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03-01-2013, 12:34 PM
Ok chicks, new page on the calendar, new thread for the month. Long title this one is but I picked Laura since we have used suggestions from Annie and Michelle thusfar so giving Laura a crack at it.

Will be back after I do the rest of the set up.

03-01-2013, 01:19 PM
Ok now, let me try and catch up. Yesterday we purchased DH's (although he adamantly says it's OUR) newest toy. A black and yellow, very very sporty side by side ATV. Ok, this is a "muscle" ATV, probably the size of a Toyota RAV4 car. It had just been delivered to the dealer, set up and placed on the showroom floor. We stopped at the dealer because we were looking at another model and came to check with one of the trail experts if there were limitations with the side by sides. DH was IN LOVE :cloud9::D:val2::bike: the minute he saw this. And even more so when the saleman turned it on as it sounds just like a Harley Davidson motorcycle. There is alot of power in this machine. I saw that boyish smile on DH - the same one I saw on him when we came to visit up here and he had such a great time shooting and playing ATV with the cousin. We had agreed to get a side by side ATV since we both very much enjoy the trail riding. The 2 models we looked at had different features so I told him he could pick out the one he wanted. As long as the seat was comfortable for me (it was) and we can take it on most of the trails (we can) - it didn't really matter to me which one we got. He's all excited. I think he was and is worried about this heart procedure and he's been focusing on it so hopefully this will give him something to distract him from worrying. He's reading trail maps and planning the first of our road trips. That seemed to take all day and afterwards we went out to dinner at a new place we wanted to try. Good fried chicken and pizza so it will be nice to have another option for dinner.

Ceejay - I'm looking at it snowing here and hoping you got the opportunity to watch a bit of it yourself. Congrats on the weight loss for the week. Sounds like you are liking the metabolic plan you are following.

Shad - sounds like you will be spending your birthday in Darwin. Lovely. I was surprised at your comment about the groceries and pantry. I would think of you being a more fresh/whole foods person stocking the shelves. Do you have that much packaged stuff or is it things in the freezer that you need to use up? In any event, it's good to plan things out so that you don't waste much. Just that I'll be towards the end the things left over won't sound so appetizing - isn't that the way it goes? Loved the cat picture - I do feel that way about thin mints :o

Mel - hope you are feeling a bit better today. I suspect not as you usually post by now. But at this point you know what you need to do - just stick with the plan and don't make things worse.

Laura - were you able to resist that cake frosting? Sounds like you didn't know what kind of Girl Scout cookies you ordered. Did you forget or just tell them you'd take one box of their choosing? Good luck on the weigh in this morning. Double motivation to be good! Congrats on handling a sticky situation at the meeting with the difficult person. Particularly if you helped the boss out by taking the reins.

Annie - geez louise - all that fuss for moving 2 floors????? Did they give up the floor space entirely? Otherwise I don't see how they'd save money on the move considering the cost of the move and relocating phones and computers. One company that I worked for in downtown Chicago got bought out and they scrunched 4 floors of people down to 1 - talk about sardines :yikes: what didn't make sense to me was that there was an interior - as in right in the middle of the floor - custom built open staircase that connected all 4 floors. The cost alone to close that back up had to be enormous. I hope you are doing ok - getting enough rest and that your b/p numbers are good.

Michelle - hope you are feeling better too. Bummer that you have to work Saturday. Hope your visiting friend had a good time. When is the new roomie moving in?

DH went to drop off some cardboard at the recycle center so I think I'll have a quick shower. We still have errands to run that keep following us day after day. Time flies even when you are retired. We drove by the popcorn shop yesterday and they had a sign in the window that they are closed until further notice. I thought it odd that everything was removed from the windows and shelves. I know she said things will get really slow the next 2 months - it's probably better to close entirely than waste the product to make it and only sell a portion of it. And with the accident with their son, I'm thinking they may have gone back home for a while to grieve. Guess I would have been out of a job anyway. (I am enjoying being back home again - so much to do - I think I am cured of the idea of working again ;) ) Anyway, happy Friday kids. The weekend is upon us.

It's lightly snowing up here, partially sunny and some what mild for this area for now. The old saying for the beginning of March weather - in like a lion, out like a lamb - doesn't seem to fit today. It's actually kind of neutral so I guess the prediction is - a whole month of more of the same. :lol: See yahs :wave:

03-01-2013, 01:38 PM
HAPPY....oh boy oh boy, a new ATV at the commune. You are making it sound more and more fun. I cannot wait to retire with you another 15 or 16 years tho....maybe I can visit before then. hahahaha Yes we are condensed to half the size suite that we used to have only with NO storage, work room or conference room...Our kitchen room has the shred it bin, postage machine, the MFD (multi-function device..fax, scan, copier), coffee machine, file cabinet and the closet off of that room is now the IT closet with the rack of gunk to keep us running. So much fun! The kitchen cabinets have office supplies in them.

It is dreary here with expect lite snow on Monday. The sun is supposed to shine on Sunday. We will stay in the mid 30's until next week on Friday...then move on to the 40s. I will be glad when it gets warm and stays that way. I can barely get through the winter anymore. I just hate cold weather. Only 19 days til Spring. :) Yay!!

I had a small salad for breakfast. 95 cals with spritz spray dressing. Lunch was chili from Wendy's. I figure the chili is ok as it was one of the things we could eat when I first had bariatric surgery. Something about the way they make it and there is no grease in it. Don't know what I will fix for dinner tonight...thinking baked pork chops.

Not much else going on here, loved the hat idea. Today's hat was construction I guess. Had to climb up on the desk and put two ceiling tiles back in place that have been that way since day 1. How can people just walk by things they see needs done and not do anything about it. Nerve wracking.

Better get going....loves.

03-01-2013, 02:11 PM
Morning all (at least it was when I started this). Happy Friday. :carrot: Even though it's probably too early for lunch for some folks, I'm starving, so I'm eating lunch right now! :hun:

Happy - Thanks for setting us up for March. So is your computer back up to snuff now? I'm not big on a lot of the sugar-free stuff, except for the packet of splenda I add to my tea and the occasional diet soda. I generally don't bother with reduced fat cheeses and the like because I don't think bf would go for it. Though I did turn him on to neufchatel cheese once I finally tried it, and that's like having reduced fat cream cheese. As for the higher point value diet frozen entrees, they've never been very satisfying to me, so I suppose it'll make it easier to limit them There's really only a couple that I like enough to buy.

Ceejay - I'm not a huge fan of logging my food either, but it's gotten easier. Unfortunately, when I really need to be tracking my eating, I haven't been - the weekends. :( We'll see if I can track this weekend... with a ww weigh-in coming up on Tuesday, I'm more motivated to, LOL. Good going on the exercise!!!:ebike:

Shad - So is it that the consultants have taken to cycling once they experienced your chaufeurring services? :lol: Have a wonderful weekend at the markets and doing your other shopping. PS Love the cat pic! I'll have you know I delivered that box of GS thin mint cookies to bf entirely intact. (Thank goodness I hadn't ordered the peanut butter ones!!!) :D

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies! Have a wonderful weekend!
I was starving this morning because I didn't eat anything pre-weigh in for the weight loss contest. I believe I had a 6- or 7-pound loss, partially because I was wearing lighter jeans, and I didn't wear my cardigan for the weigh-in this time. And I've definitely lost a couple pounds since starting WW on Tuesday. No $10 penalty for me! :carrot:

Last night bf and I went to the market and I loaded up on a lot of fruits and veggies. I didn't see the naval orange display until after I'd selected two other types of oranges, so now I have naval oranges, mineolas, and honey tangerines in the crisper. BTW, I'm eating a mineola right now and it's YUMMY. :)

Tonight bf and I are meeting some friends for dinner at a place that also has bocce and regular bowling, and live music as well. Should be fun, but I need to look at their menu online and try to pick out something that's not too damaging.

Tommorrow night I'm meeting some other friends for dinner and a movie. We're going to Calif. Pizza Kitchen, so I'll have to check their menu as well.

Nothing much else planned for the weekend, but I need to continue to take nibbles out of the file organization project. And I suppose I should start my taxes!

Dang, all the food is gone, so I guess that means lunch is over. Back to work. :halfempty

03-01-2013, 03:40 PM
Hi everyone -

Happy - Thanks for setting up the new thread and congrats on the new toy!! I hope you both have (and wear) helmets.

Annie - Good job on the eating! Thanks for helping me through the blues last night. I hate counting the days until the calendar says it's spring, because I know that Mother Nature doesn't let Wisconsin have spring until at least mid to late April...though I am looking forward to spring/summer this year...cuz I'm California dreaming!

Laura - Congrats on the weight loss! :bravo: Didn't realize that the groupon coupon I sent ya' was a two-fer-one. Sorry. I'd like it if my ex started on our taxes. Since we were married for all of 2012, we're filing married jointly. But I know that today and tomorrow will be spent emptying the moving truck and maybe starting on unpacking and putting things away. And he's already exhausted from driving cross country. I'll remind him about the taxes next weekend. Have fun at dinner tonight. I really enjoy bowling and bocce...but haven't done much bowling with my bad back...and only do bocce ball at Festa Italiana in the summertime. I AM going to miss Milwaukee's great festivals and the State Fair.

I've got a busy weekend ahead. If I were smart, I'd try and do laundry and grocery shopping tonight...hopefully I'll at least get one or the other done. Laundry is now done at the laundromat so rather than the ex's house. So I can do more than one load at a time. :) If I'm being realistic though...I think grocery shopping may happen tonight and laundry may wait until Sunday. Tomorrow, I'll be leaving for work at 7 and home by 1 hopefully. Since unlike my co-workers I don't have any code to push to production, I may see if I can just assist with testing and do it from home. :dunno:

Saturday afternoon and Sunday, I need to clear more stuff out of the room my friend will move into. She said she doesn't mind if the inversion machine stays there, but I'd like to move the cross country ski machine out. And I'm leaving a couple small bookcases in there that she can use because I don't have room (or the back) to move them. I think my friend will be officially moving in on the 8th, but she may be bringing things over between now and then.

I had to turn in my key and garage door opener to my ex's house yesterday. The GF doesn't want me coming in, which I completely understand. It will just make it a bit more inconvenient to drop off/pick up Santa (before I could do this even if no one was home). My ex says it's because she doesn't want me to see the house a mess with all her stuff piled up. :dunno:

The past 24 hours have been a rough time for me emotionally. I think I was in denial or numb or avoiding my feelings about his gf moving in. Yesterday, the reality of it hit me. I feel very stuck and trapped and...kind of cold/snowy Wisconsin. And he's there with a woman he loves and who loves him. She's living the life I had and will probably live it least better than he and I were the last few years. I do want him and her to be happy. I'm just a bit envious that my life is kind of on hold until the snow melts and I can get a job out west and move close to the Pacific Ocean that is so loudly calling me. :beach: Thanks, Annie, for the compassionate butt kick last night. I just don't want any nasty comments on my FB page because my ex's mom and sisters and friends are still friends of mine. I don't blame him or her...they fell in love...the heart wants who the heart wants. They could've handled it a kinder manner...but we can't change the past.

I'll be okay. I will get through this. The loss of a relationship is a loss..and as such...there's grief...and as I know from experience...grief is like peeling an onion. You peel back layers and layers and it occasionally causes tears. Thankfully, I've got wonderful and supportive friends, and a terrific family. :D I'm very, very blessed. Annie - no more butt kicking butt is sore! :rofl:

Speaking of back is getting a little less sore and my back and legs give out less often. I still have trouble standing after sitting or laying down for a long time. I think it's something about the weight bearing that's giving me fits. My hamstrings and calves are extremely tight and I've been starting to do gentle stretches. I was able to take Santa on a short walk last night, and I used my cane to help in case my legs/back gave out. I might get up the courage to use the inversion machine. I know that the decompression from inverting will feel good...but I'm a bit concerned about how it will feel when I turn upright again and everything compresses together. :yikes:

Better get back to it.

Much love and many hugs,

03-01-2013, 06:10 PM
Happy - I didn't realize you'd snuck in on me! That toy sounds like it'll be a lot of fun for you and DH! :) :) Yes, I resisted the cake and the frosting yesterday - thanks to being with both the admin and the boss, who are also participating in the weight loss contest. We were all very conscious of today's weigh-in. :D As for the GS cookies, I'd forgotten which ones I'd ordered. Depending on my willpower level the day I ordered, it could have been the mints, which I can usually resist, or the peanut butter cookies, which I can't. I'm thankful it turned out to be the mints!

Annie - Sounds like an awfully tight fit - and you'll be there for 2 years??!! Yeh, I'm so over this wintry weather. I fell on my walk to the train station this morning. Grrrr. It's a shame we didn't get the snow earlier in the season, like for Christmas!!

Michelle - Hope you can work from home tomorrow and be comfy. Glad your back is starting to feel better, but don't go moving anything heavy this weekend! I suppose I can understand the ex's gf not wanting you in the house is sad for you, though, especially now that reality has hit. Big change for six month's time, given that you were married all those years. Maybe now that part #1 of the "limbo period" - as concerns the ex - is well and truly over now, it'll be easier for you. I know it's a dreary, depressing season of the year, and it'll be a while until part #2 happens - moving cross-country and making a job change, but try and focus on the new opportunities that await you instead of looking back. :hug:


03-01-2013, 07:16 PM
Thanks, Laura. It's just hard. I so can't wait to get the eff outta here and put him, her and all this sh*t behind me. Well done on avoiding the cake...and on ordering GS cookies that you CAN resist.

03-01-2013, 08:19 PM
I've not seen an ATV the size of a RAV4. That would be a classified as a monster in my book. We did get some spitting snow. Which you could barely see. It sure is cold here. I can't seem to get warm.

Congrats on the weight loss. What is bocce? I've never heard of it. Hope you didn't hurt yourself during the fall. Never heard of a mineolas either.

Hope you can work from home tomorrow. Glad your back is feeling better.

Most people see those things but will not do anything about it or claim they don't know how to do anything. I'm like you I try.

Nothing new here. Accomplished several errands and paid bills. and cleaned the bath room and kitchen.
I'm supposed to go to Paragould for lunch tomorrow to visit with a cousin that's coming up from Little Rock, AR.

To funny about the others taking to bicycles.

My aunt called and said that my cousin was sick so she isn't coming. Yeah, I don't have to go to Paragould. More time to myself.

03-02-2013, 09:02 AM

For some reason I thought I posted here yesterday.
Guess it was in my dreams.
Feeling much better all over but not pushing it.
Told the boss that Jen & Richie are doing weekends for awhile.
It's been very busy here.
And with Sal & the cancer it's been draining as well.
He just has no one else to tell his fears too.
Jen spent time with him yesterday after he was here.
I am not posting about him every day.
I need a place to go that's just for me and you. :hug:

Moving along.......
I weighed in at 184....that number was so good to see!
Looks like I might just keep going down by half pounds.
That's OK with me :dancer: Something is better than nothing.
Taking the weekend to relax & get back to a routine.
I need to go back and read what's been going on but not doing personals.
So have a great weekend :encore:

03-02-2013, 09:16 AM


03-02-2013, 10:43 AM
Good morning ladies -

I actually had to come into the office today. Oh well, it's okay. It's only for a half-day. I dropped Santa off at my ex's and asked if I could pick him up around 4 or 5 so that I could run errands after work (groceries, laundromat, etc.). In other words I got essentially NOTHING done last night except for clearing the rest of the stuff out of my new roommate's bedroom, and moving the inflatable queen bed in there (the one which my friend from CA slept on, and my only extra bed). It's not much, but it's the best I can offer her.

Either later today or tomorrow, I've got to gather my receipts for donations to charity (mostly clothes, craft supplies and household items I gave to Goodwill) so that I can give them to my ex for taxes. I also want to update my resume so that I'll be all ready to start applying for positions in CA. Another thing on my to do list is to continue to go through my mountain of boxes to determine what I want to move to CA and what I want to get rid of. I've been feeling very stuck/trapped here (I'm sure part of the reason is that I want to leave this snow/cold and head toward the 60 or 70+ degree temps of sunny CA). I'm thinking that the more steps (even if they're sometimes baby steps) I can take, the more I'll feel like I'm making progress toward moving forward. I'm definitely ready for moving toward MIRTH!

I'm sorry I've been such a downer these past few months. Thanks for all your love, support and patience. I've just got to let it all go, move past it, and get started on my bright future. :) Sometimes that's easier said than done when the day to day b.s. happens...but it's about :censored: time to change my focus from the past to the steps I can take in the present to make my future a wonderful reality! :)

Mel - I'm so sorry to hear about Sal. I can understand his fear. You are a good friend to be there for him. Congrats on the continued weight loss!! :bravo: I'm glad Jen and Richie are taking the weekends for awhile. I hope you do take time for you and relax. I promise, I'll do some relaxing this weekend too. :)

Ceejay - That's too bad that your cousin is ill, but I'm glad it means that you get more time for you! :yes:

Better sign off...the team will have code enhancements ready for me to test soon.

03-02-2013, 11:12 AM
It's snowing!!!!!!!! It's not supposed to amount to much but there's a dusting in the back yard. Nothing in the front yard. The flakes are small. The roof tops have been covered.

Rode the bike again for 30 minutes last night. This is getting easier.

Since I don't have to go to Paragould I'm going to do some cooking for the week. I'm going to make the taco soup and mexican chicken.

Sorry you had to go into work this morning.

03-02-2013, 12:54 PM
Morning all,

Blindingly sunny day out there. Wish it wasn't so messy with melting snow. I think we're supposed to be in the 40's next week. Spring is coming :crossed:

Ceejay - good going on the bike riding. 30 minutes is a good goal to shoot for. Keep up with it because one can lose the stamina so quickly. Enjoy the sight of the snow - at least it's only temporary and hopefully you don't have to go out in it.

Michelle - when I saw you had to give up access to the ex's place - you just know the new GF doesn't want you there. And she can't be all that secure in her relationship either. Sorry that you will lose access to some things that would help out but don't be surprised (and hurt) if the ex backs off from you too. Just best that you close the door behind you and look forward. Use it as motivation. I know how easy it is to get "stuck" - knowing you have some things to do to move forward but being a bit paralized too. Every thing you do that takes you to the next place is a victory. Hope the weekend testing goes well at work.

Mel - good to hear from you. It's nice that you are there for Sal. I think it helps to have someone help you over the hump of acceptance - and nothing is as scary as cancer. Congrats on beating that scale down another week. Sounds like the program is working for you. Keep up the good work!

Laura - it's probably a good thing so many people are participating in the weight loss program - helps you through things like tempting cake and the like. Did you do well on your weekly weigh in? And to your question - yes my computer is working better - at least not crashing but I still get wierd pauses and stuff that I'm not sure what is going on. I'm turning into one of those cranky end users :rollpin: :lol:

Annie - laughed about your comment on toys at the commune. With 2 ATVs and Mel's chair we have all the makings of a parade. She can be the grand marshall and go first. I have 2 bikes also - will have to put Laura and Ceejay on them as they have the sturdier bicycle legs :lol:

:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: xxx :scooter: xxx :ebike: xxx :ebike: xxx :moped: xxx:moped: xxx :dancer::dancer::dancer:

I always thought Wendy's chili was pretty decent. It's one of the few that didn't give me heartburn. That's a pretty good sign of approval if you can eat that after bariatric surgery. Looks like you are sticking well with the diet plan too. Guess I have to jump into the parade before I find myself sitting on the ground eating dust. The new toy has really big shock absorbers but I don't want to test them too much :lol:

Shad - hope you are enjoying your weekend. What's going on by you?

Guess I'll go rustle up something to eat. Got a nice box of strawberries at Walmart yesterday. Have to eat them quickly because they seem to mold up overnight. And these even smell like strawberries so maybe there's some taste to them too.

Have a good weekend people.

03-02-2013, 01:11 PM
Happy - you are quite right about the GF (or my ex..not sure) not being comfortable with me there. Today, when I dropped off Santa, he and I were discussing a piece of furniture that he previously told me he was giving to his mom, she didn't want it, I mentioned I would like it, and we were trying to work out logistics of him bringing it to my place while he still has the moving truck...despite me being at work. I gave him a key to my place...and then on my way to work, I changed my mind and decided it's just not worth the hassle. With me not there, he probably wouldn't put it where I want it, and I can't move something so heavy. I can't even slide it. Anyway, when we were talking with me standing outside in the cold and wind (13 degrees), I asked if I could just step inside the door so we could discuss this without me freezing and without him letting all the heat out. NOPE. NO WAY. I get that he and she have that right...but really? I thought we were going to be adults and be civil. I'll get over this. Hopefully just 8-12 more weeks. I know it would be best for me to just step away. It just may take a week or so to line up better day care options for Santa, and a part of me kind of hopes that the atmosphere/vibes/situation will be improved by then. It sucks cuz he said, and still says, he would like us to stay friends...and I'd like least until I move...but maybe she is too insecure to have that. And I have to admit, during the early stage of our relationship I was insecure about his continued friendships with his ex girlfriends. Kind of ironic...I guess I should've STAYED insecure...maybe I wouldn't have been blindsided.

03-02-2013, 05:07 PM
Evening all...didn't get anything I wanted to accomplished today that I wanted. My bro who is living with my dad called and said I needed to come over, he found something that I would be glad to have. I guessed several things, but was wrong...Momma's diamond wedding ring and band have been missing since before she died. He found them in a ziplock bag in with some papers while cleaning dad's room out. He wanted to be sure they got to me before anyone else tried to lay claims on them since I am the only girl. Also dad's wedding band. Guess what when C and I get married we will have the bands as ours.

Holy crap, I almost lost this post....

CHELLE....I tell you, when I finally did not have to deal with my xdh, once the kids were grown, my life got a whole lot better, happier, nicer etc etc. Find Santa a new doggie daycare, and do not have anything more to do with them and their evil, nasty, sinful world. Get your taxes done and be done with them...with all the friends you have you do NOT need him as one of them. Start your new life and world without that bad taste in your mouth. ok off rant.

HAPPY....I love a good parade. Sass can sit in MELLIE's lap all the while MELLIE does the queen wave. C can rollerblade along as that is one of his passions. I cannot even stand up on them.

SHADDIE...unless Cs work changes to an easier route/day, coming to Australia is being put on the back burner. Not totally out of the picture, but less of a chance now. I am so unhappy with that, however C has to do what he has to do to keep things running. On a good note....the route he is buying that his company told him would take 5-10 years to pay, will actually be paid for by this June, thanks to his hard work and his company wanting and buying some of his stops off of him....YEAH!! That is a record, the route will be paid for in less than a year!

Gonna post and come back before I lose this.

03-02-2013, 05:15 PM
CEEG...snow, snow, snow,,you can have all of it you want and ours too! I hate snow, cold weather, and dreary days. That is great you rode your bike for 30 mins, if it is getting easier, then move it up to 45 mins. I am making white chili tomorrow for the painting party, altho taco soup sounds wonderful and I bought the ingreds to make that too!

MELLIE...glad Jen and Richie can help out by taking the weekends for you. You need to rest and get all your parts to feeling better. Maybe a lil of momma Annie's chickie noodle soup? So sad about your friend with cancer, I pray the God takes the pain and suffering and makes him healthy and whole again.

LAURA...OMG I wish it were a two year lease, unfortunately it is a 5 year lease with the first right to refusal on the suite next door to expand. They better get to expanding before someone Congrats on the loss and not losing 10 bucks. When summer comes it will be easier to eat fruits and veggies, always seems that way to me. Probably because I have a garden and live for warm weather and a garden.

ELLEN...where are you sister, hope all is well with least let us know you are alive!!

back in a minute posting before I lose it.

03-02-2013, 05:24 PM
OH and HAPPY....I love a nice hot summer day, could you please see about getting a pool for the commune. I am not talking about my lil baby pools I get every year for my back porch either. According to SHADDIE....big enough for her to do laps. Let us not skimp on our recreational items. lol Ok I can pitch in 10 or 20 dollars towards the Now as far as Sven the pool dude/massage dude/and servant, I will go about 20K, if you all can pick up the hahahahahhaahhaah

My man is getting home early 6 pm....since I spent so much time at dad's house today, I have not even thought about dinner....maybe he can eat leftovers from last night....I made chicken bruschetta chicken and angel hair pasta and have tons left and it is oh so good.

Sass is passed out in my lazyboy as she went to dads with me. My two nephews and their GFs came over and brought lunch...baked ham, greenbean casserole and mashed taters...chocolate cake which I passed on since I do not like chocolate. Anyway, Sass thought it necessary to bark at one of my nephews till she warmed up to him. That is the most I have heard her bark since she was My nephew just kept egging her on and laughing at her which made her bark more. By the end we were all laughing at Sass.

Gotta go and relax a dad and his house exhausts me. Don't know why but it does...maybe because I clean while I am there. I washed a wall down and dusted the living room, talk about sneezing my head off. Whew!! I had to use paper towels rather than the normal cloth dusting rag as there was so much dust on things. Now my head is clogged....

Love and hugs

03-03-2013, 01:25 AM
Well really...someone else post, it is after midnight and I am bored. Need someone to post and keep me company. Hallmark channel is running a movie I have already seen, but good enough to watch again. Happy Sunday SHADDIE, or Sunday nite by the time you read this....have a good week at that miserable job. Hopefully it will pass quicker than you think. C was fine with leftovers, too funny, he said my leftovers were better than anyone elses first shot at it....He steals my heart. Tomorrow is white chicken chili for the painting crew...Hope they like it. Probably oughta get the rest of the laundry folded. there anyone out there that wants to chit chat? haha.

03-03-2013, 02:47 AM
Annie - I certainly hope that the stops the company are taking away from C are not the most lucrative ones. Fine that he is beavering away to make things better for himself, but don't trust the company too much.
Sad that you won't be here but you can always wait for Michelle to move to CA and then do the journey in a couple of hops.

Happy thanks for setting up the new thread. I had in mind to do it last time I posted however, like lots of other things, it slipped my mind.

Mel - hope the shoulder is coming right. Keep calm and let the kids do the work.

Laura - how did the weigh in go? Hope you lost a bit so you didn't have to pay the fine.

Ceejay - Snowing???? Oh no! Winter - go away.

Michelle - Leave the love birds to it. Just stay away. You are only going to hurt yourself some more and personally I think the whole thing will self-destruct anyway. Post, e-mail or fax the tax returns and get on with your own stuff, you don't need the hassle, you don't need the furniture - just more to shift later, you don't need the ex. Let him be ex.
To keep in touch with the DMIL if you wish to, invite her around to your place. Pick her up from the kerb and drop her off there.

Okay - that's my 2c worth. I'm about to make some sushi for lunches for the next couple of days. A smoked trout one and a chicken one. Chicken will be cooked in lemon and honey and will have some roasted red pepper with it and some lettuce. The trout will have red pepper and some onion in it. And if there is enough rice left, I will do some spiced egg and lettuce as well. Definitely non traditional Japanese but then I am not in Japan and I am not Japanese.
So saying the day is getting away from me. I had better get on with it. Back to work tomorrow. About 9 weeks to go.
Oh and remind me to get in touch with the hairdresser tomorrow. I don't so much need a cut, but there is silver showing among the brown.

03-03-2013, 03:11 AM
Ok Shad, you have me tempted. Just how do you make your untraditional sushi? With a mat and seaweed?

03-03-2013, 03:36 AM
Annie - as for the pool, funny you should say that because I was just telling someone today (I forgot who actually :lol: ) that one thing we'd never get here is a pool. An outdoor pool. Not to say we couldn't clear out some trees out back, build a glass pool house / green house and put one in but ... filling the bugger would kill the poor well pump we have (hazards of rural living) and there's no fire hydrant in sight for the next 4 miles. Guess I could have them fill up the firetruck which would entertain Mel. However, it does not get warm enough up here long enough to warm pool water to the temp we'd be comfortable with. Daytime sun is quite warm and it won't be long before we'll be out having coffee on the deck watching the snow melt in the yard. But it cools quickly once the sun sets - kind of like living on Saturn I suppose. And night time chill always outranks day time warming. That's why we could not swim in Memphis much after Labor Day even tho we'd have days in the high 80's well into October. And DH said that it takes ALOT of money and energy to heat a swimming pool - even one you do short laps in. So.. I'm sorry - no one wants a pool more than me but unless one of you marries well or wins the lottery, we will have to be happy with the blow up kiddie pool at the commune. And don't be surprised if 136 wild turkeys, 12 deer, lots of birds, a few Eagles (and we ain't talking Glen Frey and Joe Walsh), an occasional bear, some foxes and the goats down the road decide to use our swimming hole as a personal drinking fountain. We do however have 346 very cold lakes in the county if you are brave enough... Rollerblades eh? I think you need legs longer than 2 feet long to use those. There's just the possiblity of breaking too many bones with those even tho I loved to skate. Heck C will fit right in - I watched the cross country ski race last week on webcam and one of the ski styles looked alot like the side to side push of rollerblades. In any event he can be the flag bearer in the parade since he doesn't have to use his hands to steer and if he can go fast enough, he'll get a nice wind and wave on the old flag. Which means we have to create a flag for us. Who's artistic? I have not cracked open the watercolor box yet or I'd volunteer. Doesn't Mel like to draw?

Michelle - I do agree with the others about walking away from the ex. It will only hurt you. Personally, I don't see this relationship working out. First she is moving from a totally different area of the country. Different culture. Different food, different everything. I'm from the midwest, I like the midwest (although not fond of the smelly smokers and people shopping in pj bottoms at the local Walmart). I'm not sure I'd fit into northern California and I certainly would not be happy in the Los Angeles area for 2 seconds. So I'm sure she will be horrified and bored and frigid very shortly. And as you know we are rounding the bend out of winter so she had no idea.... Then for the life of me I can't even imagine her moving in and starting a new relationship when his Mom is living there. I'm sure she's a nice lady but man, that's just awkward. Not only can you not be intimate (know they won't be having much sex - muhahahahahahahaha :D ) but you can't even have a regular old argument without it being uncomfortable for someone. :rolleyes: I know you could use the help on some things but hopefully there are friends who might be able to step in once in a while. I am appalled that he would not let you inside the door to finish your furniture conversation. He probably didn't want you to see the shiny new box she put his balls in. :s: Seriously - that is very telling. You don't need to be lugging heavy furniture out west. Start over at Ikea. With new stuff that doesn't remind you of another life. I just hope poor Santa will not suffer for this. :(

Geez I'm hungry. DH and I took an early dinner and I had fish and veggies which have probably been digested by now. That's what I get for eating healthy. But it's 1:30 in the morning. Too late for even a light snack so I guess I'm going to bed hungry like a poor orphan Please sir... just a crust of bread, won't you???? :lol: Talk to you in the morning kids...

03-03-2013, 04:34 AM
That bit is traditional. You can't not roll it in seaweed and slice it up. When the seaweed softens up, it isn't bad stuff.
I've just done four rolls.
1 with trout, red pepper and red onion
1.with chicken, red pepper and lettuce
1. with pork rubbed with morrocan spices, red pepper and lettuce
1 with egg and lettuce. Egg has been mashed with lo fat cream and herbs.

Lunch is done, but I did so much tasting that I don't want dinner. So I now reckon it is wine oclock, time with the news and then masterchef and Downton Abbey. Weekend is done.

03-03-2013, 10:01 AM






YOU GOT OUR SNOW!!! :ginger:




03-03-2013, 10:28 AM
I could see where the wild life in your area would think that the cement pond was there's. As far as the late night snack, I usually have one.

I'm glad you like Sushi cause I don't. However, the chicken might not be to bad. Yep we had snow flurries yesterday. Didn't amount to anything but a dusting for maybe an hour.

Ah how sweet that your brother found your mom's wedding rings and that you and C will use the bands. Guess I'm a sentimentalist to say the least.
My house is clean once again. Gonna try to keep things picked up this week.

Hope you are getting to rest. It was a good idea for the kids to take the phone.

It's a sad time right now. Sending you a :hug: Things will get better. Maybe once your new room mate moves in her dog and Santa will get along and you will not have to find a day care for him.

I really didn't want to get up this morning but I had to come to work. No news is good news.

03-03-2013, 01:07 PM
Morning all.

Michelle - The weekends sure go by fast, don't they?? Doesn't help when the workweek is elongated. What ever happened to no weeks over 40 hours at your job??!! Sorry things are now strange with the ex. Agree with everyone else, best to distance yourself from the ex and look forward. Good for you not accepting the additional piece of furniture - you'll be better off without it at moving time.

Ceejay - Yay for more cycling! I'm almost motivated to get into some workout clothes and head to the gym today. "A journey of a thousand steps starts with one." Did you cook?? :hun: Hope the snow doesn't stick around! Bocce is an Italian lawn bowling game, and it can be played on a formal "court" or on any lawn. We have a bocce ball set of our own and in the past it was funny to be rolling the bocce balls on our lumpy, tree-root filled backyard lawn. The ball didn't always end up where you expected it too! Minneolas, I learned, are a variety of tangelo. Now we know. ;)

Mel - Good job on the weight loss - slow and steady wins the race. I almost think losing it all quickly doesn't give one enough time to get new habits to "stick". Glad the kids are taking over the weekends for a bit. Sal is lucky he has you to talk to. :yes: I like your March graphic with the sun and green in it. It looks like the temps will tick up a bit in my area starting around Wed. and I hope that means the end is near for Old Man Winter. Buh bye!! :wave:

Annie - How wonderful your parent's rings were found and that you have them. How nice to have them for your wedding. :) A five-year lease in the sardine can?! Ugh, maybe you need to make life uncomfortable for the neighboring tenants so they vacate more quickly and you can expand your space! Yeh, I think once I give increased fruits and veges a try it'll get easier, but I do love my carbs and sweets and today's starting off a bit grumpy for me because of that. The weekends are hard for me. I don't keep busy enough to keep my mind off what I'm missing... Sorry I wasn't awake post-midnight to chat. :blah: Happy painting today!

Shad - The weight loss contest weigh-in was fine. If I recall my starting weight correctly, I lost 6-7 pounds in the month, but like I said part of that was lighter clothes and no pre-WI eating this time around. (The first contest weigh-in was preceded by a pizza luncheon, and one woman in the contest said she guzzled a LOT of water before her first weigh in and so the 2nd weigh in naturally showed a great result.) They are also using one of those physician's scales, so the reading might not be as consistent as a digital display...but I did lose some weight on my first week of ww so that also helped. We'll see if it survives to Tuesday's WW WI! :lol: How did the sushi come out? Your versions sound tasty.

Happy - I think I recall that the speed skaters use the in-line skates to keep in shape for the season, so I can see it working for the cross-country skiers too. When I watched the Olympics, I recall that when the terrain wasn't all flat, they changed their movements to get up the inclines and it looked more like skating.


Friday's dinner out with two other couples was nice. We didn't, however, do any bocce or bowling afterwards. Yesterday I did some more file organization in the morning, and then I spent a bit of time finishing up the Pat Conroy novel I was reading, South of Broad. The book was way too long for my liking, and his writing is a bit too flowery for me, so I'm not sure I'd read another one by him. So the book was a day overdue, and then I forgot to return the book to the library when I went out yesterday, so now it's 2 days overdue. No biggie, but the book just annoyed me, so paying a fine on it just add to it. Yes, just being silly and grumpy today.

I did a load of laundry and took doggy for his walk after finishing the book. I left the house a bit early to go to the Land's End outlet that was in the same giant strip mall as the restaurant I was meeting friends at for dinner. I didn't find anything there and bought nothing.

Dinner was nice - California Pizza Kitchen. I brought home half of my pizza, but the points were still way higher than the day's allotment. Bah. We didn't go out to a movie afterwards. With so many movies starting at 7-ish, it's hard to find movies starting at 8-ish. None of us were really keen on anything either. I still want to see some of the Oscar-nominated movies, but with many clocking in at well over two hours, I prefer to just watch then on dvd at home.

Nothing going on today. I've decided that I've had enough of my off-white boiled wool cardigan. It has gray heathering in it and that makes it looks dingey, and the dog hair showing up really well doesn't help. If I saw it on the rack at a thrift shop I'd probably skip over it, so instead of donating it to charity, I've decided to indulge my curiosity and see how it would look if I dyed it brown. I want another boiled wool cardigan in the brown family, but I rarely even see boiled wool cardigans, let alone in colors or styles I like, so why not?

Okay, I'm going to eat a little something before going to the gym - perhaps one of the eggs I boiled yesterday - but I AM going, and I will do 30 minutes of cardio.


03-03-2013, 01:29 PM
Morning all,

Annie I also meant to say that I was delighted they found your parents wedding bands. Using them as your bands is a very nice idea - just happy that you have them back in your possesion again.

Ceejay - hope there's nothing too crazy going on at work. Did things calm down with the "situation" after you had a talk with the boss?

Mel - just be careful that you don't lose so much you float out of your chair :lol: Glad you're feeling good today despite everyone around you falling down on the job.

Shad - the more I see your post about your style of eating, the more I realize how incredibly different the food over on this side of the pond is for you. I would pass on the trout. The egg sounds interesting - for the life of me I can't even imagine that as sushi. I would try that and the others as well. Thanks for clarifying that you need the seaweed to make the roll - I was wondering about that. Guess sticky rice needs something to hold it together.

Another gorgeous sunny day out there. But it's still quite cold and snow covered so will just bask in the warm of the sun indoors. I have started to go through more bins and boxes so I have quite the semi-sorted mess about the living area. I think I will spend the afternoon clearing that out. Thinking about making a soup - just not sure which kind yet.

:wave: to the rest of the chicks. Have a good day mates.

03-03-2013, 03:03 PM
Yes I did do some cooking but the taco soup was a bit spicey for my tummy. I pulled a LindaT and am trying to revamp it. I may have to discard the whole thing but maybe not.

Things have improved since I've talked to my supervisor. I did tell him that I thought what he did would be considered in my opinion black mail and possibly harrassment. I wasn't going to mention this but he or someone in the water department made a picture of me while at the car wash and was going to use it against me if I didn't come to work that following Sunday. I had missed work on Wednesday. And stayed in bed that day with 100.4 temperature. Had a 101 temp Tuesday night when I got home from work. I also told him what I did on my days off was for me and that I was single and took care of myself. I didn't care what happened at that point and he knew it. And at this point still don't care. I told him I wasn't going to the ER again in an ambluance from work. I don't have much faith in the bosses of this department any more, except my friend boss who has calmed me down considerably.

I've been riding the bike for around 8 miles per night except last night which was only 4 miles. I can tell a big, big difference.

03-03-2013, 03:37 PM
Hi ladies -

Laundry is done, grocery shopping is done, and I took a tour of a doggy day care that's on the way to work. :) It's okay. I'm not thrilled that during "nap time", they put the animals in cages, so we'll see.

I appreciate all your wise are absolutely correct...the best thing for me would be to leave my ex-husband and ex-friend as truly ex. Leave them in my rear view mirror and not look back. Here is my concern about doggy day care though...we used to put our dogs in a doggy day care, and then one day when we picked them up, Doppler had a black eye...bruised, full of blood and swollen! And the day care place wasn't watching the dogs at the time so they couldn't tell us how it happened. Turned out it was even worse than it looked...the blow to his head/eye area was so forceful that it detached his retina and he has been permanently blind in that eye ever since. So you understand my reluctance to leave Santa in day care when I have another option....even if it is painful and unhealthy for me. Any emotional "damage" to me would be temporary...for a few months at most.

So my plan is to drop Santa at my ex's place tomorrow, call the vet and request that they mail me Santa's vaccination records, hopefully tour at least one or two more doggy day care places on the way home, and then pick up Santa either from my ex or his gf. He said she just doesn't want there to be any awkward or uncomfortable conversations...and I sure as heck don't want that either. I'll see how tomorrow goes and make my decision from there.

Granted, when I move to CA, if I can't rent a cottage or single family home, I may be forced to put Santa in doggy day care so he doesn't bother any neighbors that share adjoining walls.

I don't know if I told you that my cousin in San Diego and his wife of 20+ years have filed for divorce. They simply grew apart. Anyway, their 18-ish year old daughter (who is very sweet) lives with her, and their teenage son lives with my cousin in an apartment. So I've been thinking...since she got the house and has extra room now...I wonder if I could stay with her for a couple months until I find a place on my own. I just decided it doesn't hurt to ask, right. I prefaced it by saying that I wouldn't blame her if she said no, and I don't want to put her on the spot....blah, blah, blah. She said YES, Santa and I could live with her for a little while until he and I found a place. :) I'd pay her something for rent of course. That means that all I have to do is get a job there. :)

Now I'd better go work on my resume and also going through the rest of my boxes and culling out what I don't need/want. I'm sure moving in with her, I'll be putting a fair bit of my stuff in storage. Again, this is just a back up plan. Ideally, I'll be able to find a wonderful job and a place to live right away that offers exactly what I want: single family home or cottage, fenced yard, at least 1 bedroom (preferably 2 bedrooms), and within 1/2 hour drive to the beach. :)

On that very pleasant note, I'm going to to sign off.

Much love,






03-04-2013, 09:41 AM
Good Morning all....

Back to the sardine I know, it's a job. Can you believe this year will be 5 years I have been at Humana. Where has that time gone, just seems like yesterday I was job searching after leaving American Funds. Weird.

I made the best White Chili and corn bread and took over to the Cs house with us. My bro and SIL showed up around 10:30. They painted the master bedroom which will take another coat as Cs daughter had painted it deep eggplant purple. How awful that was and is to paint. I cleaned the stove inside and out as there was grease and gunk everywhere. Then came the fridge. I pulled both out from the wall and clean the floor, just about made me puke, grease, dirt, spills and dog hair. Wonder I don't get a lung disease from breathing it. Then did all around the edges of the floor and base board. Just about as gross and where they fed the dogs and cat was filth, then over behind the litter box. All of this in the kitchen. It couldn't of been healthy to live there. I feel like I need to drink a bottle of bleach. haha. Then we all went to Lillte Mexico for dinner. I got a spinach quesadilla. It came with a bed of lettuce with a small dip of guacamole and tomato. A bit of rice which I didn't eat. Water to drink. The quesadilla and salad was a bit much for my tummy and ended up losing a bit of it in the parking lot behind the car.

We have a winter storm coming our way. Get this, my house and most of Indy is supposed to get 1-3" of snow. Where I work on the northside the totals are 3-6". Hmm, may take me some time to get to work on Wednesday morning. Weather peeps have even named it winter storm Saturn. Hopefully this will be the last of the snow and we can move on. AMEN!! Looks like Laura is to get 6" or more of snow. Blah on that.

Oh and big and a couple of other girls have had our keyfobs zapped to get us into our free fitness center across the street. We are starting on Thursday as several of us have meetings all day long. Couldn't get any easier than that I suppose I should just do it.

MELLIE...did you receive the goodies yet? Just wondering. Hope the seniors can use them. Maybe Jen just sleeps through all the bull the seniors pull at night...hahha. Glad she can help out. How is your shoulder feeling?

SHADDIE...I am not a sushi liker, no matter the kind. I can stomach the california rolls which really isn't much of sushi, but to me since I don't like it that well I don't waste my calories on it. Good for you getting some lunches planned out.

LAURA...I am with you on fru fru writing in books, just get to the point with minimal fru fru. Our California Pizza Kitchen closed down, I was never really a big fan of it anyway. Looks like you have some major snow heading your way. We have some coming too!

CHELLE....You got quite a bit accomplished this weekend also. Good for you! Stay strong sister...we are here for you!

CEEG...good for you on standing your ground with the supervisor. Once they think they can run over you, they have you by the nuts, so to speak.

HAPPY...looks like we will be building an indoor pool/green house for the commune. lol. DH and C can be the lifeguards. haha. Of course once they see me in my bathing suit both will be scarred for life and blind. haha.

Hidee Ho all your lurkers...

Have a marvelous Monday...


03-04-2013, 10:13 AM
i must be getting better/stronger riding the bike. Last night I finished 30 minutes and only rode 7 miles. I have increased the speed. Annie, I'm not quiet up to get in 45 minutes yet.

The doctor keeps telling me that exercise is about the only thing to bring up my low hdl. My goal for my cholesterol levels is a 50 for the hdl and the ldl a 50. My ldl keeps coming down but that hdl just stays at a 34 or 35. My multivitamin also has some Niacin in it so hopefully that will also help.

What is a keyfob? Congrats on being with Humana for 5 years. Yuck on the eggplant color in the master bedroom. I need to do some painting myself in the apt. I talked to the land lord and asked him about replacing the tile with a tub surround. I told him I would buy if they could install it. He agreed. I want it to be in better shape when I leave than when I first rented it 15 years ago.

I can't blame you for being concerned about Santa and doggie care.

I revamped the soup. It still a hint of taco seasoning so that's good.

03-04-2013, 01:18 PM
Morning all. Meeting in a few minutes, but I may as well start this.

Ceejay - Only 7 miles ridden??? Sounds great to me! Keep it up.:yes: Re the hdl - my friend's husband plays a lot of hockey, but can't get his hdl level up either. His father is the same, so unfortunately it's a case of genetics standing in the way. You're probably the model tenant for your landlord, if you try to have your unit better after 15 years of inevitable wear and tear. I hope he's just as good of a landlord to you!! Glad you've got the taco soup more to your liking. :hun:

Annie - I'm sure C's house is in much MUCH better condition thanks to the efforts of you and your family! Eggplant paint - wow, that sounds like a really dark color to cover - need a good primer for that. My friend painted a wall of her bedroom that color and has a matching comforter set. It looks nice, but I don't care for really dark colors like that - I like rooms that are light and bright. Good opportunity with that fitness center to start it girl!! Re Calif. Pizza Kitchen - before Saturday I probably hadn't been to one in well over 10 years. I'm more of a traditionalist with pizza, and with all the good pizza in the Chicago area, I don't have much need for CPK. They do have a boatload of other stuff on the menu though, so if someone really wanted to go there again I might consider having a non-pizza item. Big boo for the coming storm. But 40's are being forecast for Friday, yay.

Mel - Sorry you had a lot of alarms over the weekend. :( Re movies - it seems like a lot of the movies these days are around two hours, and even longer. To see them in a theater, it better be a good, fast-paced movie or I'm not happy. I'd rather watch something like the movie "Lincoln" at home - I heard it's kind of slow-moving. The sweater took the dye really well - not sure I like the shade of brown dye I used though. :shrug: We'll see once it's fully dry.

Michelle - I hope you find a good doggy daycare for Santa. I'd sure be anxious about it after that previous horrible experience. How nice you'll be able to stay with your cousin if you don't have living arrangements made by the time your move to CA happens. :)

Happy - It was really nice having such a sunny day yesterday. :sunny: Did you make soup??

Shad - :wave:
Nothing much to report. I did get to the gym yesterday around noon and did about 20 min on the treadmill and same on the recumbent bike. It's so boring even with the tv's and my podcasts, and I even got a phone call while I was there, and yet it just seemed like forever. Bleh. After a shower and doing a load of laundry, I walked the dog.

Bf sold the last of the 4 pieces from our old office setup - a desk. The buyers picked it up yesterday afternoon. Yay, it's all gone! Onward with the file organization though...

We had a casual early dinner at Culver's. I was surprised to see that a full packet of their horseradish sauce was 4 ww points plus. Really??!! Glad I didn't have the full packet on my pot roast sandwich. After reading the ingredients, I know that the sauce has some oil, but also corn syrup (why???), but the number of points still seems disproportionate to the number of calories. Whatever. I'll have to get used to it.

Not looking forward to this storm we're getting. And of course it'll louse up everyone's commute. Glad I'll be on the train!

Okay, I'll finally get this posted before this !@#$% work interferes again. :D

03-04-2013, 01:35 PM
Morning kids,

What is it with this site that you go to hit enter for a new line and lose your entire post that you've been working on for 35 minutes????? :mad:

Geez and I had some really good rants going :lol:

What is it with all the drama on tv shows now a days? They have replaced entertainment with yelling and deviousness and general stupidity. No, I don't like to watch shows with villans you "love to hate". Because of this I stopped watching 3 shows in the last week. Less TV can never be a bad thing. I would stick with just the cooking shows but they make me hungry at night :lol:

One show I just love and always have is the Amazing Race. They tried the obnoxious couple for one season but thank goodness that concept did not stick. Anyway this week they travelled to the show's host (Phil Keogan? as well as our Shaddie's) country of New Zealand and Phil's hometown of Christchurch. OMG - it was just freakin' absolutely beautiful. Stunningly gorgeous countryside. Stunning. Wow. Just stunning. If only the airplane ride was not so long and expensive :^: They also said their are more sheep than people in the country. I guess lamb is to you what beef is to us here in the States.

We are supposed to get a bit of the snow that is hitting you. I think we are on the edge of the storm - 3 to 7 inches of snow and maybe nothing at all. It might pass just south of us and dump on Michelle, Laura and Annie. We are prepared for it although I am ready for spring already. It's supposed to hit overnight if it does come, will know as soon as I look out the window tomorrow.

I did go out to the store yesterday for bread and a few other things to round out the larder. I am well stocked. We'll be having meatloaf, steak bites, a lovely shrimp chowder. I made pork chops and fingerling potatoes and overcooked the whole lot which was disappointing. I was watching a celebrity cooking show with Rachel Ray and Guy Fieri and one of the contestants - the rapper Coolio made this really interesting looking salad which I replicated. It has arugula, baby spinach, red and yellow grape tomatoes, pine nuts, almonds, dried cranberries and you make a dressing using apple juice, agave and brown sugar. It is on the sweeter side but not cloyingly sweet. The salad was the one thing that came out delicious - worked well with the pork but would work nicely with chicken or fish too. I don't mind eating salad as a side dish in the winter - in fact if I don't get my greens in, after a while I feel sluggish.

Ceejay - you are doing so well girl on your bike riding! I'm sure you are getting stronger each time you climb into the saddle. Good going!!!! A key fob is a plastic thing that is programmed to do something. Up here Mobil gas stations had a fob that had your debit card info on it and when you went to pay for gas or snacks, you just waved your fob past the reader and it automatically paid for the goods.I think they called it a Speedpass. McDonald's was trying that out too but I'm not sure it ever really took off. They also use keyfobs as electronic access to open doors. You hold the fob to a flat plate reader and it opens the door. Wow - you've lived in your apartment for a long, long time. That's really nice that you are keeping up with the place too. Hey, it's your home, right? I'm glad things are better for you at work. That's quite a story. No wonder you were upset.

Annie - congratulations on your 5 year anniversary. Geez we have been together so long now that it's hard to believe so much time has passed. I do remember when you first started there. OMG - I can't believe how disgustingly filthy that house was. C's daughter deserves a good beat down. Sorry but she sounds like low life trash to not only live that way but to leave someone's place like that. I totally get how you wanted to wear a face mask and sniff bleach. I feel sorry for the animals that had to live like that too. Very sad. I'm sure C feels compelled to make excuses for her. :( As for the egglplant color - yuk. My old boss redecorated her bedroom in that color. I guess it was good for sleeping - very dark - but I thought it was ugly. The only way that works is a very sunny bright room with contrasting white woodwork. Which of course is not what you want for a bedroom... Had to laugh with your comment about blinding the "lifeguards" in the pool area. I was thinking it might be fun to rent a jet ski until I realized that meant I'd have to wear a swimsuit too. Oops - plan B. :rofl: I do LOVE the idea of a pool house tho - we will just have to swim on our own.

Mel - hang in there - the sun will come out soon. And if you come over, I will make you any kind of soup that you want. You and I can head up the soup kitchen ;)

Laura - I found that the biggest points snatcher on WW is pasta or pastry/bread crusts. For pizza I used to like the South Beach individual pizzas - they had a wheat crust and with the individual size they were still higher in points but decent enough for an occasional treat. Can't compare to store bought pizza though. I understand your frustration at forcing yourself to get through a book you didn't like and then having to pay an overdue fine on top of it. :mad: I hope the dye job takes on your boiled wool piece. I have a blue boiled wool jacket that was great for the office but too "nice" to wear around here. It sure was warm. I have found the Land's End outlet to be one of those places you pop in as you did periodically. Sometimes they have some nice stuff, sometimes bargains and sometimes nothing special. Doesn't hurt to check it out if you are over there already. Funny I can picture the storefront in my head but can't for the life of me remember where it is. Is it across from the mall?

One of the things that constantly surprises me is how time has flashed by in what seems like an instant - like Annie's 5 year anniversary. I would have guessed you've been there only 3 years. And I can't even venture a guess as to how much time has passed since I last saw Shad. You did come to Memphis, didn't you? Yes that's right - we had a right good time laughing inn the souvenier shop at the ornaments. :rofl: And the caves I was nervous about but you and DH were right on... and the impromtu music in the Ozarks. Ok, it's coming back to my foggy brain. :o

Michelle - I hope you find something suitable for Santa. I do remember when he was injured so I totally get how you'd be nervous again. After all, they can't talk and tell you what's going on. I take it you will not even be entertaining the idea of the place you used before, right? I hope it works out with the house idea in CA - that would be convienient. But would you be staying with your cousin's ex-wife? I guess that's not bad if they both agree to part amicably. Sounds like things are in the making of coming together.

Speaking of coming together, I'd better get out of this chair and get some things done. It's trash day and change the bedclothes and clean the bathrooms day. Maybe some cooking and laundry thrown in for good measure.

Happy Monday chicks.

03-04-2013, 02:16 PM
LAURA...yep, supposed to be 50's by Fri, S,S here. I am so looking foward to warm weather. 16 days till spring and it had better get here and stay here, no dropping back to the schmuck. On the pizza front our Uno's closed last fall also. Both were located in about the same area. Now there is a Oobatz Pub where the Uno's was. Have not been there yet. Looks like bar food and whatnot. Looks like outdoor seating also. The eggplant color might have been alright on one wall but not all 4 walls then the sloppy job they did with getting the paint on the white baseboards and blotches of it here and there on the ceiling.

The sun is creeping through the clouds and barely shining through the windows. It makes it look a bit nicer and warmer out altho it is not. Sis and Lil man picked me up to go to lunch. It was a nice lunch at the Red Habanaro (mexican)....I had a chicken taco salad and did not eat the shell. Sis had a nacho burrioto that was grilled. That thing was huge. Lil man had bananas and strawberries, his crunchie puffs and a bit of the chicken from my taco salad.

CEEG...HAPPY is correct. A keyfob is a little programmed plastic tear shaped piece about the size of a quarter, that is swiped past a little lite on a flat metal plate beside the door that gives you access to that door. Shouldn't the landlord buy the items to repair or upgrade the bathroom, rather than you? Just curious.

HAPPY...C does not make excuses for his daughter and is just as disgusted with her as everyone else. Rest assured, you would have to get in line to beat that child, Samantha is first in line and was hoping she would of stopped by when she was cleaning those two days. She was going to lay into her. All C says at this point is, it is her loss. We have not heard from her since before Christmas or seen her since Cs 50th BD party in September. He texts her and I text her, she never answers. His last text he sent was. We miss you and would like to get together with you, let me know. I love you....He got back a big fat nothing. Her loss. I know it has to hurt him as he is so kind hearted. I am done with being nice to her. Blah on her. I will be cordial for Cs sake, but nothing else.

I better get to work and quit babbling.

03-04-2013, 03:53 PM
Oh and C got the carpet laid in the room that the carpet was destroyed. It looks fabulous, that man is amazing.

03-04-2013, 04:42 PM
Annie - I hope that after all the work you are putting into it, that you get a good price for C's house. Did the kid leave on her own or was she asked to vacate the house? It's too bad people can't recognize what they should be grateful for. :( I don't know why but your description of Lil Man's lunch brought a smile to my face. Maybe it's just because of the cute way little kids eat. Maybe it's because I'm thinking we'd look like a big crunchie puff if we still ate that way :spin:

Wow - I'm surprised that a pizza place would shut down. (Uno's). But sometimes like the place at my sister's house - bad service and high prices will chase your customers away.

Ok, back to work for me. Got the bathroom cleaned, 2 loads of laundry done. Wastebaskets emptied and the last of the trash ready to go out. Recycling too. Now to tackle the kitchen floor...

03-04-2013, 04:45 PM
Oh and I picked up a sleeve of frozen (as in you bake them yourself) cookies - dark chocolate with cayenne pepper. I was curious as everyone talks about what a great combination that is. Cooked 'em up. Only had a morsel and thought - this doesn't taste like cayenne. THEN BOOM. It takes a minute for your tongue to recognize it. :yikes: Not intense but more than I or my tummy would like. I gave one to DH who liked them. Said he would not eat them every day - and that you won't silly boy :no: but said they were good.

03-04-2013, 06:00 PM
I should think that the land lord would be responsible for fixing things in ithe apt. But I look at it this way. I get to choose what I want. He told me that he would check things out. But he's said that before and nothing was done.

Our pizza place only has good pizza on the buffet. I've order one and took it home with me and could barely find any thing on top. From now on I think I'll either bake one myself or use the convience store's pizza. They're good.

You are a cleaning machine today. Don't it make you feel good to have things clean and in order. Does me. Don't think I'd like the ceyenne pepper and chocolate chip cookies.

How nice that Sissy and lil man picked you up for lunch. C. is a keeper for sure.

Not much is going on today. Work has been quiet. Just a couple of phones calls earlier. I've been expecting the chemical but it 's 4 p.m. so I'm not expecting it to come until tomorrow.

03-04-2013, 07:16 PM
HAPPY...I am thinking with Cs house that maybe bro and SIL will rent for at least a year or more...anything we invest should go over good. Right now, even tho not much the house is worth 115K and he has only 90K to pay. That in itself is worth the investment while someone else is paying the mortgage. (bro and SIL). He may rent till more of the mortgage is paid off, now we have a list of peeps that are trustworthy that want to rent it...go figure.

My bestie at work gave me an entire whole chicken that they smoked in there smoker. I am making broccoli cheddar rice and broccoli/cauliflower. It should be a great dinner with much chicken leftovers. I couldn't believe my luck with the entire smoked chicken. YUM. Sorry but the cookies sound absolutely GROSS and I LOVE hot stuff....just cannot see mixing my hot stuff with sweets, probably because I do not like sweets. Go DH on the cookies!

CEEG...I think for something that is not a permanent thing in my and paying for stuff...I would settle for whatever the landlord would push on me. I mean really, who the H would see it but you? How many houseguests are there. I am about saving $$ and making those responsible pay for it. Just my opinion....but do whatever makes you happiest and at peace....I am with you!

Gotta get dinner on the table...hugs.

03-04-2013, 07:25 PM
Morning all,
Yesterday I was typing away here and got off to do some 'real' work and when I came back I forgot I was halfway through a post until ..................... you guessed it, I had pushed the close button on the browser.

Anyway - we will try again today. Site is really slow and it took three goes to actually get into the thread this morning.
I see from the NZ news that Kiri Te Kanawa - Dame Kiri Te Kanawa - sorry Kiri - is to appear on the next season of Downton Abbey. Some of the olds will be going and some new ones to appear. Be prepared for singing to happen.

My sushi is good. Really enjoyed it yesterday. More today and tomorrow and then I will need to sort some more lunches.

Weather is hot, humid, wet, windy, and just about everything else you can name that is unpleasant and tests out the anti perspirants and deodorants around the joint - or lack thereof in some cases. No bugs tho. I guess there are in some places, but I've yet to see too many of them here in Darwin. I would have thought they would be prolific.

The delightful??!!! DS2 went round to my house the day before yesterday and put some clothes in the dryer. No problem with that, but when he went to do a small job, he managed to leave the bedroom door wide open and the shed wide open as well. We must have honest burglars because no one came and pinched anything!!! My friend Chris from down the road went round to pick up the mail and check the place yesterday and found it. So I rang DS2 and he went back round and ensured everything was where it was supposed to be and then put in the locks on the doors that I had asked for some time back. If you ever wondered why I put that procrastination picture up on facebook, now you know who it was aimed at.

Annie – how awful to have to clean the house of all that muck! Some people! Well all I can say is that when she moves out of wherever she is now living, the landlord might be slugging her for a cleaning bill – and not before time. Isn’t it so nice to have a handy man around the house?
Mel – take it easy on the office stuff and work. I know you don’t want to completely retire, but you can only do so much. What’s your weekend looking like for a telephone conversation?

Happy – I am not happy with tv for much the same reason. I am currently only watching about 3 shows a week – or thinking about it maybe 5. I try to keep up with the news and I love to watch my footy, however this is not footy country up here and I mostly only get one game a week and it won’t be a NZ team unless they are playing Australia in Australia. Glad you enjoyed the Canterbury scenery from Christchurch. Was this done before or after the earthquake? You are looking at my childhood playground when you talk about those mountains.

Ceejay – the cycle queen. Sometimes it is better to do the job and enjoy the outcome rather than wait for the landlord to come and do something. Go for it.

Laura – All this talk about pizza. Might have to make some for my lunches next week. I love a good pizza and it doesn’t need all the trimmings either. I hate this trend of having ‘theme’ pizza. For example Satay or Thai or Mexican. Pizza is Pizza and it is Italian (no it wasn’t invented in the States) and it mainly consists of tomata, mozzarella and not much else. The Margherita pizza from the Italian shop down the road is just the best.

Anyway, gotta go – I have a meeting in a couple of minutes. Better be on time for this one. Completely forgot the last one despite the computer giving me warnings.

03-04-2013, 11:15 PM
I'm in shock. The land lord has retiled the bath tub area. I'll have to take a spit bath in the morning but hey I can do that. Thank you, thank you, thank you sir.

03-05-2013, 08:10 AM

Happy~ We're all wishing you and your DH a very Happy Anniversary!!
Have a wonderful day today:love:

03-05-2013, 08:18 AM
Good morning ladies -

The weather report shows good news for where I live, but bad news for where Laura lives. Where I live is getting between 1" to 3" of snow...with significantly larger totals the further south. Not sure how much Chicago is getting, but I'd bet it's around 10"+. Sorry Laura (and Ellen, and Annie if it hits Indy with that much force).

When I thought the storm would be a doozie up here, I switched my counseling appointment to last night. It went really well. I've got a lot more healing to do, and the counseling is helping with that.

I tried to find two doggy day cares yesterday on the way home from work, but ended up getting very lost in "the hood", so I decided to just skip it and head home. The doggy cares are not in "the hood", but I took the wrong turn a few times and didn't know which way was up.

For some reason, I woke up at 1 am and couldn't fall back asleep until nearly 2, so I'm tired today. Planning on a relaxing evening once I get home.

Ceejay - I'm so glad your landlord has retiled your bath tub area!!

Annie - I hope all the hard work you're putting in at C's house returns dividends for you at selling time! :crossed: So nice that your bro and SIL are renting in until it sells. Nice of your friend at work setting you up with your main course for dinner! Sounds like dinner was yummy! I'm envious of your upcoming 50 degree temps...I guess I'll have to settle for temps in the 40s until I can get my arse to CA. Then you and the rest of the chicks have to come visit me. :yes:

Shad - Glad you have honest robbers in your area. Couldn't believe DS2 left with the house and shed open. Good on Chris for finding it. Glad you're enjoying the sushi.

Happy - Wishing you and your DH a very Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great day!! Santa will NOT be going to the daycare where Doppler was injured. Not sure where he'll end up going yet, but definitely NOT there. I don't think I'd like those cookies either...and I love just about anything chocolate. LOL Sorry that I didn't see your question until now...yes, I have arranged as a back up plan to stay with my cousin's ex-wife. She and he are staying very good friends...very amicable. And I checked with him first to make sure it wouldn't be awkward and he wouldn't see it as taking sides. He, and his ex-wife, both thought it would be a great idea...with both of us going through the divorce process after long-term marriages. We could support each other. She's by nature very upbeat and fun (as I usually am...or at least used to be), so if I end up needing a place to stay 'till I find a place, it will be a good option. And very nice of her to agree to it. :)

Laura - I hope you're able to work from home. Stay safe, sista!

Mel - Are you going to be able to relax today?

Gotta leave for work.

Much love and many hugs to all,

03-05-2013, 09:07 AM
Good Morning/Evening/Night....

It is calm before the storm. Looks like we will be hit with 5+" of snow in the Indy metro area, with 8+ in northern Indiana...LAURA is looking at 10+ in Chicago land. The wind that is coming with it what will make it bad. I don't mind it if I didn't have to drive in it. I am not afraid to drive, it is just the other idiots out there that frighten me. If they are that uptight about driving in the snow, STAY HOME. Me, I should of been a NASCAR driver. lol Then I think all this bunk is headed toward our MELLIE.

The smoked chicken was fabulous. There is plenty left so tonight I think I may make chicken salad with the rest of it. That is one of Cs favorites. Yahoo as it is one of my favs also!

SHADDIE...sounds like you are getting all sorts of weather also. Not snow but messy crap anyway. Well who would of thought there are honest thieves out there. haha. Glad everything stayed safe. Funny about Cs daughter...her landlord is also her employer. DD lives in the apts that she works at as the person who shows and rents apts. Bet you she doesn't "show" her apt to anyone. happy the counselling is helping. I know it did me when I was with my ex. Cheers! and I cannot wait to visit you in CA. I have never been to CA, closest I ever got was Arizona and Nevada.

CEEG....yahooo on the bathroom tile. God answers the simpliest prayers sometimes.

MELLIE...our worldlie admin. Thanks for the reminder on HAPPY's anniversary. Are you staying in and taking care of yourself?

HAPPY....happy anniversary baby, got you on my miiiihiind. I am singing, better be d*mn glad you cannot really hear Anyway, make merry with your man today!

LAURA...stay warm, and home, 10" of snow is a good reason to work from home.

Loves and hugs.

03-05-2013, 09:09 AM



it was perfect timing when it came.
the lunchroom woman was still here.
we hid them in her closet with a list of peeps we know can them.


I BELIEVE IT!!:drool:


:rollpin: AND YOU FORGOT ME AGAIN :tantrum:


03-05-2013, 09:12 AM you snuck in here too!!!
Praying the storm isn't too bad out by you gals.
Sending lots of rainy thoughts!!!
Our storm might not be as bad as was first expected.
But this storm seems to be very unpredictable.
Stay safe out there today and good luck.
Yes....I am staying home & indoors!
Phone is off and not on the door already!!:BEACH:

03-05-2013, 11:25 AM
Wow, those snow amounts are impressive.

So glad that you are going to counceling. Sometimes I wish I had that opportunity. Either that or a punching bag. hee hee. my bff in Jonesboro goes every week.

Hope you have a good anniversary.

can't blame you for not taking on any more responsiblity. I've decided that since they call this a baby sitting job that I'm baby sitting.

After I found that the tub had been retiled, I also noticed that the ceiling was scraped. It needed it as the pop corn part of the ceiling was beginning to peel. There's no vent in there. I'm pleased. I almost left them a big note on the wall saying thank you. But I'll call Mr land lord after the job is done and tell him thank you.

We're getting some rain this morning. It's 55 degree's now but tonight it's supposed to be 31. Good ole Arkansas weather.

Didn't ride the bike last night as I didn't have time after watching the Biggest Loser. I did do the exercise dvd though for 20 minutes.

03-05-2013, 11:45 AM
Morning all.

Mel - Glad the phone is off - have a nice quiet day. :) The brown isn't any better now that the sweater is mostly dry - it's on the reddish side of brown. Wondering if dyeing it black now would turn it black or make it a better shade of brown? I already have a black boiled wool cardigan, so I might just leave well enough alone.

Happy - Happy Anniversary to you and your dh. Have a wonderful day! :) :)
That salad sounds good. Naturally it sounds good when someone else is making it, lol. I agree that a lot of the tv shows out there deal with very disturbing topics - bf likes Criminal Minds and Law & Order SVU. I watch both with him occasionally, but not regularly. It's not my thing. I like sitcoms and some of the reality shows (currently we're watching "Worst Cooks in America"). I've thought it might be fun to try chocolate with a hint of spice in it, but I'm not sure about cookies...Though I liked the "savory cookies" that my sis made, but they weren't mixing the sweet with the spicy.

Annie - I didn't plan on working at home, so here I am at the office. I'm pretty sure we will be advised to leave early if we are concerned about getting home safely. I don't expect any problem with the trains, but we'll see if I get any alerts. You be careful driving! Yeh, I'm not worried as much about my driving as I am about other people's driving - going too fast for conditions, or the usual stupid stuff - distracted driving. Can't believe C's daughter works showing apartments. Does she have to tell them about cleaning deposits??? How long did she live in that house for it to get so disgusting? Congrats on your 5-year anniversary. Hang in there!

Michelle - Yeh, we're gonna get hit with a lot of snow, and it was really coming down when I arrived downtown today. Sorry you got lost and couldn't check out another doggy day care facility. I'm glad the counseling session helped you. You've got so much going on in your life these days, it's nice to sort it all out with someone instead of letting all the feelings get buried in the day-to-day minutiae.

Ceejay - Nice new tile - how about that! Sounds like you didn't expect that - I thought it would be a multiple-day project if there was old tile to remove, new tile to glue, and then the grouting... Enjoy it!

Shad - Wow, glad nothing went amiss with the unlocked doors! Don't let ds live that down! I'm surprised to hear you don't see many insects with weather like that in Darwin. I don't much care for Florida for that reason. Your sushi sounded good because it's a cooked version, but I actually don't much care for the seaweed it's rolled in. I think I'd like to make some lettuce wraps sometime. Sort of like an Asian version of tacos, but probably more healthful without the crispy taco shells. Re pizza, I'm mostly traditional with my toppings, but for some reason, I do like Hawaiian pizza. The pizza in Italy is amazing - a great crust that's not loaded down with all those toppings.

Not much to report today. I've got a WW meeting & weigh in today at 12:30. I did eat breakfast today, but have also been drinking lemon water/lemon tea this morning.

During dinner with my friends on Saturday, we began talking about a little spa getaway, and my friend D got right on with the research and now we've agreed on a spot and are firming up the weekend. It's looking like late April. Bf better plan some sort of fun thing with his friends or I'm going to be feeling guilty. But he's the one who's against leaving Coal alone for a few days with his mother and a competent dog walker so we could actually go away with each other...

Well, I've gotten a notice for jury duty. In a couple weeks I have to phone in to see if I have to appear the next day. Not too thrilled about that because it's the courthouse that's in a rotten location in the city, not the one out in my area.

Okay, back to work.

03-05-2013, 01:03 PM
Ceejay - I'm really surprised that your employer doesn't offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). It's a confidential program whereby you can get up to a certain number of free or very inexpensive counseling sessions per year for things like stress management, etc. (in my case, I was able to get 10 free visits in 2012, and then another 10 free visits for 2013). I'm hoping to stretch out my visits enough so they'll last until I move. :crossed: Going to counseling has really really helped, and it's been a blessing that I haven't had to pay for it. :)

Laura - Safe travels my friend. I heard a lot of flights have been cancelled and the photos/videos from Chicago look like it's bad down there.

03-05-2013, 02:25 PM
Hi all,

Thanks for the anniversary wishes. And a particular thanks to Miss Mel for remembering - very cute graphic and I like your new avatar too :D Not sure if we will go out or stay in. We got a couple of inches of snow overnight and this morning but nothing like they are getting pounded down south. I'm ready to be done with this but we have at least 2 more months, maybe 3 of this. The temps are starting to warm up a few degrees so spring is on the way.

Michelle - glad that EAP is helping you. I have tried to use them on 2 different occasions and got nowhere. One time we couldn't even get a counselor to call us back to set up an appointment and the other time we were offered 2 free sessions for evaluation purposes but had to pay (a pretty high rate) after that. DH worked for a big name company and so did I and both of the programs were of no benefit so I'm not sure what's up with that. You are lucky to get 10 sessions each year. Hope you find something that works out for you with the doggie day care. I think that's why we liked cats - they don't mind being by themselves and as DH points out - you don't have to walk them. Not that walking is a bad thing - great exercise but having to walk in the bad weather - not so nice.

Laura - I am watching Worst Cooks in America too. I have to say that most everything Anne Burrell makes I would never try. :lol: Last week's show was really funny and the week before I saved the show because they actually gave some good tips on filleting a fish. Jury duty - arrrghh - don't get me started. I was SO MAD that they kept assigning me to the hood in the inner city (Harrison) instead of the big courthouse by the race track. Told them I was NOT going to take a train and 3 buses to get down there - I'd never make it on time. The one person I talked to was really a jerk and actually threatened that I could be arrested for contempt for failing to show up and I said they'd have to find me first :mad: I don't understand how they assign these things. Getaway weekend sounds like fun. Too bad you can't find a cabin or something that will allow you to take Coal. We have friends who also won't go anywhere they can't take their dogs so as a result, they don't go anywhere. :( DH used to feel bad for boarding our cat at Petco but I said as long as she shows no sign of abuse or stress (like pulling her fur out), I was ok with boarding and she actually did fine. The worse part was the car ride to and from. Hope you do well on the weigh in today. Are you getting weekly brochures on the WW program?

Ceejay - yay on them re-tiling your bathroom. I really hated the popcorn ceilings down that way. We smoothed ours out when we remodelled the bath. Glad to hear they decided to do a thorough job instead of a quick fix patch. I'm surprised it's so cold down by you now. Would think by this time of the year you'd be well into spring and those sneezy (but gorgeous) flower buds :D Winter hanging around a bit longer this year?

Mel - maybe the seniors need to beat on the boss a little more instead of you. But then sometimes you just get to the point of being tired of all the b.s. and fighting a losing battle and you know it's time to go. But you can't so it's a sad thing for all. :( I just hope you remember to put yourself first and foremost before it gets to you. ;) Can they tweek the ride schedule so you can get to the store ahead of the storm? Hard to tell what's going to happen. Since they started to name every winter storm this year they act like everything is a big freaking tsunami! Geez people - it's winter, it snows. 5 inches of snow up here is no big deal. Save the drama for something that deserves our attention and preparation like Sandy. :rolleyes:

Shad - that could have been quite a moment with the house all open like that :yikes: Glad nothing serious went down. Or out ;) As for the Amazing Race, this was shot probably no more than 6 months ago when they were filming for this season. A few seasons back they were a week ahead of where the tsunami hit - not Japan, the other tropical place - and at the end of the show, Phil came on with a brief announcement about the devistation that had occured and the place that they filmed at was totally destroyed. On they NZ episode - they did not go into the city - only showed mountains (gorgeous) and countryside. They did a Shemozzle Race and a Rumptydoo Slalom.

Annie - yay on scoring the smoked chicken. Sounds delish. Glad you were able to get more than one meal out of it. Sounds like a nice, healthy dinner with lots of vegetables. I think we all say the same thing about the snow - we're pretty confident in our driving abilities - it's everyone else we are afraid of - the texters, the people who don't get the concept of SLOWING DOWN, and the people who are just so scared they are a hazard to themselves. As for people staying home, it was a given when I was in TN that if we got snow, we could work from home. No problem as we were totally able to do that as I.T. folks. Then someone at corporate complained that they had to come into the office and it put the kabosh on all of us. Someone always has to ruin it.

Sounds like DH is doing alot of scraping on the deck. I saw it start to snow last night - didn't look like there was a thin layer of ice underneath. I really don't want to go out there and shovel. :^: Why did we buy a snowblower and a plow? And if DH decides that 4 inches of snow is not enough to use them, and he wants to shovel, does that mean everyone has to??? I only whine because I have inside housework to do and that's just double work for me. Also I guess I'm a little peeved because a spent a couple of hours pulling all the medical and dental expenses for the tax returns and DH did not write down the numbers I gave him (he claims I didn't give it to him, I claim he didn't listen) now, I have to do it all over again because I threw away the slip of paper I was working on because I thought I didn't need it any more. :rolleyes: So that's going to take a good part of my day to re-do too. Geez I sure do sound whiney today, don't I??? Sorry. :^:

03-05-2013, 02:26 PM
Oh thank goodness - thought I lost my post when the browser window flipped.

Anyway hope most of you don't have a horrid commute back home tonight. Be careful with the snow.

03-05-2013, 05:22 PM
OK, I am in the land of OZ, the poppy field. The rain officially turned to snow at 4:15 at my house, which is not the 6:30 prediction. I stand looking out the back slider to the porch at how beautiful it looks, saying out loud to all who can hear....God and Sassy...this certainly has to be the last for the season. Amen! Supposed to continue till 7am. I am not setting my internal alarm clock as I am not fighting the idiots at 6:45 AM. Since I do not use an alarm clock, I will be going with, when I arrive at work...surprise I am there. haha Of course, I will be up at my usual, I cannot sleep...3, 4, or 5. Blah!

03-05-2013, 05:26 PM
Happy - Now don't go getting me all riled up about where I'm supposed to serve my jury duty!! :dizzy: I haven't quite gotten to the point of figuring out transportation. I guess it'll be what you said, the train and multiple buses. I guess right now I'm hoping to not have to go.

I suppose if bf and I decided to do a really low key weekend getaway we could rent a cabin that allows dogs, but usually a getaway for us means not having to worry about meal prep, and I'd feel bad leaving the dog alone in an unfamiliar place while we went out to eat. We'll figure it out.

Weigh in was good today, lost 4 pounds! I will be updating my ticker at some point. Together with the weight I lost on my own after hitting that high point last summer and what I've lost recently since the contest & ww began, it's really adding up. :)

Why shovel at all if you don't want to? If dh is the one who needs to walk on the deck to get to where he feeds the critters...let him clear it, LOL. I'd be so frustrated if I'd spent the time tallying up the med expenses only to not have them documented and have to redo it...grrr... happy anniversary, LOL. :p

Ceejay - I see you snuck in on me. Smooth ceiling too now? Nice. I dvr'd the biggest loser last night because I wanted to see the makeovers. I'll probably watch that tonight. I wish it were 55 degrees here!! We've got abut 4-5 inches in my neck of the woods - so far. :rolleyes:

The office is closing at 4 pm today and I thought I'd take the 4:39 train. The rest of the department is gone already so now I'm thinking of maybe taking the 3:45...dunno. Not getting much done here today - the ww meeting distracts me. In the morning I'm wanting to get the WI over and done with so I can eat (I did eat breakfast this morning but not my morning snack). After the meeting it takes me a while to get back in focus, and today, with this snowfall and leaving a bit early, I never did get back down to anything super productive. Just some miscellaneous followup phone calls and e-mail cleanup. Which needs to be done...but just isn't as important as other projects on my plate.

Nothing special tonight, skipping the movie. I drove in the snow last week for it, but this is more snow, so NOPE. I'll probably watch last night's TBL that I dvr'd and do some reading.


03-05-2013, 06:28 PM
Annie - if you are in the land of Oz - which looks like a really interesting movie by the way - and you are sniffing poppies - you will probably get a REALLY good sleep tonight :rofl: I'm glad that you got sensible about travelling tomorrow. Why aggivate yourself and if you're the first one in, they will probably make you shovel the front door. :lol:

OMG - Laura. They aren't making you go THERE are they? Better strap on your bazooka. I hope it doesn't come to pass... Congrats on a very successful week of weight loss :cp:

DH decided to use the snowblower. And the plow. He just shovelled enough of the deck and stairs to get out the door - and so I won't fall leaving the house :o And I as I was typing this post complaining about the medical deductions, I remembered that I had assembled everything in a spreadsheet so it wasn't that hard to pull the numbers. Darn it if it didn't make a difference on the tax return. Sure did make a big dent in our wallet for what we had to pay out of pocket :mad:

DH came in after shovelling/blowing/plowing and said we could go to dinner tonight after all (we weren't sure due to the weather) but I had already started meat loaf and baked potatoes so we'll have that today and probably go out tomorrow.

Hope you all don't get snowed in...

03-05-2013, 06:29 PM
Annie - loved the latest pictures of Lil Man - he's growing like a weed and cute as can be.

03-05-2013, 06:30 PM
LAURA...congrats on the weight loss...I am jealous! YGG!!

The snow is coming down wet, hard, fast and staight down, accum is about 1" thus far. That is a lot in one hour...probably be a LOT by morning. Hopefully it will be an official snow day...that way we do not have to take our own PTO to not be at work.

Changed my mind on dinner...instead of chicken salad it will be chicken fetticino alfredo, garlic bunz and salad. I didn't feel like making chicken salad. C loves alfredo anything, so I should reap praises. lol.

That is about it other than the fact I finished the 1st season of Downtown Abbey the other night and am awaiting the 2nd season from Amazon, should be here in a couple of days. I am HOOKED. Love that series...Girls I watch a bit of nothing on thing I do not miss is Hart of Dixie. The other things I watch for C is the aligator reality catch shows, the pawn shop thingy shows etc, and I just tolerate Also the fishing shows....which all of the above I can stand for about an hour...then I am done.

Ok, that is my check in until I cannot sleep at 2 AM. Then maybe if the snow has accumalated I will post that....I pray we have a snow day tomorrow. EVERYONE pray!

Gotta get dinner ready for the table....

Love and hugs

03-05-2013, 06:33 PM
HAPPY...lil man is just so sweet. He blows kisses, and gives kisses. Look at the bright side of waiting till tomorrow or later to go out for anniversary...just another day to look forward to and have a party...YAH....

03-05-2013, 06:49 PM
I did not forget you. Your bit was mixed in with Annies bit. I forgot to separate them out.
Here it is:
Mel Ė take it easy on the office stuff and work. I know you donít want to completely retire, but you can only do so much. Whatís your weekend looking like for a telephone conversation?

03-05-2013, 07:23 PM
I agree with Happy about the picture of lil man. He has really grown.
Praying for a snow day for you.

The meatloaf sounds good. And that's what I wanted for the week. I may stop by the grocery store and get the meat to make one.

I feel for you being on jury duty. I've been lucky on that account.

More later

03-05-2013, 11:23 PM
Oh Annie - I should have booked dinner at your house :T :hungry: Yum!

03-06-2013, 12:37 AM
I can't see these pictures of Annies wee man. Maybe they were on facebook?? and I missed them there as well

03-06-2013, 03:19 AM
Yes Shad, Annie's pictures were posted on FB.

03-06-2013, 08:32 AM



03-06-2013, 10:18 AM
quick check in -

Annie - I hope you get a snow day! Stay safe, sista.

Mel - I hope the snow meeting goes well. Don't work too hard or stress out. Make sure there are other people available to help out.

As for me...I'm ready for the weekend...and it's only frassin' Wednesday. :faint:

Gotta go. I hope you're all doing well.

Love and hugs to all,

03-06-2013, 10:27 AM
I forgot to congratulate you on those 4 pounds lost. That's great.

You can vent here any time.

The guys left another mess in the bathroom but my what a difference it makes. They grouted the tile and sprayed in another pop corn ceiling. Pop corn ceilings bothers some people but it doesn't me. I feel like I've gotten a brand new bath room. I didn't exercise last night due to this but told myself that's okay also.

03-06-2013, 10:29 AM
No snow day for me. Was at work on time. Roads were clear for the most part. On and off ramps were bad. LAURA got hit pretty hard. Sassy is not liking it one bit. We got right at 5". When she stands out in the snow, half of her body is covered. Too funny and I am sure very cold.

I will be back later, gotta get busy...

03-06-2013, 11:01 AM
Laura - Congrats on the phenomenol weight loss!! :bravo: Are you still digging out from all the snow? Did you get the day off today to dig out? Where I live, we got about an inch - finally my area got LESS than other areas! But in areas to the south of Milwaukee, they got between 6" and 12". Stay safe.

Ceejay - So happy for you that you got a new bathroom!

Annie - Bummer you didn't get a snow day...but I'm envious of your 50+ degree temps this weekend. I'm sure Sassy will enjoy the 50+ temps better than the 5+ inches of snow. :)

03-06-2013, 11:53 AM
Morning all.

Michelle - Nope, no snow day for me. I didn't have any trouble getting to work. When people have enough time to clear their property the night before, the walks are nice and clear and easy to navigate the next morning. Glad you didn't get hit with this!

Annie - Didn't catch the facebook photos of the li'l guy, but I'm sure he's growing like a weed. No, Coal doesn't like the deep snow in the yard either. But milder temps are forecast and hopefully the snow will melt quickly. Glad you're liking Downton Abbey. I liked the Hart of Dixie the couple times I've seen it, but I can't recall when it airs or what channel. I'll have to use my TV Guide app on my iphone to find it and get it set to dvr.

Ceejay - I guess you have to take the mess to get through to the finished product - a new bathroom sure sounds nice! :) We have to re-caulk our tub, but it's a PITA because we can't use it while it dries. Guess we could use our gym's showers. This is when another full bathroom would come in handy.

Mel - No need to apologize for venting here - go right ahead. Hope you're the big squeaky wheel at this meeting - those alarms sounds like a real PITA.

Happy - Glad the med/dental expense totals weren't too hard to recreate. Usually meatloaf doesn't appeal to me, but I must be craving some comfort food like that right now - it sounds yummy! Of course going out to eat also appeals. I think I've got some feelings of deprivation going on in my head at the moment... Yes, if I have to go to jury duty, it's at the 26th and California courthouse. Never been there, but I here it's in a horsesh*t neighborhood. I guess I better check into transportation and be prepared in the event I have to show up there.

Hi Shad!!
Thanks for all the congrats on my weight loss. I'm still getting used to the points system and I have to say that I'm feeling a bit resistant at the moment. No, I did not bring up in yesterday's ww meeting that I was shocked about one packet of horseradish sauce being 4 points. Not after someone said they were taken by surprise when a restaurant salad they ate part of had 38 points! Really in the mood for something junky. Maybe one of these days I will use all my points on a giant bag of Doritos, LOL. The kicker is that I imagine "all my points" for a day would be nowhere near enough to eat the quantity that I would want to eat. :lol: Guess I will have to save up those weekly points for that...

Okay, I really have nothing much to say so I guess I will get this posted and get ready for my 10 am meeting. TTFN!

03-06-2013, 12:51 PM
Hello ladies,

Bright sunny day out there. The temps are slowly moving a couple of degrees past freezing for a high so maybe some of this snow will melt. DH went out back the other day to check on his trail and he said he got stuck in the snow - didn't realize it was so deep back there. I was watching the turkeys navigate out back and they looked like they were having a hard time in the deep snow even with those ski pole bird legs of theirs. I suppose balancing on one leg with those giant feather ball bodies is rather awkward. I can only imagine how difficult it would be for poor Sassy.

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day. Nothing special except I got a few more hugs than usual. :hug: The meatloaf came out pretty good. We might go out to dinner tonight. Might go pick up more storage shelving too. We should get the new UTV by the end of the week - hope so because DH is antsy to get it. Even with a 3 car garage and 2 storage buildings we are running out of room to put stuff. The ATV, plow, trackter mower, 2 cars and large utility carts that attach to the ATV for hauling brush sure do take up alot of room. Not to mention the big trailer that sits on the open cement pad next to the garage. When looking for a house up this way you have to keep in mind that storage is important so having out buildings or flat land to build space is really important. I never thought we'd run out of room. This is really messing up the commune plans :lol:

Glad you guys didn't get pounded with the snow. At least it made for a reasonable commute.

Laura - bummer on the jury duty. There's public transportation out that way but it's going to take you 3 hours each way and there's no way I'd ever stand out there waiting for the bus and el. Better plan on driving if you have to. As for the WW points - I felt the same way you did. I'd have stuff I thought was healthy and reasonable and man it was pointy. Now if you're having ice cream and pasta and cakes I could understand... Don't know how people who get to goal and only have 18 or 20 points a day do it. On the other hand, with a packet of sauce being 4 points I guess it shows how easy the calories add up in sneaky ways and even if we think we are not eating much, we could easily be taking in enough calories not to loose. I have yet to stop resisting the resentment of it all ;) I guess the other option is to ramp up the exercise to cover the calories of the extra Doritos :lol: Baked Doritos. ;)

Mel - hope you don't get alot of snow and it's not too chaotic by you.

Can't spend alot of time on personals now - sorry - DH is making some oatmeal and as soon as he's done he's going to be bugging me about going out so I'd better find something quick to eat before I have to go all day with nothing in my tummy.

Later chicks...

03-07-2013, 08:52 AM
Sorry I Never Got Back Here.
The Day Got Away From Me.
I'll Try And Catch Up Later On.
Have A Great Day.

03-07-2013, 10:29 AM
Disappointed in my weigh in this morning. I have not been doing the mrc diet sheet and it showed, up to 201 again. ugh.
But there is one thing I'm very proud of. I set myself a goal of 10 miles last night. That amount was almost 45 minutes so I ended up riding 10.5 miles to get 46 minutes. Then completed my 20 minute dvd work out.

Time to get on with my day. I'll be back later for personals.

03-07-2013, 10:40 AM
quick work....

Ceejay - don't be too hard on yourself, with all the exercise you could be building muscle. And :bravo: on all the exercise! You're doing great!!! I need to get back on that bandwagon. So...this week, get back to doing your MRC diet sheet, and hopefully the results will show on the scale next time. :)

I'll try and do more personals this evening. As for what's new with me, my friend is moving in tonight...she doesn't have much that she's bringing with her tonight, just what she can fit in her car. She may bring more over this weekend. So when I get home, I'll inflate the queen-size mattress and put the bed linens on it, and place a set of towels in her room.

I hope you're all doing well.

Much love and many hugs,

03-07-2013, 11:45 AM
Morning all.

Michelle - Another big change for you - a roommate. I don't know how you do it!!! But it'll be good - for both of you - to have the company.

Ceejay - Excellent job on the exercise!! :whoo: Don't worry, you'll get back on track with the eating - your success with your exercise goals has got to be motivating for you. :)

Hi Mel!!! Just noticed your new avatar - how cute!! :)

Happy - As long as you have more flat land to build on, the commune will be okay. :D All those buildings make me think of the show "American Pickers" - all the buildings on these rural properties they visit are filled to the gills with years and years of "collecting" by the owners or their parents, grandparents, etc. Some of it must be hoarding because what enjoyment do they get out of all these objects when they're buried and can't be seen? As for my ww "points resentment" - they're isn't enough exercise I could do to work off all the Doritos I could eat, LOL. I guess I might have to spend some time on the 3fc and ww forums for some tasty low point food finds. Everyone knows the eating is 80% and exercise is 20%...unless you live a "Biggest Loser" lifestyle. ;)

Hi Annie, Shad, Patty!! :wave:
Okay, another slow-moving week finally getting to the end. I'm taking a half-day of vacation next Friday - looking forward to that.

The loose ends of our office furniture purchase will hopefully be tied up today. Bf's been playing phone tag with the guy at the furn. place for some time now, and finally got in touch with him the other day. Instead of making an arrangement for the guy to meet out by us (he actually used to live on our block, and still lives in the area), bf will just go to the furn. place and pick up the odds and ends they promised us to make up for the botched delivery - a nice adjustable keyboard tray, pencil tray, the missing rail for one of the lateral file drawers, etc. Since bf has a friend who works right around the corner, he'll take advantage of the trip to meet him for lunch.

That's about it for me. Time to get back to it.

03-07-2013, 01:04 PM it your birthday or do I have it wrong again? If it is...well then happy birthday, if not then happy early birthday!!!

03-07-2013, 01:13 PM
Annie - Yes it is Mel's birthday today!! I have a cheat sheet but what I really need is a bonk on the head to remind me!! :frypan:

Happy Birthday Mel!!!

:celebrate: :bday2you:

...and many more!!

03-07-2013, 01:21 PM

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and a completely wonderful year ahead!

:celebrate: :bday2you:

:hb: :bday2: :woo: :gift: :balloons:

Much love to you, dear sister!

03-07-2013, 02:48 PM
Happy Birthday Mel


03-07-2013, 02:55 PM
I'm not to going to be hard on myself this week. I should have taken a fluid pill last night cause my ankles were swollen this morning. I was hoping that the lemon water would do the trick.

03-07-2013, 04:41 PM
Happy Birthday Melody. I hope you got my email. I miss you. I miss ALL you lovely ladies!

03-07-2013, 07:09 PM
Oh man oh Maneschevitz... I am so upset with myself. I marked stuff on last year's calendar so I would not forget and then didn't copy things over yet. So sorry my dear sister.

A very very happy birthday to you. Hope you had a lovely day and that people remembered the Mel Special Feast (as in Festival Celebration) Day. :hug:

:celebrate: celebrate :bday2you: celebrate :celebrate:

03-07-2013, 07:42 PM
Arrgh, knew it was close to DS1's birthday and I still didn't get in early.

Happy birthday big sis, hope you get a break from all the ills and dramas of the job for the one special day.

03-08-2013, 08:45 AM
MELLIE...I only hope your birthday was peaceful and enjoyed with Jen and Richie. Did you go out dancing at the disco? lol or snowshoeing across all that snow you are getting? Peace sister.

SHADDIE...With all that is going on with work and home it is a wonder you remember your name.

Not much going on at the home front. Just working on the houses this weekend. Taking Cs truck tomorrow morning to get the other headlight replaced as it burnt out yesterday. Should of just had them both replaced when I had it in for the other one. Oh well...just add it to my list of errands to do.

Work is settling down a bit, now it is just a matter of submitting reqs to have things fixed that do not work since the move. One internet connection, the doorbell, silly stuff like that.

Finally got the last load of DDs crap out of Cs house on trash day this past Wednesday. It only took about 6 Wednesdays of trash pick up to succeed with that, plus the one major haul to Goodwill.

Better get on with this day and get me a cup of java.

Have a fabulous Friday or super Saturday all...

03-08-2013, 11:25 AM
Morning all. TGIF!! :carrot:

Annie - Glad work is settling down for you now. That's a lot of trash pickups to get rid of C's dd's junk! Maybe now that her mess is almost done being eliminated, the anger will fade and after a time there will be an opportunity to touch base with her and try to start fresh...

Mel - Hope you had a lovely birthday yesterday and that you have a nice quiet weekend. With the nasty weather on the East coast now, I hope there aren't any problems in the building this weekend. :crossed:

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!! :wave:
Nothing much to report. Doggy had an upset tummy when I got home from work, so I delayed his dinner by an hour and he seems alright since.

Nothing special going on this weekend. Errands to run, laundry, cleaning, dog walks, etc. The temps should be milder, but Sunday we're supposed to get rain. Well, the warmer temps are certainly welcome! :)

Okay, gonna get this posted and get cranking. Everyone have a great day and a great weekend.


03-08-2013, 12:31 PM
Morning kids,

Friday, Friday. Just another day to me - happy weekend for others. Nothing much planned except stuff to do around the house. Yesterday we went to the next big town to pick up more of the storage shelving we got intially for the greenhouse. It's nice sturdy stuff and reasonable priced so we figured we'd use it in the house and garage(s). Stopped at Burger King for lunch. I ordered a swiss and avocado burger. They were out of swiss cheese (what??? :shrug: ) and then I was disappointed to see that instead of slices of avocado as it illustrated on the menu board, it was just a tiny smear of green goo like you'd squeeze out of a ketchup packet. It did however taste pretty good since I haven't had a burger there is probably a year. And unlike Mc D's it did not upset my stomach. Because that was a calorie bomb for the day, just had a light supper of chicken salad with apple chunks and pomegranate seeds. I love me those seeds. They had a container of them at the store about 2 weeks ago - was pricey but hey, the hardest part of eating a pomegranate is getting the darn seeds out so I thought it was worth the extra expense to have a container of seeds I could just spoon out at will. They keep pretty well and I am hoarding them now because it seems like that was a one time only item at the store. :( DH is anxiously awaiting his UTV - they are still waiting on some of the accessories. Apparently this thing drives pretty well in snow also so there will be no problem on the trails. We just need to get it very soon because they do close the trails for about 6 weeks around the spring thaw - maybe around March 15. As things thaw out the ground gets wet and muddy and they don't want people tearing up the trails. It would kill DH not to be able to at least try out the machine and while we could take some back roads that are also marked as ATV trails, DH does not like driving on asphalt as he said it tears up the tires. So we'll see. Also as we were driving through town yesterday we passed by the popcorn shop. At first there was a sign in the window "Closed Until Further Notice" which was understandable as they dealt with the funeral and she also said back when I was there that she might close for March and April since business was so slow that she threw out way more than she sold. Yesterday however there was a new sign in the window that said "Business and Building for Sale or Rent". We just drove by rather quickly so didn't get to see much other than that. I guess their son's death might have been the last straw. I can speculate on a bunch of different reasons but no need to go into that here. Just kind of sad to see things come to an end like that - they really had some good stuff and were a nice couple. They just bought the building last year (there is an upstairs rental apartment). There are several businesses that closed up (4 that I know of) just since I've been in town since September. Add to those the ones already for sale and a few that are still open but trying to sell of the business and that's alot of real estate. I'm sure the shop owners will take a substantial loss on the place IF they can sell it at all. Town is starting to look like a rag tag bunch of t-shirt shops and bars and that's about it. :( We got another delivery of propane today and DH keeps track of that and it seemed like we were using it faster than we should. He had the delivery man check and sure enough, we have a small leak in the tank (their tank). No telling how much leaked to the sky since October :(

Mel - hope you had a nice birthday and got a chance to rest up your arm and didn't wear it out whooping and hollering on your day ;) :carrot:

Laura - hope you got the rest of your office furniture pieces. Yes, we have room to expand the commune - the land is flat (which we wanted) but trees will have to come down. And the lot next to ours in undeveloped so maybe we can all pitch in and buy it which will give us 5 more acres and lots of room to park :rofl:

Java - hi there. :wave: How's the new job coming along?

Patty - prayers for you and Dad :hug:

Ceejay - not sure the lemon water will be as effective as the fluid pill. My weight was up 2 pounds today which I'm sure was all about that fast food meal yesterday. Whoa - what an eye openner :yikes: At least you know the MRC plan is working for you and worth the expense.

Annie - geez that's an awful lot of stuff to toss out. I can't believe that someone could leave so much and then go to another place and not need anything at all. Did she move into a furnished unit or something? I'm sure it's a relief to be done with it. Thank you for the reminder on Mel's birthday. They way you are going gangbusters at the 3 houses (yours, Dad's and C's) hopefully you'll be done in just enough time to get your garden and yardwork started. At least that will be more enjoyable.

Shad - you seem to be one busy little bee lately.

Guess I should be too. Have a good one chicks.

03-08-2013, 02:31 PM
Afternoon kiddos. Met a friend for lunch at Season 52. Ordered from the 475 calories or less menu and drank water. Sissy and lil man ended up joining us also. Then we went to Osh Kosh store to check out their sales. Got lil man two was 1.57 the other was a little under 2 bucks. What a steal. Came back to work..blah. All and all it was a nice 2 hour lunch. lol. As many lunches that I miss on a daily basis and all the extra time I put in with the move, heck they owe me.

LAURA...We are having better temps this weekend also. 45 tomorrow and 54 Sunday, but rain. Shoot I will take it, much better than ice and snow. I am not angry with Cs dd anymore but would like to give her a piece of my mind and a few taps with my wooden spoon. sad when the town closes down. It get dirty and empty. Oh yeah, if it gets time to garden and whatnot and the houses are not done, too bad...Annie is heading out to the yard and the heck with the houses....Hard to believe dd had so much crap. We took 10-12 bags of clothes and shoes to Goodwill, along with furniture and stuff. It reminded me of a hoarder. I think she didn't like to do laundry so she just bought more stuff which answers why she did not pay rent. Oh well.

Guess I shall get busy so I can sneak out a bit early and get started on a lovely weekend of more busy stuff. It is getting easier as the more we get done, the happier I am.

MELLIE....hope you are feeling ok, had a nice birthday and are not swamped with this snow storm and the seniors. Hugs dear sister!

03-08-2013, 05:59 PM
Morning all,
Back home for the weekend. And wouldn't you know it, it is raining or about to rain anyway. Can't do much out there since it is so wet. Lawns need a mow, hope I can get to them before the weekend ends - that is if the mower decides to run. Think it is still busted from the last time this grass got this long.
Pretty good flight home last night. Left more or less on time, got in more or less on time. Traffic was light going my way so it did take more than 40 minutes to get to the house. All is more or less okay here although we could do with some drying out. Today I am off to the hairdresser, badly need a cut and some colour up there. There is a large hint of silver in amongst the dyed stuff. If I knew it would turn out to be a nice shade under there I would let it go, but it looks pretty boring salt and pepper from what I can see.
After that, I'd better get some groceries in. And some veges. I need to start eating properly again, although I am not eating badly, just too much meat and not enough vege. And probably too much of everything.

Heck look at the time. Back after the hairdresser.

03-08-2013, 10:56 PM
It's a bit late but I'm here. Been to Jonesboro to get my hair cut and high lighted but didn't spend the night. My bff has fibromyalgia and it flared. I like my hair. Didn't really like the way he comb and styled it but that was fixable after I got home. I asked my neighbor to go with me.

Did you party hearty? Or was it a quiet one with Jen and Ritchie? Either way you deserve the best.

You found some good bargains at Osh Kosh. J.C. Penny's had a 2 dollar sale today but I didn't feel like fighting the crowd. My neighbor found some good bargains. Getting outside may be good for the soul. That was a lot of clothes.

It's always sad to see a business close no matter what reason. I had eaten some fast food the night before my weigh in so I'm sure it was the sodium that was my culprit. I'd like to go natural on my meds but am afraid to.

A laid back week end sounds good. Sorry Coal was sick.

I'm taking a rest day on exercise today. I've had a headache today. It's responding to the Tylenol sinus meds so I'm hoping that it will be gone tomorrow. I'm going to Paragould tomorrow to eat lunch with my uncles. I may stay for church on Sunday but it's suppose to rain. I hate driving in the rain so we'll see how that pans out.

03-09-2013, 08:13 AM
Good Morning Ladies...for those that set their clocks back, don't forget to do that before you go to bed tonight.

Two chicklets with new do's....that should make you feel better for a minute.

Gonna start the day with getting the headlight changed on Cs truck...then go by dad's house to visit, then the rest of the day will be errand filled. Probably do a roast in the crockpot with mushrooms etc.

Monday a few of us are supposed to start going to the fitness center for about 30 to 45 minutes. I think if I have someone to motivate me to go, I may just do it...we will see.

That is about it for now....have a great weekend all....

03-09-2013, 10:54 AM
A roast in the crock pot sounds good.

Everyone must be asleep. I should be but woke up at 6.40 with a headache. It's eased up some. Can't find the Ultram-for migraines anywhere. Need to call the pharmacy to see if I have refills.
Going to take a day trip to Paragould to visit with the uncles. One front is coming through now but with no rain, just clouds. The bigger front will be here tomorrow and I don't want to get caught on the way home in a thunderstorm tomorrow.

Everyone have a good day.

03-09-2013, 01:35 PM
Hi ladies,

Picked up the new UTV yesterday. Good thing because today is a crappy weather day. We went out for a very short ride - just up the road and back. Should be alot of fun. Cripes this thing can get up to 75mph which is way too fast for me. DH is all smilin' and stuff. It's definitely a boy's toy. We ran to Walmart last night for a few things before the weather hit and he did not read up on his Garmin. Turns out he needs a memory stick to plot trail routes and take checkpoints and stuff so he had to go back there today anyway. He will spend the day plotting trails and learning how to use the thing.

I wish we had some of the warmer weather you guys are having. I'm tired of winter already and we have a few months to go yet.

Going to just putter around the house today. I picked up a book at the library yesterday - ALL GONE - one woman's story of losing her Mom to dementia. It's a quick read and so far it's managed to keep my interest. I also downloaded an ebook about getting started in vegetarianism. Not that I think I could ever become a full on vegetarian - just looking for some different ideas.

Ceejay - I think DH had some Ultram on one point - that sounds familiar. Hope you can find some for yourself.

Annie - what time's dinner? Pot roast and mushrooms - don't get no better in my book. I'll bring a nice salad. Sometimes it's good to have an exercise buddy but if that person is a raging crazy when it comes to working out - that can be a big turn off too. Hope you find someone like minded ;) Outstanding deal on the kid clothes. Had to laugh with your comment about someone not liking to do laundry so just bought replacements - sounds like something a guy would do :lol: No wait, they'd just turn the stuff inside out.

Shad - I totally understand the part about eating decent, just not enough fruits and veggies. Happens here during the winter when we are more casserole based in our cooking. Hope you find some yummy stuff at the market. Have you ever tried tomatoes that are a different color than red? Enjoy your weekend home - let the sun shine brightly so you can get some outside stuff done.

Laura - enjoy the warmer temps. My sister said this week's snow is already melting fast. Is your office at home completed now?

Mel - hope you are doing well and not totally laid up there. No snow shoveling - hope you got the rain instead.

I did place a hold on the first season on Downton Abbey. Gotta see what the fuss is all about. Must be popular as they have lots of copies in the library consortium but there are also alot of holds on them and a substantial wait list. That's ok, I have lots of other stuff to do...

Have a good weekend all...

03-10-2013, 09:23 AM


BE BACK IN A LITTLE WHILE......................

03-10-2013, 10:06 AM
Morning didn't miss much except HAPPY and DH got a their new toy for OUR commune. Today is 69 and sunny until the rain comes in this evening. I WILL TAKE IT!! Sass and I slept on the couch last night as that is where we both fell asleep.

I bought a new light pink dress to get married in while in Destin next month. It really is pretty but have to send it back as I ordered it once size too large as I really do not know what size this fat body wear since gaining 30 lbs over the pat 1.5 years...hoping the fitness center gets me moving enough to drop some of this flab. How depressing.

Joel Osteen..just said God has the power to override anything so stay in faith, well then Dear God in Heaven, please override this fat mentality and help me get where I want to Jesus' Name I pray..amen. Whatever you are facing is under your feet. Write a message to the devil on the bottom of your shoes....

HAPPY...may the power be with you as I cannot read sad books about losing someone, like my momma. I hope it gives you the strength you need. hugs sister. Unfortunately my exercise buddies (2) have the same motivation as I. Hopefully we can bully each other into doing it. I have to do something as I am so miserable with myself, I don't even want to make plans with anyone since gaining weight for fear of judgement. I am a mental case. It is really too bad that I LOVE to cook and bake and actually like my own cooking. I need to get my old mentality of "you taste this" "is it ok" good then I will write it down and continue with it. That way I do not eat it. Maybe I shoud pschye myself into thinking my cooking has rat poisoning in it. lol Downtown Abbey is kind of like a soap, you get hooked, then want to see what happens next with the characters. I know I am hooked. poor thing, you have been battling ailments for the past couple of months. I pray you get a break from the BS and you headache goes away quickly. xoxo

Happy Sunday/Monday all...working on Cs house today. He is sleeping in at the moment as he certainly needs it. He works so hard. God love him.

Later lovies!

03-10-2013, 10:09 AM








03-10-2013, 10:14 AM

03-10-2013, 01:01 PM
Morning all.

Mel - Welcome back after the involuntary break. Glad you made it through the latest winter delight. Yup, it's all melting like crazy here too. Sorry you had to cancel a bday celebration, but now you get to celebrate it and enjoy it without the weather-related chaos. :) Enjoy! No jury duty for seniors? I wasn't aware of that.

Annie - Nice that you have workout buddies to support you and each other. That'll really help. And a very special event like your wedding should certainly help!!! (Sounds like you made the decision to marry during your vacation!!!! Whoo!!) Yeh, I can certainly see how cooking and baking would make it all the more difficult to eat the right things and portions. Maybe you can start experimenting with lightening up your recipes or collecting new ones?? Don't be so hard on yourself, it's time to see solutions, not berate yourself!!! Got it??!! Back to your Friday post...what bargains you got for the li'l guy!! Bf and I will have to try the Seasons 52 in our area - bf's friend tends bar there, btw.

Happy - How exciting it's going to be to tool around on that fancy new ATV this spring/summer!! Just going outside to get the paper and to pick up after the dog this morning was nice - it's mild and the air had that springy smell. :) Surely winter won't be there for a "few months" yet???!!! :yikes: To me "few means more than two months, and that's what - May or June??? Surely April will bring some milder, spring-like weather?? Sure hope so!! :flower2: Re the home office - yes, we have all the items owed to us now, and a really nice keyboard tray that is nearly like the one I have at work - very sturdy, high quality. The file organization, however, will continue... Sorry to hear about the popcorn shop closing down. Very sad to see so many closed businesses in town. A lot of restaurants in our area closed over the past few years, but it's good to see some of them open as something else.

Ceejay - Sorry to hear about the headache - I hope it's gone now. Have you decided to go to have a meal w/ the uncles today? Rain is in our forecast today. It rained a bit early yesterday and today, and the backyard is really soggy from the melting snow.

Shad - Hope you were able to get some yard work done over the weekend. How did your hair turn out?? I hope your trip back to Darwin was as good as the one out.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies - hope your weekends are going well!
Mild weather today, ahhh. The flower and garden show opened this weekend. I'm going on Friday afternoon and I hope that good garden scent is still there by then!

Friday bf and I went out for Thai food, yum. Picked the healthiest options that I learned of online - steamed potstickers, tom yum soup, and cashew chicken.

Yesterday I ran a couple errands, but spent too much time at the thrift shop. Ended up buying quite a bit more than usual there, but things just caught my eye. I bought the usual 5 for a $1 paperbacks; a decorative knick-knack of some natural wood formation that I can't quite describe, but found interesting; a beautifully printed tablecloth with vivid colors; a light green linen table runner that I'll either use as-is or cut in two and make dishtowels; a pretty scarf; a summery short-sleeved camp shirt and a
very nice raffia sun hat. The sun hat, I learned, is actually by an Australian designer, Helen Kaminski. Ever heard of her Shad? The hats go for big bucks based on what I saw on her website. Outside of winter headwear, I very rarely wear hats except for ball caps while gardening or dogwalking. Sure wish they were more popular here. They need to be - people need to do more to protect their skin from the sun's harmful rays. I think people in Shad's part of the world are much more aware. Shad - do you agree??

In the afternoon, bf and I went out to lunch (middle eastern, skipped the few fried falafel and the olive oil on the baba ghanoush dip), and then to the gigantic, fabulous electronics palace nearby. They are having one of their customer appreciation sales and we went there to replace our crummy old bedroom tv. It was very busy, but we finished our shopping in a surprisingly short amount of time. We found a nice flat-screen and also bought the mounting rack and shelf for it as well. I also finally bought myself an immersion/hand blender. Whoo! Might have to make a smoothie today to christen it, lol.

I've watched 3 episodes of Monarch of the Glen - it's much more lighthearted than Downton, and I'm enjoying the show itself and the gorgeous scenery. One of the actors on that show went on to create Downton - Julian Fellowes. No surprise that Downton ends up featuring Scotland in one of the episodes...

No plans today. After I post this, I'll get online to see if I can register for the park district fitness class passport and the kettlebell class. I suppose I really should go work out...don't feel like it...bleh.

Enjoy what's left of your weekends everyone!

03-10-2013, 02:33 PM
The new ride has arrived girls...

03-10-2013, 04:38 PM
Happy Daylight Savings Day - the one day a year I always felt cheated because we lost an hour. But then again when we gained it back in the fall it always made me smile. ;) Takes a couple of days to get used to the time change.

Annie - I think you will look Pretty In Pink. I agree with Mel - with your coloring you will look gorgeous. As for the weight issues, be proud that you did not gain the weight back that you once carried - this IS a sign of discipline you know. And when you lose a big amount of weight - one always seems to lose below the body's ability to set point and a bit of a gain is inevitable. At this point do the things you can to make yourself feel good - you look like you are making better food choices and it will help if you get some toning in at the gym. I'm sure you will make a gorgeous bride! The prettiest thing you can wear is a big smile :D And my interpretation of the book I am reading is not so much a sad story - more like a tribute to her Mom. There are some parts where her Mom was starting to lose it and I took note of those just for future reference while keeping an eye on my Mom. I agree with you though - books like My Sister's Keeper are just big cry fests for me. 69 degrees out by you. Oh my - what I wouldn't give... enjoy it for me and don't stay inside all day and waste the fresh air.

Mel - glad you got the card - just wish it was a birthday card :( So your internet was down. Whew - I think we were all thinking it was your arms bothering you. Glad you got a bit of a much needed break. Also happy to hear that you have transisitioned from :censored: I'll just do it myself over to the natural leader than you are. Crack that whip and get 'em scurrying is what I say. And everyone BETTER fear Mel's computer friends with their cattle prods and rolling pins although we are just as loveable as we are tough. ;)

Laura - good on yah for chosing the healthier choices at the Chinese restaurant - that's not an easy thing to do when there's so many tempting choices. As for winter up here, as much as we want spring, winter is here until the end of May. We will get some warm, springlike days but it's going to be another month before we even start to kiss the 50 degree temps if that soon. I remember I could not put my garden in until the first week of June because while we got warm days, the nights still dipped towards freezing. While all of you have barely a trace of snow, we still have lots though it is starting to melt a bit. But ... this is the place I chose to live - not complaining - just wistful... Sounds like you got some really interesting stuff at the thrift shop. Pretty cool that you could repurpose the table runner as dish towels! Nice find on the sun hat too. I'll bet they are much more careful about the sun down under. Good thing they don't have that pale Eastern European skin like alot of us - we'd be burnt to a crisp after only a week's vacation. Been meaning to ask if you (or any of the chicks) have a good lentil recipe. I tried them at the heart center at DH's hospital and would like to try incorporating them into some of our meals. They had mixed lentils into a sloppy joe recipe and it was quite tasty.

Ceejay - did you try anything different with your hair or was it just the case that the color came out especially nice this time?

Shad - how did the hair come out? I tend to agree with the salt and pepper - I like it either all silver (and it must be a stunning silver) or when the first bits of gray come in and there's a nice contrast of light and dark. Hard to pull off. Merryl Streep for example in the Devil Wears Prada movie - her hair was silver and stunning. Of course it would help if we all had hair and makeup people following us around and making us look our best :lol: Did the rain let up enough to allow you to do some work?

Michelle - did the new roomie move in yet? Are you sorry you offered? :lol: Will probably be good company unless after a long day on the job you just want to sit and relax in solitude.

Not much else to say chicks. We stopped at an art store in town - art supplies to get me all excited but as DH says - FIRST I have to start on the art work. They also provide a place for local artists to exhibit their pieces. Among them they have greeting / note cards. DH has some amazing pictures of butterflies, flowers and now wildlife. I told him he should check into seeing if they will take his cards on commission - he always wanted to do that. Now we are searching for his pictures. Most of them were on an old computer whose hard drive crashed and I fear they are lost. But I just booted up my old desktop and perhaps I have something on it but the real deal is trying to get anything off of it as it is very old, cranky and persnickity.

Have a good Sunday ladies...

03-10-2013, 07:05 PM
Decided to spend the night with my aunt and uncle. A class mates brother had passed away so I decided I should go pay my respects. I went to stand in for my sister who was in his class.
It made for a tough drive home today as there was rain, rain and more rain.

The color is almost like the color changing from my dark hair to my gray hair. I love the new ride. Don't think I've seen one this big before.

I'm with the others you made the right choice with the pink dress. And yes my headache is finally gone. I'm sure that dealing with the stuff I've dealt with previously at work is the blame for it. It's not the first time but it will be the last time.

I was beginning to wonder about you. I'm glad it was the internet being off.

I do want to go to Goodwill some time and look around, but afraid of all the good stuff I'd find. I don't have any room to store things.


03-11-2013, 04:46 AM
Slip, slop, slap, seek and slide - that's our mantra down here for sun stuff.
Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, slap on a hat, seek the shade, slide on sunglasses. We have this animated duck on our screens just about every night.
Queensland is the Melanoma capital of the world, and we all - well those that care - get skin scans every couple of years. I'm due for one now. Whether we are more careful here or not, I doubt since I see all these virtually naked bodies on beaches and who look like the cooked lobster at the end of the day. Seems that after all these years, we still hanker for a tan - well those of us who don't have one do, and those that have a natural tan don't. No pleasing the human race.

My hair is now back to it's 'natural' brown with some streaky highlights. Since my hair is the normal colour of my mothers family and the thick thatch of my fathers family I would suggest that the greying will be that of my mothers family - not exactly pretty and never seems to go white, just dirty grey.

Annie - pretty in pink. Sounds nice. Have a great time and don't forget to post photos. Sorry you aren't coming to Oz, but it is a long way for a short length of time. You wouldn't get to see a lot since distances are vast.

Ceejay - new hair do for you too. Hope it looks good.

Happy - nice new vehicle. Pity you can't take it down to the shops in the good weather - or maybe you can by blazing your own trail through the neighbourhood.

Laura - more op shop bargains. Well done. I went and looked up Helen Kaminski - never heard of her before. What a load of bollocks. Even the sun visor thingy is $80. I might pay big bucks for an Akruba but not what she's touting.

Mel - it is okay. I did dial the number once and the 'voice' told me that you memory is full. Maybe that's why you never thought of it?? :rofl:
Seems like you have had plenty of things to do anyway what with storms and snow and cold and wind and yelling at Richie and Jen and everyone else. Barking out orders. What could be nicer?

Flight back today was pretty good. I upgraded myself to business class. They have a cooked breakfast and much better service than down in cattle class. So I am back in the work frame. It was nice at home over the weekend. I managed to mow the lawns and do some weeding and some catching up with family and friends. DS2 + G/F and I went to a Mexican restaurant called Diegos Cantina. It was nice and not too chili hot. I do not like really hot chili stuff. But this was good.
Then last night I went to my friend Chris' place for dinner. Her DH had cooked a couple of beef ribs. We had them with coleslaw and corn and potatoes and a yummy gravy.
Had a chat with the neighbour and cleaned the garbage out of my car and the day was about done. Up early this morning for my flight.

And that is about it really. I'm still in the office waiting for my ride to stop talking in his meeting. Then it is home for some dinner and a drink or two.

03-11-2013, 09:08 AM







03-11-2013, 09:24 AM
Good morning ladies -

Sorry I've been away. Saturday was really busy...first, had a massage to try and get rid of this back pain and horrible sciatica down both legs. It helped but the pain is still quite bad. :( Saturday afternoon I went to a movie and dinner with a friend. The movie we saw was "Oz - The Great and powerful" because I love the Wizard of Oz and Wicked, so I thought this could be good. It ok. Dinner, however, was really yummy.

My roommate went to meet up with a male friend/former co-worker of hers and wanted me to join her after I got home from dinner. I was too tired, so just went home and relaxed with the dogs. Santa and her dog are getting along great, which is nice. Anyway, my roommate came home at around 11:30 and was really drunk. Her friend had picked her up and drove her home, so at least she wasn't driving drunk. Anyway, they stayed up talking until at least 2:30, which is when I finally fell back asleep.

I slept in until 10:30 or so on Sunday and was still exhausted when I got out of bed. I couldn't get my brain or body in gear all day. I watched "The Hunger Games" on DVD, which I thought was really good. It stayed fairly true to the book; though there were lots of things from the book that didn't make it to the movie in order to condense it into a 2 hour movie. I wanted to work on my resume, and some other stuff...but was just in way too much back/leg pain and too brain foggy to do much of anything. The way I felt, you'd think I had too much to drink on Saturday night...and all I had was diet coke. :rofl:

Anyway, I think this new roommate situation will work out. She is really nice, and fun to talk with. I mentioned to her that if she comes home late like that, to please be quiet and respectful. And she agreed. And at least she doesn't do this on work nights. :)

No time for much in the way of personals today...other than to say, Annie, you will be such a lovely are so beautiful!!

I'll try and check in later.

Much love,

03-11-2013, 11:13 AM
Morning ladies,

Monday Monday and both DH and I have doctor's appointments. Due to some confusion on both of our parts we have appointments an hour apart and our doctor's offices are across the parking lot from one another so someone is going to be waiting on the other.

I only have 5 minutes left and have to hop in the shower so I will say good morning and then be back later to re-read the personals I just read so I can do proper responses.

Back later...

03-11-2013, 11:30 AM
Good Morning Girlies........

Rainy days and Mondays...stink, wish I was snuggling with Sass.

Thank you all for pepping me up about the dress and fatness. Today I brought the rest of the smoked chicken and a hard boiled egg for lunch. I had greek yogurt for breakfast. Trying to eat more proteins than anything, just as I did after bariatric surgery. Minimal carbs, no sweets, lots of veggies and medium fruit. If I could lose 10 or 15 lbs before vacay that would be great. I have 6 weeks before vacay. Pray for me to have the motivation and willpower.

Went to Cs house yesterday, he worked on the leaky toitie and got the entire kitchen painted. I hate painting. Chris is not moving fast enough for me, so I am trying to boost him along. Really he is starting to annoy me. Bout ready to rip him a new arse. Gotta be careful tho, my grandbabe resides with them..haha

HAPPY....Ooooohhh, I love our new toy for the commune. Cannot wait to go for a ride. Bet DH is like a kids in the candy store with it. From the front of it, it looks like a face.

SHADDIE...gotta love that saying...Slip, slop, slap, seek and slide - that's our mantra down here for sun stuff. Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, slap on a hat, seek the shade, slide on sunglasses. I imagine we will be doing that while in Destin, FL next month. Hope your travels back to h*ll to work went smoothly.

CHELLE...Good you got a handle on the new roomie about coming in and being quiet about it. Sheesh that is all you need, one more thing to keep you awake at night. What kind of dog does roomid have, or did I miss that?

CEEG...sorry to hear of the death of a classmate, always makes be feel old when one of my classmates dies. Boo. did you do on WW points with eating out over the weekend? You got some nice bargains at the thrift store.

MELLIE...liked the kitty pix, sent it to our cat lady in the office, she liked it too. Hope your day is quiet and maybe even a MELLI-day!

Probably ought to get my act together.

Have a marvy Monday/Tuesday all.

03-11-2013, 12:00 PM
Morning all. Rainy gloomy day today. :rain:

Happy - Love the new toy! Boy does that look like it'll be fun. :) Has dh gotten some routes mapped for your first ride yet?? I hope you find the photos. Hope you both have books to pass the time while you're waiting on each other this morning!

Michelle - Sorry to hear you're having such pain in your back/legs. :( I'm glad your insurance has kicked in and you can get some help with that. Sounds like things are good with the roommate situation - well, her dog anyway, lol. Seriously though, I hope you and she both settle in well together. I was wondering how the new Oz movie was. Also heard a critic say he was disappointed. The admin was going to see it this weekend, but she's not in today to ask...

Shad - I love that "slip, slop, slap, seek and slide". I'll have to remember that one. I'm a bit haphazard with the sunscreen - I'll use moisturizer and foundation with sunscreen in them, and apply sunscreen to my neckline/chest, but then not apply it where the skin on my arms is exposed. Duh. And on the weekends, any sort of routine often goes out the window beyond washing my face and brushing/flossing. And I definitely need to buy a pair of quality sunglasses - after my last pair broke, I've been wearing a crummy old pair that are low quality and the size of the lenses probably doesn't offer much protection at all. But at least I've got a nice hat to wear now, haha. I agree, I'd never pay the steep price for something like that. Had to look up Akruba - yeh, those seem like the kind of hats that you invest in and they'd be worn for many years. Well, at least someone's Monday is over now - lucky you. :)

Mel - Yay for you getting your taxes done!! Still on my list of to-dos. :halfempty Hopefully "nothing to report really" means the building was quiet over the weekend. :D Love the cat pic. Vaguely reminds me of Friday afternoon when I ran out to pay my cell phone bill down the block from the office and a huge chunk of ice fell off the building across the street and crashed to the pavement very loudly. Everyone on the street was so startled - thank goodness that didn't hit anyone!! Anyway, your little kitty is lucky it's just snow falling on his fuzzy head, LOL.

Ceejay - Good of you to pay your respects to the classmate/brother. You are right about going overboard with the shopping, even if it's thrift shopping. The little set of built-in book shelves in our home office are rather full now, so I need to do a full purge on those if I'm to keep buying used books.

Hi Annie!!
Nuttin' much to report here. I got online and registered for my kettlebell class that starts in April. I can't register for the passport online because they have to give me the passport punchcard. Duh. I'll go this week.

Bf installed the tv wall mount and shelf yesterday while I went off to the gym. I did a strength workout on the machines. I'm rather sore today, bah. Not a great way to start a Monday. I went home and showered, then walked the dog in the rain and we both got soaked.

Bf and I went out for an early dinner. Eating out three times over a weekend is not an easy thing when also trying to lose weight. But at least portions were under control for that meal. However, I really overdid it on the Golden Oreos yesterday. The good news is that they are now just about gone, LOL. The scale this morning seemed fine with it, but I'm not sure I'll show much of a loss at tomorrow's weigh-in. We'll see. At least I'm out of the house and those temptations today. :)


03-11-2013, 12:11 PM
Hi Annie - You snuck in on me while I was blabbing away. You are the energizer bunny with all the stuff you accomplish in a weekend!! Your eating plan sounds good - sounds sort of like WW - they seem to really hate carbs and sweets, LOL. I did so-so on Saturday with my points and really tanked yesterday - I completely used up my daily points, and then finished off my weekly ones and am currently in the red. Good thing today's the last day of my ww week and I start fresh tomorrow. But back to better choices today - brought a healthy sandwich and fruits to work. We can do it!! Are you ready for your workouts this week?

Happy - I keep forgetting to answer your question from way back when - yes, we get a weekly mini-magazine at our ww meetings. Has a couple testimonies, a couple recipes, some tips, etc. All the usual rah-rah stuff, lol.

03-11-2013, 12:33 PM
Annie - You are NOT fat. You will look gorgeous on your wedding day! I'm with you on eating proteins...they make me feel much fuller and for longer. I need to do better on limiting sweets...or replacing sweets with fruit, but I'll get there. BTW, my roommate's dog is a 12 year old Golden Retriever. He's a sweetie. I'm not used to being around such a big dog...he frequently picks spots to lay down in that block hallways and doorways. But he's so easy going, he doesn't mind being stepped around or over...and he'll move too.

Laura - I think Oz is definitely a movie to wait for Netflix or cable, and I'm not usually that tough of a critic. I'm just glad that my friend and I saw the matinee, so it was cheaper. It wasn't awful. The visual effects were stunning. But I give it about 2 stars for the plot and about 1 star for the acting.

03-11-2013, 01:51 PM
Yeah go ME!!!! I did 1.5 miles on the elipical at the fitness center during lunch. We did 30 miutes and burned 256 calories. Ate a little less total calories than that for lunch. You know how they say a battle of any sort is just one day at a time, well my battle is 1 hour at a time. Maybe my endorphins will keep me "high" for a while. My bra is all sweaty and not liking that much but I will make it till this evening when I get home.

I too am an Oz and Wicked fan. Sam and I saw the play when it was here in Indy. It was very good, I even had read the book some years ago. However upon suggestion by you lovely ladies I will wait and rent it.

Gotta get busy.

03-11-2013, 01:54 PM

03-11-2013, 02:06 PM
Is the "Oz" movie the one with James Franco? I love the Golden Retriever dogs. They are beautiful but big for my liking. Sorry the pain hit you again.

You are definitely not fat. I wish I had some of your height.

Miss Mel
What are you doing today? Relaxing!!!!!!

It's good that your appointments are across the parking lot from each other.

How are you liking the ww websight for tracking points?

Not much to report. I've been in a depressed mood this past week end and today. I decided to take the Xanax last night and boy did I sleep well. I'm going to take it early enough tonight that I will not be groggy in the morning. So far the bosses are behaving themselves.
Forgot to mention that I had so much frustration last night that I rode the bike for 50 minutes.

does the word eliptical mean that you've done your exercise on it? Curious minds?

03-11-2013, 02:16 PM
Okay Annie
I reread your post. And a job well done.

03-11-2013, 04:09 PM
Annie - :bravo: on the exercising!!

Happy - I love the new ATV! Looks like tons of fun! How are your feet doing? I hope the doctor appointments went well today.

Ceejay - Sorry that you're feeling blue. I hope the blues pass quickly for you. Yes, James Franco is in the "Oz" movie. I was not impressed by his acting, but I haven't seen him in anything else...maybe this was just a "low" point in his acting. Not sure. :dunno:

03-11-2013, 06:25 PM
Check out my facebook, my DDIL tagged me in wedding photos....see the little fat man that looks like a gnome? That is my xdh and the ugly girl next to him is what he settled for, cause he told me he settled....You lose faggit.

03-11-2013, 06:26 PM I had a wonderful BD party.
Jen made a gorgeous cake and on top was small cupcakes making a blue caterpiller and Pink Peeps.
It was so adorable. Everyone loved it. Maybe she should be a cake caterer!!
I got new Spring tops and giftcards.
I'll be all decked out for when the warmer weather arrives.
My friend Frank wasn't there though.
I missed him in a way but there is office drama with him and the girls. SIGH!
Tomorrow I need to work a bit and get some laundry done so ergo tonite's post.
Hope you all have a Happy Tuesday/Wednesday:scooter: poopy sister.....I got the card.
I was cracking up over the dogs!!! Too frasasing funny. Thank you.
Praying for your skinniness:yoga:
(Please God hear my prayers or we'll never hear the end
of how the dress didn't fit....and what she did to it with a pair of scissors!!!:yikes:) :rofl: :rofl:
All kidding are sure to lose something in 6 weeks.
Keeping my fingers crossed:crossed:
Better be careful with the GBabe's'll lose visitatation rights!!:rofl:

Michelle....I am very happy to hear you made some ground rules with the friend.
Good for you sister. Very sorry to hear about the pain though.
Hope you will be feeling better soon.
Just do whatever it takes to get well. :hug:

Laura....I need the BF to install a wallmount here too! LOL
But first I need to get a skinny TV Richie said.
This old one could be used for weight training!!
Those golden Oreos can get addictive and I am a choc-o-holic too!
Get thee behind me Satan!!!:devil:

Ceejay.....yes I was relaxing and eating cake!!
Not sure what the calories were.
But Jen told everyone BD cake doesn't have any calories!!! :lol3: :lol3:
I am glad you took a pill and had a good night's sleep.
The depression can come from sinus drugs too...don't forget.
I wish my Dr would give me some DRUGS!!!!
I could use a day without anxiety!!!!!
Hope you feel better tomorrow too. :hug:

Happy....Jen took the cards and hung them on the wall.
She said I should find the map Shad sent me and use it as wallpaper!
Hope you & DH both got good reports.
I think of your hubby often.

03-11-2013, 06:52 PM
Don't know the order of the pix....but one is of Sassy sleeping on the back on the love seat that faces the kitchen while I am fixing dinner...She has to be where I am. The other one is of Sassy, I wuv my momma and daddy's bed. And of Course the best for last...lil man after an exhauting day at Nanna's house, getting ready to go home, slept right through it. Jesus my heart swells with love for that little boy.

03-11-2013, 07:32 PM
So glad you were celebrating your bd. My sis always tells me that bd cakes do not have calories. I didn't know that about the sinus meds.

03-12-2013, 03:37 AM
Hi all,

Annie - I would have NEVER pictured you with someone like the ex. You tower over him. In fact, I thought it was kind of cute, you look so tall in the first few pictures and then when you are just with the kids, it's like you dropped the high heels or something and look a little shorter. :lol: You look sooooo pretty in your dress. That's a really hard color to pull off and you look fabulous. Actually the whole family looks great - such lovely pictures of you all. I love Sissy's hairband and dress. And your dress is a very flattering cut as well as DDIL's wedding gown. Love the flowers too. P.S. that's no "girl" (I thought you meant 20 year old) with the ex ;) I wish I could see your other pictures you posted here but there are too small for my old eyes. :(

Also Anne - I have a suggestion if you are game. I know you want to look your very, very best in the next 6 weeks so instead of fretting over everything and feeling pressure - which only makes the weight loss harder - instead why don't you post something positive each day that you are doing in support of your desire? I have seen so far that you are choosing lower calorie selections at lunch, drinking water instead of other beverages, moving around alot (cardio) and possibly some gym sessions - like today :carrot: . I think if you posted one thing each day you'd see that you are making good progress. And for every day you miss, I will eat a big bowl of Blue Bunny Homemade Vanilla ice cream in retaliation. Now you wouldn't want that on your head, would you? :shrug: :no: :nono:

Mel - how great that you had a nice birthday celebration. That's unfortunate that Frank felt it was better to stay away. The cake sounds absolutely adorable. I'll bet she had so much fun doing that. Cake decorating would be fun but the seniors would never pay her what it's worth. I had a friend at work who took it up and she said people were barely willing to cover her expenses much less make any money on the labor and I tell you - her cakes were delicious! I guess it's quite an investment at first in cake pans, decorator stuff, and then the real killers - dyes and flavors.

Ceejay - sorry you are feeling down. Sounds like you haven't been getting a good rest lately. I think that has a big effect too. Glad you got a good sleep - hope you are doing better.

Michelle - thank you for the movie review. I was interested in seeing that too and probably would have had to go by myself. I guess I will wait for the DVD too. I'm glad you had a talk with the roomie. Can't say I blame anyone for tying one on after a shocker like that - just as long as it's not a habitual thing. Sometimes well intentioned friends don't always make the best choices either when trying to be supportive - here have a drink. :^:

Laura - thank goodness you were nowhere near the falling ice chunk. I used to work in the "ivory tower" on Michigan and Randolph and ice would constantly slide down that big diamond window face. It was darn scary there! Worse than the headwinds and tow ropes at the IBM building. :lol: So what are golden Oreos? I've seen them in the store. Kettle bell class sounds like fun. Have you done that before? Hope your weigh in goes well today :crossed: Stressful, those weigh ins.

Shad - laughed at the sun stuff mantra. Love the colorful way you put things. I think there will always be half naked people on the beach no matter what. I can only imagine what the older Brazillians look like - even with the darker skin tones - they have to be dry and wrinkly after all that sun worshipping. I am happy to get my 15 minutes a day to boost the vitamin D and that's enough exposure for me. Sounds like you had a nice weekend in spite of the rain. The new vehicle is definitely for soft dirt or sand, not automobile roads. Apparently due to it's power one has to be quite careful driving it. Guess DH will do most of the driving and we won't be giving Mum a lesson after all :lol: Is your garden winding down now that you are headed towards autumn or is this time to get another planting in before the winter rains? Are you even home enough to plant anything? Did DS2 buy dinner after leaving the house open? :lol:

Went to the doctors today. DH's blood levels are just where they need to be. I got another shot in the foot. Was painful but not the excruiating agony that the first one was. This should take care of the last of the residual burning and pain. Then in 2 to 3 weeks I hope to start my walking program with DH. That is as long as the roads stay clean. We also stopped at the cell phone shop and picked up a new phone for a trial. Got it home and sure enough, we got no better signal than we did on the no contract phone from Walmart. DH is totally against shelling out a couple of hundred dollars for a cell phone booster - he thinks the vendor should provide one. I said they are not responsible for topography. They put in a cell phone tower less than 4 miles from here so the signal should be good - we apparently like to chose homes that sit in the low point of the road and the strong signal goes right over our roof. He's ready to chuck it all, I'm not so sure and I have 2 more days to decide - if we return the phone in 72 hours or less, everything is 100 percent refundable. We only got 1 or 2 bars when we got home. I was able to chat with the cousin (local), Mum and Sis. I could hear fine on my side and no dropped calls but my Mum complained loudly that I was breaking up and Sis said the voice mail I left her was almost indistinguishable. So that's not good. DH said we either have a land line or a cell phone but cannot afford both so I have some hard thinking to do. I do want to try the booster just so I can say if it doesn't work that we have done everything possible to try. We then went out for a late lunch / early supper to the Chinese restaurant in town and both had a good meal. Came home and I finally watched Slum Dog Millionaire that I recorded back last December. It was a really good movie. And now it's past my bedtime so I'd better get off the computer.

Good night all...

03-12-2013, 09:13 AM
Good Morning....

HAPPY....lmbo at your comments on xh. He was 34 and I was 19 when we met. He looked like Chuck Norris/Kenny Rogers cross between and taller. He is now 67, shrunk and looks like Santa Clause. ba haha. No his "old lady" is probably near or at 60 herself. Look how far she stands from family. She hates everyone except my DS. What a b*tch.

I accept your challenge of posting a positive every day. Would hate to be responsible for Cs company going down to Blue Bunny and you weighing 500 lbs. So today my positive is two...1) I dreamed I was thin and had a flat belly with no scars from tummy tuck, so that has made me think that I will picture in my mind myself thin instead of frumpy. 2) I heard a couple of songs on the radio that put me in a great frame of mind. Especially the Good Morning song by Mandesa that I have mentioned before. So stay positive and smile. Cell phones are a pain, seems like if you are not in a fairly decent city, reception just sucks. When I used to live out in the stix while married, I had Verizon and could barely get reception unless I went out on the back patio. The only carrier that had reception out there was Singular. Glad to hear DHs blood work came back within reason. That should be a bit of a relief. Hope the foot does better with this shot, owie on the are brave. Thank you for the challenge!

MELLIE...the cake sounded adorable. Jen sounds creative. I believe CEEG is correct on BD cakes have no calories and I have heard no fat either. lol Too sad that Frank could not make the party.

LAURA...I made your taco soup recipe last night only tweaked it just a bit. Added green chilies, beans and cayenne pepper. YES, it is a little (lot) on the warm side. C didn't even want to try it so I made him something different for dinner. Thanks for the recipe....I brought the soup to work to share, if anyone

Nothing much else going here. C is actually taking his Wednesday off this week, instead of work it. He is going fishing with his brother, I told them they were nuts as the high tomorrow is only 36. Burr...not me.

Chat at you chickies later...loves and hugs

03-12-2013, 09:14 AM
Super quick post...

Annie - those pictures of Sassy and Lil Man are adorable! thanks for sharing! Haven't looked at the wedding photos. I'll do that when I get home.

Mel - I'm so glad you had a nice b'day!

Happy - Yay for your DH's good test results and for your shot not hurting as bad. I hope you can start a walking regimen in a couple weeks. Not sure if that comment about well intentioned friends not making the best choices was directed at me. Things are going well with my roommie. She is going to a basketball game tonight, hopefully she's quiet when she comes in...though the dogs will wake me up regardless. That's okay though, I plan to go to bed early.

My massage yesterday was literally THE BEST EVER! I'm so glad I didn't cancel! She worked out literally every single knot! :dancer: I still have muscle spasms occasionally in my back and legs, but not nearly as bad. And today, I'm walking without a cane. I can't say all the pain is gone...but there is improvement. :) I'm hoping to be able to start walking regularly or getting to the gym later this week.

Tonight is a counseling appointment, followed by a quiet evening at home with the doggies (Santa and roomie's dog Rusty). :cloud9:

Gotta go for now!

Much love and many hugs to all,

03-12-2013, 12:03 PM
Morning all. Cold and blustery today. Ick. I never really expect mild weather until April, but I do hope things get better in March...but no. So today we had a coating of snow when I woke up. :shrug:

Michelle - Glad the massage helped! Did you have one over the weekend too, or am I mistaken? I'm jealous regardless - I could use a massage about now, especially with being sore after my workout on Sunday. The admin didn't like the Oz movie at all, didn't like James Franco or Mila Kunis. That's a rental, or more likely, I'll just get it from the library someday. What's interesting is that both a film critic and the admin said they liked "Return to Oz", which I've never seen. That might be worth watching someday too.

Annie - Okay, for some reason I couldn't see the wedding photos on fb on my iphone, but I can see them on fb on my work computer (shhh, don't tell!). Anyway, wow, like Happy said, you really do tower over your ex! And the body language - it looked like he was actually facing away from everyone else in one of the photos, and not really smiling in any of them. Oh well, like you said, his loss. Everyone else looks fabulous - I love that dress, and you've got the legs to show it off girl!! I love Happy's challenge and that you accepted it. Way to go on the exercise! Whoo!! :cp: Re the "taco soup" recipe, wow, I had to look back at it to see if it really had a lot of spice...yep, 1 tablespoon each of chili powder and hot sauce. Forgot about that...and you amped it up more with chilies and cayenne. Good luck to your officemates, LOL. Bf and I are spice lovers and probably have a higher tolerance level than a lot of people out there.

Mel - Glad you had a wonderful bday celebration. :) Your cake sounded adorable! I was watching a dvr'd episode of the Worst Cooks in America last night and their big challenge was making a cake - boy did they do some crazy stuff, and much of it wasn't good at all, both with the cake baking and the cake decorating!! Sorry Frank wasn't at your party. :( Yeh, the old tv's are so giant and bulky and HEAVY compared to these skinny ones. Bf called a couple friends to see if they wanted the old tv from our bedroom and nope, he can't even give it away. It'll have to go to a recycling event. Reminds me, one's coming up in our area - I'll have to tell bf about it.

Ceejay - Sorry you've got the blues, and it doesn't sound like work is thrilling at the moment either. But good for you working off some of that frustration - I always feel better after exercise. Get those endorphins going!!! Re the ww etools point tracker - yes, it's pretty easy to use. And it has some good features that the sparkpeople tracker doesn't have.

Happy - I'm glad dh's blood work came out good. And what a relief the shot you got wasn't as painful as the previous one! Hope it blasts away the last of the pain and you can get out and walk when the weather improves. Wow, what a problem with the cell phone reception. Is it also equally bad when you're away from home? I should think you'd want to have a cell phone at least when you're on the road, just in case, but I do get the cost factor. A golden Oreo is just vanilla, but I do like them. When we bought that package, it seems that there's all sorts of Oreo varieties now - variations on the filling flavor and I think you can even get them with one half chocolate cookie, one half Golden.
Did I mention the spa getaway four of us have booked? It'll be one night overnight on 5/4 at a resort in the Lake Geneva area of WI (south WI just north of the IL-WI border). I booked my deep tissue massage appointment yesterday, not sure if i'll book anything else in the way of spa services. I'm not a huge fan of facials, but a body scrub sounds kind of nice...we'll see. Looking forward to it. :carrot:

Okay, haven't eaten anything yet - it's weigh in day. Didn't even have time to finish a warm mug of lemon water before I left the house. I'm drinking an herbal lemon tea here at the office - time for another, in fact. Only 2.5 hours now, groan. I don't expect much of a loss, if any, this week, since I've struggled the past two days. It would help if we'd gone grocery shopping over the weekend. I'm skipping the movies tonight so we can get over to Walmart tonight.

Okay, enough babble, time to get back to work!! Have a great day everyone!!


03-12-2013, 01:47 PM
Morning all,

Ok, no ice cream for me today - thanks Annie ;) good for both of us :high: in fact I may join you in the challenge - just the idea of it is making me think better choices right off the bat. Been eating too much sugar lately and considering that I quit the blood sugar meds almost 2 months ago - I should be paying attention to that more. I quit the meds on my own - they are expensive and not sure I need them. I made an appointment to see my regular doctor on Thursday - will get my A1C (long term blood sugar) checked and if it's still on the low side then maybe I can kiss these pills goodbye for good. If not I will work hard on doing what I need to change my diet and exercise so I don't have to take the meds - I will not play Russian Roulette with diabetes potential.

As for the cell phone, DH and I had a discussion today. He's not against the cell phone but thinks the Verizon 2 year contract is alot to pay with only getting 1 or 2 bars in the house. There's a bit of me that feels like I'm missing out on something because I don't have a smart phone because that's the way things are going - kind of like people who don't use a computer and the smartphones and iPads are replacing computers in the same way that laptops replaced desktops. So I did some research on smartphone features - email (I will check this at home - always found the phone too tiny a screen for that), Facebook Updates (will do at home also), GPS app - we have 2 Garmins, Camera - I have my nice digital camera, Apps in general - I have an iTouch that I can load apps to - I just don't have the on the go digital internet connection when I'm on the road. So ... the thing comes down to if I want to pay an additional $70 a month for things that are nice to have and a combination all in one unit of things I already have??? In the end I convinced myself not. We will probably go with a cheap use it as you need it Tracfone to give us the security of having a cell phone when we are out and about. It uses the Verizon towers out here so there's no benefit to Verizon's phones or Tracfones. The Verizon store phone guy fibbed a bit - he said Verizon offered phones with stronger signals than you could get at Walmart with the no contract Verizon phones and we proved that is totally NOT the case. So there went the argument for Tracfone having cheaper quality phones. Ahhhh - such first world problems, eh???? Also part of the problem of living in a rural area with lots of hills and slopes that interfer with the radio signals. I think DH is happy that I'm not fighting him on the cell phone thing... neither of us were pig headed about it, we were just trying to justify what was the best option for the money.

Laura - I think you sealed the deal on a rental with the Oz movie - renting from the library for free sounds even better ;) thanks for your input. I saw that episode of Worst Cooks too - I saved it because I'm interested in trying their technique of stir fried rice and lo mein but the second part of the show with the cakes - I agree. Would surely lose my interest in cake (not that I'm a big fan anyway) with their techniques and flavor choices. Oooh a girls weekend in Lake Geneva sounds wonderful. We always liked that town for a get away weekend. Sounds like you'll have a great time. Hope you do well on the weigh in today.

Michelle - oh oh - let me clarify. :o My comment about well intentioned friend was certainly not directed at you. What I meant was that your roomie went out with a friend who probably was trying to be supportive (no doubt roomie was unloading feelings) and well meaning friend was like - ok, let's have a few drinks. Sadness can cause one to consume an awful lot of wine / drinks/ food. Next thing you know, you've gotten your friend toasted and drop her off at the door of her apartment where the new roomate wonders geez what is this???? So I was trying to say and it came out awkward that she probably had good intentions to take her out and get her to let her hair down and then things went a bit overboard. Ooops. I'm really glad that Santa is getting along well with Rusty. I'm sure in his own doggie way he is glad for the company and that has to be a bit of a relief for you now that things are not so inviting at the ex's house. How nice that the massage was able to help you! Well worth the money I'd say and probably something you should treat yourself to once a month - make a can for it and drop in spare change and bills when you can.

Annie - ex and his new "squeeze" certainly do not look like a fun loving couple. So you're saying that you were once married to Bad Santa's brother? :rofl: :lol3: oh that just amused me to no end - hahahahahahahah I'm surprised he produced such happy looking kids like yours - although that probably means they take after you, right? :lol: I'm glad you decided to accept the challenge. Sounds like you are off to a great start and remember that Spanx hides alot of sins. Everyone on TV - even people I thought were thin and didn't need them - seems to wear Spanx. Seriously - there's so much fake on TV - fake hair, nails, extension, push up bras, spanx, photoshopping pictures - sets such an impossibly high standard for the rest of us that we can never achieve. :( So I try not to look in mirrors too much and avoid cameras. ;) You keep eating that speecy spicy food girl as long as it doesn't cause you tummy issues. Will help boost that metabolism. Can you sweet talk the coworker into another smoked chicken? *bats eyelashes and smiles pretty pretty *

Mel - good luck with the laundry - I may see your load and raise you two ;)

The sun finally came out. DH has to go out and pick up some feed for the animals - I will tell him to return the cell phone before I change my mind. My foot is a little sore today - the cortesone irritates the surrounding tissue for a day or two but that will pass. So I'll stay home today and do some things around the house. I have so much to do - need to make a list, complete a task instead of flitting around as I do.

Have a good day chicks.

03-12-2013, 01:59 PM
HAPPY....hahahaha, sweet talk my co-worker into another smoked chicken, well she is female and pretty sure straight, don't think she would appreciate me batting my eyelashes and smiling at her. cracking me up. Xh was santa, bad santa and a jerk all rollled up into one...haha

Ate some of Laura's taco soup for lunch, mouth is on fire baby. Oh yeah feel the burn. Turned down going out to lunch to keep my workout appt with co-worker. Walked on the elliptical for 30 minutes, however today went 1.70 miles and burned 270 calories. 30 minutes is a long time for something not enjoyable. Altho 35 years is a long time to work when you would rather play!

Gonna clean up my soup mess in the kitchen and get back at it.

Good day chickies.

03-12-2013, 03:28 PM

I had to leave early. some how I am pinching a nerve in my neck.
Not a lot but it just began. Taking Aleve and reclining with the frozen peas!
I'll try and catch up with you tomorrow. daughter told everyone that BD cake was calorie free!!
The women were cracking up. She must be related to your Sister:rofl:

03-12-2013, 04:40 PM
Hi all,

Just a quick one for now. I'm feeling better. Think it's the xanax doing it's job. I've needed these for a long long time.
I'll be back later.

03-12-2013, 04:41 PM
Mellie - Take care of your neck. You need to get someone to massage it for you - do you have Igor on speed dial?? :lol:

Annie - You go girl!! I agree, the cardio machines are boring, but you're doing it!!

Happy - Meant to tell you that you were up well past everyone's bed time!! You're quite the night owl. :D Yeh, those "Worst Cooks" stir frys looked tasty. :hun:
Had a 1.2 pound loss at weigh-in today. Good thing I skipped breakfast, haha.

03-12-2013, 04:42 PM
Ceejay - glad you're feeling better! :yes:

03-12-2013, 09:41 PM
Morning all,
Well it was a beautiful day today until some b*st*rd came along and stuffed it right up. Seems that not only do we amble from crisis to to crisis but we only make rules for some and not others.And we exist simply for the powers that be to able to ram their size 12s into the mouth on various occasions.

But, I am not going to let it bother me any more. I have said my piece, and now will retire back to my corner and let them dig themselves out of the hole.

Annie - enjoyed the photos you put up. Exdh and g/f sure look like sourpuss'. Great going on the exercise and I look forward to the positives coming up daily. Happy does not need any more ice cream, so be gentle on her. And I won't take any of the soup thank you.

Happy - good to hear the bloodwork is okay and that the foot is coming along.
I'm surprised to hear about the rotten reception you get with the mobile phone. I've been hanging on to my landline but the costs are getting greater and I may yet get rid of it.
To do lists are great, can't live without one over here.

Ceejay - glad to hear that you are feeling better

Mel - love the tea set. I'll have an Earl Grey - no milk, no sugar thanks. I always thought the birthday cakes were calorie free and if you ate them standing up, they were actually negative calories.

Michelle - good to hear that the massage has helped your back so much. Also well done for putting the roomy on track. Alcohol never helped much in the solving of problems, but I can see how once or twice it might help.

Better go sort out some more problems. There is enough to go around twice or three times if any one wants any :rofl:

03-13-2013, 09:00 AM
Good Morning Happy Hippity Hoppity Hump Day....that was for the Easter Bunny...

Today's only snowed on the grass last night so no slip sliding away on the way to work this morning. Made it in record time. Of course no Starbucks, grocery store, or MCDs coffee stops today. Filled my water jug and away we go!!!

MELLIE...sorry to hear about your pinched nerve. I love the pea idea and keep a bag out in the freezer in the garage for that purpose only. Feel better poopy say the least, yes they are sourpuss'. Seems there is always someone at that jobsite to ruin a perfectly good day for you. They must know my

CEEG...glad the zannie worked for you. THey are like gold around here. Altho I have not had to take one in several months...I use them when my anxiety gets out of control.

LAURA...yahoooooooooooooo on the loss. Congrats....what is your total now?

Hello and good morning/evening to all you lovely ladies.

03-13-2013, 09:30 AM

Morning chicks.
I sat and watched TV. Did nothing exciting.
Feel better today. I think it was a case of aggravation.
My body had a chit fit as a result.
My mind might still be able to work,
but the body says screw you & goes on strike. :rofl: :rofl:
Going into the 50's today and then cold again.
I think we might go to the supermarket Thurs or Fri.
We'll see. Richie is liking food shopping.
Makes him feel needed!!! Maybe I'll let him go!!!
Have a great day:scooter:

Annie....the pictures are cute but couldn't get 2 to enlarge.
Seems I am missing all the FB funnies. LOL
It must have felt good to see the ex looking like :santa:
Too frassing funny!!!!

Happy.....A lot of the Seniors here have a landlind & a cheap cel phone.
I just had to delete my post to you.
I see you already made the decision in your next post:rofl:
Hope it all works out.
Did ya save me some Chinese???:hun:
I am glad to hear DH got a good report!!
Hope your foot keeps improving & it's not sore today:hug:

Shad....I am so sorry to hear that job is so drama oriented.
What a pain in the frassing arse.
I will make a cuppa Earl Grey for you!
When you talk to these guys...please do not pick up any pointe or sharp objects:rofl:

Ceejay....Glad the pills are working.
It's that time of year when we will all be feeling better soon.
Hope the work situation with the bosses is still good.
Think good thoughts:hug:

Laura...yes you did and I thought the Spa idea was great!
I think it's a great way to begin the Summer.
All scrubbed and refreshed. :belly:
So what did you find at Walmart????
Igor on speed dial....:rofl: :rofl:
No but I have Chris from out rooftop A/C repair on speed dial.
He's even better!!!:belly:

Michelle...happy to hear the massage did so much good.
Hope the restful night added to the back feeling better.
I told Jen I hope when the weather warms up we'll all be feeling better:dance:

03-13-2013, 11:27 AM
Your spa idea sounds like heaven to me right now. I think that is a great idea. Not sure if there are any in Jonesboro or not but I'm looking into it.

Your description fits my body and brain to a T. Think I'd let I'd let Richie do the food shopping. Hope the pinch nerve is better today.

I'm only supposed to take the Xanax when I have a panic attack but that ordeal was enough for me. I'm glad I had them. Didn't realize that it was supposed to snow in your area. Glad the roads were good.

Are you working in my department? !!!!! Or does this go on every where.
I feel for you.

Glad you and new room mate are getting along.
And the dogs too.
No news is good news. Things have settled down in my mind but will always be on my toes from now on. And I'm learning to speak my mind. I do not want them to think they can run over me.

03-13-2013, 11:43 AM
Grumpy today and don't have much to say. This weather is getting me down. 23 degrees this morning. Sigh.

Shad - Sorry you've got a lot of drama and crises at your end. Bah. Almost Thursday there, your weekend is getting close.

Annie - Glad you're feeling more positive about the weather today than I am. Though I am grateful there was only a teeny bit of snow in spots on the sidewalk and I didn't slip or fall once walking to the train station this morning. I agree with Shad - not a real smile between the ex and his partner. I prefer the other approach: Smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to... :D

Mel - Glad you're feeling better today. Hope the body is ready to get back to work for you. Nice that Richie likes shopping. I didn't go to Walmart, but bf did later in the evening last night. I don't think he enjoyed it much because he had trouble finding a couple things I had on the list because stupid walmart had them in illogical spots. And while I'm ranting...nothing you buy at walmart is in undented or uncrushed condition, so we'll no longer buy taco shells there. Okay, that sounds sort of comical, so I guess my rant is over, LOL. What did bf buy there? Once he found my facial moisturizer (with the hand/body lotion, duh, see what I mean?), he bought that, contact lens solutions, shampoo and other boring stuff. Nothing exciting, sorry to say. Ah, yes, Chris. If your neck is still troubling you, definitely ring him up!! :lol:

Ceejay - Good for you to speak up for yourself - if people think they can run roughshod over you, they'll do it if it benefits them. Yes, find a spa, or even just a nice place that offers massages and whatnot. Being pampered is just what we need every once in a while. :)
Nothing to report. Stripped every last bit of meat off of some leftover rotisserie chicken and bf used part of it for chicken soft tacos. Yum.

Well, I didn't eat breakfast this morning so I went to buy something and instead of an egg white/veggie frittata I ended up w/ a bagel and cream cheese. Been a looonnng time since I had one, but still, it's a calorie bomb and not gonna help me lose any weight. Can't wait to see how many points ww will assign to it - I guess at least 10.

Nothing planned tonight. Really just feel like hunkering down in my snuggy until this winter weather passes.

03-13-2013, 12:45 PM
Finally quit snowing and now the sun is out...Yeah! Good thing as C went fishing in this mess. He will probably freeze his arse off. I told him not to bring any home with him this time as it was too cold to clean them outside and he wasn't doing it in the house or garage.

LAURA...I am so over this weather also, but trying to stay positive about it. It is hard sometimes. Cheer up...see how when we are grumpy or in a bad mood we eat badly...i.e. bagel and cream cheese.

CEEG...good for you standing up for yourself. More of us should do that also.

Taco soup for lunch today. Skipping exercising today and going back at it tomorrow. My legs are to sore.

Keep smilin'

03-13-2013, 03:31 PM
Hi all,

Sounds like all of us (with the exception of Shad) are anxiously awaiting spring and better weather. Me too.

I was finally able to wade through all of the muckety muck with the mobile phone stuff and decided that for what we need, what we can expect and what we want to pay - the pay as you go plan is the best for us. Was like pulling teeth to figure out the specifics though. Just like figuring out insurance - big mystery and you just cross your fingers and hope for the best. ;)

Laura - hope you enjoyed the bagel. One of the girls at work would get the mini bagels and ff cream cheese and I think those were 2 points. Of course that's not much to eat. WW has a sale and those mini bars are 2 points a piece and are the size of the fun size snack bars. Who only eats one of those???? Geez that would make me feel depressed and deprived. :( I hear you about Walmart's goofy store set up. It always takes me 3 times as long to go into that store - first extra time to find stuff, second negotiating the aisles with those special Walmart shoppers who always block access and go slow and then you wrap up the rest of your wasted time at the checkout aisle. The only reason I go there is because we can't get everything at our local market. When I had access to Target, I never went to Walmart although the store here is very nice and clean and neat compared to what we had in TN. And if you ask for help, the employees are super helpful. I guess I just get annoyed with the shoppers themselves - especially the ones who reek of old cigarettes and dirty clothes. Congrats on a loss for the week :cp:

Ceejay - glad you are feeling better. And you are right - you don't have to be a fiesty pit bull, but you have to let people know you are not a doormat so they go find someone else to take advantage of.

Mel - love your post today. :D Glad Ritchie likes the shopping. Since he does alot of cooking, that would just make it convienient. Hope your shoulder is doing better. Igor's number on speed dial - :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: but not such a bad idea ;)

Annie - still doing good there lady. Do some gentle stretches in the shower to pull those sore kinks out.

Shad - yes landlines are getting more expensive to maintain and the phone companies are trying to push people to cell phones but... if you are rural like us, cell service is spotty. They don't put many towers up this way and we also have to deal with the rolling landscape and trees. From what I understand the signals travel in a straight line ^ === and don't roll around or over objects ^~~~~~ so that's why my neighbors get a better signal than us. I can see them dropping land lines in the city where there's alot more to maintain and easier cell service although doing that would totally upset the seniors like my Mom who don't have a cell phone and don't want to lay out the money for one although simple plans probaby are cheaper than their landline costs. Are you finding at work that sometimes it's just better to shut up and say nothing? It's just fighting with yourself that it's not the right thing to do but we live in a very illogical world now. :^:

And with that I'm off to find some lunch and get busy...

03-13-2013, 05:39 PM
Hi ladies -

Had an exciting night last night...not in a good way. Got home from counseling and picking Santa up to find the kitchen flooded. I had put some draino in to clear a stopped drain, and I followed all the instructions to the letter. When I left, all was well or so I thought. Apparently, the 13 year old garbage disposal picked last night to crack along the side and let all the water drain into the cupboard under the sink and while I was out, it spilled on to the floor. I tried to mop it up, but it was too much. So I had to use all my towels to sop up the water. Luckily, the upstairs neighbor does a lot of the maintenance around the place, so he came over when he got home from work (around 9 pm). He found the two or three cracks in the disposal and said he could replace it but not 'till the weekend. Also the other pipes could use replacing as they're fairly corroded. So for now I have a bucket under the disposal for any water that accidentally gets down the drain and we'll have to do our dishes in a dishpan and then empty the dishpan out into the bathroom.

I was all adrenalized after all that, so I didn't get to sleep until after midnight...then I woke up and had such a bad migraine! So I stayed home today. After resting all morning, I went to the DMV to get my new license...also have to find my birth certificate (who knows where it ended up after the move) so I can get a new Social Security card. And I went to the laundromat to wash all the towels that were used to mop up the floor last night.

Right now, I'm trying to get a few things taken care of so that my ex can do the taxes this weekend, and then I'll go relax some more.

Much love,

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03-14-2013, 09:08 AM
Good morning ladies -

Back to work today. I'm going to try and get in to see my doc today...after I check to make sure she's covered under my new insurance. I'm running low on some meds.


MEL - Good luck with the shopping. I hope you don't overdo it. Maybe get more frozen peas for your neck. You are up the flood did do a number on my back and legs. I'm not using the cane, but if it gets worse, I might need to. The landlord will foot the bill for the repairs...but it would be cheaper for the landlord to have my upstairs neighbor do it rather than hire a plumber. My neighbor is a very skilled contractor who has done nearly all the maintenance - plumbing, electrical, etc. - for the past 15 years.

I'll try and post more later or from home.

Much love and hugs to all,

03-14-2013, 09:15 AM
Hidee Ho Neighbors....

After posting my hump day good morning yesterday, I must of moved on to Thursday as I thought it was Thursday all day. Now here it is Thursday all over again. Kind of like that movie, Groundhog Day or something like that.

Today's dream that I had to have knee surgery last night was only a dream. I think this cardio is making my joints a little achy at night, thus the dream. Tomorrow's high is 50 instead of 25 like today. Dinner last night was a winner with Cs good daughter and her bf.

Dinner was tater tot casserole (I ate very little), broccoli, cauliflower, carrots steamed, salad, dinner rolls-not me, and made strawberry shortcake for dessert-not me. I ate mostly veggies and salad. Probably too many as I had bathroom issues by the time I reached Sissy's house with Sassy-roo.

MELLIE...have a good time shopping with Jen. Sometimes we just need to get out and get away from the day to day issues, kind of like the pina colada song, getting caught in the rain....blah blah blah.. I will let you borrow Sven also for your GREAT ESCAPE! He is #2 on my speed dial, had to put C #1 on speed dial so he wouldn't get jealous. lol

CHELLE...OMG, plumbing issues are the worst. Water every where. C had to spend most of this past Sunday working on the toitie at his house. It was leaking like a mug. He thought it was fixed once then whosh, had to start over. We didn't have ANY towells to sop up the water so we had to kick Sas off her blanket and use that. I feel for you sister! Hugs.

HAPPY...I am so glad I have gotten to know you over the years on 3FC because you and DH have researched so many things that all I will have to do is ask you and it will save me all the time and trouble you have been through! You are a great resource! And now you are an expert on one of my favorite things....POPCORN! lol is your momma doing?

Make it a great day chickies!

03-14-2013, 09:39 AM
Annie - :bravo: on the exercising! I'm so proud of you for doing it despite how boring those cardio machines can be. Glad you had a nice dinner last night. If my neighbor can't fix my sink, can you please send C up this way? :lol:

Laura - Congrats on the weight loss!! :woohoo: :high5: I'm tired of the winter weather too. Right now, I think the most offensive 4 letter word has got to be "SNOW". Ugh. :faint:

Happy - Good luck with the cell phone plan.

Shad - Bummer about all the crisis and b.s. at your work. I'm sure you're handling it way better than any of us would.

Ceejay - I've thought about treating myself to a "spa day", but I'm not really into facials. Manicures/pedicures are nice. For me though, the ultimate treat is massage. I would highly recommend you find a good spa that does massages near you that has hours that are convenient. And remember that not all massages are created equal...for example, there's a BIG difference between a massage at a spa and a massage at a "parlour". :yikes: :nono: :rofl:

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Morning all.

Michelle - How awful about the cracked disposal and the flood in your kitchen!! I hope your neighbor's fixed it up for you and there's no more problems. Sorry about the migraine, and I hope you can get in to see the doc and get your meds. Espec. if they're pain meds for your back!!!

Annie - Hope you're less sore today. Maybe you should switch to the stationary bike for a change of pace and it might be easier on your knees. Did C. end up giving his fish to his brother? Have a good Thursday! ;)

Mel - Enjoy your shopping day. A change of scene is a good thing, and one shopping cart will be good - you can't overbuy that way! :D

Happy - Glad you sorted out the phone decision. They sure don't make it easy! do they! If Target were more convenient than Walmart, I'd be shopping there more - or instead. But it's far enough away from us to make it inconvenient, and the prices at Walmart also give them the edge. For snacks, a small portion works for me, but yesterday I substituted my breakfast for that bagel, so a mini wouldn't do. Besides, I never buy frozen bagels. I shouldn't be eating them very frequently and I prefer the fresh ones anyway. A few times a year we get over to the bagel bakery in Linconlnwood and buy a dozen of the mini-bialys - not truly mini, they're about the size of an english muffin - and we freeze them.

Hellos to Ceejay and Shad!
Nothing to report. I renewed the Monarch of the Glen dvd with the library because I didn't finish watching the last 3 or so shows. I'm enjoying it, but I hate that I have to really blast the volume at times to catch some of the dialog. Too bad they don't have the subtitle option on the dvd...but I suppose they figure it's in English, why would English subtitles be necessary??? :lol: Answer: For people like me who can't always decipher the heavily-accented dialog. :shrug: Maybe the subsequent series dvd's will include subtitles. :crossed:

Nothing much else to say, so I'll get on with the day. TTFN! :wave:

03-14-2013, 11:28 AM
Well dim dam dum... working 20 minutes on a post and I must have waved a thumb over the touchpad and poof :wizard: there it went :mad:

Trying again. Good morning all.

I noticed it was clear out last night for a change and figured I might try and get a glimpse at the comet thats up in the sky until next week. No luck there - you have to look about 30 minutes after sunset on the west horizon - it's near to the moon. West of us is a big patch of tall pine trees so no horizon there. And it's cloudy around sunset usually - clears up around 11 or so.

Well it's turkey humping season. 6 boys out in the yard all fanned out. :turkey: :turkey: :turkey: For some reason they booted one of the young boys out of the flock - he's been coming on his own for the last 2 weeks. The boys are prancing back and forth hoping to attract a female and most of the females are in the back under the trees. The 2 brave girls who are out in the open pecking at seed (for heaven sakes Edith - DON'T bend over :yikes: ) could not be less interested in the boys. Must be hard being a boy turkey getting a little lovin' as the females seem to ignore them all the time. However we did get chicks last year so apparently the boys wear them down eventually. :lol:

Going to the doctor today - just a routine checkup for some blood work / lab tests. We are due for snow on and off - I think 80 percent tomorrow with a couple of inches predicted. And then 2 more chances in the upcoming week. We have to go to Duluth for some tests for DH - he was hoping we'd have clear weather. We'll see. They are often wrong in their predictions.

Annie - you made me laugh this morning with your comments. I'm glad you don't NEED knee surgery although I will agree that the shifting of the weather will make the joints a bit more achy. We need the warmth of the sun to soothe and re-energize. Glad to help with advice if I can. We at least have the time to research things now. And Mom is doing well, thanks for asking. She is going to the dentist today - chipped a tooth and she is bringing up the topic of having her remaining teeth removed - they are old and getting worn down and she thinks they are rotting in her jaw which will cause heart and medical issues. We're trying to tell her to leave well enough alone and unless she is getting constant abscesses - she had one - don't worry about it MA!!!! But she has nothing better to do that stay home and fixate on things. :rolleyes: Glad you are eating your veggies but do make sure you get some protein in there too. Tell C that is not Sven the hunk, that's Sven as in Svenghoulie on your speed dial :dracula: - you just keep him online because you like the way he talks :rofl:

Michelle - oh my you have had nothing but trouble with this apartment :yikes: First the refrigerator, now the plumbing. And I can't think of anything worse than having heavy wet soppy towels and no washer / dryer to take care of them. I hope the repairs are not too extensive. And I would never, ever use Draino. The stuff is too caustic and I heard it can get trapped in a small area and eat a hole in the pipes which is killer if it's on the other side of the wall beyond the cabinet. I also don't use the disposal for anything other than chopping the tiny bits of residue that might be left from washing dishes. Chopped food is bad for a septic system (unless it's leftover yogurt) but mostly when we had our kitchen remodeled in Chicago and I saw how bad the pipe was clogged with the yuckkiest of food gunk after they took out the cabinet - I'd never use one again to grind up food. Best to use a plumbing snake although be careful when you ask a guy about a snake - I said PLUMING snake, not Trouser snake :lol3: You said you picked up Santa last night - do you leave Rusty at home during the day and take Santa to doggie care?

Mel - I hope you are able to get out for some shopping. Sometimes you just have to get out of the house just for a change of pace. Are you still doing the meal plan or have you gone back to your own stuff?

Hellos to Shad, Ceejay and Laura - will have to catch up on personals later... Have a good Thursday.

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Ah I just knew Laura was typing over my head. :lol: I totally agree with you on the subtitles. There are some shows where the talking is garbled and I really can't catch what they are saying. We used to have a TV in the kitchen that was really easy to turn on closed captioning and I miss that feature. It's really complicated to figure out on our current tvs and I never quite remember how to do it and am afraid of messing up a setting. But yes, particularly with shows with accents - I was thinking the same when I was watching Slumdog Millionaire the other night. I hope you were able to follow along enough of the show to keep up. Oh that's right - you live in a land where you get fresh bagels (and sushi). :cloud9: I forgot. I'd rather have fresh too. The only problem is they do tend to make the super huge ones in the shops. Definitely an occasional treat...

03-14-2013, 12:40 PM
Bless you on cleaning up that mess. It hasn't been long since I had to clean up water from the hose left out of the drain on my washer. Good thing the "maintenance" man lives above you.

Don't give up on the exercising. It will get easier. I can do it so can you. I still get sore from time to time so I sit out the next day to let those muscles rest. I started with only 10 minutes. I can do 50 but have back down to 30 minutes per day, along with a 20 minute dvd. That bicycle seat can get hard.

Our new super Walmart has things spread out all over creation. I could count part of that as exercise minutes. It is cleaner than the older store. though. I'm anxious in finding out about our insurance at work. I've been looking around on line to find various prices just incase they drop us. I'm sure they will find us another one.

Do you not get a basket that you can ride on? It's probably nice to have Jen along to help with things. Enjoy your trip.

Work has been better this week in fact a bit boring. The bosses call this a baby sitting job so that's what I've been doing, baby sitting. I don't go downstairs as often either. I double dog dare them to say anything about that too.
Need to bring out my humidifier. My sinuses are getting way to dry, still draining but the drainage has blood in it.
No weight loss this week. Not very good on taking my fluid pill, but I have lost an inch in my waist. I'll take inches.
Friends are getting ready to go eat lunch. More later

03-14-2013, 01:28 PM
shuweee made it another 30 minutes of eliptical today. THe first 15 minutes are not bad, by 20 I am thinking is this ever going to end and at the end of 30, it is THANK YOU JESUS! Do I like it any more than I did on Monday...not really..however the positive side, I feel better about myself after exercising. And I did water hoola hoop for about 20 minutes the other night.

Today's lunch...

CRANBERRY SPINACH SALAD- Romaine, spinach, feta, dried cranberries, almonds, and balsamic vinaigrette (280 cal.-340 w/dressing) so I burnt off 2/3s of my lunch calories.

The big news is my BP is coming down, I think with exercising and the cinnamon pills both working together is helping a lot. Last night it was 135/78 and that is just taking 2 of the 3 BP meds. WHew whoooooo!!

That is my report for

03-14-2013, 06:29 PM
I've not thought about taking my blood pressure. I'll do that after I get through here. Good job on the exercise. Your salad sounded good.

How did the doctor's appointments go?

Laura and Shad
:wave: Have a good day.

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03-15-2013, 09:03 AM
Happy Friday!

TGIF! :woohoo: The landlord is actually getting a plumber to come in and fix the sink! He'll be there first thing this morning. Luckily, my roommate doesn't have to go to work until a bit later today, so she can let the plumber in. :)

I'm going to the gym after work tonight to do some water walking and hopefully that will loosen up my back and leg muscles, which are still hurting something fierce. I might go out with some friends to a comedy club, or I might just stay home and make some progress on my resume and going through my boxes. Another good reason for me to not go out is I have an early morning fasting blood work appointment, and I'd like my labs to turn out good. I'm not having an A1C done, so my occasional off-plan eating over the last month shouldn't show up. :)

I got an email from my cousin the banker who gave me some great tips as to the nice (and yet reasonably priced) areas of San Diego! :dancer: So that has lit a fire under me to quit procrastinating and get my...ahem... *stuff* together.

MEL - I'm so sorry to hear your neck is still bothering you. I hope it feels better today so you can go to the store.

ANNIE - I'm so impressed and inspired by your exercising!! You go, girlfriend!! And the cranberry salad sounds so yummy! Congrats on the better BP.

HAPPY - Rusty stays at home on the days when my roommate only works 1/2 days. When she works the full day, she takes him to her ex-husband's house. I'm still taking Santa over to my ex's. It's working out well. I even saw his gf the other day. She was out in the back yard when I pulled in. She waved. I waved. That's enough for now. Also, my ex said that if I want to start getting back to the gym regularly, I can pick Santa up even a little later if that's more convenient for me...which gives me more options than a day care would. And Santa loves playing with the dogs he knows so well. :)

Gotta run for now. A big :wave: to Shad and Ceejay!

Much love and many hugs,

03-15-2013, 09:43 AM
Good Morning, it's a brand new day...good morning!

Positive: I got up with so much energy this morning!!! Folded towels out of the dryer, unloaded, reloaded the dishwasher (bet you thought I was going to say gun, lol), left for work 30 mins early, stopped at the grocery on way in to get greek yogurt, spinach for salad and non-fat cottage cheese, yellow grape to work, watered the plants, started the coffee and am now sitting down typing to you all. are sounding more and more positive these days and I am loving that! Exercise does give me more energy and I do feel better about myself and the world. Get your resume together and your act together so I can come and see you in CA.

CEEG...did you check your BP? How was it. We now have a BP kit here at work that someone never used at home, so I am going to try and take my BP a little later.

MELLIE...dang it cannot catch a break on aches and pains...sending up prayers for a healthy, pain-free body for you! xoxo

HAPPY...just for you..I have a Pam Tillis song in my head...Maybe it was Memphis, maybe it was the southern summer nights, maybe it was you, maybe it was me, but it sure felt right.....Turkey humping season, just cracked me up...does it give you love ideas with DH? bahaha...Kind of like the sign every morning I pass on the way to work. "Hemorrhoid Center PLUS" really plus? Who wants more. bahhaha

LAURA...wake up sleepy head and don't have a grumpy day! Hugs sister.

SHADDIE...make the most of your weekend sister and enjoy yourself!!

I guess we lost ELLEN in the process of the new year.

Gotta git...lots to do and don't want to do any of it.

03-15-2013, 11:14 AM
Morning all. TGIF!! :carrot: Half day for me today. :) I have a meeting with the boss shortly about my 2013 goals, so I better work on that right now. Got a start on it the other day, but it needs more. I'll see if I can make it back here later. TTFN!

03-15-2013, 11:14 AM
Just got a call from the doc's office....the blood test I have to do IS an A1C test. Ugh. I just hope it's gone down some since November. :crossed: On the positive note, it's not a fasting I can go after work today. :)

03-15-2013, 11:37 AM
Great discovery...Dannon Lite and Fit PINEAPPLE GREEK yummy...80 calories, 12 grms protein, I froze it halfway then mixed it up, tasted like ice cream...omg....I am in heaven.

03-15-2013, 12:56 PM
Yes I took my bp. I was in shock. It was 137/79. I'm pleased. I have my own bp monitor, but don't use it that often. I like the Greek yogurt because of the grams of protein.

I would hate to have to set goals for my work. If I did have to it would be to retire as early as possible. Good luck with that.

Sending you good vibes and healing thoughts for your pinched nerve.

It's been so long since I've done a resume I would not know how.

The girls down the street have been here and I turned them down. I feel bad but the mother has an ex living with them and he doesn't do a thing and an adult son. I say it's up to them to take them places not me.
I'm doing laundry this morning, and have rearranged one cabinet in the kitchen. I'm going to take some more things to Goodwill soon.
Rode the bike for 30 minutes and did 14 minutes of lower body and 10 minutes of upper body.

03-15-2013, 01:56 PM
Morning kids,

We were supposed to get 2 to 4 inches of snow today - right now the sun is shining (it's a bit hazy) but sure don't look like snow. They are so off the mark when it comes to the weather up here. We do joke about sticking your head out the door 5 minutes before you want to leave and that's the weather. About the only thing you can rely on is the temperature.

I guess I am an old fart. Officially. Looked up the weather and they have a spread on the 10 most popular places for spring break. Everything is all about drunkeness, naked girls (the guys are never naked, notice that?) and just general stupidity. Seems like young girls are pimping themselves out to hang with old guys just for the bling, bling. And they do expect to be pampered and treated like princesses (unlike the first wives). When I was cute and 21 there's NO WAY I'd ever consider dating some old geezer that was 35 or 40 ewwwwwwwww :lol: I'm not deeply religious and I pretty much have a live and let live attitude but it seems to me that as a society we are headed towards the Sodum and Gommora end, no?

Yesterday I went to the doctor - I sure do like her. We had a nice chat, everything looks good in general. I told her I stopped taking the Metformin for the blood sugar a couple of months ago, we agreed to an A1C test and hopefully with a bit of a tighter control on my sugar intake, I can be off the expensive meds. I also wanted to check the cholesterol and it was time for my thyroid bloodwork. Finished with her and went to the lab. I was a little disappointed to see the girl in there - she was young and looked like she just got out of nursing school. I am not an easy "stick" I have small veins that like to hide. And of course she had trouble. She had me drink some water - 3 glasses that I chugged - anything to help ;) - still no luck. She was very considerate and did not stick me, just kept tapping to find a likely vein. Finally she said she'd have to call another person to help which was ok with me. Well C the lead person came out and she might as well have had a big red ball on her nose and a hat with jingle bells on it. :joker: She just gave me that impression and I knew I was in trouble. She claimed she found a vein in my right arm - young girl said yes, but that's small and deep (which I know means a painful poke and a vein that will run fast from the needle). Ditzy McGhee then looked at my left arm and claimed she found a good vein. Ok, go for it. I never look and instead had my head turned, my eyes closed and had my fist buried in my forehead. Ditz sticks me and says - wow you didn't even move, you must not have felt that. I said through clenched teeth, just because I don't flinch doesn't mean I'm not feeling it. I'm trying to stay still for your sake. She was poke, poke, poking and I was pushing my fist harder into my forehead. She asked how I was doing and I said not very comfortable. She asked if I wanted to come back and I said yes - wanted to ask her which days she was off but I didn't :devil: The first nurse said she's got a good vein in her hand there but Ditz said nope, she said she'll come back so let's do that. I smiled at the young nurse like that was ok and rescheduled my appointment for next week. As I was leaving Ditz said not to make it for Monday as they were booked solid. I went to the receptionist and told her I needed to schedule labs but not for Monday and she said - they have PLENTY of appointments open for Monday :s: thus solidifying my thought that she was Bo Bo the Fool's Mom. I really like my doctor but it sure does seem like a revolving door of staff at the clinic - every time I come there it's new people. And I have nothing against a new nurse - heck, everyone needs to start out but I think they should have an experienced person to back the newbie up because there are people like me who are not easy (my Mom's like me too) and we shouldn't have to be a pincushion for them to stab over and over. ESPECIALLY if your job is to work in the lab and draw blood all day. :rolleyes: So I go back next week. Gives me a chance to eat cleaner anyway.

Annie - must have been salad day yesterday. We had a salad for supper - romaine, arugula, spinach, chopped cold rotisserie chicken, pine nuts, sliced almonds, a bit of shredded cheese, the last of my fresh pomegranate seeds, chopped apple. I had a white balsamic dressing, DH tried a new tangy orange dressing (Litehouse brand) that he said tasted like marmalade and had bits of red chili pepper to give it a bite. That one was zero fat and not bad at all on the calories. Tasted good - I was just trying to use up some stuff in the refrigerator and pantry. Skipped the cranberries as DH is supposed to avoid them with the coumadin meds. Dannon makes some really really good yogurts in their lite n fit line. I never thought of partially freezing it - thanks for the great idea! You sound a bit more positive too - not so White Rabbit run, run, run - still a million things to do no doubt but all in good time and you can't achieve anything trying to do it all simultaneously. I'm very glad to hear it. Turkey humping time reminds me of one thing - the boys are strutting their stuff walking back and forth and honestly, the girls are totally ignoring them ( ;) ;) ;) ) :rofl: All they want to do is eat and be left alone. As the days go by and it's not only their heads that are turning blue :devil: they will begin to become more aggresive in their pursuit of the ladies. Then it's just a turkey run out there. DH and I will begin one of our favorite activities which is narrating and putting human voices to what's going on in the yard.

Laura - good luck with that goal planning. Wish you'd be allowed to put in some fun goals like being able to hold up a big STOP sign and judge's gavel :judge: when someone is rambling on and on in a meeting (will improve efficiency by 25 percent in weekly status meetings), install a margarita bar for Friday happy hour (implement 3 procedures to improve morale and team comraderie). Right, eh? ;) Enjoy your half day off - hope you are leaving early for fun stuff.

Ceejay - I laughed so hard at your casual comment about if you had to do goals and objectives you'd have to figure out how to retire as early as possible :rofl: Good for you for not caving to the girls down the street. I can see occasionally helping but unfortunately, they seem to take advantage of the situation. And sometimes they need to give something back too...

Mel - I'm sorry your neck is bothering you now. Hope you didn't hit a speed bump. Sending you some good wishes (and a tube of Icy Hot).

Michelle - I hope that both of our A1C tests come out well :crossed: That's really considerate of you and your roomie to take the dogs out of the house during the day so they don't bark and get into trouble. Not many people are as considerate as you are. That was nice of your cousin to help you with options in CA, now if only they could include places that were hiring too. Is there alot of industry there or is it alot of government stuff because of the military there?

Shad - hope you are home for the weekend and having some good weather.

Have a good weekend. :wave:

03-15-2013, 01:57 PM
Yay on the good b/p reading Ceejay - I think that bike riding is paying off!

03-15-2013, 02:24 PM
Still morning! The goals session went well, just have to get them into the right format - specific, measurable, etc.

Ceejay - Good for you bringing down the BP through exercise!!:carrot: And good for you turning down the girls - if between the four of them they can't find their own transportation, oh well, not your problem. Yeh, goals are a PITA. My boss is going to retire within a year or two - wonder if she has "retire" on her goals list, lol. Not likely, but I'm sure the goal is to make sure there's a smooth transition to the next head of the department.

Annie - I'm going to have to get on board with Greek yogurt. Based on your discovery, and the higher protein that Ceejay mentioned, it's probably a good thing to try. re your comment "Hemorrhoid Center PLUS" really plus? Who wants more.- love it!!! :rofl: :lol3: Good job on the exercise, and that salad sounded tasty!!

Michelle - Hope the bloodwork comes out favorably. Have a wonderful Friday evening, and I hope the water walking helps your back loosen up. :crossed: your plumbing issue is all fixed now!!!

Happy - Hope the bloodwork comes out good. :crossed: the weather stays clear for your drive to Duluth. I agree, disposals only add to the problems. We had one in the condo when it was bought, but the house didn't and we didn't install one. But it also lacked a dishwasher, and that was mandatory!!! :D We gave up a good-sized base cabinet to make room for a dishwasher. :lol:

Shad - How's the weekend going??
Nothing much to report from here. Leaving shortly to begin my weekend. I'm going to walk over and catch the bus that takes me to Navy Pier for the Flower & Garden Show. :flow1::flow1: I checked out the food options in advance and instead of hitting the food court, I'm going to order a grilled veggie pizza (no cheese) to carry out from one of the sit-down restaurants there.

Tomorrow I'll try to get out of the house early, buy my fitness passport, and then go to the 9 am circuit class.

We were supposed to go out tomorrow night with friends, but instead of going to an Irish restaurant/pub they've decided on another place and I'm not all that excited about it, and I'm pretty sure bf's made other plans since nothing had been firmed up...oops. Not sure what's riskier - going out to dinner or eating something junky at home...we'll see. I might go solo.

That's about it for me. Gonna sign off and pack up! Have a great weekend everyone!


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03-15-2013, 09:51 PM
Take all the time you need. Just don't forget about us.

Your salad sounded good. Since I've gotten older my veins roll around all over the place too. The last two times though the lab tech's have got my vein on the first try. I understand your grief.

It's been a beautiful day but I didn't get out or open a window. There was a plane busy in the sky so I thought they might be spraying the fields. It's that time of year again.

03-16-2013, 03:16 AM
I'm getting very tired of this site either booting me out or losing my posts. Makes me grumpy.

Where was I - oh yeah, back at the beginning again.

Ceejay - seems like the exercise is helping. I remember when I was doing a lot of exercise, the inches moved but I never lost much weight. Now I just have to get back to the rhythm of exercise again.
Glad you turned the girls down. Time they got to do things for themselves.

Laura - Navy Pier - I've been there. Not to a flower show though. I seem to remember some big sail ships out in the lake and a bunch of fast flying, low flying aircraft buzzing over us. Happy and her DH took me there on my first trip to the States.
Those deep and (supposedly) motivational discussions with the boss would make me want to retire early as well. Been there done that.

Annie - Well done on the exercise - keep it up. It does do wonders for the moods. You sound very upbeat today

Michelle - hope that test went okay. Seems that you are making progress as well. Hope that back and legs come right soon.

Happy - Turkey humping!!!! Well whatever floats your boat I guess. I was watching a program on tv this morning that was demonstrating your new toy. I would be very surprised if you and DH drive it like that! They had it literally bucking it's way down the track. Very small wheels tho'. It was a program on all the new boys toys now available from the US.

Mel - rest up the shoulder/ neck etc. Seems like we are all getting a bit old and not a lot wiser at the moment. I'm home in Brisbane next weekend so maybe the chat will be on then. Let me know.

As you probably worked out. I am in Darwin for the weekend. I have been to the markets, got the fruit and veg. Got some flowers - pink torch ginger, pink lilies, pink roses. On a pink roll.

Go home next weekend. Then I think there are a couple more trips home before I go home for good.
May will be Medical month for me. I have scheduled my tooth implant for 13th May. I have a dental appointment for the week before. Then I need to fit in some eyes, ears, skin scans and pap smear. It'll probably cost a bomb or two.

And that is about it. Prep is done for the next 3 meals. Tonight is bangers and mash with no mash, but some extra vegs. I was going to do mash, but the potatoes I bought are new baby ones, and they are too good to mash.
Unfortunately some of the fruit I bought doesn't taste that great (peaches with no flavour???) so they might get stewed up and used on breakfasts and with icecream or yoghurt or something. I love greek yoghurt. It is just about all you can get here now.

Okay - I'm off. Once the washer is done, I will go for a swim. Tomorrow I thought I might go out to Litchfield. Leave early get home dinner time or so. We'll see how the weather goes.

03-16-2013, 08:20 AM
Todays happy son and ddil are asleep in the guest bedroom. They came in last night, we went to the movies to see Silver Lining or something like that..funny movie, we liked it. Of course C went to bed when we left for the movies. It does a momma's heart good when her kiddies are home safe in bed under my roof!

Gotta do some grocery shopping and a few errands today, visit dad, etc. Laundry is done! yah! Well except the bedsheets when baby boy leaves. Have a marvelous weekend all....

03-16-2013, 12:10 PM
Morning all. Forgot I had a hair appointment today, so no circuit class for me. I managed to run one errand before my appt & will do a couple more afterwards.

Gloomy & drizzly today, yuck. Glad tonight's plans have been cancelled. I finished season/series 1 of Monarch of the Glen, might get season 2.

The flower & garden show was fine. Got a few ideas. Let me see if I can post a photo from my phone. Back later or tomorrow for personals.

03-16-2013, 01:09 PM
Morning all,

We were out last night and it started snowing in the evening. Woke up to about 3 inches of the light fluffy stuff out there. Sun is shining brightly so I'm sure it will start to melt quickly. Sure do wish it would warm up already. I decided to sign up for an online course at the University that starts next week. They have several interesting courses on writing, getting published, writing to generate cash. I figured it would be something that was both informative and will keep the old brain active. Each course is only 6 weeks long so that's doable. This will make the 5th university that I've taken classes at - you think by now I'd have gotten some smarts ;)

Laura - looks like a lovely wall of lettuces you have there :lol: Seems a bit early for the flowers to be blooming for a show, but how nice if they had lots of colors and blooms.

Annie - your post about DDIL and DS made me smile because I can see the same smile on my sweet Mom's face when I or Sis spend the night too. :cloud9: I hope they stay a bit for a a visit.

Shad - yes, I remember the lake cruise and the tall ships when you first came to visit us. Was a long time ago but doesn't seem like it. As for the new toy, yes it's quite powerful, can get up to speeds of 75mph which we will NEVER drive it at. I'm glad that DH is not a crazy young guy any more. Looks like it's at it's best on sand dunes which we don't have here but this was something very special for DH and I had my reasons for going along with it. He assured me it was practical for what we had in mind when we went shopping for a side by side. Those flowers sound very pretty - will dress up the flat I'm sure and make you smile. I hear you on the peaches - I often get fooled by beautiful peaches that turn out to be mealy and tasteless. I swear the ones from our state of Georgia are the best but you have to wait for a limited time to get them. Sounds like you have to get another contract on the side just to pay out for all the medical and dental costs :yikes: I can't believe how much the implant is costing my BIL.

Anyway we have some errands to run today so I'd better finish the coffee and get moving.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies - hope you are resting comfortably Mel! Have a good weekend chicks.

03-16-2013, 09:57 PM
Think you would do great in a writing course. Ugh on the 3 inches of snow. You seem to be coping well with it though.

Sounds like you had a fun night.

The flower garden show sounds interesting.

Wow, you do have a lot of appointment in May. Do you not have insurance to help cover those costs?

It was a gorgeous day. I've been out in the sunshine. Raked out the flower bed. I've been thinking of getting some rose bushes or some kind of hedge to plant for a fence. Maybe it will stop the kids from going through the yard.
Also washed the car. Didn't go to the car wash today. I have things to do it with at home. Then took my neighbor out to eat later. She laid sideways in her seat and later told me she passed out. When ever I've passed out if I'm standing or sitting I've fell toward the front but mainly to the back. Think she was putting on. My best bet is not to ask her anywhere else again.

03-17-2013, 12:43 PM
Morning all,

Happy St. Paddies Day :luck2you::drinkup::cupgold::kissluck: Hope you have luck the whole day through.

Late last night I decided to sign up for a second university class. I sure do hope I am not biting off more than I can chew. The first class looks pretty easy - not terribly interesting but I have to take it as a pre-requisite for another class that I am interested in. DH is debating about taking a photography course but is concerned about falling behind with the one week he might be out with his medical procedure. If all goes well :crossed: he shouldn't really miss a beat and there is a 2 week grace period at the end of the class to finish up the open assignments and take the final exam. In any event these are continuing education classes so you don't have to be quite as rigid and perfect as you would if taking degree based classes. There's an art class, a music theory class and a conversational Spanish class (tho not sure where I'd get to practice that) which also look interesting for later on. It really is nice to have the freedom to do different things. I am most grateful for the peace I have now in my life. Wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world. As long as we have "enough" to get by comfortably and our health - that's all I ask. I think my sister is a bit stressed at times worrying that something bad will happen in the next 6 years to mess up their plans. Told her that you can't live your life worrying about stuff like that, just make a plan for the future and be prepared to sometimes have to shift up when you hit a bump in the road.

Last night I had a taste for pizza so we went out to a local place. DH and I like different pizza - I'm a sausage and mushroom, he's a sausage or pepperoni and green pepper guy. We both like extra cheese, he doesn't like crust. This particular place folds the crust over on the pizza instead of flat or rolled so he could eat the middle and I'm ok with the outer edge. Didn't make sense to get 2 small pizzas since he'd waste half not eating the outside of the crust. We were going to get a larger half and half pizza but then I realized the way we'd divy it up, it would be wasted and he wouldn't get much - the interior 1/2 that had the mushroom side he'd run screaming from :lol: So we opted for just extra cheese and sausage. He liked the extra cheesy pizza - I did not. It was disappointing to me. And I paid cash for this out of my savings / fun money wad so it felt even more like a waste. :( The first pizza we had there was much better than this one. I guess it's back to making our own again. If nothing else, at least we had a nice night out.

I talked to both my Mom and Sis yesterday, watched a little TV, decided on another writing class and that was about it for the evening. I'm going to have to go through my freezer and make a concentrated effort to use up stuff in there. We stopped at a local butcher shop that features fresh meat frozen into steaks and roasts and such. Picked up a few items and they are having a sale right now on pork. A half pig is about 90 pounds of meat. That's alot of packages to get in the freezer and no way would I have room for that. A half cow is 400 pounds :yikes: DH did pick up some bacon and we fried up a few strips just to try it out - was delicious. We rarely eat bacon or hot dogs so I could see getting that as a treat. He also got a buffalo steak which is supposed to be really good. You just have to be mindful that it's very lean so you need to add some fat (like bacon wrapped filet which he likes) and cook it slow and low. It also needs to be cooked to a medium rare which is a little more rare than I like it so I'll try a bite of the outer edge of his steak and see how it is.

As we were eating dinner DH was lamenting that he has cut back on his portion sizes, cut out the snacks and is working outside (exercise) and is unable to lose any weight. Outside I was sympathetic but in my head I was like :carrot: :cp: :D :yay: - does that make me an awful person? :devil::p It's only that now he gets to see what we as ladies have struggled with all our life. And a bit of payback I admit for those comments long ago that "you just have to put your mind to it" (like it was just THAT easy) when a guy would fart and knock off 5 pounds. :lol:

My sister said she gave up sugared soft drinks for Lent. It's been about a month now and she hasn't lost an ounce which is very disappointing. One of her rules was that she could not substitute another high sugar drink for soda - ie. fruit juice or bottled drinks - she has learned to embrace unsweetened ice tea. I congratulated her - I know how difficult it can be although she said it got way easier after the first week and while she has cravings, they pass quickly. She is hoping to give them up for good and continue this trend. I think it's great - gives me some motivation to do the same although I know how defeated one can feel about not seeing any results from what should be a serious reduction in calories for the day.

More snow predicted for tomorrow. Bummer as we have to run some errands and be out in it. :( DH said the last bought was good packing but he never suggested a snowball fight ;)

Ceejay - you sure do have some wild and crazy people as neighbors. I think sometimes they are trying to play you - good for you for not falling for their antics. I would probably be less prone to answer the door too. I loved the climbing rose bushes which bloom continuously from spring until autumn. They are well suited to your area and not as fussy as regular rose bushes. Without a fence tho I would be nervous planting anything so that the kids didn't walk through and break branches on the newly planted items. I hope you find something that works well for you.

Guess the rest of you Worldies are out at the parade or sleeping in or just having a nice Sunday to yourself. I think I'll go do a few housework things and then make a menu plan for the week. Not sure I can stretch it another week without going to the grocery store but maybe I can if I get creative. Enjoy your day...

03-17-2013, 01:15 PM
Think I would purposely throw a snow ball at DH. More exercise for him.
Good for you in adding some more classes. It's never to late to learn. Ah good ole Music Theory. Can still remember some of the stuff I learned from that class.

Yes, I have to agree with you that my neighbors, especially the one next door is trying to play me. She said that she took the opportunity to have the front and back yards mowed. It was dark both in the morning when I left and when I got home but I called her on it when Thursday came and the lawn in back and side lawn had not been touched. The side yard still hasn't been mowed. Told her I still couldn't afford to pay any one to do things for me.

Got to work this morning and we have an insurance meeting Tuesday. There was an article in the paper about it and it seems that the city is going broke paying the premiums. 19 claims total more 10k,3 claims total more than 100k and one claim that was 1.0 million My insurance will be going up, and that was expected but those employee's who have families wife, husband, kids will not be covered. Only city employee's. That's going to hurt a lot of families.

03-17-2013, 05:55 PM
Good afternoon ladies -

I'm going to have to keep this short because I still have to work on my resume. Been a busy weekend. Friday, I went to the gym and worked out on the recumbent stepper for 1/2 hour; then went grocery shopping. Saturday, I met with the Zumba teacher who will now be my wellness coach for the next 10 or so weeks until I move. The wellness coaching is a free service that my Y provides. This woman is a wonderful, compassionate and caring individual, and she is a great coach/personal trainer and instructor. I didn't have time after the meeting to work I went back to the gym later (it's nice that I now live closer than I did). After that, I did laundry. And my roommate and I went out that evening. Today, I took Santa to a doggy playdate. It was fun. There were roughly 10 other dogs there of various breeds and sizes. He had a good time and so did I. Now it's resume time.

I'm not looking forward to the 1" to 3" of snow predicted for tomorrow. I'm so over with winter. All the more incentive to write a stellar resume so I can get a great job in CA! :yes:

I'll do personals later. I want to update my resume first.

Much love,

03-18-2013, 04:04 AM
Afternoon all,
Saturday night we had the most awesome lightning show ever. The clouds were all shades of the rainbow and the lightning moved across the sky lighting them all up bit by bit. Lasted about 1 hour before the rain came in and washed it all away.

Yesterday I wandered down to Litchfield National Park. It has some awesome waterfalls and cascades. I'll try and put some pictures up tonight if I can. Don't bet on it as I have some work to do tonight. Good day, although it would have been better if I had have left earlier and got there earlier as some of the 'walks' were moderately HARD. Still I probably walked about 10km for the day.
Drove at 130Km just because I was allowed to! Yeehaa. However you get so used to that speed, that it is difficult to drive slowly again.

Saw lots of little kangaroos on the way down there. Not so many on the way back. Think it was nap time for them at that stage. They are generally only active early morning and evenings.

Back later with some personals - time to get on with the going home thing - if I can sneak out of here before someone sees me

03-18-2013, 08:28 AM
Good Morning Everyone.
Looks Like It Will Be A Few More Days Before I Come Back.
Healing But Very Slowly. Storms Are Not Helping At All! Lol
Hope You All Have A Great Week.
Sorry For The Absence.
Stay Well And Be Happy :D

03-18-2013, 09:11 AM
Morning all,

Had to get up early today, ugh. Still asleep so this post will be short.

Shad - I love lighting shows like that as long as you can watch them from a safe place. Nothing beats Mother Nature's shows. That must have been some walkabout as I don't think I've ever seen you describe something as hard. :lol: Holy cow lady - you were driving at almost 90mph. Are you sure this is Shad posting???? ;) Wild woman :D

Mel - sorry to hear that you'll be away for a few. Appreciate the update so we don't worry (too much :^: ) Rest up and feel better - you know the drill and what you have to do to get over it. Thinking about you :hug:

Michelle - hope you found time in your busy weekend to get that resume in order. Will be a relief when it's done.

Ceejay - boy those neighbors are something else. Did they really think they'd fool you with the lawn??? Come ON. :rolleyes: I'm glad you said something to them. That's really something on the insurance. Dropping all coverage for spouses and families :yikes: That's sure to create a stir. I'm convinced the wave of the future is to just let us all get sick and let nature do it's thing to thin out the population. :(

I'm dry as a bone here. My hands feel like sandpaper. I've been running the humidifier but slacking on the water and it shows. I'll be happier when I can open the windows and let some of the outside humidity in. It's 80 percent outside and about 25 percent indoors. Snap, crackle, pop!

Gotta try and wake myself up and get a move on. Coffee isn't making a dent, perhaps a shower will work. Will be back later to catch up on the rest of the personals. Later chicks.

03-18-2013, 10:29 AM
Happy Monday!

Quick post for me. I updated my resume yesterday, and asked my roomie to look at it. She's a very good writer, and a top notch sales and marketing person. She has helped many people with their resumes. She said my resume was very good and only made a few minor suggestions. I'll make those updates tonight and then post it online.

Tonight, I'm being interviewed by the local paper for an article they are doing on the hypnotherapist who taught the Self-Confidence workshop series
I participated in last summer. It will be good to see the hypnotherapist again...she's a wonderful person.

MEL - I'm sorry you're having so much pain and having to stay away. Rest and take good care of yourself. We miss you when you're not around. :)

Shad - Sounds like a fabulous time at the National Park - beautiful scenery, great exercise, high speed driving and even little kangaroos! I wish I was there with you.

Happy - I had a hard time getting up early as well. My skin is super-dry as well. I don't have a humidifier, but I have been drinking lots of water.

Ceejay - Wow, that's rough that your insurance won't be covering spouses and families. I've noticed recently that companies not only jack up the rates for covering family members, they also charge an additional fee if your spouse can be covered through his/her work and chooses not to. For example, when I was married, since my husband had insurance through his work but we chose to cover him under insurance through my employer, my employer charged me an additional $100/month on top of the higher family premium.

Gotta sign off for now. I hope we all have a marvelous Monday!

Much love and many hugs,

03-18-2013, 10:47 AM
Reason insurance--It's not the ins not covering the families it's the city.

That's awesome that you have such a talented room-mate to review your resume. Ah and taking Santa to a play date for the afternoon.

We understand. Continue healing.

I'm done with the neighbors. Going to become a recluse from them.

That lightning show sounded spectacular. And as far as driving fast, I love to do the speed limit, but down here it's only 75mph tops.
Woke up this morning to thunder and lightening. It had subsided some to where I could take a shower before work. It sure rained hard.

03-18-2013, 12:04 PM
Morning all.

Mel – Sorry your shoulder is still giving you problems. :hug: Miss ya!! Rest up, get the inflammation down, and we’ll see you in a few days!

Happy – What an awful experience with the lab – it must always be a PITA getting blood taken when your veins don’t cooperate, but dealing with idiots like that one must make it torturous. I hope the next attempt goes better. The class you chose sounds really interesting. I hope you enjoy it. Yeh, I don’t know how they get the flowers to bloom early for the f&g show. Sorry, I just realized my photo was quite fuzzy! What I thought was cool about that was that the planters are gutters. Compare that to the “wall” systems that were on display throughout the show - $1600 without the watering system, $2400 with it. :yikes: But I grabbed a brochure anyway – it’s something that would be fun to try and replicate for a fraction of the cost. I’m sure the closer it gets, the more your sister will be fretting over retirement, but you’re right –you can’t always live in the future because you’ll miss the here and now. Sorry the pizza was disappointing. My cheeseless pizza was pretty good, for what it was – it was also sauceless to boot, so it was pretty much like flatbread with grilled veg. Quite a departure for me. I’d like to make another batch of pizza dough soon, but this time I’d divide the recipe into three or four crusts and make smaller, easier to handle pizzas. And bf and I could top them to suit our tastes. Good for your sis giving up the sugary sodas. The more I hear, the more awful things you learn about sugar. It’s so depressing…

Shad – I think Navy Pier still does the Tall Ships exhibit you saw. And it sounds like you might have also seen the Air and Water show?? I’m not even sure I’d venture to the Pier during the summer – it’s just so popular, the crowds are huge. Your flowers sound pretty, too bad the peaches weren’t winners. I bought some white nectarines the other day – we’ll see if they taste like anything. Just read somewhere that they’re one of the most treated fruits. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Gosh, hope you’ve got a bundle saved for May with all the tests and appointments you'll have. Sounds like you had a wonderful Sunday!

Ceejay – Well, I’m glad you had nice weather Saturday and were outside enjoying it. I’ll just have to live vicariously through you because winter is taking its own sweet time making its departure this year. I’m thinking you should perhaps write a book about your neighbors – they sound like a bunch of characters! Sorry to hear about your insurance premiums going up, and that the plan won’t cover spouses/families anymore. What a crisis we’re in with this healthcare stuff!! You had rain this morning, we’re having a sleet-type of icy snow. Bah. But I guess all this moisture is good after that drought we had last year…

Michelle –Good for you getting your resume done. I’m sure it went more quickly because you’ve recently been in the job market. It’s going to be a major undertaking when I finally get around to doing mine! I might have to have your friend critique it, lol. So nice you’ll have a wellness coach getting you back into exercise. Wow, you’ll be on your way to CA in 10 weeks??!! If this weather ever gets nice around here, I’d love to try and get together again before you go! How fun to be interviewed for an article – make sure you post a link when it gets published.

Hi Annie!!
Let’s see…After my hair appointment Saturday I ran a couple errands and took doggy for a walk. Went to lunch, ran a few more errands with bf, including stopping at the recplex to buy my fitness class punchcard. Didn’t do much of anything after that. Bf installed our fancy new keyboard tray. It has a side tray that our wireless mouse promptly slid off of and went kaput. Time to buy a new one…

Sunday was pretty much the usual, tea, newspaper, with some laundry to boot. Oh - I also went to a Zumba class in the morning. I enjoyed it. My back wasn’t happy with a couple of the moves, but otherwise it was a good heart-pumping cardio workout. Later on was a dog walk, and I organized a couple more files. The stuff I’ve kept! It feels good to toss it in the shred bag or the recycling bin. I need to get online and see when the shredding events start and mark my calendar.

Food wasn’t the best this weekend, and I’ll be lucky to maintain what I’ve lost. :( I really need to step up the meal planning. At least I got some dog walks and an exercise class in.

Everyone have a good Monday/Tuesday!! TTFN. :wave:

03-19-2013, 09:01 AM
Good Tuesday Morning...yesterday was very busy and didn't get in here to post...yikes!!

Positive thought: In less than a month I will be marrying the love of my life...Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 2:30 pm at the courthouse...change of plans. My DS was upset that he would not be able to attend the ceremony if we got married in we are getting married here in Indy at the courthouse. Sam will stand up for me and DS will for Curtis. The we leave for Destin that following Saturday. So the honeymoon will be in Destin. Sheesh the things we do for family (the kiddos).

HAPPY...yikes on the blood draw. I have good veins so I do not have that problem however one time the nurse did stick the IV straight through the vein. When they have to prod, poke and dig that is when you get the nastiest bruise ever. Proud of you for taking some classes, I just have no desire to do that. Never much liked school in the first place.

CEEG...this entire insurance thing is a fiasco. I am sorry to say it cause I work for an insurance company and I don't understand half of it. Hope they don't rob you blind on the insurance.

CHELLE...hope the resume brings you lots of prospects. Hang in there something wonderful is coming your way in more than one way in your life.

MELLIE...sending feel better hugs sister!

SHADDIE...Have you heard the song Highway to H*ll? I sing that sometimes on the way to work...sounds like I need to roll it over to you. did WI go? Monday WIs are the worst. You would think it would keep you motivated over the weekend, but it never did me. lol

Not much else going on here....SOS DD.

Have a great Tuesday/Wednesday!!

03-19-2013, 09:17 AM
Good morning ladies -

The interview for the newspaper went really well last night. It was mostly an interview of the hypnotherapist, but I might be quoted a couple times. I gave a glowing, heartfelt testimonial. The workshop I did with her truly helped me. After the interview, the hypnotherapist did a brief hypnosis for me about self-confidence and following my dreams in this next chapter of my life. It was wonderful! After that, I went to pick up Santa from my ex's house. I sent you all a PM about that.

I woke up very stiff and sore today. My back, hamstrings and calves are still bothering me. My plan is to go to the gym after work to do a light workout on the recumbent stepper and some stretching.

Annie - I'm so very excited for you and C!! So nice that you've changed your wedding plans so that DS and DD can stand up for you!

Happy - Bummer that the blood draw was so painful. My veins aren't great either. And I occasionally wind up with a very painful bruise. It really sucks. You've really inspired me to look into classes after I move to CA.

Mel - I hope your neck, shoulders and arms are feeling better. :hug:

Laura - I might not be leaving for CA in exactly 10 weeks. That's the goal. I found a couple really good jobs in San Diego that I'm very qualified for and going to apply for this week, and who knows I might even get hired and have to start before the end of May. :crossed: I would DEFINITELY love to get together one of these weekends. We just have to coordinate it around your and Annie's busy schedule! How did the weigh in go?

Well, gotta run...folks are arriving at work, so I have to look busy. ;) :lol:

Much love and many hugs to all,

03-19-2013, 10:57 AM
The insurance meeting went as expected. It is hurting the person's with families more than it did me. We still have a three thousand dollar deductible so I'm still going to look around. For me the premiums went down. Next year things may get worse than now.

Been down in the dumps again, don't really know why.

More later

03-19-2013, 11:25 AM
Morning all. Spring's officially two days away, yet I should have worn my long undies this morning....brrrr.

Ceejay - Bet you didn't expect to have lower premiums, but that's a pretty steep deductible. I feel bad for the employees with families. Be sure to plan something fun for yourself this weekend to get rid of those blues. ;)

Michelle - Nice you had the opportunity to give the hypnotherapist some public praise for how she's helped you. :) Sorry you're sore - does the Y have a jacuzzui you can use after exercise? Ah, San Diego, sounds so nice right about now! I had to check the weather there - gonna be 63 today. :sunny: And it's a lovely place too. :goodluck: Re getting together - the three of us need to compare calendars and get something set up. My weigh-in is today at 12:30.

Annie - Awww, it's so sweet that ds wants to be a part of your special day!!! I think it'll be nice that your kids will be sharing it with you. :love: Okay, so we know you're not available to get together w/ Chelle and I the weekend of 4/20, lol, and probably 4/27. I'm also not available the weekend of 4/20, and not 5/4 either... My ww weigh-in is today, not Monday. Either way, it didn't motivate me this past weekend...

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!! :goodvibes:goodvibes
Nothing to report from here. This weather is getting me down. I need to take my own advice and plan something fun for myself this weekend. :yes:

The movie selected for tonight is Oz. Gonna pass and probably just huddle under my snuggie. Or better yet, watch the new bedroom tv in bed with the heated mattress pad set to "HI". :D

Off to starve until 12:30. :halfempty

03-19-2013, 11:44 AM
LAURA/ will probably have to be mid-May or mid-June for open dates. We are looking to move dad in after we get back from Destin. Hoping to wrap up Cs house in the next week or two. End of May is usually busy with company and the Indy 500 stuff. Maybe not. deductible for C and I is 4800 a year. Our year goes from July to July. I have 1500 left to reach before things are paid for and that is only 90% paid for, keep in mind I work for an insurance company, no breaks here. Supposed to get worse too.

03-19-2013, 11:58 AM
Annie/Laura - Hopefully we can work something out for mid-May. Because I'm hoping to be in CA by mid-June. Heck, if I get the perfect job offer and they need me to start by May 1, I will jump at the opportunity. I do very much want to get together with both of you again before I go. Seriously, Annie, can't you postpone your wedding by a month or two! :rofl: :rofl: You know I'm just kidding, girlfriend!

03-19-2013, 02:02 PM
Morning all,

I thought we dodged a bullet yesterday - they had predicted snow and we had an almost 2 hour ride to Duluth for DH to have one of his pre-procedure tests. Woke up and it wasn't snowing. :carrot: But within 30 minutes of when we had to leave - guess what started :( and snowed and snowed. It was a tough ride up and back. We got home and started to shovel but it kept snowing (lightly but still accumulating) and the wind kicked up blowing and covering what we just cleaned. We plowed down the driveway to get the trash bins to the street but left the rest. Glad we did because we got quite a bit more overnight. Now the sun is shining brightly and DH is out with the snowblower - the sun will melt and dry the pavement quickly. DH also "cut" a path in the side mounds along the driveway for the animals - particularly the poor turkeys. The sides when her plowed are at least 3 feet high and you can see how they struggle to climb in the deep snow. Not sure why they just don't fly over the big mounds but no one said they were smart ;)

All looks well so far for DH's procedure. We got some pre-op information. Made hotel reservations too. It's a big complex and you can walk between buildings and sky ways to get from the hotel to the hospital without going outside. That's nice because I won't have to worry about walking at night outside. But bad because I will have to take elevators in each of the buildings (4) and my anxiety and claustrophobia about being in elevators by myself is building already. :yikes: I'll really only have to do it alone the evening of DH's procedure and the next morning but still it's enough to give me the heebie jeebies. Now we are fighting with the insurance company. The doctor wants him on Prilosec (acid reducer) prior to surgery - says it makes the procedure easier and reduces risk (of all things) of the potential to inhale stomach contents into the lungs :yikes: But the insurance does not want to pay for the total number of days of his prescription. I really don't understand how they can counter a doctors orders. :rolleyes: I am also fighting with them because I REFUSE to take the generic version of my thyroid medication. Had problems with it before, now I'll get reemed for insisting on the name brand that actually does it's job as it should. And that's the only medicine I take so shut up already - not like I'm breaking the bank here. :mad:

Michelle - your PM was encouraging. Don't think about your past life any more - look ahead to a new life which can be even more exciting because you don't have that life dragging you down. And sometimes you can't possibly move ahead without changes occuring. As in goodbye to midwest winters, hello California breezes :D Sounds like you have a good support system in place, that's really important. Good luck with the job hunt. I'm really looking forward to these writing classes - so nice to be able to take something that's of interest to me instead of stuff I HAVE to take for work :rolleyes: I think you'd like the subject matter of these classes too. One of the positives of a new life :D

Annie - that is sooooo great that you are changing your wedding plans so that your family can share the day with you both. :hug: I'm sure it will be wonderful. And a real honeymoon in Destin so you can relax and have a good time with your hubster. :beach: So you're an AC/DC headbanger :lol: sounds like you like a good mix of music - Christian to hard rock - hey I like anything with a good beat. :D Each year when I get ready to be ravaged with insurance company premiums it seems like there's a middle ground where it makes no difference which plan I pick. I don't really save that much with the super high end deductible because the savings on the premium gets eating up in the out of pocket payments. What a racket. I just thank God each night that we are relatively healthy. I had to think about your SOS DD comment - what are you saying about Sissy? :chin: Then I got it - bawhahahahahahahahaha :lol:

Ceejay - sorry you have the blues. Maybe you're stuck in a rut waiting for spring and you just need something to look forward to. How about a girl's outing with the BFF? Don't blame you at all for isolating yourself from the neighbors. Sadly neighbors aren't what they used to be when we were growing up...

Laura - I have to say that watching TV with the new heated mattress pad sounds mighty fine! Better than going out in the cold to a mediocre movie. You made a good decision. Oh ... I get the picture now with the gutter system and the plants. They come up with such great ideas for planters and wall plantings. I found some good ideas on Pinterest too. Just need to actually make plans and do something. Back in TN DH put some shelves on our wood fencing only to have the darn squirrels use them as "stairs" and they would consistently knock off the small planter pots and break them. :( They sure don't mention that hazard in the colorful photos :lol: Hope you have a good weigh in today.

Mel - sending you some good vibes :vibes: and hoping you are resting and feeling better each day. Sending you a bit of our sunshine too so you can sit by a window and feel the warm sun on your face. :D

:wave: Shad - that Boris bloke sure sends you some interesting stuff on FB. A pleasant surprise from the usual drivel one finds there.

That's it for me. Have a good day all.

03-19-2013, 05:57 PM
I fully understand about not wanting to take the generic for your thyroid med. My doctor wrote the brand name with only on the script and they had to fill it that way. I don't think it cost me any more.

Can't blame you for wanting to get to CA especially if there is a couple of good openings in the area. Good luck.

Wow, I thought that my deductible was high. Yes, I'm aware of the changes in the insurance. I'm not liking it though. How nice that your children wanted to be there for both of you at the wedding! Was that a picture of the lil man on FB?

This has been a good work week, but wishing this was Wednesday. If my bff is feeling better I will be going over there this week end, plus it's my week end to go to my uncles. Also nee to get the oil changed in the RAV4.
I was waiting for the main. light to come on. It has.
Would you believe we may get snow on Thursday and Friday, at least snow flurries.

03-20-2013, 05:19 AM
Afternoon all,
Nearly the end of my day and so far I have achieved - not much. I'm just waiting for my co-rider to finish so we can go home and I can have a glass of something cold. Might have to stop off at the bottle shop and get some thing cold.

Michelle - good luck with the job search in San Diego. Hope you can get your cv into there and get some good feedback

Annie - think it is a great idea if you get married with the children there to bless the marriage. Lucky your lot are happy with your choice.

Laura - hope it warms up somewhat before you have to dig out the long johns

Mel - get better quick. We need to have a conversation this weekend.

Ceejay - Snow???? Yuk. You asked about insurance paying for my may medical month. Well some will be paid by the national health scheme - such as the eye test (but not the contact lenses), the skin scan, the pap smear, but the rest I will have to foot myself. There is also a free bowel cancer test you can do as well. I don't know that I will have that done yet.

Happy - glad you got home safe and sound from your adventure to Duluth. Must check that out on the map and see the distances.

Not much else going on in my day. So I will say goodnight. Have a good one.

03-20-2013, 09:21 AM
Good morning ladies -

I've got to make this quick as folks will be filing into work soon. Had a good day yesterday. Work was good, got to the gym for 1/2 hour on the recumbent stepper, created an email campaign for a website client (hopefully she will approve without changes), and was able to relax and watch The Biggest Loser finale that I had DVRed. I wanted either Danni or Jackson to win, because I found them both to be very inspirational. I did notice, however, that they both seem to have changed in they believe their celebrity status, which was a little disappointing.

Today, I have the doc appt to find out the result of my A1C blood test. I haven't been very good about testing my blood sugar even once a day...but today, the morning fasting number was really I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good results today. :crossed:

Saturday, I'm going to a "Welcome Springtime" festival with a friend of mine, which should be a lot of fun. There will be interesting informative sessions about gardening, planting, composting, etc., though I won't be planting much this spring...not in Wisconsin soil anyway. :lol:

I want to thank you all for your wonderful and supportive replies to the PM I sent. I am so blessed to have you lot as friends! :yes: BTW, my resume did get me some responses. Even though I specifically stated I was looking for employment in CA, specifically San Diego, I got 9 calls yesterday...3 for jobs in North Carolina, 2 for jobs in Georgia and the rest for Milwaukee. Do these recruiters not know where San Diego, CA is? Nonetheless, it was flattering to have such an overwhelming and enthusiastic response to my resume. :)

Happy - Bummer that you had to take a long drive to Duluth on such a snowy day! So sweet of your DH to clear a path for the critters and turkeys. Good for you for getting everything set and making hotel reservations. Are you anxious about being alone in elevators or alone with strangers? I hope the insurance company comes around regarding the Prilosec. As for the writing classes...what's the subject matter? I've been doing some journaling, though I want to make time to do more. And I've been doing lots of reading/listening to books/audiobooks, which have helped me a bit with self-esteem and mustering the courage to follow my dreams and start my life over.

Ceejay - Very ironic that the beginning of spring is bringing cold/snow here and even snow to your area. I hope you get to spend time with your BFF this weekend. Maybe doing something enjoyable and fun will help you kick the blues to the curb. :)

Shad - A cold adult beverage sounds quite nice after a long day at work. :toast: I'm allergic to wine/champagne, but I do enjoy a good beer once in awhile.

Well, gotta run...folks are arriving...and I've got to get on with work.

Much love to all,

03-20-2013, 09:41 AM
Good Morning/Evening...Tis the day of trash and of hump..yep it is WEDNESDAY almost the weekend.

I am working a half day today, C and I are going to the courthouse to get our marriage license and most likely have lunch. I am just looking forward to getting out of this place for a half day.

CHELLE...that is impressive on the response to your resume. Most people don't even know what states surround their own state, much less where San Diego, CA might be. lol. I always start watching Biggest Loser then forget about it after the 1st couple of episodes. Dang

SHADDIE....Would that be a nice cold glass of adult beverage you are referring to? Surely it

CEEG...glad you are having a good work week, that should help with the blues of late.

HAPPY...glad you had safe travels in all that muck. On the elevator thing...take the stairs...that is even scarier tho when alone. I think the hospital has security that you can call for an escort, at least the hospitals here do. You might look into that.

Not much else going on....gotta get my work done in 4 hours instead of 8 since I am leaving at noon.

Have a wicked Wednesday all!! Wicked in a good way!

03-20-2013, 09:42 AM
Hello's to MELLIE and LAURA!!

03-20-2013, 10:07 AM
Welcome to the first day of Spring. It was my grandmother's favorite time of year. Maybe this is why I've been down a bit this week. Thinking of this special lady that was in my life. I have plans to go to Missouri on Easter week end. This snow better not interfere.

My co-worker was talking about donuts this morning so that gave me a taste for them as well. My supervisor can be nice most of the time. So I asked him if he'd go get me some. I told him to get a dozen for the guys as well. He did. These donuts are as good or better the Krispy Kreme.

I left for work this morning as it was breaking day. I'm coming home in the light also so that's helping my mood.

Think along with the thought of my GM that the weather has been having an effect on my mood as well. Hope the weather clears up soon cause I need some sun shine.

Are you still on the mend? We miss you. :hug:

Back later.

03-20-2013, 11:59 AM
Morning all.

Ceejay - We have the sun today, but it's along with very cold temps. But still, I do appreciate the sunshine. :sunny: I didn't mention my doughnut lapse on Sunday - after my Zumba class I stopped and bought myself a doughnut and bf an apple fritter. I ended up eating both!! Oops. Sorry to say, I should be immune to your mention of donuts, but no, if there were donuts sitting in the coffee/copy room right now, I'd eat one. :shrug:

Annie - The mood I'm in, your half day off work sounds like heaven. Enjoy lunch with your sweetie. :)

Michelle - Good luck with the results of your blood test today. :crossed: I have my annual physical next week and I haven't been taking my bp readings at all for months. For some reason the bp software doesn't work on our computer anymore - doesn't seem to work with the OS we have on it. I put a little notebook and pen by the bp machine a week or so ago, but I'm so out of the routine I forget to sit down and take a reading each morning or evening. Now's the time to get back to it. Oh well, at least I have some weight loss to show. Enjoy the Springtime Festival this weekend!! :flow1: Congrats on all the responses to your resume, even if they aren't from your target city!!

Shad - So what kind of cold drink did you end up with last night? The topic of the ww meeting was the amount of points in various beverages. A bloody Mary has 4 points (for 5 oz - tell me who only drinks that small amount??), so does 5 oz of white wine, but a frozen Mudslide (12 oz) has 27 points!! :yikes: Good thing I generally don't like to drink my calories... Oh, it's 16F degrees right now, feels like 2 w/ the wind. High will be 25 - yes, I wore the longies today. :(

Happy - Glad the road to DH's procedure is going smoothly and you're prepared with lodging. I'm sure you'll find someone to escort you in the elevator. Sorry you had a difficult drive to and from Duluth. This darn weather! I've had enough. Too funny re dh clearing a path for your critters. :lol: I thought the gutters in the photo I posted were a nice reasonably priced contrast to the pricey "systems" (if you want to check them out, they are at livewall dot com). I've attached another cool thing from the show that looks like it might be a good diy project. In the meantime, your comment about the wooden shelves attached to your fence reminded me that I actually have a purchase from a previous f&g show that I never used - some brackets that mount to a wall or fence that hold flower pots. I'll dig those out of my "garden box" and use them this year. Our fence is no longer new and I won't feel too badly about drilling a hole here and there.

Hi Mellie!! Hope you're starting to feel better. :hug: FYI, I signed up for the meditation a while back and got nothing at first, but finally started getting the e-mails. Just did the first meditation on the train to work today. But I have to play catchup so I might need to double up - unless you know if it remains accessible for a bit even after the 21 days are done??
Okay, had a loss of exactly 1 pound at yesterday's weigh-in. Quite a surprise. I have my doubts about the accuracy of the ww scale...but I'll take it. :D

I decided to make the frozen tuna steaks from Trader Joe's last night for dinner. The whole meal was a near-disaster. I pulled the tuna too soon and it needed to go back in the pan. The soy-ginger sauce I made (from an Amer. Test Kitchen recipe) was flavorless thanks to using ground ginger because I didn't have fresh, the boxed soba noodle w/ sauce mix was just vile. I knew I should have just grilled the squash I had in the crisper!! We ended up dumping the noodles and eating the tuna with some of our TJ's bottled "Soyaki" sauce - much better. The rather large tuna steak was enough for me, not sure what bf ate later after I went to bed... I've put fresh ginger on the shopping list - It doesn't go bad quickly, and I've heard it can actually be frozen too, so there's no reason to not have it in the kitchen.

So the first day of spring feels like Janurary, but as I told Ceejay, at least it's bright and sunny. My weekly status call re the software has been rescheduled for Friday, so I'm not unhappy about that. That's about it for me. TTFN!

03-20-2013, 02:07 PM
Hi ladies,

Not sure if you saw on FB but Patty's Dad passed away last night. :hug: to Patty and family.

It's overcast and like most of the country on the chilly side for the first day of Spring here. 11 degrees and it's almost noon and we got a dusting of snow cover again last night. I am ready to be done with this already as are most people. I tell myself the snow is good to refill the underground water supply that we all tap into.

Laura - 27 points for a Mudslide? :yikes: :eek: oh shock and horror. That's as bad as 55 points for 1/2 - yes HALF of a Stouffers chicken pot pie. I guess when you start to measure these things out, it's a bit easier to understand why we think we are eating not so bad and cannot lose any weight when the reality of it is that we're consuming way more calories than we ever imagined. I had to laugh at the Bloody Mary points - is that with or without the traditional accompaniements (which is how they rate the good drinks from the bad up this way). Let's see the olive and asparagus stick are probably free points but the pickle, cold shrimp and definitely the beef stick would more than double those points I'm sure. Thanks for the link on the garden stuff - I like the second picture also. I did get a nice book at the home improvement store about starting a garden from seed. Geez that sure is alot of work! Re: the garden box on the fence make sure you get good drainage and don't have wet wood (and soil) resting against wet wood so it doesn't rot. Garden boxes are so pretty. Sorry your dinner turned out not quite as good as you hoped - sometimes it goes that way. Actually the best way to store fresh ginger is to freeze it. I learned this the hard way after having alot of fresh either mold or dry up in the salad crisper. It freezes well since it doesn't have a high water content and because it's hard, it grates nicely to add to a dish. And when I need a hunk to pop in my tea (which I often do to settle my stomach instead of taking antacids), the frozen piece helps cool my tea.

Ceejay - totally understandable to be missing your grandma this time of year. I'm sure she would not want you to be sad so think of happy times with her and have a conversation with her in your head. I do believe they can sense us more than we can them. If not, at least it makes you feel better. ;) I can't get used to the time change - it stays light so late it feels way earlier than it really is. Nice to not have to drive home in the dark though.

As for the elevator - I am very claustrophobic - once when Shad came to visit we went to see some caves in the Ozarks - she and DH were very excited about them and I was not (but didn't want to ruin the moment for them). I had a tranquilizer but either I didn't take it soon enough or it was too weak to work. We took an elevator to the interior of the caves and were in a hollowed out tunnel waiting for the second half of the tour group to arrive. Standing in a narrow tunnel made of rock knowing I was under / inside a mountain was enough to make the mind run wild with fear. I told DH I could not stay here and went to the park tour guide and said I had to leave the tour. He was a wonderful man and said that while this tunnel was narrow this was the most enclosed area we'd be in. In a minute we would walk into the caves which had 30 foot high ceilings and it really was a beautiful area. Did I think I'd be okay with that? I said yes and I'm so glad he convinced me to try it out because it was an incredible tour. I mostly have a problem being by myself in tight spaces. It's not the falling in an elevator that scares me, it's being stuck. I'm ok with other people because if anything happened I could talk to them. But if I'm by myself my brain goes nutso and I have to fight to control the panic. Small hydrolic elevators like in parking garages are the worst because they bang and lurch and go slow and often seem like they are stopped. :yikes: Someone from the hospital might escort me to my car at night but I doubt they will walk me the 3 blocks through buildings and skyways to get between the hotel and the hospital. I have to go through 4 buildings and each has an elevator as well as the hotel. I was hoping the path would have been more straight forward that it was but I will just have to suck it up and deal with it. As for the stairs, I will always take the stairs over the elevator although growing up in the city sometimes I worry that there might be an unsavory person in the stairwell waiting on a victim. That's why at least in downtown Chicago and in Tennessee most interior stairwells are locked on each floor. You can enter a stairwell but all doors are locked except for the ground floor for fire escape purposes. I know this because I have gotten locked in interior stairwells too ;) Phobias are a pain :lol:

Annie - the song "Chapel of Love" keeps running through my head. Hope you have a nice afternoon with C. This is a rare day off for him too, isn't it?

Michelle - did your favorite win on the BL? I think they make such a big deal of it that it does turn people's heads. Like People Magazine's annual w/l article, they seem to focus on the big, big weight losses - 100 pounds or more - and I think it takes away from some other people who worked just as hard and maybe lost less - like 60 pounds or so. I just hope they can manage their losses going forward. That's great that you got a good response from your resume - I just hope you don't get on spam lists. One of the things I hated about headhunters were the kind who completely ignored your interests or needs and were just looking to shove a body - any body - into openings they had available, hence the "do you understand that North Carolina is on the OPPOSITE coast of San Diego???" :lol: To your question - the classes I am taking are writing classes. How to write for fun, profit, how to get published, etc. Some of them look interesting - I hope that they are. They are cheap continuing education classes but I'm sure highly profitable for the university as they write the course once and then everything after that is profit. But I hope to cull at least an idea or two from that. This topic is one of those that there is sooooo much information on the Internet and the library that it's really hard to wade through everything and find some solid information. If nothing else, it keeps my brain busy and is way cheaper than the doctor's bills I spent at the podiatrist ($350 for just one foot x-ray) tending to the bursitis I developed at my minimum wage job.

Shad - sounds like your preventative tests and general wellness care is covered but you still have to pay out quite a bit out of pocket. Hopefully it's not too much.

Good morning Mel - hope you are on the mend. We miss you. :(

Sorry ladies, did not mean to write a book here - just rambling on and on. The library called - my first season of Downton Abbey is in. Must pick that up. Also need to think of things that have to be done as DH will not be able to do any heavy lifting for a while after his procedure so we will have to stock up on deer corn - the other day there were 11 of them in the yard. We are developing herds now... I also need to do some grocery shopping and we need to pick up DH's meds so busy day ahead.

Also Michelle - I hope your A1C test goes well for you. Mine is tommorow and I haven't been that attentive to my sugars either :o I was testing with the finger prick occasionally but my endochronologist said fasting blood sugar doesn't parallel the A1C so don't use that as a guideline. :( Hope it goes well for both of us :crossed:

Talk to you later...

03-21-2013, 09:06 AM
Morning all,

Last one out, first one in. Sure does make a difference when Mellie is out.

Gah - it's cold here - single digits and below overnight. They keep promising the 40's but that's at the tail end of the long range forecast and by the time those 10 days get to now, it gets cold again. It's done that for about 2 weeks running now.

We're going to try the blood test again. I hope there are people who know what they are doing. I am drinking an over abundance of water this morning which will really interfer with running errands afterwards but I'm doing my part. I guess it was on my mind because I woke up this morning - early before the alarm which was set really early - and had a disturbing dream about being in the hospital and the nurses kept trying to stick me with IVs and would not tell me what they were giving me or why. Crazy!

Started my 2 online classes yesterday. I think this is going to involve a fair amount of reading, writing and participation in discussion threads. If I continue with this in May, I have to remember to only take one course so as not to impact warm weather outside stuff :D

No one here to write personals to so I'll finish my coffee and go get ready for the day. On the list is grocery shopping, my scale is showing the ill effects of not enough fresh fruit and vegetables lately. Have a good one all.

03-21-2013, 09:10 AM
Quick post for me. What a busy evening I had between the doc appointment, picking up Santa and then rushing home to call into a conference call. :faint:

Good news A1C is 6.0!!! The doctor is very pleased! It means my diabetes meds are working well! The meds I take for cholesterol are also working. In fact, everything on my blood test was perfect! Now, I would like the blood test to be perfect without having to take meds...but this is a start. And hopefully, with diet and exercise and less stress in my life (since the past 6 months were probably the most stressful in my life), I'll be able to get healthy and reduce the need for all these meds. :yes:

A big :wave: to all! Hopefully I'll get to check back later.

Much love and many hugs,

03-21-2013, 09:42 AM
Good Morning..It's a Brand New Day....

Burrr, freezing here! Got up to 19 degrees, Sassy made a bee line to the yard and back, record potty time. lol We had bursts of snow here and there throughout the state. Little snow here none there. I am so over this cold weather and snow...come on Spring...Yah!

Positive thought today: Glad the marriage license is done. Got Cs suit, he needed on anyway. Went to Men's Warehouse, BOGO suits, so with shirts,ties, shoes and two suits we spent about 800. bucks on him. We also stopped at Jared's Jewelry and purchased my wedding bands, was gonna use momma's band and diamonds but come to find out the diamonds were actually cubic zerconia (sp). Not worth paying the 120 to have it sized. SOOOooooooooooo we purchased to diamond bands and having them soldered to each side of my engagement ring.

Went to Charlie and Barney's for lunch, had chili over yummy. Have not been there since about 1981 when I worked downtown. Yes, it tasted the same yummy.

HAPPY...goodluck with your bloodwork today. Hope your veins stick out nice and plump for the stickin. When I read your comment about deer corn, my brain read it as DEAR corn. I thought what the heck does DH need corn for because of no heavy lifting...was confused. Guess I will just have to come and hold your hand when DH has his procedure.

CEEG...I could pass on the donuts, but bring me a bag of fritos and some bean dip. Yum!

LAURA...I love tuna steaks but the fiasco you went through didn't sound to appetizing. I am with Happy on freezing ginger. I freeze it as I do not use it often at all. and yes, where the H is spring...I am thinking we will go directly from winter to summe and it will skip spring. Looks like we will have this cold stuff for at least another 7-10 days.

CHELLE...congrats on bloodwork! Something is going right. I have to get my annual bloodwork done here in the next week. My annual appt is April 8, so I will find out the results then.

Hello Shaddie and Mellie....

later ladies

03-21-2013, 09:43 AM
Happy - Sending you lots of :goodvibes: for your blood test today. I hope the technician can get the blood painlessly. :hug: I hate it when they have trouble getting to the veins in my arm. Sometimes they take it out of the top of my hand, but that hurts like heck. :(

03-21-2013, 10:15 AM
Happy - good luck w/ the blood work today. :crossed:

Michelle - yay for the good results!!! :cp:

Annie - another cold day here, but sunny. Right now I'd be content to get temps over 40.

Hellos to the rest of the gang. :wave:
Asked bf for a lift to the train this AM. & the car was dead. We had a new battery last June, so who knows - alternator? We'll see. On the next train, so I'll be late to the office.

Ok, better email the boss re my late arrival. TTFN.

03-21-2013, 04:52 PM
Dang, I am tired. I'm so glad this work day is just about over. I'd love to take a quick nap after work, but I'd rather spend the time sending my resume out to a couple companies in San Diego. Then, I've got a meeting with my wellness coach at the gym, and after that I'll be picking up Santa.

Three more calls from recruiters today...hopefully, I'll start getting some takers regarding positions in CA, preferably in San Diego, but if a good opportunity in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area comes knockin'...sign me up. :D

03-21-2013, 06:43 PM
Me, the kids, the dog...haha

03-21-2013, 06:44 PM
We need Shaddie and Mellie, with their great posts...hurry back sisters.

03-21-2013, 09:44 PM
Going Home shortly. Will try and post from the airport.

03-21-2013, 11:58 PM
Well here we are at the airport waiting for the plane (will be at least 10 minutes late coming in - better than normal) to come in. Don't know how this airline gets the title of most online airline. The others must be worse.

I'm trying to download some photos of Sophia to show you, but it seems my phone doesn't want to play ball so, I guess you will have to wait until I get home. Then I might be able to force them over. Technology - bah humbug.

Michelle - recruiters only do the job they do because they can't do the job that they have listed as a vacancy. They have no idea most of the time what the terminology means. I've dealt with a few of them in my time, and we have had a few shouting matches as well. Read the CV, read the covering letter, get a feel for what I am looking for. I don't mind if they don't have it straight away, just keep an eye out for me. That's what I pay you to do. Dumkopfs. Very please to hear about the bloodwork.

Annie - yes, it was a cold, adult beverage I was referring to - I got some vodka and I got some wine. I then proceeded to put them in the fridge to get even colder. I rarely drink soft drinks or colas or what ever you call them over there unless they are mixed with something hard!

This site is going beserk. Keeps going on about compatibility view. I'll finish this at home. Time to think about boarding the plane anyway.

03-22-2013, 12:45 AM
Safe travels home.

Wow, You are going to have one dressed up man/groom at the wedding. To bad on your mom's wedding rings. That would have fit in with the something old, something borrowed, something blue.

So sorry about the food porn. But glad you lost a pound at weigh in.

You had great lab results. Keep up the good work. Stress does play a big role in things.

Were you taking music theory or music appreciation? Just curious.
I had a laid back kind of day. Slept till almost 9.30. The phone rang at 10. I forgot it was girls day for lunch. After this I had a few errand to run but after this I went down to a friend furniture store and visited with her. I tried to leave a couple of times but she didn't want me to. So I stayed till she closed. Stopped by mcd's but the burger to me wasn't good. only ate half of it and threw away the rest.
It's been snowing like crazy but luckily the ground here is to warm to stick. They are getting more in Jonesboro so my trip over there may be cancelled. I really would like to get the oil changed in the RAV4.

03-22-2013, 11:09 AM
Hello ladies -

Quick post for me...just to say "hi" :wave: and TGIF!! After work yesterday, I applied for a couple San Diego of which I'm absolutely PERFECT for. :crossed: Then I went to the gym and did 1/2 hour on the recumbent stepper, then met with my wellness coach. :) After work today, I'm going to do laundry, grocery shopping, and finish an email campaign for a client. Tomorrow is the spring festival with a friend. And Sunday will be the gym, relaxing and re-packing (as in sorting through stuff that's packed in boxes).

Happy - I hope the blood draw went okay...and that the results turn out great!

I'll try and post tonight.

Much love,

03-22-2013, 11:25 AM
Morning all. TGIF!! :carrot: No, make that DOUBLE TGIF!! :carrot::carrot: This week has crawled by.

Ceejay - Glad you're already enjoying your weekend.:) Re McD's - I just don't want to know what's really in the burgers. I've been following the blog of a woman who reports almost daily about the bad things that happen to our food. It's informative, but I often question if I really want to know because some of it's pretty darn scary. Hope the snow doesn't make you change your weekend plans.

Shad - I really don't know what's with this site. Very balky for me at times. Hope you had a good flight home and that you have a nice Saturday.

Annie - Love the photos.

Happy - Hope the blood draw went well yesterday. Hearing other people's problems with that makes me glad my veins are easy to draw from.

Just in case you're lurking....Hi Mel!!! :wave:
The car problem was the case of our blue tooth thingy going kaput several weeks back (but we were ignoring it for the time being) and then proceeding to drain the battery in some sort of parasitic fashion. So we got the bluetooth replaced and all is well, and the car is clean too. (Love that the dealer washes the car after servicing it.) :)

On my train ride to work yesterday, I realized I'd forgotten about a symposium I'd registered for and so I was not only dressed too casually, I'd also skipped the foundation part of my makeup routine. :( I decided to skip it, but the boss and sr. mgr went (started late morning). In the late afternoon there was a social thingy to kick off the basketball tourney, and so I grabbed one chicken wing and a few chips and a light beer and brought it back to my desk, and then took an earlier train home. (Very social of me, but the admin and I did it together, so that's social enough for me, LOL.) It was really nice being out in full daylight, and it was nice and sunny walking home from the train. :sunny: I needed my Vit. D!! :D

At home, I sorted and relabeled a couple more files. Slow going at this pace...

We had breakfast for dinner because nothing else occured to us. Yum. Scrambled eggs with red bell pepper and cheese mixed in and two slices of bacon. Bf has been baking the bacon in the oven and it's really tasty that way. Not a good point day, but the scale was still kind to me this morning.

Nothing planned this weekend. I will do a circuit class Saturday morning. BF and I might head out to a Pottery Barn store - we have a gift we received ages ago that we haven't used and don't want. It still has the gift receipt on it, so we'll see if we can return it and buy something else. This is something that was cleaned out as part of the office move.

Okay, I'm just babbling away, so I'll stop now. Everyone have a lovely Friday/Saturday/weekend!

Hey, next Sunday's Easter! Might have to dye some eggs this weekend!


03-22-2013, 11:34 AM
I try not to think of things like that but I too have read of such things. Won't go into detail. That's one of the reason's I've started cooking again.

Sending good vibes on those job openings.

Think I'm worn to a frazzle as I'm not in the mood to do any driving this week end. I want a week end to myself. And I'm thinking about cancelling my trip to MO next week end also.

03-22-2013, 11:45 AM
Hi Michelle! Busy night for you last night. :crossed: re the perfect job in the perfect (IMO) climate!! Enjoy the festival tomorrow! I might have to take myself to a garden center just to get some more springtime, even if it's indoor flowers and plants. :D

03-22-2013, 12:05 PM
Good Morning Girls...

Getting prepared for this snow storm heading our way on Sunday, blah. Get weather station says 2-4" the other say 4-6", guess they have it covered whichever we get. I hope it just passes us by.

LAURA...I love gift cards and rarely do I let them sit very long. I can think of something to get. I love breakfast for dinner, my kids used to love that when they were little. Especially if it involved pancakes, waffles and bacon. Glad the car was an easy find/fix.

CEEG...I am with you on the Mickey Ds burgers or most any of the fast food. C is sold on the baconater at Wendy's. I cannot seem to get up the nerve to eat any of that. Snuggle up this weekend with some good tea and a good book and relax.

SHADDIE...ah, home sweet home. All good at home?? Relax my dear.

CHELLE...hope that perfect job in SD, CA comes through for you, wouldn't that be awesome. Yeah!!

Sunday is our Easter dinner at a nice restaurant. We are doing it this weekend because it is just a fiasco on Easter with different places all the kids have to go to celebrate. Unless the snow holds anyone back, we should have all there except the brother from Illinois.

That is about it for me. Only exercised once this week do to the overload of at work this week. I have been through about 2000 physicians files this week. I have burn out.

Have a great Friday/Saturday.


03-22-2013, 12:42 PM
Morning peeps,

The blood draw did not go well. The new young nurse found a vein but then the supervisor horned in. She stuck me, missed and stuck me again. I flinched a few times - she said "did that hurt" I said YES IT DID. Only because she kept poking around. Finally she yelled out "Oh thank you JESUS, someone in heaven is looking out for me today". She was amazed she found a vein. :rolleyes: DH was not feeling well at all yesterday so instead of running errands we went back home afterwards. All the way home my arm started aching and hurting in strange places. Then I noticed this huge (and I mean like an egg size) knot at the injection site. It's nothing to be worried about - just means some blood leaked into the tissue but it sure did prove this goofball has no business drawing blood. Today I have a very large black and blue bruise about the size of a rim of a drinking glass. The knot is there but has subsided to about half it's size. While there I asked if they were going to do a cholesterol panel - apparently the doctor forgot to write it down on the orders. Miss Ditz pulled another vial for it and promised me that she'd leave a note for the doctor asking her to authorize the cholesterol test. If the results come back and that didn't happen, I am going to complain to the clinic. I know there's not alot of people to pull in the resource pool but they need to get people working in the labs who actually know what they are doing. Not everyone will be easy peasy. :^:

DH rested and I tried to keep it quiet so I worked on some of my school work, cleaned up a hot spot pile of papers and did some laundry, cooking and dishes and before I knew it the day was done.

As for the classes, here's my initial assessment. Apparently the University has teamed up with a vendor who produces online classes and affiliates them through the college to the public. Class consists of reading materials, writing examples and a discussion board. The workshop class has over 110 students in it. That's a huge class! You could spend hours alone on just the discussion boards. I don't see how we can get any kind of constructive feedback with a class that size. You post your assignment online and ask questions online (where they encourage students to also answer other students questions). With that many students, you could have 200 plus posts per session to read through (and their discussion board software is kind of clunky and not really designed for that much interaction). I will echo the new popular quote of the day "Ain't nobody got time for dat". :lol: The other class is smaller - about 25 people and the teacher encourages people to read the materials and ask pointed questions of her so she can mentor us properly. So basically I have paid 90 dollars each for an expensive online "book" with a social media chatboard. I'm not complaining, the materials I have read so far are good and ninety dollars today is cheap for a class. I'm just surprised that for a subject like writing where you expect to get feedback, I'm not sure that's going to happen. So far it does meet my goals of: occupy my time (looks like about 6 - 8 hours a week), some thought provoking material, and it will challenge me also. Beats getting in the car and driving an hour to the next town to attend classroom courses ;)

I wish I knew why my screen resolution / font size keeps randomly changing on the fly - it gets smaller and smaller. I was blaming my touchpad on the laptop but I'm not so sure that's it. REALLY ANNOYING!!!!

Ceejay - you have been doing alot of travelling. Maybe a weekend at home is just what you need. Recharge the batteries, relax and enjoy. Then you'll be ready to get a move on again. As to your question about the music class - this is basics - composition and reading music and all that stuff I once learned but long forgot about since Miss Lindy's freshman high school music class. I hear music as one big pot of stew so to say and have great difficulty separating out individual instruments that make up the harmony, melody, etc. DH has tried to explain the various guitar stuff - lead, rhythm, bass but he way overexplains stuff and it just makes my eyes glaze over so I stopped asking... :lol: But I'm still interested with the right teacher ;)

Laura - I was going to ask you for that blog name but as the other's have said, I probably don't want to know. Once I looked up an article on factory farming of chickens and I was so sick about it that I almost gave up eating chickens and eggs for good. I sure would like to find a local farm that sells their eggs around here. I wonder if my neighbor down the road with the self sustaining mini farm would be interested? :chin: We love breakfast for dinner - nice light meal and always seems yummy. My sister only cooks bacon in the oven now, she swears it's better tasting and crispier than in a pan and no getting frustrated when the bacon curls up and doesn't cook properly.

Michelle - yay on finding some jobs to apply for in CA! Good luck with that. You have time to plug away at it which is so much better than worrying about how things will fall into place at the last minute. Glad to hear that your bloodwork came out great - that had to be a relief! I think things will calm down as you get past the worst of the stress bump. Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned. Are things working out with the roommate?

Shad - hope you had a good flight home - looking forward to more pictures of that cutie pie grandchild.

Mel - good thoughts to you my friend :hug:

Annie - well you sure had a day full of shopping. I'll bet C will look extra handsome in his new duds. At least as you say he will get alot of wear out of the suits. Bummer on the rings, who'd a thought? Hope you got some nice bands. How nice that Charley and Barney's still had the good food you remember. Alot of time has passed, sometimes your memory remembers it way better or they just plain change the cooks. Good use of an afternoon off. Did you get your wedding dress yet? I remember you talking about it, can't remember if you were considering it or actually purchased it? I'm sure it will coordinate nicely with C. Just post larger pictures - my eyes are too old and bad to see much detail in the thumbnails. Must be the way this site handles them as I have no problem with your pics on FB.

Well we have a week's worth of errands to run - I should have just gone out by myself yesterday as I'm sure DH will moan and groan about all that needs to be done but it has to so ... :^: Have a good weekend all...

03-22-2013, 03:11 PM
HAPPY...I did get the dress, it is very pretty. I will try to post. If you click on the thumbnails posted here they enlarge. Try that. C is wearing a pin stripe suit with a gray shirt/gray and black tie. It will match my soft pink rose dress perfectly. Hope DH gets to feeling better. Samantha's Chris came home from work early on Wednesday with 102 temp and still home yesterday and today with temp/sore throat/coughing. The doc prescribed the Z pak for him. Sam is trying to stay away from him and keep the babe away from him also. Sassy missed her doggy days at Sam cause I didn't want to be in the germ invested house. Lil man went to the doc on Monday with a temp except he had double ear infection. He is on an antibiotic also so maybe that will keep him from getting Chris' crap. All this blood draw misery is making me squemish for my draw next week. Not really, I usually have no trouble. I wouldn't mind taking a writing class, but don't want to put the effort into it right now. Good for you smarty

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All Another Thyme (

03-22-2013, 06:41 PM
Oh Annie - that dress is GORGEOUS - I love the detailing on the front also. And just the most perfect color for spring and for you - I'm sure you will look Absolutely Fabulous. Sounds like hubster2B is perfectly coordinated also. Great job! And I love the flounce for dancing or just running down the beach to each other with arms outstretched in slow motion :D

Sorry Chris is sick. Hope everyone else's germ shield protects them.

Got all but one of our errands done - the last is to check out a side table we ordered for the living room. I have a feeling it will not match the oak trim we have all around the windows and such. But we'll look at that tomorrow. I did pick up season 1 of Downton Abbey. I have only a week to watch the entire season as the videos are in great demand right now and our loan period is one week which can be renewed twice as long as they are not on a wait list (which they are :( ) Looks like my weekend will be alternating between videos and homework. THAT must be why it got up to almost 40 degrees, sunny and springlike for a change ;)

03-22-2013, 10:17 PM
Thank you Happy, I am in love with the dress watch Downton is so good...I am on the second season and loving it. Will have to get the 3rd season, which is right now because I won't be done with season 2 and season 3 is already rolling. Hope to be on board on season 4 when it is on TV, so I do not have to rent/buy it.

03-23-2013, 07:56 AM
Evening all,
I've spent part of today fighting with that freakin phone trying to download the latest pics of the grandbub. Not working!!!!! Not happy. Finally gave up in disgust and emailed ds1 to send the pics by email. Don't hold your breath waiting.

Rest of the day has been spent setting up Mays medical month, cooking meals for the freezer, talking on the phone and sleeping.

Annie - nice gear. Should look very smart and chic on you.

Happy - enjoy your week of Dowton Abbey. Hope you can interpret the upper class British accent.

Laura - don't need to see the blog site for fast food. They did an experiment on it here for one of the current affairs programs. Seems that if you leave the contents of one of those burgers for around two years they look very similar to the fresh ones. God knows what they put in them to make them last that long.

Ceejay - good on you for cooking. Fresh is best in the long run.

Michelle - geez, sounds like you are coming back to life with a vengeance. Goodonya.

Time for bed. Back sometime tomorrow. I have to go see the DS2 tomorrow and then my friend Chris down the road who lost her job last week and needs to apply for another and so must get the resume up to date. Their computer is so old, it won't open a lot of the latest programs.

03-23-2013, 10:51 AM
I've had both music theory and appreciation. Have fun. In my early years I was majoring in music. It's still inside of me but I didn't pursue it.

Glad you are home.

I love the dress. You and C will be a beautiful couple on you wedding day.

I tried posting last night but it hung so I'll try again today. Woke up with a headache but I'm going to Paragould to eat lunch with my uncles. May not stay.

Have a good day.

03-23-2013, 12:10 PM
Morning girls,

I think it's that time of the year when I get alot of headaches and somewhat strong dizziness and vertigo when I stoop or put my head down. I do remember this happening twice before. I think it's fluid in the ears or something like that. Comes, hangs around enough to be annoying for a good while and then goes away on it's own. Reasons like this I started a blog when I moved here - with the intent to document things like this so that I could keep track of stuff. I see I only made a few entries last year. Good on intentions, quite bad on the follow through :o In writing class they encourage you to write for an hour every day.

Last night we went out to dinner - yummy grilled salmon and fresh pineapple and some steamed broccoli. I also sinned and got a banana pudding dessert for take out which will be portioned to 3 servings. I have not had southern style banana pudding since I left Memphis so one dessert in 16 months is acceptable in my book. Came home and I watched the first DVD of Downton Abbey. I do like it except that the music is 3 times as loud as the talking bits :yikes: I'm glad it's not heavy on the British accents - I did listen with my headphones on just in case I needed extra subtle listening skills. Not sure how I will swing season 2 from the library. There is a big waiting list but they have about 25 copies. I did get season 1 fairly quickly. I know I won't have time to watch it when DH has his procedure so I think I will wait to order it from the library right before we leave so that it comes in shortly afterwards. I could purchase it like Annie but I have to admit I have changed my spendthrift ways and am now choosy with my money. I save my money for garden books it seems :lol:

Well it appears that we have a former artist (Mel) and musician (Ceejay) on the team here. Quite interesting. How did you come to leave music Ceejay?

Shad - sorry to hear that Chris lost her job. Guess that's not limited to just this side of the pond. Good of you to help her out. Hope you get the baby pictures one way or another.

Mel you've been gone for quite a while. Missing you :( :hug:

Laura - have fun and a good workout at your exercise classes this weekend.

Annie - when is the wedding again?

Michelle - hope you make some progress on the resume / job hunting.

Think I'll watch another episode of Downton Abbey, then I'll make some lunch. We went grocery shopping yesterday - so nice to have some fresh berries in the house. Actually most of my grocery purchases were fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. Have a good weekend all...

03-23-2013, 09:26 PM
Finally, I managed to download those pesky photos.

Seems upload and download mean something different to the normal on this phone.
I would say Jap Cr*p but it isn't Japanese.

Pesky phones.

03-23-2013, 10:28 PM
What an adorable child! In fact she's beautiful. Grandma should be more than proud.

Not sure why I left the music except I find it hard to play in front of an audience.

Drove to Paragould today for lunch with the uncles. Had a good time as always. My aunt usually likes to go shopping so I took her to Jonesboro to J.C. Penny's. I bought 4 tops from the Alfred Dunner collections. But I didn't stay. I want to be in my own bed tonight. And it's suppose to be pouring down rain tomorrow and I'm becoming a wimp in bad weather of any type.
My new yoga exercise DVD arrived today. I did 30 minutes of the easy poses. Now onto to the bike ride.

03-24-2013, 09:12 AM
Good Sunday/Monday....posting from winterwonderland....we are expected up to 10 inches with blowing and drifting...winds 30 miles ph. Yeah! Gotta love this Indiana weather. Boo Butler lost last night in the NCAA IU is the only team left and hope to win it all....Go Indiana University....

SHADDIE...OMG, that grandbabe is absolutely adorable. Certainly takes after her grandmomma. Great catch for lil He has like 3 other GFs. Too funny. So sorry about Chris...I am certain God is opening other doors for even a more perfect job for Chris. hugs.

CEEG....glad you had a good time with the Uncs, however I am with you on sleeping in my own bed/lazyboy/ poor child...try some perxocide in the ears to dry it out then cotton balls. My kids used to get swimmers ear and that is what the pediatrician prescribed for their ears. The dinner sounds salmon and veggies...great choice. Glad you are enjoying Dowton TOOOO!

Hello to all the worldlies....have a great Sunday/Monday!!

03-24-2013, 09:39 AM
Morning Chicks.
Still not 100% but getting close.
This has been a real battle.
Hope to be back by the end of the week:crossed:
I have not been on the PC. Don't want any temptations.
So I haven't read any posts.
God....I had a birthday and then promptly fell apart:rofl: :rofl:
Hope all is well with you & to see you soon.

03-24-2013, 12:25 PM
Yikes up to 10 inches of snow. Hope the predictions are wrong.

Good to hear from you. You know what is best. But we do miss you.

Hope you ear feels better. If the symptoms continues see a doctor.
Thunder barely woke me this morning around six but turned over and went back to sleep. Got up at ten. My friends and relatives don't seem to realize that my body is taking a toll in all this driving. Think I'm cancelling my trip to Missouri next week-end for a later date.

03-24-2013, 01:58 PM
Morning all.

Annie - I sure hope you don't get all that snow. :yikes: We're forecast to get some too, but not that much. Hope the early Easter dinner is tasty and enjoyable. I love your wedding dress - great color. :)

Happy - Sorry your ears are giving you problems. Maybe taking a zyrtec or an antihistamine will help reduce the fluid? That's what was suggested to me when my usual allergy med needs supplementation to do the job.

Ceejay - Good for you on the exercise! I think I need to do some routines with more stretching in them - my back is still not 100%.

Mel - Glad you're getting better. Definitely take your time during recovery - you don't want any setbacks!!

Shad - Love the baby pics! She's a real cutie. :)

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies. :wave:
Nothing much to report. Friday night bf and I went grocery shopping - two stores. Finally had dinner around 9-ish. Used up some meatballs from the freezer that bf's mum had given us. Very offputting to see the inside still red-looking after baking for 40 min. Even though we both agreed they were probably cooked thoroughly and that the red was some sort of spice, we split them in half and baked them some more. They were alright, definitely not something we'd buy ourselves. Glad we got them out of the freezer though.

Yesterday morning I went to a circuit class, and it was fine. The lower part of my calves are sore - not from the circuit class, but from Friday. Right before lunch on Friday, I went to use the restroom and to refill my water bottle at the fountain and I also decided to get some exercise and walk up 5 flights of stairs in the fire stairwell. So I did. I was sucking wind by the 5th floor, but I did it and then headed back down to my floor. Woke up Sat. morning with this soreness, and again this morning. Just have to keep moving and stretching I guess.

Watched 4 episodes of Season 2 Monarch of the Glen, ate lunch, did a dog walk, and went to return the gift items at Pottery Barn. They wouldn't take them back, and I don't blame them - the gift receipt, which I hadn't looked at since well before we cleaned out the office, was dated 2008!!! :rofl: They're return policy is 90 days, lol, so so much for that. But it wasn't a totally wasted drive. On the way to PB, I stopped at JoAnn fabrics and bought some DARK brown fabric dye for my currently ick brown boiled wool blazer. Also bought some removable sticky stuff used to keep picture frames from shifting on the wall, and some bobbins for my sewing machine. I think the bobbins might be the wrong ones, so I'll probably end up going to Sears to get the right ones - it's a Kenmore brand machine, so Sears BETTER have the right ones!!

In the PM, we finally watched the movie "Argo". Very interesting and suspenseful.

Nothing planned for today but will probably do some laundry and dusting. And a dog walk, of course. We're also going to make some Thai style chicken with basil for dinner. New recipe, but I hope it's not the adventure that the tuna steaks and the meatballs were this past week...

That's about it for me, Off to...finish off my pot of tea. Have a great day everyone. :)

03-24-2013, 02:15 PM
Morning all,

Ceejay - perhaps you just need to speak up to friends and family and set a limit to your trips. It does get tiring always driving here and there plus when do you have time to get some of your own things done if you are always travelling? I sure would love to hear a good thunderstorm right now!

Annie - I did see that they are talking about another storm and you're in direct line of it. Since they got the "brilliant" ( :no: ) idea to name every winter weather pattern that flows across the country, they make every storm sound like Katrina is about to hit. Hey, it's winter ... it snows. I do hope you don't get the mess they are warning about. Thanks for the tip on the peroxide. I think this is more sinus related, hopefully it won't last long. I am hesitant to dry anything else up as it is already bone dry with about 20 percent humidity here.

Shad - baby is a cutie. Looks like she does not suffer from a lack of playthings :lol:

Good to hear from you Mel. You know what you have to do in order to feel better so even though we miss you dearly, keep away from temptations. Not worth an extra week of still and quiet.

I finished Downton Abbey season 1. Would love to knock heads of Thomas and O'Brien together. I ordered season 2 from the library. If I read the listing correct a copy is due back midweek at my local library with no other holds on it and since I requested it, whomever had it now can't renew it so I hope to get it and be able to view it before we have to leave. I guess I will spend today working on homework for my classes. Talked to Mom yesterday - she went to the cardiologist on Friday - got a very good report which pleased everyone. Now we just have to get DH past his bump.

Nothing else going on, think I'll go find some lunch and plan out supper for the evening. Enjoy the back half of your day.

03-24-2013, 02:22 PM
I see once I posted that Laura was typing over my head again :lol: About the meatballs - I found that if they are particularly dense and you cook them from a frozen state, they take longer to cook than you might think. We had some that I used to microwave for a bit before I popped them in the sauce to finish off, otherwise we got the raw interior that is so off putting. 5 flights of stairs (with landings I assume) up and down is quite a workout! You'll definitely need some stretching but keep it up - that's great! :lol: on the Pottery Barn return - oops :o Hopefully you can find a good way to be rid of it.

03-24-2013, 06:53 PM
Hi ladies -

I had a wonderful day at the spring festival yesterday with my friend! We met up with another friend of mine there. Lots of talk about planning for springtime. Such fun! And then today, when I woke up it was snowing! :tantrum: I so long to feel the warm sand of CA beaches underneath my feet very soon. I hope the phone interview(s) this week go well! :crossed:

Today, I went to the laundromat and to the gym while the clothes were drying. Then I started feeling a little woozy. :dizzy: I have to figure out how to work out without having a blood sugar crash...I guess I'd best call my doc in the morning. I came home, ate lunch, and took a nap. I'm still a little lightheaded, but not as bad as before.

I got a great laugh out of Shad's comment that I'm coming back to life with a vengeance! Too funny! I'm just so ready for my next chapter. Or maybe I should call it Act 2 to use a theater analogy. The curtain has closed on Act 1, and now I feel like I'm in the intermission...doing all the costume and scene changes backstage, getting ready for the curtain to rise on Act 2. :yes:

I'm going to sign off for now as I have to do some computer training and apply for a few more San Diego jobs.

Much love and many hugs,

03-24-2013, 10:33 PM
I've been playing with google earth. This thing is amazing. Took me right to the front of my sister house in MO. And saw bil standing on the front porch. This had to be in the summer cause she said it was snowing there this afternoon but he may have been checking on the snow. I did tell her that I think my long driving trips are over. I might look into a bus route but don't want to go that way. Springfield does have an airport but getting from one major hub to another will involve driving. Maybe this summer when the weather is warmer and more predictable. And my bones will not be hurting as much.

Good for you in taking the stairs. But I for one know how they can leave you winded and we only have 2 flights of stairs.

Good news concerning your mom. My uncle had a pacemaker put in a couple of week ago and he's doing better.

Yesterday when I went to J.C. Penny's my uncle wanted us to stop where my other uncle found an over the counter hearing aid. He was really bragging on it. My uncle could hear so much better when he put this on. My aunt and I were laughing, but hey it's working.
I'm doing laundry and trying to decide what to take to work with me tomorrow.

03-25-2013, 10:11 AM
Wowser....if this is spring, I will take summer any day. We got 7" of snow and it is still snowing. Took me an hour to get to work, a normal 20-25 minute drive. Left early as not to be too late. So at 7:50 am, 45 minutes after my usual arrival time, I got a text from corporate that said Indiana office was on a two hour delay...well what good does that do me? I sent an email to my boss saying how ridiculous that text was, since it was sent so late. Blah...maybe I will take my two hour delay this afternoon..haha

CHELLE....Act 2, scene 1...action! lol. Sounds like you had a great weekend, good for you sister.

SHADDIE...hope your weekend at home was enjoyable and relaxing. That babe is a sure keeper!

CEEG...why do you always have to be the one to go visit, can't they come your direction once in the while? Just a thought.

LAURA...sounds as tho your weekend was as busy as usual. The meatballs sound yucky. I had chicken come to me at a restaurant the was pinkish in the middle, I sent it back. It grossed me out. I will have to watch the Monarch of the Glen, is it as good as Downton Abbey. We are just about done with season 2 of DA.

HAPPY....don't you just love Downton Abbey? I can hardly wait to watch the next episode, however C is into it also, so I have to wait and watch with him. Otherwise I would probably be done with Season 2.

Hiya MELLIE....feel better sister...

Not much else going on here. Snow, snow and more snow. BLAH....shouldn't be around too long as it is supposed to be 50s by the Friday. YEAH!!

Later chicklets!

03-25-2013, 12:00 PM
Morning all.

Annie - What a lot of snow! Sorry you had to drive in all that, and it would have been nice to get the text earlier. Much earlier for an early bird like you. :D Yeh, the meatballs were funky. They were definitely cooked through by the time we finished cooking them, but the spice gave them that funky color... I like Monarch of the Glen about as much as I like DA. It's got a beautiful setting; it's set in present times (well, 10 years ago - it aired 2000-2005, 7 series/seasons), and it's much more lighthearted, a bit goofy really. I like the men wearing kilts - one of the characters almost always wears them, the others occasionally. ;) You need to see if your library has it so you can check it out and see if it's to your liking.

Ceejay - I've never used Google Earth - is it free online, or is it a software you purchase? I've used Google Maps, and it has Streetview, which is as if you're right on the street in front of a given address. Sorry you're not up for any long driving trips, but I do understand. Trying to save money is one thing, but those long drives are difficult and time-consuming - even if you're sharing the driving duties. My friend asked me to go to Nashville with her, but they're driving down, so I declined.

Michelle - I'm glad you enjoyed the spring festival with your friends. Good luck on your phone interviews this week!! :goodluck: I hope the doc can help you with the blood sugar crashes - be careful!

Happy - The meatballs were completely thawed by the time we cooked them, so it wasn't that they were uncooked - it was just the color of the meat with that spice in it - totally freaked us out, LOL. :fr: Re Downton - yes, Thomas and O'Brien are good villains - every soap opera needs one or two! :D Great news re your mom's cardiologist report. Sorry your one class is so large. I've never taken an online class so I didn't know online discussion was part of it (makes sense though), but having so many students will not make participation easy. :(

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!! :dizzy:

The rest of my Sunday was: Lunch w/ bf, then to the eletronics store for a new mouse, then to Sears for the proper bobbins for my sewing machine (the employee went online and it showed the same ones I already have. huh.) After that it was time for a dog walk, and I had to bundle up because it was chilly and gusty as heck outside.

I watched another MOTG episode and then made dinner. I made a Thai style chicken with basil (America's Test Kitchen recipe) and it turned out fantastic - bf and I both loved it. That'll be a keeper for sure.

Well, the scale wasn't kind to me this morning, so now I'm sort of thinking that having to go to jury duty might be a good thing if it means I skip this week's ww weigh-in, lol. But I won't know until I phone in later today if that's happening.

Okay, going to post this and get busy.

03-25-2013, 02:17 PM
Ugh on the jury duty. Hope they cancel. Google Earth was a free download. It's fun to play with.

My thoughts and yours were the same, why can't they come to visit with me sometime. I've been in a weird kind of mood lately. But I've decided that I'm taking care of me.

Sounds like you had fun this week end. And you sound more at peace. I'm happy for you.

Nothing new since last night. I did find some Mobic and took that for the aching bones and went to bed. Had a good nights rest and am back to work. It's cold. I'll be glad when Mother Nature say's it's Spring.
My co-worker called. I didn't tell her that I was not going to Springfield but I am going out of town. And maybe this way I will not be photographed. :lol:

03-25-2013, 02:51 PM
Hi all,

Trying to change my schedule around so that I am prepped for DH's "adventure". Both of us will be glad when it's over. Just hoping everything goes well :crossed: He says he thinks it won't help, I said don't be thinking that way because even after the procedure you can still have a racing heart and palpitations (until the scar tissue forms enough to block the signal which can sometimes take a few months). I said if you are thinking it won't help and you still feel twinges afterwards you will get yourself all up in a tizzy that it truly didn't help and neither of us need you in a tizzy ;)

Well I just checked the library and someone must have returned their copy of season 2 of Downton Abbey early. It's there and ready for pick up. :carrot: I will have to wait on season 3, will order that when we get back, don't want it to come in when I can't pick it up or watch it.

One other show I got hooked on from the very first episode is Once Upon A Time on the ABC network Sunday nights. They have really good writers and I am amazed that they can keep a good story line running with twists and turns in the plot. One of those where you get to the end of the "chapter" and then something happens and it sucks you back in waiting on the next episode. You can watch this season (Season 2) for free on - the network's website. But I think alot will be lost if you didn't see season 1.

Laura - if you've never been to Nashville, do try and see it once. It's a beautiful area - sure there is the cheezy Grand Ole Opry which is actually a nice resort complex but beyond that, it's more than just 10's of thousands of wannabe country singers hoping for their big break. If we had opted to stay in Tennessee, we would have headed over to the Nashville area to settle down for good. Oh, I understand with the meatballs, I hate when they put ingredients into something that gives it an unnatural color or taste. Very offputting. Sorry the scale was not kind this morning. Did you use a package mix for the Thai chicken preparation? I only say that because I have learned the hard way to NEVER eat Chinese food the day before a weigh in. So you decided that you will find a way to get to the inner city for jury duty? Good luck with that. Really, I feel sorry for you. Take a quick judo class before you go since you can't walk into the courtroom armed :lol:

Annie - 7 inches of snow. Yowzers. :yikes: These spring storms can be pretty nasty. Only good thing is that hopefully :crossed: it will melt quickly. Sounds like someone is not on the ball about notifying people about office delays. :mad: Bet Sassy Girl wasn't too happy this morning either.

Ceejay - I have not tried Google Earth (much) but DH uses it alot. He said it's pretty impressive too. I guess they use satellite photos. We are all being watched :s: :lol: An over the counter hearing aid? Really? :lol: I've seen alot of things on the "As Seen On TV" shelf at the store but that's a new one. Hey, they have "cheaters" eyeglasses for close up reading, why not cheaters hearing aids. Hope it works for the uncle.

Good analogy Michelle, gotta keep looking on the bright side of things. Oh my, now I have that silly song stuck in my head. :dizzy: I would love a nice walk on the sandy beach right now. I do absolutely love the sound of the surf. Will live vicariously through you...

Hello Shad and Mel. :wave:

Looked out the window yesterday and saw 4 bald eagles flying high in mating circles in the air. I went outside to get a closer look with the binocs but they saw me and flew higher into the air. They were so high at times they got hidden by the haze of the clouds. Our trees are filled with the goldfinches who have returned. They are changing their winter coats from a dullish green back to the brilliant yellow. These guys are hogs - they park themselves at the feeder and don't leave until they have their fill. Meanwhile, the chickadees (my favorite) politely wait until they leave. Sometimes a bird will fly at the feeder to try and get the others to leave but the finches don't startle easily. When you got outside the air is filled with all sorts of bird cheeping noises so spring is making it's way north.

I have alot of schoolwork to get through - I have decided that I am doing this for myself. There are really too many students in one of the classes to realistically keep up with posts on the discussion board so I will comment on a few and time my posts so that maybe someone will comment back, if not, I'm ok with that too. One of the classes they advocate alot of wordsy, prosey writing and I have to admit I'm not a fan of that. Be descriptive, make your point but use real words and don't use 20 when 10 will do ;) which actually makes me a hypocrite now that I think about it because my posts are often overly long. :o

Anyway, on with the day. Have a good one peeps.

03-25-2013, 04:38 PM
I had often wondered why you didn't pursue a writing career. And it's never to late. And thanks for mentioning the chickadee's. I couldn't remember the two birds that would always come to the bird feeder at my sis and bil's. They also have finch and chickadee's. Both are beautiful birds.


My back and knee's are much better today but I don't think I'll try the trip to Missouri until a later date. It's a five hour trip in the car for me and I need to draft some one into going with me. No not my neighbor.

03-25-2013, 05:17 PM
Ceejay - I'll have to download Google Earth - sounds like fun. I'm glad the soreness has eased up!

Happy - I hope your dh has a change in attitude re his procedure - doubt and negativity can't be good for the recovery process. So by "trying to change your schedule around" do you mean changing your night owl ways? :D When you mention "Once Upon a Time" all I think of is "Grimm", lol. Saw a bit of one episode - that was enough. On to D. Abbey, season 2! Enjoy! I'd definitely like to visit Nashville, just not up for a long car trip right now. I was excited about the mini spa getaway, but now one of my friends can't make it...Have to try to find someone to fill in.

No, the Thai basil chicken wasn't from a mix, but it did have some fish sauce and oyster sauce in it, and I believe both of those have quite of sodium in them, now that I think of it. Better start guzzling the water!

I hear birds chirping now. Don't get to see eagle around here...but I saw a rabbit in the backyard the other day, LOL.

Yes, we will all be living vicariously through Michelle once she's settled in sunny CA.

Michelle: :beach::sunny:
The rest of us: :brr:

03-26-2013, 09:44 AM
:brrr: It's bone chilling cold this morning.

Think you'll have some fun with Google Earth. You can take a virtual drive to almost any where. Some of the pictures may be old. The one I took of the water plant was old. Cause my old Rav4 was out front. But you never know what you will come upon. May take a trip down the Mighty Mississippi river via GE this week end.

We are having impromptu insurance day. I'm cancelling some of the minor stuff, riders etc. from a different insurance company. Guess I need to find out about our regular health insurance to see if I need to fill out any new papers.

03-26-2013, 11:28 AM
Morning all.

Ceejay - Do you have an open enrollment period right now, or is this impromptu day because of the recent change in the employee coverage? A virtual drive with Google Earth sounds nice - good fuel economy too, lol.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!
No jury duty for me - only people whose last names begin with the letters I through M needed to report. Whew!! Dodged that bullet. For the time being.

Doing my usual herbal lemon tea for weigh-in day. The scale was back down this morning, but I still don't think I'll see a loss on the ww scale this week. I definitely didn't earn one based on my eating! I'm also wearing a different (heavier) pair of jeans today, so that'll probably make a difference too.

Speaking of jeans...this is the last week of the calendar quarter and the last week for wearing jeans. :( I will miss having pockets. I have a couple pairs of dress slacks with pockets, but I'm pretty sure one of the pairs is going to be too large to wear anymore since I've lost more weight. Nice problem to have I guess... better than the slacks being too small.

I finished season 2 of MOTG last night. I can now begin the Mad Men dvds I checked out of the library. I think I saw several episodes from Season 1, but I'll probably watch them again since it's been a while. I'll wait a bit to continue w/ MOTG.

I think that's about it. Everyone have a great day, and I'll probably check back later. Toodles.

03-26-2013, 12:50 PM
Hey ladies,

Weather is warming up, supposed to be sunny and hit 45 degrees (for about 15 minutes ;) ) on Friday. I will be out on the deck with my face in the sunshine lapping up the warmth :D Sounds like everyone is so tired of winter this year. Not that it's really taking any longer, it's just the warmth of the sun in so invigorating.

Last night I watched the first 3 episodes of Downton Abbey - season 2. I had to stop at that so as not to sit up all night long and watch the entire series. Because I would have. :o I must thank you Laura for your suggestion of looking up DVDs at the library, it never occured to me. They have a number of DVDs from series that I would be interested in watching. Not that I need more time in front of the tv but it's good to know that's available over the long winter when there's not much else to do.

I am doing some major hating on the Thomas character :lol: I often wonder, when you play a character as smarmy as he does on a series so popular that many people see it - does it affect how people treat you? Do people tend to associate you with the person you portray? Remember Little House on the Prairie - the TV series with Michael Landon? Well perhaps not all of you will. But there was a blond girl - Nellie Olson who was probably one of THE most annoying characters ever to play on TV. In real life she was one of the nicest people ever. And I think she said she sort of revelled in her character, knowing she was nothing like Nellie at all. Just one of my random musings that fills my head :dizzy:

I guess I'd better spend the day on my classwork since there is a new lesson coming out tomorrow. Not much else going on.

Laura - I had several sweaters and jackets I'd wear to work that made up for the lack of pants pockets. Do well with today's weigh in :crossed: That had to be a big relief getting off of jury duty. If they are pulling by a section of last names, they must have called a rather large group of people in the original call to arms. Seems a bit silly one would think. Had a good laugh over your analogy of us vs Michelle :rofl:

Ceejay - have to agree that a virtual "drive" sounds quite nice, can't beat the cost either ;) Good luck with the insurance - I think they purposely design it so normal human beings can never understand the details.

Hello to the rest of the Worldlies :wave:

03-26-2013, 03:40 PM
Yes, this is our open enrollment for insurance. They had a conflict in scheduling the companies so a rep is here today for those who have questions.
Good luck in today's weigh in.
I know you are relieved for the no jury duty.

I remember Nellie Olsen. Always wanted to whack her one.
How are you doing in the theory class?
Loved the picture of the deer you posted on FB.

03-26-2013, 03:42 PM
Shue weeee, busier than a one-armed paper hanger.

Finally came up for air and lunch...a little late in the day. did WI go? All my dress pants have pockets, I cannot seem to function with them.

HAPPY...had to laugh, I do remember Nellie Olson. Wasn't she adopted by the Olsons? Yes, Thomas is one of those characters you love to hate. They say if you not like a character because they play the part so well, they are good actors.

CEEG...I know when you google my house it is a picture of when the previous owner lived there and not now and has none of my landscaping of course.

Hello all you girlies whirlies!

03-26-2013, 04:40 PM
Aaargh - gained 0.6 pounds this week. Oh well, this week can be better! But right now I'm hungry - skipping breakfast has left me famished, even after eating my lunch. I just ate a hard-boiled egg and a tangelo and still feel hungry, but I'll wait a bit to see if the hunger passes.

Annie - Any new slacks I buy for work are going to have front pockets!! Hey, any positive thoughts today? I'd hate for Happy to have to eat that ice cream... ;)

Ceejay - Oh yeah, Nellie Olsen was very much disliked - and so was her mom!!

Happy - I think the actors playing villains must have a lot of fun doing it. :D

03-27-2013, 08:23 AM
POSITIVE THOUGHT TODAY: Curtis gets to go fishing which makes him extremely happy in turn makes me happy!!

I am asking prayers for both of my children. Yesterday: Samantha calls me upset because the babe is sick, they have no insurance, she is worn out and depressed, wishes she could get back on prozac. Last night Tater called me saying he thought he was probably depressed because he has never felt this the way he was feeling. He has no insurance. He says he loves everyone but just does not care about anything. Ok, I am praying my bunz off but also freaking out, dear God please lift up my children and bring them out of this mood.

LAURA....the gain was not as bad as it could of been, look at the bright side, not even an entire lb. Yeah!!

Have a great day all...I am so busy this week.


03-27-2013, 09:01 AM
Good morning ladies -

On Monday, I had a phone interview for a job in San Diego. It went really well and I'm scheduled for a technical phone screening tomorrow afternoon. :crossed: I've also gotten calls from recruiters who want to present my resume for positions in the San Diego area. :crossed:

I've been busy...keeping up with the emails and voice mails I'm receiving, as well as refreshing my memory on the programming skills that I have experience in but don't use every day so that I can discuss them like I do use them every day! :lol:

It's very exciting! When asked how quickly I could start I've basically told the interviewers that I could start a new job in CA within 3 weeks from the date of a job offer. That would allow me time to give my current employer 2 weeks notice, and an additional week to drive a moving truck to CA. :dancer: Of course, there are lots of steps to go through before any job offer with any company is tendered...many phone interviews, perhaps some Skype interviews, and then possibly flying out for an interview. I'm just going with the flow...taking things as they come...and putting my best foot forward with each conversation and email. :) Hopefully I'll get a great job offer soon! :crossed:

Annie - I'm sending prayers out to your kids and Lil Man. I hope they are able to find their way through and out of what is bring them down. Sending much love and many hugs to them (and to you). :hug: :goodvibes:

I'll have to come back later for the rest of the personals.

03-27-2013, 09:44 AM
Happy - Great news on your mom's cardiologist report. I'm glad you spoke to your DH about thinking positively and keeping a positive attitude. It's so important. Yesterday, I got an email from a recruiter about a job in Memphis...and I thought of you. I've gotten so many calls and emails about jobs in North Carolina, Georgia and now Tennessee. No thank you. :no: I politely thank them for their interest in my qualifications, but tell them I am interested in relocating to CA, and if they here of anything there, to please let me know. :) So cool about seeing bald eagles! I agree with Ceejay that you should pursue a writing career.

Laura - The Thai style chicken sounds really yummy. Bummer on the weigh in, but that could be for any number of reasons...but I'm sure it will come off (plus more) by next week. I'm glad you don't have to report for jury duty! :woohoo: I love pants with pockets. As for me living in Sunny CA, when I get there, you are ALL welcome to come visit ANYTIME! :yes: :beach: :sunny:

Ceejay - Google Earth does sound fun. I've used Google Maps streetview, but not Google Earth. Good for you for taking care of you. It would be nice if you could limit your driving.

Mel - I hope you start feeling better and are able to "come back" soon. :getwell: :hug:

Big :wave: to Shad!

Much love and many hugs to all,

03-27-2013, 09:54 AM
Good thoughts and prayers for you and family.

Wow, a long distance interview. You must be getting more and more excited every day about the move to CA.

My last day to work this week and I'm getting excited. I have a 5 day week end. I'm taking vacation day's for Easter and April 1. If bff is up to a visitor think I'm going there this week end to hang out.

I did look on line to see about airline tickets to Missouri but they are to expensive. Jonesboro does have a small airport that have flights to St Louis but I haven't tracked a trip from there to Springfield. Haven't thought about Little Rock but it takes me 3 hours to get there. Memphis International is to expensive. I've about decided to break up the drive into 3 hours a whack. It takes 5 to 6 hours to get there. But not this week end. I'll reschedule at a later date.

Every one have a good day.

03-27-2013, 11:41 AM
Morning all.

Annie - Get well wishes for the li'l guy!! I hope your kids can find their way out of their down moods and can get medical help if necessary. It's a terrible thing to not have medical insurance and not be able to get the help you might need. I hope Curtis enjoys fishing today. He must really love it if he likes to do it even in this weather!!:yes:

Michelle - Sounds like your skills are in high demand. I'm sure you'll score a great job in the very near future. :)

Ceejay - Ooh, how nice to have a 5-day weekend coming up!! Enjoy yourself. I have the same issue with getting to see my mom in Springfield, MO - other than flying, no other modes of transportation are that great. I'm lucky to live in a busy air transportation hub and can get direct flights to SGF if I care to, but it does cost. There's no amtrak service to there, and the bus would be worse than driving my own car, IMO... I agree that breaking up the drive would certainly make it easier, especially if you have the time off to spare that extra time.

Hellos to all of you. Must be a busy week out there.
I went to see the movie "Jack the Giant Slayer" last night. It was pretty good, entertaining. Nothing spectacular - I wouldn't recommend running right out to see it, but renting the dvd might be a good option. The lead was the kid who was in "About a Boy", all grown up now. And it also had Ewan MacGregor and Stanley Tucci, so a pretty good cast.

Nothing much else to report. Kind of in a morose mood. The admin is out for the rest of the week, off to FL for a spring break getaway with her hub and daughter. I need a day off too!! Maybe I should take tomorrow or Monday off work...

But for now, it's back to work. TTFN.

03-27-2013, 12:59 PM




03-27-2013, 05:05 PM
Morning all,

Ah Mel, if only I'd known. The last big Powerball lottery was won by some bloke in New Jersey. :( Sorry you are having such a big snafu yet AGAIN. Geez if something ever went smoothly, I'm sure you'd wonder what was wrong and lurking around the corner. I truly hope they can fix this before it takes 2 years to undo it. Hang in there and don't get all stressed out. I cannot believe how much trouble you have to go through each and every time with the chair issues. That's just insane. Yet they ignore all the rampant fraud that goes on all over.

Laura - thanks for the mini movie review. Isn't the lead the person who was also in that Zombie love story movie that was out about a month ago? Sorry you are in a bummer mood. Have to find a place where you can take Coal and BF and get away for a long / short weekend. I did some digging and I finally found the place I was talking about before.

Kishauwa on the Vermillion (River) (
Trip Advisor dot com reviews (

This place was formerly a boy scout camp in the Lasalle / Peru Illinois area - about a 2 hour drive from you. It's pretty remote, I remember when we drove there I didn't think we'd find it but those were the days of limited paper maps and no Garmin. ;) It's several cabins (12 in all I think) which are in a sort of ring formation around a very large common grassy area. 2 of the cabins are dog friendly so Coal is welcome. Apparently the original owners have passed away, but in the reviews it appears the new owners are keeping up the same traditions. This is designed as a quiet get away from the noise, the crowds, the commotion in life. There is no tv, no cable, no telephones (although there is a land line in the office). They don't discourage but they don't encourage kids either. Because it's supposed to be a quiet place in the forest - kind of like my house but not so far of a drive ;) Anyway we loved it there. Went twice. The second time we hauled our big 10 inch telescope into the common field to do some stargazing. Mr. Ben the owner at the time came out to see what we were doing and we spent a delightful evening chatting and showing him the stars and the moon. They have a tv in the room and a vcr (at least they did) and had tapes/cds for loan in the office. There's a river off the property where you can do fishing (hint hint Annie although it's a long drive for you). Lots of woods for walking. They supply a grill and a patio table and 2 chairs on the porch. I'm not sure I'd go there now when it's still cold out but they say they have repeat visitors all year long. Obviously DH and I were impressed with the place.

Ceejay - 5 whole days off :carrot: good for you - I hope you will find the time to do something restful and relaxing and enjoyable too. And that it doesn't mean that you have to drive forever to get it.

Michelle - sounds like things are falling nicely into place for you with the new job hunt. I hope the interviews go well :crossed: Sounds as if you would prefer San Diego just slightly over San Fran if you had your choice. Better beaches in San Diego I bet :lol: - the water is cooler up north. What a good feeling to know you have options. Will you get stuck for alot of money if you break your lease early?

Annie - will certainly send some prayers out for your kids. Life is hard lately - they say the younger generation is bummed out about the realities and that we were more optimistic about life in general (even if we had our heads in the clouds) when we were their age. I understand that Sissy does not have insurance but isn't C covering the baby on his policy? Or does he not have insurance either? Nothing worse than fretting about your sick baby and not being able to get them some help. And I know some people who are greatly helped by Prozak, to me it's no different than if you take anti inflamatories to help with joint pain. If something is not working because something is off, then one should be able to get it fixed and get on with things. I am very much concerned about where we are going as a country for health care and our ability to maintain our health and welfare. I know some drug companies will help a person with medications if they meet certain criteria. Here's the link for Eli Lilly Lilly Cares ( It's worth checking out. I hope all goes well and that C catches some nice fish and you let him clean them so that everyone can have a nice dinner :)

Shad - where are yah lassie????

My yard is filled with boy turkeys all fanned out gazing desperately at the girls who don't look very interested at all. Looks more like Thanksgiving out there than Easter. This morning we saw one perched high in a pine tree from outside our upstairs window.

Not much else going on. I watched a few more episodes of Downton Abbey yesterday. Including William and Daisy's wedding :cry: :cry: :cry: I have one CD left - 2 more episodes. And I do need to get cracking on the coursework for my writing classes. We went to the laundromat yesterday - washed the big comforters, a couple of cotton weave blankets that get heavy when wet and make my washer off balance and also washed the bathroom rugs. Spring cleaning has begun! I'm thinking we'll go out for Easter dinner but I haven't decided yet. I should give it more thought as we will need to make reservations somewhere.

Guess I'll get a move on and post this which I started 4 hours ago. :^:

03-28-2013, 06:08 AM
I'm here Happy
Just a bit over the top at the moment. Today is the beginning of Easter and I am going to go out to Kakadu National Park for a couple of days. I was going to go home, but because the other half of the car argument has family around, I decided that he should go. My DS1 is in Adelaide and my DS2 is going to Gladstone, so once again we will be in different parts of the country.

I'm so far behind that I won't do personals right now other than to wish Michelle good luck on her interviews and Happy's DH well for his procedure.

I doubt that I will be around over much of the weekend, but I will try to be in touch. I should be back in Darwin Sunday evening my time. So will be back on air then, hopefully with some good photos

03-28-2013, 08:58 AM
Mornin All...

Got DS and DD some St. John's Wort and mailed it off to DS and took it by DDs house...told them not to delay intake. Two tabs a day. DD got lil man into the doc, his double ear infection has worstened and new antibiotics have been started. Thank you for all your prayers...please keep them in them.

C came home a little dissappointed in his fishing trip. He nor his brother even got one bite. No fish. I told him the fish even know when it is too cold to participate. Duh.

Made chicken tacos for dinner last night and do say they were quite tasty. C ate 3 hard shell tacos and one tortilla soft taco (burrito actually). I brought the fixings minus the shells for a taco salad for lunch today.

My tummy is hurting and I am over this day already. Sassy was so snuggled in bed with me that I didn't want to get up. Was about 10 mins late to work as it is a Sissy doggie daycare day and I snuggled too long with Sass. She is such a lover and cuddler.

CHELLE...praying for great outcome on the interviews, I know you will do well.

SHADDIE... glad to see you came up for air was beginning to worry about you.

MELLIE...take all the time you need to get healthy, altho I do miss your posts. thinks the boy turkeys will take just so much then it will be a raping of the girl turks. RUN girls run!!

CEEG...enjoy your 5 day weekend. You certainly deserve it.

LAURA...doing anything special for Easter??

Gotta git....loves.

03-28-2013, 09:42 AM
Good morning ladies -

MELLIE - It was great to hear from you. I hope the pain eases up soon. It should as I seem to have taken over your neck and shoulder pain so that you can have a break from it.

LAURA - I agree with, Coal and BF should get away for a long weekend. :) Thanks for the review of "Jack...". I'm trying to figure out what to do tomorrow night as Santa is spending the night at the ex's due to a grooming appointment early Saturday morning. My ex is taking all the dogs to the groomers. Santa will come home all clean and smelling nice...and no doubt want to play in the backyard (which will be muddy with these warmer temps). :rofl:

SHAD - Have a wonderful Easter weekend...and post photos, please.

ANNIE - I'm praying for your kids and Lil Man. I hope they all feel better soon. And I hope your tummy feels better soon. I really didn't want to get up today. I'm also praying that I do well on my technical interview today. :crossed:

HAPPY - I would prefer the San Diego area. It's warmer with better beaches. :beach: I have more family in Southern CA, but more friends in Northern CA. So in that respect, it's a toss-up. It is actually a little cheaper to live in the San Diego area too. I'm even considering a job opportunity in the LA area that a recruiter contacted me about yesterday. But I want to make sure that there are some decent suburbs not too far away where I could live. We'll see. I'm just going with the flow, staying positive and optimistic, staying open to all opportunities, and trusting that everything will work out great and what is meant to be will definitely happen AND be wonderful! :)

CEEJAY - I hope you're enjoying your 5 day weekend!

Well, gotta git to it...Lots of programming/practicing/improving skills to do today...both for work and for interview prep. I would GREATLY appreciate any prayers, positive energy, good ju ju, good vibes :goodvibes: you can send my way today, especially from around 4:30-5:30 pm Central time. Thank you!! :D

Much love and many hugs,

03-28-2013, 10:16 AM
Morning all. I have a meeting that will likely last all morning, so I'm just popping in from the train to say hello. If I don't get back here later, everyone have a great day. Michelle, good luck w/ your interview!

03-28-2013, 10:25 AM
Postive Thought....thank God the coffee woke me up as I was having a very hard time staying awake!

03-28-2013, 03:38 PM
Afternoon all.

Annie - I don't know if my morning mug of black tea wakes me up or not, but it's more of a ritual for me. I also just read a blog that discussed MSG (either MSG or its many other forms seem to be in EVERYTHING!), and I have to say I never noticed if it has an effect on me (other than causing fluid retention, I suppose). I guess I'm just not all that aware of these things unless they hit me in the face. Like...too much chili sauce will have me racing to the bathroom (sorry if that's TMI), same for too much dairy. Sometimes the produce store's granny smith apples have caused my lips/mouth to be irritated. I've learned to wash them well and even peel them. Praying for your kids and the li'l guy that they'll all be feeling better soon. Sorry C. didn't have a good time fishing. Yup, too early... on the bright side - no mosquitos! :lol:

Mel - Just what you didn't need - hassles with Soc. Sec. and your HMO. :no::no: What a mess, but if anyone can untangle it, it's YOU!! :D Hope you're doing the meditation program because it sounds like you need it. Miss you lots, but just do what you need to do to make yourself feel better. :hug: :hug:

Michelle - Ah yes, "mud season" will soon be upon us. :lol: Get the rags and towels ready!! I hope you decide on something fun and relaxing to do tomorrow night, you deserve it! Your real job and the job of job hunting are probably sucking up all your time. Another good luck re your interview, and some :goodvibes too!

Happy - Thanks for the links to the cabins! I like that it's near Starved Rock and other parks. I haven't checked out the reviews yet, but the photo gallery makes the setting look so gorgeous. As for taking the dog...I brought this up to bf a while back and he's of the opinion that the purpose of a getaway is partially for us to get away from the day-to-day responsibilities of dog care, lol, so he's not quite on board with taking the dog with us. Even for a quiet weekend in a cabin, we'd still be off to drive around and see sights or go out for meals (because another purpose is to not have to prepare meals, of course!), so i know I'd be feeling a bit guilty leaving doggy behind in an unfamiliar place by himself. Oh well, we'll sort it out. Step one would be getting an experienced, reliable dog walker, not the one he hired at the last minute when we took our trip to the Pacific NW in 2011. Re the lead in the movie I saw - I sure wouldn't have known if he was in that zombie movie because that's not my thing. Not sure Jack the Giant Slayer movie was my thing. The giants were kind of gross (on purpose, of course), and all the CGI...I dunno. These actors better watch out - pretty soon they won't be needed, only voices!!

Shad - Enjoy your time in Kakadu Park this weekend. Looking forward to photos! I'll have to look it up online - right about now I've been loving to look at photos of the outdoors, be it a blogger's snapshot of blossoming flowers (Vancouver, BC) or Happy's link to the photo gallery of the resort cabin setting. :)

My meeting this morning was the kickoff of our busy time, and of course it's overwhelming to me, and a poke in the ribs about how much I really don't care about this industry I'm in. I work for a great company, but this work just leaves me cold. But what do I expect - if I'm not willing to change, nothing will change.

Leaving a wee bit early today to go to my annual physical exam. Did I mention that when bf and I tested the bp monitor software again last weekend, it was working properly? Yay for that, but still, I've forgotten to take my bp most days this week, so there won't be much data to upload and print off for the doc.

Also, the doc's office phoned earlier in the week to confirm my appt and when they did, they said they would do fasting bloodwork, which would require an 8-hour fast. I phoned back to say nope, I would never had agreed to that - my appt's at 5:45 pm, would I really agree to fast all day???!!! I told them I had bloodwork done in October and they could use that (the results were sent to her) or if that wasn't recent enough, I'd be happy to schedule a blood draw on a Saturday morning. I suppose they relayed this message to the doc, but I haven't heard back since then, so I imagine they are okay with either option. We'll see.

Okay, I've rambled on too much. Back to work. TTFN!

03-28-2013, 04:12 PM
Toot, I hit a wrong key and every thing disappears. I'm getting outside in the sunshine a bit later to wash the car. But now the sun has gone back behind the clouds. It's warm though, I'm loving it.

Sending good vibes and thoughts for your interview.

Smart thinking on the ST Johns Wart. Bless the lil man on his double ear infections. I still get those and they are very painful. My nephew had the same message on FB that you had about msg. My oldest sister has some reactions to it also. I'm really trying to read the labels.

Good for you in having them use the previous blood draw. If it hasn't been less than six months it should be okay.

I would like all the wild life that you have around your place. Guess I'll have to be content with what small animals such as squirrel that we have around here. Every once in awhile a deer at my uncles.

I need to get one load out of the dryer and put in another load then I'm outside.
Have a good day.

03-29-2013, 09:24 AM
Good morning ladies -

TGIF for sure! This has been a LONG week!

I was a nervous wreck most of the day yesterday in anticipation of the technical phone interview. By the time of the actual call, I was calmed down...that is until the interviewer started referring to technical concepts in ways I'd never heard of. I understood the concepts...just by different names. Anyway, it kind of threw me for a loop. I'm hoping to hear back from HR today whether or not I "passed" to the next step. I also got a call from a recruiter about a contract job (with possible contract to perm) in San Diego working at a Fortune 500 firm. It would be a great opportunity. And I applied for a couple other positions that would be good for me as well.

I dropped Santa off at my ex's this morning, and he'll be spending the night there since all the dogs have a grooming appointment in the morning. I'll miss Santa tonight. He's such good company. :) After work, I'll probably go to the gym and maybe go to the laundromat. Exciting Friday night, huh? :rofl: I don't have any big plans for this weekend and no Easter plans...just relax, sort through and re-pack stuff, and send out resumes. :crossed: This coming Monday would've been my 18th anniversary. :( I'm sad about it...but I just have to move forward, right? And that's what I'm doing. I just still am feeling a bit melancholy.

Here's to a GREAT Good Friday for all of us!

Much love and many hugs to all,

03-29-2013, 10:31 AM
Good for you. No point in hanging in the past. Your week ends sound like mine. There's a job out there for you.

I'm getting ready to hit the trail to Jonesboro in a couple of hours.

I've got to get busy. More later.

03-29-2013, 11:28 AM
Morning all! TGIF!!:broc::broc:

Ceejay - Hope you enjoyed your outdoor time yesterday, and that you have a nice time in Jonesboro. :)

Michelle - You'll feel good about getting your exercise done and the laundry out of the way tonight so you can have some nice relaxation time the rest of the weekend. :yes: Hope you passed the tech. part of the interview process! :crossed: No, you can't help but be sad over the anniversary date - first one post-divorce, especially so soon after the finalization of it. :hug: But you sure are moving forward in a big way! Good for you. In the past year, you've had three different jobs, and here I am having had only three different jobs since I graduated college 26 years ago! You're making me really think about getting out of my rut!!! haven't mentioned the roomie lately - is everything going okay with that??

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies. :wave:

My annual physcial exam went well yesterday. The doc is happy about the weight loss. My bp levels (taken in the office, one by the nurse, another by the doc herself) were fine. The few bp readings that I had to show her were either in the normal range or strangely low - one was 84/63! But she said as long as I'm not having long bouts of dizziness (i.e., all day), I'm fine with my current bp med level. It sure would be nice to not have to take the med, so we'll see what happens during my continued weight loss journey.

Bf went with me to the doc because he wanted to stop for dinner afterwards, but we decided he should also take the opportunity to meet my doc while he was there. His doc left the practice she was in and has now set up in the city just north of downtown and it's not convenient at all. So he met my doc and liked her enough to set up his annual exam in a month's time.

Today our office closes at 3 pm, so I'll be taking an early train home. :) I'm also considering taking a vacation day on Monday...the admin will be back from her vacay so it shouldn't be a problem.

We don't have any plans for Easter. (Annie, I know you asked me about that a few days ago and I forgot about it til now. :doh: ) We have a dozen eggs sitting in our basement fridge that I want to boil and dye. Maybe tonight or perhaps tomorrow. I'll have to see what we have in the way of dye, but I told bf I wanted to try dyeing a couple eggs in some hot brewed hibiscus tea - the color is so gorgeous, surely it would be pretty on an egg. :D

Okay, enough of the :blah::blah::blah: Time to get back to work!

03-29-2013, 11:36 AM

Good morning Chicks

:bunny: It's that Happy Easter time of the year.
I am doing 100% better today.
Not going to push it though.
Waiting for office deliveries.
They're closed but UPS isn't.
Love the weather lately.
Much milder and less rain.
Jen & I went shopping yesterday.
I found I cannot push a shopping cart just yet.
Next week is Trader Joes. I cannot wait.

Time for me to go back and read some of your posts.
I won't do personals for the last 2 weeks.
I'll just start from here.
Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Weekend.

:easter2: :easter3: :bunny2: :easter: :egg:

03-29-2013, 12:04 PM
HAPPY EASTER and GOOD FRIDAY.... you our office is closing early at 1:00 pm...I am looking forward to that, got errands to run. We are doing nothing on Sunday but working on Cs house, hopefully this will be the last weekend we have to do that...YEAH! I haven't colored Easter eggs since the kids were in their teens. I still do their baskets tho.... glad you are back, I have missed your posts, they tend to be quite humorous. Shopping trip with Jen good for you, and TJs next week, you gad about.

CEEG...have fun in Jonesboro. Funny, my dad's brother used to live in Jonesboro, Indiana.

CHELLE...things get a little easier with time...soon this will all be a blurry past. With all new on your horizon you should be happy! Hugs sister.

HAPPY...where or where fart art thou? I know you are probably planning a small Easter celebration with DH. Make it romantic..wink wink.

SHADDIE...did you come home or travel to see DS this weekend, I have forgotten. Stay safe.

That is about it for me today...


03-29-2013, 12:22 PM
Laura - Congrats on the great physical, overall weight loss and excellent BP! :bravo: How nice that BF liked your doc enough to start going to her. Lucky you, getting to leave early today...and I hope you do take a long weekend. A former co-worker used to wrap eggs up in silk ties (that she bought at rummage sales), and the pattern would transfer to the egg. I forgot the whole process, but I'm sure you could google it. They were absolutely gorgeous! If you use the hibiscus tea to dye an egg, please take a picture. As for me having 3 jobs in the past year, that's not really a good thing. I'd like to find a great position in CA where I can stay for a good long while! :crossed:

Mel - I'm so glad you're feeling better! Still good on ya' for not pushing it today. Just relax and rest up for next week's trip to TJ's. :)

Annie - So nice that you're office is closing early too! My office is not, but since I come in so early, I leave at 3 normally. :yes: As for me, I'd say my emotions are mixed. I am happy and excited about what lies ahead for me...and at the same time a little sad/melancholy about my marriage ending. I think it's probably normal to be a little sad on this first post-divorce anniversary. A year ago, I had no idea any of this would've happened. He and I did have some really good times and we were happy...just not in the end. It's onward and upward (or more precisely westward!). :hug: