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03-01-2013, 02:05 PM
Welcome to March all you lovely 40-somethings!

03-01-2013, 02:15 PM
Hard to imagine that Spring is just around the corner! At least for some of us, that is! As for me, it's snowing here and probably will for at leastanother month.

For March: It's my wedding anniversary on the 26th of this month! 16 years together, 14 married. I am an incredibly lucky lady!

This month I will:
1. Stay OP with weights 3x a week
2. Stay OP with food: 150g protein, 150g carbs, remaining frams: fat @ approx 1600-1700 calories
3. Achieve goal BF of 20%

03-01-2013, 02:26 PM
March and April are usually the big snow months for us, here on Colorado's front range. But spring will get here, slowly but surely! I feel like I'm on a roll again now - the scale's moving down again, and clothes are fitting better. I hope you're all having a great day and getting ready for a wonderful weekend!

03-01-2013, 02:32 PM
I finally made myself a ticker - just checking to see if it shows up.

03-01-2013, 03:56 PM
@Linda: I'm in NY, about 30 miles from Canadian border so Feb is our coldest month but we get snow up until....Easter. *shudders* My family used to vacation in Colorado (from Texas) every summer. It was/is beautiful!

03-01-2013, 05:47 PM
Today is my wedding anniversary and its been 16 yrs

03-01-2013, 08:26 PM
Thanks for starting the March thread.

Mboo- happy anniversary!

I have had a long hard day. My blood pressure was really high at the surgon's office. They took it 4 times and every time they took it, it got higher. I also have a little heart murmur so he wants me to see a cardiologist before scheduling surgery. It throws my whole time line off which was a bit disappointing but that's okay. We will deal with it.

As for DH job interview, I think it went okay but they wanted him to work from 2 am until 4 or 5 pm which he declined. Disappointing but he has some other prospects.

03-01-2013, 09:59 PM

Howard goes in on Monday AM for his pacemaker!!! :woohoo::woohoo:

Quick rundown on the last few days. H had several episodes on Tues & Wed. He transmitted his readings (via phone) to the medical co. that oversees the monitors. On Wed. AM, they called the dr. & H...they DID NOT like what they saw. Had appt. this AM. Meds are not an option for his condition. Said they'd set up surgery ASAP. They called about 4 hrs. later with date & time. We are very excited but also a little nervous.
Please keep those positive thoughts & prayers coming! I'm so glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I've got a lot to do to prepare...mostly laundry/groceries so I can be able to take care of him & not worry about much else. ***letting out a relaxing, deep sigh***

mboo: Congrats! Happy anniversary! H & I will be celebrating 24 (thank goodness!!!) on April 1st! :)

petra: Best of luck with the cardiologist & your health. Take care of Y-O-U!!! :hug: I wish your hubby the best of luck on the job front!!!

FatCats: More anniversaries! Yipppee!! Congrats! Good luck on your new/improved goals.

I'm hoping that once H gets his pacemaker & the okay from his dr., I'll be able to focus on my journey. My scale has been stuck. I'm ready for things to get moving down. Anywhos...I'll probably be tied up a lot for the next few days. In the meantime BE HEALTHY!!

Here's the photos from the other day that I wanted to share:


03-01-2013, 10:08 PM
MrsTryingAgainCongrats on the good news, at least some action, now you guys will be able to work on his recovery, best of luck with everything!

Congrats to the March anniversaries! My parents' anniversary is in March, they're at 51 years, same day as the time change, also Hagar the Horrible and Helga's anniversary (the comic strip...:D)

Finally had a whoosh this week, so thrilled about that and scared ****less about keeping it off...ain't that the way it goes...:smiling:

Stick with those New Year's and New Month's resolutions, we'll get there, spring's coming, time change, longer days, more daylight to be active, we'll get there!

Ticker looks great Linda

Petra~ best of luck with your surgery!

best to all :sunny:

03-02-2013, 09:26 AM
Very happy to hear the good news about the pacemaker. I'm sure it will be a huge help and ease your mind!

Had a little giggle - my dad was born in Chico, CA. I was thinking about him and there were your pictures.

I'm struggling with my Wonderslim plan. The scale's not moving after my first two weeks. Nor am I anywhere near ketosis. I'm not cheating and enjoy what I'm eating. I just would like to see some sort of change...

03-02-2013, 10:19 AM
MrsTryingAgain- thanks for the update. Glad you got some answers. Nice pics too. Those are the kind I like to take.

Ukemama - never heard of wonder slim. I assume it is some kind of low carb diet?

Have a good weekend everyone.

03-02-2013, 12:49 PM
Mrs.TryingAgain- So glad to hear that your husband's surgery is pushed up to Monday. He (and you) will be in my prayers. I hope this is the answer to him regaining his health. Check in when you can.

We're going out to dinner tonight. It's Restaurant Week in Denver, which means all the really nice restaurants have meals for 2 for a set price. We go every year with my brother and SIL. It will be fun, and I've worked out extra to account for the extra calories today, but I'm sure the combo of that plus PMS will have me up a couple pounds tomorrow. But I won't freak out, I will just keep swimming...

03-02-2013, 12:51 PM
Ms Trying Again... good good good about your husband. It has to be nice to have a little bit of peace. Wishing you well with his procedure. My Dad was just released from the hospital yesterday. A week in and liver cirosous (sp) is the prognosis. I know it sounds bad. We don't really know wha is going to happen next. But I cant see anything but positive coming from this. He has already survived the unthinkable (cancer, aneurism, 3 major surgeries...) he has to an appointment with specialist... he has to get through this too. He is only 63... to young to go through this. But it is a wake up call to. Although we are not genetically related, so his issues are not passed down to me, I see what a life of not taking care of yourself can do. I want to say that I will never drink again, knowing his liver issues are directly connected to lots of it when he was younger... I won't say that I wont. I want to say that I will never eat fatty foods again yet another cause of liver issues but I won't say that either. I will just say that I will not do those things in excess ever again. I don't know I am totally rambling... I am at a loss as to what I should be thinking or saying or feeling about my dad. I am not ready to lose him. Scared out of my mind to be honest.

Got a good workout in today. 4 miles in 1 hr 8 min. Pretty good .Was supposed to be an endurance walk/run. Felt great.

03-02-2013, 01:24 PM
Thanks everyone! I got just a few mins before I have to get to work, but I thought I'd stop by. This is kind of like a small haven in a storm. It's all because of you guys. :grouphug:

sept: Ramble away! I've been down the road your on more than once. It's never easy. Be with your dad as much as you can. Trust me, you'll never, ever regret it. My dad is one person I miss sooo much at this time of year. His birthday would have been on Mar. 8th, his & Mom's anniversary on Apr. 24th, then the anniversary of his passing on the 28th. Give lots & lots of :hug::hug::hug:. I've got many of them cyberly for you!!! :hug::hug::hug:

Linda: I LOVE the idea of restraurant week. Wish they'd do something like that around here! There are a few place I'd love to try, but NOT at full price. Hope you had some awesome eats!

ukemama: Your dad was born here? :lol: Butte Co. has been my family's home for going on 5 generations. I guess once you get rice field water & dirt in your blood, it's a little hard to get rid of. ;) Don't fret so much about the scales. Mine hasn't moved in months. :mad: But I do feel soo much better than I did just 3-4 months ago. I have more energy, I sleep better, so I figure the weight will come off. I'm just hoping it does so once things get settled, which will be really soon! :carrot:

kelijpa: :lol: I LOVE HAGAR & HELGA!!! They remind me sooo much of H & myself! There was one strip where Hagar wanted to buy a new boat & Helga was like, "I don't think so!". Hagar went off & pouted to his friends about it. Kinda like H does when I tell him, "You really don't need yet another _______. (fill in tools, fishing gear, video game, etc.) I ALWAYS read Hagar, it's one of my all time favorite strips.

Gotta run. Work is calling. More laters! :hug::hug: BE HEALTHY!

03-02-2013, 01:34 PM
@MRS: So glad to hear from you- I was starting to worry!! And with great news, too! We'll all be with you in thoughts on Monday!

Sep2012: Sorry to hear of your struggles with your father. Glad you were able to find a bit of positive in it, though. It reminded me of one of the guys around here. He has a tagline in his signature that reads, I eat whatever I want, just not how much I want.

Lifted weights this am. I burned 750 calories, but wasn't really feeling it. But I did it anyway! So I'm giving myself the win. Now I'm off to exchange a pair of capris I ordered online - they are too big! WooHoo!

03-02-2013, 03:19 PM
Mrs Trying Again, that is good news! All the best for the procedure :)

2Fat Cats and mboo, congratulations on your respective anniversaries!

Can't wait till I'm a big kid and can have a ticker too!


03-02-2013, 07:30 PM
MrsTryingAgain HOORAY!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and DH! But I'm sure it's scary, too, once the drs agree to the urgency that you have been arguing for all along. Best wishes for Monday. We are all here cheering your husband on :hug:

PETRA!!! Hi!! Remember me from a few years ago?? I'll have to change my avatar back to not being ensconced in my raincoat; you'd probably recognize me better... I am so happy to hear all the good things that have come your way since we lost touch (ie, meeting your DH and getting married!! Although, maybe you had started dating him, I can't be sure). Sorry to hear about your BP; hopefully your cardiologist can help you get that under control so you can get the surgery you desire. Best of luck to you, and so nice to see you back!

Hi, to everyone else. It's hard for me to keep up on this thread, but know that I am thinking of you all and cheering on your successes! I'm in the final 2 weeks before my big trek; getting excited!!

03-03-2013, 04:25 AM
Hi everybody.
When I started my journey and joined this forum I had three vague but honorable health-oriented goals:
1. Eat more nutritious food (veggies, whole grains)
2. Eat less junk
3. Get regular (min. 4 times/week) exercise

Weight loss was sort of a happy by-product.
Now that I seem to be on track with those goals I'm starting to wonder if I should set more concrete goals.
Do you all find goals motivating? Weight goals ("onederland or bust!") or fitness goals ("three flights of stairs w/o dying!") or size goals or a combination? I'm keeping all kinds of records (weight, BMI, measurments, cloth size, etc.) but the approach feels scattershot...

And.. Do the motivational benefits of goals outweigh the maybe demotivational aspects of never seeming to reach goals?
Just wondering what you all think...

03-03-2013, 08:46 AM
Hi Newleaf! Yes, I remember you. Glad to see you have been faithful to your goals. Is this trip one of those you take with sister or sisters? I think I remember something about that. Yes, DH is the guy I started dating about the time I disappeared. Really great guy-definately worth the wait.

MagicSusan- I think goals are an individual thing. I have found getting focused on particular numbers to not be helpful for me but focusing on staying on plan and focusing on healthy lifestyle choices to be a better option. My personal opinion. Other people find those shorter term goals to definately be helpful for them.

03-03-2013, 10:23 AM
MagicSusan different goals work well for me, it can be a simple as on the treadmill sometimes I try to get to the next 5 minute, then the next whatever of a mile, keeps me going.

With the calendar, I have my weigh-in day, but also like to see the difference between the beginning and end of the month.

Also, I have a certain shirt that I try on every once in awhile to see how it fits.

Sometimes, just staying the course is a good goal, depending on what's coming up and what time of year it is that could be challenging.

best of luck to you :sunny:

03-03-2013, 10:43 AM
MagicSusan I lost my first 40 pounds with goals very similar to yours. I wanted to eat healthy food, increase my fitness, and gain strength. The weight loss, while I was working on that too, was the side effect. However, once I lost 40 pounds, this turned into a vanity exercise, so then I moved to the numbers goals. Timeframe goals don't really work too well for me, because as soon as I feel like I won't meet a time goal, I let up until the next time goal period begins.

Petra Oh, how wish things were as they must look in your eyes. It's really just a matter of timing. In this period when you have popped back in, yes -- I seem exactly like before. Great shape. Same weight / appearance (except I'm gray now). Awesome international trek pending with sister (good memory!). However... like you, I disappeared. Like you, I put the weight back on. Like you, I came back, committed to being done with the yo-you once and for all. Ugh.... I don't know if you remember the medical drama I was going through at the time you (and I) disappeared. In the 3 years, I had 1 minor, 1 major, and 1 supremely major surgery, and a lot of mental anguish. Lo and behold, I put the weight back on. After the last (supremely major) surgery exactly a year ago, I decided I was DONE with the weight. And ta da.... here I am again. It's a frustrating cycle, no?

03-03-2013, 11:21 AM
I think goals help keep you motivated and accountable to yourself. I have a yearly calendar hanging on my wall in my office. In 2012 I started putting an x for days I didn't work out and an o for the days I did. Each month I set a goal and then at the end wrote the actual done underneath. Its a great feeling to meet or exceed goals. Its also a reminder when you don't meet them that you need to try harder the next month. I feel off this wagon from Oct to Jan but started Feb1 again. I wrote a goal of 24 workouts and did 18. March goals have been set for 26 days and I have done one so far. Its funny because that calendar is my motivator. I don't want to get to the end of another month and not make my goal. I also have this walk/run schedule posted to my wall. Its a 12 week program with some pretty intense endurance run/walks on saturdays. I have been wanting to do this for a while and actually started it on monday. So its another "calendar" type goal that I get to look at every day and see where I am at. I am very visual so this helps me so much.

03-03-2013, 11:38 AM
Good reminder on the calendar goal. I have a similar one -- 250 exercise sessions in 2013. I find it very motivating because I set it as realistic and doable -- thinking exercise 5x per week, for 50 weeks, with 2 weeks off. And "exercise session" is flexible. Sometimes it means 1 1/2 hours at the gym, other times it means 20 min on the stairmaster in my basement. And on days when I really can't motivate myself to do anything, it means a brisk walk around the 1-mile hilly loop in my neighborhood.

The important thing is that I get out there and do something that I wouldn't otherwise do, on most days. And truly, there have probably been 2 or 3 days already this year where I haven't felt like doing anything, and I absolutely FORCED myself to haul my butt around the neighborhood loop just so I could notch off the session. And that's what the goal is all about. Just getting me out there doing stuff -- long term, for a whole year. Because I'm in this for the long haul.


03-03-2013, 01:19 PM
@Magicsusan: As everyone probably figured out by now...I'm a quantifier. My husband tells me I'm always keeping score and it's true. I need goals that are specific and realistically attainable/sustainable. If they are too grand in too short of a time - I will only disappoint myself. It's better to achieve ahead of schedule than miss a deadline!
Up until this point, my goal (time after time)was 150lbs, size 10 pants. It seemed very specific at the time(s). As fast as I could (cardio,cardio,cardio). That's all that mattered. Not eating healthy, getting stronger, etc and no plan for after I hit the 'magic' 150. And every time I reached 150, I wasn't happy. I would stop the cardio (finally, whew) and start eating. Everything.:( It was all just a means to my end - not a true change of lifestyle.
THIS time, I have very three very specific lifestyle changing goals and a detailed long term plan on how to get there and stay there.

#1. Free Weights. The weight program I am doing is broken into 4 phases, 4 weeks each then changes to new section with 6 phases of 6 weeks each. So that is my fitness goal: Finish each phase. It should take me about 10 months from start to finish. Maybe longer if I choose to repeat the first 4 phases - depends on where I am at when I finish at the end of April.

#2 Body fat under 20%. As for weight - I'm no longer interested in the scale. I am targeting a specific body fat % by May 1. No sense lifting all these weights and then hiding my muscles under a layer of fat!

#3 Finally: food. On all previous attempts I severely restricted calories (1100ish) and would be so hungry, dizzy and cranky that I constantly thought of food and what I was going to inhale as soon as I was done with the 'diet'. I felt so deprived and a bit resentful of all the 'good' food other people got to eat. Oh and at least a 'cheat' day every month. With that came the inevitable crushing sense of failure. I knew it wasn't sustainable - just didn't care as it meant the weight came off fast. Sadly that cycle continued for years before I finally realized that I was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Silly girl - stop beating your head against the same wall- it hurts! This time - I eat 1500-1600 calories (150+gram protein, 150 carbs, rest fat grams) of healthy, low/no sodium foods. I'm not hungry and I don't feel deprived or miss crappy food. It's taking longer this time and amazingly, that doesn't bother me because I know I can sustain this - and have for 83 days without going off plan!. No more hunger, cranks or dizziness. When I start heavy lifting in May - I will need at least 2500 calories a day - no way I'll feel hungry. I'm actually worried about how in the heck I'm going to ADD 1000 calories! Definitely slowly! My goal is to bulk muscle - not fat!!

As an added bonus: I get rewarded every time I lift weights! I can do one more rep or lift a few more pounds. It's quantifiable in a way that cardio never was. And cardio didn't transfer over to my day-to-day life. I never ran really fast across a huge parking lot and thought, "Whew, good thing I can do lots of cardio or I never would have made it into the store!"
However last night I was in the basement 'playing' in the litter box and I picked up the big 38 pound bucket of litter with one hand and lifted it up to my chest to grab the bottom with the other hand like it was a box of tissues!

Yikes - there I go again, typing like I talk...on and on!

03-03-2013, 02:36 PM
Good advice for MagicSusan. Everyone is motivated differently. Numbers, NSVs, health, feeling better, admiration from others, strength, etc. I have to say, I'm a bit jealous that you're looking for motivation at a time when your efforts are leading to weight loss. I'm in the opposite situation. I'm motivated and paying attention, but the weight is not coming off. Sigh.

I've been lurking here today, hoping to find some new methods, but mostly procrastinating. Feeling like the oddball in this group. I have no big food issues, no sweet tooth, I don't think I will have problems maintaining, but I just cannot seem to lose. I don't have big health issues, but I do have low metabolism--To lose, I have to consistently keep under 1000. If I stop paying attention, I will gain, and age has made this a bigger issue. Frustrated and worried. And drowning in work & stress. I'm in a catch22 situation--need to get more exercise to be stronger so I can get work done more efficiently, but the workload is keeping me from exercise. I keep saying "after this deadline...", but there is always another deadline. Blah blah blah whine whine whine

So proud of DS15....won a state academic contest and is going to nationals in florida.....Hey, had to say something good after that whinefest....Full of mommy pride and love for my two tall boys....who still let me hug them every now and then....

Good luck tomorrow MrsT!!!

OK....enough procrastinating.....back to work.....No chance I'll get done early today...just hoping I get some sleep tonight!

03-03-2013, 02:42 PM
You are One Strong WOman, Ms 2FC !!!!!

03-03-2013, 04:03 PM
I'm back from Vegas. We had a wonderful time and lost less than $100 on gambling, lol. Spent far more on food. Now it is back OP.

Wonderful, wonderful news MrsTryingAgain!! I'm so glad to hear your news.

I've read all the posts here but can't begin to do justice to responses. Hang in there everyone! We can do this! Keep it up! :D

03-03-2013, 04:14 PM
LuvCats: Hope you enjoy Vegas. Come home safely to us. We'll help you get back on track if needed when you return. :hug:

Thanks so much! Hopefully I don't need a kick in the pants like I might have in years past but I sure welcome all encouragement I can get. :D

LuvCats - I am jealous of your Vegas vacation. DH and I always have talked about going, but never have. I would love to go someday.

It was wonderful! I'd encourage you to go for it! We took advantage of the winter special that was going at the Bellagio but booked through Orbitz. I was under $500 for flights, car rental and 1 night at the Bellagio (we spent the other 2 nights at the Palazzo from frequent user points through the chain they are part of). Wed-Thursday were a great time to be there.... Friday evening/Sat. got crazy with all the people. Overall well worth the trip!

03-03-2013, 04:41 PM

Wow! Thank you all for your thoughts on this.
It's a lot to think about, but I think already that my goal will somehow be health oriented. It's so tempting when you see the weight coming off to start thinking things like "oh, I bet I could get down to such and such a weight by summer if..." which seems likely to lead to disaster and derailment...

Target BMIs with no fixed date is also a possibility... I'll keep you guys posted!

03-03-2013, 05:45 PM
Have any of you seen the old Romeo and Juliet movie? I remember watching it in high school, so -- early 1980s, although the movie itself could be even older. The reason I ask is because I just laughed. Juliet's nurse wore some kind of head contraption that looks like me with my raincoat pulled tight. Is it called a wimple?

** time elapse for googling **

Yes, it is! HA!


03-03-2013, 09:17 PM
I am having a moment with this site. I realize we are all different and we all deal with our emotions or thoughts in different ways I really HATE seeing forums like "I loathe..... about myself". I really don't want to read these negative things, but its like a car wreck... I can't help but look. I wish everyone realized that the more time they spend writing negative things about themselves the longer they will stay in space that makes them unhappy. I don't want to preach, by any means, as I realize myself that staying positive is not always easy. Its EASIER to feel or think negative that is a proven fact. But when we are all here doing the same things, reaching and striving for the same goals it seems like the best thing to do is to stay away from those forums that connate negative thoughts, feelings and emotions... I am just saying...

03-03-2013, 11:04 PM
sept2012 I agree. There's no good that comes from being down on yourself. Self hatred? Self flagellation? These are things that I never bought into. But people are so different, and I have come recently to truly appreciate that we are so much a victim or beneficiary of our circumstances, what kind of environment we were born into, what kind of parents we had. Not everyone is as fortunate as I have been. And while ultimately we own our own destiny, for some people there is a lot more to overcome along the way, and maybe the negativity is all they know. Dunno; I'm babbling here. But ITA that there's no room for it, or drama in general, in my life!

03-04-2013, 08:00 AM
Sept2012-I totally agree. There doesn't tend to be much of that here to my memory. I think maturity may also play a roie.

Can't believe it's Monday morning and I have to go to work again.

03-04-2013, 10:19 AM
Sept2012, I think we women tend to be so harsh on ourselves. You would think that being positive should be an easy thing, but it seems to be even easier to be negative...

Our piano is getting tuned this morning. It is the most annoying thing. The only morning I have off this week and I have to spend it cleaning and listening to random notes emanating from my living room for the next two plus hours.

03-04-2013, 10:40 AM
Mrs. Tryingagain - I am thinking of you today! Hope all is going well for you and DH.

Weekend food was eh. Not good and not bad. Did not get any exercise in like I planned though. I did continue with the C25K program this morning. It was a rough session but I made it through. Tomorrow I am back on the elliptical and then doing a short kettle bell session. Took 3 days for my legs to stop hurting from the last kettle bell session so hoping I can walk on Wed.

As some of you know, my DS16 has had some depression issues. Took him to the doc and made some changes at home. Thought things were looking up, he seemed happier but that all fell apart this weekend. Some text messages that he sent to a friend were shared with us and in these messages he indicated that the wanted to hurt himself. I am heartbroken, scared out of my mind and desperate to help him. I am going to continue with exercise and healthy eating but the number on the scale just does not mean much right now as my every thought and breath seems to be filled with fear. Phew, I sure am a downer today. Sorry about that.

03-04-2013, 10:56 AM
Hi Everyone-
Mrs.TryingAgain - you're in my thoughts and prayers today. Please let us know how things went when you get the chance.

NEMom - I am so sorry about the new worries with your son. It sounds like you're going to do everything in your power to help him. I think that gives him a huge advantage. Seeing your child in pain is terrible. I'm praying that with all the help you have surrounding him, that he will see that this phase of his life is temporary, and really, truly will pass. My heart aches for you.

I actually had a really good weekend, diet-wise. Saturday night we went out for dinner to a wonderful restaurant. The food was delicious, and I ate everything I wanted, but I had a very tiny lunch, and did double my workout routine to compensate. I only had a 2 pound gain, and spent Sunday working out and guzzling water, and this morning I am back down. I consider that a success. Also, it's that time of the month, and I didn't have the usual couple pound gain I usually have the days before. And even though the scale's not moving down, suddenly I look different! My face is thinner, and my stomach is smaller! Saturday night, I put on jeans I hadn't previously been able to get into, and had no muffin top! That is so much more exciting to me than just a number on the scale! I know it's because of the combination of weights and cardio I've been doing. I'm really considering getting some kettlebells, since I've heard so many people talk about them. I'm watching for a sale!

Hope you all are ready to start a successful week! Take care:)

03-04-2013, 04:31 PM
Happy Monday and Happy March (a few days late)! :D

I did it again...closed the tab I'd been working replies on. This time, I'm gonna re-do it.

It was a busy weekend with DD#2 play opening (it went well) and DD#1 home for her spring break (the hugs have been great!). My eating plan was ok, actually got a day in of "formal" exercise. I've realized that I've been letting myself have larger quantities of treats/sweets than I should. If I can have 4 chocolate kisses, then I can have 4 more later...and 4 more later...and 4 more later... It's not a surprise that I'm not losing. I'm making a more concerted effort to stay ON PLAN this week! Also, I got some exciting news. A good friend of mine announced he's going to direct a musical that I would love to be in. It's near-ish to my home for a change. I haven't been on stage in almost 3 years and I've been itching to get back. I'm looking to get below 180 before auditions in May. I have 10 weeks to lose 15 pounds. Actually, if I can just go down a pant size, I will be thrilled!

2FatCats: Happy anniversary soon! Those looks like great goals. They’re very specific and thoughtful. BTW, I love your litter story. GREAT example of how the changes you’re making have a positive impact in your life.

LindaWW: I live along the front range too. I’ve already got a daphodil showing its first stalk coming out of the ground. It’s been too warm! Glad you’re on a roll!! BTW, the ticker looks good on you! I love 5280 week. A few years ago, we stayed in a downtown hotel during their 5280 promotion. 2 room suite for $52.80. It was awesome. Most of the restaurants down near me don’t participate. :( Hip Hooray for smaller jeans that fit!!

mboo: Happy anniversary a couple of days ago!

petra65: Sorry your heart isn’t cooperating. Hope things get on an even keel soon!

MrsTryingAgain: FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been thinking of you and H all morning, hoping things are going well. I’m so glad he’s finally getting it. Let us know, when you can, how he’s doing! And don’t forget to take care of yourself through all this!

kelijpa: Hooray for the Whoosh! Keep positive thoughts about keeping it off. You’ve learned a lot…you can do it!!

ukemama: What is Wonderslim? Your piano tuning comment made me laugh.

sept2012: Sorry to hear about your Dad. He sounds like a fighter, so keep your spirits up and a positive outlook. I’m sure he’s so proud of you and how you’re making strides in taking care of yourself. Hang in there… I like your calendar with X’s and O’s idea. I’m doing the same with a large desk calendar I have at work. It’s a great visual reminder! Good luck with your 12 week program…let us know how you’re progressing. About negativity…just look at how negative people are rewarded in our country: drunk and mean housemates on MTV, political pundits on TV and radio, all those housewives from wherever. I can hardly stand it. I don’t like the negativity either.

newleaf123: Hi to you too! Just keep checking in when you can. I’m sure you’re quite focused on your trek. You do know you’re expected to give us a detailed account upon your return, right? I too have had to “force” myself to get off my bum a couple of times. I’ve had a couple of really short workouts (15-18 min), but in the past I would have totally blown it off, so I count it as a win-win! Love your wimple rain coat. It’s a whole new marketing scheme!

Magicsusan: I’ve not been very goal oriented because my weight loss is very slow. I want to be like others and try for a pound a week (see my entry at the top of this post). But I tend to be one pound for every 10-14 days. It gets frustrating to be excited about a goal like “I’ll lose 3 pounds in the month of February” when other’s have much larger goals. Mine are the daily kind…stay under 1450 calories plus what I earn exercising, exercise every day after work and do what I can on the weekends. Do what works for YOU!

SeeMyFeet: I’m sorry you’re feeling like an oddball. Every one of us has a different combination of issues, motivations, rates of loss, success, failures, etc. I understand the workload issue quite well. It’s only been in the last two months that I decided there is very little at work that is more important than me. There’s a sign in my daughter’s Dr. office about how you take an hour a day now for exercise or many hours in the future for illness (can’t remember it verbatim). And I’ll quietly remind you that exercise will help with the stress. Hang in there! Oh….and congrats to your son!! Isn’t parent pride an incredible feeling?

LuvCats: Glad you enjoyed Vegas! What kind of gambling did you do (slots, poker, roulette, etc.)? Did you see any shows? That’s why I would go… I’m confident you’re back on plan today…right?

NEMom: I’m so sorry your son is still struggling! I know you’re doing all you can to help and support him. We’re here to help and support you, so lean on us as much as necessary. Hugs :hug:

03-04-2013, 05:39 PM
HI EVERYONE!!! :wave:

Pacemaker is in place! He did just fine. In & out of surgery in about 2 hrs., including his recovery time. Had some lunch, got meds & is now napping. Now, I'm going to try & get some rest, too.
Thanks for all the support! The positive thoughts, prayers & encouragement has really helped us both. More updates later. Sleepy now.


03-04-2013, 05:55 PM
Oh such good news MSTRYINGAGAIN!!! Rest up! Hahaha we all know you'll be on beck and call for the next few weeks :)

03-04-2013, 06:15 PM
So glad to hear your husband is out of surgery and doing well, MrsTryingAgain! Thanks for the update - hope you get some rest too!

03-04-2013, 06:44 PM
YAHOO!!! So happy to know the surgery went well! You must be so relieved!

03-04-2013, 08:26 PM
So glad to hear that, Mrs. TA! Hope all continues to go well!

03-04-2013, 08:38 PM
Wow moondance! so sweet of you to address everyone thanks for the well wishes with my Dad. You can reach any goal you set your mind to. I believe that with all of my soul

03-04-2013, 11:26 PM
Just a quick YAY! to MrsTrying!
My DH was home all day sick. I am glad for so many reasons that he's better and going in tomorrow...I'm not a very patient sickroom attendant.

03-05-2013, 08:26 AM
MrsTryingAgain-thanks for the update. Hope everything goes smoothly for both of you.

NEMom- so sorry to hear about your son. Adolescence is such a difficult time in some kids lives. Im sure you are getting him some good professional help.

We have been having some unusually cold weather recently. Hope it warms up today. Have a great day everyone.

03-05-2013, 11:05 AM
Wonderful news, MrsTryingAgain! I hope he has the same positive improvements that I've seen with my friends who have undergone the same procedure - it really turned all of their lives around.

NEMom - I hope DS gets things worked out. I worked for years with people with MH issues and it seems to be "two steps forward, one step back." So frustrating, but as long as you can keep moving forward, it gives you the energy to carry on.

Piano tuning took TWO hours! Man, do I love DD or what??

So, my scale still hasn't moved. My clothes still fit the same. I'm in this almost three weeks now. I'm frustrated. Wonderslim is a low carb/high protein eating plan. I thought I'd give it a try for a month, mostly because I really need convenience right now with all the extra hours at work that I'm putting in and with my kids' extra activities. It's tasty, but doesn't seem to be working for me.

News stations are going crazy with the storm coming our way. It's so hyped up that it is almost hilarious. "Get gas in your car!!" "Buy milk!!" "Have a generator on hand!!" I bet we get two inches at best. Not that I'm complaining - I would love a snow day tomorrow!

03-05-2013, 11:40 AM
Happy Tuesday! :D

As I promised myself, here's today's chat post. :) I did much better with eating yesterday. It would have been great, but when we finally got home last night, we were all starving and when we walked in the house, DD#1 is pulling the last tray of chocolate/butterscotch chip cookies out of the oven. CRAP!!! Yes, I had two. I should say, I only had two. Previously it would have been 4 or 5. Small victory, but still didn't help my calorie count for the day. They sure were good though...;)

MrsTryingAgain: Again, so happy H got his pacemaker! Your relief must be nearly immeasurable. Is he home now? I have no experience with this kind of thing...does he have to take anti-rejection meds or anything like that since it's a foreign body in his body. Or maybe not...it's not an organ transplant. Anyway...how is he feeling?

sept2012: Thanks for those words of support. I really need to hear them because I tend to lose steam on a longer term goal like this. It sounds good now...but in 6 weeks I'll have lost my enthusiasm. Or maybe not...I REALLY want this part! Ever seen Sweeney Todd? It's the part of Mrs. Lovett. I could play it at my current weight, but I want the self-confidence that will come with having lost weight (plus I won't have seen the director for over a year, so the loss will be impressive to him too!). I won't mind if you remind me of your beliefs in a few weeks... ;) I'm keeping your dad in my thoughts. I lost mine 3 years ago after a lengthy illness. It's not easy, that's for sure. Sounds like you are there to provide some strength and companionship to him...keep it up!

2FatCats: LOL! Some people are good at "nursing" and some aren't. Also, some are better patients than others. I'm ok at the nursing thing, but DH is a TERRIBLE patient. Drives me crazy! Hope things are back to normal for you today.

petra65: Hope you're warm today!

ukemama: Was your piano way out of tune? 2 hours seems like a long time. But what do I know? Our piano hasn't been tuned in over 50 years. Are you going to go the full month with the Wonderslim? I feel your frustration! After 2 months, I'm still in the same pant size. Other than the lack of obvious progress, do you like the plan? Don't get me started on the media's overblown response to a snowstorm. Geez, you'd think it's the end of the world or that none of us has ever experienced snow before. Must be a slow news day, so they have nothing else to focus their energies on. And you're right about the amount. At our house, we call it the "exclusion zone". If they say we're going to get 4-6 inches of snow, we know it will be less than 4 or more than 6.

To everyone else: Have a GREAT, on plan day!

03-05-2013, 01:06 PM
Magicsusan: Yep you hit it on the nail why I try not to do weight specific goals based on dates. I think health oriented goals sound like an excellent idea.

NEMom: WTG to get back to C25K yesterday. I'm planning elliptical today myself. As far as I'm concerned vent away here. We can all relate in one way or another. Hope things improve soon with your son.

LindaWW: That's what we've got to do--eat out when we want but make sure to compensate before and after. Yay on the NSV with the jeans! Wonderful!

MrsTryingAgain: WOO HOO wonderful news! I'm so glad H's surgery went well and the pacemaker is in! Thank you for being such a great cheerleader in every post!

2FatCats: hope hubby is better soon. There is nothing worse than a sick man (male, lol... I think boys are nearly as bad from what I've heard).

petra: Hoping for warmer weather for you. Lol if it is snow I'll take it!

ukemama: Lol been there at the piano tuning. Lol it does seem to take a long time. As for your eating--look at it this way: If you are in a very busy, stressful time and this program has allowed you to maintain that is a success. Sure it stinks to not be losing but it is better to do something where you maintain than to struggle unsuccessfully with counting calories or points, etc. and gain. Lol I am with you on wanting snow!

Moondance: FYI--I use notepad to take notes so I don't have to worry about closing a tab... it asks first if you want to save changes before you X it out. Been through the play openings many a time. Lol every year since 2003 I think. All 3 of my daughters have been involved in drauma in HS... the first 2 acting and the last (and currunt) dd is a techie. I've run the snack cart for them for 4 years or so now. Fun fun that you may get on stage again soon. My middle daughter would love that too.

To answer your questions about Vegas. I wanted to see a show but DH isn't much of a show person. I really wanted to see the traditional Vegas dancing girl show but the only non-topless show was Saturday night (when we had to be at the airport to leave) so we didn't see it. I just didn't feel comfortable to go to the topless version. Thought about seeing Jersey Boys too but DH wasn't remotely interested. As for gambling, my favorite is Craps. Don't know a lot about it but it is fun. Seem to do far, far better at it than at slots (the only other thing we did was some slots--quarters for about $5 and $21 for DH on pennies and $6 for me. I started with $11 but got bored so cashed out with $5 left and went to the crap tables and put in $20 and got back $21. All total I figure I lost $30 and DH $66. Lol the total about equalled our one expensive meal. The only somewhat bad thing that happened there was getting rear-ended Friday night. Thankfully no damage to the rental car but my body doesn't like even low impact hits and so I'm back to my chiropractor again. The other driver ended up taking off. Not sure if we can trace him or not (have a picture of his liscence plate but it is very blurry not sure if it can be cleaned up to read it or not... and I'm not sure we wrote it down correctly (can you say rattled?). Thank goodness for our own insurance (oregon has automatic medical insurance with auto insurance). Our agent says if we need to use it since it clearly wasn't our fault it won't make our insurance jump. I am NOT going to let this stop my diet/exercise though... onward & downward!!

Amazingly enough I lost this week. I'm down 1.2 but really only .4 because I gained last week. Now to get back to really digging into the exercise. Got to keep on it!

Have a great day everyone!! Let's lose! :D

03-05-2013, 05:25 PM
I kinda got left behind in February. Now that I know a new thread starts each month I should be able to keep up with you all!

How is everyone doing anyway? Spring is a little delayed here in NC. It's encouraging to see all the gardening stuff filling the shelves in stores! I'm still keeping healthy choices at the top of my daily list of things to do...woot woot!

I had a busy weekend! We rescued a Cockatiel and we have been working to get him acclimated to his new healthy and safe environment. Our other Cockatiel is also getting used to having company. His name is Herbie and he keeps surprising us with what he can do. He makes an awesome wolf whistle and has shared a fun vocabulary. He says: "Hey Herbie" "Hey there Herbie" and "Pretty Bird"! We tracked down information from his leg banding and he is almost 10 years old.

@2FatCats: So happy that you had to exchange the capris you ordered because they were too big! AWESOME! I have a few pairs in my closet that I hope to be wearing again very soon. Where do you live in NY? We just relocated to NC a year ago from north of Syracuse, NY. I worked in Watertown, NY and my husband worked in Canton for a while a few years ago.

Well, I'll stop back tomorrow. Time to go play my Wii! Thinking of you all!

03-05-2013, 05:56 PM
Lisa I know what you mean about delayed spring. We had one day 2 weekends ago that gave everyone spring fever... in the 70's and now its just crappy up and down rainny weather. I have never been to Scottland but imagine this is what it would be like. Gray, glom and rain so many days in a row... its messing with my mind :) makes me want to go home and put on warm clothes when I am going home and putting on workout clothes intead! Drowning in ATL hahahahaha.

03-05-2013, 07:53 PM
NEMom :hug: your DS should know that there are women he doesn't even know exist that are pulling for him and you, hope everything works out for both of you and your family :sunny: I remember looking back at some poems and stuff that I wrote in my teens when I was older and thinking what a drama queen I was, but it didn't feel like it at when I was in my teens, anyway, again wishing you all the best :hug:

03-05-2013, 08:00 PM
MoondanceThanks for the good thoughts! I'm so jealous of your daffodils poking out, we're still white and frozen in NE PA, it'll probably be a few weeks to a month before we see them poking out...ok, somehow THAT made me feel better, thanks for that :D

03-05-2013, 08:02 PM
MrsTryingAgain So happy things went well for your DH!! YAY!!

03-05-2013, 09:08 PM
MoondanceThanks for the good thoughts! I'm so jealous of your daffodils poking out, we're still white and frozen in NE PA, it'll probably be a few weeks to a month before we see them poking out...ok, somehow THAT made me feel better, thanks for that :D

But here in SW PA we had them poking out last week. Hopefully this week's snow didn't do them in...

NEMom, good luck with your son. I hope he is able to turne corner soon.

Mrs. Trying again, I'm so glad all is well with your husband :carrot:

03-05-2013, 11:35 PM
Good news, bad news day...
H was released this AM, he says he feels much better...not so much fatigue & even his feet feel better. :)
Bad news, he needs to have yet another procedure. This is to stop his heart from racing. The cardiologist was hoping one set of leads would do the trick...nope. :( He had a couple of episodes late last night/early this AM. He'll have it in about a month. They'll put in 2 more leads into another part of his heart.
Good news, I got quite a bit of rest yesterday & today in spite of H being in & out of the hospital.
Bad news, totally OFF program. :( No walk, poor eating, a little bit of H2O. Tomorrow will be better! I gotta get back on track ASAP or it'll just be harder to do.

Sorry this is short...I gotta get H settled in. He wants a shower/sponge bath & to be tucked into bed. Oh, to be a nurse.

:drill::drill::drill: BE HEALTHY! BE AWESOME! MAY EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT WEDNESDAY!!! GO!!! GO!!! GO!!! :drill::drill::drill:

03-05-2013, 11:36 PM
Being 48, I came over to find you girls. I have been following the Metabolic Research Clinic plan and did well for the first three weeks losing 17.5 lbs. However, I have been on a plateau for the past two weeks losing only .5 lbs. I hope my weight drops this week or I feel the need for a change as I will binge if I lose motivation. I know myself and I don't handle plateaus at all. I do try to exercise at least 3 days per week at the pool as I have a back injury that greatly limits me. I am even in an electric wheelchair if I have to walk very much. I do want to be healthy though so that is why I am trying to get these last 25.5 lbs off.

03-06-2013, 01:06 AM
Sprained my knee.
When I bend my leg, it hurts.
Howling Gigantic Curses hurts.
You forget these things when you're sleeping, ya know. Fun night for the TH. ha
Never had a knee sprain so a fun, new life experience for me!

900 calories so far today. Left work briefly 'bout 5:30 to get dinner. Been too busy to make my meals. Ended up at one of those bag-it-yourself grocery stores where all the men spit before they enter. Picked out a healthy looking turkey sandwich and took it back to work. When I checked the wrapping for calories, I noticed a misspelling...."Hoggie".....Crap!.....even my dinner is calling me names!

Well, I met my big deadline. phwhew! Ex...Hau...Sted. On to the next deadline. Work work work & stress stress stress. But hey! my complexion is good!

Go MrT! Go MrT! Go MrT!....Bionic Man!......another month!......Really??!!??......Really??!!??

My heart is broken for you NEmom. Hopefully the spring weather and spring sports will help lift your DS up. Does he have a pet?

Hey firegirl441 (Hot Chick!)! My plateau has been longer. Nya Nya Nya... Not a contest I want to win! Ugh. Let's keep pluggin' away and hopefully someone else will walk away with the trophy.

Oh Moondance, I LOVE Sweeney Todd! Only in the theatre, though. "What a day! What a day! For an auto-da-fe!" You must be some ballsy woman to take on the role of Ms. Lovett!

....well now I'm in the mood for meat pies....Niters all.....I need me some SLEEP....

03-06-2013, 10:12 AM

A. Off plan for a day like yesterday is ok! Give your self a break (which it sounds like you are doing). Rest is the key element for you both right now and everything else (except the WATER intake can wait)

B. If your past that part my quote for the day is....

"Its not about what I didn't do yesterday; its about what I will do today"

Good luck with everything. You know with these things there will be ups and downs until he starts healing and getting adapted. My thoughts are with you both.

03-06-2013, 10:15 AM
Looks like the weatherman got it right for once. Six plus inches. I got my snow day!!

03-06-2013, 10:36 AM

I was reminded, so profoundly, last night of "I AM”. For any of you that are familiar with this concept it’s printed on a bracelet that I had made for myself and wear everyday so that when I look at it can say “I AM" and follow it up with something positive. You know that the majority of our subconscious thoughts are negative. Something like 80% of the 1000’s of thoughts we have each day are not in line with what we really want in our lives. They are those thoughts that say “I am FAT”, “I am not worthy”, “I will never get a new job”, “no one will ever love me”, “so and so is so rude” or ugly or fat or mean or whatever…. on and on and on they go until we consciously put a stop to them. So I have believed and practiced the “I AM” concept for many years, however if we are being honest if I practiced it every day then I wouldn’t have to be reminded of it right? It’s funny how these things happen. I was speaking to a long lost friend (20 years ago we had science class together). He and I were talking about business ideas and at the end he mentioned the creative process and basically without sounding corny how thoughts and ideas manifest in your life when you least expect them. What is important is what you do with them. You know what else comes into your life when you least expect it? People who remind you of important things that you believe in. People who remind you that there are likeminded people all over the place and they are put in your path when you are ready. It reminded me that I AM the only person in charge of my thoughts, my beliefs, my practices and the direction of my life. So I went off to bed last night making a conscious effort to remind myself of the things I AM and the things I want in my life. When those moments of “that could never happen” started to rear their ugly heads I overrode them with another I AM thought. I slept peacefully for the first time in ages last night.

My challenge for you all today…. when a negative thought enters your mind replace it with an “I AM” thought. It can’t be “I WILL “or “I AM going to” … as these cancel the thoughts out as if they are not already a part of what you are. You have to act as if it is already here in your life today. Believe it, feel it, practice it and know it. Before you can imagine it will be.


03-06-2013, 01:02 PM
@Sep2012: Great idea with the "I am" - I accept your challenge. I agree with the 'inner meanie' being way to vocal. I've said it before - would you let someone else talk to you like that? Then why do it to yourself??
I also struggle with other people's negativity. I tend to internalize it and make it my own. So in the spirit: I am a positive person. I do not allow other people's unhappiness to become my own.

@MrsT: You are strong and aware and can do this - even if you stumble - you just pick yourself up and keep going. You are a true inspiration - your dedication and love of H is humbling.

@firegirl441 Welcome to the fold! Plateaus are inevitable but not necessarily a bad thing - it means your body is doing what it's supposed to - adapting to the change you subjected it to. Can you change what you are doing food wise since the exercise options are limited? Can you shadow box while sitting down? Maybe that would get your heart a pumping and burn calories?
I found this article on LiveStrong - maybe it can give you some ideas that won't hurt your back. It's for people that are in a wheelchair - but it would work for plain old sitting in a regular chair, too, I would think. Maybe help keep you out of the wc?

To all of you with daffs: BLEH, my grass is somewhere under all that snow. I hope. I planted a bunch of daffs and tulips in my front flowerbed last year. I'll probably see them sometime in mid/late April. Hey! That's only a month or so away! YIPPEEEE!

03-06-2013, 01:37 PM
Happy Wednesday! :D

Being a little more strict with myself really payed off yesterday. I was way under my calorie limit, which will help balance out the days I went over, so hopefully I'll see a loss by Monday.

LuvCats: I don't think I would go to a topless show either. :o I applaud your ability to keep the gambling loss to a minimum. I'm not a gambler myself but I know many have problems with it. I'm so sorry you got rear-ended! So many hit-and-runs these days. Too many people on the roads who shouldn't be. I'm glad you're getting treatment and hope it helps quickly. I didn't know that any state had health insurance tied in with auto insurance. Seems like a good idea. Congrats on your loss...you're going in the right direction!

Lisarsmiles: Do cockatiels do better in pairs? I don't know anything about keeping large birds. They have a pretty long life-span too, don't they? We have gardening stuff on the shelves too, but any real gardening won't happen for 2 more months around here. The rule of thumb is to not plant ANYTHING before Mother's Day. Newbies always learn the hard way.

sept2012: Kudos to you for putting on workout clothes instead of warm lounge-wear...unless you lounged in your workout clothes! Thank you for sharing your "I am" philosophy! I think women especially are prone to the negative self-talk and anything we can do to turn it around, the better. People say you create what you fear, and I think much of that comes from our own negativity. I will be making a concerted effort today to be aware and say I am!

kelijpa: The stupid daffodil won't make it to it's bloom stage I'm afraid...big snowstorm coming in this weekend. We always have a few bulbs that jump the gun, sprout too early, then are killed by the cold/snow. But the first crocuses always make me smile, no matter how dumb they are!

newleaf123: Hi! Hope you're having a great, on-plan day!

MrsTryingAgain: Sorry there is bad news associated with H's surgery. but at least you're headed in the right direction. And maybe they'll move his 2nd surgery up if he keeps having difficulties. Glad to hear he's feeling better! Also happy to know you were able to have nap time for yourself. One day off plan isn't going to permanently derail you, as long as you don't let it! You're determined and disciplined enough that I'm confident you're back on the right track today!

firegirl441: Welcome to our little corner of the boards! Please don't let a little plateau kill your plan. The weight isn't going to come off in a steady downward cycle. You'll go up, you'll stay the same, and you'll go down. As long as the overall trend is down, you're on track! Plus, with losing so much in the first few weeks, I'm not surprised your body is now holding on to all it thinks is dear. Even on "The Biggest Loser" the competitors slow down their loss after the first 2 or 3 weeks. Stick with it! Come here for support!

SeeMyFeet: Oh no! I've never sprained my knee, but it can't be any fun. So sorry! But you made me laugh, more than once! I often wonder about life's little serendipitous events and if it's really coincidence or if "someone" is trying to get a point across. Last week, I grabbed a Hershey's miniature chocolate bar from the bucket on the receptionists desk on my way out, knowing I shouldn't have it but thumbing my nose at the "shouldn't". I unwrap it going through the revolving door and promptly drop it on the sidewalk, in the pigeon poop. Clearly, I was not going to eat it now and I took it as a sign that I would NOT go back in for another. :chockiss: I have to thank your for your perception that it takes balls to play Mrs. Lovett. I have never thought of myself like that but since you said it, I'm going to use that as a way to bolster my confidence. I'm beside myself with desire to play the part (picture me standing here, rubbing my hands together, bounding on the balls of my feet) and preparations have started in earnest. Thank you! :hug:

ukemama: Yea for your snow day! Kids around here sleep with spoons under their pillows in a superstitious way to bring about a snow day. Rarely works. Hope you're enjoying the day!

2FatCats: Great suggestions to firegirl441! And yes, spring is just around the corner! Wow...I just noticed your "Days without Incident. AWESOME!!!

To anyone I may have missed...Have a GREAT day!

03-06-2013, 02:38 PM
Hi Everyone -
Still plugging away, and the scale is being my friend today. Of course, it may bounce back up tomorrow, and it seems to do that regularly. But for right now, I'm happy with it :)

Sept2012, I really liked your post about "I am". I'm going to try that exercise, and use it daily.

SeeMyFeet, your posts almost always make me laugh! I love your sense of humor :)

Moondance, I live at 8,500 feet, so our saying is "don't plant anything outside before Father's Day". Oh how I miss being able to see spring flowers before July!

Mrs.TryingAgain, you're still in my thoughts. Sorry to hear about your husband's need of yet another surgery. Hope his recovery from this one is smooth.

Welcome, Firegirl - to our 40-somethings group!

Off to go hit the treadmill now!

03-06-2013, 04:33 PM
Sept2012- what great thoughts you posted with your "I AM" concept. We will all be better people if we follow that day after day.

2FatCats- thanks for the link. I am going to follow some of those tips and I am assured it will help me.

Moondance- I finally broke the plateau. I weighed in at 186 today losing 4.5 lbs since last Thursday. I agree that my body was probably adjusting to the new me.

MrsTryingAgain- My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband as he recooperates.

LindaWW- glad to hear tyhe scale is heading in the right direction for you.

03-06-2013, 07:28 PM
SeeMyFeet As always, thanks for the laughs, "even my sandwich..." and poor Moondance in the pigeon poop...instant kharma...lol

03-07-2013, 08:13 AM
A lot of activity here the past couple days. When I hear about all the snow people are having elsewhere, I feel really lucky. I am originally from PA (near Philadelphia) but have lived down here for 7 years. It has not snowed since I've lived here-maybe flurries once. It snows here about once a decade. Northern AL does get some snow but nothing like y'all get up north or out west. I miss the change of seasons here sometimes. Especially the leaves in the fall.

My scale has been a little stuck but it isn't really a mystery. I've eaten too many calories the past few days-nothing unhealthy but too much. I was commenting last night that I'm not even craving sugar anymore but I don't need anyone waving it under my nose either.

Welcome firegirl. This is a great group.

My MIL was taken to the hospital this morning by ambulance. She has been sick off and on for a couple months. This is a difficult part of being this age. My mother passed away about 6 mo. ago and now we are watching my in-laws start to decline. We think are parents will always be with with us but they won't. DH already went to the hospital. I'll go over later after work.

Speaking of work, time to get this show on the road. Have a good Thurs. everyone.

03-07-2013, 09:12 AM
Petra65, I'm sorry for the loss of your mother. I hope MIL gets better soon. My mom has just started to take care of herself these last three years. She is a frustrating person when it comes to health. My mom enjoys being "sick" because of the attention she gets. It is insanely mind-boggling.

You know what I remember about my mom most of all when it came to health? For years and years she lived on Ayds diet candy (anyone remember that?) and vitamins. Really messed her up. I guess what's good about her whole way of managing her health, is that I learned what NOT to do!

Welcome firegirl. I think you will enjoy being here.

Moondance: Our kids do all kinds of crazy things to invoke a snow day. 1) Spoons under the pillows. 2)Flush an ice cube down the toilet at exactly 8PM. 3)Wear jammies inside out. 4) Some also wear jammies backwards and inside out 5) Do a dance in the kitchen - preferably after flushing the ice cube. We take no chances here in Ohio.

Happy day! My vertigo seems to be almost gone! I have had it since January 22. As soon as I have a day with no episodes, I am going to go back to yoga. I haven't even been able to go for a walk or ride a bike - it was THAT bad.

Long post today. Hope everyone has a fantastic day and stays on plan!

03-07-2013, 11:49 AM
Happy Thursday! :D

Yesterday was another good day, staying within my calorie limit and getting in my exercise! One of our cars broke down on the highway yesterday while DD#1 was driving home. DH had to go get her. It's our big suburban that we only drive in bad weather or to the mountains. We're expecting big snow on Saturday and will need this car and its unclear if it will be/can be fixed by then. Keep your fingers crossed for us! I won't be posting tomorrow, as I'm helping to chaperone a group of high school kids to University of Northern Colorado's Theater Day. We come right back and go right into preparations for the evening's performance. Gonna be a busy day!

LindaWW: That's a high elevation to be living. We lived in Conifer for a number of years and were at about 8000, so I feel your pain. I planted a lot of annuals, just so I'd have instant color and not have to wait for nature. Glad the scale is cooperating!

firegirl441: Yea! I'm so glad your plateau has broken! Happy dance for you! :carrot:

kelijpa: I call it good kharma...it kept me from eating the chocolate I didn't need!

petra65: Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your MIL! I hope she'll be ok. It's so difficult when we lose our loved-ones. My mom has been gone for 17 years and I still miss her daily. I envy you not having to shovel snow! I've been at it all my life and am ready to be done with it. Unfortunately, DH LOVES the snow and would never consider moving to a warmer climate. He'd go back to MI if I said yes, which I will never do. At least the sun shines in Colorado during the winter! Hang in there and keep an eye out for those sneaky calories!

ukemama: YIPEE! I'm so glad your vertigo is (almost?) gone! I can't imagine how difficult that would be to deal with. And you never found a cause? I only vaguely remember the Ayds candy. Never knew anyone who took them. I can only imagine what damage long term use could do! Hmmm...flush an ice cube down the toilet? I'll have to ask DD if she's heard of that one. It all makes me laugh. Other than praying, we didn't do any of this stuff as kids. We also rarely had snow days.

Anyone I missed: Stay on plan and have a GREAT day!!

03-07-2013, 12:16 PM
Lisarsmiles: Lol I hear you on how easy it is to get behind here. Great job making the healthy choices. Ha ha your cockatiels would drive my cats nuts.

Hang in there sept. Spring is coming! Great job to go jump into your workout instead of the warm clothes. Thanks for the "I AM" post. :)

Thinking warm thoughts for you too kelijpa.

I'm glad they are on top of things, MrsTryingAgain. Hang in there. I'm sure you'll get back OP soon (if not already).

Welcome, Firegirl. You can do it!

I'm sorry about your knee, SeeMyFeet. I can relate a little but it is my head/neck/back from getting rearended again. Oh well I'm not going to complain because although I've been hit about more time than I can count now each time everyone has walked away. I'm also NOT letting it stop me from staying OP and exercising. Good luck with your deadline. You can do it!

Yeah on the snowday ukemama. Lol I wish we had one!

Lol 2FatCats just send your snow to me. In 100% agreement on your "positive person" bit. I try very hard to be that myself.

Moondance: Yep here medical coverage (up to $10,000 pp I think) is mandatory as part of your auto insurance. I've used it a few too many times but then again I have to look at it as each time I've walked away. I think this is #6 or 7 over my adult lifetime. Only one time was ever called my fault and I question that but oh well. At least 5 of them we were rearended with zero ability to prevent what happened. Yay for yesterday paying off. I'm sure you will see results Monday! Enjoy theater day!

Yay on the happy scale LindaWW. Good job hitting the treadmill!

I hear you about not needing anyone waving sugar under my nose, Petra. Sorry to hear about your MIL. Hang in there.

Right now my head/neck actually feel a bit better. Granted it is mainly when I'm lying down they are bad but I think last night was a bit better. I guess 2 trips to the chiropractor have helped.

Have a great day everyone! Let's move! :carrot:

03-07-2013, 01:59 PM
Hi Everyone-
The scale's back up for me today - and I was good yesterday! But that doesn't seem to have much to do with it, it seems. I'll keep plugging away, and hopefully a downward trend will continue, even if the day to day fluctuations drive me crazy in the meantime!

Today is my husband's birthday, so we'll be going out for dinner to celebrate. I imagine he will choose Texas Roadhouse, as it's he and the kids' favorite. Pretty tough to find diet friendly food there, but I'll do my best! Tomorrow night, we were supposed to go with friends to the casino, but a big snowstorm that's in the forecast may cancel those plans. I just saw a winter storm watch for our area, forecasting one to two feet of snow! Oh well, we'll be hanging out around the fireplace - and I love that!

Moondance - We drove through Conifer last weekend, when we took the back roads home from Denver. That is a pretty area, on HW 67 between there and Woodland Park. I hope your vehicle is fixed quickly!

Ukemama - Sorry about the vertigo - I have a friend who deals with that, and I understand it's horrible. When it's bad, there's not much of anything you can do except lay in bed. Glad yours is better!

Petra - Sorry about your MIL. My parents are both in their 90's, and my dad has Alzheimer's. It's been a tough road for the last 10 years. You have my sympathy, and I can definitely relate.

To all the rest of you - I love reading all your posts. Stay positive today, and have a successful day!

03-07-2013, 03:53 PM
Healthy day yesterday. I'm also on track for today. I just got back from my walk. :) H says he feels really good today. He is still rest & recooperating, but he says he can feel a marked difference. WOO HOO!!!

LindaWW: Yes, it hard to eat healthy when you go out. Maybe ask for steamed veggies? Lots of places offer those. It can help.

LuvCats: Hope your neck is feeling better. Neck pain is no fun. Glad the chiropractor seems to be helping.

Moondance: Enjoy your day with the students! Hope they don't drive ya too crazy! :dizzy:

ukemama: Vertigo sounds scary. Hope it subsides & you are able to do all that you'd like to do.

petra: Sorry about the loss of your mom & now your MIL's health. Yeah, it's scary, sad & all the rest when loves ones get older & their health becomes an issue. Been there, done that. :hug::hug: I lost my dad 13 yrs ago this April. Mom is still healthy, but she has had her times. I always kinda worry about her. She's the only person in my family I actually talk to. And she's just flat out an awesome woman in my book. May she get well soon!!!

Okay, I gotta run. Everyone be healthy! Stay on program. Here's a few photos from my recent walks. Enjoy!!!


03-08-2013, 04:27 PM
LindaWW: You know that scales tell fibs, right? Mine tells some doozies, too! Sometimes she thinks she's a comedienne...flashes a number then at the last second settles up a half pound. She's the only one laughing at her jokes. Happy bday to hubby yesterday...mine loves TR, too, but I refuse to go there anymore because they refuse to post their nutritional info.

LuvCats: I like the snow here up to a certain point. One year we had 21 feet of snow for the season. Seriously. We measure by the foot, not inches.

Ooh! Phone just rang and I FINALLY have my surgery date! Back in January the gyno told me he would schedule an HTA but I haven't heard a thing. I called and left a msg yesterday - just in case they forgot me. Not sure if they did or what but my surgery is 28Mar. WooHoo! Now I have to go rearrange my workout schedule to minimize the effect. Sad, that's the first thing I thought of....

03-08-2013, 05:35 PM

I think the vertigo is gone! 45 days total. I'm so excited! I'm going to give it five full days and then get back into yoga. Happy dance!

03-09-2013, 03:43 AM
Weekend is here! Not that it makes much difference.

The knee sprain ain't so bad. First day was the worst. Walked around with one straight leg like Festus in Dodge City. Thought about going to work with a hip holster, cowboy hat, and spurs. Still being gentle with the leg.

Glad some of you find amusement in my posts. Hey, if you aren't laughing at yourself, you're likely the only one not laughing, right?. You guys tickle my funny bone, too. Ayds diet candy. Never heard of it, but Boy Howdy, what a poor choice of names for such a product! (ok ok it's an old product) And one of you got more than six inches. Congratulations! Spoons & toilets & ice cubes & pillows, and someone WANTs snow?!? That's crazy funny.

Hey 2FatCats....your scale is a girl? Mine's a boy and he tells the awful, naked truth. "Do I look fat in this?" "Why, yes you do." Not a very smart boy.

ukemamma: Vertigo for that long?!? Was it vertigo or dizziness? You're reducing and probably doing different things with your diet...think it could be too much copper or zinc? Hope you visited a good doctor.

Linda: lost my MIL to Alzheimers. Tough. Still miss her. Thought of her when I looked at MrsT's birds. She loved her birds at the feeder. and her flowers. Thanks for the pix, MsT. I really need to follow your example and get out more. All work and no play makes for a dull penguin.

Going to bed. Maybe my dreams will come true and I'll wake up skinny. And rich. And my house will be clean. ok, I'll just settle for skinny. Niters all.

03-09-2013, 08:16 AM
Got good news about my Dad yesterday. Things are looking up all around. He got approved for his post retirement insurance and its time to plan a trip to UCLA for a liver bypass. My mom sounds so relieved and he sounds so good better than any recent times I can remember. Thank the Lord above that is all moving in the right direction.

On another note the scale moved this morning. 270.7 from 272 yesterday so thats a plus too. Off to the gym for my 5 mile walk/run. Then off to a pre-spring (65 and sunny here today woo-hoo) BBQ. Love days like these. Makes you remember all of the things you should be happy for on a daily basis. Cherry Blossoms are blooming.... the sky is clear and the air is crisp and time is going to change tonight leaving behind a sneak preview of the long summer days that I LOVE so much!

Have a great weekend everyone - Cheerrs!(hahahaah not literally though for me until June. I decided to give my self a non drinking challenge until June 21st)


03-09-2013, 08:54 AM
SeemyFeet - totally vertigo. I got it when I went on a plane and then decided to go on Rock 'n' Rollercoaster at Disney 4-5 times in a row. I get it all the time now that I'm "older." Nothing I take cures it - just time and rest.

Funny story - the first time I got it, I nearly created a panic attack at the airport. I got off the plane and went to the restroom. Things started shaking and I screamed out, "EARTHQUAKE!" No kidding. Then I waited (under a doorway) with my eyes shut for the inevitable screaming and crashing. Well, it never happened. Completely embarrassing. Thankfully it was in New York, where no one knows me.

03-09-2013, 05:19 PM
......no luck....woke up....still fat......but my handsome Prince was next to me! so some dreams do come true....sigh...it took 4 years, grappling hooks, and 3" steel chains to catch that handsome prince...hope losing this weight doesn't take THAT much effort....

ukemama--I know :rofl: I shouldn't laugh :rofl: at your embarrassment :rofl: , but that is the FUNNIEST story!!! :rofl: Well, you lived through the humiliation and got a good story out of it! Imperfect moments make for good novels. Too funny! But you really should find the cause of your vertigo, don'tcha think?

Somehow, some way, I'm gonna make a good story out of this weight loss effort....."and she lived skinny-ly ever after..." following all those embarrassing stories related to being heavy. Lately, I've been inspired by the new clothing posts in other parts of the forum. I would soooo love to be in that zone of happy shopping, cute & fashionable clothing....sigh...Although, I must say, I'm famous for my closet. There was even a book written about it...perhaps you've read it. It's called "One Shade of Black".

My hula hoop is calling me...Gonna get more work done today, some housework and groc shopping. Then sit down and really focus on a new plan to really really relieve stress and really really really get this weight off. Good weekend to all!

03-09-2013, 08:26 PM
I feel like some small victories have been made today. First scale = good. Second decided to clean up around here and reorganize.... I undid all of the cables on my tv and rearranged... when I hooked it all back up was so pleased that the tv came on :) shortly after I realized something was terribly wrong. my screen looks like it has cracked somewhere. I can only see the top of the tv the bottom is black and there are lines running down the screen where the crack is... talk about stressful. that would have normally been a stressor for me..... I thought about saying F it and going out for the day doing whatever i wanted but then I feel like i reeled it back into perspective. I can look into repairs or buy a new one -buying a new one is not really in my budget but you gotta do what you gotta do. So stayed on plan but then decided to go to the movies. I made a CONSCIENCE decision before I left my house that I was not ordering a HUGE diet coke or a HUGE popcorn (of which even when I was not watching what I was eating, I would only eat 1/4 of anyway). Instead I bargained with myself and got the kids snack. It has just a small amount of popcorn and a small coke and little fruit jellies (which i threw away)... it was perfect. lasted me throughout the movie. went food shopping and did not buy anything off plan.... looked at TV's to see what i can afford and now I am at home relaxing with my half visible TV hahahaha its all good! its all in my control and i can do this!!!!

03-09-2013, 10:19 PM
Sept~ the kid snack is a great choice at the movies, if I remember I'm trying to be good I get that, just enough, doesn't break the bank, I'm still in sticker shock from last week's movie popcorn and soda...yeesh...

just wanted to pop in, no juicing last week, going to go back to 2 days instead of 3, had a good week except for TOM messing with my weigh-in, did my 4 miles today like a good girl.

SeeMyFeet~ thanks for the laughs :D

best to all :sunny:

03-09-2013, 10:22 PM
MrsTryingAgain~love the pics, you reminded me a red tailed hawk flew low in front of me on the rail trail the other day, it was awesome, I took it as a good omen. Hope your DH is doing well. :sunny:

03-10-2013, 12:46 AM
I know I've been a little scarce. I haven't gotten much exercise in, but my eating has been good. H2O has been good also.
Been busy taking care of H. He's doing really well! :) He doesn't feel as fatigued as he used to. He's still pretty sore, but he is slowly making more & more progress. I still have to help hm bathe, cook & such, but it's all good.

kelijpa: Thanks for the well wishes from you & all the rest the 40-something crew! I let him know that he has well-wishers from all over. I think it really helps.

ukemama: Glad the vertigo is on iit's way out! Glad you are able to hopefully get back into yoga soon. :crossed: Earthquake in NY? Hmmm..do they have active fault lines? ;) I can kid about that...I'm from CA & been through several. When I was a kid they had what was called a swarm of them one summer. Think the strongest was like a 4.6 or so. Actually haven't been in one in years. Great! Now, I've jinxed myself!!! :lol:

sept2012: I have a tv in the bedroom that the colors are all whack. It's one we've had for probably too long & through too many moves. I keep saying, "One day", but then something comes up. It's too bulky & heavy for me to move alone & H won't be able to help for at least another 3-4 months...after he gets his second set of leads in. Oh, well, it's just tv. We've got a great one in the living room & that's fine...but it's usually on H's shows. :p Love the news about your dad! I keep him in my thoughts & prayers. If you are half as crazy about your dad as I still am about mine...it's rough. :hug::hug:

SeeMyFeet: Prince Charmings make it all worthwhile, huh? Love us in spite (or maybe it's because of) our imperfections. Make us laugh & feel loved. Not too shabby in my book. I just have a hard time remembering not to hug H too hard or massage his shoulders. Done it a few times the last few days & he's yelped like a little puppy. Oooops! :o Yes, being able to laugh at one's self is sooo important. Life is too short to take too seriously. My grandma said was one of the keys to her & grandpa being married for 72 years. Cause if you don't laugh, you may end up crying or going completely bonkers! I know what you mean about Alzheimers. My paternal grandma suffered for nearly a decade with it. And now it looks like my mom's sister has it...the signs are there. :(

Off to bathing patrol. Be healthy! Set your clocks ahead...if your area does that! Spring is nearly here! More laters!

03-10-2013, 07:58 AM
Sorry I've been MIA for a few days. Things were worse with my MIL than expected. She ended up in the I CU on a ventilator by Thurs afternoon and that's where she has been ever since. They are going to try to wean her off this the ventilator this morning. Needless to say, I've been at the hospital when I'm not at work the past few days. Eating has been pretty good despite having to eat out more than I would like, but it has totally derailed my exercise program for the time being. I am looking forward to life returning to normal here in the next few days.

As luck would have it, I had to work this weekend. Fortunately, I don't work many weekends at my current job but this one was my turn and this coming week I'm covering for someone on vacation so i won't be doing my usual job. Hopefully MIL will turn the corner and things will start looking better.

03-10-2013, 03:58 PM
Gawww!!!!!......I am so sick of me I could slap myself. "I have asthma. I have a knee sprain. I'm stressed...." When did I become such a BF WHIIIINNNER????? Ladies, I am NOT a whiner. I am a strong, determined, intelligent woman, and I am going to figure this out and stick with a plan! I am going to lose this weight!!!! I am going to get stronger!!!!! I'm going to turn my life around! I'm not stressed....I'm living a busy, fulfilled life. This is not FAT, this is stored, potential energy. I've been saving it up, and now I'm going to use it all up in a dramatic metamorphosis!!! LOOK OUT WORLD! HERE I COME!!!!! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

03-10-2013, 04:00 PM
Oh Great!....Now I have that chant from Horton Hears a Who going through my head..."Boil that Dust Speck! Boil that Dust Speck!" I'll have to change the words to "Burn those Fat Cells! Burn those Fat Cells!"

03-10-2013, 10:59 PM
Kewl news...H & I just got back from a walk! He felt up to it! We didn't go really fast nor far, but he felt up to it & did really, really well!! I'm so happy!!! :cp:
It's crazy though, he was saying how he wasn't sure he wanted to have the other procedure. Riiiiight...over my dead body! He said it's too painful. I told him: it's not an option not to have it & to give it time! He had the surgery a week ago tomorrow!! ARGH!! :tantrum: If he wasn't recooperating I'd probably :rollpin::frypan::kickbutt: AND MORE!!!

petra: Sorry about your MIL. :hug: It's sooo rough when loved ones are struggling with their health. My thoughts & prayers.

SeeMyFeet: We all whine sometimes. You can do this! But also take care of yourself! Asthma is nothing to mess with (I'm a borderline asmatic) & soft tissue injuries like sprains can easily be aggrivated. Be kind to yourself, whine for awhile if need be, then get back at it! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! :cheer2::cheer3:

Well, better get dinner started. BE HEALTHY! HAVE A GREAT WEEK! GO!!! GO!!! GO!!!

03-11-2013, 09:11 AM
Nearly spit my coffee out on the computer over the "Boil that Dust Speck!" line, SeeMyFeet! I sure needed a laugh today!

Thoughts and prayers with your MIL, petra.

I have such a crazy week. DS is making his Confirmation on Friday night and we are hosting 20+ people. I'm putting in extra hours this week at work and each kid has 1-2 activities EVERY night this week. On the bright side, hopefully I will be so busy that I will forget about eating. ;)

03-11-2013, 12:53 PM
Happy Monday! :D

I survived the field trip with the kids. Actually, it was a lot of fun. I was a student at the university we went to (eons ago) so it was fun to visit campus again. The crazy thing is I remembered almost none of it. How can it be that I don’t remember details about a place I spent two years at? Couldn't have anything to do with all the partying, could it? :cheers::hat: The group of kids I was with contained more than half of the cast of the musical DD#2 is in. At lunch time, we got word that the school district was cancelling all school activities on Saturday in anticipation of the big blizzard that was coming. That meant we had to cancel 2 shows. Not only will this be financially devastating, but the kids then miss out on two performances. We spend the rest of the day figuring out how to re-coup our losses, how to get Saturday ticket holders to come to Friday night’s show and can we add a Monday show. It was crazy. Then on Saturday, the storm didn’t materialize as advertised. We for sure could have done the matinee and probably the night show too. Stupid school district won’t cancel or delay school during the week but sure were quick to cancel weekend activities.

Eating wise, I did ok on Saturday, but yesterday was a complete wash. I ate too much sugary junk in my effort to avoid working around the house. An interesting side note, I had a dream about coming into a room that was filled with candy and junk. My friend was there, inviting me to join her. My first thought was “why not…I’ve already ruined my day with bad eating”. Then a different thought popped into my head “just because you ate too much earlier doesn’t mean the day is wasted. You can stop now!” and I did. That is a whole new mind-set for me!! I love that I dreamed it too!

LuvCats: How’s your head and neck feeling? Are you improving?

LindaWW: How’d you do with DH’s birthday dinner? Did you get much snow from Saturday’s storm? Sounds like you’re just southwest of me as the crow flies…I’m in Larkspur.

MrsTryingAgain: Sounds like H is making great strides! Love the pictures…keep them coming!

2FatCats: What’s an HTA? I don’t think it’s sad that the first thing you thought of was your workout schedule. It’s an important part of your lifestyle now. For the first time ever, I would do the same.

Ukemama: WooHoo on the vertigo being gone!!! OMG, that earthquate story is a riot! Luckily, being in New York you probably didn’t even turn a head. Good luck with the party on Friday.

SeeMyFeet: You do make us laugh! You do know that you can divorce the scale if he isn’t treating you right. But hey, at least some of your dreams have come true. A handsome Prince is nothing to sneeze at. Did you come up with a new plan? When have you been whining? I haven’t noticed it. Maybe I’m around too many whiners at work and it's become the norm...

Sept2012: Great news about your Dad!!! And great news about the scale movement too! How hard is the non-drinking challenge for you? Good luck!! Cherry Blossoms already? Dang. My aunts and I are traveling to your neck of the woods in about 3 weeks. They asked me to join them on one of their trips. I said yes, don’t care where, because they’re so much fun to be around! We’re going to Savannah, with our last night in Atlanta. Anything you can recommend we do? Sorry about the broken TV. At least you don’t have to look at all the advertising they do at the bottom of every show now. Good job on the movie popcorn.

Kelijpa: Wishing the best to you too. Good job on the 4 miles!!

Petra65: So sorry about your MIL. I sincerely hope she’s doing better and they successfully got her off the ventilator. Too bad you’re having to work so much right now. That’s a lot of stress for one person. Take care of yourself!

To anyone I missed...have a great, on-plan day!!

03-11-2013, 02:15 PM
@Moondance HTA= Hydro-Thermal Ablation. Hot saline rinse to destroy the endometrial lining of the uterus. I'm perimenopausal and all kinds of girlie issues. Hopefully this works...next option is a hysterectomy. *gulp*

Hope everyone is well. I caught my husband's cooties. I've had a cough and stuffy nose all weekend. I did replant my seedlings into bigger peat pots and started some new seeds as well. Somehow I ended up with a ton of tomatoes. And peppers. And basil. And squash. My guest bedoom faces South so it is covered in plants right now. My eyes are always bigger than my garden. Guess I'll give baby plants away to my neighbors!

Ugh, can't stop coughing. Time to find a cough drop - have a great day!

03-11-2013, 02:59 PM
Good afternoon wonderful ladies. Thank you for all your positive caring thoughts about my son. Last week was an absolute nightmare. We did end up having to put my son in the hospital for 4 days. He actually asked for help on Monday, which was a good thing. They did put him on medication for his depression. It is actually the same medication I take. Until last week, I did not realize that depression/anxiety can be hereditary. My poor kids, I have been on meds forever. Luckily, he seems to be doing much better. Today was his first day back to school and while I know he was anxious about all the questions, he was ready to go back and get back to track practice. He will have follow up counseling. Hoping we are on the right track.
Needless to say, last week was not a good food/exercise week for me. I did not even venture on the scale this morning to see how bad it is. I did press the restart button this morning. Back to doing the C25K program and healthy eating. I will weigh on Friday and see where I am.

Have a wonderful day all!!!

03-12-2013, 12:46 AM
Good Evening....Ladies who live in my Computer,

Aw NEmom...I'm sooo sad to hear about your DS. Our boys are about the same age. We worried about ours a few years ago...an all-consuming worry that only a mom can understand. How can you be patient when you realize that some booboos cannot be kissed away? I wish for your son Sunshine, Exercise, Good nutrition, and lots of interest from a really hot girl or three. Or a great, new friend. SOMEthing that will help him and help you get through this.

And petra for the long nights in the hospital. Strength and finding the deeper meaning of life. Sigh. Getting old is not for the weak.

2FatCats--that procedure sounds like a misogynist's dream. Hope your doctor is a woman! "Cooties!" haha

1800 cals yesterday, 1100 today, so far. I WAS A VERY GOOD PENGUIN YESTERDAY! Told TH that I wanted to go to the track, without checking the weather first, and he made it happen for the whole family. Brrrrr...walked over a mile in sleet and snow. 20 min on the track and 45 min gasping for air. TH doesn't know what asthma is; thought I was THAT out of shape. menacing growl And hula hoop. Knee still hurts like hades when I bend it.

Weird mood this morn...Thanks, hormones!... I was the last to leave the house...all bundled up...I walked around with that feeling you get when you're checking over the hotel room after a vacation, or when the last box walked out of your apartment before a move...nostalgic, sad, memories left behind and all the undone things......

Then, for unknown reasons, on the drive in, I recalled a work acquaintance from a former life. You ever met someone whose thought processes are so different from your own, you become fascinated and addicted to watching her life..like a TV show? She was one. Every man was AFTER her...Interested in her..."Oh! Bill Gates will be speaking at the next convention!" "I met him at the last one; he pinched me on the a$$." These inner thoughts of hers were uttered with truth and sincerity and just dripped out in every conversation in the strangest ways. (A good example of thought becoming reality, as several marriages broke up during the 4 years I worked there!)....so today I thought I would BE her....Yep....I'm tired of the self-analysis and inferiority....just want to be delusionally self confident, for once....in the elevator: "he WANTS me!"...on the sidewalk: "she wants me so bad she cannot look at me"...in communication with the co-worker who became bizarrely angry with me for illogical reasons: "he's angry because he WANTS me and cannot have me!" Must've put a swish in my step because lots of strangers gave me friendly hellos for no reason. Definitely helped in dealings with difficult people. I'm doin' it again tomorrow.

Skinny and delusional. My new twin goals.

03-12-2013, 11:09 AM
Still plugging away here....didn't do so well for DH's birthday dinner - had to big a dinner, then a slice of ice cream cake to top it off. That kind of started a whole landslide of wine over the weekend, and a 2 day hiatus from exercising. I think I was having a little temper tantrum because the scale hadn't moved down. Anyway - Monday morning I was back on track, and starting over. Decided to start splitting my exercise into 2 half hour segments. It seems more do-able that way, so we'll see how it goes.

Ukemama - your earthquake story was hilarious! I can imagine you were scared, but man, was that funny!

Seemyfeet - Skinny and delusional - I love it! Whatever works, I say!

Sept2012 - Ugh about your TV. My mom's tv is old, and has stripes across the top and bottom of her screen when she watches it. It drives me crazy, but she says at her age she's not buying another TV. She's 88 though - I think you'd better start saving for a new one!

MrsTryingAgain - Glad you hear you and DH were able to get out and go for a walk. I'm sure as soon as some of the pain from his surgery passes, he'll be ready to go back again. I can imagine that right now that would be the last thing he's want to think about! Hope he's feeling a little better every day.

Moondance - Sorry about the cancellation of the kids' performance. That stinks that it was cancelled and then the weather turned out ok. We got about 6 inches, and some wind - not as bad as forecast here either.

NEMom - My heart hurts for you and your son. Good for you for doing what needs to be done, and getting him the help he needs. I pray things turn around for him, and he's able to feel better about life soon. Thank goodness there are medicines for things like that. Can you imagine if there weren't?

Hope you're all having a successful week!

03-12-2013, 12:06 PM
I hear on how hard it is to eat at places like Texas Roadhouse, Linda. I would assume it is like many steak places anyway. Tonight DH and I are going to go out to dinner--definitely not in my normal scheme of things lately. I'm torn between Red Lobster where I don't like the bread (but the breaded shrimp would more than make up for it) and the Roadhouse (I love the bread w/honey butter but I'd probably have a small steak and a sweet potato). Lol I will try to eat very few points the rest of the day though. Good job getting back on track Monday. That is 95% of it I think--let ourselves enjoy the celebration without restriction (save listening to a full tummy hopefully) but then to get back to the healthy eating after the celebration is done.

Thanks MrsTryingAgain. It is relatively mild this time in the grand scheme of things. It is nice to get back to the chiropractor though. I think I may try to keep going about once ever 6 weeks or so even when I'm done from the accident. Yay on H feeling a difference! That is terrific! I hope things keep improving.

WOW 2FatCats I don't know that Oregon has EVER had 21 feet of snow for the season (save the ski areas). I'm glad to hear your surgery is scheduled. It is amazing how fast they get you in once they get it scheduled, huh? Good for you to think about figuring out your exercise schedule around the surgery.

Yeah on no vertigo Ukemama! Lol your airport story is funny!

SeeMyFeet you cracked my up with your thoughts of dressing up to fit in Dodge City! Hope your knee is getting better. Here's to going to bed and waking up skinny! (Good golly if you could choose just one of skinny, rich, or a clean house that would be a hard choice! Darn too bad I can't get one by wishing!)

Glad to hear the good news for your Dad Sept. WTG for you on the no drink challenge. Hope the scale becomes cooperative for you soon. Keep up the good work!

I'm still shocked... the scale (and yes I actually remembered before food) showed my down 7#. I don't think I lost that much in week 1. Go figure. Going to take it and run though, lol.

Have a great week everyone! Keep up the hard work! :carrot:

03-12-2013, 01:51 PM
Trying to catch up on all the posts as I'm very new here. So many wonderful women on here, all doing a great job of losing that weight!

I kept reading about eating out at Outback Steakhouse and it made me want to eat. Luckily I had went to the store this morning and bought some steaks for dinner. The package was only 3/4 lb and had three steaks in it...so if I eat the smallest one I know it will be no more than 4 oz. Gonna have a baked potato and veggies to round out the meal. Forget Outback...I'm doing my own, LOL

Glad to read all the wonderful, funny stories, and sorry to read all the challenges people are going through with family. I know that my family is what keeps me going...from a special needs son who needs me, to a mom, sister and daughter who all help me raise him.

And now I know that if I ever go into an airport and there is a woman in the bathroom screaming "EARTHQUAKE!" that it's just Ukemama.


03-12-2013, 02:05 PM
Happy Tuesday! :D

I'm beginning to get very frustrated. I re-started this weightloss plan on Jan 6. In all this time, I've only lost 9 pounds. WTF? One contributing factor may be the new diagnosis of Crohn's and meds I'm taking for that. But I'm also exercising more than I ever have before. Overall, I've been within my calorie limit. Can the meds really be affecting my loss that much? There's nothing in the literature that comes with it about weight (loss or gain). ARGH! Last time I did this, I'd lost 15 pounds by now, which is enough to make a difference in clothing fit, which in turn helps with motivation and self-confidence. ARGH again. I'm not going to give up, but I'm losing faith in my ability to reach goal and stay there. When progress is so slow, how do you stay motivated???

LuvCats: Mmmm...Red Lobster. I haven't been there in years. Is there anything relatively low calorie on their menu? Seems like everything is either breaded and fried or drowning in butter. Mmmm!! :hungry: Congrats on 7 lbs! That's huge!!

LindaWW: Great job getting back on track!

SeeMyFeet: WTG walking in the cold! Nothing is standing in your way, except may hula hoops and asthma. I'm a firm believer in how your thinking can get you what you want. Positive people have positive, good things happen to them. Negative people have bad and negative things happen to them (and they always seem to wonder why). If you're thinking sexy and confident, then others will see you that way too!

NEMom: Thank goodness for those meds! I'm glad they seem to be working for your son. How did his first day back go? And good for you for getting right back on track! Just a short diversion, right?

2FatCats: Oh, I hope the HTA works for you. It doesn't sound like fun, but neither does a hysterectomy. Last night DD#2 was complaining about cramps. "How come mother nature has to punish you for not being pregnant? Can't she just send a text and say, Nope, all clear?" Made me laugh! Sorry you caught the cooties! Your pre-gardening plants sound awesome! I can't plant that kind of thing outdoors easily. What the deer don't eat, the rabbits and squirrels do.

Hope everyone else is have a great, on-plan day!

03-12-2013, 06:21 PM
LindaWW - I hear you with the birthday celebrations. This weekend was DH and DD's. Cake, torte, lasagna, bread, wine - all there to tempt me. Thank heavens for Mondays and the ability to start over.

NEmom - glad that DS is getting care and meds. I worked in the mental health field for years and it is tough to see your loved one go through this. It sounds like you are doing the best you can. Keep it up and keep the faith.

SeeMyFeet - Why do I get the feeling that going out to a bar with you would be one of the most entertaining nights I've had in my life???

Weigh in tomorrow. I think it's not going to be a good day. Despite being so controlled and everything else, I don't look or feel any different.

03-13-2013, 03:49 AM
Moon dance- Don't know what you are taking for your Crohn's disease but if it includes a steroid it can definitely affect your weight that much. Also. If you are close to menopause......

NEMom- glad to hear your son is better


MIL got off the ventilator yesterday so lots of rejoicing down here! However, hanging out in a hospital in your spare time is not good for your health. I now seem to have some kind of URI and it seems various members of the family are getting sick as well. I've done pretty well with food but still haven't gotten back to my regular exercise yet. I'm hoping this weekend will give me a chance to get back on track with that. I've managed to lose another lb. so I guess it's all good.

03-13-2013, 07:47 AM
moondance honestly, 9 pounds in 2+ months sounds good. Unless your "last time" was in the last year or two, I don't think you can really compare as you get older :hug:

03-13-2013, 12:17 PM
@Moondance Reminds me something a wise woman once said:

NewLeaf from the St. P challenge:

I had an epiphany last night, thinking about losing a pound a month. I realized that A) that still gets me to my goal and more importantly B) what difference does it make, getting there in 2 months or 12 months? I'm planning on maintaining this loss for the next 50 years, or 600 months. These next few months are just a blip on that timeline... so, relax...

@Petra Glad the MIL is showing signs of improvement! Boo Hiss to the hospital cooties!

@Trukmek:welcome3: Sounds like you have a great support network!

@NEMom You are a strong, capable woman and you can do this - you are doing it! You can take care of your son and yourself (and everyone else, too, I'll bet!) :cheer2:

@LuvCats Surprise - it's snowing again. I went to college in Oregon - Go Ducks! Sigh. Ducks? Beavers?? My Mom lived in Corvallis and I was in Eugene. I remember everyone putting chains on their tires when it snowed. Moving from S. Texas -Oregon was quite a shock.
Both my daughters were born in Eugene, too. The oldest during the one and only lightning storm that I saw . . . . Funny - I remember the day I came home from the hospital I weighed a whopping 158lbs (was 120 prior) and feeling FAT. If I only knew....

@SeeMyFeet Nope. It's a guy. At least it's an old guy. Not a young hot one . . . . Funny story - when I joined the Army you go through MEPS and get a physical with everyone - you're just herded through like cattle. The gyn there was an old, old man with shaking hands. As I laid there with only my dignity and a paper screen separating me from the rest of the herd, he says,"My, you're tan all over". Mortified. Never got in a tanning bed again.

To any/all I missed: Happy 3-13-13!

03-13-2013, 12:19 PM
Tip of the Day

Always double check to ensure that you grab the people toothpaste and not the poultry-flavored dog toothpaste when you brush your teeth before bed.

03-13-2013, 01:28 PM
Hi everyone. I am new to the boards and attempting weight loss. I have been slowly gaining over the past 6 years. I am 48 yrs old and really want to lose at least 30 lbs if not more. I'm not sure what my body is going through that made me gain 50 lbs, but I know there are a lot of factors. I've had 3 types of cancer and one was thyroid cancer so they removed my thyroid. I still managed to keep my weight to about 135 which was okay, but my last cancer with chemo and radiation changed my body tremendously. The weight started packing on, my blood pressure/cholesterol was an issue for the first time and my gyn said I was starting pre-menopause. Yea, for triple whammie.
Someone even asked me when I was due (as in pregnant). Although she was mortified for asking, I was crushed. I don't even recognize myself in photos any more and that needs to change.

I started on 3/3 cutting out desserts, chips and other carbs. I have added a big increase in vegetables, 64 oz. of water and shakes every morning. Our dinners have been much healthier and my hubby has started doing his own regimen. I have lost almost 3 lbs in the last week and I have been keeping a blog along the way, but I can't post that until I've been a member longer.

It is encouraging to read other 40+ women discussing their weight loss as well and I look forward to reading about your successes.

03-13-2013, 01:28 PM
Moondance, if you are working out more this time than you did last time, could it be that you are not losing weight as fast because you are gaining muscle?

I totally understand the frustration of meds that can cause weight gain. I had lost about 60 lbs (slowly), then when I got sick I quit losing. As my doctor increased my meds, I would gain weight faster and faster. Luckily I finally stopped gaining, but losing it again has been a challenge. I belong to a support group where many others have said they've gained weight as well, so we are assuming it is definitely meds related...despite what the doctors all say.

Thank you for the warm welcomes, this looks like a great group.

OK, Happy Wednesday everyone! Not much happening today. I think I've figured out why I've been extremely tired this last month. Was thinking that it was work related as they switched me to swing shift. But was reading about a medication I had started right after changing to swing...and it causes insomnia. I'm now wondering if it's not keeping me awake, but maybe not letting me get the deep sleep I need to get fully rested? I already use a CPAP, so know it's not sleep apnea. Still, got 9 hours last night and it wasn't enough. I keep hoping my doc will limit me so much at work that they finally give in and give me a desk job, in hopes that I won't get so tired from being so physical. Day time would be a nice time to work again, too...have to admit.

Time to go take a nap, then off to work...oh what fun!


03-13-2013, 01:52 PM
I am trying to learn to navigate the website so I will return more often to keep myself motivated. I am a 40 something and I have started a weight loss plan similar to Jenny Graig. My husband is out of town and i am really struggling to do this with out him. I will put my tracker on here if i can figure it out. Any encouraging words would be helpful.

03-13-2013, 02:10 PM
Happy Wednesday! :D

I'm totally PMSing, so my mood is all over the place. Think I'll refrain from talking to too many people so as to not burn the wrong bridge. Who has chocolate...

ukemama: Hope you're having a good day and that you were able to re-start on Monday.

petra65: Luckily it's not a steroid, it's a maintenance drug. But I think it's what's slowing things down. Anyway, so glad to hear your MIL is off the ventilator. You know, I think every hospital should have a workout room for patient visitors. Hospitals are stressful places and what better way to relieve the stress! Hope you're able to get back to your routine soon.

newleaf123: I lost 15 pounds in the same amount of time in the fall of 2011, so 1.5 years ago. It came of pretty fast at first, which is what kept me going through the holidays.

2FatCats: OMG! How can you leave us hanging like that? Tell me you didn't...:fr: That's a great quote. It's absolutely true too. I have no intentions of stopping what I'm doing, but have added incentive to be a few pounds lighter by May 12. But I've resigned myself that it will be what it is on that day. All I can do is stick to plan! I totally relate to looking back and saying "if I only knew". I weight 145 on my wedding day and felt fat. If I only knew... LOL...Tan all over! :o Mortifying!

bbrides: Welcome to our group! :welcome2: You are one amazing woman to have been through so much! I hope you don't let that woman's pregnancy comment get you down too much. People say the stupidest things! This is just one more challenge in your life to overcome and I have confidence you can do it!

trukmek: Welcome to our group too! :welcome2: I am working out more, but so far I've only been doing cardio so I'm not gaining that much muscle. While I'm grateful for all the medical advances out there, some meds have so many side-effects, it makes you wonder if the original problem is easier to deal with than the side effects. Jeff Foxworthy has a great bit about this. It's hilarious! http://www.youtube.comwatch?v=eSdNMRtvq5g (we were at this show when they taped it in Denver).

03-13-2013, 03:02 PM
2fatCats Too funny re: toothpaste!

NE Mom I'm so glad your son is getting help :hug:

Sorry I cant post personals to everyone... but know that I am thinking of you and draw strength from everyone's ongoing efforts.

03-14-2013, 08:29 AM
Brides-welcome. It sounds like you are off to a great start. You have overcome a lot already.

Karen1968-welcome. You can't post a ticker until you have been here a certain amount of time and made a certain number of posts. This is a great group.

Moon dance- my advice about meds: all meds are poison, some just have beneficial side effects. A work out room at the hospital would be awesome- or yoga classes, LOL

Someone asked about a week ago about setting goals and I had commented that I don't do this- at least not pound#goals because I don't find it helpful. If the goal is to change your lifestyle permanently then how fast you get to a certain # really doesn't have much significance. Personally, I know my biggest obstacle is sugar-I can't eat it in a controlled fashion so every day I go without it goes in the win column.

This week has been very challenging. I'm glad it's almost over! Hope everyone has a great Thursday.

03-14-2013, 09:01 AM
Good afternoon wonderful ladies. Thank you for all your positive caring thoughts about my son. Last week was an absolute nightmare. We did end up having to put my son in the hospital for 4 days. He actually asked for help on Monday, which was a good thing. They did put him on medication for his depression. It is actually the same medication I take. Until last week, I did not realize that depression/anxiety can be hereditary. My poor kids, I have been on meds forever. Luckily, he seems to be doing much better. Today was his first day back to school and while I know he was anxious about all the questions, he was ready to go back and get back to track practice. He will have follow up counseling. Hoping we are on the right track.
Needless to say, last week was not a good food/exercise week for me. I did not even venture on the scale this morning to see how bad it is. I did press the restart button this morning. Back to doing the C25K program and healthy eating. I will weigh on Friday and see where I am.

Have a wonderful day all!!!

NEMom, I have a daughter in about the same boat; a psychiatrist has suggested Cipralex and we are going there next tuesday to discuss it. It all feels a bit overwhelming at the moment so I can imagine what you are going through. All the best to your son.

It's made me even more determined to do what I can to stay healthy. It's pretty clear that comfort eating is not my friend. I need to stay strong and healthy for everyone's sake.

2FatCats- Poultry flavored toothpaste :lol:

Everybody else- hang in there and remember the goal: a healthier, happier life.

03-14-2013, 09:24 AM
I really need to not drink my coffee as I check out the boards. Poultry flavored toothpaste?!?! I am going to trash my computer on of these days from snorting out my coffee in laughter!

Welcome new people! I hope you find some cyber support here, like I have! It seems like so many of us are dealing with thyroid or other hormone issues.

Bad weigh in on Wednesday. No loss, no gain after a solid month. I have been so good. I can't believe that ONE day of having two glasses of wine and a small piece of cake could have impacted me. I'm eating 1100-1200 calories a day. Oodles of protein and low-glycemic veggies. Doing my yoga. I don't get it. Oh, and I'm STILL nowhere near ketosis - as it was suggested I should be.

This is what makes me want to throw in the towel. No results. I've been doing a great job and to have nothing to show frustrates me. :'(

03-14-2013, 10:47 AM
Ukemama: don't give up yet...give it more time. We all hit plateaus from time to time. I know it's frustrating, but not as frustrating as giving up will be.

NEmom and MagicSusan: I have a son who is similar to your kids. He's only 11, so haven't hit puberty yet, but when it gets here I know he will be a challenge! His Pdoc already talked to me about hospitalization, but he hasn't gotten that bad yet. Still, I know that chances are, some day he will need it too. I'm just glad that we have hospitals to help our children when they are beyond our help.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thursday today while we work on loving ourselves more. (That is how I see it anyway...loving myself enough to NOT eat that donut!)


03-14-2013, 10:48 AM
BBrides - Welcome to our little group here at 3fatchicks. Wow lady you sure have been through a lot!! Surviving three types of cancer - all I can say is WOW! If you can do that you can certainly succeed at this weightloss thing.

Karen1986 - Welcome to our group! The more the merrier!!

Moondance-I too am losing so slowly this time around too, although, I would jump for joy if I lost 9lbs in 2 months but I do know how frustrating it can be to feel like you are working hard and not seeing the results you want. Keep moving forward hun!

Petra65- I am sorry you are having a rough week. Thank goodness it is Thursday and the week is almost over! Glad your MIL is doing better.

MrsTrying- I am happy to hear that your hubby is feeling better!!!

Ukemama-Oh boy, I can soooo relate to no loss on the scale. I am there with you and I do not know why. Am I perfect everyday, No but at least 90% of the time I keep my calories between 1200-1300 and I exercise at least 40 minutes 5 times a week. Sill, no loss or maybe a lb a month if I am lucky. I keep trying and you have to too!

MagicSusan-My heart goes out to with the problems you are having with your Daughter. It is so hard to see our children hurting and not being able to fix it. I do not know what Ciprex is but if you and the doctor think it will help your daughter, give it a try. If you ever want to share privately, please send me a message, I know how hard this path is to travel. Wishing you and your daughter all the best.

Thank you all for your well wishes regarding my son. He is doing better. Going back to school has gone well. From what he says, the kids have been supportive and so have his teachers and coaches. He had an appt with his counselor this week and medical doctor. He will see his counselor once a week for a while but we don't have to go back to the medical doctor for about 3 months. I will share that after his counseling appt on Tuesday, we were driving home and out of the blue he turned to me and said I was an awesome mom. Melted my heart. I love that kid.

Food wise this week has been good. Exercise has been good. I did 20 min on the elliptical this morning and 20 kettle bell exercises. I am afraid that I will not be able to walk by the end of the day, those kettle bell workouts kick my rear end. I am going to weigh tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for at least a small loss.

Happy Thursday all!!! Hope you have a great day!

03-14-2013, 11:48 AM
Happy Thursday! :D

Last work day of the week! We work a 9/80 schedule, which means we work 80 hours in 9 days and get the 10th day off (every-other Friday). So glad too, as it's been a heck of a week at work and activities every evening. But really, life is good, I'm so blessed and I try to recognize that every day.

Karen1968: Welcome to the group! We have a great group of people here, each with their own brand of wisdom. Will your DH be gone long? You can do it!

newleaf123: Hope you're having a great day!

petra65: How is your battle against sugar going? I believe I am a true addict. I can't go without it for even a day. I get addict-like behavior if I don't get it--shop, bake, borrow, even steal from kids supply, etc. It's awful. Did you do a cold-turkey kind of thing?

Magicsusan: No comfort eating today, you hear? lol Hope you're having a great day!

ukemama: I'm so sorry things aren't moving for you!! I agree that a couple of glasses of wine and a slice of cake isn't what's keeping the weight on. Whatever you do, don't give up!!

trukmek: I like your outlook...loving yourself enough to NOT eat that (whatever that is). Thanks for that!

NEMom: Yes, we just keep moving forward. It isn't a race, that's for sure, but it can be hard to find motivation when the real reward is so slow in coming. Thanks for the encouragement. You keep hanging in there too. How's your...what is it, the C25K or something...training going? Still doing it? Sounds like you have a great son. How awesome that he verbalized to you how he feels about you! My heart melts too every time one of my girls tells me how much they love me.

To all those I missed, have a great, on-plan day! :carrot:

03-15-2013, 09:33 AM
Hi everyone...just popping in to see how everyone is doing. I've been struggling with my weight more than ever but seem to have gotten it together somewhat the past few days.....hoping I can get through the following months okay...I've been very very anxious about trial coming up for divorce and custody. I have to stop turning to food though, because at the end of all this I'll be even more unhappy......seems like others have some grown up problems too..praying for everyone here.....

03-15-2013, 10:19 AM
MoonDance - wow, not sure I could work the hours you do. It would be nice to have a 3 day weekend every month but I think those hours and shift changes would do me in. My DH works 3rd shift and I know that kindof stinks for him but it is what it is.

Zumba - So glad to see you. I am sorry you are struggling but give yourself some credit and love, you are going through some really rough personal times right now. Don't give up, you can do it!

The only good thing about today so far is its Friday and its suppose to be nice and spring like here today. I got on the scale this morning and it was up two stupid pounds. I know TOM is coming soon but sheesh, I have been eating right this week and exercising and I am almost 10lbs higher than I was at this time last year. Really, really makes me pissed at myself!!!:devil::devil::mad:
I tried the next day of the C25K program this morning. Was suppose to run for 25 minutes straight and for the first time, I just could not get through the running part. I had to take a walk break and then run. I am hoping that I can give it another shot tomorrow or Sunday. Trying not to feel like a failure but very disappointed in myself for giving up this morning.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!

03-15-2013, 12:27 PM
@NEMom Don't be upset and focus on your "failures" - think of it as a success that you got on that dang treadmill and ran in the first place. With everything going on in life, that's a sucess.

@Moondance Like NEMom said. Ditto on the not sure I could work those hours. That's gotta wreak havoc on your health/progress.

@ukemama Maybe your body is extra stubborn and is trying to show you who is boss - like a little kid throws a tantrum and holds his breath until you give in. Don't let your body beat your mind! You can do it!

Seriously, though, - 1100-1200 calories may not be enough. As I understand it you should never go below your BMR (what your body would burn if you laid in bed all day). Here is a link about increasing metabolism: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/9-tips-to-increase-metabolism.htm

Also an article about how exercise affects your metabolism. Down a little bit there is a section about how yoga/meditation exercises actually lower your metabolism. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/exercise_impacts_metabolism.htm
Not sure if it's the absolute truth but more info always helps me!

03-15-2013, 08:28 PM
Hello all,

Hope everyone is doing well.
NEMom~glad to hear your son asked for help, hope everything goes well for you and your family.

Have to go back and read up here, just wanted to say Hello! and I'm thinking of you Chicks and still plugging away!

Slow slogging...seems like the closer I get the slower it goes... :)

best to all :sunny:

03-15-2013, 10:56 PM
Thanks for the great welcome everyone. We definitely all have our battles, hurdles, emotional pulls and stress. It is wonderful to see all the support everyone has for each other.

What I'm learning already is when I have a weak moment or I'm sure a future bad day, I can always just shift the other way with the next meal and not just throw in the towel immediately. This is long term so there will be little hiccups along the way.

Hang in there everyone.

03-16-2013, 11:25 AM
Gosh, so much poor mental health and surrounding stress. I am not a parent and my heart goes out to you parents dealing with this. I cannot imagine. My older brother, the "big brother" I wanna look up to, is going through a bi-polar crisis. They changed his psych. meds due to the development of some cardiac problems that may be related to side effects. The stress of dealing with being a heart patient and the med change has really gotten him "off the rails." I live 7 hours away and I feel so powerless. And I feel TERRIBLE for his adult sons who shouldn't have to deal with this at this early stage of their lives and careers. I nearly have a panic attack every time the phone rings and the caller ID is from his area code.

NEMom. Not succeeding the 1st time you try for a distance or time just means you get to try again. It took me several "extra" repeated weeks to complete the C25K sequence. If it were easy, success wouldn't feel like such a victory. Stay strong and celebrate every victory.

03-17-2013, 12:21 PM
Today is Sunday, St. Patrick's day! Don't forget to wear green so the leprechaun doesn't pinch you!

Going to start off my day with some cereal. Didn't do so good yesterday, but not going to beat myself up over it. I just seem to have a day where I crave fat...but those days are always followed by days of wanting healthy, lean food. Anyone else go through this? What do you do?


03-18-2013, 01:18 AM
Well, life has been chaos in my home. I've been completely off-track. I've been keeping up my walking, but not much more than that. :( I am disappointed but I'm not giving up.
H is doing okay. He's still not up to "full speed". Some of his meds seem to make him ill some times. Definitely going to talk to his dr. about it. I guess I have to keep in mind that it's really only been 2 weeks. It feels a heckova lot longer! On top of all this, TOM has come in with a vengence! IT's been an ugly, ugly cycle this month. I've had the (double me over) cramps, the sleepless nights & all the crazy, nutty cravings....salt, starch, sugar and LOTS OF IT!!! So ready for this to be over, permanently!!!

Gotta head to bed I have an early work day. I'm going to try & pop in tomorrow. Meantime, a few photos!!!


03-18-2013, 02:02 AM
Hey all. :)

I've fallen behind in reading here so am not going to try to post to anyone tonight (lol too much time spent playing the new SimCity Deluxe when I'm on the computer I suppose).

Still going well here. Pretty much OP but I did eat out 2x this week. I think points wise I didn't go too crazy on those days but it is hard to tell exactly. Tuesday will tell.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. Keep up the hard work! :carrot:

03-18-2013, 08:15 AM
I can't believe the weekend is over already. I go back to my regular job today which is a relief because it is much less stressful. I'm still sick but I did go to a "doc in the box" on Sat and got some antibiotics. I am starting to get a little better. DH has been spending the nights in the hospital with his mother to give his Dad a break. It's nice that he is able and willing to do this but I miss him and wish his siblings would help more-they all live locally. MIL will probably be discharged to a nursing home later this week for rehab. That will also be tough on everyone.

Someone asked me about sugar last week.... Yes, I just quit cold turkey. It's really hard for about 7-10 days but then you stop craving it. I also find I feel better and think more clearly when I don't eat sugar. I've also given up soda completely and I have to say that has been good too. I only drank diet anyway but I have lost the taste for it.

03-18-2013, 10:33 AM
Happy Monday All!!

2FatCats-Glad things are still on track for you and your are doing well!

MrsTrying - I am sorry that DH is getting sick from his meds and that you are having a rough TOM cycle. I am right there with you this month, last night I did not get hardly any sleep, the night sweats and nightmares I get during my cycle are driving me crazy. Love, Love Love the pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

June - I am sorry to hear about the problems your brother is having. Bi polar is hard enough to deal with the right meds when they start messing with them, ugh, it gets out of control. Hope things get better soon.

I did not have a good food weekend. I really need to get my head on straight and figure out why I am not losing. I need to break the start/stop cycle that has been stalling my weight loss efforts and keeping me stuck for the last year. I did not sleep well at all last night so I did not get up and exercise this morning. I hope I can get it done tonight because I really do not want to get too far off track.
Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!

03-18-2013, 12:15 PM
Happy Monday! :D

Weigh in day...down 1 pound. Finally hit the 10 pound loss mark. Hopefully it's not related to TOM, as is often the case (yes, I lose during TOM instead of gain like everyone else). Weekend was ok. Went skiing Friday, but only for a half-day. Should have gone longer, but just so sleepy! Saturday and Sunday were kind of a waste. I didn't do much...read, some household chores, etc. but nothing that exerted myself. It's hard to keep under the calorie count I'm not moving. Went over both days. I've got to figure out why I'm so lazy on the weekends (when I'm home anyway).

Zumbachica: Nice to see you! Hope you're getting things figured out!

NEMom: I have a 3 day weekend every other week, but yes, 9 hour days can be taxing! Don't give up trying. Life's struggles often get in the way. The key is that you're not reverting back to old habits and putting the weight back on. Sometimes the more stressful and chaotic life gets, the more you can be nice to yourself by eating right and finding time to exercise. I'm thinking of you!

2FatCats: Hope you're having a great, on-plan day!

kelijpa: I hate the saying, but it's true: slow and steady wins the race! I'm slow too, but determined not to give up! You hang in there too.

bbrides: Yes, there will be many hiccups along the way. And you're right, one mis-step doesn't derail the whole program. Sounds like your head is in the right place!

junem: Sorry to hear about your brother. It's so hard when the ones we love are hurting, especially when we're so far away and can't help.

trukmek: It's not fat I crave, but sugar. Some days are better than others. Recognizing the problem is half the battle. Hang in there!

MrsTryingAgain: I'm sorry you're off-track a little. You've had a lot on your plate these last 2 weeks, focusing on H's recovery. Add a crazy TOM on top (with cravings) and you've got a lot to deal with. But you haven't quit walking (love the pics...I think the purple flowers are on a vinca vine...but don't quote me on that) so you're still headed in the right direction. One day at a time...

LuvCats: Keeping my fingers crossed for your weigh in tomorrow. Glad you're still on-plan!

petra65: You too have a lot going on. Your husband is quite a guy to be staying with his mom like that. Hope those anitbiotics kick in quick. I'm the one who asked about sugar. I've never been able to fully detox from it. The headaches and other withdrawl symptoms become intolerable. Kudos to you for successfully kicking the sugar habit!

03-18-2013, 12:32 PM
Morning All:

Just a quick hello and tip o' the day:

Going bra/undies shopping is always an adventure when my husband tags along. He picks out the skimpiest little string-looking things and says, "these would look great on you!" Yeah...if you could find them.... No matter my weight - he is convinced that dental floss is comfortable.
In the spirit of things, I grabbed a tiny little see-thru number at the dept store and turned around while 'modeling' it in front of my body.

Here's the TIP: Ensure that BEFORE you say something totally inappropriate in the lingerie section that your hubby hasn't wandered off and some other gal's spouse isn't standing near you.:o

03-18-2013, 06:26 PM
^hahahaha! 2FatCats! I can totally picture this.

Sounds like those checking in today had a nice weekend and stayed OP. I did, too. Hoping to see some sort of result this week be it looser pants or a dropping scale.

I took DD to the allergist today for the first time. She has had bad seasonal allergies and they are getting worse and medication doesn't seem to really help. They did the skin prick test and also did a lung function test on her, which I thought was unusual. But the doc said that because people with eczema tend to have asthma, we should check her.

Well, guess what? She DOES have asthma and it's bad! I was so shocked - she's never exhibited any symptoms of asthma. The only thing that sometimes happened to her was that her undereye area would get purple during allergy season. We've never seen her having troubles breathing or wheezing.

I feel like rotten mother of the year. She just turned 11 and we've never addressed this. Now she's on meds and should have a lot of improvement soon. Still, I feel so bad that we didn't get her help sooner.

03-19-2013, 01:13 AM
Don't feel bad, Ukemama; you got her help when she needed it, that's what's important.

NEMom, thanks for the words; i am meeting with her therapist today. I find this rather intimidating, because the discussion will be in german, and in spite of 20 odd years over here, I'm never sure if I'm really making myself understood.

On the weight front, this morning is weigh in day. I am hanging in there, but feel like I need a re-focus. Will work on that.

Spring would help a lot, dang blang it!:mad:

Sorry I didn't reply to everyone- I'm navigating on my ipad in bed at 5 a.m.. Later this week I hope to find time to sit down at my real computer and spend some more time with it. For now, look for me in the weigh in thread, for better or for worse!

03-19-2013, 09:38 AM
Morning all!

Magicsusan, I hope the appointment goes well today. Be strong! BTW, I had to do a double-take when I saw your weight goals. At first I said, "Sixty pounds?!?!" and then I saw the kilogram notation. Whoops! Wish I could still blame my crooked reading on the vertigo.

My FIL is coming in from AZ tonight. He is taking us out to dinner - at an Italian place. I need to get online and see if there is some non-pasta/low carb option for me. I will have to resist the wine, too. My FIL has a terrible habit of ordering several bottles of wine and then filling people's glasses for them - as in almost up to the top of the glass. You can tell him you're done or not drinking and he doesn't stop. I'm thinking about going to the extreme and telling him I can't drink because I'm pregnant -which certainly isn't the case. I guess that would be pretty mean. :devil:

Happy thoughts to everyone!

03-19-2013, 10:36 AM
Kristy - Just read your Sunday post. I didn't know about getting pinched if you didn't wear green until church on Sunday morning (and I'm 45). I don't know how I missed this tradition all these years, but I'm so glad I had put on green nail polish and avoided the pain! I just read an interesting thought in Reader's Digest that registered true to me, so I'll quote it here for your consideration:

"Imagine it this way; In front of you is a dashboard, just like in your car. One of the gauges is willpower. When that needle is pointing to full, you are cruising along, ignoring all the fatty foods that make you heavy. But each time you're tempted by something and tap a little willpower to avoid it, the needle slips a bit. After a full day of denying yourself, your willpower is on empty - and that's why you go elbow-deep into a bag of chips. So a little indulgence - a cookie at breakfast or the occasional cheat meal - keeps that needle tending toward full and strengthens your willpower over the long haul."
[Readers' Digest, April 2012, page 156]

I know that when I stray away from healthy eating even a little I guilt myself so severely for failing that I stray "elbow-deep" making everything worse. I'm going to start allowing small indulgences, and not guilt myself over it, to help keep my willpower stronger...this makes sense to me!

03-19-2013, 10:47 AM
MrsTryingAgain...got any good fishing holes up that way? I got my license a couple of weeks ago so I could take my son out to use the fishing stuff he got for Christmas, but don't know where to go other than the mountains (which I don't want to drive). You aren't that far from me (Sacramento). Also love the pics you post, thanks for sharing.

petra65...it's nice that your DH is helping your dad out. I understand the frustration of him being the only one though. I have an aunt who is all alone, and I'm the only one who ever calls her just because. I do it because I know she can't get out very easily, and she seems to be very lonely. She never had kids and we are all the family she has left.

NEmom...hang in there, that scale is bound to budge eventually.

Moondance...wtg on the pound down! Hope it's not TOM either.

2fatcats...that would be very embarrassing! I've done similar with my son, but not while lingerie shopping! Too funny!

ukemama...my son was diagnosed for the first time at the same age. He would also get the dark circles, but never the wheezing. He did finally get a cough that would not go away, which was how his doctor found it. Maybe it's just an age thing and so you wouldn't have known anyway. Enjoy the visit with your FIL tonight, and hope you find something edible at the restaurant. Good luck on the wine thing.

I'm retaining fluid right now, so stepping on the scale has been a little depressing. I had bought a nutri-bullet to start making my own juices/power drinks, though. So far my daughter and I are using it a lot. Just need more recipes that don't have so much fruit in them. We've been experimenting with some good and some yuck results, LOL


03-19-2013, 01:32 PM
Happy Tuesday! :D

My new lifestyle is really being challenged right now. It's hard to not fall back into old habits (and sacrifices, really). Do I workout after work like I do every day or skip it and go watch DD#2 play in a tennis match? These are the priorities I'm faced with.

2FatCats: LOL! I can just picture the scenario... So, what did the guy do?

ukemama: Hey, don't feel bad about the asthma thing. You're doing the best you know how. When DD#1 was 4, she had a broken wrist for 4 days before we finally took her to the Dr. You're taking care of it now and that's the point. As for your FIL, what if there isn't a glass on the table for him to fill for you? I'm sorry he doesn't respect your choices. Some folks are just like that. Good plan to look ahead at the menu. Good luck tonight!

Magicsusan: Don't let the therapist intimidate you. Her job is to understand what you're saying. It's probably not as bad as you're fearing anyway. Hang in there...spring is on the way (officially tomorrow!!).

Lisarsmiles: I can't believe you've never heard of the pinching thing. Did you go to elementary school? ;) Thank goodness for fingernail polish! The dashboard analogy is interesting . The key is to have just one cookie, not the whole box. Portion control is where I struggle. Sounds like its helpful to you...GOOD!

trukmek: Fishing is such a great past time! Hope you get rid of the extra fluids soon. If it's too frustrating, don't get on the scale at all until it's gone.

Hope everyone else has a great, on-plan day!

03-19-2013, 01:44 PM
Wow the idea of having no sugar/soda seems unfathomable to me, Petra. Great job at being healthy! Hope things improve for DH & his family.

I hate days after I don't sleep well, NEMom. They are no fun. Hang in there you will get back to losing!

Moondance: What are your weeks like? Are they crazy busy? If so your body might simply be crashing on the weekends. Yay for the loss. Keep it going! Editing to add: We crossposted. Uggh @ the choice between workout and go to a kids sporting event. Maybe you could go to the tennis game but stand where you can run/march in place?

2FatCats: ROFL that is tooooo funny. My oldest used to work for VS. She said in general men (at the store shopping with a female) tended to respond in 2 ways: 1) They would stop at the outside doors as if there was an invisible "do not cross" line and would not budge. 2) They would stop at the end of the pink section (not a whole lot of sexy underwear in that... more sweats and tops type stuff) at that same invisible line.

Ukemama: If your dd didn't have any signs how could you know? Even if there were some signs you (I assume, lol) aren't a doctor. You did something when you saw something that needed attention. As for FIL and wine... are you trying to get PG and or might be soon? If so you could say you aren't drinking because you are trying.

Lol Magicsusan even posting at 5 a.m. would be amazing for me. I am so not a morning person. Good luck on refocusing. You can do it!

I love that food for thought about willpower, Lisa. Thanks for sharing it! Sounds like you've got a good plan in place. Oh, and ha ha my daughter did the green nail polish too.

We have a magic bullet, Kristy. I imagine it is about the same as your machine. I haven't used it a whole lot but I can see the potential.

As for me, I'm down .2 this week. More than acceptable after eating out 2x this week. This week I am preparing to fly to go see my oldest daughter in CA. Plus teaching my youngest DD to drive just began Sunday. She has today off school so hopefully we can find another empty parking lot and do a little work.

03-20-2013, 02:11 AM
So-so day...Over-ate, walked. Still struggling with my TOM. I'm soooo ready for my monthly visitor to leave! I'm hoping tomorrow will be more productive.

trukmek: Yes! Lots of fishing! Right this moment H is sorting through his fishing "stuff" (I have another word for it! ;) ) There is Lake Oroville, some ponds, the Feather River. H has a fondness though for some of the mt. rivers in the hills around here & one coastal lake. But the moment he gets the OK from the dr. & a licence...he is probably going to HOUND me to take him somewhere to throw a lure or nightcrawler at some fishy, fishy, fishy. He loves to fish for trout, bass, blue gill, etc.

Moondance: I also think it is Vinca. Bidwell Park used to belong to the Bidwell's (a very wealthy, prominent familiy), it was also used to film the 1938 movie Adventures of Robin Hood with Errol Flynn. It's an awesome place to walk. You will find things like Camelias, roses & other things that you'd find in yards growing there. Two parts of the park are actual swimming "pools", if such at thing could be classified by a creek being the "pool". Either way, it's a great place.

NEMom: I need to get my head on straight too! I think that is why H & I need a vaca!!! We can't seem to get the rest/rejuvination we need. But once we get the okay from the dr. & our tax return back, I'm putting in for time OFF!!!! Hope things are going better with your son. I think of you two often. :hug::hug:

I'm sure we can all use this to help us get through the rest of this week! More laters!!!

03-20-2013, 09:32 AM
Moondance - definitely Vinca. It can be so invasive it's like a weed!

NEMom - I feel for you on the plateau thing. I am so frustrated. Weigh in day today - NOTHING lost still. Yesterday I made the mistake if telling my female boss how disappointed I was with being so good yet seeing no results. To which she responded, "Well, how about just eating right and exercising?" Umm, yeah...that's what I HAVE been doing. Remind me to never discuss weight loss with 90# woman who eats half a yogurt for lunch and declares she's "too full" to finish the rest.

MrsTryingAgain - I think you are more than overdue for a vacation. I hope it comes soon!

I was a good girl last night. I had a salmon salad, a piece of bread the size of a golf ball and one glass of red wine. FIL was not pushing wine on anyone! Yeah!

ETA: Forgot to add this -thanks to all for making me feel like less of a schmuck for getting a late diagnosis on DD's asthma. Better late than never. She has felt so much better these last two mornings with her new meds and I'm so happy for that!

03-20-2013, 11:14 AM
Happy Wednesday wonderful ladies! Make it through today and we are halfway through the week.

Ukemama- So glad your DD is feeling better on new meds. I can totally relate to the mommy guilt for not catching things sooner. If only we really could read minds or have a crystal ball, being a parent would be so much easier.

Moondance-You are one busy momma. It's a tough choice - work out or support your children in their activities. I would probably have to choose watching the activities because the time they participate is so short and I would feel like the one I miss I would miss their best performance or moves. Def. rough decisions.

LvCats Yeah for the loss! Expicially with eating out 2x. Teaching teenagers to drive - Oh boy do I remember those days. All I can say is, better you than me. LOL - Good luck.

Mrs.Trying-Vacation - oh boy I feel ya there. I am hoping once we get the weekend house we can finally have a vacation or at least some relaxing long weekends. My DH is a fishing freak too and so is his dad. They now have 2 boats to fish in and I can't lett you how many rods and reels he has. Drives me nuts! Thank you so much for you thoughts of my son and I. Brings tears to my eyes that somone I have never met cares so much. Thank you.

Life on the home front has been, can I say STRESSFUL!! Work is crazy and home is crazy. My son is doing better but we are still working through some things. Now, not only am I worried about my son but I am finding out that I now have problems with my foster son. It is hard to put into words all of my conflicting emotions. There are too many 'bad' things that I never thought I would have to deal with that I do have to face. Its like the light and sunshine in my home is being covered with storm clouds and darkness. I want to be an ostridge and put my head in the sand but I can't and it sucks.
My eating has been Eh, could be better, could be worse. I am still working on C2K5 program but am struggeling and have had to move back some steps in the program. My mind has been weak and instead of pushing through and completing the running, I allow myself to stop and take a walking break. I know most of it is mind over matter and my mind is weak right now.
From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each of you for being 'here' for me and for caring about my son.

03-20-2013, 11:19 AM
I'm checking in - still plodding along. My oldest daughter and her family are here for their spring break, and it's harder counting calories with company. I was thought I was being so good yesterday - skipped all the yummy muffins and doughnuts we picked up for breakfast, ate my regular lunch, and had the lowest calorie plate at Olive Garden for dinner last night. Then came home and had a couple glasses of wine while we sat and visited, which led to some crackers and cheese. I thought I had done pretty good, but when I sat down and added it up, I was at 2000 calories for the day! And they're going to be here for 4 more days! I am committed to get my exercise in while they're here, but the treadmill is in the baby's room, and he naps a lot. It's going to be a challenge, but my goal is to at least not gain while they're here. If I have to lose those same 2 pounds I keep going up and down one more time, I'm liable to go ballistic!
Have a good week everyone - and I'll check in when I can. Gotta go squeeze those grandkids some more!

03-20-2013, 11:23 AM
Happy Wednesday! :D

Yesterday was a great, on-plan day! Came in under my calorie limit and added weight training to my exercise regime. Scale still said 191 this morning, so the loss may be real (not skewed by TOM). DH went to tennis match, so I worked out. I'll go to a make-up match today instead. Pretty happy about that...now if I could just sleep...

ukemama: I've got a woman in my office like that too. I don't see how she can function with the little food she consumes. Guess that's why she weighs 90#'s. I don't discuss my weight loss with any co-workers. I'm sooo glad your DD is feeling better already! And hooray for non-wine-pushing-FIL's!

MrsTryingAgain: Bidwell Park. For some reason it's ringing a bell. I've never been to that part of CA so it can't be that. It's the name Bidwell. Must have heard it in a movie or TV show at some time. Anyway, it's lovely, especially the wildlife! It must not be too far from your home. How lucky! Keep the pics coming.

LuvCats: Yes part of it is just recovery from the work week. But I also think it's a mental block. After 25 years of housekeeping, I'm just tired of doing it. I hate doing most of it, so I put it off as long as I can. Actually, I think that's one of my eating triggers...to avoid working. Or, looking to get energy from food so I'll do the work, even though I don't want to. Either way, I consume food when I'm not really hungry. Have a wonderful time in CA with your DD. I'm sure you miss her!

Have a great, on-plan day everyone! :sunny: Oh...and happy first day of Spring!!! :flow1::flow1::flow1:

03-20-2013, 01:12 PM
Good morning everyone!

Moondance...so glad DH could attend the tennis match, freeing you up to get that workout in. Sounds like TOM didn't mess with your mind on the weight loss, which is awesome! It's the real deal! Yah!

Linda...what is the weather like? Put the baby in the stroller, take the grandkids to a park to play, and walk around the playground! I did that with my nephew when I wasn't working. He loved getting out to play and I could still get a workout in. Plus it gave me someone to visit with while walking to/from the park. Love the mind of a child...it's so innocent!

NEMom...glad that you son is improving, and hope your foster-son can make progress too. Exercise is a great stress reliever, and if you have to take walking breaks...it's still better than nothing! Keep going, you are doing a good job!

ukemama...sounds like you have a deliciously healthy dinner! Thank goodness with the non-pushy FIL!

MrsTryingAgain...my plan was to take my son out this weekend, but today is rainy...so might not make it. He hates eating fish (except ultra low sodium tuna...because it has no flavor, LOL) but loves fishing. He's never caught anything, though. I'm just hoping that if/when he does catch something, it's trout because I wouldn't know what's edible and what's not otherwise, LOL

LuvCats...a nutri-bullet has a more powerful motor than the magic bullet...and costs about twice as much! Oh well, it's getting used and that's what matters. I consider it a good investment with as much as we've used it lately. WTG on the weight loss, despite eating out twice this week. We have a family goal of eating out one meal per week and so far we've managed to stay in that goal...with the exception of my mom taking my son out to fast food on Wednesdays. We all need to lose weight in my house, so we've been trying to work together on the diet thing.

Not much else going on. A bit worried about if I will still have a job by the end of the week next week. I'm an only parent so I need the paychecks...and both my son and I have disabilities, so we need the medical insurance! Can't do anything about it right now, though, so trying to not think about it much.

03-21-2013, 01:57 AM
Fair day. Still over-ate some. Walked some. Felt really super tired for some reason, I really hope that I'm not coming down with something. Maybe my anemia has raised it's ugly head again. :( I just dawned on me as I'm sitting here typing, that I haven't taken my iron this TOM. Ooooops. Maybe if I get back on my vitamin regiment I'll feel more like me.
Did get a haircut. I haven't had it this short in a loooong time! Don't know how I feel about it. Maybe it'll grow on me? ;)

trukmek: Yeah, we got quite a bit of rain, too. I'm not complaining, we need it! I want there to be water in the lakes, streams, & rivers this summer when I go camping!!!

Moondance: John Bidwell worked for John Sutter (CA gold rush), found gold around my stomping grounds, he was involved in politics & agriculture, he ran for governor & even President. The park the he & his wife Annie gave to the city of Chico covers about 3,600+ acres! There is the downtown plaza, the Bidwell Mansion, & what is called upper & lower parks. It also has over 85 miles of trails of all kinds..from super easy bike/walk trails to streinous hiking trails. That's why I LOVE taking H there!!! :) We can be to great walking trails in about 10 mins!!!

NEMom: Ah, yes, stress. A seeming constant companion. UGH!!! But don't give up! Eating right, getting some exercise & decent rest actually helps us cope, remember that!!
I do try to send positive vibes to you & yours, because I know what it is like to struggle (suffer?) with mental issues. Depression runs deep in my family. Unfortunately it has led to some of my siblings to reach for things like drugs/alcohol in excess. I've been in treatment, on medications...I find that if I focus on my health it doesn't seem to get such a death grip on me. But I have no qualms about going back if I feel myself slipping into that darkness again.

ukemama: Yup, vinca. It is a crazy invasive vine, but it's flowers can be soo pretty. There's also other vines that have tried to take over the park, but it's probably been there since the 1800s, I don't think it'll win. Vaca! While I was getting a haircut, I let H loose in a store that specializes in fishing gear & he had a ball!!! He said he's even dreamt about it!!! :lol:

Headin' for bed. Have an early day at work. joy. BE HEALTHY!!!

03-21-2013, 11:08 AM
Good morning wonderful ladies!!!
It is snowing here today, really, it's the end of March and we are getting snow still. Yuck!

Food and exercise are okay. Nothing exciting to report. My scale is slowly going down so that maybe, just maybe, in the next couple of days I will be back to 166 (again).
I am having a big event at work on March 30 and needed to get a new dress for the event because I am about 8lbs heavier than the last time I wore my fancy black dress and know it will be too tight and squish my ladies in the front. I ended up getting a dress one size bigger than I wanted to but I want to be comfortable (although I have to wear heals so don't know how comfortable I will actually be) and I do not want the dress to be so tight it is restrictive. Good thing is it was on a really good clearance sale so even if I just wear it once, it will be okay.
I have a 21 year old daughter who has really been working on losing weight and getting in shape. She wants to rock a binki this summer, which she will. She said to me yesterday that she felt like something was wrong with her because she no longer craves fastfood, she would rather eat a grilled chicken salad or cook for herself. She said she ate a mini cupcake the other day and felt guilty about it. I told her that I was so proud of her learning to live a healthy lifestyle so young and that when she has children of her own she will pass on her healthy lifestyle to her kids. I did not teach my kids at a young age to eat well and exercise. We always had junk around and so I am proud she is so dedicated to exercise and a healthy diet now.
Okie, enough mom bragging. Hope you all have a great day!

03-21-2013, 11:59 AM
Happy Thursday! :D

trukmek: If your son catches a trout, think he would eat it? When my DD#2 was about 5 y/o she caught her first fish (trout). We promptly cleaned it, took it back to our campsite and cooked it over the fire. She was literally sucking the bones for meat she loved it so much. I'm so sorry about the job worries! I hope everything turns out ok for you!

MrsTryingAgain: Take that iron, girl! Question: what happens to you when you don't take it? I ask because my last blood test indicated I'm borderline low-iron, but wasn't instructed to supplement. I wonder if I would feel better if I do. Bidwell Park sounds wonderful! I'm envious you have something like that so close!

NEMom: You should brag! How great that your daughter is learning this early. I didn't do a good job of it either (nor did my mom) and I passed down some bad habits. Fortunately they're thriving (and doing better weight-wise) despite me! Your work event sounds fun and how great that you found a dress at such a low cost!

Took this picture in my backyard last evening. The deer got to most of the crocus, but a few made it through. Of course it's supposed to snow this weekend so they'll be ruined, but that seems to be the usual course of action for these early risers!

03-21-2013, 12:31 PM
NEMom - Brag away! I think we are all happy to read positive things like that!

trukmek - Hope things improve soon job-wise.

Moondance - Our crocusi (Is that the plural of crocus?) are past blooming, but snow is coming our way in Ohio, too. DD has a soccer tournament this weekend and we have been advised that it "WILL NOT" (their words) be postponed due to weather conditions. I'm making DH take her. :devil:

I am thinking that I need to switch up my dieting plan. This Wonderslim stuff just doesn't seem to be doing a darn thing. I'm never hungry, but I'm not losing weight or inches - in fact, my belly seems bigger. No, I am not preggers and don't want to be! I've tried this eating plan for over a month and have no results.

I am thinking that I will try the Dukan diet. For me, high protein has always helped me lose weight. What ruins it for me is when I add carbs in. With Wonderslim, I am eating at least 100g carbs a day. I like Dukan's idea to not allow your body to get accustomed to certain caloric or food composition intake. I am wondering if my body gets too comfortable once I eat the same things and have more than 60g carbs a day. What bugs me is that I still have 4 weeks of Wonderslim meals left!

I need ideas. DD needs a new piano. She's a pretty good player and our piano is on it's last legs. When I got it tuned the last time, the tuner said, "It's time to let this go." I need a clever way to convince DH to part with money to buy DD (who is by far his favorite child) a new piano. I hate being married to an accountant sometimes. I feel like I always have to show him the "value" of a purchase!:rolleyes: My trick is to make it seem like it was HIS idea all along. Just can't think of what to do this time...

03-21-2013, 06:32 PM
Sorry no time to respond to each of you. Leaving for sunny CA in an hour to visit my oldest daughter. Have a great weekend everyone! :)

03-22-2013, 08:14 AM
Ukemama. Look for a good used piano. You can save a lot of money and can still get a good instrument. My husband is really cheap too which is comical in our house because I earn the money. I guess I'm glad he is careful not to waste it.

I've been lurking and reading posts the past few days. DH is still staying at the hospital with his mother. Hopefully, last night was the end of that. I have been struggling with a sinus infection. Took some antibiotics but it is slow to clear. Work has been stressful with other people being off and having to cover but they cover for me when I'm not there so it all works out.

I'm having second thoughts about weight loss surgery. I've had to put it off for several months because I have to see a cardiologist first and I seem to be doing alright on my own.

03-22-2013, 09:22 AM
DD really put the heat on DH last night at dinner about the piano - to the point of being ridiculously comical. Man, that girl could charm the scales off a snake! He still didn't seem on board, though.

I then told him I was thinking about picking up another PT job at Lowe's as a nursery garden worker (my dream job!) to bring in some extra money to cover the piano costs. DD didn't know that I was considering this and had a fit. "Weekends and nights are our FAMILY time!!" She wailed.

And that's what clicked with DH. That, and telling him that there is an interest-free payment plan.

Petra - I hope you feel better soon and make a comfortable decision with the surgery.

03-25-2013, 07:56 AM
Wow. It has been quiet here for a couple days. My life will hopefully get back to a little more normalcy this week. No one is on vacation at work- although I'm starting to feel like I need one, and MIL is out of the hospital and at the nursing home for rehab so DH will be home every night.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and is managing the Easter candy. We went grocery shopping last night and I couldn't get past that candy display fast enough.

03-25-2013, 10:38 AM
It's Monday morning again. Why does this happen every week???

Late start this morning. I did do the run/walk thing on the treadmill this morning. I decided to back track on the C25K program because I felt like I was pushing myself too much. Waked 5 Minutes/Ran 5 Minutes. Repeated 3 times.
Food this weekend was so so. Could have been better and it has been worse. I am up a little on the scale this morning but I am pretty sure it is mostly water so hoping to be back to 166 by the end of the week.

Petra-Glad your MIL in out of the hospital. Good job staying away from the Easter candy. I made the decision this weekend that I am going to allow myself one piece of good carrot cake on Easter. I love me a good carrot cake.

UkMama-Did you get a new piano this weekend? Glad your DD was able to talk your hubby into one. We got a new dishwasher this weekend. I have wanted one forever and my DH was never on board. I kind of snuck it up on him this weekend. He got it installed and now I can't wait to run a load.

Have a good one all.

03-25-2013, 11:37 AM
Happy Monday! :D

ukemama: Did the soccer tourney take place in the snow? We had another 10" at our house on Saturday. It's official...I'm done with winter! Is there a new (used) piano on your horizon? What did you decide about switching diet plans?

LuvCats: I'm sure you're enjoying your time with DD in CA. Hope it's sunny!

petra65: Has your sinus infection improved? Those can be so miserable! Weight loss surgery is a big decision. Sounds like you're not going into it lightly and assuming it's the fix-all to losing weight. Glad the MIL is improving. That's stressful too. And don't get me started on Easter candy... At least after this holiday, there isn't another one that pushes candy. Basically from Halloween through Easter there is candy on the shelves.

NEMom: Ooo...I love new appliances! Our washer & dryer is over 20 years old. I can't wait for them to break down so I can get new ones! I think you have a good plan for the carrot cake. This way there is no deprivation.

Hope everyone else has a great, On plan day!

03-25-2013, 12:20 PM
NEMom - Hooray for the new dishwasher!! That is one appliance I can not live without.

We are finalizing the piano purchase this week. I am feeling more comfortable with the investment. I have done my research and we have DH on board. Hooray!

Yes, Moondance, DD's soccer tournament was played in the snow - and the freezing rain/ice, and the sleet and the wind. We got six inches of various "stuff" last night. Wish it wasn't spring break because then I'd have a snow day! LOL!

03-25-2013, 03:25 PM
Re: dishwashers

We have lived here for over 7 years - used the dw twice. I want to take it out. I'd really rather have cabinets there. Hub says that everyone else wants a dishwasher - we'll need one there when we sell. That's his stock answer for every one of my projects. We have no intention of selling, though - unless it's to move back to Europe. If only....

03-26-2013, 12:33 AM
I'n back reading up on what's going on with everyone. I am changing programs for awhile because I just got bored with the MRC plan. I am trying Atkins for a few weeks and see how it goes. I am having issues with vomiting for no explained reason. It just hits me without warning. I am over last week's flu episode so I don't know what is going on. If it continues for several more weeks, I think I will ask my primary care physician for a referral to a stomach doc as the medications I take for my numerous ailments may be affecting my stomach.

I sure do wish we would get some of that snow ya'll talk about. We got 4.5 inches of rain yesterday. The sun was out today but the wind blew up to 45 MPH most of the day. DH and I put 3 loads of laundry on the clothesline and they were dry in a couple of hours even though the temperatures were on the cool side (54).

I made it to the pool today for 50 minutes of good exercise. My joints were so achy and tight and boy did I feel better when I got done. I plan to go on Wednesday and Thursday also.

03-26-2013, 09:43 AM
2FatCats - OMG, if I didn't have a dishwasher, my family would starve! It's not that I don't like to cook, it's that I refuse to wash dishes. I had to wash them my whole life because it was the "girl's" job. My two brothers would use dishes just to make more work for me. I still get angry thinking about it!

It's still snowing here. But, the birds are chirping spring songs like CRAZY! They know what's going on. Gives you hope.

Yoga this morning. Weigh in tomorrow. If the scale hasn't moved, I'm changing strategies.

03-26-2013, 11:41 AM
ukemama: There's just two of us - me and the DH - not that many dishes! But according to my DH, I use every dish in the cabinets when I cook. We share the dw-ing. He is a lousy washer, though. Or he WAS. I would have to rewash every dish he 'cleaned'. UNTIL - I got smart a few years back. I put the dirty plate on the top of the stack then asked him to grab a plate so I could serve the food. Then had him grab one of the glasses he had 'cleaned'. He actually noticed the grossness...I told him he washed it and called it good - he could eat off it. He got the message. Only took 13 years...now if he would just look around the kitchen when he does dishes. If it's not in the sink, it doesn't exist to him.

On a personal note - since losing weight my bras don't fit. So I have spent two weekends trying on bra after bra after bra and countless hours combing the internet for the perfect bra. I have oodles of side spillage and figured it was armpit fat/loose skin from being heavy/thin/heavy/thin (just learned it could be migrated breast tissue??) Who knew it was from wearing a band that was WAY too big and letting the girls ooze out over the last 30 years. Sigh. Never too old to learn something, I suppose! :o My mom never helped me (bodies were dirty and not to be talked about - never got the s-e-x talk, either) and my much older sisters were married and gone by the time I hit puberty. Plus they are shaped totally different than me and more-than-generously endowed. If the cup fit your head - it would be a little small for them! No help. I always thought I got the short end of the stick - I'm the tallest girl and the one who could carry them off but the boobs went to my sisters. :mad: I got lots of hair, though.:smug:
I have always thought I wore a 36A/B, and when heavy a 38Bish. I just measured my ribcage then added 4 or 5 to make it an even number. Turns out that isn't how it's done. I probably should have realized when my straps always fell off. I just figured it was because I didn't have enough in the cup area to keep them on.
Now it seems I need a 32C/D!!! Holy moly, bat man! I lose weight and GAIN boobs! Sign me up!

03-26-2013, 11:44 AM
Happy Tuesday! :D

Not in a happy mood today. My "new" job isn't living up to it's promises and I'm quite unhappy about it. With all the work I'm putting into my weight loss, it's coming off pretty slowly and I'm getting frustrated. I'm sick of winter (5 degrees with wind chill factor). Phew. Thanks for letting me vent.

2FatCats: I can totally relate! My DH says the same thing about painting walls or just about any kind of home "improvement". If another buyer won't like it, he doesn't want to do it. We've been in the house 19.5 years. Oooh...Bigger girls, eh? Pretty cool I think!

ukemama: Hooray for the new piano!! Your story about your brothers made me laugh. My brother was malicious too...but so was I!...the sibling rivalry thing.

firegirl441: Your vomiting issue doesn't sound fun at all! Hope you get it figured out!! I'm headed to your neck of the woods (Savannah) at the end of next week for a short vacation with my crazy aunts. Is rain typical for this time of year?

03-26-2013, 01:00 PM
Good morning everyone! I am home from my daughter's. The dog and cat (well especially 1 of the 3 cats) were ecstatic. It is a little strange being home alone though. Lol I guess this is a preview for when youngest DD is out of the house permanently in less than 2 years. We had a great time. Luckily only 1# of it was added to me. It could have been much worth. Back to work time, lol.

Good job with the swimming Firegirl. Keep it up!

Lol ukemama for now I'm doing all the dishes by hand. Don't want them piling up while I'm alone. I agree the gained cupboard would be nice but it's not to be for us either.

2FatCats: Lol my oldest used to work for Victoria's Secret. My daughter's are all much more endowed than I am. I used to hate only being a B (or C if you go down 1 band size but I hate the feel of tighter bands). They are all D or DD.

Moondance: I did have a great time at my daughter's, thank you. I hope your job gets better. Hope spring comes soon!

03-27-2013, 08:35 AM
Ukemama- I am totally with you on the dishwasher thing. I had to wash dishes by hand for our family of 5 growing up. I now say that if I have to hand wash dishes, I'd rather starve.

2Fatcats- I've been having bra issues for awhile too. I guess I may need to go get measured again. You know some of those stores will measure you and help fit you.

Firegirl- I'm not sure waiting a few weeks on the vomiting is a good idea. All that vomiting is not good for your body on many levels.

My boss brought us all brownies from a local bakery yesterday in honor of Doctors Day which is apparently some time this week. I brought mine home thinking DH would be happy to have something sweet in the house but much to my surprise he didn't want them in the house either. He gave them to the little girl next door.

It has been unusually cold here too. We've had a couple days in the 70 s but mostly still in the 60 s. hopefully it will warm up here soon. Once it gets hot, it goes to unbearable rather quickly.

I guess it's time to get up and get ready for work. Have a good day everyone.

03-27-2013, 11:10 AM
Happy Wednesday! :D

Status quo here.

LuvCats: Glad you enjoyed your time with DD. Do anything special? I miss my college DD quite a bit and can't wait for her to get home for the summer. You did a great job maintaining things. 1# while travelling is nothing!

petra65: I love that your DH gave the brownie to a neighbor. I probably would have just thrown it away if neither of us wanted it. Dr. Day, huh? Never heard of it. But I guess every day of the year commemorates some group or another now. (Later) I got curious so I looked on a couple of websites. According to one site, today is: National Kite Flying Day, and this week is National Cleaning Week (oh, and Dr. Day is Saturday, the 30th).

Where is everyone else??? Hope you're having a great, on-plan day!

03-27-2013, 11:58 AM
Hi guys! Just realized (after about a week of this lol) that there is this thread. Duh :o I have to be at work in 30 minutes so I will get back on here when I get home and try to "catch up".

Looking forward to getting to know all of you and gleaning some motivation and encouragement from all of you ladies :hug:

Now...off to work. Blech! lol

03-27-2013, 05:55 PM
Moondance, Rain here comes in spells. We have not had rain in two weeks and it doesn't show much of a possibility for the early part of next week either. Our March blew in with a vengeance so April showers may "rain" on us as well. There is a big music festival going on there now with many different styles of music. You may want to check that out and see if it's still going on when you will be there. It looks like the winter temps will be pretty much over too as next week begins a warming trend. I hope your weather is good while here.

Luvcats, Glad you made it home safely from your daughters.

petra55,Congrats on passing on the brownies. I usually feel deprived right after such a decision but by the next day, I am really proud of myself.

Plainsgirl, Glad you found us here. I look forward to "hearing" more about you.

I went back to the pool and exercised for 50 minutes this morning while DH ran our errands. I enjoy having that time to myself. I have not vomited in two days. I am beginning to think it is associated with my not eating regularly. It seems that I am getting sick after skipping a meal and then eating a meal some time later. I am even eating an Atkins treat before retiring at night and I am not waking up nauseated. Thanks for the concern.

03-27-2013, 10:24 PM
Today was fair. Had a walk in the park with H. Still not really on track, but I'm trying!
H & I went to the movies. We saw "Olympus has Fallen". It was pretty good. My eating is kinda off, but I've exercised & had plenty of H2O so not all bad.
If you read my other post about being MIA you'll get why I've been "missing". I think I've got my answer. I'll kinda just have to see how things play out.

2Cats: Might check around to see if any stores in your area offer bra fittings. My aunt owned a dress shop for decades & she'd fit bras all the time. She fit me for mine! Let the person know who's fitting you that you are on a weight loss/fitness journey. This should help them fit you more properly. Good luck! Nothing worse than a poorly fitting bra, except maybe saggy baggy undies! ;)
BTW isn't it awesome when the animals are happy to see you come home? I love it when I come home from work & Agatha is waiting just inside the door. Course she is waiting for dinner, but it's the thought that counts!!! ;)

firegirl: :welcome2: Think you joined while I was MIA. Glad you're feeling better...may it continue! Good job on the exercise! Keep it up!!

plainsgirl: :welcome2: Glad you found us! Hope we can help you reach your goals!

Petra: Good job! Sending those brownies packing! Glad you & hubby were unified in deciding what to do with them! :lol:

Moondance: Sorry the job isn't living up to your expectations. :( I hate when that happens. It makes it so much harder to go with a smile on the face each day. Sending you positive vibes anyways. Cause I sooo get it!! :hug::hug:

Well, I have to go make dinner.
:drill::drill: BE HEALTHY! BE STRONG!! BE AWESOME!!! :drill::drill:

03-28-2013, 12:24 AM
Slow down, March! You're going so fast you passed spring up!

Hi everyone; I have no idea where the time is going. I've been reading along as best I can about you're pianos/ill MILs/swimming/dishwashers you name it. I wish you guys all the best, and need to set aside some time once a week or so to really catch up and respond to you all but at the moment, that isn't happening. I am back to furtive, insomniac 4am postings. Yes, I am under the blanket with the iPad again.

NE mom, DD will start with anti-depressants tomorrow. Might be why I can't sleep. Can totally relate to the having to deal with things I never thought of feeling.

Weight-wise, I'm still comitted, but not as motivated. I'm blaming the weather- cold temps and snow (yes, we are also getting snow) make me reach for hibernation foods. When it's warm, I automatically crave lighter foods- fruit, salads...

Howsomeever; I'm still showing a net loss, even if slow, so screw the scale and try to get back to junk-free and regular(er, lol) exercise. I've been a bit sloppy...

If I could buy spring, I would...

03-28-2013, 11:52 AM
Happy Thursday! :D

Work still sucks, and as I was headed to my car yesterday, a lovely lady I know gave me a small Easter basket full of chocolate eggs. In my frustration and anger over my job, I started eating them without even realizing. After 3 I thought "Hey, stop that! Don't let work ruin your weight goals". And I stopped. Victory for me!!! :carrot:

Headed to Steamboat Springs this evening for a weekend of spring skiing. DD#2 is bringing her boyfriend (she's 16, he's 17). Should be an interesting few days...

Plainsgirl: :welcome2: Welcome to our little corner of the boards. Post often!!

firegirl441: Hope the vomiting has stayed away. No fun! I too would get checked if it doesn't stop. I don't care if it rains while in Savannah next week...as long as it's warm!!

MrsTryingAgain: I'm sorry for your struggles. Some things in life don't get any easier as we get older. Grrr...:tantrum: Remember that one thing you always have control over is you! And a quick Thank You for always being supportive, with humor, even when you're not having a great day!

Magicsusan: So true about March! Funny how time goes by faster as we get older. I would pitch in to you Purchase Spring fund. Here's a few flowers just to remind you of what's surely coming...:flow1::flow1::flow1:

03-28-2013, 12:16 PM

I am so sorry that the job is not working out well. Don't let it get you down or hinder your weight loss goals. Sorry to hear about your "gift" from your neighbor. I am proud of you for realizing you didn't need to be eating them and quit. I think we all slip when under pressure and duress. I'm sending you a great big hug today.

By the way, the skiing sounds great. What an awesome exercise experience!


03-28-2013, 03:15 PM
Hi Chicks -
I've been MIA from the boards for the past week because my daughter and her family came out to spend spring break with us. They have two little boys who are 18 mo. and 6 years, so I was busy with them, to say the least! The good news is, I stuck to my exercise program while they were here, and even though I ate pretty much anything I wanted, and had wine almost every night, my weight stayed the same! As soon as they left, I got right back on plan. I think the key to my weight loss this time really has been my refusal to give up, and if i get sidetracked by a special event, I get right back on plan. In the past I would just give up, then a few months later I'd be starting all over again.
Continued success to all of us!

03-28-2013, 03:19 PM
Hello all my lovely 40 something ladies.
My week diet wise has not been great. I have missed two days of exercising, I have been so busy and just way too tired to get up and get it done. Last night I had to work late and decided to treat myself to a nice meal, had a cocktail and even a small dessert. It was delicious and I feel so guilty. Then last night I when my mom got home she brought left over mini cupcakes and a piece of cake. It was her bday and she had taken the treats to work. I was eating a small piece of cake and my DH comes in and says "What are you doing" when he saw me eating the cake. I looked at him as he ate a cupcake and said the same thing you are, eating a treat. He said well you will have to work out an extra 5 minutes or so for that. I wanted to slug him, seriously, he has a huge belly. Eats whatever he wants, does not worry about his weight or health and you dare question me about eating some cake. MEN!
I need to go to the doctor, I know I am starting menopause. I have the hot flashes, moodiness and for the first time I skipped my period this month. I had all the symptoms but nothing came. I also think my thyroid is messed up. My mom and sister have thyroid issues so no surprise I will have them too. But the more I read up on it, the more I really think it is something. My joints and muscles will ache, especially my hips, I am tired a lot, even though I get a good nights sleep and 90% of the time eat a healthy diet, and I have really noticed an increase in brain fog. Like, I am talking and cannot get the words out or cannot get the words I want to say out. Its like a disconnect in my brain. I really want to find an over the counter natural supplement to try and not have to take a pill for the rest of my life but I have not found anything with good reviews to try yet.
I have a big celebration at work this weekend. We have been planning it for over 6 months, its all I think about and I am ready for it to be over.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

03-28-2013, 03:36 PM

*spoiler alert - rant coming*

So, had my 5 week weigh in. I am UP three pounds from my starting weight. I have been doing a great job. I've been back to exercising, I followed the plan exactly with the exception of four glasses of red wine and a small piece of cake - not all at once ;). I drink my water; I don't have sugar, pop, artificial sweetners, etc. etc. I crave nothing and rarely feel hungry. WHAT GIVES?? As far as blaming it on TOM - yeah, that hasn't happened for several years.

For the last three years, this has been the norm for me. I have done South Beach, WW, NutriSystem, Paleo, Atkins and Wonderslim. Yet, despite following the programs, I am consistently gaining weight! I have gained 50# in three years of "dieting." It is mind-boggling and frustrating. I am SO good, yet I have no results!

Related to this is the fact that I think my thyroid is still wacky, despite being on meds. I don't think my doc is listening to me about what's really going on. For the last three weeks, I have had this crazy "choking" sensation. I can't swallow right and I can't sing well (which is a requirement for my job - I'm a preschool music teacher) or hit the range I usually have. The doc seems to think that because I have no "bulge" or goiter, I have no issues. Trouble is, I want to see an endocrinologist, but I need to have a doctor's referral and he doesn't want to give me one.

What I really need to do is find a FEMALE doc who will listen to me. I'm not making this stuff up, it's not in my head - it's real and I think that it's what's at the bottom of my weight issues.

*rant done - I feel better*

It's a lovely sunny day here. Cold, but not too cold if you're standing in the sunshine. I think I'll head outside for some vitamin D.

03-28-2013, 03:44 PM
NEMom...my TOM did the same thing! Got the weight gain, food cravings, even cramps...but that was it! I have to say that I actually enjoyed it never quite coming. Two months ago I had one that lasted six hours, then last month was normal. Still, I'll take it! :carrot:

LindaWW...hope you had a great visit with family! Awesome that you didn't slide back up the scale, despite not watching what you eat. Great that you still got your workouts in as well. :carrot:

Moondance...WTG on the stopping the emotional eating! I doubt I would have been able to stop. Just look at the bright side...someone cared about you enough to want to give you a treat! ;)

MagicSusan...every little bit counts! I'm not on a weight loss rush either, just as long as I am healthier than I used to be! :hug:

I'm doing the happy dance today as the scale was down another two digits this morning when I stepped on it. I went back up stairs an hour later to re-weigh myself just to make sure I didn't do something wrong the first time (pathetic, I know! LOL) I was looking in my journal (I keep a log of my daily weights) and haven't seen a number this low in a long time, so am totally excited! Still, I have a meeting soon to find out if I have a job anymore. I'm also anxiously awaiting test results from Monday. Still, even with that, the weight loss has me totally excited.

03-28-2013, 11:09 PM
trukmek, I will be thinking about you while you are at work tomorrow. I hope you get the news you want.

I had a hysterectomy last year so i can't blame TOM anymore either.

I have had hypothyroidism since I was 15 y/o. I have tried every kind of natural supplement I have heard about and nothing works like the script does. I am on Synthyroid. I will say that the doc cut my dosage down 40% last year because my test results showed it was working some. Most years, it has tested that it doesn't work at all.

My weigh-in stunk. Despite being in good ketosis via the test strip, I gained 3 lbs this week. I don't see how as I am following strict Atkins. MRC tried to make me feel better by doing my complete panel and telling me I have dropped 3% body fat, 1.6 BMI and gained 1/2 lb muscle. That still didn't make me feel any better.

03-28-2013, 11:13 PM
Oh my it was a long day at work! And the errands afterwards took me way longer that I figured they would so no workout today :( Unless I get up right after I post and do one....but don't know if that would make me gain in the morning?? Oh what a crazy game this scale thing is....:dizzy: I only made it page 3 this morning before I had to get ready for work so ive got a lot more "getting to know you" to do. Hopefully I will get more of that in in the next few days....

I drank my water, ate fairly reasonably today until dinner time when after an almost 10 hr day the last thing wanted to do was cook....and now no exercise....sigh....im bloating up like crazy due to TOM so in my head I want to go get in a good sweat but my body is so tired it doesn't want to move...the battle begins....lol

Have a good night ladies...we shall see how this decision goes down in the a.m....:^:

03-29-2013, 08:32 AM
Good morning peeps! Got on the scale and had a tiny, minuscule drop in weight. Its better than gaining, right?? lol Even an ounce gain has me in a tiff all day long. Its kind of ridiculous, actually. :dizzy:

Today is my 6 month anniversary with my amazing bf. I had originally wanted to just stay home and cook like we used to when we first started seeing each other but now that's not going to happen. He is a funeral director (hey-SOMEONES got to do it, right? lol) and they have been very....ummm...busy....this week. The last thing I know that he would want to do is run around the store getting food and then cooking even if I were to do most of it (which he wouldn't let me do...he LOVES to cook!)....So we are going to a small quaint Italian place out of town. Late (I HATE eating out late...he prefers it...ugh lol). And then Saturday we are taking his mom out for her birthday. He lost his dad 6 weeks after we started dating and he has been an incredible son. One of the many, many reasons I love this man...Anyway...food bombs all weekend long...If I don't come out of this Monday morning without a 5 pound gain it will be a small miracle...

Going back to read some more and try to catch up to all of you...made it to page 3 yesterday..lol And I just now discovered the "topic review" at the bottom of this page...THIS is gonna come in handy!! ;)

03-29-2013, 11:32 AM
Morning All,

I missed too many posts to do personals but I have read them all.
I had my surgery yesterday...no one told me the saline drip would cause weight gain. Like - up 5lbs this am. Ugh. No biggie - there is no way I ate a surplus of 17,500 calories in the hospital! I wouldn't even eat their food. They tried to give me a packaged turkey sandwich. Really? I have high blood pressure and you want to feed me lunchmeat?? *Sigh*. Good thing I brought my own (protein powder+eggwhite+blueberry muffin):D
The doc gave me no pain meds after and once the anaesthesia wore off--holy moly. I have a high tolerance for pain but I laid there in the bed with tears rolling down my face it hurt so bad - and I never cry. Of course my doc had gone into another surgery and couldn't be reached for almost an hour. The 2 hour ride home nearly did me in as well. Guess I'm not as tough as I thought . . . . Hopefully this was all worth it.
Time for meds and a nap - I can only sit so long. My hubs is MAKING me take it easy for the next few days. It's sohard...the house needs vacuuming....
Hope everyone stays strong and healthy today!

03-29-2013, 11:52 AM
I can totally relate to the crazy cycles near menopause. I recently went 7 months without a period and then.....surprise! One day out of the blue, it reappears. This has been going on for a couple years so I know I'm near the end. The worst part is that you never know when it is coming. I've also started to have facial hair for the first time in my life. Really annoying! I've also discovered that it is much harder to lose weight. I have to work hard for every pound.

NEMom - you may be Vit D deficient. If you aren't taking supplements you may want to start. I stopped mine a couple months ago and my hips and legs starting hurting. I started taking them again and the pain stopped.

Spring is finally supposed to arrive this weekend with temps in the 70s. Next Friday I am having arthroscopic knee surgery. Will be out of work a couple days. Gotta get back to work.

03-29-2013, 03:14 PM
I get vitamin D deficient too...which is sad considering I live in sunny California and our bodies make it with sunshine! It can affect your memory and energy level, so doesn't hurt to take supplements. :cool:

Plainsgirl...happy 6 mo. anniversary! Maybe as an anniversary gift Mother Nature will see to it that you don't gain them five pounds by Monday. ;)

2FatCats...let your body rest and heal now. It will reward you in the long run. I don't blame you for not wanting to eat hospital food. Last time I was in the hospital, the only edible thing they served was fruits, veggies, and a cheeseburger on my last day. Everything else tasted NASTY! It was like they were trying to make stuff taste better by using too many herbs to replace the sodium. My son cooks better, healthier food than they gave me! I wasn't expecting the stay, though, so didn't even have a chance to pack a bag...forget about packing food! (My mom had to bring me a tooth brush and clean undies!) :(


03-30-2013, 08:04 AM

I am new on the board (well I joined years ago but new to posting).
I'm not quite 40 yet (5 weeks) but it seemed a bit silly to join the thirty-something board. I have mentally moved into the forty-something zone (helped that almost all of my friends are already there) anyway.
I have convinced myself that it is going to be a fabulous decade - I am looking foward to it. I shall be leaving my 'fat thirties' behind amongst other things!

Looking forward to getting to know you more!

03-30-2013, 11:49 AM
Happy Saturday! :D

I don't have time for a long post with personals (though I'm dying to...) but will tomorrow. We're getting ready for skiing again.

Just want you all to know I'm here and reading. Oh, and to remind myself not to let my husband go into the lodge and bring out a "lunch" for us to share. Yesterday he brought curly fries... :(

Have a great day everyone!!

03-30-2013, 06:36 PM

I am new on the board (well I joined years ago but new to posting).
I'm not quite 40 yet (5 weeks) but it seemed a bit silly to join the thirty-something board. I have mentally moved into the forty-something zone (helped that almost all of my friends are already there) anyway.
I have convinced myself that it is going to be a fabulous decade - I am looking foward to it. I shall be leaving my 'fat thirties' behind amongst other things!

Looking forward to getting to know you more!

Welcome Zeke! Like you, when I turned 40, I felt much better than when I turned 30. I was morbidly obese at 30, but at 40 I was the smallest I had been since graduating from high school, I was walking 25-30 miles per week and I felt awesome. Welcome to an awesome decade indeed!

03-31-2013, 06:46 AM
Welcome Zeke! Like you, when I turned 40, I felt much better than when I turned 30. I was morbidly obese at 30, but at 40 I was the smallest I had been since graduating from high school, I was walking 25-30 miles per week and I felt awesome. Welcome to an awesome decade indeed!

Hi Firegirl - thank you for the welcome! :)

That is fantastic! Love it! One of my friends (who I only met a couple of years ago), who is in her late forties and always looks very well groomed, trendy and slim was tagged in an old photo yesterday. I barely recognised her. She was in her thirties and much bigger. That just confirmed to me again that the late thirites/forties really can be a period positive change - if you want it! I definitely want it!

03-31-2013, 04:12 PM
Just popping in. Have a busy few days ahead of me. H & I are celebrating our anniversary. 24 years!!! :yay: Can you believe it? Most days it doesn't feel like it's been that long. Others it's almost like I feel every one of them. Crazy. Most people said we wouldn't make it either! So there! :p
Been doing better for the most part. Struggling a bit with over-eating. Water could be better. Still walking nearly every day. We have walks planned for our anniversary. We are taking a picnic lunch to the park tomorrow, will feed the fishies & walk....camera in tow!
Gotta run, but I'll leave you with a few photos.
Have a healthy & happy Easter! :easter3::egg: More laters!!! :hug::hug:


03-31-2013, 05:56 PM
Hey, congrats Mrs. TA!

Hiya Zeke :)

Moondance- laughing at the curly-fries here. My hubs thinks fries are a veg too :rolleyes:

I'm wondering about what you guys are saying about vit D; we've just had the darkest winter in 40 years, here... Hmmm...

04-01-2013, 12:04 AM
Congrats on the 24 years, Mrs. TA! Your anniversary day plans sound awesome. There is nothing like spending quality time with the ones we love. The pics are beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to share.

I got outside a little today to soak up some vitamin D. I had the mulligrubs and it really boosted my morale in general. I hope the rest of you will see the bright sun very soon.

04-01-2013, 12:23 AM
It was beautiful here today. It is sooooo unusual to have such a lovely Easter. I remember so few here where it was warm (70s) and sunny. I did manage to grab 30 minutes on the elliptical--thank goodness! Lol DH is home for the weekend and I sure didn't eat the way I should. Back on the wagon tomorrow. Have a wonderful Monday everyone (and rest of Easter to anyone still on). :)

04-01-2013, 09:11 AM
Good morning lovely ladies! I made it out of the weekend without a 5 lb gain. That in itself is a miracle lol. I AM up exactly 2 from when I joined the May day challenge though so this chickie needs to get serious. I jogged 2 miles outside after getting home from a long day at my sisters house so that in itself is a small miracle....:carrot:

Luv2Cats-glad to hear your surgery went well. Why oh why do hospitals serve such cr@#???

Zeke- WELCOME!! :wel3fc: Im fairly new around here as well and these ladies have already helped me. I think about all of the kind words of support every time I want to shove un-needed food in my mouth or sit on my bum instead of getting a workout in.

Mrs Trying Again- Happy Anniversary!!

Moondance- why oh why do our men have to be so kind to us...in THAT way?? lol

Sorry I cant get to everyone else right now...oh how I would love to!...but have to get going...school bus will be here shortly and then Ive got to hit the ground running...

Have a fabulous day ladies and lets get our goals MET today!!! :D:hug:

04-01-2013, 09:12 AM
Monday. The good news is the kids are back to school and I have the day off! Bad news is I have a to-do list that will probably eat through my whole day :dizzy: Oh well, just six more weeks of work and then preschool is done for the summer!

Talked to my doc. She thinks I might have Hashimoto's disease - which could explain the constant weight gain these last few years. Although I'm taking thyroid meds, it might not be a strong enough dose. She's also asking me to go gluten-free. She's got labs ordered and I should know more in the next week or so. There's also a chance it could be cancer(!), so she wants to hop on this ASAP. It's a struggle to swallow anything lately, even water, so I want some fast answers, too!

Anyone planning any good April Fool's jokes? I think I am going to take off the pedals on DH's elliptical :devil:

04-01-2013, 12:34 PM
Happy Monday everyone! I've gained weight over the weekend, am hoping it's only fluid retention though as I haven't been watching my sodium intake the last few days. Spent Saturday at my uncle's house with family, so food was whatever was available. I spent Easter Sunday with my aunt, and we went out to Red Lobster for lunch then a movie. Good news was on both days I only ate a late lunch...so didn't have a lot of meals to eat a lot of calories on. When we went to the movies, I had an ice cream sandwich, but that was it. Felt good to not have gone overboard despite wanting to stop on my way home last night and get fast food (which I resisted!) Still, the sodium content was enough to put on the weight. Luckily it's not so hard to get off. Unfortunately I'm so tired I'm craving carbs/sweets...and my daughter gave me an Easter basket FULL of candy! UGH!

Ukemama...hope that the doc can figure it out for you so that you can get the treatment necessary to lose weight.

Plainsgirl...WTG on not gaining that 5 lbs over the weekend!

LuvCats...WTG on sticking to the workout! I haven't worked out in weeks as I've either been too busy or too tired.

MTA...we had a crazy weekend. All the weather forecasts kept saying rain, but the rain has only come at night with the days being rather nice. We need the rain, but we need the beautiful weather too!

04-02-2013, 11:57 AM
Hiya Zeke :)

Zeke- WELCOME!! :wel3fc: Im fairly new around here as well and these ladies have already helped me. I think about all of the kind words of support every time I want to shove un-needed food in my mouth or sit on my bum instead of getting a workout in.

Hello and thank you! :)