Depression and Weight Issues - just going to try and explain myself here

03-12-2013, 10:24 AM
So for years and years and years I was bullied at school because of my weight and i carried a lot of guilt around with me and a lot of anger because they had brainwashed me into believing it was my fault I was fat.

When i found out i was fat because of an illness i cried my heart out after a the doctor was harsh with me and said that it would be very hard for me to lose weight with my pcos not impossible you understand but hard, for years i spend my days counting cals in everything i ate it didnt work i spend 's on worthless 'diets' that didn't work i wanted to feel better and i wanted to lose weight because every time i looked in the mirror i wanted to punch the glass in it.

I've been clinicly depressed since i was 14 years old and i now nearly 30 I have been on over 50 medications (not all at the same time), at some point or another one has to give in? but i didn't and i'm on meds that work for me i still have my depressive stages and my bad days :( I was having more good days than bad but now its turning and i'm having more bad days than good.

its a combination of things from my past to recent events
i'm mostly depressed over my weight because I have no control over it
i feel like i have no control over anything in my life.
My weight is the biggest problem though, I expressed these feelings to my GP and he agreed with me that metformin might help me gain control of my weight, now while i have just started with this process on metformin i have high hopes for this drug nothing else has worked and i mean nothing else including diet meds and they do say that its always in the last place you look while this is the last place i have to look.

I'm at braking point with my weight I really am. :?:
And i'm at braking point with myself and my family.

03-12-2013, 03:03 PM
Hi. Please go over to the IP diet under pre-packaged foods. When you are there go through the threads till you find one that says PCOS. This diet is very strict but I think you will find a whole new outlook on life with it. I don't know if they have Ideal Protein clinics in Scotland yet but you can do the program with alternative products. I have PCOS and have lost weight both times I did this diet. I just started back again 2 weeks ago. The reason I gained back both times was because when I went off I did not phase off properly and did not follow good eating habits after. This diet is very easy to follow but very strict. There is not a lot of wiggle room but it is amazing! Please review the threads and give it a try. It is quite expensive but if you use alternative products you can get it much cheaper. I used strictly alternative products last time and it worked the same. No, I don't operate a clinic or work for one. I have struggled with PCOS, weight and mental issues for EVER also and feel for you (hugs) I hope this helps you :)

03-12-2013, 04:44 PM
Hugs... Good luck

03-13-2013, 09:04 PM
simplelivingSD - I will go and have a good at those threads im not sure i f could afford it but if i could find alternative products i could probably do it - im not sure how much of the food i could have because its an American diet and we both have different foods but hey i#m sure ill find something to replace the foods with! thank you for the *hugs*

Mozzy - thanks for the good luck and hugs