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05-18-2003, 06:30 PM

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
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We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

05-18-2003, 06:46 PM
Hello lovely ladies!

Just checking in and the previous thread got a bit long again...somebody slacking off there?:lol: Just kidding!

Well, since this is receipe day, here is a sugar free muffin that will make those taste buds sing:

Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins

2 cups all purpose flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

2 eggs

1/2 cup no sugar added or reduced fat peanut butter

3/4 cup thawed frozen unsweetened apple juice concentrate

1/4 cup skim milk

1/4 cup melted lite butter

1/2 cup chopped peanuts

No-sugar added fruit jelly/preserves of choice

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Grease tweleve medium sized (or miniture) muffin cups or line with with paper liners; set aside. Combine dry ingredients in medium bowl and set aside. In another medium bowl, combine eggs and peanut butter; beat until smooth. Blend in apple juice, milk, and butter; add to dry ingredients and mix until dry ingredients are just moistened. Spoon half of batter evenly into muffin cups. Drop 1 1/2 teaspoons jelly/preserves (1/2 teaspoon for mini muffins) in the center of each cup and cover with remaining batter. Bake 18 minutes or until golden brown; let stand in pan on wire rack for 5 minutes. Remove from pan; serve warm or at room temperature.

Per Muffin or Per 3 Mini Muffins:

Calories: 278 Carbs: 32g Cholesterol: 6g Protein: 8g
Fat: 6g Sodium: 28g

Diabetic exchange: 1 1/4 Starch/Bread, 2 Fat/Meat, 3/4 Fruit

(Not sure about the WW points on these)

05-18-2003, 07:49 PM

05-18-2003, 08:46 PM
Yep, :yes: that's what I said and that's what I did. Ok, in case I haven't said it, and I know I truly haven't acknowledged it, my yogurt raisins are a red light food for me. I can't even have them in the house. :no: When I am strong, :strong: working the program, :smug: exercising, :cb: drinking my water :rain: and staying within my points, :angel: I will be able to have them in the house, until that point, they are a no-no. :tape: Unfortunately, they are not something I can control and I refuse to let them control me.

So, I took my bag of yogurt raisins (which, to be completely honest, I don't even like raisins...I just like the yogurt that tastes like white chocolate covering them) and went outside in the back yard and started flinging them by handfulls over the porch railing. Dh, who was working on the truck thought I had gone completely mad.........said, "Are you mad at the raisins?" But before I could even answer, he said, "I know....do what you have to do, honey." Then he came over and gave me a big kiss. :s: If I wasn't on my TOM, he just might have gotten a big n tasty right there in the backyard with all the buzzards flying overhead. :yikes:

Anyways.....I'm posting the plan anyways, so here it is.

I think that everyone is an individual and we have to do whats right for us: This is what I think is right for me...

I am leaving for Charlotte this coming Saturday, May 24th. Starting this instant, I am going to stay within my points, drink my water and exercise at least 1 mile per day till then. That way, I will be feeling good heading out of town...and you all know what feeling I'm talking about, don't you? You know the one, come on ladies....when you're drinking your water, exercising and eating right? There's no other feeling like it. Now, while I'm in Charlotte, I'm going to allow myself one meal per day if I want something I just have to have, but the rest of the time, I'm going to eat only low fat items I'm bringing with me. The whole family is eating low fat too....I'm not bringing separate items for me and they get all the high fat stuff. There's not a one of us around here that it wouldn't hurt to eat healthier. Then, when I come back, I am rejoining WW. I believe Terri said on the last thread that she goes every other week. That's what I'm going to do too. Now some of you might argue with me and tell me that I need to go every week. But right now, I know me. If I make myself go every week, I'll burn out. I don't know why...but I will. Every other week will be just fine with me, I WILL stay for the meetings and if I want to go every week, I can eventually work up to that.

So, that's the plan...what do you think?

P.S. Sandy: The words "PEEK-A-BOO" do not qualify as a post....get your tail in here!

Back later...... gotta cook dinner. :T

05-18-2003, 09:14 PM
I only posted my name because I wanted you to know I was peeking....LOL....and I wanted my email notices....so dependent you know.

Well, now about me? If you have not noticed, I have not really been posting much, not like usual anyway. Well, I have been like so far off my plan it's not even funny. I was doing so well, then I don't know, I just fell apart. So maybe it was shame that I did not post? Maybe I felt to dependent on this page? Maybe I was feeling I was letting you all down?

So, ENOUGH MAYBES Starting first thing tomorrow, Monday morning, I am back on plan! I know, that sounds all to familiar, but we are only human!!! Including me :D . I can't even begin to tell you the food I have stuffed in this face this past weekend, so I will just forget about it and tomorrow is a new beginning. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

Tina: You will get there too girl. I know you will get it done!! Charlotte next weekend? You lucky ducky!!! I saw your man won the first 30lap thing last night, and oh could have gone all the way I think, but what a crash that was. Well maybe next weekend when your there he will win the 600. That would be great. I think his car was running excellent.

Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend, so that means I have 4 days off from work, thats one of my hard times, when I'm home. Maybe we will find something to do? Maybe camping? The weather is warmer, I just need to get my butt to the shore and clean the camper out, make sure there arnt any little mice living in there still from winter.

Talk to you all later....

05-18-2003, 10:26 PM
I was cutting the grass before, (finally) and had time to think...I love cutting the grass! No, I don't have a riding mower...it's a push job, so lots of good exercise there. Anyway...obsessive soul that I am, I was thinking about how really, really good I've been and was feeling a little disappointed that the scale is not reflecting all that 'goodness.' NOW...I would be the first tp tell someone that you should NOT get yourself too crazy over the scale's numbers. :nono: As long as you are doing everything that you know will give the results that you want, it WILL happen.

Then, the more I thought about it...I realized that, a. I am definitely PMSing...b. I am noticing clothes are fitting better...c. I feel better. Physically yes, but more importantly, mentally...more clear headed and focused. So taking all of this into perspective, I thought, "Why in God's name do we do this to ourselves?" (obsess about that #@*% number?) And then I realized that we are creatures of comfort. Sticking to the diet, exercising diligently, drinking the water are hard work and deserve to be rewarded! It's hard to follow this after so many years of eating with abandon, so when we work hard, we want to see those numbers go down...and FAST! We want to be rewarded for our good deeds.

Unfortunately, that's not how it works. Because this is not a short term endeavor. This is...should be... a lifestyle change. This is healthy living, how we need to eat and move for the rest of our lives. The weight loss will come as a result of the changes we make, but it shouldn't (ha ha) be our main focus, just a pleasant side effect. Really, think about it...once you lose all the weight that you want to lose, do you go back to stuffing yourself again? Hopefully not...

So those were my thoughts as I mowed away. I guess I came away with the realization that I have to learn to enjoy the process and not just focus on the end result.

Kinda like cutting the grass!

05-19-2003, 12:06 AM
Sounds like a plan and a half to me, Tina! Starting tomorrow, I may also follow your lead; judging by your pics, you must be doing something right :yes: !

Well, gang, tomorrow is IT--PICTURE DAY! Yes, ladies (and gents if they lurk and post here), I am getting a new portfolio of pics taken with my newly blond head--and the rest of me:lol: --taken tomorrow. The photographer will be here at one o'clock.

Anyway, I made the peanut butter and jelly muffins for the neighborhood bingo game tonight, and they went like crazy! People actually went nuts over them and the next thing I knew, nearly two dozen muffins were GONE! I guess I am getting better at this low calorie, low fat cooking thing.:D

YO SANDY! :drill: GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE AND POST!:drill: Peek-a-Boo isn't cutting it:lol:

For the rest of you, I hope you had a great weekend and that your week will bring you weight loss and wonderful blessings!

05-19-2003, 08:17 AM
I'm here son is still sick

05-19-2003, 08:49 AM
Just a quick drop in to say hello. I had a fabulous time in chat the other night. It's so cool when you start talking to people and realize how much you have in common. I've pulled an all nighter (and you think you are a night owl. :lol: ) been listing stuff on eBay. None of my pendant watches yet, my hubby is supposed to take those pics today so I can list those today. Only listed excess jewelry supplies, beads and charms last night and this morning. I've done pretty good on eating now if I can just get my butt up and motivated to take a walk. Ah well, hope everyone has a great day. See ya all later.

Terri in MO
05-19-2003, 08:50 AM
Good morning!! :wave:

Its a foggy Monday morning. Too bad its not my vacation week! :( Ah, but that's coming in two weeks.

Food was not great this weekend. I was exhausted on Saturday from all the stress of helping MIL find an independent living place. Plus, the feelings of being overwhelmed by my own house getting out of control at the moment. I've been agnozing over what is the best decision for the MIL - decent place, costs, how long her money will last, what if she lives another 10 years...etc. Yesterday, we met back at the one she liked and is reasonable money so that two of her three sons could see it too. They loved it and she cried with happiness. That settled that! Then we went off to buy her a twin bed so that she could downsize. After that was lunch at the fried chicken place. We won't even discuss it. I did two good things - I only ate half the chicken breast (it almost covered a plate) and I only ate one serving of the mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans. Always before I've had seconds.

Yesterday was rest day for the ole bod. Today I plan on getting in at least 45 mins of cardio. I've got to get back on more intensity or I'll never get my endurance up.

Tina - Sounds like a great plan to me. Even if we plan on having whatever we want at certain meals and not worrying about how low calorie or low fat - the important thing is that its a planned eating. Its not the mindless eating, boredom eating, emotional eating that got us into this condition. And its also about being flexible in our new healthy eating to enjoy special opportunities and get right back to healthy eating with no recriminations. I only go to WW every other week, because when I was going once a week, it all became about weigh-in day - for me. It became a game of being lax after WI then having to try to get it back together because WI was coming. The first time I went on WW, I lost 30 pounds but became frustrated at stalling out and tired of WW. I burned out and quit and gained it all back. And I've tried several times to go back and lose the weight and have not been successful. This is the last time because I'm not going to burn out and I'm not quitting. So hang in there and have a great time in Charlotte!

Sandy, Kat, Lori - Hi and lets all have a great OP week! I'm out of time for now. Hello to everyone else!

Have a glorious day!

05-19-2003, 10:30 AM
Boy, I always miss so much over the weekend. Saturday, I had a wedding to go to. It was an outdoor ceremony and it was cold, and windy. Luckily, it was quick and the reception was indoors. I had a good time and only had a couple bites of cake so I think it was a success. Yesterday, I had to work and have a bit of a cold from the weather on Sat so

05-19-2003, 10:32 AM
Dang I hit the wrong key. Anyway, I took it easy last night and relaxed. Today, I went to Curves. Weigh in shows a 2 lb loss, so that's 10 lbs in 3 weeks. I'm loving that. I can't wait to see my measurements.

05-19-2003, 10:36 AM
I did it again. Fingers aren't working right this morning. As I was saying, I get weighed and measured next Wednesday the 28th. I am excited. I can' t even begin to reply to everyone, so I will just say Hi and hope everyone is on track and I think we all need to follow Kat's advice. Focus on the journey and not the destination.
Bye for now.

05-19-2003, 11:28 AM
Yet another positive day. I LOVE not working!!! It gives me the opportunity to really concentrate on this weight loss.

Today, I did housecleaning for about 1 1/2 hours. Because it was raining again ( :doh: ) I dusted off my old Jenny Craig aerobic video and did that for 1/2 hour. Then I got out a chart of stretches and did that for another 1/2 hour! :cb: :cb: :cb:

I'VE ALSO STARTED A JOURNAL!!! :eek: I've created an excel spreadsheet that records my weight loss, measurements, daily exercise and the points I've earned, and a food record with the points used and banked. A couple of weeks ago I made a list of all the foods I normally eat, and what they're worth, so I can quickly look at the list to work out what I'm going to have for the day, and then record the details at the end of the day. It's just as well I'm doing this because I had a really nice chicken vegetable rice dish with sausage and salad, only to discover the sausage is REALLY high in points! :mad: So I need to be more careful! Lucky I'd earned about 6 points in exercise!!!! :fr:

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. We had a public holiday today, and tomorrow Josh's school is having a "pupil free" day, so we've all been home enjoying some good quality family time... now I wish they'd all get back to it!!! I love my family, but sometimes I miss having the house to myself! :stress:

It's late, and I need a shower, so talk to you all tomorrow!

PS Haven't got time to respond to all, but :bravo: to Steph on a stupendous loss! 10# in 3 weeks! WOO HOO! :D

05-19-2003, 11:33 AM

05-19-2003, 05:01 PM
Just thought I would check in and say HI!:wave: :D

The photo session went well; we went on location to White Oak Park, which is about half an hour from where I live. For this shoot I wore a white short sleeved white "mock neck" pullover and my black overalls, which I had gotten from the Silhouettes catalog not too long ago. Mel (the photographer) had some good ideas for poses and areas of the park for a variety of shots--and he took 38 shots of lil old me:lol: ! Hopefully, I can have the new shots online both at my website and maybe get one or two on here for all of you to see too, within the next day or so.

IT'S A SUNNY 72 DEGREES TODAY!!! :dance::cp: :cb:

It's time for me to take yet another walk after dinner:s:

05-19-2003, 10:25 PM
Hi everybody! :wave: I didn't want you all to think I had gone off and flown the coop! :o Here I am, but just for a quickie.

I feel really bad about not being around much, but I've really been tied up trying to get some election stuff done. I forgot how long it takes to design brochures, etc.

Today I had #1 son takes some pictures of me that would be suitable for the newspaper article that one of the local papers is running on the candidates as well as for the brochure.

I got a call this morning and I will be a 'showgirl' for this Saturday and Sunday as well as next Saturday and Sunday. BIG project for Bruce Almighty.

Honey and I are still planning to escape town next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Another trip back to Niagara Falls. Can't beat the price and it will be nice to get away.

I've gotta run...once again....Know that even when I'm not here, I love :love: you all. Don't let the thread die out now that the weather's getting nicer.

"In the simplest terms, a leader is one who knows where he wants to go, gets up, and goes." - John Erskine

Terri in MO
05-19-2003, 11:06 PM
Well :censored: :censored: :censored: Lost my post!

Well the long and the short of it - had a great OP day! 16 minutes on the spinner and 35 mintues dog walking.

Tip for Tuesday -

Think about your "diet" behaviors and see if there is something you do or something you eat that in all honesty you do not enjoy - and quit it! Find a replacement that will give you a sense of satisfaction or enjoyment.

For example, I used to drag around a bag of carrots as "healthy snack" but finally admitted to myself that I truly hated them as a snack like that. For me, it felt too much of a deprivation and not fun. I finally threw away and stopped buying them as a snack and make sure I'm eating foods I like.

05-20-2003, 08:08 AM
I'm here just real busy, Son is still sick. Hubby feels better. Catch you all later

05-20-2003, 10:42 AM
Last night, during my pre-work nap, I had the most vivid dream! And you girls were in it...kind of!

I dreamt that I was in Manhattan, with a baby niece in a stroller with me. Somehow, her blanket got mixed up with another baby's blanket. I went to return the blanket and somehow realized that the other person had kidnapped the child he was with and started running...so I ran after him and tried to stop him. I was dodging people left and right on the crowded street, but after a few minutes of running, I realized that I felt so good! I was enjoying the :censored: out of my run! I even thought of you girls, because I couldn't wait to tell you all how good i was feeling! I lost sight of the kidnapper after a while, but I kept running anyway, just because it felt so good. At one point, I realized that I would have to turn around and run back and then I became tired and felt that I couldn't run another step. Just then, my daughter woke me up!

I never remember my dreams...ever...and this dream was so clear and vivid in my mind...I can still picture it clearly...

Any dream analysts out there? Are the Nike gods telling me to get out there and "Just Do It?"

I'd love to be able to run.

Gotta go to the dentist...back later.

05-20-2003, 11:18 AM
Kat, maybe your inner mind was thinking about the child in you that you want to recapture, that has been "lost" or "taken away" by other forces, but when you finally get the chance to run after it, find you really don't miss it, because you're too busy enjoying the here and now, pleased with who you are now?

Well, that's my interpretation. I'm probably way off! :lol:

Thin, glad to hear from you briefly. Hope in all the excitement you're remembering to look after yourself! ;)

Teri, it's amazing how we can fall into the trap of habits with food without realising it. I guess it's like any addiction. I remember one day realising that I was smoking during the day at college because everyone else was doing it, not because I enjoyed it, so stopped. I've found that habits with food are harder to change, such as enjoying a nibble when watching a good movie. Learning to change what you eat, reaching for something healthy instead of automatically going for the chips. It's hard, and well done for recognising your habit and doing something about it! :bravo:

Well, I'm giving myself a pat on the back tonight. I managed to drag my butt through an aerobic workout, even tho' I've just started my TOM!!! :cp: I could feel a headache coming on, but seeing as how my new leggings had just come out of the dryer all nice and clean, I just HAD to make the effort! :lol: I also did my stretches, which are nice and simple. I can work on increasing as my fitness level increases. Oh, and when I can get further than my knees in stretches!!! :lol:

It's really good having this spreadsheet on the computer. It makes journalling soooo much easier, as I'm on the puter already, so just nip in there and update my daily progress.

I'm gonna try getting myself a massage now, so see ya all tomorrow. :D

05-20-2003, 01:40 PM
Kat what a cool dream. :cool:
I think it was telling you to not look back NOR look too far forward... to just enjoy the moment. Enjoy today.
I could even feel you enjoying the moment... enjoying running.
Keep yourself focused on TODAY and enjoy each step you take today.
I also think you should start walking if you are not doing it yet.
That is the first step to becoming able to run. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

Sorry I have been MIA so much lately.
It will probably remain that way until June.
I am trying to close down my parents apartment in another state and spent this last weekend moving my daughter out of her apartment at school and back home again.
She is home... but her stuff is EVERYWHERE and we are trying to find a place to put it all.

I leave here Thursday morning to have a garage sale in Missouri to try and sell what we have left there. Plus it is a holiday weekend and my husband wants to go somewhere for it too since he gets Mon and Tues off... so you can see that I may be MIA untill June. I just have TOOOOOO much going on. :dizzy:

05-20-2003, 08:35 PM
Yoo Hoo where is everyone. I had to bring us up to the top so we wouldn't disapear. Hope all of you are well

05-20-2003, 09:52 PM
So, ladies.....


This is only one of the many from yesterday's photo shoot--and my favorite:D

05-20-2003, 11:03 PM

05-21-2003, 01:30 AM
Nice pic, Lori! I like the blondeness!

Too tired to post...see you all tomorrow.

05-21-2003, 02:09 AM

Instead, join us souls at 300+ and Ready to Try Again #338