30-Somethings - Hello again for the umpteenth time. Trying a new(ish) approach

03-08-2013, 01:09 PM
Ok so I have never actually done an introduction thread. And although my 30th birthday isn't until August I feel like I better relate to 30 somethings than 20 somethings and felt this was the best place to post an intro thread.

I have been on this website multiple times in the past and have yet to be consistent and see real lasting results. (this is in no way a fault of 3fc, only a fault of me who has yet to really stick to a plan and see it work)

Right now I feel I am at a place that I need to do this. I thought so many times in the past that I was fed up enough/ motivated enough/ wanted it enough that I was going to lose this weight. But everytime in the past I lost maybe a little and then gained it all back. And sometimes plus some. Currently I am plus some. I weigh more right now than I have ever weighed in my entire life.

It is time for me to stop the insane and destructive cycle of losing a pound or two, feeling good, not following through with the diet and exercise, gaining weight back, wallowing in self hatred and punishing myself for failure by gaining more weight. So I have decided that, while working on this weight loss I also need to practice loving and forgiving myself. Without changing that behavior I wont be able to get to the place I want to be. Here is something that I put together this morning and for me it is something I plan to read aloud everyday.

"I am going to get off all of these extra pounds. But before I can do that I am going to forgive myself for the past. Look with hope and determination to the future. And remind myself everyday why I can never go back to self hatred and guilt again. I am human. I am fallible. I expect to mess up again. And I will learn to love myself in spite of the failures and with all the success. My body does so many good things for me. It deserves to be treated with respect. It deserves to be feed healthy and nourishing foods. It deserves to be moved in a way that keeps me strong, lithe and enables movements and health for years to come. My body doesn't deserve harsh judgments. I may have things I want to change. But talking down to myself. Vocalizing my disgust at parts of my body that I dont like to see. That isnt what I deserve. I deserve respect and I deserve to act and speak kindly towards myself, and vocalize the things I do love about my body. While working towards taking action to change the ones I want to see changed. And most of all, I will love myself exactly as I am. I'll accept that this body with it's faults is still the only one I've got. And as I work toward my goals up to change my habits and reshape my body to it's fullest potential, I WILL love my body along the way."

Anyways, I wanted to share this because I want to be accountable to it. Accountable that I read it each day so posting it and declaring I am doing so seemed a good way to enable this.

Thanks to any who bear with me and red through all this!

03-08-2013, 01:54 PM
Good luck on your goals! The hardest part I think for most of us. Me specifically is when I try and keep in routine and then something throws me off its hard to get back into it. I think it takes a lot of will power to eat the same thing every day so go you! For me, I need variety. I need to feel like I can eat what ever everyone else eats. Even if I have to modify it to fit it into my daily calories. Lol
I chose to work with a personal trainer to help keep me accountable, sometimes it is hard because I want to give in because I have a back injury but I'm trying it to let that injury rule my life.
I have a lot of body image issues so your daily message to yourself hit home with me. I loved it.

03-08-2013, 09:16 PM
Beautiful! Keep that positive attitude. It's time to shine!

03-10-2013, 02:27 PM
Reading your daily mantra brought me to tears...this is me exactly. Thanks for the inspirational post!

03-10-2013, 03:14 PM
Welcome back!! Sounds like you got a great plan! I love that mantra!

03-10-2013, 04:42 PM
Welcome back! You can do it this time! I recently came back and I'm really ready to do it as well!

03-10-2013, 05:43 PM
Good job wannaB!

I need to reaffirm my commitment to myself also. I think this was a great post to remind yourself every day about why and how you're going to lose the weight.

Just remember - you can do this.

Good luck and let us know how you're doing!

03-14-2013, 01:36 PM
Thanks responders! I'm glad other people feel it sounds solid for a affirmation type of thing.

ANyways its been a crazy busy week. I wish I had checked in before this. We had family in town for my DH's grandpas milestone bday party. Last weekend was tough for my set breakfast and lunch plans because of all the family get togethers. I did do really well though. I didn't eat exactly my prescribed meals, but I ate within my calorie goal.

In fact things went so well that on my first weigh in day (last monday) I was down to 185.4 lbs! I have slippd a bit the last couple days. And today is the first day I have had time to myself and an opportunity to sit down, get on here and do a little refresher. I was doing great reading my affirmation until the last couple days, and ha! What do you know, up to the last couple days I was solidly on plan. Anyways today is a bit of a reboot. Catch the slip before it becomes a roll down the mountainside :).

Thanks again for the support and comments. We can do this! We are in this together to make change and feel good about ourselves. We deserve to love ourselves unconditionally!!

03-25-2013, 11:19 PM
Great letter!!!
Good luck on your journey!