Beck Diet Solution - I See Summer Ahead(cause my piles of stuff are smaller)Beck DECLUTTERS:Mar 21-Jun 21

03-21-2013, 03:54 PM
OK Beck Declutters Olde and New.

Welcome to the Spring Decluttering thread, traditional time for spring cleaning and getting the house/office/car/trailer whatever you may be concerned about space in shape so you can relax and enjoy the good weather ahead.

As with all things Beck related, we follow and apply the principles of the Beck Diet Solution to this task. Specifically 1) make a plan 2) write it down 3) develop strategies to conquer your clutter daily 4) apply your strategies and keep applying them even when you mess up--you just simply pick up (literally sometimes!) and go forward.

Let's hear about your big goals for your clutter and how you will strategically get to them. What are your reasons for focusing on this particular goal? What are the advantages to seeing the job through?

Post away.

helping rachel
03-21-2013, 04:33 PM
Thinking and pondering what is going on my list. Thanks for starting this thread.

May the next step of our journey be full of support, positive habits and accomplished goals. Looking forward to it.

03-21-2013, 06:52 PM

Onebyone thank you for the new thread. I look forward to our many successes
How is your Island adventure. May it energize you. I was scared for you, I can't imagine how it would feel to ration out food. I have decided to try this as an experiment. Thank you.

Rachel - I find that when I read posts here or on the other thread it causes me to do some deep thinking. I have learned so much about myself since I have been doing Beck. The thought of summer coming soon is so exciting to me.

Debbie, How was your day. I hope you find time for yourself in your busy day.

Waving hello to everyone else and have an amazing day. May all your successes be pleasing to each of you.

Take Care

03-22-2013, 11:07 AM
Greetings! Happy to continue with progress forward! Thanks, onebyone, for starting our Spring thread.

Several folks have asked what decluttering/etc. has to do with Beck Diet Solution. I thought I'd post a quote from Dr. Beck's book, The Complete Beck Diet For Life.

''OVER TIME, YOU WILL PROBABLY FIND THAT YOU AUTOMATICALLY START USING SOME SUCCESS SKILLS IN OTHER AREAS OF YOUR LIFE. For example, many dieters have told me that for the first time they found that they were also able to overcome such challenges as smoking, overspending, and procrastinating. They were able to manage their time better and to

organize their households and work lives.

They learned how to set goals and steadily work toward them." (P. 204)

There are many other books which address in depth the relationship between clutter and being overweight. P. Walsh has written numerous books about clutter, my favorite being, "Does This Clutter make my Butt Look Fat?"

I found Beck Diet Solution here at 3FC after I started reading a declutter thread here several years ago. BDS is helping me change my relationship/habits with food and I am learning how to apply those skills to my home life. The daily routines I've developed at home have really helped me to find more time for dieting and the new level of comfort I've found at home is really "Enriching My Life" a day at a time.

Well declutterers, I have a giant project coming on. A few of you will remember that I started decluttering in two small houses (my Grandmother's) that had been used as glorified family storage sheds for 35+years. It took me years to go through stuff and there is STILL STUFF THERE! This was the primary motivation for me to get "my own house in order", not wanting anyone else to ever have to have the burden of going through my "stuff".

Starting May 8, my friends, a husband/wife renovation team are going to come and assist my DH and I in a renovation which would make one of these small houses rentable. It is a pretty detailed project since the house has been vacant for 35 years....has an unfinished bathroom, broken pipes, etc, etc. It also has alot of "emotional baggage" attached.

I need to start the final push of decluttering...basically moving everything out, even if temporary.
I've been thinking about things.
1. It's important for me to keep my own home environment current while I do this.
2. I acknowledge I don't have the time or energy for this on days I go to my real job.
3. I acknowledge I need to start decluttering on a regular schedule on my days off.

First, I do have a vacation week coming up...March 27-April 1.

So, today I continue my 1-2-3 daily dance. I will continue on a daily basis
1. old clutter-put several more items in my thrift box
2. current clutter-picked up/packed up (we travel today)
3. clean something-cleaned my toilet, cleaned kitchen counters and sinks, washed couch blankets (for the pup)

I look forward to this new season!

helping rachel
03-22-2013, 11:13 AM
Hi All,

Being connected has helped me grow into the person that I want to be. I do appreciate the opportunity to share what isn't working, what I want to start doing and the support to do it.

Ann, Hope your deep thinking has been helpful for you. I know that I have challenged what I can and can't do with my thinking. We need each other to help us grow toward what we value.

OnebyOne: Hope your week has brought many new blessings into your life. Hope Looloo is improving.

Debbie: Hope all is well with you as I think you are "over the hill" right now. Hope you are enjoying the pool and the rewards of being at your 2nd home.

Yesterday, my sons came home from college. I made beef brisket, twice baked potatoes and homemade peanut butter cheesecake with a chocolate ganache. I did NOT have a piece. My DS's girlfriend is coming in town to see Lion King. They are meeting her parents at her brothers house. I shared this because the cheesecake it going with them so they have a dessert for after the production. Yay, me for avoiding the sugar and having a plan.

Looks like I used the word Hope a few times in this post. Here is one of my favorite quotes.

Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us. --samuel smiles.

03-24-2013, 09:20 AM

I got a call at 330 this morning. My coworker's son was missing and she'd been out looking for him. Gratefully, she found him (in a ditch)'s about a mother's love that he will live another day.

So, my day off went away and I am happy to fill in....

I found myself automatically reevaluating everything I had hoped to accomplish today AND found myself kicking into gear and getting my "current clutter" picked up and accomplished cleaning dishes and the kitchen sink.

My feeling was gratitude today...for my coworker, for her son and for my commitment to keep forging ahead in my own home. It was all doable today because I make the choice to "keep up" with things one day at a time.

Take care everyone!

03-24-2013, 10:36 AM
Hello Dedicated Declutterers

It was at the tail end of Spring last year that I started seriously looking at the state of my home. Our landlord comes in to turn the air conditioning on and he takes a good long look at the state of our affairs. This year when he comes in, I want him to see... an orderly space. Not perfect, not perfectly clean, but, yet again, I use this dreaded word from my childhood "normal". I want it to look within the spectrum of what our culture deems "normal". That's about keeping him off our backs. For me, cause if there was nothing in it for me I would not keep trying, it's about creating a nice place to live. Yesterday I realized that all my stuff pulls me away from my artistic headspace. I could feel the momentum from my residency dwindling as the stuff/boxes/clutter/general disorder took my mind away from my artwork plans and I felt like I was drowning in my stuff-I-still-have-to-do thoughts. I have never seen it so clearly spelled out for me how very very important this is for me to do now. I can't FOCUS with all this unfinished business so I have to make a plan and keep at it.

Will make that detailed plan today and post it back here today.

Bye for now!

03-25-2013, 08:02 AM

I dealt with a bit of insomnia last night and finally got up and got a few things done. I DO need to remember that if I don't keep maintaining my losses that I can very easily end up back where I started.

Current clutter-picked up

Old clutter-stack of mail gone through and bills paid

Clean-washed the cat (lol) and our comforter from our bed

helping rachel
03-25-2013, 12:02 PM
Hi all!

Old clutter: box of junk mail and filing to go in file cabinet- 30 minutes
New clutter: Picked up first floor after boys left for college.
Clean: Master Bedroom-bath 30minutes including shower.

Light snow on ground, ready for warmer weather.

03-26-2013, 09:48 AM

I'm bordering late to work. I will report, however, that despite a whirlwind of events I took time to clean up in the kitchen and office, make the bed, put away my laundry AND still take 5 minutes to lift handweights in my office. credit.

I hope you find some small moments today for progress forward.

helping rachel
03-26-2013, 09:34 PM
Busy Day! Completed all laundry, cleaned Bedroom completely and all ready to get painted. An old retired friend called and said he would paint it for me. Gave me an extra spring in my step. Working all day tomorrow. Will do a complete run thru before bedtime to clean counters and all clothes upstairs.

helping rachel
03-27-2013, 10:31 AM
Up early, quick vacuum thru 1st floor, woke up to clean kitchen. Off to work, will continue when I get home.

Have a great day ladies!

03-27-2013, 06:23 PM

Tami, nice you found some painting help. I have joined you in daily tasks just couldn't find time to post. We traveled...bad roads and it's nice here. I'm going to set the timer for 20 min then go for a bike ride. My goal will be to get unpacked and put away...including the groceries we just brought in. I'll complete a small cleaning project before dinner.

I was once again amazed at how simple it's getting to get packed and ready to go. It is very freeing.

helping rachel
03-28-2013, 11:24 AM
Debbie: Glad you made it there safe and sound. A bike ride sounds lovely!

Off to Natural Grocers that just opened up in my area. Changing up my eating pattern.

Clean: Both refrigerators, inventory freezers to see what is there.
Cutter: 1/2 hour in my office. File boxes
New: clean Foyer and dining room. Set timer as that always gives me a sense of accomplishment and a start/finish.

Take care all!

helping rachel
03-29-2013, 09:38 AM
Good Morning.

I am walking thru the house with an empty notebook to see what really needs to get done before summer. I will have an overview to break down what to be repaired or cleaned. We have these vents in the attic that leaked onto 2 ceilings. So that needs to be repaired. Exciting I know!

Off to work, made breakfast and lunch for DD.

Dishwasher running, kitchen cleaned.

new clutter, kitchen table junk mail.

old clutter-not going there as it will be 66 degrees and I want to be outside!!

03-29-2013, 11:38 AM
Hi Tami!

I'll be interested to see your list...I should do one too. Kudos for accomplishing chores before heading out for a beautiful day.

I cleaned and decluttered in my mom's small abode this morning...and picked up a bit at my house. Got her a new blind last night and installed it right away instead of waiting. credit.

03-30-2013, 09:10 AM
I'll jump straight in with my list for today:

Basics: Level one (Bins, tidy, laundry, dishes) and 2 level two jobs (bathrooms & ironing)
Declutter: scan/sort in trays (quite a build up!); spare bedding at least one drawer or cupboard

03-30-2013, 08:51 PM
Hi Zeke! It's great that you're joining us here!

Today's 1-2-3 :dance:

1. old clutter (yesterday) I spontaneously got 3 sets of old world history books from mom's to the car. I was originally embarassed to drop them all at the library at once but once I got there *sucked up* and hauled them all in. credit.

2. current clutter-I've been keeping up with my morning pickup including bed making

3. clean-washed several of mom's windows on the outside....then did two of mine, too. (I reminded myself I need to do stuff for me, too, not just for mom)

I've been making an "AppleSlabPie" for several years now at Easter. I love baking it and the only time it will get eaten is at a big potluck. (7# of apples) It's a big process so I decided to measure out some ingredients today as a time saving step. Good thing....I didn't have enough minute tapioca. Whew...organization saves the day. Mom and I made a trip to the store which wouldn't have been possible at 5 tomorrow morning.

Happy Easter!

helping rachel
03-31-2013, 09:52 AM
Happy Easter Friends! Wishing you many blessings of joy and love this beautiful day. Grateful for the beautiful sacrifice of Christ!

Cooking out today, will find things to do but glad the kitchen is in great shape from all the little movements.

03-31-2013, 10:29 AM

Pie making was super fun this morning because after I prepped all the ingredients yesterday I asked DH if he would prep both counters and he did. credit for asking him. We cleaned up together as we went through the stages and now the entire kitchen is clean and I've just taken the pie out.

While the pie was baking I did my 1-2-3

current clutter-picked up and made bed
old clutter-I went through a drawer and pulled 3 mismatched gloves to take to the other side. If there is no match I will pitch them.
clean-cleaned kitchen AND (yesterday forgot to report) I enjoyed my super clean vitamix container. We have yuk water here and it gets all stained...looks bad. I scrubbed and finally the one hour soak w/bleach did the trick. Just like the kitchen sink (thxflylady)

I will clean some more at mom's today

03-31-2013, 11:13 PM
Decluttering Coaches

I had figured I'd be back at the decluttering thing the first week of April, and as if on schedule Maz, my nosey landlord, knocked on the door asking us if we had ants and saying as he always does, I don't mean to tell you what to do but (I'm going to tell you what to do). Then he told us to move our stuff out of the shared entryway (shoes, snow shovel, salt) because he wanted us to make a good first impression on the new tenants who are moving in upstairs tonight. Apparently FIVE people are moving in. OMG this means Maz will surely be around a lot as I anticipate things needing to be fixed etc.

Maz drives me nuts.

We have had ants for two springs and then they go away. It's like a spring thing and they never stay. Maybe the tenant downstairs and the new one upstairs will draw his attention to it and this will mean a visit in our place to see if we have them. And this leads me back to having a place I am embarrassed and ashamed of. So, time to re-focus and fix it. I'm really ready to get back into it. I feel I have been off-track for a long time.

Thanks everyone for posting.

04-01-2013, 10:17 AM
Hi declutterers!

Yesterday I really and truly "felt" the relationship between decluttering and losing/maintaining weight. I can't really put it into words yet but everything was simple and manageable. We baked and cleaned up after ourselves....I had time to clean at mom's before church then when I realized it was time to get clothes were clean and accessible. I just didn't have that tug all day of things unfinished. Most of my success has been accomplished by doing something small every single day. I'm grateful to be in a routine and very mindful that it is still easy for me to slack off, too.

This morning I did my 1-2-3 despite a percieved shortage of time
current clutter-picked up and packed
old clutter-I went through all my precious things (jewelry, etc) and packed them up. I'll take them with me since someone pryed on the door at some point this winter.
clean-scrubbed kitchen sink

Gotta run...DH wants a ride to his workout.

helping rachel
04-01-2013, 08:57 PM
Hi all!

OnebyONe: A cranky landlord would motivate me as well. I am so ready for a nice spring day, wondering if you are feeling the same way?

Lexxiss: What awareness about the internal integration of the "felt sense" of two strong values coming together. You know something is right, just feel'in it.

""This morning I did my 1-2-3 despite a percieved shortage of time!""

SO LOVED THIS PART. Our preception can keep us stuck!!

helping rachel
04-02-2013, 09:40 AM
Off from work this morning and putting on my tennis shoes and cleaning 2nd floor and 1st floor. A garden variety of chores to knock out. I have my trusty timer that is set for 30 minutes at a time. It helps me to stop and pause at the 30 minute mark to see all that I have accomplished.

Lexxiss: I love Lexxiss! She looks so loyal and loving. What a blessing that you had her in your life.

04-02-2013, 10:42 AM

Hello. It's too cold to work in my studio this morning (-3 right now) so I've opted to stay home. Besides getting some artwork made, I am going to
deal with

a)new clutter = dishes 15 minutes worth
b)old clutter = all boxes in the dining room window

c) declutter = rearranging furniture: I'd like to move the new small bookcase to below the dining room window today. I need to clear out our hallway.

I'll be back to update, and post a detailed plan.

04-02-2013, 12:57 PM
:wave: to you both . I am at work. Was so tired last eve n didn't get unpacked. DH was awful n grumbly to me in am . He went back to bed. I did my 1 2 3 and found it relaxed me and I felt less angry. Credit

04-02-2013, 11:28 PM

Well, my fears materialized quickly. Guess there's something wrong with the upstairs bath/bathroom. I was waiting for DH to arrive home early so we could take Looloo to the vet for her fluids and exactly when he got home the light fixture in the kitchen ceiling started dripping, the streaming, water. I grabbed the small compost bin (it was empty) and the water gathered into it. I think about 4-5 cups worth. Wehad to get Looloo taken care of so we did that first and then we had to call the landlord given how unreasonable he was when we had the toilet issue I just thought he has to know cause I don't want him coming back on us down the line. He already knew. DH talked to the new neighbours and they said they'd called him and he was coming out tomorrow to have it fixed. This means he will want to see the kitchen. FFFFfffffffffft.
I started crisis cleaning: removing grime from te appliances and the floor and tossed dishes into the sink to soak and cleaned up the cat dishes. It's all ok except for the mountain of boxes and our general clutter. I think I might hit the roof if he says even one peep. However, the new neighbours put so much into perspective. They are from Syria. Lucky to escape the war they said. A touchy landlord, a sickly kitty and too much stuff all really pale in comparison to that. Made me grateful for my life here. I like them.

Oh yeah, still freezing cold here so won't go to the studio until Thursday when it's supposed to be 10C. So since I'll be around I can get at the decluttering once more. Did not do anything beyond he crisis cleaning after the leak.

Oh well. Have a good night.

04-03-2013, 09:32 AM

onebyone, crisis cleaning is progress forward! As you move forward keep reminding yourself that if you keep working on things the day will come when it will no longer be a crisis! I never thought I'd get there but it is happening.

Today's 1-2-3
old clutter-did some paperwork for mom that has been put off for awile
current clutter-done
clean-cleaned cat barf off bedroom carpet...all I could manage today

My greatest benefit of keeping up right now has been the addition of a 15 minute exercise routine. A reminder that decluttering does help me with my weightloss. credit

Work...gotta run!

helping rachel
04-03-2013, 10:10 AM
OnebyOne: Sending good vibes for a day of decluttering and cleaning. I hope it warms up so it will be easier to work in your art studio.

Lexxiss: My biggest aha moment yesterday was all these little tasks/errands/projects were hit head on with the thought, "How long will this really take you?" I am almost detaching from the emotion or the task and just in the groove of getting it done. Over and Over. I have to say that I am elated that I had that experience as it kicked that procrastinating part right in the tush.

Was up at 5 am as a good friend of my DS was in a car accident. He was on scene and pretty upset. Helped hold space to calm him down and then started my day since there was no way to get back to sleep.

Laundry done - 2 loads.
Winter coats - hung up and put away .
Breakfast - Lunch made of DD

Will be packing for a trip with my little sister to Florida on Saturday. I want my frig cleaned and my house in order so I can leave peaceful.

04-03-2013, 12:14 PM
Decluttering Beck Coaches

After breakfast and after a short pep talk with my sister on skype, I am starting my crisis cleaning exactly as this outlines:

OK talked with her and will make quick breakfast and then dressed to shoes with makeup and music on and off to create some order out of chaos.

*during process: put things into give away boxes/trash/keep piles if I see some of that kind of thing.*

1- wash dishes DONE
2-dry and put away dishes DONE bonus wiped all the cupboards around the sink area
3-clean off counters by putting stuff away that's sitting out
4-wipe counters down
5-wipe down major appliances
6-wipe down minor appliances
7-wash kitchen floor

PLAN: Hallway
8-clear out entry hallway by moving small bookcase out of there
9-line/straighten up shoes DONE
10-move items between kitchen doorway and bathroom doorway
11-straighten up/declutter bookcase on one side of hallway
12-straighten up/declutter bookcase on opposite hallway
13- deal with shelving unit crammed into the corner
14-remove/gather items that need to go to my studio
15-put studio items into car for drop off tomorrow
16-drop donation items off
17-buy some fresh flowers for the counter.

7/17 completed

UPDATE/THOUGHTS: all the blue bits took 5 hours total for me to do. I finshed about 30min before DH got home from work. I started around 11. The landlord never dropped by and the plumber and the landlord couldn't get upstairs cause the tenants were out <?> so no fix for the leak, but as I write this, it hasn't leaked in a few hours. I'm too tired to deal with the mopping. The mopping part would be fine but making the water, and cleanign the clean up stauff after just dains my energy thinking about it. I'll get to it tomorrow along with the rest of my list but priority #1 is my print in my studio. It should be a good day for it.

04-04-2013, 12:02 PM

Tami(helping rache), sending supportive thoughts as you negotiate family stuff AND a trip to Florida. Glad to hear things are becoming more automatic. I feel that way, too.

onebyone, kudos for such great progress forward!

Today is the official start of our Spring project...getting my grandmothers house ready for rental. Vacant since 1973 and a dumping ground of sorts for stuff that nobody wanted to deal with. I mentioned before that I have put lots of work decluttering and there is lots to go. Our contractors come May 8 so we have a month to clear it out.

Up there, today, I'm going to try and start with the sort:
1. thrift
2. trash
3. save (not my decision) and store next door
4. save (bring to my house)

We won't do any hauling today other than what might come down to my house.

I'm going to need to modify my "plan" at home. We are setting a time for going to work up there and I will need to do my chores at home afterwards.

I'm excited about this new phase. I will take pictures before we start.

04-04-2013, 02:19 PM
7-wash kitchen floor

PLAN: Hallway
8-clear out entry hallway by moving small bookcase out of there DONE
9-line/straighten up shoes DONE
10-move items between kitchen doorway and bathroom doorway DONE
11-straighten up/declutter bookcase on one side of hallway DONE
12-straighten up/declutter bookcase on opposite hallwayDONE
13- deal with shelving unit crammed into the corner
14-remove/gather items that need to go to my studio DONE
15-put studio items into car for drop off tomorrow DONE
16-drop donation items off DONE
17-buy some fresh flowers for the counter.

14/17 completed

After trying to relocate my filing cabinet, which stores stuff and which I haven't actively used since, oh, the 90's(?) I decided to donate it. I took the contents and filled up a drawer in one of the new furniture pieces we got over xmas and will save that detailed decluttering for another day. I already feel "unburdened" (is that even a real word?) by it. I think it's been weighing on me for years cause i have it and don't use it. *credit for letting it go*

Also, for the very first time in my whole life I have managed to clean my kitchen in such a way that I do believe that a stranger would agree that it is a "clean kitchen".:hat: here's to perseverance *credit* I was inspired, as i was moving my hallway stuff, to finally place the wall decals I got at the dollar store on my glass backdoor. It looks nice. I left room for the caesar cat to still have an unobstructed view from his cat space in front of the door.(see jpg attached)

I did find that my cleaning skills were just that much better and i *credit* being here and just coming back to face the problem over and over and over again. It is so important not to give up. Progress comes whe it is least expected and you can't think your way to it, you have to take the action(s) and do the work. *credit you guys for your good examples and for encouraging me to keep at it* :hug:

update: I'm taking #13 off the to do list. It's really a storage issue so I'll postpone it until I am back at the mountain. I also called it done on the west bookcase/desk leaving three bookcase shelves unsorted for now. I will do them as I settle in to work in that space. By being in it it'll come more clear as to what makes sense to be there.

I keep thinking we still may need a storage space, but I'm not done yet. I'm resolving now not to call myself a failure if it turns out I end up renting one at the end of this challenge. And that's the bottom line here Becksters: by summer solstice this place will be done, however and by whatever means.


04-04-2013, 05:08 PM
Ok I had this thought. I have a desk in the alcove aka the west side of the hall. I think this was a closet at one time but now it's just an indentation running parallel to the hall itself. One of the free furniture thing I got from the upstairs neighbour is in here. I am just realizing that as I declutter it, like right after I write this, it will be a WORK SPACE hello? Like my writing desk! OMG. I have a space to write at home. My *gut* it telling me to go to the home depot and buy a fancy patterned duct tape and just cover the surface of the desk with it. I loathe the wood--find it very depressing. Don't want to paint it and who cares anyway? it's my used ugly furniture. So, as I declutter I am picturing a little writing desk set up in there with my 1960's plasic lamp that DH hates so much. This way I get to use it and he doesn't have to look at it. Yay! Things are happening Beckster Declutterers.... and btw the landlord didn't come in and I think the plumbing issue is fixed. No leaking all day today. Yay.

Back to work.

helping rachel
04-04-2013, 07:27 PM
ONEBYONE: Oh my! What beautiful progress you have made. I love the picture you have attached. I love have you listed everything and then onebyone, changed the status and condition of your home. The unburdening and creative flow is evident. Blessing for hanging in there and making your space what you want it to be. So very glad for you.

Lexxiss: Love you plan and look forward to supporting you in the process. Thanks for the kind words. My sons friend is paralyzed. It hard for him to be in Colorado and away. Keeping in touch and loving him thru life's sadness.

04-04-2013, 07:52 PM
Checking back in...loving to hear of your progress, onebyone! The duct tape sounds interesting...I've seen some pretty cool stuff. I've done some strange paint jobs with my old furniture...nothing turned out very interesting...just cleaner. Fun you will have a place for your writing!

Tami(helping rachel), has your DS' friend come to a hospital in Colo?

Looking back at my last post....chuckling now I guess up there I do a 1-2-3-4 :dance:
I did as I said and we made quite a bit of progress. Tomorrow I will make a dump (metal recycle) run, drop off stuff at the thrift and bring one more box down. I think we will simply plan to move several pieces of furniture...that's it. I have linens strewen around my dining room and it will not sit...must resolve.
~credit for going through them all and pitching a pile of stained/damaged already.
I think I'll wash a load (tomorrow) and see how they turn out.

I contacted my electrician friend and will meet on Saturday so I can get an opinion on what needs to be done.

Nap time!

04-05-2013, 09:29 AM

I'm trying to check in early since we'll head out within the hour. Right now my home routine and project stuff are all meeting in the middle.

This morning I:
~washed 2 loads of linens and am ironing some right now. It's important for me to put the clean ones in storage boxes properly.
~folded/put away personal laundry and made the bed.
~took out the vacuum and did the entryway rug...zipped through the living room and did the hardwood floor to the kitchen.

After we "project" I'd like to:
~vacuum bedroom, swish upstairs toilet and sink and
~declutter in the office.

That's it for now.

helping rachel
04-05-2013, 10:06 AM
Lexxiss and OnebyOne:

Wishing you a blessed Friday. Lots of great accomplishments this week. Good luck with your new project, Lexxiss. DS friend is at Denver hospital now. He was transported from around Greeley.

DS room is painted and finished. I just need to get new outlet covers. Packing for a trip with my sisters on a beach. I can't wait to just sit and chill out. It has been a long winter.

I may not be able to check in for the week it depends on the WIFI. Hope next week is full of much committed action toward those desired values!


04-05-2013, 06:43 PM
Tami (helping rachel) Have a great vacation!!!!!!:dancer::beach::beach:

We worked two hours at my Grandmother's house. DH vacuumed up 30 years of cobwebs and I kept packing/sorting. The miracle is this: I am almost through and I only had 1 large garbage bag and 2 small boxes to thrift, a box of hangers old enamel pans a light fixture and a metal shoe stand to recycle.
I only have one more bureau to go through.

The reality is that over the past 8-10 years I have slowly but surely taken this from stacked to the ceiling to done. credit and :carrot:

I will also acknowledge to anyone who reads this that:


I am grateful today to not have resentment w/mom for neglecting it AND filling it with her own undealt with "stuff". CREDIT

So, I was undecided about the linens. I started ironing this morning and they look "respected" now. They are getting washed, ironed and folded bit by bit.
I was thinking of putting some of it in the basement (undone) but really don't like the idea of storing it dirty (minor mouse activity in boxes)

I work for the next 4 days I will "just do it". I'll do it in bits and pieces and stage the finished stuff on the big countertop in my office.
RIP Grandmother...your beautiful handiwork is now being taken care of.

04-05-2013, 09:01 PM

I was at the Home Depot today buying some cedar planks to do some woodblock carvings on and as I walked by the paint department I stopped and looked at these small jars of "tester" size paints. They are the size of my acylic paint jars. I asked the employee if they can mix any colour into those tiny jars. She said yes so I chose two: A bright green-like a kelly green -a bit spring greener than this green here: green and then I chose a dark blue-with purple undertones like this. That desk is getting one heck of a makeover. I've decided it is to become my writing desk and as my writing desk I get to do whatever I want with it. When I told DH that's what I wanted to do with it he said it was a good idea. :hug:

I have been keeping the areas I cleaned and cleared n good shape, still returning it to good shape every evening. I am enjoying waking up to the clear space. Some boxes and cardboard (I always seem to have so much cardboard recycling!) have crept into the kitchen area and there is a small box with a foodbowl for Looloo inthe middle of the floor. Whatever Looloo wants/needs/helps her to eat she gets so it'll stay there. We're doing all we can for that little charmer.

Not many clean up plans this weekend. I have got to attempt printing tomorrow. Deadline is Monday. No choice.

helping rachel Really enjoy the beach! Have a great time away!

Lexxiss I got a tug at my heartstrings when you mentioned honouring your grandmother and her textile work. My grandmother did that too, and I even have two pieces of table embroidery made by her sister, pre 1926 when my grandparents came to Canada from Hungary. They need to be preserved--some of the cloth is gone (moths and me as a kid with scissors-yes). *big credit* for chipping away that that pile for years. Wow. excited for you as you take the next step and turn the corner with this project. :bravo:

04-06-2013, 04:13 AM

I'm making a commitment to post here daily while Tami is away AND make a very small bit of progress forward every day, too, even though it's the start of my busy work week followed by a day in Denver and travel over the hill for two days again.(mom has medical appts)

onebyone, I love those little paint samples! I did the top of my big/old chest of drawers in the office with "daffodill yellow". Great that you are noticing/enjoying your cleared space in the morning when you rise. To me, that has been the greatest motivation to keep going. I hope you have a productive print day.

Sometimes I wake up for a bit in the middle of the night and I decided ages ago that two things were NO CHOICE
1. eating
2. staying in bed wide awake where I start "worrying"
Getting up...having a cup of tea...and crossing a few items off my list has been a much better deal.

Today's 1-2-3
old clutter-going down to start a load of wash which will include a handful of old linens (just enough that I can iron them either before/after work)

current clutter-I've already spent just 5 minutes in my office and it "feels" much better

clean-I have the vacuum upstairs will do the bedroom (2 min) and have some veggies to wash (while the morning coffee brews).

Still finding space for my 5-15 minute exercise routine. Yay!

04-06-2013, 11:49 PM
Ok Declutterers.


Long day long night and looking for a good night's sleep tonight. Got my print done but my studio is majorly dysfunctional. Many things have got to go. Next week I begin making things for the farmers' market so will be digging that out and will need to set uo a work space-well more like a storing area for work in progress and completed things. I do some of my stuff sitting in front of the tv so I need to take a stab and clearing the space around the coffee table/tv again. That's all I got tonight. Heading to bed right after I check in on beck board.

04-07-2013, 08:51 AM
onebyone, I love the green smiley guy! Yep, more more more. Nice job with your print and acceptance of the second one not happening by Monday. Sorry 'bout the bed....I hope your latest box provides some relief.

I think your comment regarding not enough time resonated with me. I had these linens all spread out...This project is too time consuming when I look at my schedule for the week. I packed up the unwashed and put them in a corner of my office and persisted with the clean ones...they are all ironed and folded. They need to sit out for another day so I make sure they are totally dry then I'll pack them in the new tote.

I refocused, and am working on getting the house back in order. I have about 1/2 hour more until I have to get ready for work. I'll continue in a realistic fashion.
old clutter-done all linens in their proper place (for now.
current clutter-3/4 done
clean-cleaned kitchen counters and sink, upstairs toilet, vacuumed upstairs. Will vacuum pet room/kitchen and clean pet stain before work.

04-08-2013, 08:18 AM

In my final 1/2 hour before I go to work 1 hr. early today. Our hostess has had a great tragedy and we don't know when she'll be back. She's worked there 17 yrs...her DH had pneumonia, was in the hospital and checked himself out last Wednesday. We are all just helping out as best we can not knowing what the situation is at home since we havent heard from her.

Today's 1-2-3 :dancer:

clean-have my vitamix container bleach soaking...will love its shine tomorrow.
current clutter-worked on last night
old clutter-will find a place for the box of unfinished linens before I leave this morning.

Even the small tasks will move me forward today.

04-09-2013, 12:17 AM
Hello Decluttering Folks

I am finally lifting my head above water. Several accomplishments to report:
Looloo the cat gained weight this weekend. She is 4.25lbs, up from 3.8 on Friday. Go Kitty Go. This is very good news. I managed to get my art submission to the post office before 8pm today, which was the deadline but the pkg ws not postmarked wiht time stamp. I hope the date is enough to get me into the competition. And getting the submission means I got my print made + the pictures+ thw written supporting material. I have been at this for quite a few days. Nice to see it done and gone.

And yes, the sick kitty has, lately, begun to pee the bed at night.:( We re figuring this out and we think she doesn;t like it when i get up and leave and don't return. We've decided that either a) I can't leave or b) i take her with me. Hmmmm. She slept inthe living room last night and I kept thinking don't wake the dragon... needless to say her "antics" create extra housework. Ugh. At least we have a bit of reward for our ongoing effort today.

The kitchen dishes have piled up again. DH does this: he fills the sink with water on Sunday, then the dishes sit in them, then the water gets cold, then it's a couple of days and the water is stinky and I end up sticking myhand in the cruddy water, daining the sink, inserting the dishpan and doing the dishes. This has happened more than once. I can't really be upset with him though since he did all the laundry all day yesterday plus folded the laundry when it came out of the dryer and put everything but my stuff away. Guess I'll do dishes tomorrow and straighten up the kitchen into the great shape it was in last week. DO NOT want to see my hard work vanish so soon.

Must go. Late. :wave:

Lexxiss wow it's tough where you work and they sure need you! It's a *credit* to you that you are in fine physical condition to be able to step in when asked. Inspite of the extra time you need to spend at work for a while I am sure being able to physically do your demanding job must reinforce for you everyday your decision to lose the weight aand get healthy. KUDOS.

04-09-2013, 06:39 AM
Hi declutterers!

onebyone, kudos for all the dedication put into your submission...all the while tending to Looloo, too. I'm glad to hear that she has gained some weight and that you and DH are teamed up together taking care of her (and the bedsheets :arg:). I'm sure there is an answer for your dishes situation...yet it is probably hard to figure out when there is so much going on. Credit for jumping back in so your hard work from last week is not lost.

Me, the news from my coworker is pretty grave...we have not talked to her but believe her DH is going to pass on at home fairly soon. Still hoping for a miracle! So all other employees have been called on to fill week at a time. I will fill in this Sunday,for sure. We believe she will want to come back to work but she has a disability and doesnt drive so there are many hurdles.

So, I'm trying to keep up at home and be gentle with my feet...The good news is that I have a food plan and don't have to get myself sidetracked over a tragic event that I cannot change. We went to bed early last eve which means I'm up early, too. I worked on some advance food prep in the kitchen. As I was washing up the big thought came through my mind.

It's really important to me to keep up and home and stick with my food plan while all the work stuff is going crazy.
Today, it matters.
1-old clutter-went out to car(in blizzard) to retrieve new tote to store clean linens...will put them into it today.
2. current clutter-there isn't any....will make the bed, etc
3. clean-everything is pretty clean here, too, will wash the coffee bar area today.

Keep on truckin'!

04-09-2013, 08:07 AM
Good Morning Declutterers

Lexxiss, wow you sure have a lot on your plate. You are a very kind person.
Take care of yourself.

I need to remember your saying:


I find that sometimes I feel resentful instead of crediting myself for doing things that weren't my job/stuff.

Onebyone- Yeah for Looloo gaining weight. I hope she is getting better. My friend has a cat who pees whenever her husband is home. If he is away on business the cat does not pee on stuff but when he is home the cat pees on his shoes, clothes, etc. I had a dog that would lick my face while I was sleeping and then I would get out of bed and she would jump into the bed. My husband would laugh about it because she wasn't content sleeping at the foot of the bed. She wanted my pillow. Dishes in the sink at my house drive me crazy. When I put them there I think, or I will do them soon. Last night my dh put some dishes in the sink after I went to bed and I got up and as I was going to do them but everyone is sleeping and I don't want to wake them up....that is my story and I am sticking to it. I admire you for your ability to be so creative and get stuff done when deadlines are looming. I would find that overwhelming.

Tami have a wonderful vacation.

I went through my books and donated them as I don't find time to read them so I thought someone else may be able to use them.

Have a great day.

04-09-2013, 11:43 PM
Wasn't home at all today so no work on straightening out the dishes. Tomorrow it will happen as I am puttering around the house. that will prbably be my only accomlishment besides cooking from scratch. Gott get to bed. Until tomorrow then, with a re-vamped plan to boot.

04-10-2013, 02:08 PM
Hi onebyone! Sending support as you WFH today!

We travel tomorrow and my intent is to always leave a clean house. Last time I enlisted DH's help he was grouchy. He told me to just make him a list so I tried that today. I made lists for both of us so he could see what I was doing, too. credit. Everything is pretty much done and we're headed to Denver to take my mom to an appt and have OPVietnameseLunch!

old clutter-packed linen box and put away, completed monthly tax deposit and quarterly tax report
current clutter-done..still need grocery list
clean-my part/dusted laundry/pet room

04-11-2013, 11:14 AM

Laundry has become a daily thing here. And so, I do laundry. *credit*
Today *will be* getting dishes done day.
I *credit* cleaned off the counter and the stove, right after I plunked a frozen thing into the slow cooker to cook slowly for us for dinner. *credit*

OK here's my list:

-wash dishes
-dry dishes and put away
-wipe off stove top and kitchen counters
-get the garbage together and out into the bin.
-wash bedding so we can have bedding for tonight.

old clutter=-remove/tidy/trash/whatever I need to do to clear out the space that leads from the kitchen to the dining room. It's got styrofoam packing material and bags of paintings and don't know what else. Time to make headway twd Box Mountain.

new clutter= read my newspapers!!!! remove from them anything art-worthy (this is why I got my new subscription) and recycle the rest

now to transfer this to my white board and get it done. BBl8r.

04-11-2013, 02:34 PM
Hey all,
I'm going to jump on this bandwagon. I usually post over on the SB thread (Hi Debbie!) but sometimes visit Beck for encouragement. I am OBSESSED with clutter and decluttering. To make things short we were all set to move apartments so had the movers store our stuff for a couple of days last fall as we arranged our closings. To be clear, this was 95% of the stuff we owned. We were supposed to close on our new place on 10/31. Then Sandy came and most of our stuff was destroyed in the storage facility. We were able to rescue a couple of pieces of furniture and sterlize certain mementos but basically lost almost everything.

When we moved into our new apartment we had to start from scratch and I vowed to not acquire things. We've been there now since November and all the home improvement is basically done, as of today. In that time things have slowly started to creep in (i.e. I bought a shirt without getting rid of one that doesn't fit, so they are both still in the closet) and I'm also ready to get into a homekeeping routine now that all the construction dust and debris will be gone. I'm looking forward to joining you all in this thread.

I like Debbie's 1-2-3. Today I had a professional cleaner over to take care of the big stuff so I don't have any real cleaning to do. So here's my list:
1-old clutter: pack up 3 shirts that I no longer wear for donation
2-current clutter: organize spice cabinet
3-clean: nothing

04-12-2013, 11:18 AM
Hi Matilda(Mmckellen)! Glad you are joining us! I had wondered how you had fared w/Sandy. Is life seeming more normal for you? I'm interested to hear more about your new home.
I must say that your photo project several years ago inspired me to tackle mine. With support from the group here I am 99% complete. I scanned all my photos, gotCostco to put all the slides on DVD and sorted every image into specific files on the computer for viewing in some sort of order. It was a great accomplishment and thx for the inspiration!

So: today is travel day
old clutter (mentally), I sat down and booked the motel reservation for family wedding in MN this summer. Credit
current clutter-will pick up before we leave
clean-I'll make sure kitchen/bathrooms are scrubbed.

04-13-2013, 08:07 AM

An early work day here-1st of 4.

old clutter-unpacked from yesterday's travel
current clutter-made bed, dishes done and put away, laundry started
clean-will find something

helping rachel
04-13-2013, 12:05 PM
Morning all!

Returned from a wonderful vacation enjoying my sisters, the beach and ocean.

Back to reality and freezing temperatures:)

Cleaning refrigerator today. Husband didn't grocery shop or get rid of stuff. This will be one heck of a task but needs to be done. Once I finish that I will start grocery shopping.

My beck/decluttering skills kicked in everyday at the hotel. Felt good to keep the routine of picking up and helping out the maid that cleaned our room.

I need to spend about 5 hours in my office next week. This will be my goal for the next 7 days.

04-14-2013, 09:54 PM
Hi everyone,
Had a busy weekend, but was able to accomplish a couple of 1-2-3s:
-old clutter: gave away an old coat rack; hung the coats in the closet (where they actually belong)
-new clutter: didn't make headway on my closet, but it will be on my list this week
-cleaning: cleaned my son's room (helping him). There's a lot more I need to do in there!

On Friday night I did some rearranging in the apartment. I bought a new end table; my rule is something must go in its place. This time around I guess it's the coatrack.

Looking forward to working with you all next week. Debbie I remember my photo project!! All those photos were lost in Sandy. I should have digitized them. But part of that project was to migrate all my existing digital photos to one share site so at least I have those.

04-15-2013, 09:40 AM

Matilda, I am sorry to hear about your photos. I am glad you had a bunch of stuff saved digitally.

Tami(helping rachel), welcome home! Glad to hear you had a great trip and found yourself keeping your living space organized even while away.

I'm in a big rush but wanted to check in. This extra work day is making it more difficult to post regularly...I am managing to stay caught up at home. credit.

This morning I focused on my current clutter...made the bed and picked up the rest of the house. Pushed the button, too, to send my taxes electronically. I am grateful I did them weeks ago and didn't have to do anything last minute.

Gotta run!

04-15-2013, 10:00 AM
Hello Declutterers.

Woke up to a really disorganized kitchen yet again. Will get on that today as it only gets worse if I don't deal with it. Today has to be a work day. I've been trying to get at it for days now but all my energy has gone into my sick cat and I can't focus my mind on much else. I'm either worried about her, or upset cause I am cleaning up after her. I do have some solutions for the situation but we had to wait until DH got paid, which has happened, so I can go get what I need and, hopefully, it will help put my mind at ease. Unfortunately, it will make my home seem "less normal" which is against my personal goal for the house. Oh well. One thing at a time. Will check back later today.

:welcome3: Mmckellen I am so sorry you were so affected by Sandy. I am sure it was a complete shock. Glad you are with us.

And :welcome: welcome back helping rachel. cleaning out the firdge is high on my to-do list. Not today, but up there. So happy to read you had a good vacation.

Lexxiss Your extra day of work really can mess everything up. I hve faith you'll figure it out and get through this time while they sort stuff out at work. Wishing you a good day today.:hug:

Bye for now.

04-15-2013, 12:10 PM
Hey guys! Happy Monday. I'm actually raring to go this week. My focus will be on my clothes closet. So these are my weekly goals, but I'll make daily mini goals too.

Old Clutter-take all clothes out of closet (I actually really need to do this as I am getting new components installed next week). Discard at least 15 items. I can do this!
New Clutter-file all paperwork related to house closings
Cleaning - various rooms each day

Mini goals for today:
-old clutter: measure existing components and make list of what I need from Container Store (done!)
-new clutter: make new labels for accordian file (monthly bills) (not done)
-cleaning: not much cleaning I have to do so perhaps I will start sorting the papers. (not done!)

Mountain Mamma
04-16-2013, 12:27 PM
Welcome, Mmckellen! Glad you joined, but so very sorry to hear about Sandy and the lost photos, etc. :hug: Can any be replaced by friends or family?

04-17-2013, 07:12 AM
Thanks for the thoughts guys. I must say that after the initial shock, losing the stuff was freeing in a way. I will NEVER accumulate that much stuff again, and I didn't really have that much to begin with! Now I love to give things away. It truly is a way to make room for good things in life. There is a Buddist saying that you should burn your house down every 5 years. That seems a bit extreme, but I can see why they would say that.

Anyway, yesterday I went to the Container Store and bought the missing components AND I went through my papers and sorted them out and got them ready to file. I do need some supplies like file folders. But I'm on my way.

old clutter: shred papers that need shredding
new clutter: organize home renovation file
clean: tidy house

04-17-2013, 02:23 PM
Hi Matilda!
I got a little emotional reading your post thinking about all you've been through... Then I got a chuckle thinking that I would save the house but bring all the stuff in the front yard for a bonfire every five years... Anyway great job getting those papers sorted.

Well I left the house a complete wreck this morning. I was supposed to take my mother to Denver at 9 AM. I had the bed stripped down sheets half on blanket in the dryer I'm folded clothes and general stuff everywhere. Then my mom called at 7:45 and said she wanted to leave in 15 minutes. All I could do was walk away and I did. Now I'm down in Denver and got the grocery shopping done before her appointment so I can go home early and get things back in order. It's a credit that I now like my organized space and do whatever I can to get it back that way .
My mom just called and she's ready for a pick up so we are off to Costco then right back home.
Interesting I usually go to several thrift stores while my mom is at her appointment and today I thought to myself I really have no legitimate reason to be there now and so I stayed away . For me that is great progress!

helping rachel
04-17-2013, 08:52 PM
Hi all.

Been sick the past 3 days....spraying clorox everywhere. Strep throat and fever. I don't make a very good patient.

Send blessing to Matilda. Sorry for your loss.

Lexxiss: I have lost my desire for thrift shops as well. I really just want spring to come and to plant flowers.

Hi Onebyone: sending healing vibes for looloo.

Hi Mountain Mama and anyone else that I have missed.
Sending a hi out to Ann and Julia!

04-17-2013, 08:57 PM
Hello ladies,
I am on day 2 of fake it til you make it. I went for a two hour walk today.
I am wiped, I need to go to sleep but I wanted to post. I am procrastinating cleaning my garage out. I know I should do it but I find other things to do instead.
Well have a great night.
Dishes done.
another bag for thrift shop.
got rid of son's artwork. I framed as much as I could.
Have a great night.

04-18-2013, 12:09 PM

Tami(helping rachel), I hope you are feeling better soon!

Ann(Newlifestyle), it sounds like the garage will still be there when you're ready and credit for moving forward with other things you were willing to do.

Shhh...I may really have a day at home and as I puttered around I realized that it's been quite some time. I still don't know exactly where it will take me but I'm in the mood to take some time to get things back in order.
So far:
~made bed/folded laundry
~vacuumed upstairs and carpet on the staircase
~washed out the bins in the fridge so I could put in all the fresh...
~veggies/fruits washed/stored

I will:
~vacuum in the cat's fenced off area (very bad)
~vacuum the downstairs
~declutter office and do some paperwork

I may:
~wipe down kitchen cabinets
~wash kitchen floor

I'll try to identify some old clutter today. It's been awhile. I do have a box in a back corner of the dining room with multiple items for thrift store. I'll see if I can find something else to put in there.

04-18-2013, 08:37 PM
Lexxiss, did I read that correctly? Did you actually get a day at home. I don't get those too often. It sounds like you have a great balance. It is funny when I read what you wrote about my garage I felt at ease. It was like I got permission not to worry about it right now. Thank you for that.

Onebyone is SB a difficult plan to follow? Congrats on how well you are doing with it.

Tami, How are you feeling? I hope you feel better soon.

Today my friend wanted to walk again. We were walking for 90 minutes, she power walks. Yikes. It was nice.
She needed to use the washroom at my house and usually she stays on the main floor, my son was in that bathroom so she went upstairs. I was thinking oh no, my house is a disaster. Guess what ladies thanks to all of you and your 1-2-3 dancing it was not. Yeah.

Waving hello to everyone.

I hope you all have a great evening.
Take Care

04-19-2013, 06:50 AM
Ann(Newlifestyle), yay for noticing positive results as your friend went upstairs. (Reminds me I need to swiff the upstairs loo). I'm glad my comment was helpful. Regarding your garage, I could also suggest this; I have a note on my computer which says, " taking time to look around". You might consider just going in the garage and looking around. It might be possible to pull 3 or 4 items for trash, 3 or 4 for recycle and 3 or 4 for thrift. If you do that, even occasionally, your garage will start to clean itself out. You'll make progress without that gut crunching huge project feeling....

I accomplish almost everything on yesterday's list...except the kitchen floor. I enjoyed my day at home and decluttered my DVR by watching some shows that had been hanging out for awhile. lol

Today I head out to the Denver airport at 7:15 so I'm up early.

Today's 1-2-3 dance :dancer:

old clutter-take care of some paperwork that's been hanging out on my desk
current clutter-(the usual)
clean-upstairs bathroom (might as well do downstairs, too)
AND if time permits
~wash the kitchen floor

04-19-2013, 07:10 AM
Good Morning,
Hi Debbie, what a great idea about the garage. I went in there this morning to put recycle away. I just closed my eyes and left. I just told my DH your suggestion he went hmm. I told him it worked on the house so it will work there too. He will get the pool ready to open soon so that stuff will come out of the garage and make a small dent. I have to remember to keep going even if he is not on board.

Safe travels today.
Watching the news today makes me thankful for many things.

Hello to everyone and have a great day.

04-20-2013, 09:22 AM

Definitely on the run but took some time to accomplish a few things at home. credit. I made the bed, picked up clutter and got the pup's meds doled out for the next two weeks. credit.

helping rachel
04-20-2013, 09:52 PM
Quick drive by, I have been down for 4 days with this sickness. I did get all laundry done, stripped beds and sprayed enough lysol to cover the state. I don't want anyone else to get sick. The kitchen is clean but my butt is getting kicked with no sleep at night with coughing /fever. I do believe that I am on the tail end and will hopefully feel better in the next day or two. My heart goes out to all the people of Boston. I am amazed at all the good people who care to make this world a better place. May love, compassion and care win over hated and lack of empathy for the plight of just being a human being. We put up with enough in this world, without needing violence to come at innocent victims.

04-21-2013, 10:34 PM
Dipping a toe in and saying hi!

I had a couple of days off to go help out my son and his wife and new baby, and in the down time, started reading this thread. Wow!

Very interesting!

I really like the 1-2-3 idea!

I do pretty good most days, keeping up with things, but sometimes find myself feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff. Work, planning the food, tracking, workouts, laundry, paying bills, sometimes my job at the veterinary hospital gets way stressful in a heartbeat, and you have to shift gears in 2 seconds. Plus my DH, while a great guy, leaves a lot of things to me.

So, over the last couple days, I have practiced, 1-2-3! Not specifically as it is practiced by some. But, simply to focus, on one thing at a time and not worry about the whole picture!

So, I'm glad I stumbled in here. I may not post a lot, but will def, follow along!

04-22-2013, 09:03 AM
Hi Janelle! Follow along! I relate to your talking of how many different things you have going on and how sometimes schedules/events change so quickly. With my ever changing life events I find the daily 1-2-3 to be so helpful.

So: Today 1-2-3

old clutter-I have an envelope which needs some detailed filling in to get a free bag of cat food. It's been floating around for sometime now. This morning I'll finish it and mail it off. credit.

current clutter-laundry done/folded, dishes done, winter boots put away, bed made

clean-cleaned the bathtub this morning

04-23-2013, 10:13 AM

Slept in so I asked DH if he'd make the bed and he did...he will also finish laundry. credit for asking. It freed extra time so I did the downstairs bathroom, scrubbed the kitchen sink, cleaned the cat tray and provided fresh water. House seems pretty picked up other than that. I continue to be amazed when I open a drawer in the kitchen that I've already cleaned out. It just feels good.

04-23-2013, 10:41 AM
Well, I finally did a bunch of filing and got my papers organized. Now I've got to do a bunch of culling of old paperwork.

Today's 1-2-3
Old Clutter: pull all old files related to old apartment for deeper storage
New Clutter: put away weekend leftovers
Clean: husband's laundry (he usually does it himself, but I'll do him a favor this week) and vacuum.

04-24-2013, 05:22 PM

I've been entirely consumed with work/family stuff and just got home. I have two days "off". Driving across the has a Dr. appt and DH has a monthly meeting he attends. I should get two days of pool time which I'm excited about.

I have been taking care of something every morning and as I look around right now the house doesnt' look half bad. I had to bake a birthday cake at 3AM and I noticed how important it is to me now to clean up sooner vs later.

Gotta run!

04-25-2013, 06:33 PM

Tami(helping rachel), I'm wondering if you've finally kicked your crud?

onebyone, I know everything is has gone on the back burner (except your weighloss) as you have been caring for Looloo. I'm thinking of you and sending supportive thoughts today.

Matilda, what is your next project?

Me, traveled, went to water aerobics, had lunch then collapsed. I DID, however, leave my home clean (not spic and span)before we left. It took me about 45 minutes and I didn't gripe that DH just sat downstairs drinking coffee....finally he pulled out the vacuum. I will be happy when I return.

We leave here tomorrow so I'm sure I won't be doing anything major....think I need some rest.

helping rachel
04-25-2013, 07:58 PM
Lexxiss: Hope you get some much deserved rest. I am glad that you will have a clean home to return to.

I am getting better by the day. I went to work yesterday and when I got home I fell into a "coma nap". Woke up with a sinus headache and took more meds. I have a retreat that I facilitate this weekend that is 40 hours long with abuse issues. Praying for strength to sustain me as I have offered my services for the last 10 years.

I am planning on getting back in the groove next week with lists ect...

Cleaned ice maker out today.
Did 2 loads of laundry.
Packed for tomorrow.
Cleaned kitchen so I hope to come home to a clean house on Sunday. With DH it is a toss up.

Blessings to all OnebyOne, Matilda, Anne, shciref and anyone I missed. Hope you find peace in your surroundings.

04-28-2013, 10:05 AM
Well no rest here as yet another coworker has a sad life event. I am at work already filling in for the hostess. Another coworker will be in soon to fill in for another waitress. I am reminded to pause with gratitude that right now my family seems to be happy and healthy.

As my busy work schedule continues I've been very conscious of making time for my husband. Last night after I got home we took a short nap then went to Denver for dinner and a movie. It was nice but I didn't get any of my gear unpacked from the 3 AM trip yesterday.

This morning I got up and did as many things as I could before I had to leave for work. I made the bed folded laundry unpack my stuff and washed all my new veggies. Credit. It will make a big difference when I get home today since I have to turn around and go down to Denver again.

05-01-2013, 08:37 AM

I actually have 3 days off (technically 2) since my sis flies in from Hawaii Friday morning. Kirk's DD is supposed to come up so we can order stuff online for her wedding. It's snowing hard so that may not happen but I'm going to act as if it is.

On my first pass through this morning I'm amazed that the current clutter has really been kept up with....except in my office. I'm going to start there today and see if I can get it back in shape.

Current clutter-done
old clutter-office
clean-wash all hardwood floors since the baby is coming up.

05-01-2013, 11:34 PM
Hi Everyone.

First, thanks to everyone for holding down the fort.

My Looloo cat has been gone 6 days now. we still have some washing to do, big blankets and comforters, from when she peed everywhere but everything else is done. I have, however, not put the clean stuff away and today when I was getting ready for a job interview, it annoyed me that the clean stuff is with the dirty stuff and geez, is this underwear clean or dirty? I can live without these questions. A waste of my life energy.

Also, this is May. Landlord Maz will be in in about 4 weeks to turn on the air conditioner. I have made a few inquiries about storage units. I know, not the ideal solution, but I am anxious to get this place looking normal and even if I reduce the boxes by half, I know I have more stuff than I have space for. I am considering getting the smallest size, a 5' x 5' box and committing to using it only thorugh the summer, with a deadline to empty it/assimilate it by September 1st. Here, it's still all over the place. I am finding it all very depressing and demoralizing and my schedule is picking up too so I just feel pushed from all directions.

So, that's how things stand with me, my house and my decluttering. It's not great but looking at it again helps more than ignoring it, so *credit* for that anyway.

Mountain Mamma
05-02-2013, 01:45 PM
My Looloo cat has been gone 6 days now.

:hug: So sorry.

helping rachel
05-03-2013, 10:14 AM
OnebyOne, Sorry for your loss. You certainly showed such compassion and love towards the final weeks of her life. She was lucky to have you.

I woke up this morning and thought I can't let things get back out of hand. My house looks fairly good until you hit my office.

Lexxiss: Thanks for mentioning the office --I have committed 2 hours over the weekend to bring it back into shape.

Both my kids won awards for outstanding students. I realized that they are operating from a "Healthy Work Capacity Standpoint". I realized that I need to shift back into this gear and keep my things at a level of excellence. Not perfect-- but to be intentional to do my best with what is my responsibility.

I give myself credit for "looking around" and starting a new focused list.

Taking Drum set down in son's room.

Cleaning all bathrooms today.

Working in my office 1/2 hour today.

05-05-2013, 11:18 AM
Ok Coaches

Before I leave for a week I want to get the dishes done and the floor cleared in the kitchen. I promised DH I'd make him a stew in the crockpot before I leave so he'll have vittles for two days. We're making wings tonight and there will be leftovers of that too. He gets fed for free at work so he's set for lunches. Our money is supertight until his next pay (thanks be for having a steady paycheck). I am still considering a storage unit and think I will go for it. I need to set this place up right.

Bye for now.

05-07-2013, 09:33 AM

It's DDay...a week early, I might add. Our renovation project was supposed to start NEXT Wednesday and a call from our contractor friends moved it up to tomorrow. They will arrive today with construction trailer and then head to denver to see if they can purchase a camper. If they don't find one then they will reside in our tv room for the next 4 nights. Either way, we will be sharing our home with them.

I'm so grateful I've been keeping up with everything. This morning was full of chores as I have to work, but it was manageable. Thx to all of you for supporting me in this process. A year ago someone showing up with a day's notice would have been a disaster, to put it mildly.

I don't know if I'm going to be posting much for the next few days. Internet has been painfully slow which has not made it easy to "sneak in".

Take care everyone!

05-08-2013, 11:08 AM
Hey everyone,
Just a quick check in...closets were done in our place next week so it's time for me to go through them and declutter all the stuff. Also found out that there will be a huge mobile shredder sponsored by the city on May 19 in my neighborhood, so this is motivation for me to go through all my old files and put stuff aside to shred. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm busy at work, so have to keep this short.

Old clutter: go through hall closet
New clutter: go through papers that fell off the bulletin board (which broke)
Cleaning: I meant to do some windows with my new glass wax but it's raining for the next week so that will have to wait.

Mountain Mamma
05-08-2013, 03:12 PM
Hi! Our renovation project was supposed to start NEXT Wednesday and a call from our contractor friends moved it up to tomorrow. A year ago someone showing up with a day's notice would have been a disaster, to put it mildly. I don't know if I'm going to be posting much for the next few days. Internet has been painfully slow which has not made it easy to "sneak in".

Good luck!!! Pretty impressive you can handle something being moved up a week!

For everyone else - been swamped with some projects & not able to post - but think of you chicks often!!!

05-09-2013, 12:18 AM wax? Do tell...I'm interested. Love that mobile shredder, too!

:wave: Mountain Mamma!

05-10-2013, 08:17 AM

Well I am excited to report that we made major headway on the project despite a glitch which will have to be resolved before we can continue. The new water/sewer service from the street will have to be completed before we can continue indoors. I'm meeting with the guy today.
Before they left, we loaded up their pickup with ALL the rubble from the project and got it to the dump. My sis and I agreed that they could have a hutch which neither of us want and so they'll take it away when they come back through on Monday. credit. It feels so good to "let go".

On the homefront, I am really amazed to find that we seem to achieved a "new normal". Our friends only spent one night but even after the big mess we made at the project we all came home and cleaned up after ourselves. As I look through the house this morning there's not much to catch up on. credit.

Now my car is a different subject. :lol: I have at least 3 boxes that need to come into the house....and additionally the car is just a big "Spring" disaster.
old clutter-bring boxes in AND deal with all the contents
current clutter-deal with it
clean-THE CAR *OUCH*

05-13-2013, 03:30 PM
Decluttering Coaches

Well, here I am, back in the supportive fold that is the Beck decluttering forum. I'm glad to have a space to figure out these next few months ahead of me and my home.

It looks like my mother will be moved from her care facility in Ottawa, to here where I live. It feels heavy to me but it makes no sense to move her within the city she is in as my siblings who live there never visit her anyway. They don't call, visit or take her for rides in a car or out for a bite or anything. I suppose I can't be 100% sure of this, but they don't sign in or out of the book when everyone is supposed to when someone visits or takes a residence out. They don't do the chores they agreed to do for our mother, instead the head nurse has picked up the slack. The staff never sees them there. There just is no visible sign they are involved. I am just so disappointed that we can't all share the work of keeping our mother happy.
I am sure they will get angry with me about this somehow. I know that will somehow happen and yet it's not about anyone but my mothe. She can't stay where she is at as her facitlity is going downhill with the new management, and trusted hardworking staff who have been there 10+ years are leaving, including the head nurse who looks out for my mom.

So, if she's here then she'll be at my place and so my place must be comfortable and ready for her to come by for visits.

I have to say, I am mildly depressed about this turn of events. DH's mom, 20 years younger than my mom, is having rotator cuff surgery in the fall. Her right arm will be immobilized. I'm anticipating extra demands on me from her, and now my mom who weighs on me. OTOH it's not forever. It's not that bad. It's a day at a time. And she's not living with us.

So, real, live, reasons to get my house in order. Time to make another detailed to-do list.

05-13-2013, 09:39 PM

onebyone, I look forward to your new list. It always helps me, too, to see what someone else is doing. It sounds like a new challenge as your mother moves nearer to you. Will you and your Florida sister make some decisions together? I'm wondering how far away your MIL is? I wasn't aware that she lives alone. At least her surgery isn't until Fall.

I looked back to see just when it was that I brought the boxes of old clutter into the house from the car. It was Friday. It seems it has been an eternity as it has really clogged my formerly pleasant decluttered space. I have been working on the contents but life has been happening, too. I'm tired, too.

Day off today and I didn't feel like doing anything. Sometimes I have to give myself a little push and do something anyway. credit.

old clutter-emptied all the boxes and took them to the basement. I put some items in thrift and found spots for other things. I *hope* I can finish the items tomorrow before work and return to normlacy.

current clutter-picked up in the kitchen, office and bedroom...made bed, did laundry and folded/put away clothes.

clean-actually cleaned in the yard......raked all the pinecones from the big tree into one large pile which made the rest of the yard look nicer.

Wednesday morning I leave here at 3am to take sis to the airport then will switch cars and drive over the hill to our other home. I hope it will be an enjoyable several days off.

05-14-2013, 08:25 PM
Spring Declutterers, hello.

Well I haven't made my cleaning/clearing out list yet. I think I am going to tackle this next great leap forward slightly differently.

Since I still am not looking forward to doing the decluttering work, I am going to begin with a wish list for my place. Then I want to create a set of goals to bring these wishes into reality. And the goals will be composed of to do lists. So, a step at a time. I have until the end of August I think. If I can get there sooner, great. The purpose of the wish list to to allow me to see that *I* can make my wishes come true. It's not magic. It's directed, perisistent, activity. Thes esorts of thigns make a chore exciting for me. I'm not just doing druge work. I am making real changes for a reason. It makes all the difference to me when I am lost in the details and feeling overwhelmed.

I guess I'll try to avoid the crutch of a storage locker if I am able to. I know that stashing things in there just delays the process of dealing with that stuff. I will allow myself the locker though if it turns out I simply do have too many things I need/want/must save. I suspect though that we have really inefficiently used our space in here and will probably figure out ways to cope with it all when I can actually see what I have.

The primary goal is to have an oasis. A comfortable retreat from the world. A place that helps us (me and DH) relax, feel uplifted and optimistic. I'm going to try to figure out what exactly this meanas to me and I need to get DH to put his brain there as well so I can provide for him the things he would want. I am certain a few things overlap, but not everything.

And that's where I am at today.

I'm ready to move forward once again.

lexxiss so thrilled to read you have a few days off in a row. I hope you can get some uninterrupted recharge-your-batteries time!

Mountain Mamma:wave: how are things?

Mmckellen:wave: Hello. How's your decluttering going?

helping rachel:wave: Hi to you too! How are you doing with the decluttering at your place?

Mountain Mamma
05-15-2013, 06:52 PM
Mountain Mamma:wave: how are things?

1x1, You are so sweet to ask. Thank you, I appreciate it so much as I know I haven't been holding up my end here. But ask in two weeks. Because then I'll be on vacation! Whooo.

Until then, crazy person! :dizzy: (But good crazy - family, visitors, children moving in, moving out, graduating, getting employed, projects, and a couple milestone birthday celebs to boot.) All Good Happy stuff, but everyone is at 6's & 7's and even my lists have lists - as in, OMG as I write I really better get off & go childproof my house - a baby will soon be amongst my company!!!! (Now where did I put those outlet plugs?????)

Sorry to hear about the problems with your mom's residence, 1x1. Lexxis, good luck renovating. McKellen, I also wondered about the glass wax . . .

You all are a great group! I promise to come back later.

05-17-2013, 05:33 PM

Well I continue to work on stuff daily but have not been great about posting. Truth is, often I am reading from my iphone these days which is great for reading but not so great for posting.

I'll admit I don't have as much gusto as I had a few months ago but I am really trying to keep a centered and balanced feeling about my home and posessions. I try to keep stuff picked up and reasonably clean. I try to pick a bigger project here and there. Yesterday I tackled my stove. I scrubbed and polished the outside and keep noticing it looks better. The inside I don't really care about right now. lol

I have boxes at both houses with items designated for thrift so I must be a little more automatic with pitching things these days.

I walked in the shed here yesterday and immediately noticed (and was happy) to remember I decluttered in there the last time I was over.

It is a never ending process made better with continuous maintenance....hmm....sounds like weightloss!

05-17-2013, 06:39 PM
Decluttering Peeps :wave:

I'm just coming here to commit to making my wish list. I will be back to post it.

helping rachel
05-18-2013, 11:00 PM
Sending a big HI to all. Super busy here with work and kids moving home/to new places. Need to mark my place to make a list of intentions as well. Finished guest room painting/cleaning/decluttering just in time for my son to move back in for the next 2 months. Already a disaster.....glad he is here!

05-20-2013, 03:08 AM
Today was my day to return from the vacation house and come back to the big house to return to work. It's a two-hour drive and I was by myself and had a lot of time for thinking. When I started thinking about what I needed to do when I got home I was overwhelmed with the joy of acknowledgement of the progress I've made . I already knew that I had left the house clean and organized and that my only chores when I got home would be to clean the cat box and put away my travel stuff. I cleaned the cat box and put away the groceries and did leave some stuff for the morning and enjoyed a long nap.

I am by myself this week and am going to take advantage of it. I'm going to minimize my food choices and keep it simple. I am not going to create any new projects in the house and will pick up after myself immediately. That should free up some time for me to focus on a new decluttering adventure.

So I'm going to try for these precious summer months to take my decluttering every day approach outdoors. Instead of spending my 15 minutes to a half hour decluttering inside I'm going to go outside every morning and spend a short time working on the yard. It's a big old yard and there are many parts of it that are in pretty rough shape. There's lots of invasive stuff that just keeps coming back over and over and over again. My previous work has been to try to clear small areas and put a few nice plants it. That has worked and this year I'm going to see if I can expand to some new areas that I could keep clean and organized.

I'm not much for yard work in the heat of the day so this early-morning process should be very enjoyable. I'm looking forward to finding the progressive reward from the small daily tasks.

05-21-2013, 10:11 AM
Hey - can someone explain this group? Old clutter, new clutter. cleaning? Anything I need it to be or is there a plan you all follow?

I have a hard time focusing on more than one thing at a time. So, when I am all in on my health, things around the house start to slide......and I am hoping for some advice or guidance or even just encouragement!

05-21-2013, 12:30 PM
Hello Decluttering Chums:

So here it is, past the middle of May. We had a hot and humid long weekend and it was brought to my attention from the new neighbours upstairs that the heat is on and gee...should it be on? Well yes, for now. But this means to turn it off the landlord comes into my apt to unlock the thermostat (yes it's locked) and this brings the semi-annual discussion of the state of the apartment. I know I shouldn't tell you how to live your life but... - that's how it always starts with him.

So I figure I have until the end of either this week or next week to get the hallway, entryway and kitchen into shape. DH did a great thing this weekend getting us caught up on dishes and now I feel spurred onward to get other stuff taken care of.

Also, my mom will be coming to the town I live in so she will be visiting here and that means the place has to be visitor-worthy.
This will probably be by the end of the summer.

So I need to

Clean up the kitchen.
This means:


1: dishes washed DONE

dishes put away DONE

2. counters cleared
stuff on them put away
counters wiped

3. floor cleared DONE

stuff on floor put away DONE

floor washed

4. major appliances cleaned on the outside

5. minor appliances cleaned on the outside

6. cupboards wiped where needed


I am going to work counter clockwise in this space, just systematically moving from one thing to the next thing in a counterclockwise direction. Not sure how I will break this up into tasks, but I think once I begin it will be obvious. For now I will start with the bags of paintings I discovered last night while trying to retrieve the fan on top of a shelf in there. There were about 5 bags of paintings. I need to sort through them for the farmers' market this weekend. The paintings need to be taken to my studio space.


I will be back with detailed steps on this everyday until it is done.

Bye for now.

05-21-2013, 12:55 PM
Hey - can someone explain this group? Old clutter, new clutter. cleaning? Anything I need it to be or is there a plan you all follow?

I have a hard time focusing on more than one thing at a time. So, when I am all in on my health, things around the house start to slide......and I am hoping for some advice or guidance or even just encouragement!

Hello sparks17, welcome.

I started this decluttering thread a few years ago. It has helped me to re-focus on cleaning up and clearing out my apartment and helped me get through a major move a couple of years ago. I find that the Beck program can really help with other issues and since I am stress/emotional eater, having a cluttered place that others criticize, or I worry about their opinions, or I get frustrated with myself and my inability to clean up or keep it clean, is rather like staying on track foodwise, or getting right back on track when you have faltered, and this is a big help to both my decluttering and weightloss processes. Basically, I just keep trying. I am getting better.

Decluttering-wise I have detached and let go of many things and there are several members in this group who have made significant progress posting their goals and detailing the steps to get there as well as the daily upkeep once you do arrive. It is very much like making a foodplan, sticking to it, posting it to your coaches, losing the weight and then maintenance.

As for what you want to use the decluttering thread for, that's up to you. I have issues leftover from my move--boxes unopened full of stuff. What to do with it, what do I keep, do I need a storage unit somewhere, this is what I am doing above and beyond just trying to create a home where someone could stop in anytime (a goal of mine, not a reality at this point!)

My suggestion would be to start with one thing, something that has bothered you for a while and tackle it. For example, if the goal is to "clean out your office" I would start by asking msyelf what this statement means to me. If I describe a clean office to you I may emphasize a clean desk, but messy shelves would be ok. You may be the reverse, so think/imagine what kind of an office you would love to have and use. Then write this down, or take/find a picture of it and take the steps to get your space in line with this ideal office.

So, next I would then go into the space and take a good look around and break up the space into small bits of work. (When I was dealing with my townhouse and had to move, I simply worked clockwise through the room. But I reported on every little bit of it: wall unit cleaned and cleared and decluttered; tv stand cleaared, decluttered, cleaned; the space inbetween wall unit and tv stand, etc. I took credit for every little bit of it and this meant that when I stopped I *knew* I had made progress instead of getting lost in the OMG THIS IS ALL TOO MUCH. This is my approach now to my dining area that is full of boxes.) So, if there's a shelving unit you want to declutter, just do one shelf. But start it and finish it. Or for a desk, do one drawer. Or just the top of the desk. Often I will work for 15minutes only. This is from the Flylady website ( which I find very very helpful. Small acts build up until all of a sudden the project is done.

Sometimes members use this forum to create routines for themselves. Lexxiss has a brilliant one with three steps to it that she practices almost daily:
dealing with some old clutter
dealing with new clutter
and cleaning something

We don't need to be heroic. We just need to do something. It helps relieve the stress in our life as we see success in an area that is a challenge for us. Success in one area bleeds into other areas. So what seemed impossible starts to get accomplished. These feelings of doing something that was tough inevitably help us when the food and the eating get tough too... it's all connected I believe.

Hope to see you back.

05-22-2013, 01:23 AM
Hi sparks! Welcome!

I originally came to BDS via onebyone's decluttering thread. I had spent years trying to get my act together on the homefront. As you mentioned when I would focus on my health then something else would get out on the back burner. I procrastinated a lot and tended to have pretty poor organizational skills. As I worked BDS on a daily basis with my food choices I learned to take those skills into my physical home .
For me it's about getting up every day and having a plan that moves me forward.
My 123 is not original-It's an extremely simplified version of what flylady does.
Her strategy emphasizes taking baby steps every day. That's what I tried to focus on.
My old clutter, current clutter, clean doesn't have to take a whole lot of time.
What I call current clutter is picking up my stuff every day, making the bed,doing the dishes and keeping up with the laundry.
My old clutter has included going through closets, drawers, basements, storage sheds, photo collections, old paperwork, etc.
I try to clean something every day and I'm not talking about some major project. Sometimes it's just washing out the bathroom sink or sweeping my kitchen floor or cleaning the cat box or washing a mirror...
My regular routine takes about 15 minutes a day.

When my home environment is comfortable I seem to make better food choices. It really makes sense to me to strive to make my home environment comfortable on a daily basis instead of having the continual ups and downs.
I desire balance today both in my home and with my food choices.
I'm learning to let go of items that no longer serve me well.
It feels good today.

Well I better get to bed because I need to be at work at 5:30 in the morning. I worked in my yard for about a half hour this morning and made some small progress. Credit. I hired my 14-year-old neighbor tomorrow my lawn tomorrow. It's nice when I recognize I can't always do it all and ask for help. When I get home from work it should look pretty spiffy and I hope I have enough energy to plant a few plants that I picked up at the greenhouse today.

I look forward to hearing from you all!

05-22-2013, 12:03 PM
UPDATE: holy cow. Have not even touched this list. I will be fortunte to just stop the dishes from piling up before I go to bed--my only real goal now = leave the sink clean and put the dishes away. I did do 2 loads of laundry though which falls under decluttering the hallway... *credit* for this.


1. counters cleared
2. stuff on them put away
3. counters wiped

4. floor washed
5. major appliances cleaned on the outside
6. minor appliances cleaned on the outside
7. cupboards wiped where needed


My Plan:
I am going to work counter clockwise in this space, just systematically moving from one thing to the next thing in a counterclockwise direction.

1. sort through paintings retrieved yesterday
2. declutter 2' of the dining room area + just inside the entry.

What this really means:

declutter the 1st 4 cubes in my shelf unit/organize/give away/toss stuff on them

declutter top of shelf unit in this space

declutter floor in front of shelf unit


clean kitchen sink, floor, appliances
maintain cleanliness daily
clear all clutter from main hallway (credit: 1/4 done.)
clear clutter from entryway

05-23-2013, 10:58 AM

Gearing up for a real workday towards getting market stock ready for my debut weekend. I am focused on achieving my goal today.

As a result I can do "passive" decluttering like laundry. So I will clear up the laundry hanging around the hallway - about one load only. And I will clear and maintain the sink which I *credit* did last night and had the amazing experience of seeing NOTHING in the sink this morning and all pans and plates and utensils readily available when I made DH his breakfast. That was a joy.

Better go. Much to do. I have copied over my current to do list just in case I end up crossing a thing or two of of it. *credit for continuing to make it a priority*


1. counters cleared
2. stuff on them put away
3. counters wiped

4. floor washed
5. major appliances cleaned on the outside
6. minor appliances cleaned on the outside
7. cupboards wiped where needed


My Plan:
I am going to work counter clockwise in this space, just systematically moving from one thing to the next thing in a counterclockwise direction.

1. sort through paintings retrieved yesterday
2. declutter 2' of the dining room area + just inside the entry.

What this really means:

declutter the 1st 4 cubes in my shelf unit/organize/give away/toss stuff on them

declutter top of shelf unit in this space

declutter floor in front of shelf unit


clean kitchen sink, floor, appliances
maintain cleanliness daily (credit: 1/7days)
clear all clutter from main hallway (credit: 1/4 done)
clear clutter from entryway

05-23-2013, 11:42 AM
onebyone, great list! Kudos for a clean sink and such a detailed plan.

I decluttered in the yard for 1/2 hour(timed). I also went through old jewelry boxes (from my childhood) that I brought down from the project. I looked wistfully at the boxes (nothing exciting) and moved them to the thrift box.

Reality I can't keep everything if I want to declutter and live more simply...truth be told I am getting to the point where I dont WANT to keep everything. credit.

I made my bed and did a general pick up even though I'm by myself this week. I have 10 minutes to get ready for trip to Denver for my moms eye appt. I'll bring her home then turn right around and go back down to help my hubbys DD with her wedding flowers. Oh, well. Food is packed.

05-24-2013, 09:39 AM
Hi Declutterers!

Right before heading out yesterday I remembered I hadn't cleaned anything so I did the bathroom sink after I brushed my teeth. It needed took less than a minute....and it is clean today. credit.

I got up this morning (a day off) and recognized immediately that procrastination will not move me forward. Accomplishing small tasks WILL move me forward.

So today's goal is to stay home, meaning not leave our little mountain community. I want the house to be back in shape, I want to spend my time in the yard, I want to move forward with DD's wedding flowers, which we purchased yesterday. I want to stay OP AND enjoy some relaxation. credit.

So Today's 1-2-3 :dancer:

old clutter-done-I finished putting away all the stuff I had brought down from grandmas OR sent it to thrift.

current clutter-1/2 done-laundry in bed made dishes done. I will soon have a huge pile of silk flowers in the dining room after I retrieve them from moms car. I would like to start on bouquets so I can decide which ones I'm going to keep and which ones I want to return.

clean-I already cleaned extra stuff in the kitchen (coffee bar) and will wash down kitchen cabinets. I took my comforter off the bed (a chore). It is already washed/dried. I was going to do laundry first but putting clean clothes for folding on cat hair/comforter seemed self defeating.

OK, off to the yard.

05-25-2013, 08:00 AM

Work comes very early yet I reminded myself last night I need to keep on top of things regardless. I did some picking up last night in the kitchen. This morning I have made the bed, folded and put away laundry. I turned the water on outside and will turn it off on the way out the door. I put away the glue gun I got out yesterday. Small tasks but I will notice the difference when I get home.

helping rachel
05-25-2013, 01:10 PM
Hi all !

Sorry I have been missing in action. The good news work has picked up and I am busy with that.

I finished repainting my dining room and decluttering all that was in it. 3 rooms painted 5 to go. Should finish by August I hope.

Sending good vibes your way for all that is on your lists.

05-26-2013, 06:26 PM
Tami(helping rachel), yay for rooms being painted and a goal for finishing. Whew! Thanks for checking in with us.

My joy this morning was working on hubbys DD's wedding flowers...all silks. I have open tables and everything is clean. Not too long ago I had to do a major clean before starting any project. I picked up after myself when I finished for the day.

I continue on my yard mission. It is truly an "unfinishable" project this year. The only thing I can do is make small permanent improvements and battle the weeds and call it exercise. So I filled two trash barrels with weeds and hauled one down the block for pick up. I did get the water hooked up better and spent some time watering. My neighbor and I went to homedepot and I bought a few (6) plants on sale. All perennials and not too many. It was hot when we got back and I had to give myself permission to save planting for tomorrow morning when it's cool. Not easy sometimes, because my OCD kicks in and that's where I eventually hit burn out.

Nice to have a day off...I work tomorrow but will plant stuff before I go.

05-28-2013, 06:08 AM

Yesterday morning I was going about my daily "business" at home...before heading out to work. Several things were on my mind;
1. How the creation of new AND daily habits were really changing my life
2. How it was actually getting to be "fun" to create ways to make my daily chores more efficient.
Then I was sent an article about the power of routines. So interesting and it basically said what I have been finding out in my own life-that more progress is made with daily habits (routines) than from the big "power bursts" (my words). This article was geared towards creative writing and the such but I have sure found it in my daily practice at home.

That said, I noticed while cooking my dinner how often I just stand and stare at the proverbial boiling pot. I challenged myself to see what I could get done in the kitchen while I was waiting. It was amazing! I had the other dishes done and put away instead of just standing there.

I've gotten caught up with paperwork this morning and am working my way through some chores so I can get out in the yard (530am) before work.

Here is my gardening/yard report:
I really don't enjoy this. I think I might....if I had a picture perfect yard which just needed the basic maintenance to get it back to its glory. That's not the case here. It's an historic yard...the lawn is in poor shape....there is no sprinkling system so many areas are inaccessible for beautification because it's impractical for watering because we travel back and forth between two homes. The weeds grow faster than the flowers. Some trees are healthy and others are very old and needy. The beautiful lilacs that were planted 100 years ago have been trimmed down to 3 ft and it may be 8-10 years before they bloom again. The swatch of used to be lawn out by the street a bunch of weeds and it would take a major excavation to redo, which is not an option because they keep talking about redoing the entire street and getting rid of those swatches anyway.
What am I doing out there?
Trying to make progress and trying to make small improvements where I can. I want someone to look in and notice that I care.
I want to look out my windows and see something that I enjoy.
It takes work. I am willing to try for that new routine that has worked so well inside my home.
Progress not perfection.

helping rachel
05-28-2013, 01:14 PM
:cp::cp: Lexxiss: Great post. I so agree with taking it one day at a time and incorporating a routine. I just walked back in the house from being at our cabin In 15 minutes, I had the frig cleaned out and dishwasher running. Making lists and seeing progress can be motivating. Just keep moving toward a value:smug:

Getting ready to write out me weekly list. This seems to help me stay grounded and focused on what I can do, not what I can't.

05-28-2013, 11:02 PM

Apparently I have 2 days before it becomes unbearable hot. Landlord visit may be imminent. The next two days I will follow my clean up list until it is done. *credit* getting all garbage out super early so it gets removed this week *credit* for a to do list

05-29-2013, 05:47 AM

onebyone, sending support as you move closer to your landlord appt.

I'm up early and am perhaps a little overwhelmed with the many challenges that lie ahead. I'm making a pledge here not to fret about the future stuff which I can't do much about right now and instead I'm going to focus on the next 24 hours.

Tomorrow at this time I'll be headed over to hang w/hubby until Sunday. I believe he'll come back with me. I'm going to try to simplify things as much as possible.
Question for the to simplify
1. home-pay bills here instead of there, put away silks and get card table out of the living room, sort all the pup's meds for next 2 weeks here vs there, pack food bags today vs tomorrow, pack my personal stuff today vs tomorrow, declutter and clean
2. yard chores-weed as much as I can to fill final dumpster and haul to moms for pick up today, plant what isn't planted, pick up/put away all tools, get timers set AND let go of the rest for today
3.Denver chores-leave early enough to do Target return early and be at hobbylobby at 9 for complicated return/exchange BEFORE they get busy, stop at fabric store for ribbon purchase, Costco return at 10am open then just get home.
4. pack the car
5. eat well and rest
6. blast off early tomorrow morning

I guess for me, the simplification will be not to do any more than is essential. Often, I get sidetracked and take on new things as I progress. It's ok not to-just for today

helping rachel
05-29-2013, 10:41 AM
Last night my husband tried to do laundry and was frustrated that the washer kept going off line. After the 3rd trip to the LR, I asked him if he had turned the water back on. He started to smile and said he forgot that he had shut it off when we were gone. I had to high five him as we started to laugh at forgetting things. Glad the washer is not broken.

I woke up and had the realization that I want my space to reflect back to me how I want to show up in this world. New motivation to deep clean my kitchen. I tend to encourage and give to others and thought about how it feels to give back to me. I cleaned 3 rooms before bed and it feels good to see them in order this am.

Off to tackle the kitchen.

Clean out tupperware drawers.
Clean off kitchen table.
Organize pantry.

Updated---- completed 6 big things will restart tomorrow for rest of projects

helping rachel
05-29-2013, 03:27 PM
Lexxiss: I love your focus and motivation. Hope you enjoy your time over the hill.

Onebyone: Hoping your brief encounter goes well with your landlord.

05-29-2013, 09:42 PM
Well, the temperature outside is heating up. My poor frost damaged seedlings wil go from cold to super hot and humid. They'll probably like the hot better. So, for my apt it means I need to get the dishes done and to clear the hallway. He won't evict us so I am leaving the extra catastrophizing alone for today.

05-30-2013, 10:21 PM
Well the landlord was here a few hours ago and the air conditioning is now on and yes, he managed to get his comments in. I was not in the room as DH was home due to his cold and so I took the easy way out and hid in the bedroom. He told DH that he didn't like the mountain of boxes in the dining room as we "weren't able to really clean back there". What does he think is back there anyway? Thankfully though, the kitchen floor is quite awful but the sheer spectacle of the boxes probably floored him so he didn't notice the kitchen or any other part of the house. DH thinks he's a germaphobe. Oh well. He won't be back in, barring any emergency, until the fall when the heat needs to go on. Perhaps we'll be moved by this time next year.... or not. The pile though, won't be there.

06-02-2013, 10:11 AM

It's been a busy few days since I traveled and my main challenge here has been trying to keep up with my 3fc posting. There has been alot to do and DH wants to be involved in everything I am doing. Knowing that, I tried to plan my tasks in a way that he could feel included, helpful and valued. It worked pretty well. We got alot done in our yard.

We spent alot of time outside and I really missed keeping up with my indoor tasks. I knuckled down today and my space feels better. I was happy to be able to find the manual for my water timer and took time to make a separate file as I had to purchase a new one yesterday. They are expensive and tend to malfunction much sooner than their 7 year warranty. If I have the receipt I can just return it.

I am going to try to enjoy my last day here by relaxing a bit and enjoying the fruits of my labor.

06-02-2013, 08:56 PM

I'm still under the thumb of this cold. It's just not letting me go. The dishes, of course, have piled up gain, but I know with a bit of focus they'll be back in the cupboards again.

I had a brief encounter with my studio yesterday. I looked around and wanted to empty the whole space out. A bunch of stuff will leave soon as it's for a large mosaic sign for the potters' guild, so that will help but I think I really do need a storage space for the artwork I am going to produce. Or maybe I can get someone to help me re-think the space and maybe help me make it into something more useful. I'm not sure.

Anyway, just wanted to check in. I can't believe it's June already.

06-04-2013, 09:24 AM

I left our Glenwood home reasonably clean and with minimal clutter. credit.

Now back to reality. Really difficult yesterday arriving here with less than an hour before work. This morning hubby agreed to help get caught up so I managed to get everything put away, dishes clean, laundry finished and did get out for 10 minutes of weeding. I feel behind but everything I do accomplish moves me forward.

06-04-2013, 10:08 AM

I am starting to get back to normal and I am starting to feel I can start to focus on the box mountain once more. I am enjoying a clean and clear hallway which surprises me everytime I come around the corner. I can't believe how wide the hallway actually is with no stuff on the floor.

I still have too many clothes or I need to reorganize my dresser. It seems I never really put any washing away when it comes to my stuff. I put the linens and DH's stuff away but not mine, and then the clean gets mixed with the dirty or DH wants to help out and he re-washes what was clean and doesn't even notice what was dirty--which is not at all his fault. I culled my clothes not long ago. I suspect I have just shoved stuff into those drawers and they aren't being used very *ahem* efficiently.

Better go... Have a great day. Share your decluttering plans and successes!

06-05-2013, 08:34 AM

onebyone, glad you are feeling better! Isn't it nice when you clear something and find it feels so much better! Great job! I really simplified in my clothes closet/drawers and it really makes me happy to be able to have a place for everything. I said NO CHOICE on the laundry/clothes thing months ago. If it's washed/dried it gets folded and put away. It has really helped...speaking of...laundry to be folded and put away before work. I've cleaned in the kitchen and am on my way outside for some yard work before real work.


06-07-2013, 03:30 AM
Hi declutterers!

Yesterday morning I once again felt overwhelmed by the many challenges ahead. It's now only 6 weeks until we will travel to DH's DD's wedding. We will have a professional pet sitter come live in 24/7 which is the only way we can leave the pup for 5 days. The good news is the overwhelmed is much more about all the other "stuff" and not about the condition of my home anymore. No major bailout will be necessary I just need to continue focusing daily on my routine which is becoming pretty solid.

I had a long/hot/frustrating day in Denver yesterday. I came home, went to bed and missed dinner. Now I'm up. It's a nice quiet time to refocus on my home. I've already accomplished alot downstairs. credit.

My goal for today:
~our home decluttered and reasonably clean
~do my short stint with outside yard chores
~finish two bridesmaids bouquets AND the bouquet the bride will toss.

One thing I have really noticed about myself as I continue with my daily routine is that I am not a "last minute" person anymore. The sanity I enjoy in my most personal living space(s) allows me great freedom from procrastination. That is a joy for me yet I must remember it took hard work to get to this point and it is easy to fall back into old habits, too. (gee-sounds like weightloss!)

:wave: everyone!

06-10-2013, 04:51 AM

Still moving forward in "summer mode". Friday both DH and I worked in the yard for 4-1/2 hours. Lots of decluttering of weeds :lol: I continue to keep my daily stuff picked up and try to focus on not getting the house all cluttered in the first place (use it then put it away).

I continue to strive for 10-30 minutes in the yard before work. Yesterday it seemed like it wasn't going to happen but I went out while DH made smoothies and pulled all the thistles out of the row of Hollyhocks by our front sidewalk. 3-4 worked they are gone.

We went to bed super early as I had my busiest day of the season at work so far. Great exercise, but it seemed counterproductive just to stare at the tv just because it was "there." We both got adequate rest and now DH is in his shop and I'm taking some time to get some cleaning/decluttering done.

clean-vacuum stairs and upstairs
current clutter-working on
old clutter-will work on several flower arrangements this morning since the silk flowers everywhere are starting to be...."old clutter"

I continue to find energy for some everyday time with our home. The months go by so quickly and the daily progress, however small, sure stacks up. I'm grateful for the willingness to continue. My bro just emailed about coming to visit the week after we get back from our wedding trip. It feels good to know it won't be a big deal like it used to be.

Ok...back to it.

06-11-2013, 12:56 PM
Hello Declutterers

My new goal is to get the apartment into shape for the cat sitter. If we don't take Caesar with us when we leave in July for 2 weeks, then we will have to get a cat sitter to come in to feed and visit with Caesar. This will include going into the kitchen for feeding, sitting in the living room with him for patting/playing and then into the back bedroom and bathroom for litterbox cleaning. All these areas have to be accessible and neat. I am going to make a to-do list based on this and I have until July 3rd to complete it.

It's good to have a plan again.

Bye :wave:

06-14-2013, 10:08 AM
Hello Declutterers!

I'm tired and stressed, but recognize that sticking with my routine and home will make me feel better. credit. Baby was here yesterday, flowers are all over and my travel box hasn't been unpacked. The office seems cluttered with paperwork. I want to continue in the yard.

Big accomplishment:
Bridal bouquet is almost finished. I worked on it while DD and I were here waiting to hear about her car.

Goals for today:
Put away travel box stuff
Declutter in office
The usuals (make bed, dishes, laundry)
Work in the yard for 1/2 hour
Sit and see how much more progress I can make with flowers

I had an "aha" moment yesterday: I was in Denver and drove by my favorite thrift store. I had absolutely 0 desire to go in....This is great progress and reminds me if I keep practicing my Beck skills with my food life (especially emotional eating) that I can continue to make great progress there, too.

06-14-2013, 11:10 PM
Hi. My gut is telling me to clear out my studio space and I am beginning that tomorrow after the market. I've decided to rent the 5' x 5' storage locker across the street from my studio. In it I will store finsihed drawings, my craft drawers and spare tables and other art supplies. Right now I have no clear, clear wall space anywhere. I can't work in there for all the distraction. It will be an extra $70 a month. We can swing that--I can swing that on my own I think. I will give myself until the end of October to decide if the locker is serving a real purpose or not.


Lexxiss Great job sticking wiht the yard work. I just spent the morning, or about 3 hours, in the garden plot and it was HARD. yikes. And I actually like doing that stuff... extra kudos to you for tackling something that isn't really your cup of tea. :coffee:

06-16-2013, 08:57 AM
onebyone, I am interested to hear how your studio/storage idea progresses....

I have a day off and I'm going to stay home today. Sometimes getting in the car and going somewhere is a technique from somewhere in my brain which allows me to go "do something" which seems important and then things that need to be done at home just sit. I call it planned procrastination. I'm learning that procrastination is not in line with my moving forward with progress on the home front.

Today I am going to go through every room and do something. Pick up/tidy up/declutter/clean. I'm going to work in the yard a bit, too. I tried on a shirt last night to wear to my isn't me anymore so I'll carry it down to the thrift box. No need to even put it back away (or let it sit out for awhile). When I went down late last night the pup had peed on the carpet in the cat room so I must drag the carpet cleaner out. I think I'll just do the whole room while I'm at it.

That should take care of the day. If I get my chores done and mom wants to go somewhere then we will.

06-17-2013, 09:09 AM

Yesterday went well. I didn't go anywhere. Before I got going in the morning I decided to challenge myself and work on my rooms in a pattern:
~one easy
~one difficult
~one easy
~one difficult
I started by picking up all the flowers in the living room(easy)
then to the laundry room/cat room for carpet cleaning(difficult)
upstairs to the bedroom(easy)
back down to the kitchen(difficult) (I took apart the dishwasher and washed everything down.)
upstairs to the tv room (easy)
then to the office (difficult)
I didn't want to forget the yard so I went out and did some minimal raking

The house looks and feels much better today. My sweep took about 3 hours. Not too bad. I was reminded again, how important it is to me to make our home a priority.

This morning I bounced around a bit working more in the office, cleaning the cat box then heading outside for some very minimal weed pulling. It moved me forward. Then I sat down for about an hour and made progress with the wedding flowers. I finished both "mom" corsages AND the two "grandma" corsages. All the boutineres are finished...bride and bridesmaids need some finishing touches then I am done. I'm so happy when I can recognize that procrastination is not my friend. I'm almost finished a month ahead of the deadline.

I also recognize that my keeping my home in order on a daily basis my heart and mind are freed from the "clutter" so I can work creatively on the extra projects that need to be done.

06-18-2013, 01:30 PM
Hello To All Who Visit Here

We are closing in on the end of this Summer Declutter Challenge. Time is whizzing by...

I was at my studio yesterday and I very slowly, put stuff onto one side of my studio and cleared everything from 2 of my four sides of the space. I still long for it to be totally empty. But maybe if I can get everything onto one side then I can eliminate from there. If I need a storage space to achieve my clear studio I've decided to put a time limit on it--like when the temperature in my studio goes below 10C again I may as well move the stuff back in as I can't work long in there anyway. Or I can get another or a more effiicent heater, but this is for later. Right now I need to be singular minded and get that space cleared out.

Decluttering here at home will take the form of getting the kitchen in order once more. Dishes done mostly.

Bye for now.

06-21-2013, 08:42 AM
On this first day of Summer I'm going to take 1/2 hour to go through the house here....pick up and pitch.

I'm glad to keep participating here. As I continue to focus on a daily routine of decluttering/maintaining my losses and keeping my home(s) clean I find I have again made great progress. I'd say my most visible success has been to take my short but daily routine out into my yard(s). The 15 min/day has really added up and I find I have less weeds(decluttered), a new flower bed established and maintained AND I've kept things picked up/raked up, etc.

I really enjoy my home life with lots less "stuff". I find it far easier to let go of procrastination as my home life has become far more manageable.

Take care, all!

06-21-2013, 11:13 PM
Hey Everyone:

Thanks to all who participated in this spring challenge. This group helped me meet some goals when I needed to and I do feel I have more skills and more direction and plain old ooomph to move forward. Look for a new decluttering thread to begin on Super Moon Sunday - the day after tomorrow. I look forward to making more progress throughout the year.