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03-11-2013, 03:06 PM
I'm so excited. This morning I stepped on the scale and it said I was down to 210, which means I'm down 15 from my heaviest weight of 225!! I feel so much more motivation now that I'm actually seeing results on the scale, I'm actually EXCITED about dieting today...go figure. :carrot:

I haven't been in onederland in so long. I'm so close, I can feel it! I don't know if it's too ambitious but I plan on losing another 30 pounds by May 10th. I have a trip to Germany planned and am visiting a bunch of relatives I've never met before. I would love to have the confidence to wear dresses and skirts without tights and leave my shoulders bare.

Just wanted to share this with you ladies since reading what you guys have said has really helped motivate me in my weight loss journey!

03-11-2013, 03:41 PM
Congrats !!!!!!!!

03-12-2013, 10:34 AM
Congrats! You are really making progress. Stay on your plan and you will make that goal by your vacation. I cheering for you.

03-12-2013, 10:39 AM
Awesome, congratulations!!

03-12-2013, 10:46 AM
Way to go!!! Keep it up :D

03-15-2013, 11:51 AM

03-16-2013, 02:50 AM
You're so close to Onederland!! Your trip is about 8 weeks away and I'm sure you can do some serious damage by then. I have to say that 30lbs is a lot to try to lose in 8 weeks. IMO, you should go for it, but don't be hard on yourself if you don't hit that number :)
Congratulations on your loss, so far!!

Misti in Seattle
03-16-2013, 06:09 AM
That's wonderful! :congrat:

03-16-2013, 01:26 PM
You are doing FABULOUSLY!! I too started at around your weight and understand how happy you must feel right now. You go this girl!! Look out Germany here you come!!!!

03-16-2013, 07:50 PM
I too think your goal is a bit lofty but you can certainly make Onederland by then! On the other hand why not go for it?!? Just as long as you don't get bummed if you don't quite make it. Congrats on your hard work so far!