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03-27-2013, 09:46 AM
OK y'all...so I have no problem getting out there and doing stuff, but I know that each and every time I go out and run/spin/play rugby/swim/yoga...whatever - that I have more to give. I can feel myself holding back all the time, keeping something in reserve. And I always have more gas in the tank after an activity....I'm not talking after recovery - but just more gas in the tank period.

Now part of it is that my fitness is increasing, so I actually have more gas than I know I have. So I don't mind giving 90% - as long as I think I'm giving 100%. I don't mind being slow or unskilled, but I'm sick of my own behaviour when I could be doing more. So it's my head I need to work on, not my body (that needs work, too - but somehow that seems easier). I nearly cried in the locker room after my last rugby match because I KNEW I hadn't 'left it all out on the field'. Not that it would have made any difference, we got thrashed. But I knew I hadn't given MY best. I knew I could have done more, and I felt ashamed that I might do the same kinda thing in a game where giving more might have made a difference.

So for those of you who are now athletes (amateur, sure, but athletes) how do you make sure you give 100%. What do you tell yourself? How do you push through?