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03-23-2013, 12:47 AM
I was debating joining this site, but seeing this group made me sign up right away. I have been wanting to get some support since I found out I have PCOS about 5 months ago. Before that, I had been eating healthy, vegan specifically, exercising almost daily, and I had lost 30 pounds in 6 months. I was happy and proud of myself. Then I had an incident that led me to the ER and the diagnosis of PCOS. My dreams came crashing down (I have always wanted another child) and I assumed the worst. I have always been an emotional eater and boom, 5 months later I have gained back 15 pounds. I am depressed about that and upset with myself. I am ready to snap out it and I am ready to stop coping in a way that is only making my health worse. I do not really know how to move forward other than to stop eating junk and get moving. Any tips specific to the condition would be appreciated. I want to get healthier in general and I want to know that I have done everything I could in order to realize my dream of having a baby before it is too late. I am not IR as of yet and have no other symptoms than the irregular cycles, which are now being regulated by birth control pills.

03-23-2013, 11:45 AM
Welcome! Sorry you had to come here, but very glad you found us. Congratulations on your weight loss! I know how hard that can be. And I definitely understand the emotional eating when upset.

Please try not to be discouraged. I know.. I know... that's easier said than done. But there is a LOT of hope for those of us with PCOS. After a few years of treatment, I was able to become pregnant. G will be 12 this year. And medical knowledge and treatments have only expanded since then. There is definitely hope.

There also is a lot of good information out there about PCOS. One of the best places for info that I've found is soulcysters. Learning about your disease, and things you may be able to do to lessen its impact on your life, will help you become more confident and less discouraged.

I don't have any specific tips for you, because my concerns had more to do with dealing with IR. There are definite things you can do if you're IR. But since you're not, my diet tips probably won't help.

Hang in there! You are not alone.

03-23-2013, 04:37 PM

No it's no easy, but its not the end of the world either! Just keep reading and experimenting!