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03-06-2013, 07:08 PM

It was 32º and sunny with a breeze that was cold. The only change now that is later right after noon is that the temp is up to a big 40ºs and I am staying inside until I walk to the church building for mid week Bible study this evening. Well that thought may change for we may just have to take a ride to the edge of town and check on the buffalo. Will was out performing errands earlier and brought home a nice rotisserie chicken which we ate some of for lunch and all is well here in the home-front. The animals have all greeted me while I am in here and are now having their early afternoon nap.

I am a quarter of the way though reading the Salt, Sugar, Fat book. I’m telling you gals ~ “Get that book and read it.” I know Susan is getting it on her I-Pad. As Marion Nestle said it so well, “Anyone reading it will understand why food corporations cannot be trusted to value health over profits and why we all need to recognize and resist food marketing every time we grocery shop.” :soap: She is the author of Food Politics and What to Eat.

I hope all of you are having a lovely day this 6th day of March which came in like a lamb and will be going out like a lion if the old adage holds true. But it is a lion out east now isn’t it ~ all that snow they are getting piled on them. Did I tell you my new bread machine arrived yesterday afternoon? Will’s new toaster should be here shortly. He is talking about bringing up my espresso machine he took to the basement when we stopped using it and becoming acquainted with it once again. What that is all about is the place where we have been getting coffee got new machines and the taste isn’t the same. We can go back to making our own and by doing that we should save some do re me in the process. Sounds good to me.

The mailman just brought my 14” Stainless Steel Rolling Rod. They are manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel and polished to a beautiful mirror finish. These rolling rods are built to last forever. :cp: The open-core design allows the rod to be refrigerated causing that the rod will not heat up and cause the breakdown of fats when rolling dough. The smooth and solid surface of the rod will never absorb flavors or chip, crack, flake, or peel like a wood rod might. I am going to make a chicken pot pie with some left over rotisserie chicken and that will be a good time to try out the new rolling rod. :yes: Now we are just waiting for Will’s new toaster which won’t take up anymore space on the counter than his existing one. What I need to do is some re-arranging in there so I can fit that little espresso machine back on the counter near the coffee pot. I’ll do that when he brings it up from its resting place in the basement. :lol:

I made a batch of yogurt last evening and will have some as a snack this afternoon. I made all the jars plain and can add what I want when I open one up. I have several different flavors of sf jelly and jam that work well for flavorings along with my bottles of flavoring. I like to use a drop or two of almond flavoring with apricot sf jam and it is soooo good and so low in points+. I will mix some with low fat Miracle Whip to use. The home-made yogurt has a refrigerator life of @10 days so I don’t mix up a big batch of lower point spreads and such. I generally mix it up when it is going to be used since I don’t flavor every jar of yogurt I can use it for cooking. You would be surprised at the number of things that can be lightened with yogurt without losing the taste of the dish. I am planning on making some Greek Yogurt out of a couple of jars of it today. To make Greek Yogurt ~ AKA:Yogurt Cheese ~ Open a container of plain or vanilla yogurt ~ line a strainer with a coffee filter and place it over a bowl and spoon in the yogurt, cover it with plastic wrap and place it in the fridge to let the liquid drain out. Discard the liquid and what you have in the coffee filter is the Greek Yogurt to flavor as you wish. There now you have your Yogurt Cheese tutorial. Some of the yogurts you purchase at the market have binders in them and won’t separate the whey when you try it this way. The binders keep the yogurt intact. You can tell by reading the carton which ones won’t separate.

JEAN I hope you do get some much needed moisture. We are slowly are getting some which is helpful but need more. I much prefer fish done on the outside grill than in the house. I do have some in the freezer from Schwans that is light and doesn't smell up the place when done in the oven though. :cp: But fresh fish done on the barbie is the best.

03-07-2013, 10:37 AM
Good morning girls. I hope I am over what was going on with me yesterday. I had a terrible runny nose, couldn't quit sneezing, and my eyes just watered and ran down my face. It felt like something was up one nostril making me sneeze and everything, but I would blow and blow and nothing. I finally took some allergy medicine and then I could sleep last night. It hasn't reappeared this morning, but I haven't blown my nose yet. I sure hope not because I couldn't even function it was so bad.

Jack's got himself a dental appt for the 26th so he can get his tooth taken out. He has been to this guy before and likes him and I know the poor man is miserable. The weird thing is we had this very short window to have him go in without it messing up his bonus days. He is off Good Friday but has to work the day before and day after so he couldn't go then, the next week he has a day off for a MLK memorial day (the day he died) and had to work day before, day after, then if he had taken sick time off, he would have started the clock over, which means he wouldn't have gotten his bonus day until after our cruise so that would have been messed up. Anyway, he is going to go the 26th and get it all fixed up.

I thought you would get a kick out of this so here it is. One of my dd's friends posted it on FB.

Hope you all have a wonderful day. I need to get to work and play catchup. Faye

03-07-2013, 12:43 PM
Good morning, ladies! The sun is shining and its 45 degrees right now, heading into the 60s by the weekend and next week.

I had teeth cleaning yesterday morning. I have bad dry mouth from the inhalers I have to use and the dentist told me to use Biotene Spray and Mouthwash and he gave me a prescription for toothpaste that has 4 times the flouride of store toothpaste. Apparently dry mouth and drinking a lot lets bacteria flourish and he noticed the beginning of a change, not a cavity yet, at the gum line on one tooth so this is what I need to do. He also told me not to rinse my mouth after using the prescription toothpaste (I only need it at night) because that lessens the flouride that is put on the teeth. I was amazed to found out my insurance covers the toothpaste.

Tonight is First Thursday Bee and tomorrow I have my 5 hour appointment for the drug trial. One more after that and it will be over.

Faye, that is a cute cartoon! I forgot to tell you that I got silicon protectors for all my cast iron skillets. They never wear out and never get hot. I've had them for over 30 years and they are still working. They stay on permanently (but you could take them off if you wanted). They also don't slip like a pot holder type could. I'm glad Jack is getting his tooth taken care of. It's a shame it has to be pulled.

Maggie, I'm reading THE book now. I wonder who will be the first to file a lawsuit against the food manufacturers? I'm sure it wouldn't go anywhere because we didn't have to eat their foods. I'm not doing prepared foods or food with a bunch chemicals. They make foods fat free or reduced fat and then add sugar to make it taste good - just compare the labels of reduced-fat peanut butter and regular peanut butter, or they reduce the sugar and add more fat. This book should be required reading in high schools.

Hi, Jean!

Have a wonderful day!

03-07-2013, 02:03 PM

Today is the day Will was on the local TV station talking about what he does at the museum. Those guys down there say they want him back many more times. :lol: He is now at his volunteer job at the museum. My plans for dinner are to use the leftover rotisserie chicken and make some chicken noodle soup. I have a half bag of wide noodles and the carrots and onions chopped ready for the pot and found I am out of celery so Will can pick up some on his way home this afternoon. I have things in the freezer that I can make a lunch out of if I decide I want a hot meal or I can make a sandwich. I’ve not yet decided what I want for lunch for I am still just enjoying my morning coffee. Will always fixes it for me and I took a sip and said, “There isn’t any espresso in this.” He said he doesn’t know how to use that machine but will read the instructions later for he saw that I had placed the instruction booklet on top of the pot. :lol: A gentle hint there don’t ya think. :cp: I’m the one that always made the espresso but he gets up earlier than I do and said he will learn how to make it. It isn’t at all difficult.

DONNA FAYE I am so glad for you that your allergy meds got rid of your water works so you can function this day. Poor you, that must make you miserable having your face leak that much. :hug: Yep that is the way to weigh ~ funny cartoon ~ thanks. That is good that Jack has a day that he can get to the dentist. A toothache makes a person feel bad all over.

SUSAN That is interesting about that toothpaste. I am so glad for you that your insurance covers its purchase. I get to go to my dentist for my next appointment on April 13th and am looking forward to getting my pearly whites cleaned. Even the powdered peanut butter has fat in it. Here are its stats for 2 tablespoons ~ Fat 1.5g; Carb 5g; Fib 2g; Pro 5g which equals 1p+ for the 2 Tbsp. It’s claim on the label is that it has “85% less fat calories that the traditional peanut butter and it is made with roasted peanuts, sugar, and salt” (I guess the fat is in the nut). I wish they would leave the sugar out also and I could sweeten it if I choose with Splenda®. I totally agree with you that book Salt, Sugar, Fat should be required reading in schools but we know that will never happen for the big 3 companies would block it by using the court system.

Have a wonderful day Magnolias :wave: Yack at y'all later. I am off to find some lunch for it just turned noon o'clock.

03-07-2013, 05:55 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, and has been all day! It's a "warm" 36 degrees and the snow is melting in the back yard. YEA! :cp:

I did a REALLY stupid thing at church! :o We had an electric pencil sharpener that hasn't worked for a very long time. I complained because all the pencils were so dull so Bob told me to buy a new one. I took it Monday morning, plugged it in, and pitched the old one in the recycle box. When I went to bell practice yesterday, the secretary asked me what I did with the electric stapler . . . it turns out that what I unplugged and pitched was the stapler! In my defense, both are/were black and about the same size. :rolleyes: After bell practice Bob picked me up for supper and I asked him if he wanted to go dumpster diving and explained what I had done. We checked but all the bags were black and I assumed garbage left over from free food night, so didn't open any. With my luck the cops would have gone by and arrested us for stealing. This morning I went to the office supply store, purchased a new electric stapler, and took it to the office. I did go to WW this morning and showed a loss of 4.2#s. I'm not sure how but that's what the scale said.

Maggie -- Are you going to make a pie with your new rolling rod? :T I know you will have fun with your new bread machine. I'd much rather have the "real" food, and less of it, than sugar free or fat free. Bob swears up and down he can tell a difference, but when I read the ingredients I'd rather have less sugar I think. I know Amanda reads labels to check sugar content.

"Gma" -- Glad the allergy meds worked for you. :yes: Does Jack know for sure he has to have his tooth pulled and not "fixed?" Ouch! Thanks for sharing the funny cartoon . . . don't we wish!

Susan -- Bob's mom used that Biotene, and I noticed it's been advertised on tv. I imagine your insurance covers your toothpaste because it is a prescription. I look forward to 40 degree temperatures; :crossed: that will seem like a heat wave to me!

I have a load of towels in the dryer to fold and need to think about something for supper. Bob ate a free lunch put on by an implement dealer here in town, so have no idea how hungry he will be. He brought home a Taste of Home recipe for crock pot oatmeal, with dried cherries; it has to cook 7-8 hours so will make that for him tonight. Will let you know if it's a "keeper" or not. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

03-08-2013, 05:08 PM

Friday already. Where has the week gone so quickly. It is a chilly day here in the ♥-Land and just a bit of a breeze. The only one thing I need to do this day is to make a loaf of sour dough bread. Other than that I can putts around as I wish today. We will be having dinner at I-Hop so I don’t have to think about what I am going to cook.

Schwan’s® came by early this morning and we didn’t buy a thing this time. He left a new catalog which I will enjoy looking through. :lol: Such nice food pictures that do cook up like them I have found if I follow their directions. But what I think I will order in a couple weeks when he comes back around to deliver it will be some snack items that are only 1 point+ each and some of their mini cheese burgers that are only 3P+ each and I can eat only one. :lol: Will loves donuts so I will order a bag of their mini 1 point+ each ones so I can enjoy one and he can have more. It isn’t often I want a snack item but when I do it is convenient if they are in the freezer.

I just took that sourdough loaf out of the oven and it baked up real nice looking. I cut slits across the top so it won’t break open while it stretches when it bakes and the squares cut on the crust look so pretty with that egg wash I put on before baking it. I am sure to awe that young man when he sees it. How it came about that I made him a loaf is that he served Will some fresh sourdough toast and Will told him I make an awesome loaf and said if he smiled nice at me then maybe I would bake him one. Well ~ I got the biggest grin you could imagine and so he gets a loaf. Then wouldn’t you just know it that my machine quit working and I had to order a new one ~ I wore it out. I let the machine mix the dough then cook it in the oven for we like the round loaf of rustic type breads. So our little waiter friend is getting the first loaf that was mixed in my new machine. This kid lives just with his mom and is working and saving his money for college and has quite a stash already saved. He is a bright young man and makes excellent grades. He bought a small motor cycle to ride to work so his mother doesn’t have to cart him around. She also works and that frees her up to get to her job with him having his own transportation.

JEAN:congrat: on that great loss. :bravo: Isn't it always a better feeling when you don't expect a good loss then the scale yells at you "horrah!" I got a chuckle out of your stapeler story. Nope, I wouldn't go through that trash either ~ I would never make a good dumpster diver. I haven't decided yet what to make first with that new rolling pin. It is in the fridge though getting cold. I have been thinking maybe I'll make a brunch tomorrow and roll out some 2 p+ biscuits using it. The bread machine works like it should. I hadn't realized my old one was loud until I used the new one today and it is so quiet. I would much rather use up an appliance then have it quit prematurely. :p

SUSAN Will ordered that Pandora's Lunchbox book for me today from one of his book resource web sights and got it at a much lower price than the local store quoted him if they ordered it for him. I should have it in a week or so. Yikes ~ I am surprised we live as long as we do with the "junk" they put in our food. I really appreciate your giving me heads up on those books. I can't grow everything we eat in our garden and we aren't allowed to have any livestock so we have to shop more intelligently when we market shop.

Have a great afternoon Magnolias ~ Type at y'all later. :wave:

03-09-2013, 12:16 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's raining tonight! We did have sunshine until mid afternoon, along with the wind which made it seem colder than the thermometer said it was. I "worked" in the church office this morning as the secretary had to be gone and this afternoon I met a friend for coffee. Not much accomplished around here today, but I'm tired tonight for some reason.

Maggie -- Glad your new bread machine is all that you hoped it would be. It has been years since I had the sourdough starter. I don't think I've ever worn any appliance out; I've donated a few over the years though. Let us know how you like the new cookbook. I haven't heard of that one.

I am heading to bed. Depending on what the weather does, we are heading to Sioux Falls tomorrow. Ian's Pinewood Derby is at 5:00 and it will be late coming home. I play bells Sunday and have to be there by 7:30, on top of losing an hours sleep. Hope you all enjoy a nice weekend! :wave:

03-09-2013, 11:18 AM
Good morning, ladies! Going to be in the 60s this day so Casper and I will go for a walk.

Glory and I are going to tea this afternoon. That will be my lunch and dinner for the most part. I might have and apple and some carrots this evening if I feel hungry.

Tuesday Morning has markdowns up to 80% off on clothing and other items so I'm going to stop in there before tea. They are close together. I hope they have some more of the shirts I got in January. They are the most comfortable I've had in a long time and fit perfectly. I have to have elbow length sleeves to be comfortable because of my arms having lose skin. It's almost impossible to find them anymore and these shirts have them.

Faye, I hope you aren't feeling bad again.

Jean, what an amazing loss! You rock! Did you think Pandora's Lunchbox was a cookbook? Easy mistake to make. It's about all the chemical additives in our foods and the affect they have on our bodies. I wouldn't have gone dumpster diving, either.

Maggie, I really enjoyed my career in computer science, but now I wish I had been a registered dietician. In VA seniors can attend state schools and audit courses for free and I think I'm going to sign up for some come fall because nutrition really interests me. It's also good to keep the brain working. Maybe Will will be asked to do a tv program. I'm sure he'd be intesting and have a big following for he is very knowledgable. I think I mentioned before, my paycheck comes indirectly from the big food manufacturers because my boss represents them in lawsuits and the recruting side of the business finds middle and upper management postions. I think it is interesting how "Sugar, Fat, and Salt" talks about going to the CEOs homes and not finding any of their products in the kitchen. That should be a red flag for sure.

Have a wonderful day.

03-09-2013, 12:53 PM
Good morning to you gals. Sorry I didn't get in here yesterday. Guess I zoned out as I thought I had come in here and posted yesterday morning.

It is sunny and cloudy, but supposed to be near 70 so time to drag out the capris and sandals at least for one day, though the temps are supposed to stay in the upper 60's for at least a week.

My poor daughter has pleurisy. She has been sick off and on since December and is out of sick time so has had to go to work with this stuff. I am hoping she can get some rest this weekend and help her on the way to feeling better.

Jack made breakfast this morning, pancakes. Ugh, what a mess to clean up. He laid the measuring cup he used to put batter on the griddle on the countertop and dripped the yuck down the front of the cabinet. He burned most of them, mainly because he is a stubborn man and doesn't like me to tell him how to do anything. He scorched my new pot handle cover because he didn't listen when I told him not to leave it on the handle while cooking, but to put it on and off when he needed to grab the handle. So, though I love him for making breakfast, it would have been seriously easier for me to do it! :lol:

We are going out in a couple hours to run a few errands and get the car washed. I have to wait for the water heater to fill back up as I washed sheets in hot water and ran a load of dishes, which wipe out the hot water. I should be able to shower and such in about half an hour or so I think then get out and about.

Maggie: Sounds like you bread came out great and you have some new things to look at from Schwanns. I am fixing chicken in a sauce in the crockpot for dinner tonight. It is this package mix I bought at the commissary. The pork one was quite nice so we will see about the chicken.

Susan: Hope you and Casper have a nice walk. We are taking Fortune with us to Indiana for Jackson's birthday and I imagine he will love that. He likes to travel and doesn't get car sick or anything. I have to find him a new groomer before that though. I am back to having the bowel issues taking this darn med, but controllable with Immodium so I am fine and no more allergy stuff either, which is nice.

Jean: I had to laugh at the dumpster diving. It icked me out just to think about it as I have had to do it a couple times when I accidently threw out something important. Keeping my fingers crossed Ian does well at the derby! Congrats on the loss!!!

Well, I need to get going and get things done, etc. Have a nice Saturday and Sunday! Faye

03-09-2013, 12:56 PM

It is a chilly morning here in the ♥-Land and I am waking up with a nice cup of coffee after having made sure Cecil had food in his dish. We have light winds and possibly snow is on the way in the late hours of this day. We got just a little smattering of rain last evening just enough to wash the dust off the road.

Our little waiter friend sure was surprised with that loaf of bread I baked for him. Our guess is he really didn’t think I would do that. One day he may learn I am a person that does what she says she will do or keeps her yap shut and that I don’t do anything I really don’t want to. :lol: Life is good.

Will is at the mall doing a demonstration of how to properly clean an old saddle. I believe folks will just want him to clean theirs also :lol: for it is a messy deal and you have to take them apart to properly clean them then you must get them back together correctly. It is a big process for sure if done properly. He is doing this as a part of a museum display they are putting on today. Me thinks he misses his saddle shop he had in TN years back. He also will demonstrate how they clean the antique guns they have on display at the museum. It is an all day affair with a break for lunch. He said he will be home for lunch so I am going to heat up some of that chicken noodle soup I made. BTW ~ Will likes his new toaster for it is “trick” with all the nice features on it. It really works like they said it would in the ad.

On my ‘to do’ list this day is to color my hair and deciding what to wear tomorrow for since it is the “time change” I will be losing an hour of sleep and it is the Sunday this month Will preaches in a place called Ransom. If I have my outfit already picked out then I can get dressed in my sleep and sip my morning coffee on the way. :lol:

JEAN I think Susan answered the thing about that not being a recipe book. I believe we need to be aware of what is put into the foods we purchase or not to purchase. Just be aware the best we can.

SUSAN You must have an interesting job. I used to work for a couple lawyers during weekends during the summer months when school was out. Once I couldn’t understand the recording I was trying to type from ~ he ate Hershey bars a lot. One of the lawyers there owned property on an island off the coast of CA and had sheep on it to keep the grass mowed. There is a string of three islands that can be seen from the mainland off the coast where I lived. It was possible to paddle a kayak out there. I imagine that your career in Computer Science has been an interesting one. When I went back to collage I got plugged into a two year program in Computer Programing and have the "certificate" to prove it. :yes: I have always loved plugging to collage classes and have taken some neat courses. This is the only place we have lived I haven't gone to a college class. Being a diatician would be an interesting career. If I had it all to do over I would have been an Oceanografer and gone on the Glomayer Exployer and studied the botom of the ocean and the things that live there or have been deposited there. Swam and dived in the deep with Jock Cousteau.

DONNA FAYE You sneaked in there while I was posting so I didn't see your post till I posted. Anyway ~ aren't crock-pots wonderful. I use mine quite a lot. Will stays out of the cooking end of things in the kitchen. He makes the coffee and his toast and that is the extent of it. His speciality is outdoor cooking and he is great at that. I will prepare the items but he will do the grillling. Sorry to hear she has plurisy ~ THAT hurts. I am one of those folks that is blessed with good health ~ when I retired they had to pay me for a whole years sick pay and that was a good chunk of do-re-me. There were those where I worked that used their sick leave as fast as they got it. Some were really sick and some were sand bagging. As I get advanced in my years I have more aches and pains and do take some meds.

Have a great day Magnolias ~ :wave:

03-10-2013, 02:44 PM
Good morning to you all! Well we decided to go and get the car washed even though it is supposed to rain today. We dodged the rain and the car is in the garage so the rain can move on through now and be done with it! :lol:
We had to go to WM, which I absolutely hate, but sometimes you just have to go there when they don't have stuff other places, like my hair color. I want to dye my hair again before I go to the doctor's on Friday for my biopsy.

I weighed in this morning and I am down 4 lbs! :carrot: I just hope I can keep heading that way with these pills goofing everything up. I have decided to buy one of those foot pedal exercise thingys. I can use it either with my hands or my feet so I can get upper and lower body and get some cardio out of it too. I think at least it will give me an exercise option since I am still having trouble with lower groin cramping when I walk around. I need to get some cardio going and this seems to be a decent way to start getting in daily exercise.

The chicken in the crockpot was very good last night, but the mixes have way too much salt in them. I will probably go back to using low sodium chicken broth and just thicken it before we eat to make a sauce. The chicken was fall off the bone tender and held its juice so Jack really liked it. Tonight we are having a veal chop and baked onion rings with cauliflower. I am going to make some strawberry shortcake with fresh berries and Splenda over a little biscuity thing and some ff cool whip on top. One of the things they had for dessert on the ship was a dessert sampler. It was three tiny desserts and I know one was chocolate, but the one I fell in love with was this elderberry mousse. Gals this stuff was to die for. It was basically just a little round about 1/8 of a cup or so but it was one of the best things I have ever had. I hate wine, beer, and hard liquor for the most part, but I told Jack I might try elderberry wine sometime if it tasted anything like that dessert! :lol: I would hate for Jack to put me in rehab though and tell the people I was an elderberry wine fiend! :lol:

Kelly is starting to feel better I think. I haven't talked to her but she sounds like she is on the mend on FB.

Maggie: Jack is a whiz out on the grill too and makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich! He teases me because I will only eat a sandwich if it is cut on the diagonal so he cuts my grilled cheese into these tiny little triangles. It is nice and warm here but sure is windy today and very overcast. We are climbing into 60's and 70's next week and I noticed my azaleas have some blooms on them. We still don't have any buds on the tree yet though I did see some beautiful lilac trees already bloomed out and the dogwoods are already shedding their little flowers today.

Well gals, gotta go and put the laundry in the dryer and get some other stuff done. Have a lovely day! Faye

03-10-2013, 05:16 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It snowing and blowing hard in my neighborhood right now. The flag across the street is standing straight out from the pole. We're in a winter advisory until 2 AM tomorrow, but I have no idea how much snow we are to get. It will be hard to measure with the wind blowing it around. Yesterday we drove to Sioux Falls in wind, rain and fog, then came home in rain, wind, and snow squalls. We took the longer route home because of the temperature dropping and better roads; consequently it took longer than usual. Ian was in four races; he took first once and second the other three times so will go on to the next competition level whatever that is. It was fun to watch the kids as they get so excited when their cars race.

This morning I played bells and had to be at church by 7:30 to set up and practice; the plows hadn't been out yet so it was eerie driving and not being able to see the shoulder or center line on the highway. :hyper: I've got laundry going and am sneaking up on cleaning the curio cabinet. I have card club here a week from tomorrow night and crafty club a week from Thursday.

Susan -- Do you put Casper on a leash when you go for a walk, or will he stay with you? We have a friend who takes her cat in a cat stroller. :D I'm sure you enjoyed the tea with Glory. I would like to do that sometime. I did think Pandora's Lunchbox was a cookbook. :o I hadn't read any further but now I know. How nice to be able to audit courses! My best friend from high school was a dietitian; I always enjoyed listening to her wisdom.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing another 4#s! You have the scale going in the right direction for sure! I don't think I will every see 70 degrees again! :lol: I can still see the house across the street but the blowing snow is pretty heavy. I do hope Kelly is feeling better. I know that pleurisy can be very painful. Bob is good about cleaning in the kitchen whether I make the mess or he does.

Maggie -- Not being a horse person, I didn't know that saddles came apart to be cleaned. I'll bet Will's demonstrations were interesting. :yes: Glad the new toaster is a "hit" with the man of the house! :D Bob won't drink diet pop because somewhere along the line he saw on tv, or read, that the ingredients are bad for a person. He doesn't drink much pop anyway.

I need to get another load in the washer and keep moving. I'm afraid if I sit down I will fall asleep; it was a short night for sleeping last night! Enjoy the rest of your day -- hope your weather is better than mine! :wave:

03-10-2013, 05:35 PM

It is a chilly 28º day here in the ♥-Land and the snow is blowing with the ever present wind which we are under an advisory until 7pm. We didn’t go to Ransom after all for they called and said the snow was thicker there and so we will go another time ~ probably next Sunday. Will got out early and cleared a path for me to get to church next door today.

My brother sent me a bunch of things pertaining to “me” when he was going through the records my mother kept. My birth announcement is neat and shows what a good sense of humor she had. I have never seen another card like this one these days. My mother wasn’t considered a “pack rat” but a good organizer and kept a nice file system of records with each of the children having a file neatly organized. I thought I would share a bit of my history with you. I have also received a copy of the will and am so glad my brother is taking care of everything. It was interesting to read what she left to each of us children and the grandchildren. Years back she asked us to put our names on what we wanted in her house and she had them in the will. Now it is up to my brother to distribute the items. It used to be my job to do but when I left that state I told my folks to take me off as executrix of the estate. Here is what is on that card I mentioned above:

Announcing something rare
In “family” literature;
A priceless New Edition,
Bound in Miniature!
TITLE: (my name)
PUBLISHING CO. (my folks names)
BULK: (my weight and length)
PUBLICATION DATE (my birth date)
PRICE: Not for sale – For exhibition only.

For being so old that card is in good condition. She had also saved some of my achievement announcements and school report cards and grades. It was fun to go through all that “stuff” and decide what to put in my album and what to toss. I only have one album of pictures and things now for I sent all papers pertaining to our daughter to her already and lots of pictures. I cleaned out all my records when we went to live in that small space of a motor-home. :cp: We have gathered a lot of things since living in this house all these years that wouldn’t go in a motor-home. :lol: If we ever decide to downsize again we will have one huge yard sale. :yes: It all depends on when Will wants to retire (once again) and he isn’t giving that much thought at the present for we both do like it here. I guess it pretty much depends on what happens to the economy what we will end up doing.

We went out to eat Chinese today after services and were treated for our lunch. The fortune in Will’s cookie read, “You need a new environment. Go on vacation.” Mine read, “Discover your companion’s world. Two worlds are richer than one.” Looks like we need to go on a vacation together from that. :cp: After we ate we went by and got coffee at our favorite place because we found out that they are using their old machine “on request.” So now we have coffee that tastes like it used to. That machine is a bit slower but still makes better coffee.

DONNA FAYE :congrat: on your 4 pounds gone forever. You are going to be looking great come your cruise time if you keep it up. A lot of those “mixes” are too salty for us also. I have several good recipes for different types of spice mixes sans salt plus some good rubs that we like. I stay away from the packaged kind.

JEAN No soda is really good for you so it’s best not to drink any but I do drink diet Pepsi when I want one. :yes: because I don’t want the calories the loaded ones have in them. My bottled drink of preference is Perrier Water for it has a fizz in it and comes in a nice little green bottle. I guess because I was going to be short an hour during the night I didn't sleep well at all. :o I woke up at 2 am and stayed awake for quite awhile but probably will sleep real well tonight.

Type at y'all later ~ :wave: Oh the restless wind ~ will it ever stop.

03-10-2013, 06:25 PM
Good afternoon, ladies. 53 degrees today but sunny.

Tomorrow is Applique bee at Bella so that will be fun. I'll be taking a Bento box lunch with me.

Faye, congratulations on the great weight loss. Any exercise is better than nothing. Science now says we should be up and moving about 10 minutes every hour. Going to the gym for an hour or two and then sitting the rest of the day doesn't do it. I swear by the silicon pan handle covers - here's a link _US_ie_tb_ they stay on the pan, don't burn and don't get hot and they are fairly cheap. Stan was a wonderful chef but he dirtied every pan I had and was used to having someone to clean up after him so that was my job. We had elderberry bushes in the pasture and it was my job to pick them for jellies and pie. They are very small so it took awhile but I sure loved the result.

Jean, more snow! You poor thing. The farmers here are ready to start plowing in the next week or two. I think I'll be switching out the closet around the first week of April. I'm ready to put away winter clothes.

Maggie, in Pandora's Lunchbox she gives her definition of a processed food and that is any product sold in a store or restaurant that you can't duplicate with the exact same ingredients at home. Subways Chicken Sandwich has 155 ingredients - most of which we have never heard from. Why does chicken need sugar? It's totally disgusting the stuff in our food. We can buy a blueberry muffin in the store but the blueberries are probably mostly startches, sugars and chemicals with the addition of 6% blueberry solids. That's all it takes for it to be labeled as blueberry. You can add all sorts of things to foods and as long as the percentage is small enough to be less than 1% it doesn't have to be on the label. Hence pink slime. I'm going back to making my own bread and cooking whole grains for cereals. I did my cooking for the week today so my dinners and lunches are all ready and I have no need of processed foods. We are expecting a huge hit to the economy over the next year here - the loss of 12,000 military jobs will mean another 8,000 lost in the regular job market. I guess some will just have to move elsewhere for work because the job market here is pretty much military and tourtist driven. The only manufacturer is the Anheuseur Bush Brewery and those that have work there never leave until they retire (free beer for one thing).

Have a wonderful evening.

03-10-2013, 06:57 PM

SUSAN I know I am going to be doing more cooking now than “eating out.” It has gotten so we can’t trust anywhere to cook something without adding things in it that aren’t really “necessary.” I can't look at a packaged container anymore without wondering what is lurking in it that isn't on the label. :no: I already make my own yogurt and bread so that is a small start of cleaning up my act and watching my food intake more closely these last years of my life. Will got a notice on his computer just a few minutes ago that said that my copy of Pandora's Lunchbox has been shipped and is on its way in the mail. I know you will be having a lovely time at Bella’s and aren’t those Bento boxes neat. I have a couple of the WW “take out” containers that are nice to pack a meal in. Great for us to use when we are “out and about” looking at gravestones for folks.

Have a great afternoon. :wave:

03-11-2013, 01:57 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The wind continues to blow but nothing like yesterday. It's cloudy and cold -- "feels like" 8 outside although I didn't think it was too bad. Bob thought we had about 10" when he blew the driveway this morning. Parts of main highways on the way to Sioux City are closed and our county has been told to stay off the highways. We have no school today so didn't go into church and count this morning. I did pick up the gift shop money so that is ready for the bank after lunch.

Susan -- As we watched it snow Bob commented that at this time last year, many of the local farmers had been in the fields getting them ready to plant. We saw 3 robins on Saturday! Silly birds always seem to come back in time for a snow storm! Have fun quilting today! :D

Maggie -- What a cute birth announcement! Am I correct in assuming your mother is no longer living? We haven't eaten Chinese for quite a while, that sounds good. :T

It's almost lunch time so guess I will warm up some soup. Hope you all have a warm, sunny day where you live! Enjoy! :wave:

03-11-2013, 02:14 PM

It is another chilly day here in the ♥-Land with just a slight breeze ~ Hallelujah ~ the wind has abated and the snow has melted. My aches and pains I get when it is humid are gone and I feel GOOD. I have a new batch of :dust: and am going to get back with it. I weighed the same on my scale this day and that is a good thing for I really don’t do so well when I miss a meeting and I’ve missed two in a row now but it couldn’t be helped. I have got to get it into my head to do well regardless. The boys are at the groomer and will come home all smelling good for about half hour. I suppose if they were totally “inside dogs” then they would stay salon clean longer but they love to frolic outback so much. I have never seen a cat miss dogs when they are gone like he does.

I think I will thaw a rack of ribs and do them in my indoor pressure smoker tomorrow. A nice tasty low point+ coleslaw and some toasted sourdough bread and baked beans will make a meal. Our friend out in Texas is coming tomorrow for a couple of days ~ he needs a “get away” and what better place to get away for a couple days but here. :lol: His wife said “go” ~ she has to work. . I’ll miss not seeing her for she is a wonderful friend as he is. He has been quite at lost ends since he retired from the fire department. He visits daily to the rest home where his crabby, cranky mother lives; she so demanding and her complaining is wearing him out. I used to get a kick out of her but couldn’t be around her for long periods of time either. Bless her heart she wasn’t like that in her younger days but he is a wonderful son to visit with her. We will take him out to the range and pop a few caps. Hopefully the wind won’t be blowing but a breeze is nice. I don’t like going out there when it is blowing hard. :no:

JEAN My mother has passed on. The esteate is just now in the process of being settled. Takes awhile to get it all settled. I wonder if your snow will melt as fast as ours did. Silly Robins should have known better. :p

Have a great day Magnolias ~ :wave: Yack at you later.

03-11-2013, 03:09 PM
Wow, I was sure I posted here this morning. I must be losing it as I remember reading the posts. Oh, well, try again. It has dried out, but it is chilly today. I thought it was going to warm up today, but maybe not until tomorrow. I know we are supposed to have warmer weather creaping in.

We are having baked steak and mashed potatoes this evening. I haven't decided which frozen veggie to have with it yet. Our veal chops were great last night and I really enjoyed my cauliflower. I almost made mashed cauliflower but got lazy and just ate it as it. Jack won't touch it so I just enjoyed it myself.

I ordered my little pedal machine so I hope by sometime next week I have it to start exercising. I don't like being able to get moving. It makes you feel better no matter how big or small you are once you do it regularly.

Susan: Thanks for the link. I have seen the silicone handle covers and wondered how well they worked. You forgot the amusement park workers, but I would imagine they have taken a big hit in their customer base. I mean if it is money for food or entertainment, people buy groceries. Your part of the country is definitely military driven with all the bases and such. My best friend can't get a job to save her life in Indiana. She has her certificate to do medical coding, but there just aren't any jobs. Her lazy husband won't get off his bum and look for work so she is expected to be the earner. He uses an achy back as an excuse, but he sures gets around ok when he wants cigarettes. He refuses to quit even though they have absolutely no money to buy them. He uses his pension money and with the price of the things, they could feed themselves with that money. It gets my dander up, but I can't say anything of course. Looks like our capital is going to cut something like 8000 civilian jobs. So much for Obama getting our economy and jobs back here. It is so sad.

Maggie: That is a cute announcement. I have one of Kelly's and Jay's in their baby book. I particularly liked Kelly's. I am glad your family is one that accepts whatever inheritence they get and doesn't get nasty or backstab just to get more. My mother's family would stab each other in the back and did to get at my grandparents things. It was revolting. Jack and I cut out any problem, we put what we wanted to go to who in our will so there was no disagreement. We don't have $$$$ but I do have some valuable antiques that belonged to my grandmother and great grandmother and Jack's grandparents. I also have several LLadro pieces Jack bought for me when he was in the Navy. They all go to Jay. I divided up my jewelry between my dd and dil too. I don't have a lot of valuable stuff, but a few pieces.

Jean: My azaleas have started to bloom so I hope we have no more freezing days. I am sick of the rain too. I am ready for nice, warm, sunny days and being able to go back to wearing sandals. I do enjoy the new loafer style driving mocs though. They are pretty darn comfortable sort of like wearing slippers. Hope your bad weather doesn't last long and you start warming back up and melting.

Everyone have a good rest of the day. Fortune is barking like crazy as I am ignoring him so I guess I better sit in the chair and let him into my lap. :lol: Faye

03-12-2013, 12:15 PM
This is another day in the 30ºs and 40ºs with the sun shining and little chance of rain ~ they say there is a 30% chance of snow this afternoon. I will keep :crossed: that this comes about not because I want to build a snow man or go sledding but because we do need moisture badly.

Well the scale didn’t do as bad as I thought it would last evening for I am just up a pound which I will endeavor to have gone by next weigh day. We may be in for some more “weather” towards the end of the week but it is nice that the last storm is almost all melted. It is nice to get it that way for it gets a chance to soak in before being frozen underneath a new storm.

There was an item that I remembered always was present on a kitchen counter at all the holiday family gatherings and I didn’t see it on any ones “want list” in the will so I called my brother and asked him if he had seen it, which he hadn’t, so I told him if he did run across it to put my name on it for I wanted it. He called a bit earlier today and said one of the gals helping him clean out the house found a large stainless steel pitcher in a cupboard above the stove today and it sure was a nice one and if I hadn’t already made dibs on it he would have taken it. :lol: It holds at least a gallon and maybe more. I am thinking what a neat thing it would be to heat water over a camp stove to do dishes with or take a bath with. It would fit on a burner better than a bucket would. A galvanized metal bucket is good to hang over an outdoor camp fire to boil water in. There are some places we go where you are not permitted to build a camp fire. He said he found some other things he will put in the box with that when he sends it like a couch, rocking chair, hutch when I said, “STOP ~ sell the furniture in a second hand store if you don’t want any of it but send me anything else in that box that you think I would want.” It’s no telling what “else” he will send but I get that pitcher. :cp: I am so happy I put “dibs” on it before it was ever located. :lol: I really didn’t know if she still had it since several years back they sold their huge 4 bedroom house and down sized into a smaller place with a much smaller yard to take care of. I know she “got rid” of a lot of things then and didn’t plan on having as many large gatherings in her home anymore. But she did keep that pitcher and I am thankful she did put it way up in a top cupboard to stay there for years. But bless her heart, Dene’ climbed up on a ladder and got things out of that cupboard and looked down at my brother with glee and said, “Look, I found Maggie’s pitcher.”

I need to get a rack of ribs out of the freezer to thaw for this days dinner and make sure I have all the fixin’s rounded up for the side dishes. Then double check that things around this house are picked up and good looking for our guest from Texas will be here later this day. Beanie and Cecil have appointments to visit the vet around 11 this morning and I will help Will gather Cecil into his travel crate, which he doesn’t like at all but it is necessary. Will said that once he gets him in the Jeep he stops his complaining and is quiet for the ride to the vet. I guess he just has to register his dislike of the crate. Maybe he just doesn’t like the color of the crate ~ it is dark pink on the bottom and light pink on the top and girlie looking and he is all male. :lol: Will said it was the only color Wal*Mart had when he went to buy one. OH, I just remembered cats are color blind so it is said.

DONNA FAYE It is always best to stipulate "special" things in a will and it sounds like that is what you have done. Since there are things to go to lots of folks they are all listed and my brother has sent the items out. It is all listed in the will who gets what they had asked my folks for earlier. Plus my family all gets along with each other. I hope that peddal machine works well with you. I have seen them advertized and they look easy enough to use from a sitting position. You will get some good exercise from using it.

Have a wonderful day Magnolias :wave:

03-12-2013, 12:41 PM
Good morning to you all. Well, the post office has done it again! I ordered contact lenses, they were shipped through the UPS/post office agreement. Well, I went on Saturday and looked it up and it didn't show it was being delivered so I thought it would be delivered yesterday but it wasn't. I went back into my saved file and looked it up and it said it was delivered on Saturday, but there were no contacts Saturday, nor were there any yesterday. I contacted both the post office and vision direct where I buy my contacts. The post office is ignoring me of course, but vision direct answered my email about 15 minutes after I sent it saying they would replace them for free and send them 3 day so I would get them soon. They just told me to return to sender if I ever got the box. It's nice that a private company at least cares.

I am trying to clean the house today and doing pretty good. I only have dusting and the kitchen countertops and then tomorrow is mopping day.

Maggie: It is chilly here today again, but towards the end of the week it is going to be in the 70's, yahoo and sunny too! Sorry the scale stalled, but every week is another week to get it off. The little stationary pedalers are used a lot for rehab and such and I think they will work just fine for me so I can get some cardio and toning and such in.

I guess I better get going and get some more work done. Have a great day. Faye

03-13-2013, 01:17 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am on my way to bed so this will be short and sweet. I went to church to count this morning and we were $100 off. Went through everything a second time; lots of different "pots" of money with Lent, fund raisers, memorials, interest checks coming in, etc., so my part took longer after we finally found the mistake in the cash miscount. This afternoon I finished the afghan and took it to have it blocked. Tomorrow is my lunch bunch, Thursday is planning/shopping food day for card club and crafty club next week; also going to give taking Sonny to the vet a second try, and Friday we go to Sioux City. Bob has to take a class and I'm going to shop. Hopefully we will meet Beth and family for supper somewhere. Saturday is clean, clean,and more clean!

"Gma" -- Hope you have your contacts by now. :yes: Did you ever get your stamps that you ordered? I hope the pedal machine arrives when it should.

Maggie -- I hope you are having a good visit with your Texas friend. You will have the scale going in the right direction next week! I'm sorry about your mother's death, :hug: but so glad you get the pitcher that has good memories associated with it.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow and enjoy! :wave:

03-13-2013, 10:23 AM
Good morning all. It is chilly again this morning but supposed to warm up and in the next couple days be in the 70's which I am not going to gripe about. I think I may get to wear capris and sandals to the doctor's on Friday.

Jay called this morning about getting baseball tickets for he and his dad when we go up there in June and said it was snowing again. I guess all is well with the kid up north. Kelly is better down here too, which is good.

I am going to mop floors today and I have a load of laundry in the dryer. We are having chilimac for dinner tonight so that is a quick and easy thing to make.

I need to get back to working on the sweater as I haven't worked on it in about a week. I have been reading a lot instead.

Jean: My contacts will be here tomorrow by UPS not postal so at least I should get them. We haven't had anyone to steal anything from our mailbox since those bratty kids that used to throw food on the deck lived here and used to get into the mailboxes and mix the mail all up. I am positive they were never delivered. I mean first off, who would want to steal contact lenses? It isn't like you could use them. Mine are bifocal for one thing so no one young would use them anyway. We have a very lazy postal worker who has here ear to her phone the whole time she is delivering and doesn't give a fig newton whether or not you get your mail. I did finally get my stamps, but the package was completely torn to bits with big gaps in it and I am surprised the stamps didn't just fall out. Lesson learned about that, go get them at the post office. Wow, I bet it was a bit of a panic when you were off $100. Glad you were able to find the error. Hope you have a good time in Sioux City this weekend. We have commissary this weekend, ugh!

Well girls, I need to go and get work done this morning. I hope you have a nice day. Faye

03-13-2013, 05:33 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, a slight breeze, and a chilly day in my corner of the world. The sun has power as the snow is melting into the streets. It will freeze tonight and be slippery in the morning. I went to lunch with the bunch, six of us, and we watched the pope news on the tvs that are mounted all around the bar area which is up a level but open to the eating area. I have laundry going and will leave for bell practice about 4:30.

"Gma" -- Tell Jay I am glad to share our snow with him! ;) Beth's afghan is done and getting blocked today. I will deliver it on Friday! I had saved the labels from the afghan I made for her when she was in high school and that yarn is still available according to my web search. I'm going to see if I can find it in SC on Friday, and if so will start on Will's afghan before it gets too warm. It's actually easier to find an even amount when we are off with our church counting. It's usually a case of writing down the wrong amount when filling out the envelope vs. the check, or in counting the bills which can stick together. We got mail belonging to the couple two doors away from us yesterday. The kicker is that their street goes the other direction and isn't even close to resembling our street name. I think the "idiot" must have delivered yesterday rather than our regular guy. :hyper:

I need to change clothes and keep moving. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

03-14-2013, 09:01 AM
Good morning girls. It is still chilly in the mornings but has been warming up as the day goes along. Tomorrow it is supposed to be spectacular, which is great since I have to be out and about tomorrow.

I am going to shave my arms and legs and dye my hair today before I go to the doctor tomorrow. Then sit and read. I actually got the latest Janet Evanovich's book at the library online site, which is amazing so am reading it at the present. People were griping about the romance part being slim,but I read it for the humor and it is always enjoyable.

My daughter got asked out on a date by the BBQ food truck guy at lunch yesterday. She told him she was married but thank you and he told her to tell Tom he better watch out as he had food truck competition. My warped son told Tom he should put Kelly out for dates with the guy then she would be bringing free BBQ home all the time! :lol: She posted on FB this morning that the guy was a player and was always asking girls out. She said she was so disappointed no free bbq! :D

Jean: As long as you guys keep your darn snow up there I am ok with it. I often wonder why they always pick old guys for the Pope. I mean this guy is something like 76 years old. I know they want someone above the others and by the time you reach cardinal status you would be a senior, but why not 55 or 60 at least he would last for awhile. It really didn't take long. If I remember right and it was a long time ago and I was a kid, when Pope John XXIII passed away it took a long time to pick someone else. I remember the black smoke over and over again before the white. When my sister and I were kids we went to the movie "Shoes of the Fisherman." I have no idea why as we are not Catholic, had never even been in a Catholic church. I am not sure we understood the movie. I will have to ask her if she remembers going to it. I believe Anthony Quinn played the cardinal who became Pope. He was in a Russian Gulag I think. That was a long time ago for sure around 1968 or so. You should take a picture of it and post it. I would love to see it. Hope you find the yarn for the other one.

Well girls, I need to get out of here and unload and reload the dishwasher. I put a roast, carrots and potatoes in the crockpot for dinner and should check on it. Have a great Thursday all!!!

03-14-2013, 10:54 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly, the wind is blowing, and it "feels like" 20 degrees outside. I feel like such a traitor! :( It has taken me weeks to get Sonny to trust me so I could pick him up first thing in the morning. This morning I shoved him into the crate after scratching his ears and loving him. He is now at the vet's and hopefully in surgery! I can pick him up after 3:30 if all goes well. I need to pick up the livingroom and kitchen, wash two winter jackets headed for the SOS store, and make a list for Sioux City shopping tomorrow. Beth is going to work a short day and meet me at 1:00. We don't get together, one on one, very often so I'm looking forward to it!

"Gma" -- One of the pope candidates was a priest from Sioux City, and a very popular one while he was there. He is quite a bit younger, I think, but was hoping maybe he would be elected. I agree with you on the age part. I went to see The Nun's Story, as a kid, then wanted to be a nun for a long time afterwards. I had no clue about anything Catholic let alone being a nun. That is too funny about Kelly, the bbq guy, and Jay's comment. :lol:

I need to get busy and start on my "to do" list for company next week. I did get my stuff in the curio cabinet washed; hope it still sparkles next week! :crossed: Have a terrific Thursday and enjoy! :wave:

03-14-2013, 02:37 PM

It is a sunny day here in the ♥-Land and in the 60’s somewhere all day so they say. Our guest left to go home this morning and all is well in this household. The animals are sleeping and Will is at the museum and here I sit. I just put a piece of lean meat into the crock pot with seasonings on the top and a tad bit of water In the bottom and will fix some kind of veggies for dinner. I ate 4 soda crackers and a piece of cheese for lunch not because I was hungry but had to eat something to take my meds. After I finish here I am going to get back and do some of my walking routine for I have been slack on that for some days. It doesn’t do me any good to not do it.

The animals went to the vet for follow up shots and check-ups this week. Their weights are as follows:
Ragg Mopp ~ 22 pounds
Beanie ~ 16 pounds
Cecil ~ 12 pounds

JEAN Sonny may come back to where he was before you stuck him in the crate. They have a short memory about things of that for wanting to be petted overpowers those negative feelings of the crate. Sounds like you have a busy day planned this day. Have a great time.

DONNA FAYE What a hoot that the food truck guy asked your daughter out ~ not that she isn't someone that would be asked out but that he is known as such a player. I don't have any hair on my arms to shave nor on my legs for that matter so it gave me a chuckle about your shaving your arms, I could just imagine . . . .

Have a lovely afternoon Magnolias ~ :wave: I am off to go walking.

03-15-2013, 09:18 AM
Good morning girls! It is going to be 75 here today and sunny! :carrot::carrot::carrot: Out comes the sandals and capris for at least today.

Quick post as I have my dr appt this morning to have the biopsy done. I told Jack this morning the doctor has seen me naked more than he has lately! :lol: When this is done, no more doctors for awhile unless I would get sick.

Maggie: I have sparse body hair also, none on my arms and it takes weeks for it to grow out on my legs and underarms, but since it is a doctor visit, I want to make sure I am nice and neat so to speak. Wow Ragg Mopp is a big ole doggie! Fortune weighs 11 lbs I think and that doesn't really please my vet, but heck he is 14 years old, I can feel his ribs, which is what they say to gauge dogs healthy weight by so phooey on him. I am just glad it has been quite awhile now since he was sick last. He seems to enjoy the food he is on, which is always good, but he is pretty finicky.

Jean: Hope you have a nice time with Beth and shopping and such. I think we decided to get together on Saturday instead of Easter and have breakfast together. They are going to Boston the end of next week so I am just going to give Thomas money to take instead of Easter candy and such. We have this great little cafe here called Cafe Eclectic. It has unusually breakfast items like steel cut oats and other things, my favorite is the Nutella stuffed french toast with strawberries. It is delicious. They have a nice small bakery too and Jack likes their cinnamon rolls so I imagine that is where we will go for breakfast with the kids. My son is quite the jokster, along with his bil. Those two get together and forget it you are going to get punked in some way. We do laugh a lot when he is down here I have to say.

Well, I need to go and get showered and dressed and such. I just want to get this over and done with and be done with drs for awhile at least. Have a wonderful weekend. We have commissary this weekend oh joy! :^: Faye

03-15-2013, 10:30 AM
Good morning, ladies! Only 31 degrees right now! I hope it gets into the 50s so Casper and I can go for a walk today.

I had a nice long post going yesterday, stopped for a minute to look up a phone number for my friend, and then shut the computer off without finishing the post. LOL

I wanted to clarify how the Pope is chosen. This isn't an election like a presidential election or something like that. The Pope is chosen by God and the cardinals are supposed to meditate and pray so they see God's will on how to vote. Since it only took 5 ballots and Pope Francis wasn't even one the press was mentioning, it looks like the Cardinals listened. We elected a young president with insufficient business and political experience and look what we have now. The Pope also needs lots of experience in matters of faith and running the Church. This is the 263 successor of Saint Peter who we consider to be the first Pope appointed by Jesus. There have been good Popes and bad Popes because a they are men with free will just like all of us.

I was reading my AARP bulletin today and they were talking about our appalling death rate compared to other countries. We spend the most on health care but don't exercise (sit too much and drive everywhere) and eat junk so we die much earlier than our counterparts in Western Europe. The average age for men is 75 and 80 for women.

Faye, I eat steel cut oats a lot and would chose that if I could get it with nuts and berries. I don't think there is a restaurant in this area that serves it. I cook up a big batch in the crockpot overnight and then reheat it a serving at a time during the week. I hope everything goes well at the docs.

Jean, is Sonny home again and on the mend? I think Casper must be a little nuts because he doesn't mind getting in his carrier. His vet gives him a treat when she's done. He also loves getting in his stroller and will sit in it even when we aren't going out. He's got it in his head that 6:40 am is the time we need to get up everyday (that's when I do get up for work) and there is no containing him. He comes and pats my face until I look at him, then he jumps down and runs into the bathroom. If I put him out of the bedroom and close the door, he pounds on it and cries. So I get up.

Maggie, I finished "Sugar, Salt and Fat" and am about a third of the way through "Pandora's Lunchbox." One thing I learned is that 90% of the world's supply of vitamins comes from China. Vitamin D is made from the lanolin of sheep. We now have over 5,000 additives that can be put into our food. The FDA is pretty much in the pocket of the food manufacturer's so it's almost impossible to pass laws making food more healthy. As for me, I am embracing clean eating. If it has more than 5 ingredients, I'm not eating it. I'm not eating anything I can't pronounce or buy at the grocery store. I'm buying grass feed beef and organic produce. I might not be able to buy as much, but that would be okay because I might lose a few pounds. I'm buying a bicycle and using that to go to the Y (4 miles each way) and the grocery store for picking up a few items (1.5 miles each way). The first week in April I go to Baltimore for the initiation week of the research for the inflammation diet trials for COPD. They will tell us allowed foods, ways to prepare them, etc. and we'll be getting a special debit card that will pay up to $75 a week of our food costs and it will also send them a report on exactly what we purchased. Locally we'll have blood, urine and stool tests done every 2 weeks so they can determine something about what we are eating. We will continue with whatever medications for COPD we are on and have monthly pulmonary function tests to see if we stay the same, get worse, or improve. The whole thing is very interesting to me. If we stay in it for the full year, we'll get $1,500 at the end. I thought your dogs were smaller, more like Fortune. Casper it up to 11 pounds now. He was 7.5 last April when I got him.

Have a wonderful day.

03-15-2013, 01:28 PM

It is currently 63ºs and going to get up into the low 80º before this day is over with. Sunny skies with a slight breeze ~ more like summer weather. I hope we have a spring and don’t hop right into the heat of summer again this year. It sure makes it rough on the garden if we don’t have a spring. Will has been out and about this morning and came in here and handed me what looks like a small garden rake which is about 8 inches in length and the metal rake tines are little ⅛ inch wide and there are 7 of them. What went through my mind was a rake to use on the inside potted plants. Ah but it is a telescoping back scratcher which extends to 3 feet in length. Sometimes I get an itch that I can’t reach right dab in the middle of my back ~ this will be a handy little tool to have. I need to figure out what to cook this day for we have plans on eating in most of the time after finding out some of the “stuff” about restaurant food. It certainly won’t be a chore for me for I do love to cook. :cp:

DONNA FAYE I am so glad your Fortune is eating well and feeling so much better and not leaving you to clean up behind him so much. Yes the breed of dog we have are not as small as your little pooch is. Ragg Mopp is bigger than the usual but so was his father. Beanie has probably reached his top weight which is where most of the male Shih-Tzu dogs are. Cecil is a Manx and will maybe get a bit heavier for he is still growing and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up weighing more than Beanie. These aren’t exactly lap animals. :lol: But they sure are fun and give us many a laugh. They all have such different personalities. It is funny that my cat weighs more than your dog does.

I am currently reading my edition of Pandora’s Lunchbox and have had my ♥-broken :cry: while reading the ingredients put in my most favorite Subway® sandwich. It is the “Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki” sandwich for 10 points+ and I always thought it well worth the points until I read what it said in the book about it. It has 105 ingredients in it, 55 are dry, dusty substances that were added to the sandwich for a whole variety of reasons. The chicken contains 13, the glaze 12; the bread 22. If you make this sandwich at home with a basic chicken breast with fresh bread made with a minimal amount of ingredients, it would contain only a few of these things. I am still reading the Salt, Sugar, Fat book also and another book that is a hot one that is titled Miracles From The Vault “an anthology of underground cures” by Jenny Thompson ~ put out by the Health Sciences Institute. © Copyright 2013. I have the address where you can request a copy if you are interested in getting it also. That is really neat that you are going to get a bicycle and great exercise. I had one and just loved riding it ~ it was a yellow 10 speed Schwin but I had to sell it when I got drop foot. ~ so I walk and use hand weights and sweat to the oldies, etc. but I would have a bike if I could ride. That test sounds very interesting you are getting involved and I just know you will stick through it to the end and having that $1500 added to your account looks very good these days.

Have a wonderful day Magnolias and a marvelous weekend. :wave:

03-16-2013, 10:07 AM
Good morning gals. It is lovely and mild and sunny this morning, what more could you ask? It was grand yesterday all sunny and warm. I opened the windows and the moon roof, cranked up sixties on six and acted like a teenager againg! :lol:

Went to the doctor's for the biospy yesterday. It ended up being more uncomfortable than the one I had several years ago in the dr's office. She took three samples, but oh my gosh, it was hilarious. First off, the nurse took me in, had me sign permission to do it, told me to strip bottom half get on the bed. Next, the door opens and in comes a lady doctor with the nurse, introduces herself and says she is gonna "assist" my doctor and out they both go again. Knock on door and in comes the nurse, the assisting doctor, and two very handsome young male doctors. We introduce, shake hands all around (don't have any idea what the two guys are there for, one is a medical student the other a resident) and out they all go again saying the dr will be in in a minute. A couple minutes pass, knock knock, in comes my doctor with the "troop" to begin. I get in position like you would for a pap smear, but she tells me the guys are there to hold my legs. They each take a leg and hold it up in the air and apart. I told them I felt like turkey at Thanksgiving and two kids both wanted the legs! :lol: So first, wrong speculum so down the legs go into the stirrups until the nurse goes and gets another one, then back into position and she has the wrong glove size, down again until they find proper gloves. It was like a bad vaudeville act, but I thought it was really funny except for the cramping afterwards. I was really miserable all day and evening. I am still just a bit uncomfortable but not like yesterday at all. So she said she would have the results in two weeks, but the bad thing is the lining has thickened back up some so I will be on the meds for awhile. I don't know if she is going to do a d and c when I go in 8 weeks from now, but she might want to do that again. I ended up taking sleeping meds, and two of my pain pills and was out like a light by about 6:30 so I did get sleep.

Today Jack is going to shampoon the living room area (Fortune has puked on it again) and I am going to go upstairs and clean bathrooms today. Tomorrow is commissary day so when I get finished here, I am going to make a menu and grocery list for tomorrow.

Susan: I just meant because they pick such elderly popes that your faith doesn't have anyone long term. You can't have someone young in that position because there is too much they need to know first, but like the president's position, the pope ages terrible with the responsibility he has. Don't even start me on that dope in the white house.

Maggie: Pets in general are wonderful for the well being. Like yours, mine sure makes me laugh sometimes. He will be 14 this year though so his life is winding down and it will be really tough when he passes.

Everyone have a grand day. I am getting to work. Faye

03-16-2013, 03:46 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's cloudy, "feels" like 14 with the wind, and gloomy in my neighborhood today. Yesterday was a beautiful "no jacket" day in Sioux City. I made a grocery run this morning. The store had 17 cents off a gallon of gas, up to 20 gallons, for just bringing in a store coupon. Along with the rest of the stuff I bought Bob will get 32 cents off the next time he fills his pickup. We have 30 days to use it or lose it. I picked up the gift shop money this morning as I had bills to pay and didn't want to make two trips there on Monday. Washer and dryer are both humming along.

Maggie -- I tried to pick Sonny up this morning and he was having no part of that! I hope he will come around. He is acting kind of silly as he will plop down in front of me, belly up, for a scratch session. He still runs whenever Bob comes near though. :( The "porker" gained over 4#s since I had him in before Christmas. He's now on a diet!

Susan -- You mentioned steel cut oats; Bob brought home a crock pot recipe that has dried cherries in it. He said it was good. I left the cat carrier sitting out for weeks thinking Sonny might take a look inside. Nope, but Ernie would go in and Sonny would just cock his head as if thinking "you are really dumb to do that!" :lol: I know you will do well in the COPD diet trial and the $1500 will be a nice bonus along with your better health.

"Gma" -- You have a much better attitude about your doctor's appointment than I would have. I would rather go to the dentist any day! I hope the tests come back ok, and you don't have to have to have anything else done. Beth and I had a grand time shopping. She helped me pick out Easter shorts and shirts for the kids as well as birthday shorts and shirts for Kolby and Zowie. We met Will and the kids at Texas Roadhouse for supper. I was stupid and ate a few peanuts first so wasn't really hungry when the food finally came. My idea of crispy chicken and their idea of crispy chicken is totally different. :twirly:

I need to clean the bathrooms, dust, and vacuum fur bunnies. Since Sonny's fur is so light it really shows around the edges and bottom of my darker furniture. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

03-17-2013, 06:34 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The wind is blowing, the sun is shining, and it's 32 degrees. We haven't seen the robins since last Saturday; I'm wondering if they went back south to warmer weather. I went to early church, Bob was singing so he went even earlier, and have been cleaning or fixing food for card club since getting home. Everything I've done has led to another something to do. I'm glad I only do this once a year!

It took forever to get in here today and then it wouldn't let me post a new thread. :tantrum:

I need to keep moving or will lose my motivation to do so. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

03-17-2013, 07:29 PM