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03-18-2013, 12:46 PM
Just finished my third week on the Ideal Protein protocol. Started at 199lbs. Saturday weigh in was 189 lbs. Wk #1=5.4lbs, Wk #2=2.8lbs, Wk #3=1.8
I know you're not supposed to weigh yourself at home but I have been looking (every other day) just to see a decrease. Weighed in this morning after emptying all that I could from all that can be emptied. :o Looks like I put on a few...WHAT?!! I see the steady decline in weight loss so I'm panicking a bit...
Sticking to the protocol. 8oz protein (measured AFTER cooking); split throughout the day (usually 2-3 oz at lunch; 5-6 oz at dinner). Love veggies so I eat a variety of all that's allowed. Restricted veg only twice a week (1 cup one day; 1 cup another); it's usually tomato. LOTs of Water. Not sure what's happening...
I will confess that I was missing mayo (for tuna and chicken salads) so I made my own. (recipe: 1 egg, lemon juice, olive or grape seed oil). Thought this was ok; only use a TBSP in a day (if I'm having tuna or chicken salad for lunch). Wouldn't think this would de-rail me. Am I wrong?
Any suggestions would be helpful...thanks.

03-18-2013, 01:42 PM
Many things can contribute....

Water retention
Normal flucuation
Exercise (you shouldn't really on IP, but if you do, are you adding extra calories to count for that exercise)
So on and so on.

Do NOT fret. You've lost TEN pounds in THREE weeks. That is more than most people in six months. If the scale discourages you when you see a plateau or a spike, walk away from it and don't weigh. If you are like some that use it for motivation only, then weigh. But do not dwell on the scale when you are dieting. It will only discourage you. When we lose weight, our bodies do weird things. We hit plateaus, we gain a pound here or there, we drop insane amounts then regain all but two pounds, we lose hair, our feet shrink, we belch, on and on and on.

It is uually around week 3 or 4 where many notice a minor plateau or a slight gain. IT WILL come off if you keep with it. It happens. While you are in this state, look for other signs, such as your pants fitting better/looser or you face slimming down. Take out a tape measure if you aren't already and replace it with your scale. Sometimes, you won't see the scale move for weeks but will see your measurements drop like mad. Our bodies are amazingly adaptive but are still limited in what they can do. So sometimes they only work on one or two things instead of the entire package.

Remember, you didn't gain it overnight. You won't lose it over night. And if it helps any, most people gain 10-15 pounds a year if they don't exercise but can lose 1-2 pounds a week...or 52-104 pounds a year. And you are already ahead in that curve.

03-18-2013, 04:22 PM
losing hair...feet shrinkage...belching...I can relate (LOL)
Thanks for the encouragement..I'm in this for the long haul. 40 pounds to go to hit my goal. Hoping to do this by June 2013 when my youngest daughter is getting married. Ick! Just the thought of pictures makes me want to stay on track. Thanks again...