Ideal Protein Diet - Quest Bars Available at lowcarbcanada, sort of...

03-25-2013, 08:24 AM
My nearest Popeye store is quite a distance and they usually carry only a couple of flavors of the Quest bars so I was looking at buying them from a Canadian online source, when I noticed two bars under "Quest Nutrition" on the website. This prompted the following email exchange, which I thought I would share, between myself andSylvia at customer service,
I was so excited to find that you carry Quest Nutrition bars only
> to discover that you only carry their high-fat, high calorie bars. Would you
> not consider carrying bars from their "100% natural" line? I have read
> especially good reviews on the banana-nut muffin, chocolate peanut butter
> and chocolate brownie flavors.
To which they replied;
We do carry their whole line of bars including the banana nut bars. They
> are no longer available on our regular website.
> We have put together a new website specifically for the Quest bars :
> it will still be shipped from Low Carb Canada
> Have a great day!
> Sincerely
> Sylvia

I then tried the link with no success so I followed up with this response;
Hello Sylvia,

Thank you for replying so quickly, however, when I clicked on the link
you provided it came up as "Site Not Published"?

Also I am a little unclear; when you say it will still be shipped from
Low Carb Canada, is there a way for it to be added to my order from
Low Carb Canada so that I qualify for free shipping?

Thanks again,

They then replied with the following:
That is strange, it was working but i see what you mean it got the same message.
We'll have to look into it further.
I guess for now the only way to order is by phone and then you could also request to have the total added to an existing order and have the shipping subtracted from the quest total and pay by phone.
The Toronto # is (780)728-7028
or Calgary # is (403)230-8383
Sorry about the inconvenience

So, I guess it is possible to combine a Quest order with a lowcarbcanada order to qualify for free shipping...although I am left to wonder why they must sell them from two separate website...

I thought I would share with my fellow canadians, in case anyone else is interested.

03-25-2013, 10:41 AM
Interesting. They used to sell most of the Quest bars online at but back last summer/early fall whatever branch of the gov't it is that's responsible for such matters made them sealup and return all their Quest stock and cease selling the bars in Canada. As I used to use these bars frequently and this was my only known source of supply, I spoke to the Manager at thelowcarbgrocery when this happened to try to understand why, and he said something about one of the ingredients in the bars not falling under approved Canadian standards. I was surprised to find some of them (not the full selection) still available at Popeye Supplements.

I wouldn't be surprised if this new 'strategy' is lowcarbcanada's way of getting the Quest bars to their customers, without directly contravening whatever import regulation governs this type of situation.

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