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03-13-2013, 12:26 PM
I am new to this and am trying to stick with it. I want to do what is right, and know when it's okay to fight through the pain.

Monday I did a crazy work out with some of my work people. My first day back at the gym..
it was supposed to be..
100 jumping jacks
50 crunches
20 tricep dips
15 squats
20 lunges
70 russian twists
20 standing calf raises
5 push ups
30 second plank
10 lunge split jumps.

Now - since it was my first day, I didn't even really get to do most of these exercises to even close to the numbers that they wanted, BUT.. I did do lunges and squats the way and the amount they wanted, so my legs are KILLING me beyond belief. I also did a ton of crunches, and my abs are also hurting.

My question is - do I still work out? There is a different work out for every day. My problem is.. my legs hurt a lot and it's hard for me to even walk without pain or go up and down stairs, etc... so I'm not sure I should be doing this workout again. Is it okay to still do squats/lunges? Should I push through that pain? Am I supposed to be working them out while they are sore?

I appreciate any answer and advice any of you can give.

03-13-2013, 12:40 PM
I would still work out, but would work out my upper body not legs.

03-13-2013, 01:24 PM
First, good job! Starting out is a big step! Even if you didn't reach the numbers that were asked, it sounds like you pushed yourself and that is important!

Now, there are two different kinds of hurt (as time goes on you will easily know the difference), muscle soreness and injury.

I often feel super sore (when I feel the soreness every time I walk up and down the stairs or squat) after a super hard workout! When I first started out, it could last about a week but, now if I have an intense workout to the point where I am that sore, it lasts about a day. (Sadly, I sometimes miss that feeling)

Injury soreness is completely different. If you are worried that you are injured, I suggest going to see a doctor. If you are injured, do NOT workout.

CherryPie99 has it right though (for muscle soreness as the cause of pain), work different muscles the next day. Jillian Michaels even suggests waiting 48 hours between working the same muscle groups.

I like to run. If this is the cause (if you decide to pick up running in the future), depending on how bad your legs are, take a day off and then go for an easy run the next day.

I hope this helps and good job again on starting out!!!!! :)