Atkins - The dreaded week 3

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03-22-2013, 02:56 AM
So it's friday of week 3, and I am up about two pounds from my lowest. I feel bloated, not constipated but definitely all round :/

Could any kind Atkinsers share their week 3 experience? I suspect I've been eating a tad too much mayo. I'm doing 72'.

I have a few meals I rotate (3 meals a day);

Tuna, salad, mayo salad
3 egg, cucumber, mayo salad
Some meat, often 150 grams
Chicken, take most skin off, mayo sometimes
100 grams of smoked salmon

That's been it. Black coffee, don't have sugar. Some gum (2 pieces), every few days. 3 litres of water. Literally nothing else.