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03-17-2013, 07:30 PM
Good afternoon ladies. This probably will be short as I am in a lot of pain today. We had to go to the commissary and I am still suffering the after effects from the biopsy. I have popped pills today to no effect and the heating pad isn't doing the trick either. I am just pretty miserable.

The commissary now has a rewards program! It is mostly digital coupons where you can go in before shopping to their website, pick the coupons of stuff you are going to buy then give them your card at checkout and they automatically come off you bill, but unfortunately, I only found a couple for next time, but something is better than nothing I guess. Prices have gone up for the most part just like everywhere else.

I have to call tomorrow and get Fortune a grooming appt at Petsmart. I am going to see if you they can do a better job. I know they will probably charge about twice as much for it. I need to buy him a harness collar since we are taking him with us in June to Indiana. He tends to pull on the leash and it can break a small dogs larnyx and kill them I guess if you use a regular collar.

Jean: You can't get regular fried chicken anywhere anymore, everything is chicken breast. Jack went out with work friends for lunch of Friday to someplace down called the "Blue Monkey Cafe." He said they had really good food, two sides, entree and drink for $10. He had chicken fried steak. Probably going to take Sonny time to get over what he considers your obvious betrayal! :lol: At least he has stuff now to protect his health even if he doesn't like you for it.

Well gals, you all have a nice rest of the day. I am going to go back to the heating pad and hope for the best. Might be a long night. Faye

03-18-2013, 11:28 AM
Good morning. It is cooler this morning and we are supposed to have thunderstorms on and off all day today. I am still not feeling well. I was hoping the bleeding and pain would be gone by now since the biopsy was Friday but it hasn't. If I am not feeling a whole lot better by tomorrow, I am calling her nurse and get a prescription for a stronger pain med as I can't stand this. It keeps me from sleeping and nothing helps with the pain that I have.

On the good side, weigh in and I am down another 3 lbs for the week. I just have to keep moving forward! Tonight I am making that taco pie recipe I saw on FB. I trimmed it down the best I could and it shouldn't be too bad on points. It covers all the bases, protein, carbs, veggies, dairy, etc. We shall see how Jack likes it. I ran it by him and he said to go ahead and try it.

I am going to get off here and call Petsmart and see if they have their scheduling up through the 29th and make an appt for Fortune to be groomed.

You gals have a nice start to the week. I may just veg in the chair today if I don't get to feeling better. Faye

03-18-2013, 10:04 PM

A package from my brother was delivered yesterday which contained a hammered brass box full of my mother’s hand written on cards ~ dessert recipes. The box is 10½ inches long and 4 inches wide and 3½ inches deep with one inch feet. This beautiful box holds many 3 x 5 cards side by each full of yummy recipes that she has made throughout the years. Some of the recipes are dated way back in the years. I’ll run some of my favorites through my program so I can figure out the points+ of them ~ I don’t believe any of the recipes are of the light version. :no: (My mother was not overweight.) I can lighten up my “favorites” I am sure. Some of the recipe cards bear the name of the person that gave the recipe to my mother. Some recipes are from ladies that I know and a few from one of my sisters. Now I am waiting for my large stainless pitcher to arrive.

A friend had her baby day before yesterday ~ a little girl named Aliya Janae. Where do they come up with these names these days ~ I am getting old. :shrug: I have not even a clue how to pronounce it. :lol: Her 4 year old sister is named Zoey. That’s the parents business though and they are welcome to name their children as they wish and I’ll keep my yap shut ~ maybe. The mom is nurse and the father is a music teacher in the school system and wonderful folks. Later when Will went to the hospital for visit he did ask the Dad where they got the name and he was told it was a Russians name that was a gymnast in the Olympics. (But it is spelled different.) :shrug:

I am up a pound this week ~ de javou for last week I showed an exact pound gain. I do know why I was up though but had to face the WW scale. I ate a meal out that was loaded with salt ~ so much that I could taste it and I am packing water for instead of my rings almost slipping off ~ I can even budge them. I’ll drink lots of water and watch what I eat closely this week and show a loss next week.

DONNA FAYE I am so sorry you are in such bodily distress. Sure makes it hard to get anything done or to concentrate. :congrat: on another 3 pounds gone from your body. You go girl. It is fun trying out new recipes isn't it. You can usually tell if you are going to like it by the list of ingredients and maybe it will taste great and come out looking like the picture. :lol:

Have a wonderful eveing Magnolias ~ :wave:

03-19-2013, 10:31 AM
Good morning to you all. It is chilly this morning but the sun is shining so it is ok. My azaleas are blooming so spring is here! The trees are taking their time budding though.

I am still not feeling 100% but I guess I will just have to hang on a few more days and if not better then contact the doctors. I don't remember it lasting this long in times past, but who knows?

Tom and Kelly, Thomas and his best friend are all flying out Thursday evening to go to Boston for a video game convention. Kelly said she didn't know what possessed her when she agreed to do this and take another teen with them. :lol: We are going to take her and Thomas to the airport and they will meet Tom and T's friend as it was the only way they could get there in time I guess. I am sure they will have fun.

Well, the recipe was probably a 4 out of 10 pts. I think the potatoes were terrible, I would use some kind of crust instead. Jack liked the meat filling, but I am not a big fan of the powdered taco seasoning so it was not as yummy to me. I will probably make it again, but use either a pie crust or maybe crescent rolls instead of the potatoes. I have no clue how they ever cut the thing and got it out of the pie plate as we ended up just using a spoon as it wouldn't come out as a pie piece at all. Lesson learned. You never know if you don't try.

Maggie: Oh how wonderful! I am sure you love getting your mom's stuff. I have one handwritten recipe from my grandmother that was part of a letter she had written to me when we were in the Navy. I learned to cook on my own booboos and all. I didn't have anyone to show me to cook. I did have my grandmother show me how to make gravy and my mother-in-law showed me how to make a couple mexican things, but that's it.

Well, I need to get going and try and get some work done. Have a good day. Faye

03-19-2013, 05:50 PM

It is a lovely day in the 50ºs here in the ♥-Land and I have three things on my “to do today” list that I will get started after I am ready to meet the day head on for I am still “waking up” with my cup of sf ff latte. Last night’s WW meeting was all about drinks and watching the amounts we consume. I showed a pound increase again this weigh in and am going to have to tighten down with the program this week. I do know I was packing water though from something I ate that even tasted like it had too much salt in it. I have lost some of that already for my rings are once again loose. :cp: Be back in a bit for Will is back and wants to go “out” to lunch . . . . Back now and had a good lunch for which I can count the points intelligently.

Will got me the neatest cook book called Cookin’ with Home Storage by Peggy Layton & Vicki Tate. It has some of the very old pioneer recipes in it which are very interesting to read and I will certainly try some of them. I have some “home storage” veggies from our last garden which we dried and now the “how to prepare” them are great ideas in this book. I love the chart they have in the book about reconstituting dried foods which tells the yield after you have started with a certain amount. For instance a cup of dried apple slices is reconstituted in 2 cups of water and yields 1½ cups of fruit. I have some dried apples and now will know what to expect. It is a very interesting book even from the historical aspect of it and how to use their old tried and true methods today. I had it spiral bound so it will now lay open flat. It is a fascinating cookbook, written for those people who look at the containers of food in their basement and say, “What do I do with all this stuff?” The Table of Contents includes Breads & Cereals; Soups & Sauces; “Pot Luck” Main Dishes; Dairy Products & Eggs; Fruit, Veggies, Salads, & Sprouts; Desserts & Confections; Grandma’s Home Remedies; Survival; Reconstituting & Substitutions. From the looks of it these gals covered everything by digging into the pioneer ladies notes from years gone past. I look at some of these recipes and picture when I observed my grandparents cooking these very recipes from their home storage of fruits and veggies. The book starts out with a historical overview beginning in the month of June of 1849 and how those pioneers settled and planted their gardens. I don’t know if I would have ever run across this book if Will hadn’t been working at the museum. The copy write of this edition is 1999 and put out by the Old Leaf Press. (I gave you that information just in case you want to get a copy.) :yes:

DONNA FAYE I am a self taught cook also. I never wanted to learn when I had a wonderful cook as my mother. After I got married I had to learn and it was so easy for me to read a recipe and know if we would like it or not and make changes to it if there was something I didn’t like about it. My brother dubbed me as a “gourmet” early on with the changes I learned to make recipes better. I have only ever cooked two things that we didn’t like and they had those clear noodles in them but I gave them a second chance. :lol: I was gifted with that knack of cooking and do realize everybody isn’t gifted with the same talents nor have the desire to improve in certain areas. I had some wonderful Mexican friends who showed me how to make all kinds of tamales one Christmas time and we had time of it. Mama would put the masa on the husks and we would spread the filling in and roll them up and tie the ends and steam some and freeze others In my younger days when I wanted to learn something I would plug myself into a college class that taught that very thing and learn it. I remember one fun class in welding I took when I wanted to learn how to make metal wind chimes. And another I took on photography and another on marketing and one on desk top publishing and the list goes on. This is the only place we have lived where a university is that I haven’t plugged myself into a class. Seems that now I buy a book on the subject that I want to learn something about and that works for me.

I am now off to start filling the list of things to do this day. :wave:

03-20-2013, 05:25 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's a cold 21 degrees in my corner of the world this afternoon. Wish I could just type "ditto" on the weather report! I went to get my nails done this morning and then went vacuum shopping. I'm convinced my current vacuum spits as much dust back out as it takes in. We have a small Sears appliance store in town so stopped there. WM is the only other place in town so wouldn't even consider looking there. After lunch I dragged Bob back to Sears and now I have a new "animal" Dyson!

I baked my cake this morning and now need to clean up my baking dishes and clear off the counter. Tomorrow is "tea and cake" for the ladies which makes it pretty simple.

"Gma" -- I hope you are feeling much better today! :congrat: on losing another 3#s! You are doing GREAT! I think more stores are starting the rewards programs trying to get people to buy in their businesses. We've had a credit card for several years that gives reward points. Sonny isn't himself at all today, and I am kind of worried about him. :( He has a "twitch" in his hind legs/rear end, and we noticed this summer that after sitting for a long time he would be quite stiff when he'd get up to walk. Bob wondered if maybe he had been hit by a car. I noticed yesterday that his hind legs would shake when he's get up to walk. Today he has just laid around and at noon went back to the basement. Bob watched him go and said he really took the stair steps slow and so cautious. I just went to check on him and he is on his chair, didn't hardly open his eyes for me.

Maggie -- What fun memories of your Mom, and how nice of your brother to send you the box. I am convinced that people just make up some of the "new" baby names! I know we have a LOT of strange names around here. You know what to do about that pesky pound. I hope you found your focus as I know you can and will. How many cook books do you have? ;) I'm sure you have surmised that my cooking skills are VERY lacking! :rolleyes:

I have bell practice in an hour or so, so need to get busy! Enjoy the rest of a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

03-21-2013, 12:29 AM

Spring has sprung and the grass is rize ~ wonder where the daisies is. Yikes I remember that from my childhood when we would chant that on the first day of spring. :lol: It is coming like a lion in some parts of this USofA. It is currently 39ºs and did not get over the 40ºs this day here in the ♥-Land.

I am having so much fun reading my newest book. All the sauce recipes are interesting for they have them for any I can think of and easy to make at home. They are much healthier for me than the store bought kind to be sure. I can better control the sodium factor and leave out all the mystery items they include that they don’t have to list on the container because it is below the percent that is required of the items that are listed. I already mix up lot of my spices since I have had some recipes for them but am happy to get some more tried and true ones.

JEAN I’m sorry to hear that you little kitty is hurt. Sounds like a bit of nerve damage. Hope it heals and he can get rid of the shakes. Poor thing. :dunno: I hope your new vacuum really works like they are supposed to and pick it up and keep it instead of spitting it out. I have lots of cookbooks but mostly program friendly ones like the WW ones and Cooking Light books mainly. I have clipped recipes from their magazines and have 15 binders that take 5½ x 8½ sized paper in them that are filled with recipes that are program friendly. I have them organized with the different catagories of foods like Main ~ Beef, Pork, Fish, Casseroles, Poultry & Pasta (3), Veggies (2), Sauces & Mixes (2), Sweets (3), Soup (1), Sandwich (1), Bread (1), Breakfast (1), and Camping (1). I have an index with page numbers of the recipe in each of the binders. I haven't added any pages to those books for a long time for the magazines are repeating a lot of the good recipes that I already have clipped.

See y'all later here ~ Have a great nights sleep.:wave:

03-21-2013, 08:19 AM
Good morning to you all. Well so much for warm weather. It is in the low
30's this morning and by midmorning it should be in the 40's. They are predicting snow, sleet, and ice. Our temps aren't going to get down though until overnight, but most of the precipitation will be then. Poor Jack has to drive into work in the dark and out there are a lot of potholes and such from the semis and other trucks so it is really risky when the weather is bad.

I am still having issues and am trying to be patient and give it a full week before I call her. She may want me to up my meds 20 more milligrams to stop it, I don't know. I am just miserable right now.

We are taking Kelly and Thomas to the airport this afternoon so I hope the weather isn't too bad for them and they can get out of here before it does get bad. I am going to ask her to text me and let know they got to Boston ok.

Maggie: Glad you are enjoying reading your newest cookbook. I quit buying cookbooks because I don't have any place to put them and don't really use them much. Like I said earlier, we are going to get hit with some nasty weather tonight and it will probably kill my azaleas if it hasn't overnight already.

Jean: I hope you like your new vacuum. Kelly has a Dyson, but when they put in the laminate floors a couple years ago she bought a Roomba. I imagine it helps her out a lot working and all. Oh, I hope Sonny gets to feeling better. I noticed Fortune is having more trouble with his one leg going to sleep. He will hop around for a few seconds until the circulation comes back then walk fine. I hope Sonny doesn't have some kind of hip situation or something.

Well girls, I am going to get back in the recliner and nap for a bit. Fortune kept me up most of the night and between that and not feeling too grand anyway, I am going to try and go back to sleep. You all have a great day. Faye

03-21-2013, 12:14 PM
Good morning, ladies! 40 degrees and overcast this day. They said we might see some snow flurries this morning but so far nothing.

Tonight is Ladies of the Evening and tomorrow is English Paper Piecing at Bella. Lots of fun. Last night was our applique bee at the library.

Faye, I'm sorry you are having problems again. You are a lot more patient with those doctors than I would be. I saw a sign at the Y yesterday for a knitting bee on Wednesday afternoons so next week I'm going to take my socks I'm working on and see what it's about.

Jean, poor Sonny had a bad time before he found his forever Mom. I hope he gets better soon.

Maggie, I put in subscriptions to Eating Well and Clean Eating magazines. I bought copies at Barnes and Noble first and liked what I saw. It's taking me longer to shop, but I'm really studying the lables of everything I buy. It's sad that even foods that say they are healthy aren't. It's no wonder so many people, now about 60% of Americans, are overweight. I just finished the chapter on chicken and that was an eye opener. Packages just marked chicken (whole or parts) are not just chicken or they would be tough and have no flavor from the processing and the way chickens are raised. They are injected with chicken flavor, soy and various chemicals so they are moist, juicy and taste like chicken. As long as the amounts of each are less than 1%, no need to put on the label. I'm opting for free range chicken from now on. We have a few farms around where I live that sell chicken and parts they have raised free range as well as buffalo, beef and pork. You can actually take a tour of their facilities. It's more expensive, but worth it to me.

Have a great day, my break time is over!

03-21-2013, 02:01 PM

Since yesterday was the first day of Spring it was time to get some seeds started in our seed tray. We put mostly tomatos and bell pepper seeds in the tray and it is now on the shelf above the sink in front of the window in the kitchen with a cover over it. When the seeds sprout we can use the "grow light" which is above it to help them grow. They will be nice little plants to be set outside to toughen up then planted in the garden after it is all prepared to receive plants and seeds.

It is a chilly day & said not to get over the 40ºs and “they” say we will get snow tomorrow for it will be a colder day. I would much prefer rain but snow will do for the moisture is quite :welcome:. I have not very much “work” to do today so I can read in my recently acquired books. Later I need to figure out what I will cook for dinner and get something out to thaw from its home in the freezer. Will is off early today to visit a friend in the hospital before he goes to his job at the museum. I am on page 149 in reading recipes in this "pioneer way" cookbook which is so interesting which has 306 pages. There are so many spice mixes, mixes like Bisquick® and sauces I can make and not buy which makes me very pleased for “homemade” doesn’t have all those “mystery” items and preservatives commercial products have in them. Those pioneer ladies had to do with what they had on hand for a place to buy “stuff” was way far away. They got creative with their cooking. I’ll use quite a number of the recipes but I won’t be butchering a hog and preparing it to last through the winter wrapped in burlap and buried in a cellar. :no: But you name it, and there is probably a recipe for it in this book. :cp: I have another book I am working my way though and it is Miracles from the Vault: Anthology of Underground Cures by Jenny Thompson from the Health Sciences Institute which is a book packed with very interesting health information. I have a total four books I am working my way through these days and none are of the fiction category.

Our little waiter friend at I-Hop bought himself a car ~ black Firebird for his birthday yesterday ~ he turned 17 and this is the 5th car he has owned but the best. I thought all along he was 17 but he was 16 passing for 17. Plus instead of his “curly mop hair doo: he now has a nice haircut which makes him look much older than he is. The hair cut makes his helmet fit better for when he is riding his motor bike. That kid is a real go-getter and one of I-Hops best waiters. Makes straight A’s in high school and works Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday and is saving the bulk of his earnings and tips for college. I like that kid and wish him well in his endeavors.

SUSAN And when we read the lables what are all those items inside the product that they don't have to list because they are less than 1% ~ those items are the sneaky ones that I don't want in my system. Strange sounding chemicals for sure. We are looking for a source for range raised chckens around here and know where we can get buffalo burger meat. Those are two of the better magazines with helpful information in them.

DONNA FAYE :lol: I don't think I will ever quit buying cookbooks unless we no longer have the space for books ~ especially if they are like this latest one. It is my main most favorite one now. :cp: Hopefully you get to feeling better soon.

Have a wonderful day Magnolias ~ :wave:

03-22-2013, 12:07 AM
Good Evening! It has been a very long day and I am so glad it is over! Sonny was not any better this morning so I called the vet's office and talked to his assistant. We decided if I could get him in the carrier I would take him in. One of the gals in my craft club is married to a retired vet; she happened to call before coming and I was telling her about Sonny. She offered to help catch him! :cp: We had our club gab session, ate cake and drank tea, then everyone left except Jo. We went downstairs and Sonny was hiding behind the hot water heater. She picked him up without any problem, slid him into the carrier, and away we went. The vet said he had a high temperature meaning an infection and she thought sinus/head since his lungs are clear. So home we came with antibiotics and special critical care soft food. Tonight Bob and I had a meeting at church. There is a guy who thinks he knows it all and is a pain for everyone. He wants money to go to a certain project, never happy with any suggestions or the way things are run, and won't listen to anyone else. It went on way too long and I had a headache by the time we left! Sonny had come upstairs and was hiding under the couch, so I pulled him out, squirted his medicine in his mouth, hand fed him some soft food, and carried him downstairs for the night. I am more than ready for bed!

Maggie -- I can tell the new vacuum has more suction than my old one did. :yes: I'm not used to it so felt rather clumsy this morning using it. It sounds like you have your cookbooks and recipes well organized! I finally made notes on paper and stuck them in the appropriate cookbook if there were recipes I especially liked or didn't like as the case may be. Spring has sprung if you are planting seeds!

Susan -- You've had a full week of quilting for sure! :D I am hoping Sonny is on the mend. The vet did say that the infection could affect his legs so I'm hopeful. Since he came upstairs from the basement I took that as a good sign.

"Gma" -- I do hope you feel better soon! :crossed: Tonight when I picked Sonny up he meowed like maybe his hind end hurt. The vet did say that since he's older, maybe 5ish, that neutering would be harder on his system. His surgery was a week ago today so I would think that would be healed or almost, by now.

I am heading for bed. :yawn: Tomorrow I am hoping Sonny will eat on his own and I can squirt his medicine in his food. I have a haircut appointment and the rest of the day is mine! Have a fantastic Friday and enjoy! :wave:

03-22-2013, 04:31 PM
Good morning to you all! It is chilly and rainy today. Jack called and said looks like he is going to work late since they have had trouble all day long with one of their pumps. I told him we will make it a fast food night when he gets home since we don't know when he will finish up.

We got the kids off at the airport and she has been posting from the packeast convention. Thomas and his friend Walker both qualified for the minecraft tournament. They have about 80k people at this convention and only take 100 top qualifiers so I am sure they are excited. Sound like they are all having a great time this weekend.

I am just worn down to a nub at the moment. I need to catch up on rest again and I have still been having symptoms from the biopsy. It isn't anything serious, but uncomfortable. I don't really have a high pain threshold either.

Susan: Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. Let us know how you enjoy the Y's knitting bee.

Maggie: I like to watch "The Pioneer Woman" on the cooking channel. She lives in Oklahoma on a cattle ranch. She makes some interesting sounding food.

Jean: I sure hope you can get Sonny feeling better. Poor guy is so used to sort of being on his own, he doesn't know how to react to a family yet. It was nice of your card club lady to help you get him in the carrier. I am still thinking about having my lady color my hair and put in streaks for the cruise, but it depends on whether or not I want to spend the money. I am sort of a penny pincher in some ways.

Well I hope everyone has a nice weekend. We are going to do rugs again if it is dry and I need to catch up on work in the house. Faye

03-22-2013, 07:36 PM

Oh now they say we are going to get snow tomorrow through the night to Sunday morning. We shall see because it can always change. It is currently 40ºs and not expected to get over the high 40ºs this day. MOS is what it is this week. I have come to the realization that I don’t have a double boiler and need one for some of my recipes and I have just been improvising. I would like to have a double boiler which it would make it much easier when I make a sauce that needs one. I used to have one and did use it enough to warrant having one :lol: but it is one item that I haven’t replaced as of yet but I will be ordering one from Chef’s Catalog® come the first of the new month since they call them a “seasonal” item around this town so none are to be found. I don’t have a clue why it is a seasonal thing for I used it all year around.

Something else I can’t find around here are Junket Rennet Tablets which are sold in “other towns” in the pudding section of the market. The tablets are also used in the making of cheese. Sometimes when we ask if a market has a product and they don’t know they just say “no” so Will is taking a picture of the package to show them. It can be ordered for us if they don’t carry it for the manager has been good about ordering things for us in the past. :cp: He just recently ordered a couple jars of freeze dried instant espresso coffee for me. We don’t drink instant coffee but it enhances the chocolate flavor in recipes and they don’t have enough call for it at the market to stock it which is understandable. Could be that is the case with the Junket Rennet Tablets. I’ll know soon enough when he gets back from the store. :lol: He just got back with two boxes of it :cp: for they did have the tablets after all and it sure helps to ask someone who “knows” & or what section they have it in. It had a little folder in the box with recipes of all kinds of cheese, custard, and ice cream in the box. I have never made cheese with it but have made some good program friendly ice cream. :yes: I am curious enough to see how some home-made cheese would taste. I remember my mother made some awesome Mozzarella. I noticed a recipe in the folder that is a Sugar Free Vanilla Custard that is a definite try. I can make any of the other recipes SF also.

Schwan’s® made its delivery this morning and I now have some low point goodies in the freezer. Little mini donuts for 1P+ each and I can just eat one. :cp: Mini cheeseburgers for 3 p+ and some other yummy goodies. I got Will some Cinnamon Rolls that are 8P+ which are good and much lower in points than the Pecan Caramel Rolls he has been getting for they are 13P+. I hope :crossed: he will like these as a substitution. It is 5:08 PM as I type and I am not yet decided what to make for dinner. I had one taco for lunch and that has been it for the day except for my SF FF Latte but neither of us are yet hungry.

Looks like the post has been all about cooking in some form or another. :lol: But what better day to deal with all this is a non-hungry day I guess.

DONNA FAYE :hug: I am sorry you are still feeling under the weather. Hopefully all of this will pass soon. Sounds like those two boys are good kids and having a good time of it and your daughter is great to have taken them there. I imagine that lady on the ranch does have some good recipes ~ did she write a book?

SUSAN Will was at the bookstore today for a book he needed and found one for me. It was in the "used book bin" but one of those that appears to never have even been opened up if you get my drift. It is READ IT BEFORE YOU EAT IT by Bonnie Taub-Dix, MA, RD, CDN; a Plume Book; Published by the Penguin Group 2010. "It is how to decode food lables and make the healthiest choice every time." They also say it is the only book you'll need to teach you exactly what to put in your grocery cart. It is divided into two parts: Part One ~ The meaning behind the words on the lable . . . and why you should care; Part Two ~ Navigating the aisles, how to shop for the best foods. I just thought i would give you the "heads up" on it since we are both being more "whats in it" conscious. I think I will have this book spiral wire bound like I did the cook book for it will make it easier to read.

Have a lovely evening Magnolias :wave:

03-22-2013, 09:39 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It is snowing big lazy snowflakes but so far isn't lasting on the ground. There is NO wind for a nice change but still cold. I ran a couple errands this morning and have been lazy the rest of the day! I don't know what to think about Sonny; he did lick a little of his soft food out of a bowl tonight but not enough imo. :( I have fed him a few times by putting a little on my finger and sticking it in his mouth. He doesn't fight me and is taking his medicine so that is good. He also managed to move across the laundry room to hide behind a tote but his hind legs just don't seem to support him like they should. Ernie would sure like to finish off the soft food Sonny doesn't eat but I keep watch so he can't.

"Gma" -- It would be so fun if Thomas keeps winning! I hope you feel better soon -- this has gone on so long. When Beth and I were shopping together we browsed through a department store and I commented on a few things I really liked. I would end up by saying that I'm getting more like my mother every day in that I hesitate to buy something just because I like it and not really need it. That never used to be a problem for me! :lol:

Maggie -- I found it interesting that they consider a double boiler to be a seasonal item. Will does find you the best books in his travels. :cp:

I have a load of undies to fold and put away so guess I will go do that, then clean up the kitchen for the last time today. Hope you all have a nice weekend . . . we are supposed to get up to 6" of snow. I'm hoping the weatherman is wrong again! :wave:

03-23-2013, 01:39 PM

It is a chilly day here in the ♥-Land and they keep saying we may get some light snow this afternoon. We shall see for it usually goes around us. It is currently chilly in here and about time for the heater to come back on. We don’t have any plans to do anything today but it is early yet. I pulled the sheets off the bed this morning when I got up so we can change them today and lots of stuffed animal toys went flying that were tucked in there about the foot of the bed. I got a good chuckle out of that. We leave the bed unmade on sheet washing day so it gets a breath of fresh air. AH the heater just came on….

I am going to tackle the job of re-arranging the items in our freezers. Somehow things get discombobulated in there when things are put in to freeze then I didn’t get back and put them in their proper section. It won’t take me long with the meat freezer but it is one of those things I need to get done this day. I date the items when I put them in there and want to make sure the oldest dates are to the front. Makes it easy to get a package out that way to thaw and not keep the door open too long while searching for an older date. I just might find some mysteries this day lurking in there. Pork hiding in with the beef or chicken or some such mystery for each shelf has its own type of meat on it supposedly. The other freezer holds packaged goods like from Schwans® and WW & treats and goodies and things in the fruit and vegetable or bread category ~ everything not in the packaged meat category. It is the freezer I really need to tackle today which will take a bit longer to get re-organized. That, my friends is what I have planned to do this day. I also need to tackle cleaning out the refrigerator. It really needs it also.

JEAN I sure hope that little Sonny gets his mobility back soon. Poor thing must be miserable not knowing why he is not functing properly. Oh yes Will finds me good reading material for sure for he is always on the look out for books for me when he visits his favorite book store.

Have a great day Magnolias :wave:

03-23-2013, 06:22 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another cloudy, windy, cold day in my neighborhood. I've been trying to feed Sonny more often which doesn't seem to interest him much; he has moved from one room to another so I feel good about that. Otherwise I've been doing laundry and cleaned up the kitchen . . . again.

Maggie -- We are supposed to get some snow for the next 3 days, and maybe up to 6". :( I had to :D about the toys stashed in your bed. I need to clean out the downstairs fridge and freezer. I noticed a couple drips and am betting there is something "old" in the freezer part.

It's time for another feeding so I'm off! Enjoy the rest of your day. :wave:

03-24-2013, 01:59 PM
Good morning ladies. It is cold, rainy and windy here today. We had to go to Walmart's for a few things and I about froze to death.

I somehow either scratched or irritated my right eye badly. I had to take out my contact, took some allergy meds and went to bed to see if that would help. It was blood red, stung, and tears ran down my face like I was crying. It was pretty miserable. This morning it was all better so I think maybe either something got under my contact or some mind of aerosol spray got onto my contact and irritated my eye. I am so glad it feels better.

I did the sweeping and will mop in a few minutes after I get done here. I want to then get the vacuuming done and the dusting so tomorrow morning I can get upstairs and do some cleaning for the week.

Maggie: The "pioneer woman's" name is Ree Drummond and has more than one cookbook. Check out Amazon, they have her cookbooks. I like to watch Trisha Yearwood on her cooking show too. She had an episode yesterday where she helped a friend to cook a full meal for the woman's husband. I guess this lady doesn't cook much. They baked a ham that looked really yummy. Funny that your babies hide their things in your bed.

Jean: Keep your darn snow! I can't believe after that beautiful week we had we are now back to being cold again. Gonna be a strange spring I guess. My tree doesn't even have leaf buds on it yet and usually it will already be full. Everything seems to be slowed down. Hopefully, Sonny will sooner or later get comfortable.

The floor waits so I guess I better get to it. Have a wonderful day. Our week will be busy as Jack has his tooth taken out on Tuesday and we have lots of things going on towards the end of the week. Faye

03-24-2013, 06:07 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's windy, cloudy and snow flakes fall from time to time. Went to early church and have read the papers. That is the extent of my day besides trying to feed Sonny and worrying about him.

"Gma" -- It sounds like you had a busy day planned. My contacts are gas permeable so if I get something in my eye I usually have to take the contact out and start over. I am waiting for the vet to call me back . . . enough said about that. :(

Not much going on for the rest of the day. Bob has basketball on tv and I'm at loose ends. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

03-24-2013, 07:59 PM
Sonny is spending the night at the vet's office on an IV. He is still running a temp and dehydrated. He remembered the carrier although he was too weak to put up a fight. He also didn't like the slippery table; I'm hopeful this will turn around.

03-25-2013, 12:32 PM

I got what I had planned to do yesterday done and the freezer is all re-arranged nicely now with “like” meat on the different shelves. My fridge just had to be re-arranged and I found no surprises lurking on the back part of the shelves. :cp: No mysteries there. My hands sure got cold doing the work in the freezer though. Guess I need a pair of ice mittens. :yes: It is in the 20ºs and just may get up to the 30º mark today and we have a clear beautiful blue sky. Will just took the dogs to the groomer so they should come back really smelling good for the afternoon at least.

I got on my scale this morning and am down some so I should show a loss at WW this evening. :cp: If I don’t I know I should have. I slept in a bit this morning because I didn’t get to sleep until the wee hours of the morning for something had the neighborhood dogs upset. Some of the dogs in the neighborhood are outside dogs and when a critter prowls the neighborhood it sets them off to start barking and then that makes our dogs uneasy and their inside occasional bark keeps me awake. Cecil is looking for his dogs throughout the house.

JEAN I sure hope the vet can get Sonny back to exact. Poor dear must be confused not knowing what is going on in his little body.

DONNA FAYE Thanks for the 411 on that book ~ I just may order it. Hope you got everything done that you had planned. I love it when I can check everything off my list. It is miserable when you get something under your contacks. I don't wear then anymore for we live in an area when the wind blows a lot and dust gets in my eyes. For me it just wasn't worth the hastle. I like my perscription shades. :p In fact I couldn't tell you at the moment just where my clear glasses are for I haven't worn them in months. I have "readers" all over the house though.

Have a great Monday Magnolias. :wave:

03-25-2013, 03:01 PM
Good afternoon gals. It is super chilly and windy today. It is going to be cold all week until the first of next week. It should be upper 60's to low 70's and it is in the 30's today with highs in the 40's.

Jack's tooth appt is tomorrow so I will be busy for sure. He has decided to stay downstairs and sleep for a couple days as he doesn't think he'll feel like going upstairs. Makes it easier on me too if he needs meds or soup or something.

I ordered a pair of distance glasses online. I have my prescription from my appt last year (she always gives us one to get glasses if we want them too) I bought an inexpensive pair of navy and silver frames with just distance and coated lenses. I just need them for when I take out my contacts once a week. I have a pair of old old ones, but they have disappeared and we haven't been able to find them so I ordered a pair yesterday and they already shipped them this morning. I wear bifocal contacts, but my astigmatism has gotten so bad in my left eye that when I go in August I am going to ask her if I could wear a toric lense in my left eye and a bifocal in the right. If that won't work, then I will get the toric lenses and wear reading glasses for close up stuff. I have those two pair of those readers I bought that have the led lights on each earpiece. They are super cool to read tiny print and such.

Maggie: I think Ree has several cookbooks you could look at. I could understand not wearing contacts where you live. I would bet living in New Mexico would be the same way. I wore glasses when I lived there. I still don't know what caused the redness, scratchiness and burning, but it was gone the next morning. I am sure you like having your freezer organized.

Jean: Oh, I hope they can fix up poor little sonny. Does he look like Ernie? Jack had basketball on all afternoon and evening. I decided just to read though I did watch the Indiana game. I imagine Bob wasn't too happy about Iowa State losing at the last.

Well girls, I better get going. Fortune is barking at me. Faye

03-25-2013, 07:04 PM
Good evening, ladies! We had 2 inches of snow yesterday evening so we briefly saw everything covered. It was all gone when I got up at 7 am and it's raining now. Our weather is like Faye's - it should be in the 60s consistently by now but we are in the 40s. Maybe that means we'll have a cooler summer. Or just we'll go from cold to hot over night.

Faye, I know you'll have Jack nursed back to health in a few days. I can't wear contacts because of my allergies and dry eye. I have an appointment tomorrow to get new glasses.

Jean, I hope Sonny is getting better. I feel so sorry for sick animals.

Maggie, I know that scale will show a loss tonight for you are working the program like a pro. I found a new 5-ingredient Chicken Weight Watcher's magazine sized cookbook at Barnes and Noble yesterday. The recipes look really good and I'll be trying some of the salad ones soon.

Have a wonderful evening!

03-25-2013, 11:08 PM

I am a happy camper for I showed a loss of 3.4 bringing my grand total of loss to 88.8. That loss made up for the pound gain last week and took some with it. I purchased a new “Track” booklet tonight at the meeting to keep the next 3 months record of what I bite. We went to I-Hop afterwards and our waiter friend joined us for dinner since he was off work and came in just after we were seated. He also hinted that he won’t be working next Monday either. I think we have been adoped. :yes:

DONNA FAYE Hopefully Jack will sail on through without any trouble with the tooth extraction business.

SUSAN I will look for that booklet you mentioned. Thank you so much for that vote of confidence, you are a peach.

JEAN Any word on how the kitty is doing?

03-25-2013, 11:44 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I woke up at 4 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep so got up; it's been a long day. We balanced at church and then I took a road trip which wasn't in my plans. The education director took two fifteen passenger vans full of high school kids to a retreat in Minneapolis over the weekend. She needed another driver to deliver the vans back to another town and asked me if I would help by driving the drivers back home. That school district had a two hour late start because of blowing snow on the roads so I was glad we left later in the morning. My lane was fine but the other lane was snow covered and sloppy wet in places. My car looked like I had been mud racing when I got home. :hyper: I picked up the gift shop money this afternoon and have that ready for the bank in the morning.

Sonny is still at the vet's. When I called this morning they were force feeding him. I feel like a terrible catmom because I don't think I was feeding him enough at one time even though I did feed him several times a day. When I called back this afternoon they had given him a "butt" bath and covered him with a blanket. He had growled at the assistant so hopefully he is on the mend. He hasn't stood up yet and his hind legs are my concern now. I'm so thankful I took him in yesterday rather than wait until today.

Maggie -- A BIG :congrat: on the GREAT 3.4# loss! Your body finally came through in parting with some fat cells!

"Gma" -- I hope that Jack gets along ok with his tooth. :yes: I was so worried/scared when I had mine pulled and there was nothing to it. Amanda had so much trouble with her contacts because of astigmatism, she finally gave up and wears her glasses all the time. Sonny is a Siamese mix with blue eyes. He has the darker face and light colored body, darker paws and tail. His markings aren't "true" but you can definitely tell. The vet thinks he is probably 5 - 6 years old; he's big like Ernie which is probably good in the long run.

Susan -- I'm glad you got some snow so you won't forget what it looks like. ;) I'm always happy to share.

I need to unload the dishwasher before I head to bed. Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow! :wave:

03-26-2013, 12:45 PM
Good morning, ladies! The sun is shining but its only 46 degrees.

Nothing much happening this day.

Jean, poor Sonny! He sure won't get into the carrier again without a fight. I hope everything turns out fine with him. I remember snow just fine!

Maggie, you are doing so well. I think your willingness to change what you were eating for healthier options is a major part of your success, as well as tracking. I weigh in people every week who are amazed they gained but have no idea what they actually ate because they don't track and eyeball their portions.

Hi, Faye, I hope Jack is doing okay!

Have a great day.

03-26-2013, 02:23 PM

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I actually feel lighter which is the first time since I have been losing weight. I have got to find a source of where to buy myself some new blouses. I love my long sleeve button down collar oxford cloth blouses with one breast pocket and long shirt tail hem. Years ago and many pounds heavier I bought several of them in different colors which I like wearing with pants. They just don’t seem to wear out but they are very big on me now. All of a sudden they just seem too big. They say that where you gained it last that it comes off first and my middle section is shrinking. I never did have a big butt ~ but a big gut is what I got. I know also that I have lost in my arms and wrist area for my bracelet slides on down over my hand now and if I don’t watch out it would fall off ~ slide right down off of my hand. I may end up cutting a link or two out of it. I have shortened it once already. I’ll figure it out and have the silver solder to do the job with. :cp: It is my constant companion and reminder to keep my FOCUS. And would you believe that I forgot to take it off when I weighed last evening. After all it does weigh 4.69 ounces and that is a bit over a quarter of a pound. She did ask me if I had emptied my pockets and I removed my lip ointment which doesn’t weigh hardly anything and left my bracelet on. Duh. Ah but then I wouldn’t have shown that fun number of three 8’s.

Will bought me the neatest little neck knife to wear when we are out in the bush which is on a long silver rope chain to wear tucked inside a shirt (AKA “bra” in my case). The whole thing including the hard black plastic flat case is 3½ inches long; 1½ wide and very thin and weighs just a little over a half ounce & made by K-Bar®. The knife is black with a finger pull in the handle and you hold the case with your other hand and pull it out. It will be the perfect little thing to snip edible plants and such with when prowling in the weeds in the “outback.” It sure makes me think “vacation.” I can think of several occasions when I wished I had such a handy little thing. He gets me the neatest little ger-prises. :yes: I just had a thought ~ wonder what folks would think if I pulled it out in a restaurant to cut my :moo: with.

Oh Cecil ~ what a cat. He lays right across my path and loves it when I step over him then he moves. He is such a character. Everybody needs a cat ~ independent little charming animals. He has taken over one of the dogs toys and just loves it. It is a rope thing with knots at both ends with long fringe on the ends and he tosses it about and grabs it and does all sorts of things with it. I think it is his rope toy now. Benie is still enamored with his little rubber duckie and Ragg Mopp is just getting old gracefully.

SUSAN I absoultely appreciate your support of my weight loss efforts. I have wondered about some of the folks that attend WW meetings and don't follow the program at all. What do they expect to happen I wonder. Lots of folks are resistive to change and maybe one day they will "wake up" and realize they need to change their behavior to lose weight. It cracks me up when I hear some of them speak about "I don't have a clue" why I am not losing. DUH There are so many of them at the meeting they do all the talking and the folks who are the ones that are losing don't speak up enough. :soap:

JEAN Hopefully Sonny gets the use of his back legs back. Poor kitty has trauma. That was good of you to do shuttle work and bring the drivers home. I imagine you car needed a good bath. :p

Have a great day y'all. :wave:

03-26-2013, 11:56 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been a quiet day for me. I made the bank deposit this morning, visited the grocery store, and wasted the rest of the day just putzing. Tomorrow is my morning to work in the gift shop and then in the afternoon will help put the church newsletter together.

Susan -- Like so many people, I know what I should do to lose weight but I just don't always do it. :rolleyes: I do well for quite awhile and then fall off the wagon; the trick is to get back on that wagon!

Maggie -- Sonny is still at the vet's; he is "perkier" today, and holding his head up longer so that is progress. :yes: They have decided his infection is from his surgery; since his mother never taught him to bathe himself bacteria got into the open wound -- they don't use stitches in male cats. He got a "butt" bath yesterday, and again today. I hope it heals soon!

I am heading off to bed. :yawn: Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

03-27-2013, 02:58 PM
Good afternoon gals. Sorry I didn't get in here yesterday but it was a busy day. I didn't get Jack home until almost noon, then had to get his meds filled and get some groceries so we wouldn't have to go anywhere today. They put him on a couple pain meds, penicillan and a mouthwash stuff, which he started today. He could only have soft food so I had to buy a couple boxes of the chicken noodle soup as he doesn't like the canned type. He could only have water or juice so I stocked up on juice. Today he can go back to normal as long as he feels like it. He is doing fine from it all except he got a caffeine headache and I kept medicating him for a headache until he ask me if it could be from not having soda or coffee! DUH!! His headache was gone in half an hour after having a bit of coffee.

He is back to normal pretty much. He came through it all fine and had to have loritab only twice when he got home, once as soon as I got him home and before bed so he could sleep just in case.

Tomorrow I am going commissary shopping as we get paid early because Jack has good Friday off and he says he feels fine to go shopping tomorrow instead of Friday. Fortune has a grooming appt on Friday morning and Saturday morning we have breakfast with the kids. Sunday they will be closed because of Easter of course.

Susan: I am going to have to discuss with my optometrist about options as the contacts I am wearing now are not working in my left eye, which it the eye with heavy astigmatism. Toric lenses according to reviews I read about them are difficult to wear because they don't "float" like regular lenses. We shall see. I may just go back to distance lenses and then wear readers. We shall see. I don't go back until August.

Jean: Hoping Sonny is getting better bit by bit. Once of the things our vet had us to was buy newspaper type litter. I guess it is better after they have surgery because the sand type litter gets rubbed into the incision.

Maggie: Great job on the loss. I hope you keep plugging along.

I have to go girls. Fortune made a mess with his dog food on the floor. Faye

03-27-2013, 09:04 PM

I got my copy of Read It Before You Eat It back from the place where I got it spiral bound and started reading it and it is quite informative and interesting. The gal, Bonnie Taub, who wrote it & she was certainly well credited to do so. She considers that her mission is to convert nutrition science into common sense, cutting through the often-conflicting medical studies and the shifting trends in dieting.

Not much longer and this month will be over. Seems like April is getting here very quickly. Reminds me of the song ♪♫ I’ve got pieces of April and keep them in a memory bouquet. ♫♪ I was chosen as “girl of the month” in April when I was a sophomore in high school (a long long time ago) and that was ‘my’ month back then. :lol: I still have the oval silver charm with my name and the “April Girl” on it in raised letters hanging on a dainty silver box chain. I wore that thing all during the rest of my high school days. I think I will get it out and wear it during the month of April this year. A little trip down memory lane will be fun. I still have the pair of earrings my father got me when I turned 16 and still wear them occasionally. I don’t give up on some things just because they may be old. :cp: I also have a wedding band type ring that is in Black Hills Gold that Will got me on our 10th anniversary that I wear all the time and the little Black Hills Gold pinky ring he gave me when we first were dating which is now worn smooth on top.

They say we can plant a garden then but I am not so sure for we need some warmer days to heat the ground a bit before we plant anything. I’d just as soon garden in pots so I can bring them under the awning on those scorching days to give them some shade. It may be easier than building a frame to put up shade over the whole garden area. Something to give a real “think” about anyway and it is certainly up to Will what he wants to do about the garden. However I can still have a pot with some tomatoes up close to the patio and move them under the awning and see how they fare. I just don’t want to see everything stolen or fried this go round.

I have a nice loaf of sourdough bread cooking in the oven as I type. I had it mixed up in my bread machine but like to make a nice round loaf and cook it in the oven. I put slits in the top and paint it will an egg-water mix and it bakes up so pretty. Tastes good too. :lol: It is one of Will’s very most favorite breads that I bake so he gets it more often than other loaves that are also very good. I lighten the recipes and use Splenda® for the sweetener so they are more program friendly and taste just as good.

DONNA FAYE It is always good to talk with your eye doctor about what is best for your personal eye wear. It is amazing to me how they can tweek those contact lenses to work for so many different cases. I use readers a lot because the area in my clear glasses is so small to read with it is just easier to use the readers. I am sure they will fix you up with the 'best for you' stuff. It is good that Jack didn't have any major uncomfortable issues with his tooth extraction. No doubt I will keep plugging right along with this weight loss thing. I plan on giving the rest of this year and some months beyond my best shot to reach goal. Watch me shrink.

JEAN Shame on Sonny's mother for not teaching him good heigene. I have heard there is something in the cats salava that helps their wounds heal and if a mom doesn't teach the young heigene then who will. Cecil took good care of himself and didn't have a spek of trouble and we used his usual kitty litter in his box per the vet. In his case he was healing up so well he didn't need special kitty litter. However, other cats do need it and I think then it is up to what the vet has to say about it.

Have a great Humpday evening Magnolias :wave:

03-27-2013, 11:22 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been a long day! It did get to 40 this afternoon, sunshine, and NO wind. Beautiful! I had some gift shop sales, looked through my pile of magazines, and ate lunch with Bob in the coffee shop. Then I went to the church and helped put the newsletter together. I thought maybe Sonny would get to come home, but decided to leave him for another night to finish his medicine and get another butt bath. WW meets in a church a block away from mine; as I was leaving bell practice a car pulled out of a WW spot so I pulled in. The good news is I lost another 1.5#. The bad news is the vets assistant was there; she said she took Sonny out of his cage (not sure why) and noticed an open wound on his leg that hadn't been there before. Sonny is now on another IV of heavy drug as the vet thinks the infection might have been in his legs all along. Poor cat! He is feeling better because he growls when they take him out of his cage.

"Gma" -- Glad Jack is doing so well. Have fun with Kelly and family on Saturday!

Maggie -- I can almost smell your bread baking. YUM!

I am heading off to bed to read. Have a terrific Thursday tomorrow! :wave:

03-28-2013, 09:31 AM
Quick good morning gals before we head out to the commissary in about half an hour. Jack is doing great. He took a vacation day today and has a holiday tomorrow so he had a nice long recuperation time just in case.

I did a dumb thing and didn't check the ship to on the Easter basket I bought for Jackson and it came to me instead so am mailing it to him priority this morning hoping it gets to him on Saturday. I did this in reverse one time and bought something for myself and had it shipped to Jay's house. :lol:

Jean: Oooh hope they can now get Sonny all healed up and right. Poor little thing. I am back to square one with Fortune and dog food. I am putting a bit of egg and a bit of tiny orso type pasta that is cooked in low sodium chicken broth and he ate it yesterday so we shall see about today. I have different kinds of dog food out the wazoo because of him refusing to eat them after awhile. It is in the 30's here this morning but supposed to get into the low 60's.

Maggie: I like to do the same with bread machine bread. I don't like it coming out in that crazy looking loaf so I use the machine to do the hard work then take it out and form it. I like to use the bread machine to make noodle mix too. It does a nice job.

Well short and sweet, but I have to get going. Hope you all have a nice day. Faye

03-28-2013, 10:53 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining, NO wind right now, and it's a cool 30 degrees. I need to call and check on Sonny in an hour or so; they are busy with phone calls and animal checks first thing in the morning. I also need to make a WM run and want to do that this morning before the crazy drivers are out and about this afternoon. My house is in dire need of dusting and vacuuming so will do that later.

"Gma" -- Hope your trip to the commissary is quick and easy. Good luck with Fortune liking his dog food on day 2. We bought a different recipe of cat food and I mixed it with what we had. Ernie started tossing his breakfast so now I am picking the two kinds apart thinking maybe the new one didn't sit well. The other thing being he would eat fast so he could finish Sonny's when he walked away from his bowl. So far so good, but a pain to sort through the pieces. My hands smell afterwards. :lol:

I need to get busy; I am dressed and have my face on so that's a start! Enjoy your day! :wave:

03-28-2013, 01:56 PM

Please post on the newly started thread. :wave: See y'all there.