laughed about the "tireless brain". Great job on your excellent resistance responses to its less-than-helpful recommendations.

Mercer1122 - When you mentioned the "relaxing with alcohol" hurdle, I so identified. I loved having a couple glasses of wine with dinner every evening. And oh, look, hate to waste that last little bit left in the bottle.... It's individual for everyone, but I got a milk frother and started making the Nestle fat-free 25-calorie hot chocolate with half hot water, half frothed 30-cal/cup almond milk, and a dose of Torani sugar-free (zero calorie) salted caramel syrup. It's delicious and soothing. It's a bunch of chemicals and not the perfect solution (that would be water)--but it has been my very satisfying methodone-equivalent for backing off the "relaxing with alcohol" habit, and far fewer calories.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Heard the Denver area's getting smacked with 20" snow. Are you in that trajectory? So sorry about your co-worker and her DH. Blessings to them. LOVED your statement about keeping the "Beck sword sharpened". Great image!

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Kudos on walking every day!

Carol Sue (simn11) - It IS easier to keep it off than take if off, isn't it? Beck will certainly offer the tools for learning to resist overeating.

BeverlyJoy - Thanks for the newsletter link!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


04-09-2013, 01:53 PM
I have fallen off the forum here, but thankfully not off the wagon. Work has gotten so busy in preparation for the event I'm working, that the next two weeks will be very hit and miss here and I'm already missing what everyone has going on. I'm hoping to have time to read posts and jot a few lines, but it's iffy. Yesterday worked almost 12 hours and called DH who was on his way home then, too, and we decided on Chinese as it was after 7 and I had nothing thawed. I went to pick it up and he'd called it in to a restaurant an hour away by accident :) So sat there and waited for the order and calmed down a bit from the frenetic work pace. He called the other place with credit card and said to give it to someone who might need extra for a family or something. Got home, got back to work and ate way too quickly. On the scale as an afterthought this morning, then realized with my chinese, the sodium would be high, but whatever, and was pleased to see the result - will see if it does drop more by Saturday. Their portions are generous and can be split into several meals, so DH will take the rest. He loves chinese food like I love Italian.

Bought a pair of jeans in a size smaller this weekend - yay! But I do have them already in that size that I'm trying to get into, but those are a bit tight still for going out in public. At home, I wear them to curb snacking - ha!

Quick belated thanks, Bill, for the info that "Don't Push the River" was the title of a book of poems - I will look that up to see what they're like.

04-09-2013, 02:20 PM
hey Coaches!!
Still doing good, plugging away over here. Feeling good, slimming down, giving Beck what I've got!!
I'm grateful to be working on my behaviors, I'm learning so much about myself.
it's very cool!!
weight is going down, doing lotsa walking, sticking to my cleanse (for now).
it's so encouraging to feel all the inspiration from reading posts here.
I've got to hang on tight here, folks.

Wow, looks like you made some really good bad choices!!! Seems as though making better choices is starting to be natural for you. That swim class sounds great (I hear you about the hair ruling choices!). What is “masters swim”? Will you be on a team that competes? Good for you for setting up more exercise. As Beck says . . . ya gotta do it!! I see you bought yourself some clippers . . . so you are going to maintain the bald head? Very cool!!! Also, I love your Blum quote, I jotted it down with the ARCs.

Maryann (my weight sister!)
Nice that you recognize and voice how super duper your life is!! And you got a step class in too, yay!!! So great to hear your good news, what a relief!!

Glad to hear your food has been light and sane. I look forward to your review on French Women Don’t Get Fat. Never heard of that one!

Welcome!! I’ve been reading the book for a month now and I’m still on the first 14 days of the book. I’m setting up and really taking it all in. I’m hoping to have a lot of these destructive behaviors of mine sorted through, defined, and rewired, by the time I start my chosen food plan, which will be on May 1.

You lost your 10%!! Way to go!!! Glad to hear you are not in too much pain and that your food is under control.
If you google “what is Laughing Yoga?”, the first link that shows up, click on that and it gives the best description of it.

one by one
glad Looloo gained weight and you didn’t!! Sticking to that SBD!!!

I second what Liz says . . . you do put time and energy into leading this forum and it is much appreciated. Also, “It’s nearly impossible to eat healthy by accident” . . . on my ACRs, thanks!

Lots of extra shifts for you, but you have a food plan you will not be sidetracked from . . . you are an inspiration.

Carol Sue
Yes, the bound index cards are absolutely perfect for this purpose, I’m loving it!!
I totally relate to what you said about losing your resolve, eating healthy but too much and impulsively between me. That’s my story in a nutshell. Together we can do what we can’t do alone!!

Nuttin’ much wrong with a banana and a bottle of water, if you ask me. As long as it’s in your plan, it could be a good healthy habit!! Good luck with the running!!

Goodbye for now!!
"Don't stuff your face, face your stuff."


04-09-2013, 02:50 PM
Question . . .
I'm in the process of outlining my committed exercise plan.
Both spontaneous exercise and planned exercise.
does this plan seem like what Beck is looking for:

M-F 10 min. walk from home to bus stop (I usually drive)
M-F 10 min. walk from Back Bay Station to Pru (morning commute)
M-F 10 min. walk from Pru to Copley (evening commute)
M-F 10 min. walk from bus stop to home
always use stairs along the way, not the escalators (there are a lot of stairs!)
use stairs instead of elevator at work for 3 or less floors to travel.
walk around the perimeter of the floor I work on 3X a day (190 steps, yes I counted!)

M-F 45 min. walk daily - my choices are either:
early before work on my treadmill or outside (although it will be dark); or
on my lunch hour, weather permitting; or
after work either on my treadmill, the treadmill at my gym, or outside, weather permitting.
S-S one hour walk

this is what I came up with, just for now.
I am capable of doing a heck of a lot more than that but I want to be realistic for now.
something I can commit to and succeed.

your thoughts?
any of you care to share your exercise plan from Day 9 in the book?


04-09-2013, 02:54 PM
Wow! Ok, I may be getting the hang of this forum... I just realized that some of you had actually acknowledged and replied to me. I guess I'm a little slow. I'm afraid I can't reply to everyone separately. (How do you all do that?? Do you open a new tab and go through all the posts?) But I really appreciate the support from everyone! :)

I think I am doing all right with the sitting down and eating slowly. I do still find myself floating off and maybe not being as mindful as I should when I'm eating, but I'm working on it! I am on to day ten now. I have been dieting-or trying to- since I was around 13, so some of the things in the book, I already have figured out, I just have to remind myself of them daily to stay on track.

I actually came across 3FC in a magazine article, and I went out and bought the Beck book when I came across this message board. I searched it up & found out that it was based on the principles of CBT, so I thought it was worth a try! I have the hardcover, not the workbook- not sure what the difference is, or if there is one besides the fact that you are meant to write in the workbook.

So that's my story! I do have a question... anyone else out there have a hard time with breakfast?? I just cannot seem to make myself eat early in the morning. I have bought some meal-replacement shakes instead for now, to make sure I get something down before noon. But that is something I tend to struggle with.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!

04-09-2013, 02:58 PM
oh, I almost forgot!!
I forgot to give myself credit!!
I took the stairs instead of the escalator on the way to work.
that is a three flight walk up . . . a very long escalator.
I walked Comm. Ave. on lunch hour today.
I lost another pound.
I am OP.
I journalled this morning before work (very helpful).
I did oil pulling last night for further detoxing (google it if you've never heard of it).
still off the butts.
I actually like myself today.


04-09-2013, 03:07 PM
hi Shannon!!

I'm not sure how everybody else does it, but I type my post in a Word document and read the posts along side of it and comment on what moves me. Then I cut and paste it onto the forum.

I have the book and the workbook.
my personal opinion is that I could have done without the workbook.
to do it over again, I wouldn't have bothered with the workbook and just used the book and a spiral notebook for the planning.

I love breakfast so I can't help you with that question.
although, I do get up around 4:30am and have my morning routine, then leave the house by 6:45, then at my desk at work at 8:00.
I usually get my coffee and sip on that for a while and break open the breakfast around 8:30 or so.
so I'm really up for 4 hours before I eat.
but I'm such a piggy, I could eat a breakfast at 5:00 and another one at 8:30, even though I don't.
not because I'm hungry . . . just because.
that's the behavior and thinking I'm looking to change with Beck.


04-09-2013, 04:20 PM
Hi coaches/beckies: Yesterday was a healthy day. It took a few twists and turns, but - was within my overall food plan. I am grateful. Last weekend I got through many tough and challenging food scenarios. Credit. The day after that can be a mess for me but, I have made it through it. I've planned for a healthy day today and am planning getting through. I think what really helped me the most was the Friday Motivation that came from the Facebook page of Beck. It was about not waiting until Monday. I kept focusing on that.

I've been working on rereading the pink Beck book and renewing my notecards. Working on eating seated only... getting a bit better. I've been doing my exercises, measuring, logging, lots of water, leaving a bite, giving credit and trying to slow down. Credit.

Now I need to start preparing in my mind about a time when I'll be away from home that will be coming up. I need to start planning. I need to read and reread how to get through it with food sanity and no guilt when I come home. It's good that I did well last weekend - I hope that it has strengthened by resistance muscle. I think it has helped some. I just hate how managing my food has to be such a big part of going out of town. But.. it is what it is. I'll start my planning.

lulu - your exercise planning is wonderful... many credits! My exercise plan includes stretches and strengthening and going up and down the stairs for extra cardio. Gardening is always in my plan whenever possible. You are going full throttle and should feel great about it. Carry on!! PS - I am an early riser, too.. I also wait until after 8am to have breakfast.. just feels right.

nationalparker - it's so hard, sometimes, to pull it all together when we are so busy. Glad your tight pants help curb snacking. Good incentive. Credit for still being on the wagon.

maryann - so glad your doctors think the ultrasound shows nothing to worry about., I know you are relieved.

liz - credit for all that exercise!! Credit for being OP. That includes getting BACK on your plan. Also.. everyone deserves some rest - religion or not, I think. Carry on.

newlifestyle - I too, am looking forward to the nicer weather and all it means for getting out and about and more exercise!

slmm - you are right about the Beck techniques being helpful in learning how to live with food in a sane manner.

lexxiss/debbie - It's kind that you and co-workers can fill in for your friend. I am glad you are mindful of taking care of your feet. Credit with having a plan!!! - to help from the stress eating that can occur in these situations. You take care now.

billbe - those sabatoging thoughts can surely creep in and tell us... it's OK to do or not do what we really should do. Your regular routine is good... credit. Yes... it's SO helpful when folks aren't offering foods constantly.

onebyone - so glad your kittykat is doing better. Kudo's on being OP with your food plan AND realizing how Beck is essential too. Carry on!

bethfromdayton - I am so glad to hear you are not in painl YAY. 10% of your weight down..... yay.. happy dance in your honor.

shannonde24 - WELCOME!! So glad you posted. Folks here are very helpful and supportive. Dr.Beck's techniques are helpful, also.

gardenerjoy - credit doing well with your food as you transition your food plan. Excellent.

I need to go. Remember to treat yourself as kindly as you'd treat a good friend.

04-09-2013, 04:28 PM
Hi LuLu!

That's an idea with using Word. Maybe I will try that. Thanks! :) I am using the book and a small spiral notebook. I thought about getting the workbook as well, or instead, but I found the hardcover used. It was cheaper and I am poor, so I went with that!

I am a SAHM, and I am usually up around 6am. I don't feel like eating until about 4 hours after I get up either. I liked your ideas about the spontaneous workouts. I wish I had those opportunities. I was just looking at that in my book and trying to figure out what kind of spontaneous exercise I can get in when I spend the majority of my time in my little one-story house... hmmmm.... I spontaneously chased someone else's empty trash bin down the street yesterday as it was blowing away, but I don't have the opportunity to do that every day. Lol

hi Shannon!!

I'm not sure how everybody else does it, but I type my post in a Word document and read the posts along side of it and comment on what moves me. Then I cut and paste it onto the forum.

I have the book and the workbook.
my personal opinion is that I could have done without the workbook.
to do it over again, I wouldn't have bothered with the workbook and just used the book and a spiral notebook for the planning.

I love breakfast so I can't help you with that question.
although, I do get up around 4:30am and have my morning routine, then leave the house by 6:45, then at my desk at work at 8:00.
I usually get my coffee and sip on that for a while and break open the breakfast around 8:30 or so.
so I'm really up for 4 hours before I eat.
but I'm such a piggy, I could eat a breakfast at 5:00 and another one at 8:30, even though I don't.
not because I'm hungry . . . just because.
that's the behavior and thinking I'm looking to change with Beck.


04-09-2013, 04:31 PM
anybody in a position to redo their ARCs, I'm telling you these wirebound index cards are FABULOUS.
it makes me want to look at them.
I've used different color markers on the cards so it's interesting.

go on Amazon and search for:
Mead Wirebound Ruled Index Cards, 3 X 5 Inches

04-09-2013, 10:52 PM
Good evening, Coaches.
We'll another two hours this evening in a med office. This time for the crown to the root canal. Although not producing nearly the anxiety, I am completely beat. Turkey bacon, tomato and fresh roll sandwhiches which are DS favorite. it is official: Three of us can eat a pound of turkey bacon and I only had four pieces.

Food at work was good. Chocolate scavenging to the minimum, credit. It is good to put my thesis on the back burner for five days. I have almost forgotten it. This will help to have a new eye for final proofing.

simn11: you are absolutely right that it is easier keeping it off rather than taking it off. I have gained back about 9 pounds in 3 years which is discouraging but I am grateful i didn't gain twenty on that.

BBE: I think this the first week where people didn't hang out windows and pop up out of man holes in the street to offer you treenuts and mac and cheese.

Lexiss: i am sorry to hear about you co worker. How wonderful everyone is helping her out.

Newlifestyle: I just can't run. i admire people who do.

Lizagna: I was snuggling with Dh and DS watching a little night time tube. I thought, "this is a moment I can't ever get back. I think those moments are God's great comfort to us.

04-09-2013, 11:38 PM
Hi all,

Another quiet day for me--bed to couch to bed kinda of thing, with an exciting outing to the podiatrist to get a new dressing put on. Everything is just how he'd expect and I'm to continue to keep my foot elevated as high as I can.

I am cleared to do upper body exercise, so I'll be searching YouTube tomorrow for some chair/seated routines. I'll have to find one that I can easily skip the leg movements.

I ate more today than I did yesterday, but I'm still below 1200 calories and MFP is letting me know I'm not eating enough. DH went to the store today so I have a bunch of fresh fruit again! He works at home tomorrow so I won't need to be on my feet to prep my meals. (Dr warned me--if you're on your feet they will throb. I you stay off of them and keep it elevated, it won't hurt.)

Take care, all!

04-09-2013, 11:51 PM
Hello Coaches!

After eating a bunch of a favorite pizza at the end of an extremely tense day between DH and me on Sunday, I think things are settling down. Ouch! Emotional eating and comfort food! :( I tried not to beat myself up too much and at least enjoy it in the moment. I was consciously choosing to eat several slices, really tasted good!!! Other than that little episode of bingeing, food has been pretty decent since our return from Florida last Friday night. CREDIT for climbing back on the wagon! :) My life has been such a rollercoaster ride lately, but I feel much more in control of things since we are back home. I am maintaining a rare sense of peacefulness within myself in the midst of the storm lately. And it feels good to know that my self-esteem is beginning to show. At least I am beginning to FEEL some self-esteem (despite the excess weight and my many other perceived shortcomings) and witness it in myself in my interactions with others, even in times of conflict (e.g., with DH), which is very challenging for me. That, I think, is the FIRST step I need to conquer on this weight loss journey: self-esteem. I want to "feed" my self-esteem during this process of losing weight, so that I will be able to meet the challenges of losing (and eventually maintaining) the weight, which in turn will feed my self-esteem more, which will make me even better equipped to lose more weight, etc... I want to get THAT kind of POSITIVE vicious cycle operating in my life for a change!!! And ~ with your support ~ I believe it can and will happen! :) This truly is a special group we have here. Each and every person adds something valuable to the group ~ no matter how often or how little they post. I can relate to certain ones of you better than others, but I always find a nugget of wisdom in each post. Often, throughout my day ~ especially at times of temptation ~ something one of you said in a post will come to my mind and either help me to resist food temptations or to make a healthier choice or to not beat myself up too badly after a slip. Your voices are beginning to drown out all of the negative "tapes" that constantly play as a default mode in my mind. And that makes me feel happy, hopeful, and grateful to each one of you here. I couldn't be doing this without all of you right now!!! :hug:

04-09-2013, 11:59 PM
bethFromDayton: I've been thinking about you as you recover from your foot surgery. I had foot surgery last July to repair a bunion and 2nd toe, and I still have ball of foot pain in my left foot for some reason. I go back to my podiatrist at the end of the month and might have to have another foot surgery this summer. :( I will be truly bummed if I need to have another surgery. It was such a setback for my working out and weight loss. So............ I can relate to your frustration with being off your feet. I am glad to hear that you are taking good care of yourself and following your doctor's orders! It will all be worth it in the end! Hope your spirits are staying up, as usual! :) Sending you well wishes! Just think, you will be doing a happy dance when you are back up on your feet!!! :broc::dancer::carrot::lol:

04-10-2013, 12:01 AM
maryann: So happy that your mammogram seems to be okay!!! What a relief that must be for you!!!

04-10-2013, 12:02 AM
nationalparker: YAY for smaller jeans!!! That must feel so good!!!

04-10-2013, 12:16 AM

A full day again. Out all day back late. I was going to say Looloo didn't pee anywhere but as DH was cleaning the litterpan just now she peed on the sofa, on a thick cat blanket which caught it before it did real damage. Ask me if I know why. I don't. We just move on and hope for the best. Her boodwork cme back and she's improved so it's all good. I am sure her behaviour will settle down and if not, we can find ways to cope.

Other than this, food was a bit on the salty side and bit on the large portion size. I'll take it and call it OP. * credit* All I wanted was a muffin this morning. *credit for not having one and for having/choosing/shopping and buying OP food only* DH kept mentioning having pizza but I said NO and said he can;t have it either-too much bread for his diabetic system. he'd already had a bagel today. So we had lots of froxen veggies instead and I finally ate up the cut up celery which I am growing to be very fond of.

No weigh in this morning. I thought I had time but got the bum's rush so it'll wait until the morning. I don't expect anything great given all the salty stuff I had today. But, on this count, I have been wrong before. We'll see.

Have a good night.

04-10-2013, 06:43 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Exercise was planting the Sugar Snap Peas in our community garden, CREDIT moi. This gardening thing really is exercise: squat down; get up to find the trowel; squat down; get up to find the seeds; squat down; plant the little buggers 1" deep so their two little seed-leaves (cotyledons for you purists) can find the surface; get up; repeat. I do love the feeling that spring must be here if the peas are going in the ground.

Eating was on-plan, CREDIT moi. Sword fish for dinner came with the usual thought that I was eating the last one on earth. We have it rarely because it is endangered. It's such a treat. When making my lunch I resisted the urge to pop a few pecans into my mouth to help tide me over until I sat down to eat my sandwich. Gotta love it - that I need to be helped for the two minutes until I walk to the other room and sit down. It's a Sabotaging Thought factory in there.

onebyone – Wonderful words, "but I said NO." Kudos for accepting that you have that power.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – I identify with your puppy: the reason to wake up is to go look for food, LOL. Sending supportive thoughts for your co-worker and to you and all those supporting her. Would love to find ways for our whole society to better deal with the end game.

Beverlyjoy – Thanks for the Beck Newsletter link. And thanks for "But.. it is what it is" - I need that for when I'm feeling like I could have been dealt a different hand.

maryann - LOL at a pound of turkey bacon going down - you do take care of the menfolk in your life.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Welcome to the world of brains that think of treats. Bananas are good. Standing down the urge for a treat is good. It's OK to choose.

nationalparker – Twelve hour days are hard on the psyche. Kudos for being mindful with the Chinese takeout - that stuff slips down so easily. LOL at the order at the wrong place because I once did that with mixed paint so I wouldn't have to wait because the painters were at my house. Turns out that I didn't know the store had another location in town - where my paint was mixed, charged to my credit card, and waiting for me. Ouch!

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Yay for starting the upper body exercise. And Kudos for staying sane with one foot elevated.

IBelieveInMe2 – Many Kudos for "maintaining a rare sense of peacefulness" - what we all long for. Good luck working through the tensions.

Liz (lizagna) – Yay for experiencing your good life - between DH and D-Dawg.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Yay for all that walking and stair climbing. I think it's neat that you've added a bunch of exercise that can become the normal part of your daily life. My own plan is gym three times a week and walking most days. I've drifted away from the elliptical because I get bored too easily.

Carol Sue (slmn11) – You've definitely figured Beck out, "I needed something to help me stick to one of them." Kudos for recognizing that "impulsively in between" is the challenge.

shannonde94 - Congrats for progress figuring out this place. My advice is to ignore wiring personals for a while until it's natural to see the individuals. Then focus first on the folks who are also just starting - there's a few right now. When I write personals, I click [Post Reply] into a new Window so that I can switch back and forth using CNTL-ALT. I keep a copy in Word for when posts get lost into the ether. My take is that a spiral notebook is a great companion to the book - the Workbook is different and onebyone has always used it alone. As for breakfast, I can't help since I love my breakfast. Congrats on charging forth to day 10.

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

. . .Do you remember having thoughts like these before? If so, you know just how persuasive they can be. Chances are, there were times when you bought into these kinds of thoughts, strayed from your diet, and stopped losing weight - or, worse, quickly gained back the weight you had worked so hard to lose. You need to learn how to combat these kinds of sabotaging thoughts in a strong, forceful way. Otherwise, you might very well follow your old path of giving up when the going gets tough.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 55.

04-10-2013, 07:48 AM
Hi... here is a thought from the Facebook Beck newsfeed:

Reality Check: Mistakes are an unavoidable part of the learning process. You can’t learn to diet successfully without making mistakes along the way, just as you can’t learn to play tennis without missing a few shots. If you have the unreasonable expectation that you won’t make mistakes, it will only make you feel worse, and make it seem like a much bigger deal, when you inevitably do.

Have a great day. I"ll be back.

04-10-2013, 10:11 AM
Shannon - Here's how I reply to the posts. With the page still up on my screen, I scroll down to the bottom to the reply box. I scroll up and down as I reply to each person on that page. If I want to go to the next page I cut my reply, go to the next page, and paste it in the reply box of that page, then continue on.

NationalParker - Tight jeans will definately help curb your eating. I find that in the winter when I tend to live in sweats I gain because the pants stretch and give you more room for expansion. LOL

MaryAnn - I think a gain of 9 lbs can be expected when you lose weight. I always say lose about 5 more lbs than your goal to allow for gain after you go on maintenance. So your gain is typical, and you caught it before it got out of hand!

LuLu - Your breakfast is almost like skipping breakfast. When I worked, I HAD to eat something before I went to work, even when I started at 5 AM. If I didn't, I would be heading for the snack machine as soon as I got there. I love breakfast and rarely skip it. Now that I'm retired I try to delay it for a while.

Beth - What is MFP?

Beverly - I like your Reality Check. So true!

I am trying to think about the way I maintained years ago. It really worked. I always ate breakfast and lunch but really cut back on dinner. My thinking was I was way less active in the evening and wouldn't be burning off the calories as well as during the day. I still lived at home and my mother would not cook special for me so I ate what she cooked, but in very small quantities. I small piece of meat, one spoonful of potatoes and 1 spoonful of veggies, then nothing the rest of the evening. Then I married a man who's most important meal of the day was dinner. Unfortunately, I did not cut back at breakfast and lunch, but instead, just added dinner to my meal plan. My family was all overweight and I knew I couldn't not do this without gaining. Now I am paying the price.

04-10-2013, 10:23 AM
Hi Coaches!

I had 1/2 my personals compiled on the laptop (from bed) last eve. I put them into an email so I could retrieve them from my main computer. Was amazed that within a second after hitting send they had already gone through cyberspace and had popped up in my mailbox. It still impresses me.

Yesterday was OP and I've weighed this morning. Very tired yet taking care of myself. I went to bed right after dinner last night.

BBE, lol at "pup" comments! Credit for passing on the two pecans. Yes, seems ludicrous yet it's very real...AND those two pecans do count because we're working at modifying our behavior.

onebyone, yay for continued OP despite busy and emotionally difficult days.

Beth(fromDayton), great that you're approved for upper body workouts...It's what I'm doing right now and it's just cool how many options there are via the net.

IBelieveinMe2, I'm glad you are beginning to feel some self esteem, especially since you recognize it as such an important part of your weight loss journey. I have found my SE just keeps growing the longer I keep focusing on myself (in different ways). Perhaps it comes with the shift that we (as caregivers) find as we do start to practice self care.

maryann, enjoy your days off from thesis work. Yay for restraint w/turkey bacon.

LuLu, thanks for the index card info...I love them and will look first at our office supply. Great credits! Your exercise plan looks great. My observation at our health club/pool over the years is that consistency is the key….what is realistic in the long haul??

Shannonde, I'm not a breakfast gal, and struggled because oatmeal gives me cravings in the morning. It has evolved, but I now have a veggie/fruit/protein powder every day. I am very happy drinking my breakfast and I've tweaked my concoction which gives me all the energy I need until lunch.

Beverlyjoy, yay for starting to focus on the next plan for being away from home. Nice you feel progress after last weekend's success.

Drat...I was hoping to get my exercise in before DH returned from the he's back and it's smoothie time!

Keeping my fingers crossed to say a personal hello to everyone else later...internet is slow again. Double Drat.

Oh, DH came upstairs and hopped in shower. I am exercise bound. I don't like lifting my mini weights when he's around because he immediately turns into my personal tranier.Lol

04-10-2013, 10:57 AM
Hi ladies! I am new to the Beck Diet. Started today. Trying to read through everything in this thread. Hoping to get to know you ladies better!

04-10-2013, 12:07 PM
Happy Hump Day today- halfway to the weekend. Off from work for a few hours this morning for eye exam - now all cleared of the corneal ulcers and scarring is limited, so that's good news - she doesn't want me back for a few months. Asked about my contacts and okay for limited hours/day. Appt. for THAT (daily disposables) Saturday.

Weighed this morning and down! Yay! I feel like I go down, then up, maintain, maintain, down. But as long as it's trending correctly and stays gone, I'm good.

Off to work...

04-10-2013, 12:23 PM
34 degrees and icy rain. Bah. Awoke to thunder & lightning and my equivalent of BillBE's "tireless brain" (why is it I can hear his elocuting in dulcet, cultured tones, whereas mine speaks with a Texas drawl liberally laced with profanities?) said I should make it another rest day.

That's the same brain I listened to last night about the chocolate-covered cherries being a fruit. Sigh... However, I did get my butt outta bed and let Tony Horton kick me around for 30 minutes of P90X2 Plyocide, then under the banner of "there is no bad weather, only inappropriate apparel choices" bundled up in warm rain gear and wogged Emma the Rocket Dawg 1-3/4 mi. Back on track.

Welcome SaraJP0804! :welcome2: I'm not much of a lady, and I don't think BillBlueEyes can lay any claim to the title at all (but what do I know?)--but probably everyone else here can respond to that moniker. ;) You've come to a good place.

Have a great day, everyone!


04-10-2013, 12:33 PM
I successfully closed the kitchen when I was alone in the house yesterday by shoving a red (STOP!) ottoman in the doorway and saying, out loud, "The kitchen is closed." I'm delighted with myself.

Exercise: +65 405/1400 for April

Welcome, SarJP0804!

04-10-2013, 01:17 PM
Coaches, hello.

I'm taking a day off today. *credit* I have a week's worth of newspapers waiting for me to read. Such a pleasure really. I weighed this morning *credit* to see no change. Huh. That rarely happens. I remain at 255.3lbs for now. I have exercise planned for today. *credit* A walk to the mailbox which will be extended to a 30 minute walk. *credit* also for cooking from scratch as I have a dinner slowly cooking in the slow cooker.
How apt.

gardenerjoy Credit for the great strategy of a red ottoman stop sign. I too find it necessary to deliberately say to myself that the kitchen is closed. Credit as well for 65 minutes of exercise so far this month.

Lizagna Hey we're getting that icy rain you had. Forecast calls for rain then ice pellets then freezing rain tomorrow. I was going to get to the potters' guild tomorrow but maybe not... Credit for wogging.

nationalparker Good news about your eyes. Credit for not eating over it (difficult to do-grat that you did it) and as a result seeing, with your healing eyes, a downward trend in the numbers showing up on the scale. (I relate to the up down up down maintainmaintainmaintain. You have the correct perspective and thanks for the reminder.)

SaraJP0804:welcome3: Glad you found us. I look forward to your posts as you go through the book(s).

Lexxiss You have a lot on your metaphorical plate but kudos for keeping it OP on your real life plate. I am glad to see you are getting lots of rest. Kudos.

slmn11 Hello!:wave: I think it's to your *credit* that you are recalling a time in your life when you were successful at maintaining you weight. As your example illustrates, it's not just food choices but also behaviour strategies that get us to our goals. This si what is ultimately so valuable to me about Beck as I can have all the food plans in the world but if I am overeating on allowable food I am undermining my success. Thanks for reminding me of this.

Beverlyjoy Thanks for the quote. I did make a few mistakes since starting a new foodplan. I didn't let that derail me. And I do not expect myelf to know everything especially when I am learning something or trying something new. It's just not fair. I've been meaning to ask you how that pesky ankle of yours is doing? I haven't heard you mention it lately, could it be it's much better (hoping!)?

BillBlueEyes Hello Nurse!O-M-G for planting things already!!! Has global warming made Boston tropical? Our community garden has just emerged from the snow. I was excited cause I thought it had been tilled but no. That was last fall's tilling. With the wet weather I don't expect tilling to happen for a few more weeks. Kudos for the gardening squats. Can you work any lunges in?

Bye for now :wave: to those I missed and those who never ever post just read this stuff.

04-10-2013, 01:37 PM
A wonderful morning at home! The house has been cleaned and I accomplished my exercise. credit. Tomorrow morning we travel West to our other home (and hot springs). I look forward to a bit of a "Sabbath" and some water aerobics, too.

:welcome2: SaraJp(0804)

Carol Sue(slmn11), great insight thinking back to when you maintained years ago...same here. Now that we're older, DH seems more in line with my thinking now that we think about aging and health issues.

nationalparker, yay for smaller jeans and for a positive report at your eye exam ! I tend to wear my smaller ones at home, too! PS -love the story of misdialed Chinese!

Liz(agna), moving on from CCC disguised fruit. I love how you changed your meaning of Sabbath. As we work on losing weight...blah is an important concept, Balance. Credit.
We are in the Denver trajectory….I have two homes, one is 19 m. West of Denver (alt. 7480), and the other is 120 m. further West (alt. 5800). It's 5 degrees this morning and we have snow on the ground, yet not the quantity they had predicted.

Ann(Newlifestyle), you said, "On my walk I think of treats, weird I know." I would say it is quite common amongst "us". Reminded of my pup running for the food dish as soon as he wakes...and BBE's response to my comment. We seem to be wired that way, for different reasons, I suppose. Anyway credit for walking and thinking of running, too.

gardenerjoy, I, too, look forward to your book review and your decision re: " a new book or an actual plan to follow. " credit for a successful closing of the kitchen.

Janet(mercer1122), kudos for making the decision to dump the alcohol (for now).

Kitty(Bootedkitty), credit for posting to us and recognizing that your motivation was lowering. Hope you’ve dusted off the pink by now and are remotivated, especially since work continues to be so stressful.

spanky, :wave:

04-10-2013, 04:04 PM
hi everybody!
It's a sunny beautiful day in Boston today but I didn't get out at lunch today because Wednesday is my Weight Watchers meeting. I didn't weigh in because my weight will be way down low and I don't want to explain myself (doing my fasting cleanse). So I'm going to the weekly meetings as I find them supportive and helpful, and fun bunch of people. I filled out a "My Daily Schedule" from the Beck book and so far, so good. I did not walk to the bus stop today as I had hoped because I had to drive my son to school and there would not have been enough time to drive back home to leave the car and walk, I would have missed the bus. But when I can, I will!!
I'm still feeling really good and plugging along.
My clothes fit great, I'm making more of an effort on my hair and nails, you know how that happens?

CREDIT: this morning I did my dry brushing, deep breathing and journalling. I did my spontaneous exercise today, read my ARCs twice, stayed OP (fast).

Today is Day 10 of my 30 day Master Cleanse and so far, so good.
I feel fabulous and look forward to continuing on with this, as well as looking forward to eating again.

You are doing so great, staying OP even when it gets tough. You are an inspiration to me. I don’t want to wait for Mondays anymore, EVER!!! You are mastering Beck!! Thanks for the reminder about the resistance muscle that needs training. Enjoyed that Reality Check, thanks.

Having the book, I’m not finding the workbook all that valuable, so you made the right choice getting the book, and it was cheaper!!! Hopefully you land on some good ideas to get some exercise in your house. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!!

A root canal . . . eeek!! Never had one, sounds yucky! Good for you for not eating a 1/3 pound of bacon!!

Glad to hear your foot is coming along and that you can manage your pain by keeping your foot elevated. Go for that upper body exercise!!! Do you have dumbells? You can get a great workout with those.

Admitting your pizza indulgence is really a positive thing. Typical for me would be to do something like that and then not show up on the boards to admit it. I want to change that now. I don’t want to be here just when it’s all going great. But that’s my pattern and I’m hoping Beck will change that pattern for me. That’s the key.

Glad to hear your kitty is doing better. I have two kitties, they are sisters. black/white tuxedo kitties . . . Skye and India, love them!! You are REALLY exercising that resistance muscle, between the muffin and the pizza. Great choices!! You are inspirational to me. Lucky you with the day off today and the nice meal cooking all day.

I can’t believe how exerting gardening is!! Whenever I get in the yard and start all that bending, I start sweating and it’s tiring. I’m hoping to get my veggie garden going again this year, you are inspiring me. You’re OP, spot on!!! GREAT!!

Carol Sue
Yeah, I’m paying the price too for eating whatever I wanted without a plan. You’ll land on the right food plan for you!!

Yeah, I think you are right about consistency being key for exercising. I typically dive in and get all obsessed with it and then crash and burn. I need to be realistic and will adjust and readjust my exercise plan as time goes on. I’d rather my exercise plan reflect that I will walk 20 minutes a day and do 45 min. if I want to, rather than for it to say that I’ll do 45 min. and not always meet that goal. I’ll be fine tuning it. Thanks for that reminder about consistency. Enjoy your Sabbath!!


Congrats on the weight loss!!

Is plyocide like plyometrics? Like suicidal plyos? I’ve done plyos before . . . tough stuff!!

Gardener Joy

take care,
until tomorrow,

04-10-2013, 07:01 PM
Hi coaches/friends/beckies: Hi... yesterday was mostly OP... in the evening I ate extra. I've come down with a rotten head cold last night - I was sneezing all day, but my nose filled up later. Where does all that stuff come from. I keep blowing my nose every ten minutes. Now that you are all grossed out with my head cold story....- I kind of used it as an excuse for extra food. However, not, so far today. Credit

Before I was eating and drinking extra last night I had many credits: journaling, exercises, plan/measure/log, read some response cards, said no choice a few times, and tried to eat slower. As always I must give myself credit for the positive things... not just thinking about what wasn't as I had planned. Dr. Beck reminds us often of this.

Well... these are some of the things I am thinking about while concentrating on when we go out of town. 1. That I don't have to 'start again' when I get home. (I will make a response card for this) 2. that I will have three meals and three snacks 3. that I will eat seated only at my son's house (I love all the goodies in his pantry... chocolate/chips/crackers/sweetened cereal - so if I can concentrate on NOT grabbing food there and sneaking it in my mouth - I will be doing well)4. that I can eat a couple extra exchanges of food. 5. that I will read my response cards 6. that I will keep reading the out of town and eating out chapters 7. that I can start the day healthy at breakfast - eating within my plan (a good way to start the day) After breakfast I don't know what we will be eating, though. 8. that I will not be so very strict with sodium - too much to think about... but, I won't go crazy either with salt 9. that it's not about the food... it's about celebrating Maya's first birthday. And, I'll keep adding some in.

Here's something that came through my FB newsfeed today from Beck:
Wednesday Sabotage: “It’s okay to eat [this food] because I don’t know how many calories are in it. It’s probably not that bad, anyway.” Response: Just because I don’t KNOW how many calories are in it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot! My lack of knowledge doesn’t change the reality of what this food is made of.

lulu - you are doing well. How long will your cleanse last? Good idea to not weigh at WW and have to explain. I have many friends who also love the support of a WW group. Carry on!

lexxiss/Debbie - good credits! Have a safe trip and enjoy some rest, if you can. Enjoy your water aerobics! Credit for staying OP with lots of things going on. Sometimes I go to bed early, too - usually to not eat, though.

onebyone - glad you are taking a day off!! Many credits. I love cooking in the crockpot too. It's easy and it always tastes so good from cooking slowly. Thanks for asking about my ankle. It is some better. It doesn't really hurt all that much if I am careful of how much walking I do. Probably, at some time, I'll have a surgery. I am managing.

gardenerjoy - I love the idea of the red ottoman closing the kitchen. I may try to do something similar.

lizagna - ugh.. spring ice - oh well. My friend says chocolate is a bean.... so it's a veggie or a protein. *wink* Credit for kickin' butt with Tony!

slmm11 - I can relate to having to change the way you eat when you get married. I think it just kind of happens. However, we keep trying to intertwine the two (at least at my house)

national parker - glad your eyes are doing better. I totally can relate to weight going up and down... but, still going in the downward direction in the long run. Take care and carry on!

sarapj - WELCOME!!! I am so glad you posted. Folks here are helpful and supportive.

billbe - many credits... yes, Gardening IS exercise, for sure. Credit for avoiding the pecans... I know tree nuts are hard for you. Great!

Ibeleiveinme2 - oops, on the pizza. It's hard to turn away from some foods when you are having a lot of emotions to deal with. I am glad that other than that time you are doing well. Credit! You said: want to get THAT kind of POSITIVE vicious cycle operating in my life for a change I've never heard it put that way before. I like it!!!

Bethfromdayton - yes, try to keep your foot up. It will really help with swelling and ultimately pain. Glad DH got you more fruit. Credit for watching your food. It would be easy to go off in all directions. Carry on and keep healing well.

maryann - I had to laugh at you having four pieces out of the pound of turkey bacon. I totally get it. I am glad you are taking a break from your paper.... it will give you a fresh perspective when you go back to it.

shannon - I have a good friend who is a SAHM, too. She gathers the kids everyday and they put on a dvd or music and dance and move around for exercise. I think she does Sweatin' to the Oldies from Richard Simmons, too. It's a good workout and the kids love it too.

Hope you are all having a great day.

04-10-2013, 10:28 PM

Two busy days. Yesterday OP. Today, not so much. Planning to make better choices tomorrow. And to post tomorrow.

Best to all here.

04-10-2013, 11:45 PM
Hi all!

Food was OP today. DD the younger (who is not fat but is not thin either--perhaps the top of an okay range or bottom of overweight) told me she wanted to start measuring her food the way I do. I think she'd be happier with clothes shopping if she dropped 10 or 15 lbs.

The scale showed me down again today--I'm expecting it to spike up a bit for a few days--I've dropped a lot in the last week.

As Lulu suggested, I used my dumbbells tonight--while watching Les Miserables with DD. I watched the first half--I just didn't care about the movie enough to watch the rest. Tomorrow I'll follow Debbie's suggestion and find something on the net.

I did some re-reading of my response cards. I have the pink book nearby to re-read some of it--haven't done it yet.

I also sat on a chair in my closet and pulled out all my size 22s. I don't intend to ever need them again. The size 20s are loose but I think 18s are too tight. I'll have to get DH to get them down off the closet shelf to see.

spanky: Credit for posting--and for treating mistakes as an opportunity to make better choices tomorrow!

Beverlyjoy: I hope your cold is gone soon. It sounds as if you stood up to it about food choices today--that's great! You have a terrific mindset for heading to your son's for Maya's birthday--I hope it's a wonderful celebration and you get pictures of her with cake all over her face!

Lulu: It is interesting how feeling better in one way translates to taking more care with other things, isn't it?

Lexxiss: Do you get to swim at both homes? I love the view from your office.

onebyone: I am so envious of your mailbox half hour walk right not. DH teased me about my 1/2 mile walks in front of the podiatrist--who was startled and wanted to be sure I wasn't really taking 1/2 mile walks! Sounds like you had a delightful day off! S.critches to Looloo

gardenerjoy: Closed! Closed! Closed! I love the way you track your exercise minutes--it keeps going up!

Lizagna: Credit for sharing about the CCC--and more credit for not listening to your brain telling you to take a rest day!

nationalparker: Yay for going down! Dr Beck tells us it won't be an even line down--the trend is what matters.

SaraJP0804: Welcome! I look forward to sharing with you--and hearing how you go through the book--I learn a lot from other people sharing their experiences!

slmn11I sent you a PM about MFP (MyFitnessPal). I've found it really useful and helpful. The forums are nowhere near as good as 3FC, but I love the tracking. Thanks for sharing how you maintained before. I'm nowhere near there but it applies to losing, too.

BillBE: Those tricky pecans--but you showed them. It's strange how we do keep creating new sabotaging thoughts as we get better at conquoring the old ones.

Take care, all.

04-11-2013, 02:48 AM
After much effort, I am finally making some big breakthroughs in my thinking and it feels great! I am nervous that I won't be able to transfer it into action, but I'm working hard on getting my mindset on board first ~ believing that I can and will lose and maintain the weight permanently. I started a new program (along Beck lines) for the mind and body at another site which said that if you don't really believe you can permanently lose the weight, you will always find ways to sabotage your efforts, and I truly think that is what has had me so stuck for so long. I have known that I was somehow sabotaging myself frequently, but didn't really own up to the fact that I only currently believe I can do it at about a 3 on a scale of 1-10....... until today. I am actually thrilled to have this information, because now I can work on getting that belief # closer to a 10. Then, and in the meantime, I will begin to make positive, lasting changes. Just this breakthrough has me motivated and energized again, which feels good, too! So, for the moment, I am feeling very positive, hopeful, and empowered ~ and ready to move forward!!! :D

bethFromDayton: It is so nice to have a face to go with your name!!! Thank you for sharing your photo! :)

SaraJP0804: :welcome3: to the group! Best of luck to you in your weight loss journey! I hope you benefit from the group. Keep posting. It helps.

:wave: to everyone else! Hope all is well!

04-11-2013, 07:23 AM
:welcome: Sara (SaraJP0804) :welcome:

In honor of joining this month, :wel3fc:

How did you hear about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this Beck forum on 3 Fat Chicks?

04-11-2013, 07:44 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – I learned last night that in prior centuries where the average lifespan was 37 years, that doesn't mean that there weren't old folks, but that significant numbers didn't make it through childhood. So the average is seriously reduced. I re-learn that about every five years. It's tough enough to try to learn stuff without having to re-learn it all on a regular basis. Perhaps that should make me feel better since I have to re-learn all my Beck strategies and Advantages over and over. (Incremented my monthly ticker today, CREDIT moi.)

Did gym, CREDIT moi. Got to discuss the incident of last week where a guy exploded with "Don't touch me!" No one yet has a clue what his problem was. Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including a friend for dinner here. I was putting dried cranberries in the salad when I noticed that they seemed a little hard. Immediately thought it best to eat a handful to see if there were OK to serve a guest. Then realized that was a Sabotaging Thought. So I ate one . . . as in 1.0. Nobody eats only one dried cranberry. So I accepted that as on-plan since I dodged the handful. When I set my mind to it, I make a salad with spunk.

onebyone – Hope this storm warning doesn't delay your community garden too much. Are you doing exotic stuff this year?

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Love, love, love, the red ottoman stop sign to the kitchen. Pure genius.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Your avatar has a warm summer look. Even as our local papers declare that Colorado suffered a 55 degree F temperature drop in one day. Did that happen?

Beverlyjoy – Yay for accepting mistakes. Kudos for seriously planning for your stay where the pantry calls your name. Neat reminder, "it's not about the food... it's about celebrating Maya's first birthday."

spanky - Kudos for an OP day and for not being deterred by one that wasn't perfect.

nationalparker – Yay for eyes on the mend. A few hours of contacts sounds like a gift at this point. Vivid description of reality, "down, then up, maintain, maintain, down."

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Yay for physically moving forward. I'm delighted that you're able to not watch the second half of Les Mis - I was mesmerized when I saw it on Broadway, partially due to the wonderful rotating set, and have zero desire to see the new movie. Thought I was alone. Goodbye large clothes.

IBelieveInMe2 – What a powerful breakthrough to come to fully believe that you can do this. Kudos, Kudos, Kudos.

Liz (lizagna) – "Sounds like Tony and Emma have you under control," he elocuted in dulcet.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Congrats on "clothes fit great" - diligence pays. First time I've read of avoiding a WW meeting weigh-in due to low weight but, of course, I understand your issue.

Carol Sue (slmn11) – Interesting story how dinner became a new major meal. Kudos for recognizing your situation so that you can find a path to get back on track.

Sara (SaraJP0804) - Congrats for starting on your path with the Beck Diet. Are you reading the green book? (The first one has a pink-ish cover and her second one a green cover.) The daily quotes (just below) are from the pink book. Glad you've joined us.

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

. . .If, on the other hand, you read your Advantages Response Card several times a day, every day, these reasons will be firm in your mind when you're tempted to eat something that you shouldn't. You'll be able to remember why you want to lose weight at the very moment your sabotaging thoughts are desperately trying to convince you that it's okay to eat something you know you shouldn't. You'll be able to say to yourself, As much as I want to eat [this food] and enjoy a moment or two of pleasure, losing weight is much more important to me.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 55.

04-11-2013, 09:42 AM
Hi folks: Here is a tip that came through my FB newsfeed from The Beck Diet Solution:

Think Thin Thursday Tip: In dieting, what we think will make us feel better (like eating when stressed), actually makes us feel worse, and what we think will make us feel worse (like planning our meals in advance), actually makes us feel better!

Be back later.

04-11-2013, 10:49 AM
I eat when I am tired. I have an older dog that likes to get me up so she can go out at all hours of the night: 1 am, 2 am, 4am... whenever she gets the urge. I have managed not to binge in the middle of the night for the past few weeks, but the last two days I have been so tired in the evening. I just want to EAT. Usually, there is no thought process when I am tired like this. I'm like a zombie who wants to stuff my face with carbs, instead of brains. But I am going to give myself credit for last night because I acknowledged the fact that I was tired, not hungry. I ended up eating only a single piece of twizzlers candy instead of raiding the fridge and/or cabinets, and I stayed within my daily calorie limits. So I'm calling it progress!!

Good luck to everyone & have a great day!

04-11-2013, 11:43 AM
Hi Coaches

There's about an inch of fluffy snowball-making snow on the ground right now. Why, just yesterday I was taking shots of a robin, small pointy pale green shoots peeking out of the earth and rain puddles with dramatic artistic reflections of the budding trees. :p Phooey. The weatherman was right. We got our winter weather as predicted. OTOH, the light level is much brighter and I can use that anytime.

Well weighed in for my official weekly weight and I am +0.4lbs. Sheesh. :carrot::dance::banana: dancedancedance in the mid 250's. hang in there kid my supportive self says. Things are changing just give it t i m e.

Okeydoke. I can't contrl the physiological metabolic cellular decisions/metabolisms/efforts of my body to do whatever it actually really does to turn body fat into nothing--well it can't be nothing--waste products with a flat lean ripped former fat cell left behind all sleek slim and new. I really can't control that. I CAN however seek to stay on plan, TRUST it's working inspite of Mr.:devil:'s whispers to the contrary (what does he know anyway? nothing. he's not my cellular activity!)

So today I have a foodplan. It is written down and shared. I have posted here and I have things to do today which are both useful, helpful, health-supporting and a few may even be fun. Plus the Looloo cat is doing "markedly better" according to new bloodwork and the vet, and my other cat Caesar continues to be calm and loving enough to set an example for all warring nations at the UN.

Bye for now.

04-11-2013, 12:45 PM
Good morning, Becksters!

I am OP! Yea!

This morning I simply could not bring myself to don the "appropriate apparel" (nor appropriate mindset) to brave the icy cold, driving rain, and wailing wolf wind. Even Emma wasn't too motivated. Neither could I face Tony Horton and the completely acceptable climate of the basement workout either. So I got to work earlier, brought 3# dumbbells with me, and am committed to getting in at least 50 flights of stairs for the day, flailing weighted arms as I go. Fitbit says I've logged 13 of them so far. So there.

Has anyone noticed that none of us are doing this perfectly? Big surprise there, huh? I was particularly struck by BeverlyJoy's incredible list of credits, and then a challenging evening--& it sounded like she was about to nullify all of the amazing things she'd accomplished. And BJ, I'm so glad you recovered and reclaimed those credits! What came to mind is "One 'AW S#!:censored:" does not wipe out all the "Attagirls/boys!" (BillBE, how would that be phrased in cultured, dulcet tones?) Anyway, thank you everyone for sharing your credits/triumphs AND your AW S*s, because it helps me a lot when I struggle.

GardenerJoy - As so many have mentioned, LOVED the red ottoman for your personal "closed" sign.

OnebyOne - My partner in a frozen spring (along with Lexxiss): Really appreciated your cellular mantra as far as having no power over the inner workings of your body--just over your own planning and choices. Well played!

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Isn't there something wonderful about walking into a clean house? I could feel it as you described it. Hope your trip west goes well. Enjoy the hot springs!

Lulu - So glad you're feeling absolutely fabulous, dahlink! SO many credits. You are an inspiration!

BeverlyJoy - So sorry about your cold. Have you tried zinc & Vit C. Not sure-fire, but they sometimes help. Congratulations on your many credits! And also for so carefully--and realistically--planning for your trip!

Spanky :wave: So glad you posted.

BethfromDayton - LOVE, love, love your picture. You are so beautiful! Glad your healing is progressing, and congrats on the weight down. Even though you think it will bounce back, you KNOW it would not be down this minute if you hadn't planned and Becked as you did. Surgery would be opportune for caving to all kinds of STs, but you didn't. Big, BIG credit!

Slmn11 - I second Beth about MFP. I switched from WW to MFP, and I am so happy with it. (Not dissing WW, Lulu & others, because it's great for many.) Here is where we see Beck's wisdom in telling us to have two food plans in the hopper at any given time.

IBelieveinMe2 - It is so wonderful to hear you sounding (or more accurately "read you writing") so UP! Hoorah for breaththroughs! I could so identify about the belief factor in losing weight. I'm convinced I've been stuck in disbelief. If you would message me (or post it here), I would be really interested in hearing about the program you referred to.

Shannonde - Great job on the single twizzler and resisting the binge! CREDIT! (Emma's only 4, but she's started that biz of waking me up at all hours to go out. Sympathy/empathy for that sitch.)

Happy Thursday, all!


04-11-2013, 03:48 PM
hello Beckies!!
I'm having another good day today.
Last night I had uncomfortable thoughts around deprivation. As long as I keep the thought, it escalates to actually feeling deprived and uncomfortable. I was watching the Food Network, like an idiot, and it got me thinking . . . until I decided that I wanted the uncomfortable feelings to go away. So I changed the channel (like hello . . . that was a no-brainer). Then I felt better.
I slept really lousy (some personal relationship stuff on my mind) so I'm running on very little sleep today, but I'm feeling alert and content.
I was out the door at 5:00 this morning, driving my son to school for the bus leaving for a school trip to NYC!! He was very excited, he'll be gone for two full days. He's 16 and fabulous!!
For some reason, I did not make a daily schedule last night for myself for today, outlining my spontaneous and planned exercise. Darn!! Oh well, I won't beat myself up for it. After all, I'm a woman that hasn't eaten any food for 11 days so I'll cut myself some slack!!

Getting a headcold sure sux, feel better soon. Looks like you have a good solid plan in place for your challenging time out of town. Think of us as you are making decisions . . . we’re rooting for ya!!! My cleanse is for 30 days. It’s my 20th time doing it, but my first time going this long. I typically go 10 days, once for 14 days, once for 21 days, so this is a new challenge. So far, I am enjoying the results . . . feeling spectacular!!

Hopefully you have a solid plan in place today and will make better choices as you hope to do. We need you here!!

So nice to see your picture and put a face to who we’re talking to. It would be so great if everybody did, but I totally get it why people prefer not to. So cool that you are a good example to your DD, how old is she? Scale going down, yippee!! Congrats getting rid of the 22s. I used to take a size 22, about 10 years ago. I lost 100 pounds and went down to a size 6 or 8. Now I’m an 8 or 10, and I’m determined to get back to the 6 or 8 . . . I just feel better and have a lot of fabulous clothes in that size. When I was losing all that weight, I shopped thrift stores to get new wardrobes in each size as I was going down. I would go there and donate all the clothes that were too big and buy a load of stuff in my new size. Just kept doing that until I was done!! To answer your question to me . . . oh yes, it sure is interesting how feeling better in one way translates to taking more care with other things. Feeling better has a snowball affect that affects us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I’m so excited that you’ve made some big breakthroughs in your thinking. That’s what it’s all about. Once we think a certain way, our actions change. Positive, hopeful and empowered!! So happy for you!!

The gym, eating on plan, eating one cranberry? Wow, you’re good! I aspire to be like you when I’m maintaining. I want that sooooo bad. Just to not slip back into old destructive habits would be such a gift. How do you stay so motivated, if you don’t mind me picking your brain?

You eat when you’re tired? I really don’t think I’ve ever heard that before. And you only ate one little thing instead of raiding the cupboards? COOL!!!

Very good attitude you have about just staying in game, no matter what!! When you say you have food plan and it’s “shared”, does that mean you have a real live Diet Coach?

you are OP! Yea! Yes, I have noticed that none of us are doing it perfectly. I’m hoping when I’m done with my cleanse that I can stop trying to be so perfect and learn to be perfectly imperfect like all of you. Because you are all still seeing results, but are more realistic about your goal and achieving it while living a challenging full life.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!!


04-11-2013, 07:01 PM
Good Afternoon, Coaches.

Mailed the thesis today. it is done. the jury will be out for two weeks. I have done my part. Don't feel much of anything right now except tired.

The book is not perfect, but I will have it for the rest of my life. I will give it to DS. i am proud of what I have accomplished in two years.

I am not much for psycho babble but I did like this quote I read. As a compulsive overeater, I am especially vulnerable to discomfort because my solution FEELS like it is only a bite away. The truth is to be healthier I must be able to resist only one moment longer than the craving:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. So if you're feeling uncomfortable right now, know that the change taking place in you life is a beginning, not an ending.

weight two pounds below ticker.

04-11-2013, 07:49 PM
Hi Beckies/coaches - yesterday went well. I am always grateful for that.

Food was about 95% OP. I had a couple of extra rice cakes. I need to watch out for them. They remind me of popcorn.

Many credits: plan/measure/log, water, exercise, journal, tried to eat some slower, worked on my 'plan' for my visit away, lots of water, wrote a new response card, leave a bite always, ate a bit slower....

Still reading and trying to plan for some food sanity while I am away. I've done twice before in my lifetime. So, I know it's possible.

I'll try and get back for personals later. Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT day.

04-11-2013, 09:54 PM
Got through several meetings, two conference calls and a media conference all without stress eating. The day seemed to fly by - now made up my mind to disconnect after posting and relax with DH and watch a movie. He heads out Saturday - early to meet me in LA ... starting with a fun cross country amtrak ride (no one loves a road trip like him) and camping for a few days. He's all excited and I'm the one dreading this trip for work reasons.

Skipped lunch and ate still my reasonable dinner and feel proud that I didn't attempt to eat the missed meal.

I don't leave until next week -but have been rereading Beck for coping skills and liked the idea of saving a splurge to the final day of the trip - and i'm hoping that I'll have been on track so I won't want to splurge then anyway. I DO however ALWAYS want to eat on a plane. No matter WHAT. Wonder why. Well not on a small jaunt, but the cross country ones ... to pass the time? NOt a good enough reason.

LOVING reading all the posts - such good, positive vibes coming from this forum. You are all such great mentors!

04-11-2013, 11:37 PM
Hi all,

Had a great day with a few slips. As I was prepping things for dinner (shouldn't have been on my feet), a strawberry made it from the cutting board towards my mouth before I realized what I was doing. Where the heck did that come from? I thought I'd totally conquered that.

I ate about 4-5 bites too many of my steak. In my defense, it was perfectly cooked. In my non-defense, well, I knew better. I may need to make a new card about stopping when I'm full--there will always be more food--good food--available later. This is not my only opportunity to have a perfectly cooked steak.

Helping DH cook dinner meant too much time on my feet :-( so I took ibuprofen and retired to my reclining laptop position with my stack of pillows for my foot.

I will say that I'm finding success makes continuing easier. But everyone else sharing their struggles and recoveries makes not it easier not to let a mistake (such as my eating at our Big Event) stop me in my tracks. Having such a fantastic group of diet coaches is really wonderful!

04-12-2013, 06:32 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Some rain fell, so my Sugar Snap Pea seeds can get started. Let the magic begin. I walked (CREDIT moi) to a long evening meeting. When I get to be Czar, all meetings will be a maximum of 30 minutes. On a critically stressed project once, we held Monday morning meetings standing; the standing seemed to force a brevity that made them productive.

Eating was good enough, CREDIT moi. At last night's meeting I did fine until the person sitting next to me was eating a shortbread cookie that I could smell. I fell for a pair of them - Ouch - but didn't eat the whole platter, LOL. "Good enough" includes credit for all that wasn't eaten.

onebyone – Neat to visualize those former fat cells as "sleek slim and new." Think I'll try that instead of being annoyed that they don't disappear altogether.

Beverlyjoy – It's a terrific Beck strategy to remind yourself that you've made such a trip before while staying on plan.

maryann - All done. All gone into the mail. Congrats for "I have done my part." Thanks for the thought that feeling uncomfortable is the feeling of beginning.

nationalparker – Kudos for spending a stressful day without stress eating. Honking Kudos for not trying to make up for skipped lunch - that's some clear sanity there.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – I so love reading this, "I will say that I'm finding success makes continuing easier." Congrats for juggling the tension of helping make dinner with resting that foot.

Liz (lizagna) – Yay indeed for OP. Love the thought of you carrying a pair of 3# dumbbells to work - in your lunchbox?

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Congrats for feeling calm with a 16 year old son in NYC. Kudos for the superb Cognitive Behavior strategy of . . . just changing the channel away from the food network. ["How do you stay so motivated:" Starting my day here is my secret strategy. When I've been lax recently, shifting to new Response Cards has been a big help.]

Sara (SaraJP0804) - Oh Yes, a big one, "acknowledged the fact that I was tired, not hungry" - Super Kudos. Good luck remaining patient with your older dog.

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

. . .You'll start making Response Cards now, on Day 1, because reading them is an essential strategy for lasting weight loss. Creating your first card should take you less than 10 minutes, and it should take you less than a minute to read this card each day.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 55.

04-12-2013, 10:03 AM
One more pound down - I'm so excited because my typical pattern is to stress eat before things I dread so to be in control is a nice feeling. Looking forward to relaxing tomorrow morning with you folks and getting some notes written! Drop DH off at the train station for the start of his adventure at 6 and then get back home and hoping to snooze a bit more. I never can when fully awake though. But I can snuggle with the one cat that lets me.

Bill - LOVE the idea of a standing meeting - I believe many of ours are considered social time for those running them, and they last ages longer than needed.

Beth - I know where you're coming from on the few bites too many. I've really tried to work to stop eating when I'm no longer "hungry" vs. when I'm full and then I seem to have enough for a true second serving vs. just a little bit leftover that, well, might get another spoonful eaten because it's going in the trash since not enough to keep, etc.

I am the guilty party who brought in goodies to my work today - yes, supermarket stuff for the crew since we're doing a congrats on a staffer getting married - typically I'd have made homemade goods but with the time crunch, it's from the market bakery. Lunch is out at a local bbq spot and I've planned that meal into my meal listing as well. I just have NOT allowed for more than a bite of the chocolate chip cookie cake. One bite will be the best bite, is what I have to say. (honestly, I might be better off scratching that taste idea).

Looking forward to time for a good personals note tomorrow! Happy Friday, all!

04-12-2013, 10:59 AM
Happy Friday, Everyone!

I conquered day 12 (starve yourself until dinner day), and didn't even cheat, unless having a bottle of Crystal Light is cheating. Also weighed this morning and I am -2.5 for this week. Woo-hoo, halfway to 5! :)

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

04-12-2013, 11:10 AM
Hi Coaches!

It's one of those mornings for me...It is important to check in, thought! Food OP and a travel day for me. I will weigh in at the pool. Take care everyone!
Beth(from Dayton), love your pic! Great, that you're progressing with your foot (and other things), too!

Shannonde, kudos for a successful day learning that you can live without food when you need to. That knowledge has been very useful to me. On a travel day, like today, I know I don't need to stop midway if I'm hungry that it's ok to wait until I get home. Congrats on a scale that moves down!

04-12-2013, 12:37 PM
Yesterday was a healthy day... grateful.

I am disappointed, however, my son has the stomach flu and we aren't going to visit them. I still want to go... but, it's really for the best that we don't.

I got up today and the scale was down almost two pounds. I will wait and see if that sticks around before I change anything. Actually, Wednesday is my official weigh day.

I had some credits yesterday... planned/measured/logged food, always left a bite, exercises/sodium/water was good, journal work, read Adv. cards, slowed down at dinner (took 20 minutes), and checked in here.

I wasn't working parts of my plan well - need to eat seated only and not take unplanned nibbles on things. I know I didn't go over my calories or anything... but, unplanned food just is a habit a must break.

This came through my Facebook Newsfeed today from The Beck Diet Solution:
Friday Weekend Warm-up: If you eat out this weekend, go in with a plan! And, remind yourself that you don’t need to eat everything on your plate (because eating it won’t bring the money back), and that just because everyone else is having something doesn’t mean you should (because your body doesn’t know or care what anyone else is eating).

Hope you all have a great day.

04-12-2013, 03:01 PM
Hello there everybody!!

So, I’m hanging in there, still feeling good.
I went out on my lunch hour today and tried on three dresses that I’ve had my eye on, fabulous dresses!! It was fun to try them on and feel really good in them. I didn’t buy any of them, too much money! hahaha I was just happy that they all looked great and that I felt good about myself in that dressing room.

So last night I was thinking I needed to shake things up a bit, in some way. So I decided to change my hairstyle a bit. I went to the salon and got bangs, I haven’t had bangs in a long time. I love them!! I look so different and it sorta feels like a new me!! I changed my profile picture here with the new hair.

Today is Day 12 of my 30 day master cleanse and I’m still feeling good. Longing a bit for eating but I’m able to dismiss the thought and just carry on. This cleanse it just too important to me, I will finish.

Tomorrow I have a baby shower to go to. 170 people going!! That’s like a wedding reception!!! Whatever. There will be loads of food, loads of cocktails, I just know it. But I won’t have a thing and I’ll be good. I’m hoping that since it’s the size of a wedding reception that maybe they’ll have a live band and I do some dancing to keep myself busy!!!

Credits: I oil pulled last night, stayed OP, reading my ARCs, reading Beck book every morning (reading and rereading the early chapters), journalled.

you should be proud of your accomplishments!! nice psycho babble!!

what a fabulous list of credits, WOW, you are in the groove!! Two pounds, GREAT!! Good restaurant advice you posted there, thanks!

Not eating the skipped meal . . . now that’s impressive!! I woulda been all over that one….ugh!! Another pound down, YAY!!!
why not take a meal on the plane, and maybe some fruit? I like to fly and eat too . . . I like to do everything and eat!! *sigh*

Kudos to you for recognizing that you had five bites after you were full. At least you are paying attention and aware. My problem sometimes is that I just plain ol’ forget to sit down, pay attention, go slow, leave a bite . . . all those habits I must break.

Stopping at two cookies, credit!! Yes, I can be calm with my son in NYC. I trust. I figure whether I worry while he’s gone or trust while he’s gone, the outcome will be the same. So I’m enjoy my two days with the house to myself and look forward to him coming home late tonight.

Congrats on your weight loss!! For 12 days you didn’t eat all day and only ate dinner? I love your comic in your sidebar, it’s funny!!!

Another OP day for you!! They keep piling up!!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day and I hope to check in over the weekend. This really is a fantabulous group!!


"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." Margaret Thatcher

04-12-2013, 08:14 PM
not sure why I uploaded my new pic, got rid of the old pic, and the old pic is still there. that's weird!!!

04-12-2013, 08:37 PM
Time for a few personals. It feels strange to not be at my son's. Am kind of sad about that.

lulu - wonderful to have fun trying on those dresses. I know it made you feel great. 170 people at a baby shower... WOW! That's a lot of people, for sure & a band, too. I can't wait to hear all about it.

maryann - congrats on getting you book done and off. Take a deep breath and give yourself a nice pat on the back. Thanks for your quote.

Billbe- nice to hear about the beans. I agree... no meeting should be longer than 30 minutes. Credit for stopping at 2 cookies... true... it's not often easy to stop.

bethfromdayton - I totally understand about something popping into you mouth with out even realizing it at first. Be kind to your foot so you don't have pain - ouch. Yes, I agree... folks here are helpful as we make this journey to have sanity with food.

nationalparker - enjoy your alone time! Kudo's for having a plan as you head to the BBQ place to eat with folks. Credit for reading ahead the Beck book as you prepare a plan to travel. I like eating on the plane too... it's a habit for me. Maybe you could have a planned snack that you bring with you.

lexxiss/Debbie - safe travel. Another OP day is awesome.

shannon - glad you got through the skip eating exercise. It really proves to us that we don't NEED to eat often when we think we are hungry. Great to see those 2.5 down!! Credit for stopping at one twizzler when it was more that you wanted!

lizagna - credit for having a 'plan b' as you figure out your exercise. It's true... that on the 'road of life with food' there are twists and turns we face along the way. But - it's good to keep moving forward the best we can.

onebyone - phooey on more snow. Credit for having a plan and sharing. It helps. Glad looloo is doing better today.

Ibelieveinme2 - you said:Just this breakthrough has me motivated and energized again, which feels good, too! So, for the moment, I am feeling very positive, hopeful, and empowered ~ and ready to move forward!!! Yes, it's a process and a journey. I think we find things in many place to help us find a way to have sanity with food.

I hope you all are having a great day.

04-13-2013, 07:36 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – An oddly busy day - meaning that I distinctly recall being busy but don't have distinct memories of getting much done. Last night was 'Easter Sunday' dinner with our two adult kids and their SO's. It was a fun evening. I prepared, as I have for the last seven years, Easter Baskets full of non-candy stuff. I just love that the kids and SO's look forward to this as in, what will he get us this year? Since I stopped eating junk candy, DW and I decided it was silly to give junk candy to our kids . . . and they bought in. CREDIT moi for changing a family tradition. Top of the heap in each basket was a magnificent red Bell Pepper just because it caught my eye at the store. Also included: beef jerky, salmon jerky, Bare Naked smoothies, dried cranberries of different flavors, mangoes, kiwis, oranges, tangerines, avocados, and apples.

Minimal exercise, Ouch. Must have been walking in circles or something.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – "I will weigh in at the pool." Good idea . . . one weighs a lot less in a pool, LOL.

Beverlyjoy – Ouch that you aren't able to visit your son and your DGS laugh therapist. Kudos for the resolve, "unplanned food just is a habit a must break."

nationalparker – Congrats on another pound. The first bite is really the best. When I can comfortably limit myself, I like one bite of dessert.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Good grief, 170 people at a baby shower is a mob. Kudos for a plan, "But I won’t have a thing and I’ll be good." (Your profile picture is separate from your Avatar picture. It was updated - click LuLu01801 ( and you'll see it. Neat bangs.)

Shannon (shannonde94) - Big Kudos for conquering day 12 where you demonstrate that you can skip a meal and live. How much hunger did you feel?

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

Benefits of Weight Loss
So, why do you want to lose weight? Take a moment to think about this question. How will weight loss impact the following?
Your love life, friendships, family, career, and social life
Your energy level and participation in hobbies and recreational activities
Your body, health, self-image, and mental outlook
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 55.

04-13-2013, 08:11 AM
Hi Coaches!

Yesterday OP, with the exception of some switches in the menu. I have weighed this morning and am mentally preparing for the weekend influx of off the chart pastries at work. credit.

BBE, yay for healthy Easter baskets!

LuLu, kudos for doing so well with your fast...I look forward to seeing your new haircut.

Beverlyjoy, so sorry your trip was surely doesn't want to catch the crud, though.

:wave: Work calls!

04-13-2013, 11:05 AM
My French Women Don't Get Fat review went up today. And the first comment says it's all a pack of lies. Heh. If she's right and French women stay slim with cigarettes and diet pills, I'll go for the advice in the book even if it isn't authentically French. It's here:

Exercise: +45 510/1400 for April

BillBlueEyes: love your Easter baskets. Red peppers are beautiful!

Lexxiss: French women have to deal with pastries, a lot, apparently. This book's take is keep it to very rare and very special occasions.

04-13-2013, 11:56 AM
Spent first really free day watching HGTV "Hawaii Life" and decided all my problems would be solved (including weight issues) if I lived in Maui.Then I noticed all the realtors had skin like leather and hair like straw. Maybe every place has its challenges. Maybe I would still be a compulsive overeater there.

Re-instituted reading aloud to my son (even though he is ten and reads as well as I do.) I think that practice slipped when I started the MFA two years ago just because I got REALLY tired at the end of the day. I love how he cuddles up and is completely at peace, listening. I know these days are finite. I am glad to have remembered that.

Credit going to the launch of the new yoga program at my club. Credit for being a little excited about it. Credit for a standard breakfast. The family is going camping out in our "pecans" tonight to celebrate my new freedom. We farm about 2,000 acres along the Sacramento river (mostly walnuts) but we have five acres of "beach" in a grove of pecans. We have promised DS that we will play Apples to Apples in the tent.

BelieveInMe2: Thank you for the idea of the need to truly believe in yourself to maintain the diet. Halfway through the day, I will take a big sigh and say, "This is too hard. Not today!" when I need to say, "Nothing is too hard for me."

Beverleyjoy: Great reminder. "What we think will make us feel better actualy makes us feel worse."

Lizagna: I am making a conscience choice to feel grateful instead of guilty when I hear of your weather.

Lulu: I had to reread the line "haven't eaten any food for eleven days." That sure is tempting to try.

gardenerjoy: LOL "French women stay slim with diet pills and cigarettes."

Lexxiss: Good Luck shunning the pastries.

BBE: I love the idea of baskets with no junk food. I have yet to evolve there.

04-13-2013, 01:49 PM
Hi folks - yesterday was a healthy day... always grateful for that. Many credits.

In the scheme of: things happen for a reason... I started with some stomach flu last night. So... if we had gone to visit my son, it would be both of us recovering from the stomach flu's together.

So today it's been some water, gingerale, and a couple of rice cakes. Maybe some broth & noodles later. Just laying around. Oh well.

Have a good day.

04-13-2013, 03:45 PM
Very busy Saturday here at work. So far on plan today and yesterday too.

But my plans are maybe a bit too spontaneous to be called "Plan".

I'd like to throw this out to the group:

How do YOU "do" Plan?

At night do you write down everything you expect to eat the next day?
Do you wing it?
Do you have a set of meals that you shuffle?


I think that planning is a critical piece and that I need some serious coaching here.

Thank you from Spanky.

04-13-2013, 04:59 PM
Planning it:

Right now, I wing it, with known acceptable breakfast, lunch, and snack choices and then keeping dinner within known calorie range.

However, once I go back to work in 2 weeks, I'm going to return to entering everything into MFP the evening before. Even now, I need to do better with that for our evening meal, because it is easier to stay OP if I made the choices before I'm hungry! It also greatly decreases pre-dinner "what should we have" stress.

04-13-2013, 05:53 PM
I know I am going to sound bipolar ~ again ~ but I am really struggling to transform my breakthroughs into ACTION! :( I just found out that an old friend's adult child took his own life...... and all I want to do is eat. I know that doesn't solve one darn thing, but it "feels"/tastes good in the moment. OUCH!!! I just feel so, so bad for this guy, who is left to pick up the pieces for his heartbroken wife and other 2 adult children. I know what heartbreak feels like after losing my infant son, but I can't imagine losing an adult child under these circumstances. My heart just aches and breaks for the family. :cry:

Okay, sorry for that major downer, but I can't think of much else right now. However, I am acting like the serious food addict that I am right now, so I must "work my program." I need to carry on with MY life. Right?!? I feel like something always happens to throw me off my program, but I am realizing that "life happens" and I must be able to maintain my composure and decent eating through it all. This feels like my biggest challenge right now, in addition to just NOT overeating in general.

Now, onto personals:

Lizagna: I wrote you a PM about the program I am starting. Hope you got it!

LuLu: Thank you for the encouragement. You are doing so well now! Happy for you, too! I smiled when you said how great you felt in the dressing room when trying on the 3 fabulous dresses. Hope you will find a way to treat yourself to one! ;)

maryann: A great big HOORAY for completing and mailing your thesis!!! :) You must be so relieved and happy to have that behind you. Love to hear that you had the chance to read aloud again to your son! Thank you for sharing the quote about reaching outside of our comfort zone.

Beverlyjoy: Food 95% OP = YAY for you for that and the many CREDITS you are racking up!!! Happy to hear that the "information" on the scale rewarded your efforts! :) Sorry you weren't able to visit your son. Hope that stomach flu flies away as quickly as it came!!!

nationalparker: CREDIT to you for no stress eating! That is huge! I can relate to the phenomenon of always wanting to eat on a plane. I think it IS to pass the time. Boredom eating..... OUCH! Hooray for another pound gone forever! :D

bethFromDayton: Love your realization that "...success makes continuing easier." Thanks for sharing. I hope to get to that point soon! You are so, so close to ONEderland. GO FOR IT!!! :D

BillBlueEyes: sugar snap pea seed + rain = YUM!!! :) CREDIT for walking to your meeting! What meeting?

shannonde94: :welcome2: Down 2.5 for this week..... Wow!!! You are off to a great start! Keep up the good work! Congrats on conquering Day 12 and proving to yourself that you can live without food! I skipped that step since I am supposed to eat something healthy every 3 hours, but I might need to revisit the idea, as I need to "feel" this truth in my bones.

Lexxiss: CREDIT to you for mentally preparing for the pastries at work! Hope it will help you to flex and strengthen that resistance muscle!!!

spanky: I can relate to a "PLAN" that is a bit too spontaneous. I, too, still need coaching on this critical part of the program. Thanks for asking for help. I will take note of the answers you receive. It sounds like you are successfully getting back into the game! That is awesome! :)

04-13-2013, 09:16 PM
Hello, all! The sun finally came out this afternoon, but the wind is still strong and it’s a heavy sweater and jeans day. Pumped by the 10-day forecast, though, I’ve spent a few hours switching out my dreary winter wardrobe for my spring/summer one in bins and doing some sewing repairs on items I put away missing buttons (why?) … Trying to figure out what to take to LA for the work trip – the issue is everyone else will be dressed to the nines (where did that saying come from)? And I will feel like a frump. It’s something I need to change mentally. Because I’m certainly not changing in three days.

Some of my new “reasons to lose weight” on my latest card are: easier hiking, NO thigh rub that has shorts inch upward, finding it easier with heavy gardening, hauling mulch, mowing the lawn … and being able to get dressed quickly because more clothes fit.

Made my dinner and decided to just plate up the protein first and then was satisfied with that and left the carbs for a bit later. They're still there.

Spanky – My method of planning varies greatly. Some weeks it’s been every meal thought of in advance when I went marketing. Lately with the work schedule, I feel I'm on plan if I've stayed well within my calorie range. I do, however, plan to enjoy a splurge every few days and work that into it. (like a leftover maple cream easter egg for 110 calories that may or may not be calling to me from my closet today) …

IBelieveInMe2 – Sending supporting thoughts your way as you grieve with your friends, and I’m sure this brings up pain from losing your infant son earlier. But right now you’re done with the stress eating. Done. You indulged a bit and it won’t remove the hurt. Take a mental break from then and now – a bubble bath, a cup of tea sitting somewhere you never sit to drink. Then look at yourself and take stock of 5-6 things about yourself that you love. Be positive. Is it your kind eyes, your capable hands? Your strong calves that can power your walks? This is the body that you will care for this weekend. You can so do it!

BeverlyJoy – Oh no, on the stomach flu. Take care of yourself! Agree with things happening for a reason. Get good rest.

Beth who has lost 27 Pounds! - You are doing SO GREAT!! You are motivating me! Love your new avatar, too.

Maryann - Your camping trip sounds wonderful tonight - will look forward to hearing how it went! Envious, I might say! I love the reading aloud; I know a couple who alternates reading aloud to one another at night on agreed-upon books. I like that idea. More than DH, I suspect!

Bill - I LOVE your Easter basket idea - they sound glorious! I can just picture their goodness. Kids I used to watch always got beach/sand toys from their Easter bunny, and knew nothing else. These were kids who got up after a tv program and turned the tv off. I loved it :)

Lexxiss - Hope the preparation for the pastries was not in vain. Sounds like you have great self-control! Sadly, that sounds like the rare and unique food to me (is that what BBE calls it?)

Lulu - Love your new 'do - i clicked on your previous photo and it took me to a page with your new one. I am non-tech gifted so I can't help you with that one... I have NEVER heard of a baby shower with so many people. I consider 20 people a lot at a shower!! How was it?

Julia - Are you still here? Hoping that you are doing well. You've been in my thoughts today for some reason.

04-14-2013, 12:04 AM
Happy Saturday night!

I've started re-reading the pink book, just to keep it all fresh in my head. It's interesting reading my notes where I filled things in. One of my responses to the coach day was to say I'd post to 3FC every day, and if I missed, to never miss two in a row. I've been doing that! Yay, me.

In the giving myself credit section, I said I'd include two credit worthy things in my daily posts--haven't been doing that specifically, but I definitely feel I've been good at patting myself on the back. I'll think about that more deliberately for a while.

Food was OP, if light. Credit :-). For exercise, I did leg lifts--somewhat precariously perched.

I've had bad news tonight about a long-time friend who is moving from the hospital into hospice. I'm not inclined to eat over it, rather it is upsetting my stomach horribly.

nationalparker: I'm adding 'no thigh rub' to my ARC immediately! Of course, I had 'thigh rub' at what is now my goal weight. Hmm. Thanks for the congrats--I'm excited about how close I am to ONEderland. BTW, if I finish before DH, I physically push my plate to the other side of the table as a 'done with this' signal.

IBelieveInMe2: I'm sorry about your friend's son--that is heartbreaking. Is this a time where "NO CHOICE" would help? I sometimes find it useful to visualize myself as "split in two"--one part follows the program (NO CHOICE) and the other part hurts for yourself and friend and offers support.

spanky: I wanted to add one more thing about planning. Planning works best for me when I plan in two "stages". Sunday night, I plan for the week at a fairly high level, which gives me a plan and lets me make the shopping list. I use a lot of the same meals with a fairly short rotation, which seems to be okay with my family. I do all 3 meals for this plan. Every night, I enter the detailed plan into MyFitnessPal, using Sunday night's plan as the basis and fill in the exact quantity of each dish. When I do MFP each night, I rarely make a change to the planned dinner, but often adjust breakfast and lunch. I find I stay completely as planned on workdays and weekdays often get adjusted on the fly.

Beverlyjoy: I hope this finds you feeling better. In a dark humor kind of way, it should assure that your down 2 lbs sticks around.

maryann: I love the vision of you reading to your son. I remember reading the first of the Harry Potter books to my kids. I hope your campout was a lot of fun! (For an adult only version of Apples to Apples check out Cards Against Humanity)

Lulu: You didn't buy any of them? What willpower! Like everyone else, I want to hear about the baby shower with 170 people--and maybe some background, like how the heck does this mama-to-be have 170 people to invite (and how many were at her wedding).

Lexxiss: How did the 'steeling yourself against pastries' go?

BillBE: Your baskets are almost enough to make me want to adopt the holiday!

shannondee: Down 2.5 and a successful starve yourself to dinner day, that's awesome!

Take care, all.

04-14-2013, 07:04 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – I think the day was a triumph. There's been two smoke/carbon monoxide alarms that have bugged me for about two years. I've put in fresh batteries, done this, done that, and made them happy. Then in about two days, they start to complain LOUDLY with their artificial voice. So one or the other has been periodically taken down. I finally bit the bullet, bought two new ones with fresh batteries, fresh connectors, and installed as if the house were new. So far they're happy. CREDIT moi for doing the thing that mattered most on my to-do list for the day. It almost counts as exercise traversing Home Depot looking for the alarms, LOL. However, it wasn't aerobic since I stopped at every special table to look things over. Fortunately, unlike Costco, the tables are for tools, not food. For those of you who do what you're told, the instructions are to push the TEST button once a week and to vacuum the alarm once a month. I kid you not - you're supposed to climb up to the ceiling and vacuum these guys monthly. Sure.

Walked to a friend’s house and back, CREDIT moi. There was food offered that I ignored. But it wasn't a good day because I got into dry roasted almonds when frustrated with the alarms.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Thanks for the review of French Women. All I can do is drool for a bowl of good leek soup.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – That's a special kind of planning - mentally preparing to resist tempting off-plan food. Kudos.

Beverlyjoy – Attaching a bowl of leek soup to this post to fix your stomach bug. It would have been chicken soup until I read the review by Joy (gardenerjoy).

maryann - Yep, I'm with you. A relocation will fix all my problems, and Maui sounds terrific. I look forward to the six-pack abs I'll have from surfing.

spanky - Kudos for a pair of on-plan days. I live on a generic plan; that's easy for me because my dinner plan is to eat what DW prepares in a moderate fashion. She plans dinners for the next week just before going grocery shopping.

nationalparker – Sounds like a good plan to work on accepting yourself as-is so you can enjoy L.A.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Big insight: "it is easier to stay OP if I made the choices before I'm hungry!" Sending supportive thoughts as you deal with your longtime friend moving into hospice.

IBelieveInMe2 – Sending supportive thoughts as you process the feelings of your own loss as well as the loss of your friend's son. Such a helpful thought, "realizing that "life happens" and I must be able to maintain my composure and decent eating through it all"

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

Benefits of Weight Loss
. . .Losing weight will likely affect them all for the better, but I'd like you to think about each of these specifically. For example, losing weight might mean feeling comfortable undressing in front of your partner. It might mean getting back to tennis, golf, dance, or other recreational activities you once liked but now find too physically taxing. It might mean enjoying outings to the beach or to social functions without worrying about how other think you look.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pgs 55-56.

04-14-2013, 10:00 AM
Still eating lightly on the French Women plan, but, in spite of what I wrote to spanky, I haven't got a plan written for today and didn't yesterday. When that slips, other things are slipping, too. It works for a day or two, but I want to get back on top of my game today -- in between garden work and meeting with our French tutor.

Exercise: +35 545/1400 for April

spanky: I write down what I expect to eat the next day. I don't always follow it 100%, but 80% to 90% is good enough. Even 70% isn't too far off track. Lower than that and I know it's time to get more serious about this. I used to report my "grade" every day to my coaches when I was losing and I kind of miss it. I may do that again.
Within that, I do tend to pick from a set of meals to make the planning quicker and because I grade myself higher if the only change in my plan is a swap of meals.

IBelieveInMe2: that is such a hard situation. What would taking care of yourself well at this time look like?

04-14-2013, 03:51 PM
Hi Beckfolks/coaches/friends - I am feeling a lot better today! YAY. I certainly didn't plan my food for yesterday. However, I kept track of my calories as the day went on and my stomach felt better. I had around 1100 calories. Not the most nutritious foods.... but - it was OK. I had the 24 hour flu. My DS, however, had it for three days. He is starting to feel better today - grateful.

We all decided that we were glad that one year old Maya didn't know it was her birthday. (if you know what I mean) We will give her the cake next time we are all together.

I got up today and made a healthy plan and have set my day up to do well.

spanky - you asked how we all plan. Usually I have an idea of what I will eat the next day - as the day ends. When I get up I often write down a plan... sometimes it's detailed, sometimes brief. When DH is home for dinner I don't write down dinner ahead because he can never commit to a meal too far ahead of time.... certainly not first thing in the morning. So I need to be flexible. We often are not eating exactly the same thing at dinner anyway.... but, sometimes mine is a variation of what he is eating. He doesn't need to watch sodium or spicy food.

Also - sometimes my plan changes during the day as things come up. However, it's helpful for me to plan because then I don't have the food thoughts of 'what will I eat next?' spinning around in my head.

Yes.. I have some basic meals for breakfast and lunch that I use on and off - with some variations at times. Dinner is often the same (rotating 6 different meals or so) for me when I eat alone. I get the most variety at dinner.

lexxiss/Debbie - credit for mentally preparing for facing the pastries at work! Glad the food switch still worked well with your plan.

gardenerjoy - I can see that learning to maintain is really a big job too. I am glad to have you here sharing that journey.

billbe - glad you accomplished the alarms! Hey.. if you get on the ladder to vacuum them... could you count it as exercise. *wink* Your Beck Box of info today... reminded me to update my advantages. Thanks.

beth- I am rereading the Pink book too. It's full of so many reminders for me. Many good credits! Yes, it's important to check in here with coaches everyday, if possible. It's easy to not want to if we are struggling. But, there's no judgement of it.

national parker - I admire your newest reasons to lose weight! Perhaps you could get one new thing to spruce up your clothing outlook concerning your trip... a pair of earrings or a purse.

Ibelieveinme2 - I am so sorry to hear of your friend's loss of her child. And.. of your infant child. It is heartbreaking, indeed. Be extra kind to yourself as you think of one and both. Yes... you want to turn to food. It's what we have always done. But... you are learning new ways to cope. (easy to say... not always so easy to do). Just as you said... I think many of us feel like we are serious food addicts. I know I feel that way. We move forward one day at a time.

Maryann - I know, for me, it wouldn't matter where I lived - I would still be a compulsive eater. I remember the days of reading to my son before bed... nice to think about. Now he reads every night to his son. Credit for the new yoga class!

I hope you are all having a good day.

04-14-2013, 07:21 PM
Struggling today! I have tripitis. Which to me is eating anything at home that I won't have on the road, or finishing things off before the trip. I don't leave until Tuesday and nothing I'm eating is likely to go bad, so ridiculous reasons. I do this EVERY trip and traveling a decent amount in the spring/summer, will do me in. To Panera for lunch - with their half and half ... chose their asian chicken sesame salad, and the other half was a soup I tried and didn't care for and put down the drain. I could have eaten it but hated to waste the 220 calories.

Did my errands and have spent time with our cats. Have to get to some work this evening, but want to play hooky and keep relaxing and enjoying the kitties :)

NO CHOICE on anything other than a small dinner tonight. At least I'd gone fairly light the last few days of the week and I'm okay with alternating higher and lower calorie days.

Geeky self has put on Antiques Roadshow this evening - I never think to catch it but enjoy it when I stumble onto it.

Biggest challenge anyone has coming up this week? Do you mentally prepare?

04-14-2013, 08:14 PM
Hi all,
I am still here trying my best. Thinking my best isn't good enough (sabotaging thoughts), realizing that my best is all I've got. A friend and I went for a haircut and pedicure, she thought it would make me feel better. I haven't left I just practice avoidance. I am getting very good at it. I was thinking of starting a new food plan because WW feels too comfortable to me and I feel I will have slip ups. Not sure what plan I am looking at. Totally understanding that failing to plan is planning to fail. Yikes.
I think I am holding on to a lifeline and don't want to post because I don't have a lot of good news to send out.
I think of you all often.

Take Care

04-14-2013, 10:24 PM
Hi all,

Food was OP today, so credit for that. Stood up too long while making dinner, so that's not so great. I felt full while eating and STOPPED. I admit I checked to see if there was another piece of chicken hiding in my rice, but there wasn't, and I stopped.

Ann--we're coaches and supporters--for both successful and struggling times.

Take care

04-14-2013, 10:45 PM
Bonjour Becksters,
We are back from fabulous Paris! I had wine and sabo red small portions of the yummy food there and we walked a we took the metro only one time and the rest of the time we were hoofing it. It was a really wonderful trip and a huge gift of time with my mom who we see once a year but with lots of other people around too. That is all fine but it was really nice to have just us this time. I gained 4 lbs but am quite sick with a sinus infection and don't feel like eating at all! I have had a low level sinus something and it took the excruciating headache that I woke up with this morning to make myself go to Urgentcare. I now have antibiotics and a pain med for the tender sinuses and headache. On top of that, I had to pull over on the way to vomit! So that is another reason I do not feel like eating! I had a hard boiled egg with some toast earlier and a yogurt a bit later.
. I am sooo ready to be back on track!! I have salad greens with sliced green onions in the salad spinner which keeps it all crisp in the fridge, tons of veggies on deck and 2 recipes that I will be making this week for dinner and my lunches at work. I won't be going to work tomorrow since the headache is still with me even with the meds and it helps me to sit in one position, drink tons of water and try to relax. I want to get on top of this especially since I have been ignoring it for a couple of weeks and this is where it got me!

So, credit moi for reading my arcs, planning ahead and planning for exercise (water aerobics and Wii Zumba everyday this week except tomorrow when I rest).

I LOVE the idea of a standing meeting Bill! And also the wonderful revamped Easter basket idea!

Off to make a response card for when my daughter isn't home, that it doesn't mean I need to eat extra food or snacks food or go get chocolate, etc.... I have been really fine about this issue since I have rekindled my relationship with Beck but there will be a day I am sure!

Until tomorrow...

04-15-2013, 07:12 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – The smoke-CO alarms continue to behave; I think the problem is solved. I'll be tense for at least a week waiting for one to complain about something. These have a built-in end-of-life feature where, in ten years, they'll scream out loudly that they're done. The TEST button will silence that for two days, then they'll scream out again - possibly in the middle of the night while one's kids are (were) asleep. The TEST button again silences it. You can pull this off for 30 days after which it can't be silenced. Computers with little agendas annoy me.

Eating and exercise were OK, CREDIT moi. Executed one of my walks, when the sun was nigh, without gloves wearing only a light jacket. Stopped by a supermarket because I needed strawberries and found them on sale for $1.77 a box - about half price. Life is sweet.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for the season for gardening work.

Beverlyjoy – Glad you had the short version of the flu. On the other hand, the three day flu is usually worth about five pounds.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Yep, the old brain floods us with Sabotaging Thoughts to avoid the people and situations that will help break the cycle. You might get by with a Helpful Response as simple as "Gonna post anyway," or "Gonna talk to her anyway." Glad you posted; sending supporting thoughts as you struggle.

nationalparker – LOL at "tripitis" - similar to the syndrome of finishing off all the junk food so you can start a diet. Interesting question: Yes, I have a book club with potluck on Wednesday and I need to start planning how to serve myself exactly one plate.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Neat that the foot feels good enough to stand up too long. Kudos for stopping at full.

Rosebud170 – Welcome home. Kudos for walking out the whole of "Fabulous Paris." Ouch for pounds gained - hopefully some of that is French salt. Didn't understand "sabo red."

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

Benefits of Weight Loss
. . .Try to think of as many advantages as you can. As you start to lose weight, you'll undoubtedly discover additional benefits along the way. For example, you might feel more confident and do things you don't usually do, such as speak up at meetings or volunteer to join a committee. Write the advantages on an index card and continue to add to this list any time you come across a new advantage you hadn't previously included.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 56.

04-15-2013, 09:16 AM
Indulging will not cure my stress. Indulging will not erase my stress. I feel like a child in front of a blackboard. Ended up with eating too much yesterday, not necessarily BAD food, but too much.

Aiming to rejoin thread tonight after set for trip and post my strategies for getting through until next Tuesday. And hopefully be accountable.

04-15-2013, 09:37 AM
Hi Coaches!

I am caught in the whirlwind...extra work days then trying to micro manage all the family stuff AND find time for me. Credit for staying OP and weighing through all this.

I may get back here later??

spanky, you asked about planning....I don't have kids so find things much easier. My DH will eat whatever I fix, too. Since I follow a food plan (South Beach) which has certain foods that are off limits my pantry/fridge/freezer is pretty well stocked with my OP foods. I keep stocked up since we live at least 30 min. from the nearest "good" grocery. I have 10-15 menus which I could probably pull from my pantry/fridge/freezer at any time. I just think about it in the morning and pull what I need. IF, I'm having difficulty I write the plan on a piece of paper and put it next to the fridge...mainly with NO CHOICE reminders regarding my DH's off plan snacks. I think my greatest success is with the planning ahead regarding my shopping. It prevents those last minute what to eat decisions.

:wave: everyone! Cheering you all on-Beck style!

04-15-2013, 09:44 AM

Hi. Sorry to be MIA here. We've been trying to figure out coping strategies concerning Looloo and interrupted/non existant sleep. We're down to puppy pads & those things you can get for kids who wet the bed (well anything you can get for kids who wet the bed--I'm on a search for that today) and, for me, the growing stress of a farmers' market that's about to start and setting myself a schedule to get started on stock for that. Fit inbetween there the guild potters' sale & writing blurbs for a local newsletter about the guild and the tea room, and you have one stressed girlie girl here.

However. Here's the good news. Today marks the end of the first phase of the south beach diet. Two weeks exactly. I started at 260.8 and today I am 252.2. A loss of 8.6lbs. :carrot: And the good news continues. With the move into Phase 2, I can add back "all the things I've been missing" and, here's the surprise ending, wait for it, I'm not craving anything. Nothing. I don't really feel the need to add anything back in. How weird is that? As my SBD buddy Lexxiss mentioned to me she will be adding in an apple. I'll do the same. But what I really need to add in is some consistent exercise.

Well, I just fished Looloo out of the toilet bowl. She's desperately dehydrated due to the kidney disease. She goes to the vet in an hour or so and will get her fluid top up. It's the single best thing we can do for her. Over the last 5 days Looloo has driven me bonkers. I am *constantly* watching her, wondering "if she's going to pee there" and if I think she will I hve to jump up and move her towards the litterbox. If the litterbox is not right under her nose, she goes on the couch, or if with us at night, in our bed. So we kept both cats out of the bed one night when I was so exhausted (HATE the bed peeing-hard to calm myself after that) that we just locked both cats out. I slept blissfully. Next night did the sme but Caesar wanted in so we locke dhim in with us. Looloo didn't care. Then another night with Ceaser in with us. Also ok. But last night Looloo was plaintively crying in the hall. I knew she'd pee in the bed. I spent Saturday morning at the laundromat washing everything she'd peed on plus all our clothes-5 commercial washers worth- and well, here we go again I guess. I think she was upset cause she's really feeling awful. She'll be better after the vet. I just have to learn to cope.

So that's how things are. Very thrilled to be on this new foodplan nd that it is working for me. My desire is to be below 250 by the end of the month. My other goal is to make it onto the chart of my wii fit program. When I weigh myself on it it also gives me my BMI. The chart tops off at 40.00. I have never been on the chart, always off the chart, toady at 42.06 BMI It'll be a happy day to just get on that chart.

Have a good start to the week.

04-15-2013, 10:24 AM
Hi friends... This came through my newsfeed on Facebook via the Beck Diet Solution:

Monday Motivation: 'Cutting out all desserts never works for the long term because you’ll eventually eat them again and, when you do, go way overboard. Because of this, it’s actually IMPORANT that you work treats into your diet to prove to yourself that you can eat them in reasonable portions. Desserts are a necessary part of rest-of-your-life eating!'

Makes sense to me. I'll be back. Have a healthy, good day.

04-15-2013, 02:19 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Today is Day 1 of my new (old) food plan. I am going to attempt Eat to Live again. I was on it last summer and felt good. The only problem was prep time involved. Now that the MFA stuff is allegedly behind me, I want to devote time to eating more healthy and get off the five pounds I have gained these last six months. So here I go. I am modifying the plan slightly allowing myself a little dairy because I need the calcium and protein.

Sounds like lots of people are struggling. Add me to the group weight. Weight is a pound above ticker but I firmly believe this is a LONG race. The only way to lose is to stop being accountable.

Yoga this pm. Teaching music in DS class today.

Best to all.

04-15-2013, 02:47 PM
Happy Monday, Beck Coaches!

I've been offline for 3 days & had a lot of catching up to do! Wow, y'all are prolific! (Which is a good thing--Becksters posting!)

:sunny: This morning... no rain, no ice, no snow. SUN! And 43 degrees when it was time to take Emma the Rocket Dawg for her wog. I wore shorts and a thin, long-sleeved running shirt, a baseball cap, and SUNGLASSES. No gloves, no knits, no gortex, no 8 layers... It was GLORIOUS! I felt SO light! Emma and I jogged most of it (made 2-1/2 miles in 29-1/2 min.). Sun & uncold are such a lift to the spirits.

My weigh-in yesterday was the opposite of last week--I lost # but body comp showed much higher fat % and lower muscle %. Down 3.6 pounds. I think it's as bogus as the .5# gain last week--but it all trends out. I'll work like **** to keep the trend downwards.

Shannonde –Congratulations on your success in making it through Day 12 (the hardest for me)—AND the 2.5# loss! WTG!

Lulu – When you were talking about your feelings of deprivation and watching the FN, then “changing the channel”—I LOVED that! How literal and metaphorical. Isn’t so much of Beck about changing the channel of our thoughts? Hope your son had a great trip to NYC.

MaryAnn – Wooohoooo! On mailing in the thesis. So sweet hearing about reading to your son. I always felt like that it had taken me til my DD was about 10 for me to become a halfway decent mother and felt terribly guilty about it. Several years ago as DD & I were driving to a family dinner to celebrate her college graduation, she off-handedly said something about my reading The Hobbit to her when she was 5; and that had inspired her love of reading. “I did? Really?” I didn’t even remember that—but made me realize that despite mistakes, I hadn’t been the loser mom I’d projected onto myself. (Sorry to launch my memories off of your sweet story. It brought it back so strongly.) How was camping in the pecan orchard? I hope you and the new eating plan can be good friends.

Spanky – WTG staying OP Friday & Sat! My planning is generally to know what foods I’ll be eating, but it’s not entirely specific. A lot, as Lexxiss said she does, has to do with having the foods I like & that are OP on hand. Sometimes I know & definitely do better when I log all the foods I plan to have into MFP in advance. For me it is an inexact science, but mostly it has to do with my mindset of knowing/deciding/planning that I will only eat OP and having at least SOME idea of what that will be.

IBelieveinMe2 – Your “I know I am going to sound bipolar ~ again ~ “ cracked me up. We’ve all been there. …. I’m so sorry for your loss and that of your friends. Is there some piece of action you can take on behalf of the family who lost their son? Or even if you just go into action for yourself. Your assessment about putting your breakthroughs into action brought to mind that a lot of times our eating is not only a comfort for emotions, but a way of doing something when we don't know what to do. And just ACTING can improve our way of dealing with it. I got the PM this morning and responded. Thanks SO much!

GardenerJoy - Glad you’re enjoying your “French” eating style. I’m sure you’ll be on plan in no time.

Ann (NewLifeStyle) – “I think I am holding on to a lifeline and don't want to post because I don't have a lot of good news to send out.” Yeah right. The rest of us only post when we have good news. Uh-huh. NOT. Another ST. You need to keep posting here even if you’re not doing anything else OP. We are all lifelines to each other, and when we keep holding on—through good times and ESPECIALLY bad, that’s what will pull us back to plan. And keep us on plan. YOU are our lifeline too, so don’t forget that we need you. As for WW: As I related a few weeks ago, I found it too “squishy” and it somehow gave me a lot of room to cheat and lie to myself. I am not dissing WW because it works for a lot of people. But I didn’t get along with it much at all. (But it was one milestone on the road to finding my “diet cocktail” Rx that seems to work, so I'm grateful to it for that.) This is why Beck suggests having two plans in the hopper. I have become like the Chamber of Commerce for MyFitnessPal (free, even!)—I love it, and I find it very workable and a structure that supports me and keeps me honest. I also like their “friend” system. If you decide to try it, let me know & I’d be happy to be MFP friends as well as Beck friends. (I hope there is no inner voice warning you, “Be careful. Next she’ll be backing her U-Haul up to your house.”)

BethfromDayton - “One of my responses to the coach day was to say I'd post to 3FC every day, and if I missed, to never miss two in a row. I've been doing that! Yay, me.” And yay for us! Your posting is a win for us too. You mentioned Cards Against Humanity to Maryann – I LOVE that game. I stumbled across it on Amazon. DH & I have only played it a little, but will be taking it with us next month when we have “family vacation” with our two DDs and one SO. It should be a hoot….. On a 180-opposite note: I’m so sorry about your friend moving into hospice.

Rosebud170 – Welcome back! So glad that you had a great time and are ready to roll back into Beck Land. Hope you’re feeling much better soon.

BillBE - Thought of you this weekend as DH & I watched the lake fill with wonderful feathered friends: mergansers (hooded & one red-breasted), loons, mud hens, and an entire flotilla of white pelicans. It was quite the parade. One mallard couple moved into our next-door-neighbors’ garden. ~~ With a guarantee of 30-min max meetings, I would help you ascend to power as czar. Good job on limiting shortbread. On the 3# dumbbells, yeah, they were kind of in my “lunchbox” since I also carry my lunch in my backpack. As others have commented: LOVE the healthy and beautiful Easter basket ideas.

Nationalparker – Congrats on the -1#. WTG! Hope your trip is great, despite your having to do bid-niz. “A soup I tried and didn't care for and put down the drain. I could have eaten it but hated to waste the 220 calories.” Isn’t this amazing? Wasn’t there a time when you would have said, “I ate it because I didn’t want to waste it?” BIG CREDIT!

DEBBIE/LEXXISS – Hope the pastry prep (unlike what that means for a pastry chef) went well. I guess it's more like anti-pastry prep. Big credit for staying OP with the whirlwind of work, family, and vous.

ONEBYONE - Good luck on coping with the Looloo issues, and big congrats for getting through Phase 1! And the loss of 8.6lbs—YOWZA! WTG

BeverlyJOY – So sorry you didn’t get to see your son and celebrate Maya's b'day (but you will celebrate it!), but glad you didn’t have to deal with the flu away from home. Congratulations on the 2# loss! And I’m so glad you’re feeling better!

Here's to a great week!


04-15-2013, 02:58 PM
Happy Monday to everyone!
I am *officially* starting my diet today. Had a pretty good weekend with just a couple of slips. Nothing terrible, though. Also got out and walked both Saturday and Sunday. So I'm calling it a success! :)

Question about planning for those of you who have done it or are doing it successfully: Do you plan on a daily basis, a weekly basis? What works for you? I am not a big planner, so I'm just curious about how other people have done it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day & a great week!

04-15-2013, 04:09 PM
Hi Beckies/coaches/friends: Yesterday was a great day. I felt good and had lots of energy. It was a productive day and it was a healthy day - am grateful for that.

It was an 'easy' food day. I don't really say that a lot. I made my plan and stayed with it. I did a lot of journal work, read my arc/rc/beck/, really worked hard on not eating while standing (only a couple of 'automatic' nibbles), ate seated only, always left a bite, did my exercises, both lunch and dinner were over 20 minutes, concentrated on tasting my food and in the evening I wasn't tempted to overeat. Yes, it was an unusually good day. Grateful. I weighed myself and my stomach flu only took a pound off.. LOL.

I've got to rehearse. I am going to West Virginia for a performance later this week.

billbe - I had to laugh... you are right the three day flu would have got my five pounds off. LOL. Only we overeating folks rejoice in that side effect. Nice to be reminded that strawberry season is on it's way.

lizanga - credit for a the nice jog and a loss on the scale. Spring IS coming....

onebyone - I am celebrating with you doing a happy dance for your great weight loss.

Rosebud - glad you are back! I know it's great to be back in your 'food comfort zone'!

Hi to everyone else. I don't have time right now for more personals. As always thank you for your thoughts and support.

04-15-2013, 05:03 PM
I spread compost on my garden and turned the remaining compost piles into one so that it can start cooking for this time next year. That's a lot of lifting, hauling, and raking. I'm pleased that the biggest result was fatigue not muscle aches and pains -- it looks like I may have my strength and flexibility about where I need it to prevent injury.

Exercise: +180 725/1400 for April

Rosebud170: so glad you loved your trip to Paris. I'm also expecting to walk a lot and that will be helpful to making it as healthy of a trip as possible.
Hope you're feeling better soon! For my trip to Europe last year (my first), I was in denial that I would have jet lag when I got home and I didn't take good care of myself. I've got a plan to do better this year.

BillBlueEyes and LuLu01801: hope all is well with you -- the news from Boston isn't good at this moment.

nationalparker: so familiar with "tripitis" but I didn't have a name for it. They saying naming something is a way to have power over it. I think this may help me!

04-15-2013, 05:24 PM
BBE and LuLu...thinking of you and all Bostonians today...

04-15-2013, 05:37 PM
Thanks Lexxiss.
I just tried to leave work and they won't let us leave the building.
I work in the Prudential Tower, two blocks from the explosions.
I heard and felt them from my desk on the 38th floor two blocks away.
my kids are calling me all upset and concerned.
I just want to leave and be home.
but it may be hours.

what a world . . .

04-15-2013, 06:36 PM
Hi Coaches,
Thanks for the kind words. Wow does news ever have a way of putting one's life into perspective. I can't believe the explosions at the Boston Marathon. I am glad you are safe Lulu, thinking of all others from Boston. Bill thinking of you. Keeping all in my thoughts and prayers.
I will post later.
Take Care

04-15-2013, 06:49 PM
Oh my goodness.... Sending thoughts and prayers to all the people that are dealing with the tragedy in Boston today. Billbe -hoping all is well with you.
Lulu - am so glad you are OK. Hoping you get home sooner rather than later.

04-15-2013, 08:21 PM
Thanks for the kind thoughts. All my family is OK. The Chief of Police has asked everyone to stay indoors and, if necessary to venture out, to avoid crowds. Boston is wall-to-wall crowds on Patriots' Day so that will be a challenge.

The subway is shut down leaving a lot of folks in Boston with a long walk home - including those who just ran 26.4 miles.

04-15-2013, 08:32 PM
Argh. My heart goes out to all in Boston. Simply senseless and evil.

Today I had a plan and am on that plan so far today. Paleo is one of those diets where you must have a plan, since you can't just grab a bagel on the fly if you didn't bring your lunch. Generally you have to locate cooked animal protein--not so easy to do on the run.

Also got a new milk-free, soy-free protein powder to try for my breakfasts.

I was ready today and I had the groceries to back me up. One good day.

The plan is identical for tomorrow, give or take an animal protein.

Best to all--spanky

04-15-2013, 10:09 PM
Running out of time with trip prep to post personals ... wanting to check in with LuLu and see how she was with the Boston tragedy today. I didn't know if plans included being downtown Boston? My niece had finished running it 20 minutes earlier, so thankfully she missed the explosions.

Shannon - I do best when planning a week at a time, because then I'm tracking the splurges and each day isn't really a "new" day because I'm more mindful of going lower after a higher day. I find it meshes in with my marketing, as well. Good luck!

Good to see you back, Lizagna ... and hang in there OneByOne, I can feel your frustration/pain with Looloo!

04-15-2013, 10:44 PM
Hi, all,

Another quiet day for me. Not much happens here at home. I can't believe I've only left the house once in 2 weeks. (Okay, I walked to the mailbox twice--but I'm not supposed to do that)

Food OP. Credit to me. I ate sitting down and slowly (and especially savored the little bit of burnt brie that escaped from the stuffed chicken breast), so credit there, too.

Exercise was leg lifts, since I can do those while lying down! My weight is down another .4. ONEderland is definitely in reach. I'm thrilled that I'm still losing weight while being so sedentary. I didn't know if I would, even with this low of a caloric intake.

Best to all.

04-15-2013, 11:30 PM
BBE: I wanted to stop in and check on you after today's horrible event. So good to see you are ok. My DH ran the marathon again this year, but finished up and was out before it happened. DS was hanging out with his aunt and nowhere near the finish line. I watched helplessly from Tucson with DD. Feeling very lucky that our friends and family are safe.


04-16-2013, 12:36 AM
Billblueeyes I am happy to read that you are alright as are your loved ones. I am so sorry that the town you so obviously love has this now in its history. I was driving to pick DH up and heard the news on the radio. I will never understand people choosing to do such things. Why? Makes no sense. I used to think it was obvious that people would seek peace and happiness and joy. It's obvious to some, but not all. :?:

LuLu01801 I hope you were allowed home sooner than you thought in your post. So sorry for your experience of this today as well. Glad you were ok.

04-16-2013, 03:29 AM
Dear Coaches,

I continue to struggle with overeating. I feel like I can't STOP myself before I am too full. I enjoy the food too much. :( Do any of you have any tips or tricks that help you to STOP EATING prior to that over-full feeling? I am still working hard on my mindset and especially on REALLY BELIEVING that I can permanently lose the weight. Hasn't transferred to any weight loss yet. In fact, I feel like I am getting more obsessed with food for some reason. Maybe my subconscious mind ~ knowing that I am on the verge of conquering this weight loss thing once and for all ~ is bombarding me with sabotaging thoughts that are leading me to overeat?!? I don't know what exactly is going on. I am determined to lose this weight, but I need to get my behavior to act in accordance with my wishes and aspirations. Not an easy task! What am I waiting for???

It is too late for personals and I need to get some sleep, but I want to shout out to BillBlueEyes and LuLu that I am so happy to know that you are both safe and sound tonight after the terrible bombings at the Boston Marathon earlier today. Counting my blessings tonight!

04-16-2013, 07:08 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Need some perspective after the unthinkable bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Again, thank you all for your concern. My family is all OK. The news is still sketchy. A huge chunk of Boston remains cordoned off. I don't know any more than any of you can read in the published news.

Before all this, I'd done my walking, CREDIT moi. But haven't done much else since. Locally, our naiveté is shattered.

onebyone – Best news ever, "I'm not craving anything." Kudos for the diligence that got you there.

Anne (AnneWonders) - So glad your DH was done and out of the way. I'd thought of you earlier when I heard the news remembering the happy memory from ages ago when I stood watching for a spell with your DD on my shoulders. It's impossible to imagine being there without cringing. Hope all goes well for you in Tucson.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Congrats for getting yourself in shape for serious gardening.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Do find time to take care of yourself.

Beverlyjoy – I'll buy that, "Desserts are a necessary part of rest-of-your-life eating!" Welcome "unusually good day."

maryann - I need this one today, "The only way to lose is to stop being accountable."

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Thanks for the kind thoughts.

spanky - Yay for Paleo requiring a plan.

nationalparker – Yep, "Indulging will not cure." Congrats to your niece for finishing 20 minutes before the 4 hour mark. And glad she's OK.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – ONEderland is so close. Kudos for staying your path despite the immobility.

IBelieveInMe2 – I hear you on the difficulty getting your whole being onboard believing it's going to happen. Kudos for continuing to confront that part of you that's still got doubts. It might help with the belief to focus on the events of one day - to demonstrate to all of yourself that you can conquer the long list of micro events in that one day. A one day success is a booster.

Liz (lizagna) – Neat that you're out wogging without the excess outerwear. [DW saw Buffleheads on the local pond recently - they always amuse me.]

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Good grief, I hope they let you out of the Prudential Tower last night so you could go home.

Shannon (shannonde94) – Let the diet begin. Kudos for working your strategies first as Beck recommends. I use a generic plan as Beck discusses at the end of the book.

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

Benefits of Weight Loss
. . .As you start to lose weight,
you'll undoubtedly discover additional
. . . . .benefits along the way.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 56.

04-16-2013, 09:58 AM

Billbe - glad you and your family are OK. It must feel surreal, in a way. You take care now.

lulu - hoping you got home safely. Thinking of you and your family.

This came through my FB newsfeed today via The Beck Diet Solution.

Tuesday Reality Check: Often dieters say things like, “I had such a hard week.” In many cases, however, it was really only hard for a few hours on a few days, but they tend to let the memory of one or two hard times color their perception of the week as a whole. It’s important to maintain a clear perspective so you don’t get discouraged by circumstances that aren’t an accurate reflection of reality!

I will be back later.

04-16-2013, 10:31 AM
I spoke too soon about yardwork without pain. I woke in the middle of the night to a thunderstorm and a muscle spasm under my shoulder blade. Today I have some aches in my joints. Yay for naproxin!

Exercise: +10, 735/1400 for April

IBelieveInMe2: I'm doubting this statement: I enjoy the food too much. At least in my experience, eating to over-full isn't about the food. When I'm eating like that I'm not even tasting the food. I suppose it's some deep psychological void I'm trying to fill. I never figured it out.
What worked for me was making rules for myself to stop the behavior. I was doing most of that sort of eating in the car, so I stopped eating in the car. Even now, I still do an abbreviated form of it once in awhile when I'm alone, so I make elaborate plans and rituals that help me stay more in control when I know I'm going to be alone in the house.
Whatever overeating did for me, I've never found anything quite as good. But there are other things that are almost as good. I prioritize my vices. If the only thing keeping me from overeating is playing Spider Solitaire for hours, then that's what I'll do. If I can get myself to take a bath and read a book, that's better. If I can get myself to do anything resembling exercise that usually helps my mood, so that's really good. If I can get myself to get to work on what I planned for the day, that's the best. And, usually I'll end up working through whatever the problem was because all those other behaviors are avoidance of something that I want done but don't want to do.

LuLu01801 and BillBlueEyes: sending supportive thoughts to you and all of Boston.

04-16-2013, 12:06 PM
hi everybody!!

thank you all very much for your concern regarding my safety.
it meant a lot to me.
I ended up braving the city and headed out around 5:30 (when they let us leave), and walked to Back Bay station.
the police and miltary presence is very very strong around here.
I was afraid to get on the subway but it was so difficult for me to get to my destination (bus stop) with all the roads blocked so I toughed it out.
got to my bus and and it wasn't until the bus departed and was on the expressway heading north did I finally feel safe.
my poor son was a mess!!
his friend texted him and said "did you hear about how Boston got bombed?"
and here's his mother at work there!!
he was very clingy last night and after I was home a few hours, he broke down crying.
I think he had a clear vision of how this could have went for him.
I suppose it's a good thing for us to experience and feel the gratitude for what we have and what we haven't lost.
all those poor people, it's just so sad.
the office is open today, I was shocked I thought for sure the crime scene would be off limits.
but here we are, but lots of people out.
loads of miltary in the train stations this morning.
still heavy heavy police and miltary presence.
I will trust.

anyway, I didn’t post all weekend, I was sorta in a funk.
the fasting cleanse is not an easy thing to do, but I do it anyway.
sometimes I just want to hibernate and stay clear from the real world full of food and cocktails.
Friday night the girls were going out dancing and I almost went along (as I had the weekend before and had fun), but I just wanted to get in my jammies and stay in.
then Saturday I had that baby shower to go to, which was like a wedding, with food galore!!
the bar was open and everybody was drinking and eating, and I sat there with a water.
hey, at least I looked good!! hahahaha . . . I had on a fabulous dress that I can fit into again, so that was a hit.
although all the food smelled so good, I wouldn’t have eaten any of it anyway, as I’m a strict vegan and NONE of it was vegan.
the only thing there I would have eaten is the salad, and the dressing was questionable.

Sunday was a getting-things-done kinda day!!
it was great!!
little projects I’ve been meaning to tackle.
loads of errands.
felt great!!
then I had a “first date” in the afternoon, walking around the pond in my hometown.
he was a very nice man, but it will be our last date, no sparks for me, met him on
then I got home and hopped in the jammies again and spent the rest of the day in them.

I’ve been reading Beck all weekend, reading posts here, working on more response cards in my spiralbound index cards that I love.
I picture myself taking this little notebook to the table with me when I eat again and flipping through it to help me to remember things, until I develop new habits (I hope).

all in all, I’m doing really good.
today is day 16 of 30.
I feel sooooo fabulous.
my skin is extra soft, my hair is extra shiny, my weight is dropping, I feel clean and clear.
I love cleansing and detoxing . . . it’s not easy, but doable.

hopefully I'll get to personal at some point today.
but know that I've read all the posts and continue to feel encouraged and inspired by everything you all write.

bye for now,

04-16-2013, 12:22 PM

Good morning, Becksters,

Back to high 20-degrees for windchill and the accompanying knits, layers, gloves, etc. for this morning's wog. But it was still :sunny: so fantastic! I feel manically giddy--I don't think I've seen this much sun in 3 months, and it's like an overdose of good brain chemicals. OP. I'm up to Day 34 in my Beck workbook.

And now a word from our sponsor: I want to plug the Beck workbook. Just as with various food plans, it's not for everyone. But I have found it extremely helpful--having a day-by-day "practice", with plenty of room to write & make notes--it seems to engage more of my senses and commitment than in the past when I read the book. Although I read the book first, it wouldn't have been necessary. The wb covers everything just fine. So again, I'm not trying to convince everyone to come over to the dark side--but for anyone curious about the wb, I highly recommend it. ~~~~ Oh, it also has 24 really nice, pre-printed, perforated tear-out Beck Response Cards.

Lulu, Bill, and others with friends & family in harm's way yesterday (I had several friends there)--so glad you & yours are safe. There will be some recovery time for all of us on this one--and moreso for those closer to it. Blessings.


04-16-2013, 04:14 PM
Hello all,
Today has been a good day with my fake it til I make it attitude.
I have been on plan all day. I was thinking I need to have 10 - 15 set meals I could make at any time like Lexi to help with my planning.
I feel I have no imagination right now. It will come.
Thanks to IBelieveInMe2 for believing in me too.
Liz thanks for reminding me to utilize that Beck book.
Lulu and Bill, glad you are both safe, it would sure shake up my life with that happening. I had friends in Boston to see the Boston/ Ottawa game. I heard about all the kindness people from Boston were bestowing on all the runners or anyone displaced by the events of yesterday. It made me happy to read so many kind stories come out of a terrible event.
Onebyone I hope kitty is doing better. Congrats on your South Beach success.
Lexi, take care of yourself. I hope spring comes your way soon.
Liz thanks for suggesting MFP, I am checking it out. Okay just for clarification is the uhaul backing up to my house for you to move in or are you taking my
Maryann my favorite part of bedtime is reading with my DS.
Gardenjoy I hope your aches and pains go away quickly.
Hello to everyone else and I hope you are all having a great day.
Take Care

04-16-2013, 05:37 PM

I've had a very trying week from trying so hard with this cat. OMG Coaches! I sure hope when I'm an old lady someone will try as hard for me.

*credit* for staying OP through all this. Incredibly I am OP still. 2 weeks + 2 days now SBD OP. I am cooking from scratch *credit* and reading Salt Sugar Fat which is, like a few other books out there, VIR (very important reading). Here's something I learned from that book but we all already know: the writer got to taste the "industrial food" (LOVE THAT PHRASE) created by the big food corporations without the extra fat, salt, or sugar and without this fat salt and sugar they were icky. Totally awful not desirous in anyway "food". This is due to the cheap low grade ingredients and the over processing of whatever is in there. No one would buy or eat or overeat that stuff without adding extra/tons of salt fat or sugar to the basic glop. This is one reason why I am always trying to cook from scratch. I want real food. My body doesn't even recognize that other stuff. No wonder I want to keep eating. My smart body knows it hasn't been fed ie. NOURISHED. Makes me so mad the whole thing.... such a set-up.

Going now. Have still not done a thing--I am 100% engaged in creative procrastination.

04-16-2013, 05:55 PM
Hi coaches/friends - Yesterday was mostly good. I had many credits. HD brought home candy bars a few days ago. I decided to plan for a little piece each day - It worked well for a couple days... but yesterday, I ate more than planned for. It lead to other unplanned eating. Phooey.

I got up today and have planned for my healthy day and am hoping and working for the willingness to carry on.

I've been working on my performance for Thursday. I needed to change many things when I read how the lady described the program on her website. It's not exactly how we planned it at all. Three and four year olds are not interested in urban legends. But... I called and think I've got it straightened out. I am going to West Virginia for this performance.

Hoping you all are having a good day.

Still thinking of Billbe and Lulu and all the folks touched by the tragedy in Boston.

Thanks, folks, for your support and kindness.

04-16-2013, 09:26 PM
Hello Coaches,

Have any of you ever done a CLEANSE?

What type of CLEANSE did you do?

Did you complete it?

Did it help? How?

Pros and Cons?

I really don't want to do a cleanse, but I am thinking I might need to do one in order to jumpstart my weight loss. What are your thoughts? I am open to suggestions and ideas. I am specifically looking at the PEERtrainer cleanse at their website. Everything is all planned out for you, but of course it costs money. And I would want to go "all in," so I would probably purchase the whole program, including all supplements and the gi support. I think that one is up near $300. Is this just a gimmick or waste of money or am I really full of toxins??? I am getting desperate, but don't want to purchase something I won't/can't follow through with. I believe that it is a 14-day cleanse.

04-16-2013, 09:29 PM
Hi Coaches!

12" of snow last night provided some spontaneous exercise this morning. Work has been crazy and my resistance has been strong. I haven't had any pastries or bread at work for over two weeks now. An OP day and I'm going to bed early before DH breaks out the cookies. credit.

BBE, my naiveté is shattered, too….I hope you have found a bit of normalcy today.

Beverlyjoy, traveling to WV for a performance sounds fun.

onebyone, I read your post from work and was just fascinated by the description of our bodies not recognizing the non-nutritive is that a concept or what?? credit for staying OP amidst your very trying week and yay for no cravings!

Ann(Newlifestyle), yay for fake it till you make it! As I said, recently, I have a cute little pad on the fridge that I often make a written plan with...then I put the paper in a "fridge pile" with a magnet. I can scan through them at any time for an array of menu possibilities. It saves having to have an

Liz(agna), I liked the workbook too...still use the preprinted cards.

Lulu, I really enjoyed reading your post today...amidst a tragedy I could feel an air of radiance as you progress with both your Beck and cleansing programs.

gardenerjoy, ouch! I hope your pain subsides soon.

IBelieveInMe2, I can relate to enjoying the food too much. We don't have kids and so we don't have a family style meal with all kinds of food at the table. I portion out our meal in the kitchen and there isn't any extra. When we do eat family style for special occasions I serve myself once and there are just no seconds. Keep trying things you will find what works for you!

Beth(fromDayton), yay for mindfulness which has let you lose weight even while being so sedentary.

nationalparker, glad your niece is ok.

spanky, yay for a plan that works and a repeat the following day!

shannon, I have tried many different ways of planning. Sometimes I'm good at the weekly planning, sometimes the day before and often now I will make my plan in the morning before work. Try some different ways and see what works for you.

Rosebud, welcome back and credit for hopping right back to your plan.

Maryann, kudos for heading back to your healthy food plan from before your thesis.

04-16-2013, 09:47 PM
IBelieveInMe2, we crossposted and so I wanted to respond to your call for input. I have done cleanses several times...but not commercial ones,as you brought up. Mine were following a specific protocol with fresh juices(with my own juicer) and veggie broths...My purpose was not for weight loss but for health benefits. I accomplished two weeks several times and I felt great after the first few days and into completion.
I have thought doing one again but for specific reasons am not attempting it now. Why? My life is far to hectic...just too much extraneous stuff going on. a cleanse takes alot of personal space and inner focus (and low stress helps).
After losing a substantial amount of weight and doing several cleanses (pre weightloss) I do not think a cleanse is a requirement for weightloss nor do I think that ridding the body of toxins will turn the body into a weightoss "machine". From my experience (and as Dr. Beck discusses) the most effective way to lose weight is to pick a foodplan (and a back up) and follow it no choice.
My suggestion would be to follow a foodplan rigorously for 14 days and seeing what results you have before spending alot of money for a cleanse....then reevaluate.

04-16-2013, 10:38 PM
Hi all,

Dinner was out tonight--and I overate. I knew it when I ordered and while I was doing it. And I didn't feel good (physically) when I got home, either.

I am not beating myself up, though--it is a learning experience to remind myself that overeating does not feel good--even if the food looks good when ordering it, and I should have heeded my initial thought of to box up the entree after having an appetizer and salad. Next time I'll do better, and I'm back on track (meaning nothing else tonight, and everything tomorrow as it's supposed to be)

A friend brought Subway for lunch--and I got mine as a salad, so credit for that. I logged what I ate for dinner as best I could, so credit for that, too. All I've had to drink today is water--and more than I usually drink, so credit for that.

IBelieveInMe2, I suggest plating the food in the kitchen--measuring out your appropriate sized serving--and not putting anything on the table "family style". I even do that now when we have "like family" guests. If possible, put everything away before you even sit down. If that won't work for your family, be sure you don't go back in the kitchen area after eating--leave the cleanup for everyone else until you're comfortable not eating after your plate is empty.

Take care all

04-17-2013, 02:41 AM
Hello Becksters, a quick checkin from me right now. First of all, I am so glad that BBE and Lulu are mom lives there too and was not in the downtown area thankfully. Unbelievable and senseless tragedy. My heart goes out to all Bostonians. I know what the marathon and Patriot day mean to them and now they are tainted.....

On the weight loss front, I have lost the lbs that I gained in Paris and 2 more on top of that. I went to aqua aerobics tonight and really went for it....feels great. I am working my program and inthe zone. I love, love, love reading what you all write...please know that even if I do personals once in awhile, I get so much from you all. Until tomorrow...

04-17-2013, 06:51 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Still reeling a bit from Monday's bombs. The news continues to dribble in - very little is said to be known at this point. Hoping that the morning paper will contain a list of the injured to see if I know anyone. Thanks again for your many expressions of concern.

Exercise was digging holes for a bunch of trees to be planted, CREDIT moi. There are many hungry rabbits to make the childhood of a tree iffy. Wire cages were put around each tree. When you do anything in nature, you're messing with a system.

onebyone – I'm looking forward to reading Salt Sugar Fat, Interesting that it made you mad - I'd like it to make me mad enough to stay out of nibbling.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Ouch for muscle spasms - hope they don't slow you down.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – 12" of spring snow is the dream of skiers. Your state serves it's admirers well. But otherwise, a Big Ouch for that inconvenience when you should be in the garden planting peas or something. Kudos for avoiding pastries and bread at work.

Beverlyjoy – I think it neat that you're a traveling story teller. Those manufactured candy bars can seduce.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - It can work wonders, this "fake it til I make it." Keep on charging forth.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – It's an advancement when "overeating does not feel good" - Kudos for getting there.

IBelieveInMe2 – I'm convinced from all my reading that our bodies are superb at removing toxins and waste. There is no accumulation in need of a 'cleanse.' Sometime the word 'cleanse' is used for Phase One of an eating plan where food choices and volume are limited for a "jump start." This can have an emotional benefit to have an early large loss - even if the impact is small in the long run. Your suspicion that an expensive 'cleanse' with supplements and stuff to empty the GI tract is just a marketing ploy is well formed. My recommendation is to focus on your job following your food plan and to let your liver, kidneys, and GI tract continue to go about doing their job.

Liz (lizagna) – Yay for sun - despite the 20-something wind chill factor. Thanks for the review of the Beck Workbook.

Rosebud170 – "In the zone" is lovely to read - Kudos.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Ouch for the extra trauma in your DS's life. Glad you finally made it home - I'd wondered if security would keep folks in the office buildings all night. Neat to read, "all in all, I’m doing really good."

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

Benefits of Weight Loss
extra advantages
There are four major benefits to dieting that may not have occurred to you:
Your cravings will diminish.
You won't struggle over whether or not to eat something you know you shouldn't.
You'll feel good when you resist unplanned eating.
You'll feel guilty and demoralized because you gave in to cravings.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 56.

04-17-2013, 09:40 AM
I'm making a new rule: no eating when I'm alone in the house. My maintenance has turned into a cycle of binge once every week or two and then lose the weight that I gained. That's not what I pictured when I was thinking of a long term healthy lifestyle. It's not balanced. And, most importantly, it's disrespectful of the real delight that I take in my new healthy lifestyle.

I suppose I could take a long look at the emotional or psychological factors that lead to the binge behavior -- but that never worked for me at 240 pounds, I don't know why it would work at 170 pounds. I think I will consider myself fortunate that one simple behavioral rule will solve 90% of the incidences. I made my first big step in losing the weight with the rule "no eating in the car." It makes sense that my maintenance would need a big rule like that, too.

Exercise: +55 790/1400 for April

IBelieveinMe2: I second BillBlueEye's opinion. All my reading says that are bodies are wonderfully equipped for clearing toxins. What we aren't wonderfully equipped for is living in the current "eat more" environment. Structures, strategies, and techniques are required to cope with that.
I assume LuLu01801 will weigh in, here. She's been doing a cleanse that sounds similar to one a friend of mine did recently. They both reported feeling great from it. But, you said that you didn't want to do a cleanse, so I suggest following the Beck plan day-by-day (pink book) or phase-by-phase (green book). It will get you where you want to go without a cleanse.
Maybe you could join onebyone on the South Beach Diet? If you're in the mood for a big dramatic change to get started, the first phase of South Beach would get you that.

04-17-2013, 09:58 AM
Hi coaches/friends ... yesterday was mostly healthy during the day. Grateful and credit!

But - My TMD (jaw) joint popped out yesterday. Happens every now and then. It hurts like heck. I do not do well with pain and healthy eating at the same time. I know I must go to soft food for a couple of weeks. So frustrating. So I went to the store to get soft things and included some lowfat ice cream. I thought I could handle it. Well... I couldn't. The sweet soft chocolate called to me like a narcotic. I ate most of it and threw the rest away. I ate a few other soft unplanned things in frustration too.

I also turned my good ankle. It's sore... but, I'll just put on an ice bandage. When it rains... it pours.

Today is a new day. I've made a plan in my head and will write it in my journal after posting here.

I saw this on my facebook newsfeed today from Beck:

Wednesday Sabotage: When I’m dieting, there are good foods that I should eat and bad foods that I should stay away from. Response: There are no good foods and bad foods, just foods that I should eat more of and foods that I should eat less of.

I agree with this mostly - there are foods that I need to learn to 'live' in the same house with. Until then... I try to keep them out. Actually, I encourage my DH to keep these foods out of the house, too. He usually still brings in what he likes. I remember, way back when, DH and I would go on what I called a 'cookie date'. Out for coffee and a biscotti. We haven't done that in a while. It was helpful to me.

Gotta go for now.

PS. I got to move my ticker down two to 208... YAY... Credit! I changed my next goal 204.

04-17-2013, 01:30 PM
My word for today (as you may have guessed): "experience"

A sally from childhood says it all:

Experience is a teacher
But here's what makes me burn
It's always teaching me the things
I do not care to learn.

I think my Fitbit has been telling MFP I'm burning more calories than I really am. That last two nights I've had 700-1000 more calories more available than I expected. Don't want those calories to go to waste, do we? So it gave me the excuse to have a glass of wine after dinner (a habit I'd modified and limited only to weekends or special eating out occasions) and an extra snack. (I did weigh/measure and track everything--and left several hundred calories unused each evening. Credit.) This morning I did the math & realized that even though I've been amping up my exercise, that 700-1000 calories would equate to 5-9 miles of running. I haven't been doing THAT much more exercise.

All I can figure out is that this week's greater intensity in my running excites Fitbit and makes it generously gush calories. Thanks, but no thanks. I'm resetting my expectations, keeping Fitbit (which I LOVE) as a fantastic motivator but not a reliable calorie guide. And stopping that weeknight wine crap right here & now.

This morning was chilly & overcast--I wore sunglasses purely as an act of defiance. Emma the Rocket Dawg & I beat the weather & got our 2.6-mi wog in before the thundering downpour began. Credit!

BeverlyJoy - So sorry about your ankle. Hope it's feeling much better soon. Congrats on the ticker move!!! :broc: Fantabulous! (Love the "cookie date" idea. How sweet on so many levels.) Good luck with your WV performance!

BillBE - How nice to be getting exercise AND helping nature create arbor beauty. Here's to your continuing to heal and unreel.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - WTG on resisting the breads & pastries. You're so strong. Yea!

Kay (IBelieveinMe2) - This will be the most biased opinion you'll get about a cleanse. Not the least bit even-handed. I hate them. They give me low blood sugar and make me feel awful. I have lost some weight when I have done them (only two, then realized not for me, never again) then gained it all plus some back. Did I mention that I hate them? Lexxiss mentioned that hers were DIY--not someone else's money-grubbing marketing tool. (Although she didn't say that last part. I'm saying it.) $300? I see this as a Jackie Wicks/PEERtrainer fundraiser, and it sorely disappoints me in them. I also agree with BillBE & GardenerJoy's collective assessment. And when you say you don't want to do one... that should be the opinion you trust most. (One even-handed comment--I know that cleanses work well for some people such as Lulu and Lexxiss. So I'm not generalizing and saying that just because they're bad for me, that's universal.)

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Yea for fake it til you make it. I was hoping to back the Uhaul up to your door, drop off all MY clutter, then be on my way. Won't bother you further after that since I'll have my nice, clean house to go back to. :D

Happy Hump Day, everyone!


04-17-2013, 09:02 PM
Hi everyone,
Day two of Fake it till I make it.
I went for a two hour walk today. I am exhausted. My friends father passed away last week and she felt like walking, I just went along for the ride.
Food was great today. I no I am off to bed so I don't eat. I feel so sad for my friend, I feel like I could eat over it. I know it won't make anything better. Thankfully I am so tired I will just sleep.
Oh yes, I woke up hungry this morning.
Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.
Take Care

04-17-2013, 09:41 PM
Today has been a rough one. We have a distinctly unstable co-worker who can 'go off' at the most unexpected thing and I was the target of her spittle-flecked nutty today. Kept my voice low and got out of the room as smoothly as possible. Very tense day for all of us after that.

Then a long, difficult interview with an inarticulate job applicant.

Then an HR announcement that another co-worker was let go not[/B] the unstable one].

Sigh. So I'm taking credit for being completely OP today so far.

But now I'm in the real "Danger Zone"--2 hours after dinner, another hour until bedtime, and all those snacks in DH's snack pantry. With DH out on a call for several hours.

Will I make it? This is my most critical time, when I get into the most trouble. White knuckle, and I've failed every night so far.

Would it kill me to go a night without an extra 500 calories in unplanned snacks?

What I'm gonna try to stave off this failure:

Post here.
[U]Notice how full I actually already am now.
Get me to bed with several dogs and some hot tea.
Fire up the Kindle and buy a book to read.
Do some computer research on my new topic of interest.
Make a 3x5 notecard with tomorrows menu on it.
Focus repeatedly on the discomfort of the spare tire around my waist.
Look at myself in my underwear in the mirror [yuck].

I'm open to other suggestions!


04-17-2013, 11:32 PM
Dear Coaches,

Thank you so much for your input on doing a cleanse. Most of you seem to be leery of cleanses, and I am, too, which is why I would rather not do one. I just want to explore all of my options and I am desperately searching for "the right formula" to help me lose the weight, as my weight loss has been non-existent. I feel like I need something to jumpstart my weight loss. I guess the best thing to do is start over right where I am and really focus on the Beck principles and keep a close eye on my calories. I so want a change on the scale to give me some HOPE back. I need to trust that it will come if I keep up the hard work over a period of time. I feel like if I could have 3 consecutive weeks of SOME weight loss, I would be on my way. Maybe this should be my goal for now. I am just becoming impatient with myself and my lack of progress. It is so darn frustrating!!! :( But, if I am honest with myself, I know I've been eating too many calories to lose weight (or at least any significant, lasting weight). I was at least losing some weight when I was tracking my calories at My Fitness Pal, so I will revisit that tool. I need to DO MY PART..... and TRUST that the results will eventually come. I will also take stock of any non-scale victories I have, such as leaving 1/3 of my meal uneaten at dinner earlier tonight. I ate a little more than I had planned on and was a little uncomfortably full by the time I stopped. Rather than beating myself up for that, though, I will focus on the fact that I left 1/3 of my meal. Even if I feel as though my "failings" outweight my successes, I will choose to focus on even the smallest success. It's about progress..... NOT perfection!!! I need to drill that into my head!!! It is NOT all or nothing. A slip is no reason to go 5 more exits out of my way!!! Thank you Dr. Beck and coaches ~ for all of these reminders and more! I can do this!!! I can do this!!! With your help, I can do this!!! ;) :carrot: :hug:

04-17-2013, 11:37 PM
Hello spanky,

Nighttime eating is killing me, too. :( I love your idea of looking at myself in my underwear in the mirror. :o That cracked me up :lol:, but I will probably be trying it sometime soon, as I am desperate to make changes. I can't expect to get a different result if I am doing what I've always done. I need to make a change if I want a different result.

Sorry you had a rough day. Still, you came here and thought of many alternatives to eating. CREDIT goes to YOU!!! ;)

04-18-2013, 01:55 AM
Good evening Becksters,
My exercise tonight was shooting hoops with DD..what a hoot! I will go to water aerobics again tomorrow..we are doing deep water aerobics which I haven't tried yet.

OP with food...planning ahead and sticking to it. All feels great. Sinusitis effects are not affecting me negatively which is so great...I must go to sleep..tomorrow I may tackle linking up MFP with fitbit...I love streamlining...til tomorrow...

04-18-2013, 06:44 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Just an OKish type of day. CREDIT moi for moving one day forward. And for showing up at my book club with the book read and appropriate comments ready - I've been known to wing it.

The smoke alarms recently installed continue to work. It was a good day to be outside without a jacket. Saw a squirrel with half a baguette in its mouth scurrying across the top of our fence - a lot of bread for such a small creature. Reminded me of our Beck Forum denizens trouping off to Paris.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Powerful thought, "it's disrespectful of the real delight..."

Beverlyjoy – Ouch for TMD and Ouch for soft chocolate ice cream being a challenge. Congrats for progress toward Onderland.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - You're a good friend to go for a walking wake. Kudos for a day of "great" food.

spanky - Shuddering at the thought of "spittle-flecked nutty" - Congrats for keeping your cool instead of being drawn in. Kudos for identifying that evening snacking is your challenge.

IBelieveInMe2 – Sounds like a doable plan, "I guess the best thing to do is start over right where I am and really focus on the Beck principles and keep a close eye on my calories ... and TRUST that the results will eventually come."

Liz (lizagna) – Kudos for calculating your extra eating as miles of running so you can feel it.

Rosebud170 – I've never heard of "deep water aerobics" - tell us about it.

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

Benefits of Weight Loss
extra advantages
There are four major benefits to dieting that may not have occurred to you: . . .
. . . You many not believe right now that you'll achieve these things. But if you follow this program, you'll get to the point where you find that you just don't argue with yourself over what to eat and what not to eat. It'll be second nature for you to say no to food that's now difficult to resist. Can you imagine how wonderful it will be when this happens?

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 56.

04-18-2013, 11:31 AM

Here I am, checking in this morning on my official weigh-in day with a weight if 251.3. Can there be a girl on the planet happier to see 251.anything?
I think not.
I can practically taste 250. And below. I credit beck, I credit this never-fails-you-no-matter-what group of like-minded, smart, strong-willed folk and I credit my email buddies. I have 2 to support me and to send emails back and forth. One I have had for a few years here on the backstreets of Beck and the other relationship formed for mutual support on the SBD I am now using. For me, I need all this support to just simply "lose weight". HA. that I *ever* thought I could do this alone is laughable to me now. That I ever *wanted* to is incomprehensible. An so, 0.3lbs away from reaching my first goal, 250, I am feeling positive about the rest of the journey. And I can doubly feel that cause my life has been on rollercoster with my ailing kitty, and my focus on her has thrown the rest of my life out of whack. I am getting back to it as best I can and apologizing left and right for missing/forgetting/not being there when promised. DH had a meltdown two nights ago too. He said he held back tears all day at work--so awul in his supermacho world of Russian engineers. Yikes. He has been buying comic books off ebay as his drug of choice. His drugs though are profitable as he has exquisite taste and he will sell those books at a profit but he overspent, by a lot, and he doesn't have the energy to even scan them to do the work to turn then back into cash money and so he feels like a complete failure. You know, what he really needed was a good meal (he was hungry) and some real uninterrupted sleep (two nights now we've kept cats out of the bedroom=real sleep). His mood is better. So, coaches, inspite of everything I remain on my foodplan of choice and I am not suffering cravings.

If you are struggling do not give up. If you fall off the track, come back. We're here. We all want you to succeed.

Enjoy your day today.

04-18-2013, 12:17 PM
Hi Coaches!

I'm trying for a day at home...planning to regroup. Food has been OP, but yesterday was a little sloppy so I'll search the freezer/fridge and make a plan. I've weighed today. credit.

Yesterday's trip to Denver included two different WhFoods and Costco. I didn't purchase anything out of the perimeters of my plan (credit) and observed at Costco (it's been awhile) how much more interested I am these days in items other than food. I did taste a bite of an organic sharp cheddar but it was too sharp to consider purchasing. I was tempted at WhFoods, but resisted purchasing the Vegan BB muffins, since they have been a trigger food lately AND they don't have any nutritional info on them, which doesn't allow me to fit them into my plan with any success right now. If I want something I'll bake it from scratch.

I may get back later.

spanky, ouch for such an offensive experience at work. Credit for coming here and working on a plan not to overeat. Evenings are my most challenging time, too.

04-18-2013, 12:25 PM
Hi all,

Good food day for me today--ordered a sandwich has a salad at Subway again and had a light dinner.

Foot is doing well--I saw the podiatrist today and the dressing is off (and I get to wash my foot tomorrow). (YAY for that)

We'll be out of town this weekend so I'll be trying to control intake in circumstances I don't control. I'm going to keep reminding myself that I didn't really feel good after eating too much.

(Morning finish--I guess I didn't post this last night)

Hope everyone has a great day!

04-18-2013, 12:25 PM
Good morning, Becksters!

On plan with eating & exercise. Achieved 12K+ steps & 75 flights of stairs according to Fitbit yesterday. New levels. Yea! This morning it was pouring rain. Usually I feel guilty if Emma doesn't get her wog, so I won't do a wog either. (That solidarity somehow helps her, I'm sure.... :rolleyes: ) But this morning after my P90X2 workout, I did 30 minutes on the treadmill. Emma didn't seem to suffer terribly.

I'm feeling skinnier and in my mirror looking skinnier. The fat rolls vying for space on my torso don't seem to be quite as profuse or pronounced. And I'm feeling great!

BillBE - Big credit for carrying on. Hope you enjoyed your book club. May the healing continue.

Onebyone - I'm so happy for your victory.


04-18-2013, 02:42 PM
So I did actually win the skirmish with the after-dinner snacking last night. I did quite a few of the things on my list I posted yesterday.

I posted here.
I kept checking my "Fullness Meter"
Did some computer research.
Stared at myself in the mirror, eyeing the spare tire I am so desperate to lose.
Focussed on how uncomfortable that spare tire makes me.

These all helped me win a first, small victory of The Night Munchies. This victory is something to build on. Like IBelieveInMe2, I need a small win of some kind to help build the momentum.

Hoping I can do it again tonight. OP so far today.


04-18-2013, 05:03 PM
These all helped me win a first, small victory of The Night Munchies. This victory is something to build on. Like IBelieveInMe2, I need a small win of some kind to help build the momentum.

Congrats! I always think to myself things like "you did it yesterday so you know you can do it again today."

04-18-2013, 07:09 PM
hi everyone!
I haven't posted because I feel guilty that I don't have the time to do personals.
I hate posting and not commenting on what you all have to say because I read it, I love it, it helps me and I just need you all to know that I really need this forum.
thank you all for being here.

today is day 18 of my cleanse/fast and I'm feeling sooo great!!
I will miss feeling this great every day when I start eating again.
no matter how perfect my diet is post-cleanse, once you start digesting again, that is where most of the body's energy goes.
I'm typically a high energy always on a go kind of person, so it's not like I become a couch potato.
it's just that I feel particularly alive and bright when I'm fasting.
but I miss food and I want it NOW!! haha
but 12 more days.
I intentionally did not put in my two cents to the question posed about cleansing.
I am much too passionate and opinionated about this and when I wrote out my response I deleted it as I was concerned I was going to come across as arrogant and that some of you that are against cleansing may be offended by what I said.
I am not an arrogant person and the last thing I want to do is offend anybody here or act like a know it all.
so I just shut my big fat opinionated mouth!!! :)

I'm really impressed with many of you that are just pluggin' away every day, staying OP, doing the drill.
I hope and pray that I will do that too, right along with you all, beginning May 1st.
I am going to need all the help and support I can get, coaches!!!
I'm too much of a black and white person, it's so hard for me to find balance.
I just want so badly to keep this weight off, eating sane, have sanity around my food, just say NO CHOICE, and report here every day.
I'm counting on you all to be here.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening!!

04-18-2013, 09:05 PM
Hello Coaches,
Today was a bit easier and I know each day will get better. I just need to be patient. I walked for 90 minutes with that friend again. It felt good.

Bill -I hope today was a better day for you. Although just okay would be good for me. I have seen so many squirrels and they are not timid at all. I want to feed them but my dh thinks they will not look for food if I do.

Lulu - What type of cleanse are you doing? I don't think I could go without eating.

Yeah Spanky for winning against after dinner snacking.

Liz - I would have to clean out my garage to unload your uhaul. That would require work. Maybe it is the incentive I need to clean my garage.

Beth- great positive thoughts. I need to do that more. Great that your foot is doing well.

Lexxiss - I wish there was a whole foods closer to me. Whenever I go to Virginia I always go to Trader Joes and I sure do like it there. I am using the last of my coffee I got there.

Onebyone - Congrats on your weight loss. You are doing great. Sorry to hear about DH being stressed. Congratulations on beating the cravings.

IBelieveInMe2 - I know nothing about cleanses. I like food too much.

Rosebud - I can't believe what a good workout deep water aerobics is.

Hello to everyone else.
Have a great night.

04-19-2013, 01:14 AM
Hello coaches,
I am co leader of DD's Girl Scout troop and the other leader puts out all kinds of bowls of yummy stuff AND homemade cookies that had mini peanut butter cups in them. I didn't even tough any of it. CREDIT moi! I am starting to feel my clothes get a bit looser and it feels so great. I am on a Healthywage team and we are up to 10 out of 38 teams! If you don't know about it, it is quite cool. I paid $75 to be on the team. If we win, we get $10,000. I assume that we will not get to number one but another challenge they have is a 10 percent have 6 months to lose 10 percent (pay $150) and then they give you $300 which is more than price of both challenges together. It is fun and motivating....if anyone decides they want to do it I do have a number that you could put in and my reward goes up....not a plug but something that I am doing with friends that is really helping us.

Spanky- I am so impressed at your win over the nighttime snacking! It is so wonderful to hear Beck strategies at work....kudos to you!

BBE- deep water aerobics involves a buoyant belt and constant movement to music when you can't touch the bottom of the pool. My friend felt seasick when she did it so took the belt off and was doing a sort of treading of water the whole time....I will get it more after I do it.

Happy Friday Eve everyone! Til tomorrow...

04-19-2013, 06:14 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Got in my normal walk, CREDIT moi. The news this morning is of more violence last night and early this morning - possibly connected to Monday's bombing. News is breaking as I type.

I don't have to eat about this stuff.

onebyone – Congrats on that 251.3! And Super Kudos for continuing even as you struggle with Looloo, "in spite of everything I remain on my foodplan of choice."

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Gotta chuckle at "don't have any nutritional info on them" - there might not be any, LOL. Love this, "If I want something I'll bake it from scratch."

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Both true and difficult, "each day will get better. I just need to be patient." Kudos for going forth.

spanky - Oh Yes, "This victory is something to build on" - as the Chinese proverb goes, The journey of a pound begins with a single bite.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Yay for a good day of foot and food. I so know that joy of finally getting to wash a foot after weeks.

Liz (lizagna) – 12K steps without a wog is a good day, indeed.

Rosebud170 – One of the greatest feelings ever, "clothes get a bit looser."

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Congrats for staying your path for 18 of its 30 days. Hope this new round of violence doesn't touch you.

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

Make Your Advantages Response Card
. . . Check out the front and back of the card Carol, a dieter I counseled, made:1. I'll look so much better.
2. I won't be so self-conscious all the time.
3. I'll be able to wear clothes I like.
4. I'll feel in control.
. . .. . .
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 58.

04-19-2013, 08:03 AM
Good morning coaches.
Thank you all for being here.

Bill I needed your comment this morning as I watch the news. I felt like eating over the news. I can't imagine how horrible it must be for all of you so close in proximity to this. Thoughts going out to each and everyone.

I am off on a field trip with DS where I will get a lot of walking in. I have to go get things ready.

Have a great day everyone.
Take Care

04-19-2013, 08:57 AM
Hi Coaches!

BBE and Lulu, thinking of you, especially, as events unfold in your area and sending out supportive thoughts to everyone else...the news does affect us all. I don't need to eat over this stuff, either.

I've weighed and am about to go down to make morning smoothies. Yummy veggies and fruits are already set out. credit. I'm headed to Denver soon to p/u DH's DD's DSis. DD has a car issue which will hopefully be resolved this morning. DH is showering so I'm going to run down and get my 15 min exercise in, too.

BBE, yay for a normal walk.

Rosebud, great that you are feeling looser clothes! I love the concept of your challenge, lol, getting paid to lose weight.

Ann(Newlifestyle), glad to hear your days are getting easier and that you know it gets better, too.

LuLu, I REALLY appreciate your checking in and sharing wisdom even when you don't have time for personals. Checking in NO CHOICE will really help (I think) when you come to a situation where you really need to but don't want to. I know your cleanse is so beneficial to you and figure you would agree that one needs the right headspace. The thing about BDS is that we individually figure out what works for us.

Beth(from Dayton), yay for a good food day and a productive visit to the podiatrist!

spanky, kudos for winning the skirmish with after dinner snacking!

Liz(agna), yay for many different aspects of "you" which lead to "feeling great!"

Onebyone, kudos for a great weigh in and continued OP eating despite lots of stuff you can't contro.

IBelieveInMe2, yay for NSV's! Leaving 1/3 of your meal is a great success!

:wave: everyone else!

04-19-2013, 01:28 PM
Snow... with low-20s windchill. (Sorry for the every-morning weather report. It seems to be intrinsic to my exercise.) Emma and I wogged our 2.6 miles. She wore her usual luxurious fur coat. I was back into layers and gloves and a funny-looking woolen hat. But we did it. At this point I'm putting my hopes on May. If nothing else, I have May 9-13 to look forward to when we meet out DDs & one DD's SO in Key West for family vaca. (It doesn't snow in Key West, does it?)

Eating is OP.

I'm becoming OCD in Fitbit competitions. Yesterday set a personal best with 18,000 steps & the equivalent of 100 flights of stairs. Otherwise, I'm trudging along, OP, in boring shades of gray moderation.

Kay (IBelieveinMe2) - I was thinking about you this a.m. when I was doing my Beck workbook. I think it's Day 36, and it's about believing you can do it and reviewing all the Beck skills available to us and that we've learned/are learning. A very good review for all of us (I found it personally very helpful), but I know you have referenced the need for that belief. I still believe in you, too.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Hope your trip to Denver goes well. Yummmm.... smoothies! I make 'em for DH & me most mornings, and they are so satisfying. They also make me feel quite virtuous and healthy with all the veggies & fruits. WTG working your healthy breakfast & exercise into those little time nooks as they're available!

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Work!? (Are you old enough to remember Maynard G. Krebs of the old Dobie Gillis Show?) Okay, forget the whole U-Haul & clutter thing. (It would also mean I'd have to work to get all my clutter into the UHaul. Don't know about you, but I've got this one room I call The Dumping Ground, and my goal before I die is to get that room cleaned up so it doesn't fall to DD to clear.) Just have the coffee on... ;-) I'll buy lunch (OP, natch). Have a wonderful time with DS and the field trip. Sneaky way to be a great mom & work in exercise all at the same time.

BillBE - So glad you got in a normal walk. I'm sure that anything representing normalcy about now is cherished. Thoughts are with you. Thank you for your reminder that we don't have to eat over "this stuff"--whatever shape "this stuff" may take for each of us.

Have a great Friday, everyone!


04-19-2013, 02:00 PM
Good morning, Coaches.

Read the last five days of posts and I echo everyone's sentiments of sympathy for those who live or have loved ones in Boston.

Today is Day 5 OP for which I am really grateful. I am enjoying Eat to Live with modifications. I allow myself a little protein and salt. I have read advantage cards, weighed in (1 pound below ticker) and made a plan for today—DH's 50th bday! We are taking him to JurassicPark 3D and then sushi. His old college buddies will surprise him at the restaurant. I will eat veggie dishes and no cupcake. I have worked too hard these past few days saying "Goodbye" to sugar. I can't afford to reintroduce it at this stage.

Life seems very busy, doing all the things I didn't do for the last month. Camping again this weekend. It was so beautiful last weekend we needed an encore.

Best to all.

04-19-2013, 02:51 PM
Hello Coaches,

I have been successful in sharpening my focus the past couple days, which is good because I've had 2 funerals this past week. I have been able to leave a significant amount of food on my plate at the end of several meals lately. A Non-Scale Victory (NSV) for which I will give myself much CREDIT!!! This reminds me that all of the small things I do can add up to results if I am able to do them consistently. That is my challenge now: CONSISTENCY! I can do this!!! I am slowly getting my BELIEF back! Thank God!!! :) Thank you all for your support and for believing in me!!! It really makes a positive difference in my weight loss journey!!! ;) :hug:

04-19-2013, 02:53 PM
BillBlueEyes and Lulu: Still thinking of you both with all that is going on near you. Stay safe and carry on!!!

04-19-2013, 07:40 PM
Hello Coaches,
Quick post as I am exhausted. The field trip was for Earth Day. We went to The Frontenac Arch Biosphere. We walked so much, and learned so much. It was a lot of fun. Four children from 21 different schools were picked to go. It was a great experience. I need a nap now, unfortunately I won't be able to get one. It is a good exhaustion I feel today.
Have a great night.
Take Care

04-19-2013, 07:46 PM
Hi folks... I am back from West Virginia. It went very well. Some of the little kids where I performed were dancing as I sang a 'jazzy' song I wrote. It was great fun. It felt really good.

My food went well. I did eat one cookie and way too much salt - but, I must concentrate on all the good decisions I made the past few days.

I just wanted to check in. I'll catch up later or tomorrow. When I get my next cell phone type communicator I get one that's more than just a cell phone... I still have a 'dumb phone'.... need a smart phone, I guess.

This came through my Facebook newsfeed from Beck:

Friday Weekend Warm-up: If you think, “It’s the weekend, I don’t want to think about healthy eating. I just want to relax and enjoy,” remind yourself that if you choose to not ‘think’ about it now, you’ll definitely think about it Monday morning when the scale has gone up and your clothes don’t fit as well. So think about it now, or think about it later, either way you’re going to think about it.

I hope you all have been doing well.

04-19-2013, 09:54 PM
Watched news much of the day because I had the sort of chores that worked with that. I saw BillBlueEyes' plan to not eat over this, so I felt like my best support was to not eat over it, either. Sad and scary and disturbing in so many ways.

Beverlyjoy and Newllifestyle: so glad you both had such great experiences with kids. It's nice to hear today.

IBelieveinMe2: Great that you are finding yourself in a better place.

maryann: cool that you have a plan for celebrating DH's birthday. I'm glad you found a food plan that's working for you. I seem to be heading toward a plan of eating the same foods each day before supper. That automated approach has worked well for me in the past if I'm careful to choose foods I really like.

Lizagna: Key West is looking pretty good to me right now, too.

Lexxiss: Good for you for getting your day off to a good start.

BillBlueEyes and LuLu01801: Been thinking about you all day. I also happen to be reading two novels right now set in Boston. Odd to be wandering those streets in my mind in all kinds of ways.

04-19-2013, 10:17 PM
Hello Coaches!
I can't stop thinking about our Bostonian friends and Texan friends.... It is so scary to turn on the news but I do anyway....this stuff is so senseless. My heart goes out to BBE and LooLoo and my mother who lives there too. I love hearing from BBE that it is not something to eat over! You are an inspiration.

Today I was up one pound for no reason other than being human and that weight fluctuates a bit I guess. I coached myself about it being "just a number" and carried on. Tonight is wine night so I had a gargantasalad for dinner and am ready to visit and sip with my Fridays! I ate OP today and made sure to get lots of water in as well. I resisted M and Ms in several places: an offer from a student, my teammate and in the teacher's lounge...

Lizagna- I love the wig concept and that you are loving your fitbit! I love mine too but must get crackalackin to get anywhere near 100 flights of stairs!!

Beverlyjoy- I am enjoying your Beck anecdotes!

Ibeleiveinmetoo - I love seeing you move through the ickiness of challenging/hard to find motivation times! I plan to look back when I hit that place....It really does scare me since I have been up and down so many times and the up is higher every time so it is amazing to me that I even ventured here again to weightlossland. I am working my Beck strategies hard hoping that, like you, I will be able to get past it without the huge pendulum swing back again.

Til tomorrow my friends....

04-19-2013, 11:03 PM
Lizagna- WOG....sorry about autocorrect!

04-20-2013, 12:49 AM

Another day on plan. Day 19 of my one month adventure challenge to pick a foodplan and stick to it for a month and see what happens. Well, this morning I saw my wii fit tell me I am 250! 250.9, but it is still 250 to me. I have been wanting to get back to this weight ever since I joined 3fc years ago now when I was worried I would reach this weight. I was right to worry. I added almost 50lbs more before I started to head down the scale this last time. So I am not letting go of the 250 for anything.

Gotta go. Tired. Cats have been duped into sleeping out there for another night. 3 in row! I'm almost waking up rested as is DH. Looloo seems to be getting her act together. Peeing only in the litter box... the litterbox is on the couch right now.. but babysteps.

G'nite. and esp. a good night to those of us here in the Boston area.

04-20-2013, 06:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – The search for the second suspected bomber of the Boston Marathon is finally over. I can't believe that I spent the whole day inside at the direction of the police. This city was eerie quiet. The web has numerous pictures of deserted Boston streets that had never been seen deserted before. It was a tense day - even more so for folks I knew who were within a couple of blocks of the shooting and the extreme searching. I heard from a couple who were wakened by the bomb squad on their back porch seeking to get into their garage. Thank you all for the supportive thoughts.

Exercise was hitting refresh on the news sites, and answering emails from worried friends and relatives. Hard to believe that I went to bed exhausted without a moment of cardio for the whole day - without even leaving the house.

onebyone – Welcome glorious, divine, elysian 250. How elusive you've been for a few years now. Don't be a stranger.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – It's neat to feel supported by your "not eat over it, either."

Debbie (Lexxiss) – The reinforcement that I need, "I don't need to eat over this stuff, either."

Beverlyjoy – Yay for success of the traveling minstrel. Love that little kids were dancing.

maryann - Happy Birthday to your DH. "veggie dishes and no cupcake" sounds like a plan.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Yay for kids' field trips for forced exercise. Thanks google for pictures of your Frontenac Arch Biosphere (

IBelieveInMe2 – Absolutely, Kudos for leaving food on your plate. That one's still a challenge for me.

Liz (lizagna) – "18,000 steps" is alotta walking - Kudos.

Rosebud170 – LOL at "gargantasalad for dinner" - sounds good.

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

Make Your Advantages Response Card
. . . Check out the front and back of the card Carol, a dieter I counseled, made:. . .. . .
5. I'll be able to move around better.
6. I won't feel embarrassed at the swimming pool.
7. I'll feel more confident.
8. I'll be happier when I look in the mirror.
. . .. . .
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 58.

04-20-2013, 11:05 AM
OK, so I had one night without after-dinner eating and then the next two I went down hard. So decided to look closer at my chosen plan, which is paleo--basically limiting carbs to under 100 gm per day.

For fun I calculated the calories I take in during the day before I get home. It turned out to be about 400 calories. Mostly protein. Then I'd have another 350 cal for dinner.

Uh huh. I imagine that having taken in only about 750 cal by bedtime is a great setup for carb binging later in the evening.

So now I'm thinking I may count calories for a week while still watching my grain intake. I'm going to try 1200-1500 cal per day and limit grains to 2 servings daily. Gonna do that for a week and see what happens. I have today's plan written down.

Also want to say that I'll start some personals once I feel a little more stable, but I read every post!

Any input is welcome.

Spanky Redux

04-20-2013, 02:16 PM
Good morning Coaches.

It is so cold here. It is snowing. Yikes. I may still go for a walk. Eating is on plan today. Not much else planned for the day.

Bill- It is so funny how exhausting the news can be. I find it emotionally draining when things like the Boston bombing and Texas explosion happen. I am glued to the television set hoping there will be a positive outcome. It sure is exhausting. Thank you to you and google. I wasn't sure if I could post a link to it.

Onebyone – Yeah for 250. You are doing awesome.

Gardenerjoy– I love when reading a book that takes place in a different city, to imagine actually being there.

Debbie – Your smoothies sounds yummy.What veggies are best for them. I hope your drive to Denver was good.

Maryann - How was Jurassic Park? Congrats on finding a plan that is working for you.

Beverlyjoy – It is so wonderful the joy children bring.

LuLu- How are you doing?

IBelieveInMe2 – Yeah for leaving food on your plate. Great NSV.

Liz –wow 18,000 steps, that is great. Key West sounds lovely, it is snowing here today.

Rosebud170 – Yeah for resisting M & M's.

Spanky - A lady I work with is on the paleo plan and she is doing so well. She keeps telling me it is the natural way to eat.

Hello to everyone and have a great day.
Take Care

04-20-2013, 04:39 PM
I made up a new food plan. It's basically a week's worth of meals that I think I could enjoy eating each week at least through the end of May. I feel a bit like a fifties housewife who serves spaghetti on Monday and meatloaf on Tuesday. I'm not sure why that bugs me so much, but I decided it doesn't matter as much as having a plan that works for me. It will take a couple of days to get things fully implemented, but I'm motivated to keep my eating light while I work this out.

Newlifestyle: Hope you have a good snow day. It seems late in the year for that, even in Canada.

spanky: good luck with your new plan. Excellent detective work. I never tried paleo. My one experience with a high protein diet didn't last long because I also wasn't getting enough calories.

BillBlueEyes: The whole idea of shutting down a major American city was astounding. DH pointed out that until modern media it wasn't even really possible.

onebyone: congrats on Day 19 of your challenge -- you're doing great!

Rosebud170: Good for you for "just a number" and your gargantasalad!

04-20-2013, 09:58 PM
Hello Coaches,

I am so happy and encouraged to report that I had another good eating day! So far, I am under calories for the day. I know because I started tracking my food again at My Fitness Pal (MFP). CREDIT for tracking my food and for being within my calorie allotment for the day and for checking in here!!! And CREDIT for not giving up when I felt really discouraged, but instead working to get my motivation back again! I think I finally got it back!!! And that makes me want to do a happy dance!!! :carrot::broc::cb: So...........for anyone out there struggling, if I can get back on track, so can YOU!!! ;)

:wave: to everyone!!! Hope all is well with all of you!!!

04-20-2013, 10:07 PM
Hi coaches.. today is going well. I am glad to be back in my food comfort zone. The scale said I was up two pounds.. I think it probably had a lot to do with sodium.

We went to our neighbor's birthday party tonight. I made thoughtful healthy choices. Credit.

I still keep thinking about the post last week about waiting until Monday to 'start again'. I think it's helpful for me to think about that a lot.

Good night friends.

04-20-2013, 10:11 PM
Hello coaches!
Today I went to the YMCA on a guest pass to try their water aerobics. I loved it and think I will be joining myself and dd. I think I have my BFF convinced tat she should join with her dd too! There are so many exercise options there...and I got a much better workout than usual too.

I also have several healthy and delicious recipes input to MFP ready for next week. Very exciting!

I cannot imagine having the whole city shut down like Boston was....I am sure it was eerie to say the least. So glad that unsettling feeling of a crazy at large is behind you in Boston!

Til tomorrow.....

04-20-2013, 10:14 PM
Hi Coaches.

Had a long day on he road with DH today. He was picking up comic books from a guy again and it's always at a Tim Hortons. I reminded myself that I chose, for now, to eat at most 2 carb servings a day. In particular I am trying to isolate which carbs set me up for cravings or stall my weightloss. Today's carbs were a hamburger bun and a small frozen treat. It's amazing how heightened my tastebuds have become to salt and sugar. I simply don't eat that much of that stuff right now so it really hits me when I eat it. The treat, of course, had me craving MORE as soon as t was done. It was a choice that DH pushed for--he really wanted one and I wanted to have one with him. We'll see where that leaves me. We did do a lot of walking and exploring, even though we found ourselves unprepared for a snowstorm! I just had aasweater and a zip up sweatshirt on and DH had a spring jacket. Driving home was hairy bananas at some points.

*credit I weighed in to see -0.2lbs = 250.7 -- just that much more under 251. :carrot::carrot::carrot: Tomorrow the scale will, no doubt, reflect today's salty intake.

04-21-2013, 06:22 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Made it to the supermarket early out of fear that everyone who had sought "Shelter in Place" all day Friday would be there. It was crowded, but not yet frantic. I suspect that it became so at some time.

I ate reasonably with our guests for dinner, CREDIT moi. Kinda easy when guests bring fruit for dessert.

onebyone – Ouch for "hairy bananas" driving - must be about the worst kind, LOL. And Double Ouch for Tim Hortons in your life. You made me go look. There are more than 500 Tim Hortons in the US but none close to me. Yay - That place sounds deadly tempting.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – LOL that you could pass for a fifties housewife - don't think so. [Your DH makes a point I hadn't thought about - that only modern media made it possible to shut down the Boston area.]

Beverlyjoy – Waiting until Monday to 'start again' never worked for me - there's always another Monday.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Snow and cold seem so like last winter. Hope Spring makes it to your part of the world. Kudos for eating on plan anyway.

spanky - Kudos for analyzing your situation to find a path. Yep, 750 calories a day is tough - glad you're going up a bit to find a sustainable level.

IBelieveInMe2 – Yes, Yes, Yes, happy dance indeed for working to get your mojo back. That's one of the hardest challenges. Kudos for facing it.

Rosebud170 – Water aerobics looks so much fun. I've seldom seen so many adults laughing at once.

Readers - chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

Make Your Advantages Response Card
. . . Check out the front and back of the card Carol, a dieter I counseled, made:. . .. . .
9. My doctor won't bug me.
10. Sharon will be proud of me.
11. I'll be happier when I step on the scale.
12. I'll be able to wear my old clothes.
13. I'll look better at John's wedding.
. . .. . .
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 58.

04-21-2013, 09:42 AM
Good Morning,

Yesterday was comfortably on plan, once I made sure the calories were sufficient. Still tweaking, but glad to get to a space where I'm less frantic for food.

Weighed in at the same weight I had last week which was ok by me considering the roller coaster I'd been on.

Today after Church will be a quick stop at the grocery to put a few things in place for the coming week. I'm going to list a bunch of 350-400 cal meals [still watching the grain which puts me in a bloated tailspin] that I can use to guide me when I can't think what I should eat [which is often].

IBelieveInMe2 I'm right there with you my friend, hang on to that wave you've caught!

Best wishes to all for a great week!


04-21-2013, 05:38 PM
Hi coaches, friends... yesterday was healthy. YAY. Always grateful for that. I got on the scale and was down one pound (of the two) that I gained while in West Virginia

Checking in. Today DH and I worked in the gardens. Always so much work in the Spring.

We are having some friends over next weekend to help dig up plants from two gardens we are changing back to grass. No worry.. we still have MANY gardens left. I am not hosting the plant swap this year. I did it for 11 years. Some friends have stepped up to take over. Well.... I'll have lots of plants to take and share at the swap.

Lately when I've been using the computer.... my elbow hurts. What's that about. I am going to cut back on computer time for a few days. The gardening didn't help the cause.

I am reading and thanking you all for your support, as always.

Hope you are having a great day

04-21-2013, 06:40 PM
Good afternoon, Becksters!

I have been in full rebellion this weekend. Perhaps not FULL... I have exercised and tracked my transgressions in MFP. FULL rebellion probably would have been stagnating inert in front of the television with a beer & bag of chips ("DH, would you bring me another? I might register some steps if I move.") and not tracking. Nevertheless, a very un-Becklike Fri night & Sat in which I ate foods that were not good choices, ate too much of everything, and did so standing up in several instances.

And... I don't feel all that remorseful. I'm back on track but don't have my usual sense of depression and, "OMG, why did I do THAT?" Not sure if that's good or bad.

MaryAnn - Congrats on Day 19 of your foodplan. Happy birthday to your 50 yo DH (youngster).... Hope you had a great time celebrating, and excellent planning on the veggies/no-cupcake.

IBelieveinMe2 - Yeaaaa! :carrot: So happy you're happy and gettin' your mojo back. I'm so proud of you for hanging in there and continuing to seek it out and getting support.

BeverlyJoy - Your "dumb phone" comment cracked me up.:D I have what is in theory a "smart phone", but sometimes I am compelled to put it in its place with, "Shut up. You are just a dumb phone, no matter what Apple says you are, and you're not the boss of me." Thanks for posting the Beck advice. Despite ignoring it, I am nevertheless appreciative.

GardenerJoy - Good luck as you seek the plan that works for you. Thought the 50s housewives (next reality show?) thought was funny, but I know what you mean. When the direction isn't clear, everything seems annoying.

Rosebud "Wig"/"Wog", I'm good with any of them. Wigging out while wogging. Loved the "gargantasalad" and waytaplan! I'm also impressed with your water consumption--I do okay with that, but could do a lot better. Thank you for motivating me in so many ways. Also great on resisting the M&Ms from all comers. The Y also has a great plan for when you travel (A.W.A.Y.) to use other Ys at no cost. Enjoy it all!

onebyone - Big congrats on 250!!! :cp::woohoo: Also that Looloo's loo habits are improving.

BillBE - I'm so glad that Boston is back to some sort of normalcy. It's different, but I lived in San Francisco during the 1989 earthquake; and it took a long time before I felt fully safe anywhere. I trust that you'll find every day gets better.

Spanky - Big credit for recognizing what wasn't working for your body and adjusting accordingly. Very Beck. She talks about making those adjustments to the food program you choose. Nice job.

Ann (NewLifeStyle) - Yea for walking & OP-ness! We've had snow off & on over the past few days here too. C'mon MAY! At least the lake is now entirely open water, and a large number of the intrepid even have their piers in.

Happiness, all! :wave: