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03-28-2013, 01:58 PM

I am now the happy owner of the spring edition of the Five Ingredient 15 Minute Chicken Recipes by WW in a magazine sized book with 102 recipes and many of them having a Points+ value of 6 or less. Just looking though the booklet made my mouth water. :lol: The pictures are beautifully done and from reading the recipes I find I have most, if not all, of the ingredients called for. Thank you Susan for the heads up on this booklet. The first recipe I want to try is on page 46 called “Cream Cheese & Pepper Jelly Chicken”. It is a recipe for 4 servings but I have a 6” sized cast iron skillet I can use so I will cut the recipe in half. The recipe calls for a 12” sized skillet, which I do have also, but want to “try” the recipe before making it to have left-overs. When re-arranging my meat freezer I noticed I only have one package of chicken tenders and a couple of whole chickens. We don’t often find any chicken in the “used meat” bin at the market. Lots of beef and pork though. I’ll do that recipe I mentioned above tomorrow since Will wants to get a pizza for dinner from a “local” place that makes awesome pizzas. I can deal with that for I will have a very light lunch. :cp: This is his day to work all afternoon at the museum.

I woke up last night needing a sip of water and then heard something hit the floor in my office. Cecil gets on things and drops them down for Beanies enjoyment. When I came in here this morning I couldn’t see anything on the floor so whatever it was is probably in Will’s office by now. I have those little brushes that are to be used ‘between’ teeth like tooth picks and they have a nice cover for the brush end. I am missing one that “was” on my desk ~ it will show up with the lid still on it but with teeth marks in it. Those animals work in cahoots with each other. Once he stole my tube of Nivea that I had left on my desk. My lips get dry and I have those all over the house and keep one in my shirt pocket. I try to never be without one. They aren’t so readyable on my desk top anymore though for him to bat around. The one they got a hold of before they were able to get the cap off and made a mess with the contents. I could see little teeth marks in it like the cat had tried to bite it. I can just imagine him shaking his head and not liking what he had bitten into.

DONNA FAYE The sourdough loaf and other rustic loaves and hand formed things like buns & such are the only ones that I take out of my bread machine to bake in the oven. All the other “bread” recipes get to be mixed and baked into nice pretty little loaves by my Zojirushi Home Bakery Mini machine for it does such a wonderful job of it. :yes: That is good that Jack recuperated well from his tooth extraction ordeal. Hopefully you find all that you go after when shopping.

JEAN Hopefully there won’t be too much of a shopping congestion but remember Sunday is a ‘special’ day for a lot of folks and they make a big meal of it. Hopefully Sonny has shown some more improvement ~ please keep us posted.

Have a great day Magnolias :wave:

03-29-2013, 11:20 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining, NO wind yet, and it's supposed to hit the high 50s today. I'm ready! I have lots I could do today; so far am dressed, have a load in the washer, folded another load of Bob's undies, and need to call and check on Sonny. Hope his culture grew and he can come home soon!

Maggie -- I know you will enjoy your new WW cookbook/magazine. :D I don't remember what I meant regarding shopping and/or an Easter meal but don't plan to do either now. We are going to Beth's on Saturday and will spend a few minutes with Jason there (just long enough to give the kids their Easter goodies) as they will be on their way to his in-laws. Sunday we will be going to our own church service here. I'm so in hopes Sonny will be home soon, and that he still "likes" me best.

Hope you all enjoy a nice "springy" day and have a Happy Easter weekend! :bunny2:

03-30-2013, 08:37 AM
Good morning to you all. It is wet, wet, wet, this morning, but temps should be in the 60's today and 70's tomorrow. :carrot::carrot:

I have bad cramps this morning and with it the shakes or quivers would be a better definition. I took some of my medicine and ate a couple crackers to keep it from upsetting my stomach too so should be ok in an hour or so, I hope. I have to go up in just a bit and shower and dress as we are meeting Kelly and family for breakfast.

I hope to get the whole house cleaned this weekend so I just have touch ups during the week. Don't know how that is going to go though considering.

Fortune looks nice from changing groomers, not great, but nice. She was willing to change anything, but I wanted this time for him to come home and see what I thought we should change next time, like cutting his ears shorter. She left them long like and I don't think I like it. Fortune's ears never stood up like yorkie's ears do, his flop. I think the breeders we bought him from were cross breeding and selling at pure. He has characteristics yorkies shouldn't have, but then who knows?

Maggie: I bet you love getting your new cookbook. I have a good recipe for you to try if you would like it. It isn't WW, but though it has sugar in it, I think it might be ok. You have some ornery "children." :lol: Maybe because Fortune is an "only child" he doesn't get into anything. Now Marty used to get into everything. I have this big cube at the bottom of my pantry unit and I put all the snack type stuff like crackers, chips, anything like that. Marty would get into it and pull it all out and try to eat it. He always would dump my trash can and make a mess and he was an "only child." So, I guess it is just certain dog's temperments. The groomer told me yesterday she thought he had hip problems knowing he was old as he wouldn't stand up. She said she was almost finished and he stood right up! :lol: He is a pistol in his own ways. Here's the recipe. I am dying to try it.

Sweet Hawaiian Crockpot Chicken:
1 cup pineapple juice
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1/3 cup light soy sauce
2 lb chicken tenderloin cut into cubes
Cook on low in a crockpot 4-6 hours. Keep an eye on it after 4 hours to make sure it doesn't get dry (change to 6-8 hours if you keep the chicken in whole tenderloins)

Jean: I am hoping Jackson gets his basket today. It is in South Bend as of 3 AM so keeping my fingers crossed. We gave Thomas money. We could never buy T clothing as he is super persnickety and always has been. I do buy Jackson stuff from time to time, but he is a rough and tumble so those cute little short outfits never were a go. I gave up several years ago. I do buy him tshirts sometimes though. Hope you have a lovely Easter service tomorrow.

Well I had better go and get upstairs. We have to leave at 8 AM as this place is new to us and very busy I guess. Have a lovely weekend. :easter3: Faye


03-30-2013, 11:51 AM
Happy Easter Weekend, Flowers! We got up to rain drops this morning but now it has stopped. The sun peeked out for 30 seconds and now is hiding again. Bob is making his Saturday coffee rounds, the washer is humming away, and I need to finish making my salad to take to Beths this afternoon.

The vet just called and it looks like Sonny will be staying there a few more days. He is eating well but the wound is still open and draining. They did a laser treatment yesterday and will do another one on Monday. The culture showed e coli and yeast. Doc said he had no clue where the yeast came from. He is thinking that they will sedate Sonny and sew the wound shut when it stops draining. Doc also said in his 50 years of treating pets he has never seen this happen after neutering, and isn't sure if the neutering set the dormant bacteria into high gear or not. Poor Sonny!

"Gma" -- I hope the medicine has kicked in and you are feeling better! I had to :D about Fortune's floppy ears. He is so cute floppy ears, or not! Thanks for sharing the recipe; it sounds delicious! :T I'm sure Jackson will get a kick out of his Easter basket whenever it arrives. I suppose you are enjoying your breakfast about now.

Hope you all enjoy a nice weekend whether with family or friends! :egg:

03-30-2013, 02:30 PM

It is in the 60º area as I type and said to get to 72º before this day is over with. AH ~ spring has sprung and the seeds we placed in a grow tray on the shelf above the sink in the kitchen are peeking through the mulch. Soon they can be placed outside to harden then into the garden or tub or wherever Will decides to have a garden to finish their growing. I will have one little group of “special” beefsteak tomatoes that I am going to have grow in a pot. I bought those seeds from a 12 year old that was selling them to raise money for her school. I am going to give them an extra amount of personal care and be able to present her with a ripened tomato. :cp: The seeds were in an envelope inside another envelope that also contained a peat pot to start them in and tied neatly at the top with a pretty green ribbon. So the seeds just have to be ‘special.’ :yes:

It has turned 12 o’clock noon here in the ♥-Land and all is well. I guess I need to round up some lunch when I finish here unless Will is bringing something back when he finishes his “out and about” trip this day. He was gone while I was in the shower and left me a note on the top of my lap-top of where he will be. But now days with cell phones where ever a person can be if they have their phone with them you can contact them when you need to. Is life really better now that we have all these gadgets?

DONNA FAYE Hope you are feeling better and you can get to the cleaning you want to do this day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just wave a wand or twitch our nose and it would all be done. Remember “Bewitched’? Our dogs have floppy ears and we have to tackle Ragg Mopp and put drops in his ears because things grow in there with no air flow. Beanie doesn’t seem to have that problem ~ yet anyway. Their groomer keeps their ears trimmed up nicely. Thanks for the recipe ~ from the looks of it is yummy and I will definitely make it. I have a bag of Schwans® cubed white chicken meet in the fridge I can use in it. :yes: Have a lovely time with your family doings.

JEAN Sonny has been a long time at the vet. Hopefully they can get him all back to exact soon for that poor cat has been through it. That is just to weird. What kind of salad are you making? There are so many yummy ones I can think of.

Have a wonderful afternoon Magnolias and a safe and :easter2:

PS: Back again later ~ Donna Faye I ran that recipe through my recipe calculater program and 4 servings = 8P+ each; 6 servings = 5P+ each; 8 servings = 4P+ each. Just thought you would like to have that information. I will probably serve it over rice when I make it so will add those points and decide how many servings I want at that time. :lol:

03-31-2013, 01:05 PM
Good morning all and :easter2: I am sure you are all out at church services at the moment.

Jackson called yesterday afternoon after he got his easter basket. You couldn't understand him because he had laughy taffy in his teeth. :lol: We talked for a bit then he said, "do you want to talk to your son?" He handed his phone to Jay so I guess I wanted to talk to my son! :lol: We visited some then I let him talk to his dad about the NCAA tournament and baseball and stuff.

The restaurant we went to yesterday was over an hours wait and the food was just so-so. I will be glad when our regular one opens back up on Tuesday. Only problem is all 4 of them are clear across town from us and Kelly too in a different direction.

Fortune has settled into eating again. I put egg and a bit of pasta and smash it all together he and eats it just fine. I just dread around the time to kennel him to switch him to dog food only. I am going to buy several different brands the week leading up to kenneling and see what he will eat I guess.

Jean: Poor little Sonny. He sure wasn't expecting all this, but maybe it is a godsend as he might have had the infection before the neutering and it just hadn't blown up yet. I know with Butterscotch we had no warning then boom he quit eating and we took him in and they had to put him down. I have had guilt about it the whole time even though I couldn't have helped him not knowing he was sick.

Maggie: Thanks for the pts breakdown. Is the schwan's chicken raw because if it isn't it will overcook and be dry. You can also put all the sauce on and brown it in a skillet then put it in the crockpot. I included the picture this time.

Well, I need to go. Hope you have a very lovely day with family and or friends. Faye

03-31-2013, 05:32 PM

We went out to eat at our favorite Chinese place for lunch and for dinner we will have leftovers from yesterdays BBQ-ing of pork chops. There is also left over rice and I can easily cut up some fruit to go along with it. Afterwards we looked all over for a locking diary for my little friend and couldn’t find one. Wonder if they even make them anymore. I settled for a nice clean page book with a snappy cover that has an overlap that closes with a magnet. She can just write her “secrets” in there. A little card I made for her was that it was for her to “write her aspirations, private thoughts, hopes, and wishes in”. And I also wrote “it is your private journal.” I am also giving her a “Bad Speller’s Dictionary” and a “Thesaurus.” She fancies herself as a writer so I thought she would like those little booklets. She is the one that is 12 going on 18 I mentioned before. She is such a fun child.

Not much happening around here this day in the neighborhood. it is in the 60º area and feels like spring. We do have a 50% chance of snow coming up next Wednesday. We could really use a good soaking for we do need the moisture yet.

DONNA FAYE No the cubed chicken from Schwans® isn’t cooked but raw and quick frozen. I use it in several dishes I make with cut up chicken for it is all 1 inch white meat cubes. Sounds like your little guy liked the present you sent. :cp:

Have a great afternoon Magnolias :wave:

03-31-2013, 10:38 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's snowing! That's all I'm going to say about that! :hyper: We went to early church and had about 50 more than the usual crowd. Otherwise, it's been a quiet day; I'm thinking this is the first Easter we have been home alone without the kids coming.

Maggie -- I made the Snickers salad to take yesterday. That is a favorite with the kids, both big and little. :D

"Gma" -- It's too bad you had to wait so long at the restaurant. :( I would have thought nothing of it if it were today but if you had reservations someone goofed somewhere. Hope you got all of your cleaning done.

I'm cold tonight so am going to turn up the heat for awhile before I head to bed. Hope you all have a good week; hard to believe tomorrow is April 1st already. :wave:

04-01-2013, 11:51 AM

Here we are in a brand new month called April. Reminds me of an old song ♫♪I’ve got pieces of April and I keep them in a memory bouquet.♪♫ I love April ~ I feel it is the beginning of spring. The forecast is that we are going to be very short of water through the hot months and that means we do need to re-think how we grow some veggies. We have been saving water in jugs for the garden through the winter. When we shower we save the water that it runs before it gets hot and the same when I do dishes. So if we do garden in pots we will at least have some of the water needed for that. We will scale down on the variety of veggies we will be growing. We will probably grow tomatoes and bell peppers for sure which cost more than other veggies at the market. We can continue to buy the leafy salad greens. :yes: We just need it to rain so bad.

I weighed this morning and stayed the same so I will keep my fingers :crossed: that it will be that I show a maintain at WW this evening. Here is Cecil patting me on the leg ~ time for his ears to be scratched and some attention received. And some moist Caribbean catch tuna flavor “Pounce” would be welcomed. He likes getting his little treats. He is on his little table eating now and dropping morsels to the floor for Beanie that is sitting at the floor beside the table. Those two are in cahoots. They are such good friends.

JEAN A candy bar salad. Isn't that an oxymoron? Can you please post or e-mail me the recipe for I think I would love to make to take to a pot-luck. Do you have the points+ value per serving? How is the kitty doing today?

Have a great first day of a new month Magnolias ~ :wave: Type at y'all later

04-01-2013, 11:56 AM
Good morning everyone. It is a bit cool this morning but lovely sun and I am watching several episodes of CSI NY, which is my favorite of them all. I love Gary Sinise, maybe because he is such a huge fan of the military. Sheldon, the black character is in a rocked room that is closing in on him. Unusual episode.

Jack is back to work and the house is quiet this morning. I am heading up in a bit to clean bathrooms. He has Thursday off again as it is MLK memorial day then has to go back in on Friday. He got a letter from the Sheriff on Friday and we were anxious at first as to why we were getting something from the Sheriff, but it is a jury duty notice. They do it kind of weird here as you are responsible for possible jury duty for a month, his being April. Kelly says they actually assign you a time frame so I don't know. He has been called 3 times in three different states and I have never been called. I am glad only because we have one car and it could cause problems getting to and from downtown and getting Jack too.

Jean: Sounds like you had a nice time. We didn't have a reservation. This is a very small restaurant in a house actually. It is smack dab in the middle of the university area so it draws a lot of coffee drinkers and there aren't many places for people to sit, looked like maybe 40 people at most so that is why it was such a long wait. It was sort of new agey so to speak. Things like scrambled eggs with cream cheese and smoked salmon, stuff like that. They had no white bread, but they did have biscuits. I had raisin toast and it was good. They had country potatos which I don't like anyway, but these had garlic powder in them and some other stuff and I didn't eat but one bite. They don't know how to scramble eggs either. I basically ate toast. :lol: Hope Sonny is coming along.

Maggie: I love Chinese food, Jack not so much. He will eat it 2-3 times a year, but I could eat it all the time. :lol: I never had a bite of it until I was around 35 years old! Glad you had a wonderful day yesterday. You know, you probably could have gotten a locked diary online, but then maybe there was a time issue. I still have the one I had in jr high. It is hilarious to go back and read it.

Well girls, this gets nothing done and I need to get to it. Have a great start to the week! Faye

04-01-2013, 12:42 PM
Good morning, ladies! I am in sunny but cool Baltimore this week for the orientation to the inflamation diet and COPD research group. I drove up last night and our first meeting is for lunch at 1 pm.

Faye, I've been on 3 jury trials - 2 in Ohio and 1 here. The first one was for murder and drug related, the second was manslaughter (accident on icy road in white out conditions), and the one here was bank robbery. The murder one was a real education into the drug world.

Jean, I hope Sonny is doing much better. Poor little guy has been through a lot recently. He's lucky to have you for his Mom. I second the request for your Snicker's Salad recipe. I could take it to Glory Bee when we have a pot luck again.

Maggie, have you ever made the no-kneed bread recipe that was in the NY times several years ago? One of my friends brought me a loaf of whole wheat and the recipe on Saturday. You make it in a dutch oven or casserole and I thought you could make it over a campfire. I saw some locking diaries at Barnes and Noble but they cost a fortune. You may be starting the young lady on something she'll do the rest of her life. I've kept a journal for most of my life. Every night before I go to sleep I record 3 blessings I received that day.

Have a wonderful day!

04-01-2013, 05:28 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, it's windy as usual, and it's cold -- feels like 23 degrees outside! We balanced first try at church, I picked up the gift shop money but didn't count it, and I went to a quick P. E. O. meeting this afternoon.

The Sonny report this morning was another laser treatment and he has a special heat pad to lay on but refuses to lay on it. He is growling at whoever takes him out of the cage! I hope that means he is feeling better. What if he doesn't even like me when I finally bring him home again?

Maggie -- Good luck at WW tonight! I will look up the original Snickers Salad recipe and be glad to share it. I would love to see Cecil and Beanie together.

"Gma" -- I hope Jack doesn't have to serve on a jury unless he wants to. For our local jury we have to call in the night before to find out if we have to show up or not. Right after we moved here I got a notice for the "big" jury in Sioux City. There was a page of reasons as to why I needed to be excused. Jason was just 2 1/2 and we didn't have anyone to take care of him since we didn't know anyone in town. I never heard any more from them.

Susan -- I hope you enjoy your week in Baltimore! As I told Maggie I will be happy to share the recipe!

I need to count the gift shop money and get it to the bank before it closes. Hope you all are enjoying the first day of April! :wave:

04-02-2013, 04:55 PM

It is a chilly day in the 30º range with a possibility of snow and what a night to have our furnace quit working. :no: I didn’t sleep well for during the night my ‘good leg’ decided to cramp and to relieve it I have to get out of bed and stand on it. All in all I remember three different times I awoke with a cramp in my calf muscle which is called a Charlie-horse. I walked out to the kitchen and it seemed inordinately cold at that time but I was partly still asleep and the banana was black when I pealed it. The other two we had eaten from that little bunch were perfectly good and we just bought them yesterday. Anyway I had a rough night and then found out why I was so cold after I got up to face the day. Since it was so cold in here we decided to go and do some shopping and spend some money. :lol: The furnace man was to come after lunch so we made it back in time for he came and it is fixed and it is running now. Glorious heat is filling the house.

While out and about you will never guess what we bought. Well folks base ball season is upon us and we just have to watch our boys play so we bit the bullet (so to speak) and bought a new “Blue Ray - 3D TV”. They don’t even rent but one of the Blue Ray 3D movies in this town yet so we got it today to watch ~ “Dredd”. “Avatar” is one we really want to get but it is $30 to buy so we will get it later. :yes: Maybe they will have it to rent soon and we can rent it or buy. It should be awesome in 3D. The TV will be delivered after while and then the dish will be hooked up tomorrow and we can watch baseball. A couple pairs of those 3D glasses come with the TV and others to buy are available. We should purchase a few pair to have on hand for when we have some guests that are over to watch a 3D movie with us.

I was sitting and twiddling with my rings awhile ago and low and behold they all come off now. I have one on my right ring finger that is a rose with a good sized diamond in the blossom then two small rose buds with diamonds in them. It is a very pretty ring and I have not been able to get it off for many pounds. AH ~ but today it came off ~ what joy that is that the ring will come off which means my fingers have lost weight. The other rings I have are a larger size and slip right off and one day they will have to be down sized. I know my clothes are too big now but didn’t think about the fact that my rose ring might come off till today. Happy day for sure! It is a ring I bought for myself years ago with one of my overtime checks when I was working. I was out shopping one day with a good friend of mine that worked in accounting and we went into a jewelry store that was owned by another co-worker’s husband. He said he had just the ring for me for he had ordered it with me in mind and low and behold I loved it at first sight. I said, “I don’t know, it is awfully spendy.” Then my accounting friend chimed in and said, “Give him your overtime check as down payment” (she knew how much it was because she had made it out for she worked in accounting). My jeweler friend took hold of the check and said, “You, my dear, can have it for this price.” “Yikes”, I replied for he had given me a huge discount. So you see it does pay to have friends in high places. :lol: You see this ring has “history” and good memories attached to it.

JEAN Sonny will ignore you at first then come around when he gets home. Animals do recognize who is good to them and those who aren't. Scratch him between his ears from me when he comes around.

DONNA FAYE If you are careful what you choose at a Chinese restaurant it can be a good OP meal. Some of the dishes are real red light foods though. I got called for jery duty a few times but they never let me serve because I was a Peace Officer. Guess they thought I couldn't have an open mind and just think they were guilty automatically.

SUSAN I know you will be having a wonderful time with the orientation to the inflamation diet and COPD research group. I think it is really nice that you attend that for those types of events help others also. I have made that bread for I have that very recipe you do and would like to change it and make it sour dough. I think I can make it with 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of sourdough.

Have a great afternoon Magnolias ~ :wave: Type at y'all later.

04-02-2013, 11:22 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I think the computer gremlin is hiding somewhere in this house! My pc keeps dumping the wireless connection and I can't figure out why. We made a fast trip to Sioux City this morning. Bob has been picukup shopping and found one he liked when we were over there Saturday. Come to find out the salesman is a guy Bob bought a car from many years ago in another town. Anyhow, he decided to trade and I spent some time at the mall. Penneys had nothing in clothes, for me, since I am not into low cut, sheer, or short short skirts. They are remodeling and the store is a mess with things squeezed together. I walked down to another store and couldn't find anything there except a pair of sandals and a purse that I really didn't need and not sure that I like.

Sonny report is another laser treatment today. He's not smiling yet either. No guesses on when he might come home. :(

Maggie -- I hope you sleep better tonight -- toasty warm and without Charlie horses. :yes: Your rose ring sounds very pretty.

Snickers Salad (original recipe)

8oz. Cool Whip
3 Snickers candy bars, chilled
2 Granny Smith apples

Dice candy and mix with Cool Whip. Let set in fridge over night. Dice apples and add the next day.

I double and triple the amounts depending on how many are going to eat it. The candy bars are smaller than when I first started making this. It will get soupy after a day but the kids like it anyway!

I'm going to try installing the wireless router on the pc again. I HATE trying to fix computer glitches! Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow! :wave:

04-03-2013, 10:06 AM
Good morning to you all! We are in for rain for a couple days again this week. It started last night and is on and off. I totally missed yesterday I guess, but not surprising. Allergies are going to be bad for me this spring I can tell. I thought I was coming down with a cold but it's allergies. Doesn't make it any less of a pain in the neck though.

I have been wearing my online bought glasses for a couple days to give my eyes a nice rest from the contacts. I bought straight vision with no bifocals since they are just "resting" glasses and I really like them after I get used to them. If I have them on my noise just a bit wrong, it is like I am hallucinating as I see cupboard doors open, etc. They cost me a whole $16 including shipping. I like the frames too they are metal and nice and strong.

Jack has tomorrow off as it is "let's remind the whites that a white man killed MLK day" or as it is more commonly know MLK memorial day. I find it hilarious they give all the employees who work under the umbrella of Public Works department off. No big surprise that the trash collectors are under public works and this is where it all came from. They started grousing about how they are treated and such starting a couple days ago. They make around $20 an hour so not so bad to empty trash. Don't get me wrong, it isn't an easy job, but you have to have no education to do it and there are a lot of people who wished they made that kind of money so I think they should keep their big mouths shut. In this day and age and in this city, blacks are not treated like they used to be. Frankly, here they are the big cheeses as they are in the majority so I don't see the problem.

Nothing else going on. I have to get back to my sweater and scarf or will never get it done. I just haven't felt like knitting.

Jean: You may be surprised and he might be happy to see you when he gets home as you aren't the one doing all the stuff to him. Do you think the minis would work ok and maybe just cut them in half for the salad? I am going to try it next time we have dinner at Kelly's. Jack won't eat it, but then he drives me nuts regarding food anyway! :lol:

Maggie: I know you can have yummy Chinese without it breaking the ww point bank, but you do have to be careful. A lot of it goes exactly the opposite. We usually have it as a treat day because Jack is not a big veggie eater.

Susan: Good to see you and hope your trial goes well. The main focus of my junior high diary was a boy. I never wrote his name in it just his football number, which was 22. I adored this kid and we sat next to each other in social studies and he would tease the dickens out of me. The funny thing is he is one of my facebook friends now and not at all what he was at 13. :lol: It is still a secret because I would die of embarrassment if he found out I was totally nuts over him all those years ago.

Well girls, about ready to put clothing in dryer and get some work done. Have a nice day all. Faye

04-03-2013, 04:29 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's another cold day in my neighborhood. I went to get my nails done this morning and have been trying to balance the gift shop checkbook ever since. I don't think the hospital paid a credit card bill in February but have to check that statement for sure. I thought I was going to do a mailing at church this afternoon but the envelopes aren't here yet. I am home again until bell practice.

Sonny update is that he had surgery to close up part of his wound so it would heal faster.

"Gma" -- Someone on one of the tv programs said this year will be the worst for allergies because of our crazy weather patterns. I would think the mini Snickers, cut in half, would work fine. The thing I like about this recipe is that you can make as much or as little as your would like. You could even make one serving for yourself. ;) Jack just won't know what he is missing!

I came upstairs to find the gift shop bank statement book, so better keep moving and find the mistake. Enjoy the rest of your day. :wave:

04-03-2013, 07:15 PM

Just got in from being out and about this day. Had a dentist appointment and got my pearly whites cleaned this day. It is currently in the 40º area and early we did get just a few snow flurries that didn’t amount to anything to speak of. I got the neatest book that I am going to enjoy going through ~ Spanish for Dummies. I took Latin in school which will be a help in learning Spanish of which I know some that I have picked up through the years. I am just not as fluent with it as I would really like to be so this book may be the answer. It is by the international leader in language instruction - Susana Wald - so it should be a good book to learn from. The book included a CD to take the skills learned to the next level with real-life conversations.

The TV man came and hooked our box up to the system so we can now watch baseball. :cp: He said our TV is the clearest he has ever seen ~ very sharp images. That was certainly good to hear from an expert in that area. The 3D movie “Dredd’ we watched last evening was awesome. Tonight we plan to watch “Avatar” which was recently shown in the theater here in town and those who had been to see it were very pleased with it in 3D.

Will is out to the museum where they are having a surprise birthday party for one of the young collage men that work there. I know the kid will be so elated that they threw him a surprise party. Gracious sakes it is 5 pm and I don’t have a clue of what I am making for dinner yet. I need to start thinking of that and get something out to thaw. We probably won’t eat until after Bible study class which ends at 8 pm. We don’t usually eat before that class on Wednesdays.

JEAN Thanks for the recipe ~ sounds great and makes my mouth water. I will definitely make that for a pot-luck. Hope that is the case with your balancing act and you don't have to look any further than hospital to balance it. That is good that they did some work on Sonny to make his wound heal faster. Poor kitty has sure been through the wringer.

DONNA FAYE Aren’t you glad that wasn’t a cold you were coming down with but an allergy. My allergy to this wind is kicking up and making me sneeze and my eyes water.

SUSAN Hello. :wave:

Have a wonderful evening Magnolias ~ :p Type at y'all later.

04-04-2013, 10:08 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The usual weather today: sunshine, wind, and cold. I came upstairs to get dressed and decided to check on the pc wireless because I finally managed to get it to work yesterday. I didn't do anything different than all the other times I tried to do it. My house needs some serious attention today and maybe I will work on the church mailing this afternoon if the envelopes arrived.

Maggie -- I did find the missing item to make bank statement jibe. :cp: Sometimes the gift shop buyer will use the hospital credit card and that paperwork seems to take forever to process through the ranks. I balance each month so knew my figures were right even though they didn't match with the accountant; I just had to dig a little deeper. I go to the dentist next week for a cleaning. Bob just went and it was a $125 for cleaning and two x-rays. I guess that is a small price to pay for keeping our choppers. :lol:

I need to get dressed and get busy. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Thursday today! :wave:

04-04-2013, 01:56 PM

It is another chilly day here in the ♥-land and I am so pleased that our heater is working just fine. Will has gone to the museum and the dogs have new bones to chew and the cat is being a pest. Before he left he asked me if I wanted one of the new Blackberry phones that are just out ~ duh ~ do I ~ well yesssss. I love my Blackberry and certainly will love the new one with more bells and whistles.

With this gloomy weather it will take awhile for the ground to warm up sufficiently to get a garden of any sort going. We have a bag of good for tomatoes soil being warmed inside the house so we can pot some of the tomatoes that have sprouted in their little peat pots in the kitchen window. We were out and among them this morning and most places are just getting in their plants now. We are all hoping that we ease into summer this year so our plants have a chance. There is still a chill in the air and I am wearing my sweatshirt jacket even as I sit here in my office.

I was so glad last evening for we were able to watch my Dodgers play ball. The management have bought some good players and now they all need to work together to make a team. It didn’t appear they were playing with any enthusiasm during that game and they need to snap out of it for the season has just begun. The stands were jam packed with spectators that gave their support. If the Dodgers aren’t doing well in a game it is tradition that the stands start empting about the 5th inning. It just isn’t the same without Tommy LaSorta as the manager and Vince Skully calling the game and giving editorial and let us not forget Mikey being the catcher. Those were the good ole days of watching the boys of summer with green grass on the field. ♫Put me in coach, I am ready to play ~ today.♪

This afternoon I am going to start a study in my Spanish for Dummies book and see if I can learn some things.

JEAN I am so glad for you that you located that missing item and were able to balance. What a relief for you and such a good feeling. Any word today on how the kitty is doing today? Want another one? I would ship Cecil to you today for he is being such a pest. I guess it may be because his dogs have new bones to chew and he is being ignored by both of them. Maybe we should get him a nice meaty bone to chew also.

Everyone have a wonderful afternoon. :wave: Type at y'all later.

04-04-2013, 11:29 PM
Maggie -- I know you will have lots of "fun" with your new phone. That would be big time :stress: for me! The vet called this morning after I had posted here. Sonny's stitches didn't hold. :cry: They are going to keep doing the laser treatments. He is eating good, drinking, pooping, and peeing, but just not healing as fast as they would like. The vet said he is the mystery cat for sure. Bob is watching the Iowa Hawkeyes game and they were behind when I came upstairs. I'm going to read for a bit and head off to bed. We have a memorial service tomorrow afternoon; the guy was a 64 year old insurance agent in town. His parents live up the street from us and I give his 90 year old mother rides to P.E.O. meetings. I really don't want to go but feel we should. See you tomorrow! :wave:

04-05-2013, 10:44 AM
Good morning girls. I have been under the weather with female stuff yesterday and it is still bad this morning. Not a whole lot I can do but take some of my pain meds and wait it out, but the quivering can be so bad you don't want to move.

Jack was home yesterday, went and got his haircut and we watched the Cubs play around lunchtime then I just sat around a lot. I am doing a batch of laundry now, (it is in the dryer.) unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, and hopefully around lunchtime I feel well enough to sweep and mop the floors. I didn't do them yesterday as it rained all day and it seemed futile to do all that work and Jack tramp his shoes all over it. It is hard enough to keep decent.

Jean: If you get a chance, get some of Anne George's series. She died in 2001 so only put out about 6-7 books, but they are about a pair of 60ish sisters who keep getting caught up in murders. For some reason the narrative sister reminds me of you. Maybe it is the schoolteacher thing. She has one heck of a pushy sister, but they are hilarious books and easy reads. Glad you got the accounting situation cleared up. Your poor kitty. He must think he is being tortured for some reason. I wonder if his resistance is down and that is why he isn't healing?

Maggie: Hope you are doing fine today. You are right about Lasorda being gone as the manager. You could always count on that little round guy in his uniform. I believe Vin Scully is still calling the games at Dodger Stadium, just not traveling with them. He said the end of season last year that more than likely his only trip would be to Yankee stadium. You sure do know that voice when it is on. They are yakking it up about moving the CUBS to Rosemont, but the fans will have none of that. There are only 2 original baseball fields left, Wrigley and Fenway. Baseball is all about nostalgia, tradition and such and moving the CUBS will take that all away. Part of a trip to Wrigley is basically going back to the good ole days and sitting in seats where folks watched Ron Santo, Billy Williams, Ernie Banks play. To listen to the seventh inning "Take me out the Ballgame" by Harry Carey, who by the way started the whole singing of it in the first place. No, Wrigley needs to always be Wrigley imo.

Well, I am going to sit and read for abit, then fold clothes and try and get mopping done. Have a great weekend, we are going to shampoo rugs again. lol Faye

04-05-2013, 12:44 PM

WOW ~ we watched the 3D version of “Avatar” last evening and it was wonderful. 3D sure makes a credible difference. The regular TV programs are razor sharp on this box also and it is a good TV all around. This screen must have many more pixels in it than our last one. The more pixels the sharper the image they say.

It is in the high 50º’s and said to top out at 70ºs this day here in the ♥–Land. Ah and the wind is coming after 2pm ~ always the wind.

Here is a yummy way to treat an apple ~

• 1-2 apples
• 1 medium orange
• 1 medium lemon
• Juice lemon and orange into a small bowl
• Slice the apple into thin slices
• Place slices into juice bowl covering all slices
• Place bowl in fridge for 30 minutes to 2 hours
Remove from fridge, serve and enjoy! Warning: contents are addicting!

DONNA FAYE Yes that round but mighty Dodger manager was a kick. I loved to watch him in action. Good ole' Dodger Stadium back in the day. OH that Harry Carey was a character for sure. Couldn't carry a tune but gave it a good try and got the fans aroused. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

JEAN I won't be getting a new Blackberry until probably next Fall ~ let them get any bugs they may have out of them first. By then they aught to be the best they can be. :lol: Sonny certainly has deserved that title of the Mystery Cat.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

04-05-2013, 10:31 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It was a typical day for weather, sunshine, and wind, but a bit warmer today. Rain showers are predicted for tomorrow then on and off through Thursday. We need the rain! The memorial service this afternoon was really nice. Two brothers shared childhood/young adult stories about their brother which added so much to the service. We saw a couple we went to college with as well as several others who had moved away over the years.

I went to visit Sonny this afternoon! He is in a big wire cage in what I would call the dog/cat food storeroom. I sat on the floor and scratched his ears and chin. He didn't growl at me so I'm in hopes he recognized my voice. He ate treats out of my hand although he never eats his regular food during the day. The vet who admitted him was working and said she was very surprised about his leg wound. I will go again on Monday since the weekend crew is college kids who are just there in the morning to clean cages, feed animals, and walk the dogs.

"Gma" -- I will have to look for the Anne George books. You mentioned another author but our library doesn't have any of the books. We do have a lending option with other libraries but I'm not sure how that works and didn't take time to find out. I hope you feel better soon! :crossed: Whenever I hear the Cubs mentioned I think of you! :yes:

Maggie -- Thanks for sharing the apple snack recipe. :T Any time I hear the word snack I think of Ian. He will have just finished a meal and is asking what there is for a snack. I teased him that he has hollow legs and he wasn't quite sure about that. :lol: Sonny is still getting laser treatments since the stitches didn't hold. The vet's assistant said it just takes a long time to heal, but I'm getting impatient. She mentioned keeping Sonny confined to a small area when we bring him home and I'm thinking, "yeah, right!" He's too fat to really run very fast and he sort of hops up and down the steps now so can't imagine he would do that any differently.

I've got a kitchen sink full of pots 'n pans that I need to wash so best get at them. Have a nice weekend! :wave:

04-06-2013, 01:00 PM

It is a day today in the ♥-Land that is in the 50ºs and 60ºs and they say the wind will stop around noontime. It is blowing petty hard as I type. If it settles down as they say it will this afternoon we will go to the range and do some target practice. I have been having fun with my Spanish for Dummies book. Maybe one day I will speak it fluently. :lol: Phrases and things my Mother taught me are coming back. She had a good grasp of the language having been raised in Texas on that ranch. I can sing “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf” in Spanish. :lol: Having taken all those years of Latin while in school makes it easier for me to pick up the Spanish then it would have been otherwise.

Last evening I made chicken fingers and Rice-A-Roni Spanish rice which was a fun meal. Chicken fingers bake up nicely coated with Panko. There is some left in the fridge for a re-run today for dinner. I think I will cut up the chicken and put it in with the rice before heating it up. There is still some fruit I cut up in the fridge waiting to be eaten also. I also baked a loaf of bread in my bread maker. It is a small yummy loaf of bread that has chopped up onions and shredded lo-fat sharp cheddar cheese in it. I will make Panini’s for lunch today using that bread with some thin sliced deli roast beef and Swiss cheese. I will slice an onion very thin and put it next to the cheese so the cheese melts on it and the meat. I will spread the bread with basil pesto mix that has some garlic in it and spray the outside with one of my spray cans of oil. Probably I will use the garlic flavored spray. It will toast so nicely with the light sprit of oil on it and be O-SO-YUMMY. Anyone want to come to my place for lunch?

JEAN That cat will think you are his hero when you bail him out of the vets and take him home. Good luck on the keeping him confined to a small area. :lol: If Cecil had to be confined it would have to be here in my office where his butt hutt is located. :p As it is he only uses it ocasionally since he is such an outback cat. I check it each day and clean it as needed though. But I am sure if we tried to confine him in here he would "squirt out" when the door was opened. It is very hard to confine a cat unless you have one of those caged in dog run thingies they sell for outside dogs.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend. :wave:

04-06-2013, 05:14 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a cloudy, windy, cold day in my neighborhood today. We had a few sprinkles of rain -- just enough to make the windows look worse. I made a grocery run for Bob's crock pot oatmeal this morning, did a couple loads of laundry, and really feel like a nap.

Maggie -- I wish the wind would stop here! Beth took 6 years of Spanish between high school and college. She sometimes uses it at work but has always said the dialect is different from one person to the next; she can pick up bits and pieces enough to know what they are talking about but can't translate word for word. Our so called Spanish teacher is from Portugal and the Mexican students argue with her all the time because her Spanish is quite different from theirs. :rolleyes: I would have to put Sonny in a bathroom or leave him in the basement if he had to be confined. In either instance I'm sure he wouldn't be happy nor would Ernie. Ernie has teased to go out in the garage so I finally let him. He checked every nook and cranny like he was just so sure he would find Sonny.

Guess I will fold some towels and get the next load going. Hope the sun is shining on you and you enjoy your weekend! :wave:

04-07-2013, 12:33 PM
Good morning to you all. I have been having an awful time with allergies and having some trouble with the female stuff so the combo wears me out.

We had to go out to Walmart for a few things yesterday. I was sure glad to be back home for the rest of the day. I had to take out my contacts this morning because my eyes were burning so much. Gonna be an interesting summer.

Maggie: My son Jay is learning spanish first hand since his fil is Mexican. My dil says he is better at spanish than she is. I got a giggle last night watching the CUBS game. The CUBS relief pitcher is Japanese and was really messing up. The pitching coach went out to the mound to talk to him with an interpreter tagging along. I have found with that most of the players who are foreign can understand english pretty well but can't speak it. It is amusing to watch.

Jean: Poor Ernie can't find his buddy. I am sure Sonny wants to be home. You make a whole crockpot full of oatmeal? I will stick with the one packet of the easy peasy stuff. :lol:

You all have a wonderful day. Faye

04-07-2013, 05:16 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We got up to dense fog this morning and it has been a weird weather day ever since: wind, clouds, sunshine, and sprinkles of rain from time to time. It would be nice right now if the wind wasn't blowing so hard. We went to early church; I was in charge of getting the offering from the plates to the locked file in the office today. We drove up to check on the cabin and pick up some boards that Jason needs to build a lawn 'n garden building. The people next door to us have torn down their small, much better than ours, cabin and are building a two story year around house for when they retire next year. It will be fun to watch the progress this summer as it is supposed to be done by August. It sure looks different with nothing there and I'm sure the people behind would love to have the current view of the lake forever.

We stopped at Penneys on the way home so I could look for jeans. Evidently jeans aren't considered part of spring fashion because they just had a few leftovers from winter I guess. I'm not into "holes and bleach spots" so looked no further. :dizzy:

"Gma" -- No, I don't make a whole crockpot full of oatmeal. :lol: The recipe says it makes 6 cups and I divide it into individual containers. Bob reheats them in the microwave and says they taste just as good as when first made. Can you take any OTC allergy meds? I do know some people have to get stronger prescriptions depending on what they are allergic to. I hope you feel better on both counts SOON! :yes:

I have sheets in the dryer that should be about done and another load ready to dry. It is the laundry lady's day off. Hah! Enjoy the rest of your day. :wave:

04-08-2013, 11:17 AM
Good morning to you all. It is going to be a gorgeous day here again today. It got up to 75 yesterday and more the same. It is supposed to be 80 on Wednesday, :carrot::carrot: ! I am ready for my warm weather. I even wore capris and sandals to Walmart on Saturday.

I haven't been weighing in every week, seems I do better that way. I did do a weigh in this morning and am down another 4 lbs. That makes it almost 30 lbs down now. I will gladly take it, just hope I can get down around where I want for the cruise. I have 27 weeks.

Thomas has a band concert on Thursday evening. At least the choir and such won't be there so hopefully we won't have the problems we did at Christmas time. That was nuts. We are all going to get there early and save seats for all of us.

Jean: I didn't know you could make oatmeal and it could be stored and come out ok in the microwave. I will still have to stick to the packets. I have so little room for storage, even in the fridge these days. It drives me nuts. I do take otc allergy meds, but only when it is really bad. I have to have one that doesn't make me sleepy, is ok for blood pressure, etc. Sometimes they work, sometimes not so much. We have so many flowering trees and such that I think that is what causes the year round problem. We have a very long pollen season! :lol: I just deal with it, but mostly it is this female stuff. Seems like this round of meds I am having a lot of problems with quivering, cramping, and backaches. I take some pain meds for that, but it sometimes works, sometimes not. I imagine after this round she will want to do another d and c as the lining has thickened back up again and that is what is causing the problem.

Well, girls, I best get going and get chores done this morning. Have a great start to your week. Faye

04-08-2013, 04:26 PM

I really don’t want to go to WW this evening but I will dust myself off and get there to be weighed in. I showed a pound up on my scale this morning and know I am packing fluids because my rings won’t budge. I can’t figure out what I ate that packed sodium in it to make that happen. I just ate the best strawberries :cp: and when I looked on the carton to see where they were grown I laughed. From the very fields I used to pass by when going to work out in CA and would stop and take a flat of beautiful red ripe strawberries along to work with me. They are the best grown there than all I have eaten from there and elsewhere. Oh how I adore strawberries ~ nice ripe ~ plump ~ red ones that taste like strawberries should taste and not like juicy cardboard.

The dogs just came to greet me for they are back from the groomer and had a bath. Cecil is happy now and has quit searching for them. He sure misses his friends when they are at the groomer. Here comes Cecil being chased by Beanie down the hallway and into this room. Cecil jumped up on his food table and Beanie slid my entrance carpet across the room when he put his brakes on ~ like he was surfing. Those two are a crack up.

It is currently in the low 70ºs here in the ♥-Land and expected to stay somewhere in the 70ºs all day which is just fine with me. A bit of spring in the air ~ our trees are leafing out and the weeds are flourishing. Those weeds will have to be tackled soon before they take a good hold. Will is out there right now as I type doing something about it.

Did I mention I am going to make tacos for dinner ~ yep with store bought corn tortillas and not those pre-formed tasteless shells. I do the tortillas in a minimum amount of oil and they come out nice and crisp to stuff with burger meat, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese with a topping of salsa. Yum. The package of tortillas feels like they came fresh from the tortilla factory.

DONNA FAYE :bravo: 30 pounds down is so close and that is great. Keep on going ~ if you don't want to weigh in every week it is your program and you make the rules. Just know that we are with you every pound you lose along the way. Keep your FOCUS and you will make your goal for vacation. I know you will enjoy Thomas's concert much better than last go round.

JEAN It will be nice to have year round neighbors at the lake for they can be a deterant to any mischif in the area. Since there isn't a limit on how high you can build they will be blocking someones view but have every right to do so. I remember out in CA where they built a row of condos along the beach front and folks were so happy to buy them. They they built another row and it was in front of thise first built and it sure made some folks mad for the new row cut off their ocean view completaly. lots of the original row's condos were put on the market for they no longer were wanting to live there.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day :wave:

04-08-2013, 11:28 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It was a nice "warm" day with sunshine and wind mixed in. We balanced at church and I also counted and deposited the gift shop money this afternoon on my way to see Sonny. The lady vet was there and said he was feeling much better. :cp: They let him "out" to clean his cage and he promptly headed to a corner behind some boxes to hide, so the vet held him which didn't go over well. The assistant thought he might bite her because he really growled when she tried to take him out a second time; first they gave him a laser treatment, put him back in the cage, and then later was going to take him out to clean his cage and he wasn't at all pleased with all the handling I guess. Anyhow, he had more room today, because several of the towels had been removed, and he could roll over so I could rub his tummy. He chowed down on treats and came to the door like he was going to come out. I was afraid he would get away from me so decided it was time to leave. Both said he was feeling much better because he was so feisty today.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing another 4#s! Sometimes I do better when I don't concentrate so hard on what I can, can't, should, or shouldn't eat. This oatmeal recipe calls for vanilla almond milk and dried cherries. It really does smell good and I don't like oatmeal. With your history I'm really surprised your doctor hasn't recommended surgery.

Maggie -- I hope the iron monster was kind tonight. :yes: I've bought strawberries a couple three times but they still aren't as good as they will be. When we were in Florida we bought some from a truck along side the road. They were picked fresh and were so shiny; I'd never seen shiny strawberries but they were beyond delicious. New condos were built a few lots away from us and we noticed that there was siding missing. It looked like they were mending holes in the various walls on different levels. They aren't that old and there are quite a few that never sold in the first place. Bob wondered if they used cheap materials to build and that's why it's falling apart now.

I'm going to read while Bob watches basketball, then head to bed. Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow! :wave:

04-09-2013, 09:01 AM
Good morning to you all. We had thunderboomers last night but no rain. It spit a bit early this morning when I let Fortune out, but didn't even wet the ground. It is supposed to be 80 degrees here today. I am sure ready for it.

Jack has to work late tonight more than likely. He said they are having problems with all the raw sewage pumps, one of which was sent out to be repaired and the mechanics have to put it back in today then Jack has to set the calibrations and electronic stuff back on it. So, we shall see. He said he would call later today and let me know whether or not he has to work late. He calls me when he leaves the plant so I can expect him.

Thomas came home yesterday with two girls phone numbers on his arm and told his mom he is a player now. :lol: He has a girlfriend so Kelly said she doesn't know what that's all about. He turns 13 in two months so the fun will really begin then I imagine.

Maggie: I notice my hands swell overnight then go back to normal during the day so I quit leaving my rings on. I put them on if we are leaving the house, otherwise I just leave them off. Hopefully, your gain if any is small. It is sure a rollercoaster to lose weight no matter what you do.

Jean: Do they have any time line for Sonny coming home? He at least lets you touch him and such. I imagine he sees the vet and vet techs as the enemy and not you so will probably cuddle right up to you when he is better and can come home. Oooh the oatmeal sounds tasty. I like "junk" in my oatmeal so it isn't so boring, ie fruit and such. I have some now that has tiny choc chips and it is pretty good. I don't put milk in my oatmeal, one, I like thick oatmeal and two, I hate milk. My favorite is sliced strawberries in the choc chip oatmeal. The biggest concern with doing surgery is this would be the 4th time to cut me open and they want to avoid that unless my uterus is unhealthy, which it isn't. I figure sooner or later it will quit this nonsense and it will be copacetic. Until then, I will just hang in there.

Guess I should go and unload and reload the dishwasher and fix Fortune's food. You all have a good Tuesday. Faye

04-09-2013, 11:56 AM
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