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03-13-2013, 10:30 AM
When I was 114 lbs they were a c
And now at 155 lbs they are a ddd

I'm wondering, when I lose weight again, if they will shrink -back- down to a smaller size. I'm not trying to get back to 114 though.. 130-140 would be good, I was way too frail and sickly at 114.

My measurements are 41 - 32 - 41, but I look like an apple on account of the breasts.

Does anyone else have any experience with weight loss and this general body type?

Spring is coming and I feel so ashamed of my breasts, I just want them to go away. :mad:

03-13-2013, 10:55 AM
First of all, the right size bra or a good fitting bra will make you feel better about your body and your shape.

I know a lot of people like minimizers, but they tend to push the boobs back and to the side, making you like wider/ and stockier. Really... you might not be wearing the right bra size. (When I see people say they are a DD or DDD, it's usually that they are smushing themselves into those sizes as they can't find larger sizes in regular stores).

So, do a fitting (not at Victoria Secret as they don't have larger cup sizes, so they will just give large band sizes). Runningfromfat who used to be a regular here had great info on bra sizes. Let me give you a link:

Now... you still need to be comfortable, but the band around your chest should be snug and that should be what is supporting the bulk of the breast weight, not your shoulders. Experiment and try different things and you might find that having larger ta-tas isn't such a huge deal.

Now, about shrinking...

At 114 at 5'6", that is super, duper thin. Do you have a really small bone structure? My guess is that your boobs will shrink some if they did in the past, but by how much, no one knows.