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03-16-2013, 11:01 PM
Hi Everyone!

I'm stalling a bit, and looking for info on what the optimal fat and protein intake would be? I cut out all diet sodas, because I thought they might be part of the problem. Does anyone know if there is a formula or something somewhere to help determine what is optimal?

03-16-2013, 11:40 PM
Oh gosh.... I don't have my book handy. I just know that you can have unlimited protein and fat (until you are full) and YES... I found that SF drinks really slowed down my weight loss. I started drinking water most of the time and then treat myself to tea and started losing weight alot faster. SO try more plain water... that might work :)

Fit dad 2b
03-16-2013, 11:45 PM
How far are you into the program? Are you still on induction? Just after induction, I had a slow down for a week or two, but then it picked back up.

03-17-2013, 12:39 AM
I'm just a week and half into induction. Iftheninfo is in the book, I'll look for it in there. I was getting some conflicting info on how much you should have, in order to keep you body in ketosis. I'll keep those things in mind, and THANKS:-)

03-17-2013, 06:08 AM
Considering it's still pretty early on, I'd say just keep going. I'm ending week two today and have seen only a pound lost in comparison to 11 during the first week. I'm going to ride it out and hope for a bigger loss in the coming week.

03-18-2013, 09:26 PM
Thanks California- I'll keep hanging in there. Hearing from other people helps a lot!